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Message: 6499 Posted: Fri Apr 30 23:47:25 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Review

Hi all. I thought some might find this interesting. A friend sent me a British hard rock magazine because a photo he took was in it. I was surprised to see this review of Jeff Larson. "America" is treated with a great deal of respect (legendary group ect.)
Watercolor Sky
New Surf Records

A major find. Apparently this is Larson's third album, and reportedly his most commercial. Larson worships at the adjacent Westcoast shrines of U.S. seventies' harmony band America, and sixties' pop legend Brian Wilson. Indeed, America's '77 album "Harbor" was the inspiration which spurred Larson's writing and performing ambition. Unsurprisingly then, "Watercolor Sky" is a million miles away from the urban sprawl and suffocating smog of California's soul swallowing cities, and instead celebrates life on the ocean wave. Larson's canvas just resonates with crisp, clean harmonies, acoustic guitars and brightly colored imagery of sun, sand , sea, and surf, painting the perfect Summer soundtrack and lovingly painting the magical sound of his heroes. The rattle and hum of driving acoustic guitars, and the simple jangling percussion of tambourines set us in motion on the breezy opener "Nothing but Air". "Annabelle", "Shades" and "Another highway Song" possess the more America overtones, rich in vocal arrangements and gorgeously understated harmonies. It's no surprise to learn that "Annabelle" was written and co-produced by Gerry Beckley especially for this album, lending a genuine touch of authenticity to the proceedings. The fact that it far from overshadows the other nine songs is a testament to Larson's own songwriting efforts, and clear evidence that he's making his own way and not just recycling old ideas. While "Song for Renee" possesses a golden, romantic glow, silhouetting palm trees against the ocean and the sky, and though the cool, repetitive chorus and wonderful melody of "Touch of June" sway and shimmer in early summer heat, it's probably "Coast" and "King of Summer" which best characterize "Watercolor Sky". Each rides the momentum of clear blue Pacific surf, breaking over surging keyboards and Beach Boy bgvs. The later (a tribute to Brian Wilson) has a slightly harder edge and punchier percussion. But what gives the album real weight is the way in which Larson and Producers Jeffrey Foskett and Gary Griffin marry melancholy undertones to a celebration of sun-filled days where the beach in the place to go. At worst it's nostalgia, at best it's a talented writer and performer whose music recognizes just how much two legendary bands contributed to Twentieth Century popular music.
Recommended 9/10
Brian McGowan
Hard RoxX Magazine UK

Message: 6498 Posted: Fri Apr 30 21:54:32 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: concert list

I agree....I don't know how they do it...but I'm sure glad they do! Can't wait to see you guys back in Reno(Sparks)!!
Erin :o)

Message: 6497 Posted: Fri Apr 30 11:48:21 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: concert list

>>>the tour is never over<<<< "burnt out".... is not in their vocabulary.....they're the energizer bunnies !!!

Message: 6496 Posted: Thu Apr 29 22:31:26 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Japanese "Hearts" CD

Jim, thanks for letting us know where you found a copy of the Japanese version of Hearts. I know that a lot of America fans have been searching for the CD with the bonus track "Simple Life". Here's a link to the web site for those of you who want to check it out.

Message: 6495 Posted: Thu Apr 29 21:48:56 1999 By: Bones
Subject: concert list

just looking at the concert list and dates, hope when the tour is over, these guys are not burnt out. I salute the band for working as hard as they do. Keep those wheels turning.

Message: 6494 Posted: Thu Apr 29 20:12:01 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Gerry's page..Dewey's page

>>"If I were just surfing for info that would really put me off. It looks like it has potential as a very polished looking site".<<
Yes, I do think "" has alot of potential. I'm sure as "America" has more time to expand on this new site of their's, new material will be posted on they're on the road is very hectic and time consuming, so as soon as they have more of it on they're hands, and more info. to share it will be posted. They always have some kind of project in the works...(or spinning around in their minds it seems)!! (As for VGG, don't forget that Gerry is still trying to buy back the rights, so more of us well be able to enjoy).

Steve, great job helping out with this new site..... and Ike,good to see a post or two from you !!! Love to read what you have to say everyone !!!!

Message: 6493 Posted: Thu Apr 29 17:39:27 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Best Band Troubles

Was I think on Tuesday night that I got a message that the server was down due to upgrading. Later that morning it was back up and running.

I don't think the vote is over. I think the upgrade went south.


Message: 6492 Posted: Thu Apr 29 17:04:58 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Japanese "Hearts" CD

"Reach out old Virginia won't you rock him close to you..."

As I type this the voice of Dan Peek sings "Old Virginia" from my copy of the Japanese CD version of "Hearts". I found it at Rock Island Music ( Ordered it on Monday, got it today. "Simple Life" is great.

After a horrendous day at work this was a most welcome arrival.

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 6491 Posted: Thu Apr 29 16:49:16 1999 By: FrogB52
Subject: Hittin the road jack?

May have to hit the road. Was kicked outta the trailer park for loud party. Seems like someone didn't like Ozzy Osborn tunes cranked up at 3am. Shoulda been playing my mellow America cds. Still negotiating. Dan Peak pics are all good, go with em

Message: 6490 Posted: Thu Apr 29 12:20:14 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Ulysses

I didn't know the midi manual had a new cover......(!!!!!)

Message: 6489 Posted: Thu Apr 29 11:18:55 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: Steve or anyone

I'm sure whoever initiated that best band vote had no clue that America had such a group of friends...or that we'd conquer the voting!!!!

(Does anyone know how much we came out on top by? I know it was far from an accurate vote {I registered lots of votes!} but it would be interesting to know.)


Message: 6488 Posted: Thu Apr 29 10:13:00 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: Steve or anyone

Got into the Best Band site late last night no probs but can't this a.m.. Maybe the voting's over and America will take their rightful spot on top of the podium.

BTW - Since we in Canada don't have to complete our income tax returns until the 30th of April, I didn't jump into the discussion a couple fo weeks ago about what song best fits the times. Well, after doing my taxes last night the only song title that fits is "Old Man Took". Yikes!

Message: 6487 Posted: Thu Apr 29 09:08:54 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Steve or anyone

Anybody having trouble getting into vote for America best band. Maybe things are just to busy.

Message: 6486 Posted: Thu Apr 29 07:56:12 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Shayne

Yes Shayne did move back to Dallas. His hometown!

I guess we'll have to get him to update that bio.

Message: 6485 Posted: Thu Apr 29 06:42:56 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Shayne

Come Back Shayne...
Yes Shayne did move back to Dallas. His hometown!
How's everything going Shayne? Hope well? HL

Message: 6484 Posted: Wed Apr 28 23:29:34 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: hmmm/just stuff...

Annoy me... please. Any reply is better than being totally ignored. Yep, I do believe Texas has welcomed Shayne once again.

Message: 6483 Posted: Wed Apr 28 22:48:44 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: just stuff...

Janice, according to Shayne's bio he actually moved from Dallas to Chicago. He has 4 children, and yes the most recent pair are twins.

Message: 6482 Posted: Wed Apr 28 21:53:24 1999 By: Janice
Subject: hmmm

don't ask me how that last "annoying" got there..I didn't type that!

Message: 6481 Posted: Wed Apr 28 21:51:33 1999 By: Janice
Subject: just stuff...

Joe..I think Shane lives in Dallas..doesn't he gang? He just moved there..has I right? Shane, are you there?? Great pics of's a toss up between 1 and 3..he's so's hard to pick..sorry, now I'm blushing. And I annoying you yet? annoying :)

Message: 6480 Posted: Wed Apr 28 19:32:43 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Dallas

Hi gang!! Any America fans in Dallas??? I am going here again on 5/9. I will be there a week!!!!!!!!
America is the greatest! and baseball is America's greatest sport
(even if you are a cubs fan).........sorry.....JK

Message: 6479 Posted: Wed Apr 28 19:07:17 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: t-shirts

hey Joe B.....see if you can scan those t-shirts and post them here......I would get a kick out of seeing them

Message: 6478 Posted: Wed Apr 28 18:24:36 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Spring Cleaning

Just the one my friend and I had custom made at a local silk screen shop in 1975 or 76( where the counter girl was Charlene Tilton of Dallas fame) Still looks good and still fits!!!

Message: 6477 Posted: Wed Apr 28 18:19:28 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Spring Cleaning

Hey You People,

I was doing asome cleaning today and came across my America t-shirt collection. Pretty much one for every tour going back to 1981. The 1981 shirt is blue with the America logo as seen on 'Alibi'. Anybody have one older than that?

Joe B

P.S. No it doesn't still fit - I was only 21 and probably weighed 50 pounds less back then.

Message: 6476 Posted: Wed Apr 28 17:25:42 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Dan Peek / Chris Christian

John, thanks for sharing the link to Chris Christian's music. Here's a direct link for those who don't want to type it all in or do the copy/paste trick.

Message: 6475 Posted: Wed Apr 28 16:54:40 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: Misery of '69


Gotta share your sentiments about the '69 Cubs as a fellow Die-Hard Cubbie fan. I'm not old enough to have actually lived through the gut-wrenching summer, but growing up in Chicago, I am well aware of the horrible moments that year, like the 10-game losing streak in late September, the black cat and Don Young's dropped fly at Shea Stadium. That's why 1984 was so sweet! (At least, until the Padres came along... ugh!)

john "wait 'til next year" corbett

Message: 6474 Posted: Wed Apr 28 16:47:19 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: Dan Peek / Chris Christian

You know, with Dan Peek and America alternating each year with new releases, we'll never be at a loss for great new music! With regard to his pictures, I'd have to say that Dan looks a little too shaggy in picture #1. I prefer picture #3.

Also, anyone who wants to hear some of Chris Christian's music would be well served to travel over to the CD Jukebox website, which has his entire Japanese-release CD "The Producer" online to listen to. It not only has "Day Like Today," but also has Dan's two best-known solo tracks, "All Things Are Possible" and "Doer Of The Word." This is an excellent primer for those who want to hear more of what his music and production sounds like. The website is:


Message: 6473 Posted: Wed Apr 28 15:11:38 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: chris christian

I don't know much about Chris Christian apart from what has already been said but I did catch him in concert when he opened for Dan Peek in Vancouver around '80. He was absolutely hilarious as a performer. (the headliner that night wasn't too bad either)

Message: 6472 Posted: Wed Apr 28 14:56:36 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Johnny

Johnny, don't hold me to this, but I think
the name of lp/cd is called Higher Ways.
There are other people on this board know that answer.
Hope that helps you.HL

Message: 6471 Posted: Wed Apr 28 14:49:33 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: chris christian

Johnny, I don't know the name of the disc, but I think I've
seen it in Virgin Mega stores under Imports. Next time I
go, I'll check it. Maybe at lunch tomorrow I'll check or
look in HL

Message: 6470 Posted: Wed Apr 28 14:11:54 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Link to Dan's Photos

Here's a link to Dan's photos on Ike's web site. Thanks, Ike, for sharing them with us.

In response to a couple of other posts: I don't know where the Chris Christian songs came from. Hopefully, Howard will know. Regarding the video files, I only have what people send me. I'd love to have more. We'll see what comes my way....

Message: 6469 Posted: Wed Apr 28 14:11:30 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Ike / Dan Peek

My vote would be for picture number 1. It has that "beach boy" look about it. I'm going to have to stop by Ike's page more often, he also has the following notice on it:
"Gerry is back to work on the "Beckley, Lamm and Wilson" album that was started about 3 years ago (or so) before Beach Boy legend Carl Wilson passed away. No word on when the planned release date will be."

Thanks Ike!

Message: 6468 Posted: Wed Apr 28 13:49:38 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Ike / Dan Peek

Hey everyone,check out the 3 pictures on Ike's page
Dan Peek sent in for us to look at. Great pics.
On America web site go to Links and to Ike's page.
Thanks Ike, Howard L

Message: 6467 Posted: Wed Apr 28 13:22:33 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: "A Day Like Today"

Johnny evidently there aren't too many Chris Christian fans on the board. The only thing I know about him is that he produced and wrote some of the songs on Dan Peek's first two albums and also did some work for a kids' show my son used to watch about a decade ago, called Gerbert.

Message: 6466 Posted: Wed Apr 28 13:13:06 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: The rest of the story

Thanks, Steve, for the great video clip. But ten seconds...any chance of seeing more later on? And in the same vein, I'm sure there is video from Human Nature recording sessions. Is any of that available? How about Van Go Gan? Just curious. One little taste and I want more, more, more. I'm the same way with cheesecake, but with videos, I don't have to double my workout time!

Message: 6465 Posted: Wed Apr 28 13:03:19 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "A Day Like Today"

Wow, I'd have thought someone here could have told me what
album/cassette/cd "A Day Like Today" is from as asked in my post yesterday.

Message: 6464 Posted: Wed Apr 28 13:01:25 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: OOPS!!

Michelle, the link I gave you was a link to the MP3 file, not the MOV file. I have gone back and fixed it but here it is again:

Click here

Let me know if you're still having problems seeing it.

Message: 6463 Posted: Wed Apr 28 12:54:24 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: The rest of the story...HELP!!!

Michelle, are you on a PC or a Macintosh? Gordon sent me about 20 versions of this .MOV file and this is the only one that I could see. I could hear the others but not see them. If you're on a Macintosh we may have an incompatibility problem between PC's and Mac's. Let me know what you're on. If it's a MAC I'll have Gordon send me one of his Mac versions.

Message: 6462 Posted: Wed Apr 28 12:42:17 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: The rest of the story...HELP!!!

I can hear it, but I can't see it!!!


Message: 6461 Posted: Wed Apr 28 11:24:37 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Do your own record review

I just found that finally got their music store on line. They appear to have the cheapest prices for CDs and books that I have found, even cheaper than They have a large library of America titles and, like, they let you type in a review of the CD. So this is all you America fans' chance to tell the world how great America's CDs are.

Message: 6460 Posted: Wed Apr 28 11:09:15 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: The rest of the story

Here's the rest of the exciting news that I promised. A short, 10 second video, of one of the "Houses In White" recording sessions is now on line. It can be accessed at mid/ or by following the link from the Houses In White web page. It goes by rather fast, so don't blink! As I mentioned before, it shows that all of the recording sessions don't go as well as would be hoped.

Message: 6459 Posted: Wed Apr 28 10:16:18 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Thoughtscape and Dan

Here's the great news that I promised everyone. This morning I had just finished reading Ike's post about Dan's new CD when Scott from Thoughtscape Sounds called me and informed me that he has been talking to Dan recently and he's going to help Dan with the distribution of the new CD. The CD is titled "Bodden Town" and includes material that Dan has been working on for several months now. This will be Dan's first solo album since he started recording with Peace and it will contain 10 to 12 new tracks. Dan says that the album could be classified as a pop album with a contemporary Christian flavor. It will also have some singer/songwriter tracks (bordering on country, perhaps). All in all it should have a diverse collection of styles which will all have that unmistakable Dan Peek mark of excellence.

Scott said that "Bodden Town" will be available from Thoughtscape Sounds the first week of June for $15.99. He has agreed to allow America Fans to pre-order the CD beginning today so that they will be the first to receive it. Visit the Thoughtscape Sounds web site for their telephone number and ordering information. By the way, "Bodden Town" won't show up on their web site for a few days, but as America Fans you can still pre-order it. Just tell them you read about it on the America Fans chat folder.

Message: 6458 Posted: Wed Apr 28 09:58:53 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: Message from Dan Peek

thanks Ike for bringing Dan's message to the folder. Great to hear about his upcoming release. Probably a safe bet that just a couple of copies may be purchased through this site. So, we gonna hear from Dewey and Gerry soon?

Message: 6457 Posted: Wed Apr 28 09:57:58 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Joe B

Congrats and good luck on your new job Joe.
Thanks for letting us know. Good things come to those who wait! :0)
Howard L

Message: 6456 Posted: Wed Apr 28 09:38:21 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: 1969 NY Mets

Hey Howard and You People,

Funny, but as a Cub Fan, I have a blank space in my memory regarding baseball back in 1969.

Joe B

P.S. This isn't long term, but for the folks in/around Chicagoland, I'm back on the radio doing Saturdays from 11am-4pm at KOOL 95.9, an oldies station in the western 'burbs. I'll also be doing some fill-in at one of the Chicago sports talk stations over the spring/summer. Other projects to be announced soon.

P.P.S. Looking forward to Dan's new CD - he's sounds in great spirits.

P.P.P.S. Jeff Larson's 'Watercolor Sky'& Kyle Vincent's 'Wow & Flutter' still totally rule!

Message: 6455 Posted: Wed Apr 28 08:43:27 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Oxygen/King Biscuit Server Down

The Oxygen/King Biscuit server is down this morning which means you can't access the America Fans web site. As soon as it comes back up I'm going to put a fun 10 second video from one of the "Houses In White" recording sessions. It will show that everything doesn't always go perfect. I'll also have some exciting information about Dan Peek's new CD later today.

Message: 6454 Posted: Wed Apr 28 08:41:58 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: re: new website.

I think what Kevin meant to say that it's Paul McCartney's stepsister that maintains the site, not his daughter, just a small correction, easy mistake.
ALSO,THANX IKE!!! It's great to hear that Dan's coming out w/a new one!! Can't wait!!!

Message: 6453 Posted: Wed Apr 28 08:32:14 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: re: Ike/Dan Peek.


That's wonderful. Let me know where to send my check for Dan Peek's Bodden Town. Even better, if Dan ever tours, let me know so I can call my travel agent.


Message: 6452 Posted: Wed Apr 28 06:45:39 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Ike/Dan Peek

Ike, thanks for the message from Dan Peek. We really appreciate it.
Now, this is great news for us Dan Peek fans. New music, new CD! YES!
Can't wait for the photos for the Cd.
Will this CD be available for us? and Where can we purchase it?
Thanks again, Ike :0) Howard L

Message: 6451 Posted: Wed Apr 28 06:03:23 1999 By: Ike
Subject: Dan Peek's photos

Dan's 3 photos will be available shortly. I'm doing some work on them to make them "cyber compatable". They'll be posted on my board sometime today or tomorrow for viewing.

Message: 6450 Posted: Wed Apr 28 05:57:39 1999 By: Ike
Subject: Message from Dan Peek


Taking you up on your offer to have a post on  Steve Lowry's web page:

Yah Mon!  Dan Peek here wishing  everyone out there in Cyberland a Happy
and a Healthy.
I'm happy to report that I am just putting the finishing touches on my new
solo album entitled "Bodden Town".   This is the first solo effort for me
for a long time and I must say I'm very excited about it.  The songs are a
reflection of life in the islands as well as some tunes inspired from the
"Heartland" of the good ole' US of A.

Well, gotta get back to work.  PEACE, LOVE and MUSIC TO YOU ALL!!!


P. S. I'm sending along some photos I'm looking at for possible sleeves for the CD.

Message: 6449 Posted: Tue Apr 27 23:54:09 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: least four posts that didn't mention baseball! (I know it's America's favorite pastime, but I was ready to call this the Bat Folder). Will get even during football season. At the Pompano, FL concert, Dewey said, "We now have our own website,". Gerry added, "They'll probably try to sell you things there, like a T-shirt for a zillion dollars". It kind of seemed detached and aloof, in the way that it was promoted. I, too, wonder how long the "coming soon" message will remain for Dewey's Domain, and how long we'll see "van go gan is coming..." (I thought it already came and went). It seems the McCartneys' should probably have the resources to get this thing rolling. Let me know when something new shows up, please.

Message: 6448 Posted: Tue Apr 27 23:05:11 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: re: new website.

Shari, Kevin pretty much gave you the low down on the web site. Kevin, you mentioned that you liked the links section of the new site. For what it's worth, those are the same links that are on the America Fans web site (/america/links.htm). Ruth (the webmaster) had to put the site together quickly so she simply used the links that I already had. I've tried to keep my links current and whenever they change I try to let her know so that she can keep her's updated, too.

Message: 6447 Posted: Tue Apr 27 22:52:03 1999 By: JEAN-PAUL TABJA
Subject: Houses In White

Just to say that this new song is again an excellent work from Mr. Beckley. I hope to have this song included in a new Gerry Beckley album soon. I am sure that it will be another masterpiece (like Van Go Gan). Regards

Message: 6446 Posted: Tue Apr 27 22:51:33 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: re: new website.


According to what's been posted here, is indeed the official website of America. It is being maintained by, of all people, Paul McCartney's daughter. I agree with you that it seems incomplete. Last time I clicked on Dewey's Domain it said it's under construction. It's been that way from the beginning. No hint of when it will be ready. And had I not known about Houses In White from this site, that Rose thing would have made no sense (not that it makes a lot of sense anyway, but that's the beauty of it). I'm sure it's just a matter of time. It does look very polished and will be a great site once it's running on all fours. I hope the merchandise section expands to more than their catalog of CDs. Maybe clothing, hats, etc. And hey, if it takes off, maybe they can do what Dan Peek's done with Peace and record on their own label and sell their new material on the internet. Right now what I like is the links section, where I've found photo archives of Beckley, Peek and Bunnell I never knew existed.

Hope this helps.


Message: 6445 Posted: Tue Apr 27 22:34:29 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: just more ramblings..

Hey Janice,
Thats OK, I know how busy life gets! Sorry I haven't kept in touch, been working OT again.
Oh, The Minnesota Twins Rule! (also a Cub's fan) SEE YA!

Message: 6444 Posted: Tue Apr 27 22:32:17 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: new website

Just checked out the website.
Who is maintaining that? When I went into Gerry's page, you get a picture of him, it says Van Go Gan is coming. Nothing more. Then I heard the old lady say, "Rose, Rose, I've got some bad news to tell you." Then it ended. So glad I've listened to Houses in White, or that would have totally freaked me out! Nothing else happened. (The site seems to be not quite complete, or maybe because my computer is so slow it thought it was done.) Anyway, if I were just surfing for info that would have really put me off. It looks like it has potential as a very polished looking site.
So, Steve, your link says thanks to Gerry and Dewey for it as the official website. Is it Rick's? Forgive me if you've all gone through this a week or two ago, I couldn't get the chat folder to go back to everything I've missed in the last 3 weeks.
LOVE Houses in White. I assume there won't be more verses, as it is already five minutes long. Any other word on it would be welcome!
ShariL in San Diego <><

Message: 6443 Posted: Tue Apr 27 22:31:37 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: help

Is there a fellow fan out there going to a concert in the near future who would be willing to pick up a tour t-shirt for me. I am trying to arrange to head down to California this August to catch a concert but in the event that I can't make it, I'd love to have a new 't". (My one and only America t-shirt is from '85). I'd be most appreciative. Email me if you can help this northerner. Thanks


Message: 6442 Posted: Tue Apr 27 22:18:05 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: 1969 NY Mets

I'm still living my days of the world champion 1969 mets.
Bud Harrelson, Ron Swoboda, Cleon Jones, Jerry Grote, Ed Kranepool,
Ed Charles, Tommy Agee, Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan, ah the wonder years!!!

Message: 6441 Posted: Tue Apr 27 22:01:39 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: LA

I'm another displaced Dodger fan. I still remember watching Maury Wills, Don Drysdale, Sandy Koufax, Don Sutton, and many others (I even remember Johnny Padres). One of my greatest memories was attending the game where Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax set the record for the most number of consecutive, scoreless innings.

Message: 6440 Posted: Tue Apr 27 21:13:09 1999 By: Cari
Subject: LA

Robyn, Janice - another Dodger Fan here. You brought back old memories when you mentioned Garvey, Lopes, Cey. You forgot Yeager, Baker, Russell - they were key players too. I went to alot of Dodger games while i lived in LA - would stop at olvera street and pick up taquitos to take to the game and would only get dodger dogs from behind home plate (the only grilled ones at the park)

Back then, I'd get to see America several times a year. I miss that. Looking forward to the concert at Treasure Island this weekend. I'm taking my 5 year old daughter to her first America concert. She's so excited. She's already practicing what songs she wants to tell the guys are her favs.

Message: 6439 Posted: Tue Apr 27 19:49:57 1999 By: Janice
Subject: just more ramblings..

Thanks, Robyn..I'd love to go to a game at somewhere other than Turner Field..miss Dodger Stadium! Love sports..spectator and otherwise..will try anything..I'm lucky to work at a company where they sponsor so many, hiking, sailing, softball, name it..even soccer, for which I am now a proud member..compete against other airlines..the game in June is against Iceland Air guessed it..Iceland! My qualifications? None. Lol...unless watching my kids play counts!! Anyway..Eddy..don't give up on me..I'm not a cornflake..videos are coming..promise..!!! Nighty night all!

Message: 6438 Posted: Tue Apr 27 19:03:25 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: more ramblings....

I FINALLY heard "From A Moving Train" somewhere other than my car or my house. I was in a Hometown Buffet, they were playing some cool stuff, when my daughter nudged me and said "listen" I got so jazzed to hear it I almost went to the manager and asked him to crank it up! dd and dh would have been mortified!!! ( all the more reason to do it >:) )
Janice Fellow Dodger Fan!!!!! How 'bout we all catch a game next time you are in town? My dodger link goes back to the '55 team that won the series. My sister was born in Brooklyn in the wee hours of the morning after the Dodgers had won the series. My dad in his infinite glee, named his firstborn after the winning pitcher!!! Johnny Padres.

Johnny--- did you know Cheryl Ladd did the singing voice for one of the Pussycats on Josie and the Pussycats? She was originally a singer.
Matt-- How do we order shirts? Put me down for two!

Talk to you all later!

Message: 6437 Posted: Tue Apr 27 17:57:30 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: America's baseball connection

....someone once told me that Dewey had a son who played baseball in the minor leagues.....also there is a picture of Dewey on this web page, takin in 1992, showing Dewey wearing a cactus league t-shirt, anybody have any detail on this story?

Message: 6436 Posted: Tue Apr 27 17:07:53 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "A Day Like Today"

Howard or anyone might have been mentioned before but I don't recall. What album, cd, or cassette is "A Day Like Today" from? I really like it. It's very typical "Chris Christian" but Gerry's vocals really added a lot to it. It's an excellent match but not as great as with Dewey, of course! It's one of those songs that can be either a secular or Christian song (Christian as in the faith).

Message: 6435 Posted: Tue Apr 27 16:59:40 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Greatest

I don't know about the greatest baseball team etc. But I do know that AMERICA is the greatest band with the greatest fans!

Message: 6434 Posted: Tue Apr 27 16:01:20 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Reds

Nope Mark, the Yankees have had the greatest teams and the greatest frnchise over the long haul............

Nice to hear about David Dickey. Glad he is doing well....

Message: 6433 Posted: Tue Apr 27 11:10:46 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: General stuff

Hi, All.
Ive been off the folder for almost 3 weeks, and definitely had withdrawal! We went to Texas for spring break and I've been playing catch up ever since.
Matt & Mike - Why wasn't "Jose" played the other night at the Allied Sun concert? Judging by how much my daughter Sara and I get a kick out of that song, I would think it would be a real crowd pleaser. It's worth the five minute wait as a hidden song on your cd.
Glad to see the tone around here is back to normal.
Went into Circuit City the other day to check their "A" cd rack, as I do whenever I'm around a place like that. They must have had 8 or 10 different America cds! I was so surprised! Human Nature was 12.99, all others were about 8.99. They also had Your Move, Perspective, Alibi, the first one, History, Homecoming, Ventura Highway and other hits (which is the only one they had that I didn't have on cd yet)and something else, I'm forgetting which one.
I picked up extra copies of Your Move and Homecoming.
For my two cents worth, I would prefer to see Dan stay where he is and have Gerry and Dewey continue with what they're doing. The music industry today is too jaded to care if they reunite. I don't think it would help as a promotion angle at all.
Take care.
ShariL in San Diego <><

Message: 6432 Posted: Tue Apr 27 07:34:23 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Chris Christian Trivia Answer

Here is the answer to my trivia question about what 1970's tv actress sang accompanying vocals with Chris Christian on his self-titled album? The clues were "heavenly" and "Chucky". It is the unlikely actress Cheryl Ladd of "Charlie's Angels". The song is "I Want You, I NEED YOU".

Message: 6431 Posted: Tue Apr 27 07:10:36 1999 By: Mark
Subject: David Dickey

How could any long time America fan forget David Dickey? He was part of the power line-up during their peak years. Just look at the back cover of Hideaway. That's the group I think of when I think of America. If I remember correctly, he left between Silent Letter and Alibi.

Message: 6430 Posted: Tue Apr 27 07:06:30 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: baseball

Sorry Joe, but there has NEVER been, nor will there EVER be a team as good as the Reds of the early and mid 70s. They peaked about the same time that America did.

Message: 6429 Posted: Tue Apr 27 06:45:52 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Ike/David Dickey

Thanks Ike for the updated info on David Dickey.
I too, had wondered what he was up to these days.
Very glad he's doing well. I believe he was a very important
part of the group. To forget about him would be a sin among us.

Hey, did you guys know on Jimi Hendrix's version of "All Along
The Watchtower"...guess who's playing acoustic guitar????
.......nonother than DAVE MASON!!!! HL

Message: 6428 Posted: Tue Apr 27 01:04:41 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: notices (notici?)

i, unfortunately, (barring some magical way of me getting off of work) am not one of the people playing miracles tommorrow. but thanks for the inquiries.

BluLight Studios

Message: 6427 Posted: Mon Apr 26 23:21:19 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: David Dickey/Ike

Thanks for the update, Ike! Seems the Guys are reuniting with lots of folks from the past lately, if even for one gig. I still picture David from the Harbor days. What lucky students he has! Speaking of Davids and guys whose first name has three letters starting with "I", I witnessed them reunited with David Howson last Saturday night in Pompano, FL. He was the guy responsible for telling Ian Samwell about them, before they had a name, who subsequently told Jeff Dexter, and the rest was "History". I had the pleasure of meeting that David while there. Sooo...Dan...are you afraid of heights? Seems there are some barnstormers out there if you ever get the notion!

Message: 6426 Posted: Mon Apr 26 22:19:02 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: Peek Back To What's Passed

As much as I mentioned David Dickey, tongue in cheek sort of, after all of the chatter re. bringing Dan Peek back, I was hoping someone would be able to jump in and say what had happened to him. Great to hear he's doing well. Thanks Ike. (Wanna fly up to BC and pick me up to go catch a concert? I'll start packing tonight)

Message: 6425 Posted: Mon Apr 26 21:57:47 1999 By: Ike
Subject: Re: Peek Back To What's Passed

This is a reply to post #6372 several days ago by JL (John) regarding David Dicky.

Funny you should bring up David Dicky,,not many people even know of his brief run with the group.

He called me the night America was in Grand Junction, Colo. (Apr 16) trying to track down the guys. He was having a bout with nostalgia and wanted numbers of where the they were staying. From what I understand,,they had a nice phone visit.

David's best friend in the group was Willie,, they even resemble each other somewhat.

The first time I met David a few years ago (also an aviation nut),, I called him and asked if he'd like to make a surprise visit to the group. I flew down to Clarksville, Ark, picked him up in my plane and we flew to Mud Island (Memphis) where the guys were performing with the Beach Boys. They were very surprised and glad to see him. He set in on the bass for a couple tunes and was smiling the whole time.

David will be the first to tell you that he indeed made a major career mistake leaving the group. He wishes to this day that he hadn't done so,, but tries not to dwell on it,, "young and stupid" he likes to say.

David is now living in Sweetwater, Texas after a 2 yr detour in Houston. He married a wonderful lady (dance instructor), and is,, of all things,, teaching music in the local school system. He helps his wife with her studio work and of course gives private guitar lessons as well as helping a local band made up of kids in the School system.

I know he'll be flattered that anyone even remembered that he was once a member of the group.

Thanks,, for David. He's a wonderful human being.

Message: 6424 Posted: Mon Apr 26 21:18:32 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re:baseball

Misplaced Dodger fan here in Atlanta..When the Dodgers play here I say I am going to the "Dodger game"..much to the chagrin of my co-workers..I wear my Dodger hat and shirt and eat a Dodger Dog while enjoying a Dodger beer! Needless to say, even though San Diego didn't win last year, it was ok..THEY BEAT THE BRAVES!! :) Hope all is well everybody..and I'll take a t-shirt Matt..Mr. Blulight. Keep us posted as to when they are available!!

Message: 6423 Posted: Mon Apr 26 19:05:59 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: ....."Donkey Jaw".......

How bout Gerry singing "Today's the Day?" That was a bigger chart hit that "Woman Tonight". And I'll bet Dewey would sound great on "Hurricane".

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 6422 Posted: Mon Apr 26 19:01:16 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: BluLight Notice

WATCHTOWER...with Gerry and Mike playing dual lead.

Message: 6421 Posted: Mon Apr 26 18:57:18 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: BluLight Notice

Hey all you Gurus! ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER...Awesome song. Would LOVE to hear Dewey cover that someday.

Message: 6420 Posted: Mon Apr 26 18:28:21 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: baseball

I assume you are talking about the 1940's Joe Di Maggio versionof the Yankees and not today's bloated George Steinbrenner-driven bunch! Give me the Brooklyn Dodger anyday!

Message: 6419 Posted: Mon Apr 26 17:28:35 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: baseball

Come on Mark. I am a Atlanta Braves fan ( " Americas Team" ) but even I realize that the Yankees are the greatest baseball team of all time. Even though I hate the yankees!!!!! America rules JK

Message: 6418 Posted: Mon Apr 26 17:28:33 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: baseball

Come on Mark. I am a Atlanta Braves fan ( " Americas Team" ) but even I realize that the Yankees are the greatest baseball team of all time. Even though I hate the yankees!!!!! America rules JK

Message: 6417 Posted: Mon Apr 26 17:22:00 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Chris Christian Triv Clue

Wow, no guesses to what 1970's tv actress sang along with Chris Christian on his self-titled album. The hint was that she sang "heavenly". She's a "chucky" kind of gal.

Message: 6416 Posted: Mon Apr 26 17:15:50 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Wheels" In Albuquerque

Yes, Cathy! Definitely need to hear "Wheels" in Albuquerque!! That was one mighty good show in Albuquerque last October. The only improvement would be to hear "Wheels" played there sometime this year. The sooner, the better. I got excited when I saw the concert dates for the latter part of this year but it was Mexico instead of New Mexico. let me check out just how far into Mexico we might have to travel????

Message: 6415 Posted: Mon Apr 26 17:12:57 1999 By: El Guru De Health
Subject: Re: BluLight Notice

those lastlines should read "for any information on BluLight Studios and it's artistS"
(we're up to 5)


Message: 6414 Posted: Mon Apr 26 17:09:36 1999 By: El Guru De Health
Subject: BluLight Notice

_news from the bridge_

at least two BluLight artists are playing at Miracles cafe in Encinitas tommorrow, 4/26. Should be fun.

A surprise Allied Sun show last night at Roma Cafe was packed. Playing after soon-to-be-BluLight artist Dave Shilling, Allied Sun ran through the favorites (w/ the odd omission of Jose(Won't you come on home?)) bringing Shilling onstage for a four guitar accoustic jam of Allied Sun convering Dave Matthews covering Jimi Hendrix covering Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower", much to the delight of those in attendance.

BluLight TShirts should become available (at the latest) the end of next week. Almost done picking the design (down to two contenders). We've done all we can to get the prices down. and we really hope people dig them. we do. shirts co-designed with Nathan Reifke, an incredible Logo Artist.

For info on ordering the shirts, or anything pertaining to BluLight studios and it's artist, feel free to e-mail:

for info on proper stretching techniques and a healthy diet, feel free to e-mail:

that is all. thank you for your time. and we love you.

_the birdge_

Message: 6413 Posted: Mon Apr 26 17:02:10 1999 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: "The Phone Call" (Johnny, what do you think?)

America played Wheels???? In Florida??? I think that means they have to make a return trip to Albuquerque so we can hear it live!

Message: 6412 Posted: Mon Apr 26 16:43:31 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: ....."Donkey Jaw".......

"Saturn Nights" and "you" a song I used to sing to myself when people pissed me off- which seemed to be on a regular basis back in high school, which is where I was when that album came out.

Message: 6411 Posted: Mon Apr 26 16:11:48 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: ....."Donkey Jaw".......

....Robyn you mentioned that the guys are doing a great job on a few of Dan's songs...I agree......what other Dan Peek songs would you like to hear Gerry and Dewey do? choices would be "Rainy Day" and "Donkey Jaw".......

Message: 6410 Posted: Mon Apr 26 15:36:58 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: This 'n' that

Hi everyone. I am back from a week off and within 20 minutes my stress level had returned!!!!oh well.

Regarding Dan's return to the band. Nostalgia is nice, but my motto is "never back up" At any rate, the band does a fine job with some of Dan's songs. I especially liked " Don't cross the river" when I heard it in February.

to Karen D Get well soon!

to KevinS If you get to have Johnny Bench back, do we have to put up with Pete Rose too? Also, can I ask for Garvey, Lopes and Cey in the Dodger infield? Just checking

To Beth- my heart goes out to you and your son. It is impossible to know what to say, just keep the lines of communication open.

To Steve-- your granson just keeps getting cuter! Thanks for all your hard work here. You are appreciated more than you know!!!!

Message: 6409 Posted: Mon Apr 26 11:40:05 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Dan Peek.

Yes & one of the many major & significant changes to the music business has been the extreme fragmentation & large number of genres that have evolved. It's not so simple to simply categorize everything under rock n' roll, there are many segments as the marketers will say. To appeal to the masses has actually become more difficult. This has been both good & bad for the artists & the fans. But ultimately the open marketplace (the fans) & the creativity of the artists presides over what happens. It has widened the range of material, it is quite diverse for sure, there is something for everyone. It's all progression & freedom of expression is alive. AMERICA has always appealed to middle America & that popularity continues. I think there will always be a middle America so to speak, so AMERICA will continue to thrive. AMERICA's music speaks to the common man & the common women. Just an opinion.
HUMAN NATURE is AMERICA's latest & greatest.

Message: 6408 Posted: Mon Apr 26 11:39:42 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Dan Peek.

Amen Kevin! I think most people out there would LOVE to see an America and Reds resurgence. The best folk rock band of the 70s and the best baseball team in history! The world would be a much better place!

Message: 6407 Posted: Mon Apr 26 10:12:26 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Dan Peek.

I've been out of town for a week so I'm catching up on a the posts. Most have been about Dan returning.

I'd love for Dan to come back, from a purely selfish fan standpoint. But I understand that's not going to happen. Doesn't stop me from dreaming. Heck, I'd also love for the Reds to dominate baseball like they did in the 70s. I know that won't happen either, but I'll keep hoping for it. That's not naive, it's nostalgia.

Besides, I don't think Dan's return would be a commercial success. Mainly because the guys had already slipped off the charts when he left. That's the difference between the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac and Beatles "reunions" and an America reunion. Those other band broke up while they were still on top. The Doobie Brothers reformed with their original lineup, made a spash for a year, then disappeared again. Same with the Eagles. It's not that big of deal to most people.

I also think way too much time has passed. Had they done it in the 80s, yeah, it may have made a difference. But now, who'd care other than the diehard America fans who'd buy their albums anyway?

70s rock and roll is all but dead commerically. In fact, Rock and roll itself is struggling to stay alive. Look at the pop charts lately. They're dominated by rap, hip hop and techno. Sure, an America with Dan Peek could still do something on the Adult Contemporary Charts, but America's first single from Human Nature without Dan did well. It's not Dan's fault Oxygen records can't afford to release a second single from the album. Nor it is Dan's fault that Oxygen released the wrong single first. (It should have been Wednesday Morning, but that's yesterday's news.)

I'll keep hoping Dan Peek comes back to America. And I'll keep hoping Johnny Bench gets back into the Reds lineup.


Message: 6406 Posted: Mon Apr 26 08:06:27 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Christian Trivia Q. Correction

Regarding my Chris Christian trivia question just a few posts back, I need to make a slight correction. Because it's been a long time since I've listened to the album, the "mystery" female singer provided accompanying vocals rather than singing a true duet.

Message: 6405 Posted: Mon Apr 26 05:18:59 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: America's Fans.......

Hello, Happy Monday to all, I just wanted to say that I frequent "few" Music Boards & Sites but the ones that I do, America indeed has the nicest fans!!!--:)--It seems some boards that I do frequent , there is always some silly bickering going on, It's so refreshing to come here & share the wonderful experiences of America & their Music. Thank YOU fellow fans for the nice experience & I hope to enjoy this board for many years to come. & A Special Thank You to Gerry & Dewey, As well, who without a doubt does treat their fans very nicely when we are fourtunate enough to meet you! You treat us as friends & for that, You guy's are special !! You guys are great! Thanks for sharing your music , with us.--------------love, JOYCE HALL---:)---Steve, Thank You too! For your time & effort you put into this site! It does not go unnoticed !!--:)-:)-Have a great week everyone !!

Message: 6404 Posted: Sun Apr 25 21:04:56 1999 By: Bones
Subject: a simple thought

Overwhelming world...tied up in a knot

Message: 6403 Posted: Sun Apr 25 13:32:27 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Chris Christian Trivia Question

Can you name the 1970's TV actress that sings "heavenly" in a duet with Chris Christian on one of Chris' albums? Also, can you name the song.

Message: 6402 Posted: Sat Apr 24 20:27:47 1999 By: laura
Subject: to Bruce David Martin

I'm jealous! Maybe you should give friend Jim MY phone number next time!

Message: 6401 Posted: Sat Apr 24 20:06:06 1999 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: "The Phone Call"

So I pick up the phone in Greenwich Village at 845 pm and it's my friend Jim in Florida. But...what's that I hear in the background? It's "3 Roses" that LIVE? YES! It's Jim standing on the beach in Pompano Beach at THE AMERICA CONCERT!!! He's 30 feet from the stage! At the end of the song, I told Jim it was great and I'll pay for the cel phone call... just LEAVE IT ON!!! Then on to...Need You...Pages...Wheels...Tin Man...We hung up during "Woman Tonight"...It makes me count the days 'till Westbury Music Fair!!! THANKS JIM!!!!! =)

Message: 6400 Posted: Sat Apr 24 08:34:07 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: All I Think About Is You

This is a song Gerry Beckley wrote for a guy named Wild Man Fischer, who sang it on an album called "Nothing Scary" which was released in 1984. Here are the lyrics to this song, which are rather very good. Someone is playing guitar accompanying Dan Fischer. I wonder if it's Gerry playing. I'll have to research this further. Dan Fischer's singing is rather very strange, and so is the album I might add. Thanks, hl

All I Think About Is You (Written By Gerry Beckley)
I rise to see you in the morning
I feel your warmth so true
The light inside of me
Is there for all to see
But, All I think about is you

I see your face in every doorway
That I have wandered through
The light inside of me
Is there for all to see
But, All I think about is you

Baby, even in the darkest night, I know
The light inside of me
Is there for all to see
But, all I think about is you

But, all I think about is you

All I think about is

Message: 6399 Posted: Fri Apr 23 21:39:31 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Man's Road/Dewey

So right you are, Jim! As with your compliments to Gerry's delivery of HOUSES IN WHITE, I again agree and thank you for the equal time given that Other Fellow.

Ethereal rawness, blue surrealism, soulful grit, heartfelt gut, unmanicured beauty. Colorful, spicey, passionate, and poignant.
Out-of-this-world sound from a down-to-earth Guy.

Dewey's voice cuts through ANY mix, whether he wrote the song or not.

I must close with, how you say? ...ahh yes...
HUMAN NATURE is AMERICA's latest & greatest.

Message: 6398 Posted: Fri Apr 23 20:04:12 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Man's Road

MAN'S ROAD is a beautiful example of the multi-dimensional profile of DEWEY's voice. There are many other examples but DEWEY takes the reins here & delivers a very warm, compassionate emotional song w/just a nice sprinkling of irony. To the victor go the spoils.
HUMAN NATURE is AMERICA's latest & greatest.

Message: 6397 Posted: Fri Apr 23 16:46:12 1999 By: FrogB52
Subject: Re: Rarities

Some good tunes thanks

Message: 6396 Posted: Fri Apr 23 16:43:50 1999 By: FrogB52
Subject: on tv?

Anyone know if America is going to be on tv again? Time for their management to get off their rears and on the horn and get them on Letterman, Opra, Leno, Rosy and the whole nine yards like they deserve. Look what the country is missing. Theres been a lot of tv talk but not much action except that Shopping Network deal. Lets get with it.

Message: 6395 Posted: Fri Apr 23 16:34:06 1999 By: FrogB52
Subject: band question

Just curious, why don't M.Woods, B. Palmer and Willie L perform on all or most the cds? Sometimes they don't get enough credit by everyone including fans. Each one is a accomplished musician as good as anyone in their field. Dont get me wrong because I do like the guests they have on the cds. But these guys rock!

Message: 6394 Posted: Fri Apr 23 15:26:49 1999 By: Jessica
Subject: lyrics

Hi Steve! I know I've been away far too long but it's not because of any difficulty in posting here.

The lyrics are from Man's Road. This song somehow stuck to my head. I like it.

Baby Trent is adorable. He looks a lot like you...LOL!

To all the guys here, hello. I see the good old names are still here. Keep up the "good stuff" guys. We, myself and those who don't post regularly or not at all, are reading your messages to keep in touch.


Message: 6393 Posted: Fri Apr 23 15:25:32 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Oh, and you too Howard!

Although I have thanked him during occasional private correspondence, I want go to public in saying that Howard is a Gentleman and Scholar when it comes to his love and knowledge of America. He has a wealth of rarities dating way back when, accompanied by his great recollection of details (trivia). As with the rest of you contributers, and Steve's personal and speedy responses, the gems received continue to enrich this, the FANS web site.


Message: 6392 Posted: Fri Apr 23 15:00:22 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: The "New Songs"

Yes, thanks Howard and Steve for the unburied treasures. The "new songs" are great. I've always liked Chris Christian and a duet with Gerry is even better. What about Chris, Gerry, and Dewey together on a future song? That would be awesome! Jeremy Jackson's version of "I Need You" with the guys is somewhat of a vice versa regarding Dewey's vocals. Does anyone know how long ago this was recorded...Howard?

Message: 6391 Posted: Fri Apr 23 14:27:42 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Thanks again Steve!

I agree...thank you! Those songs are great..Yesterday I happened to find the soundtrack from that movie Cry Baby....those two songs Gerry sings are so cute!

Erin :o)

Message: 6390 Posted: Fri Apr 23 14:05:23 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Rarities

It's my pleasure everyone.
Glad to share them.

Message: 6389 Posted: Fri Apr 23 12:22:06 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Various Replies

Virginia, you're right about the lyrics. The Last Unicorn Soundtrack is a great CD to have. It's only available as a German import (Das Letzte Einhorn) but most of the online CD stores carry it. You can check out the CD Sources web page for a list of a few places that carry it.

Mark, I'm glad that you and the rest of the fans are enjoying these new songs. I think there are still a few rarities floating around out there but I haven't run across them yet. It's all of you wonderful fans that track them down and send them to me so I'm just waiting for some more to be found.

I, too, want to thank Howard and everyone else who keeps the America Fans web site alive and kicking. It really is the FANS web site.

Message: 6388 Posted: Fri Apr 23 11:50:19 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: concert

Anyone planning on being at Bowie July 3?...sounds like fun!...advertising fireworks display after...gonna take the boys. Hope they perform "Pages" (hint, hint).

Message: 6387 Posted: Fri Apr 23 11:49:11 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Oh, and you too Howard!

Since you were the one who sent them to Steve. Thanks Howard!

Dewey really sounds GREAT on Too Much To Dream. His voice fits that song perfectly.

Message: 6386 Posted: Fri Apr 23 11:32:08 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Thanks again Steve!

Thanks for putting the new hard to find songs on the web site! Are there any other rareties left out there? I think you may have just about found them all. Great job and thanks again!

Message: 6385 Posted: Fri Apr 23 11:07:33 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Ein More Set Of Lyrics

Man's Road from The Last Unicorn Soundtrack.
Danke, Steve, for the clue.

Message: 6384 Posted: Fri Apr 23 10:35:53 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Ein More Set Of Lyrics

I gave some lyrics back in message #6321 which no one guessed yet - most likely because we were side tracked with the Colorado tragedy. Perhaps we can help a little to take our minds off of it by considering these lyrics again. I've added a couple of extra lines to help out and I also gave a hint in the subject:

Moon rising, disguising lonely streets in gay displays
The stars fade, the night shade falls and makes the world afraid
It waits in silence for the sky to explode

Here's one more hint. The song is sung by Dewey but he didn't write it.

Message: 6383 Posted: Thu Apr 22 14:09:47 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: And from moment to moment, your life can change

I'm not preaching, just thinking.
I wonder how something like that could happen? Didn't the parents of those evil murderers know something was going seriously wrong with their kids? Did they think it was just a phase? Were they not involved enough with their kids not to know what was going on? Were their parents also nazis or satanist? I don't know? I just feel sad for the victims. We keep a pretty tight control of our kids. We don't let them play violent video games, no MTV, no Marilyn Manson or the like, they have to tell us where they are going, who they will be with (and yes I do spot check from time to time). They have early curfews (9:30 on school nights, 10:00 on weekends). We all go to Church each Sunday. My wife quit working once our first child was born to stay home with the kids. We have had to do without things other families have, but we think it is worth the investment. Are my kids perfect? Not at all, they have been caught sneeking to places they weren't supposed to go to, watching and listening to things they weren't supposed to, but they knew they were wrong and had punishment coming. I guess my rambling point is that my wife and I think we are doing everything we can to make sure our kids turn out right, but that still doesn't prevent some evil wacko from blowing them away. I heard on the news this morning that they weren't just targeting athletes, they were also targeting Christians. They went into one of the rooms and said "Does anybody trust in Christ?" When a girl said that she did they killed her. Kind of hits home, because we are Christians, and my kids might have spoken up if some evil wacko did something like that. Just very sad. Oh well, enough rambling.

Message: 6382 Posted: Thu Apr 22 14:05:32 1999 By: Janice
Subject: my thoughts on the subjet

not that anyone asked. Yes parents..wake up..smell the're righ..give hugs..but I agree..COMMUNICATE..Do things together! I try to spend special time with my kids separtely..they are all to Ryan means a lively game of racketball with to AJ watching a funny movie together..and of course, Ronnie loves everything from walking the dog to jumping on the trampoline in our backyard.( the neighbors think I'm nuts..I don't care :)..) the point is ..tune in..spend time instead of money..listen..there is something to be said about old fashioned family values..Sunday dinner is a big thing at my house..make it a Blockbuster night..know where your kids are..keep them involved with healthy extra-curricular activities..My oldest is about to receive his Eagle from Scouts..a nerd? Maybe..that's least I know where he is! Down off my soapbox now..sorry..didn't mean to preach. I'm sure we all do the best we can do and I don't want to give off the impression of being super-mom..but I try real hard. :)

Message: 6381 Posted: Thu Apr 22 08:27:26 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Whats the deal here?

>> I bet a lot of people dont post here because of all the trouble<<
I am the poster child for TRYING to post on the folder and I've over come all, thanks to Mr. Lowry! Didn't kept me from TRYING, though. Perserverence. Sometimes you gotta BEND a little. Makes for better over all mental health!

Message: 6380 Posted: Thu Apr 22 08:23:31 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Whats the deal here?

Ahhhhh, if we do not learned from the past, are we doomed to repeat it? (C:

Message: 6379 Posted: Thu Apr 22 08:20:01 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Dan Peek ruminations

Hey, if they're all FRIENDS.....what the harm? Not a long term comittment, just a FUN once or twice little thing!!!!! The Beatles thing is EXACTLY what I'd been thinking when you wrote, Joe! It's NOT like we want to EXCLUDE Mr. Beckley and Mr. Bunnell from their great work as a duo, FAR FROM IT. John, Ringo, George and Paul did WONDERFUL work apart from the Beatles, but all felt that old urge once in a while.......

Message: 6378 Posted: Thu Apr 22 08:08:56 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: And from moment to moment, your life can change

Well said, Virginia!

Message: 6377 Posted: Thu Apr 22 02:23:16 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: And from moment to moment, your life can change

It all started yesterday when a co-worker said to me, "Someone said you were from Littleton. Have you heard the news?" At that point, I hadn't heard anything. What a horrid shock!
I grew up in Littleton, Colorado. From the mid-50's until I graduated high school in 1970 and left for college, it was home. Like most of my friends, I couldn't wait to leave. Looking back as an adult, I realize what a great place it was to grow up in. Many of my classmates must have felt the same way because a large number of them chose to return to Littleton to raise their families. My brother, Jon, and his family still live there. His younger son is a junior at Littleton High School and has friends that attend Columbine. Thankfully, none of them were victims of this senseless atrocity. Or should I say, none were physically injured, because everyone in that school was a are their families, and as are we for having to face the reality of yet another massacre in a school. For the last two days I've been asking myself how this could happen in MY hometown. There is no pat answer. It could have happened anywhere. Like Shayne, I find myself wondering how these two boys could collect this arsenal of weapons and bomb-making materials right under their parents' noses. Sadly, there are many, many parents who don't have a clue as to what their children are doing. I am far from being a perfect parent, but I can say I've made it a priority to be involved with my kids' (20 & 17) lives. So far, I haven't heard anything regarding the parents of these two angry boys. How horrible this must be for them to know they raised children capable of committing such a cold-blooded and premeditated act. While one can't place all the blame on the parents, I find it difficult to believe that a child raised with loving environment could grow up to be a killer. Certain music, violence in the media- they factor into the equation, too. But no one can point to any one thing and say that it is the reason so many kids are desensitized to violence. I will be very interested in hearing what the lives of Eric and Dylan were like as this story continues to unfold. Jon tells me the streets of Littleton were practically em pty today, that everyone he has spoken to is just numb. My heart goes out to the students of Columbine and their families. I hope that they will take advantage of the counselors made available to them so that they can begin to heal and find some peace.
My apologies for going on and on. I guess I needed to vent, too. Thanks for "listening". Good night.

Message: 6376 Posted: Wed Apr 21 23:52:05 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: And another thing

Besides spelling "sense" wrong, I agree that while it would be cool to hear Dan sing with the band again, I think it's best that they stay a twosome. Then again, I was always hoping the Beatles would have reunited, so what the heck do I know.


Message: 6375 Posted: Wed Apr 21 23:47:01 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: TCM (very long)

The sad, sad truth is high school is a simmering pot. It doesn't take a lot for a pot to boil. I'm surprised (and grateful) this dosn't happen more often.

What bothers me is that these kids had an enormous arsenal. Where were the parents? Why didn't they know? It's very easy to blame the music they listen to and the style they subscribe to, but it wouldn't be fair.

I read an article someone wrote critical of the TV show "South Park". She was astounded that Comedy Central would air such garbage. She was worrying about the influence this show has on her 13 year old, who watches it every week. I'm sorry. I'm more astounded that she has no control over her child. Comedy Central is on cable. Rest assured her 13 year old doesn't pay the cable bill. No one told you you HAD to buy it. It's too easy for parents (I, being a father of 4) to say "it's the networks fault, or it's the writer's fault, or it's the cable company's fault...". Don Henley was right on the money when he wrote "Johnny Can't Read" (sorry Johnny - I'm pretty sure it's not about you).

The other thing that gets me is that some blame "Marilyn Manson and THAT kind of music" on what happened. Now, I'm no fan of his, but the truth is MM didn't influence those kids. MM just reflected them. He (she/it) is a product of them, not the other way around. Just like the Beatles and the Who (well, maybe not JUST like) were in our day.

I'm sorry this is so long. I needed to vent. Just to conclude...when you wash aside the real reason a problem exists, you wash aside the solution. You don't cure a headache by cutting off your leg (unless it's a really, really bad headache). I hope I made some sence.


Message: 6374 Posted: Wed Apr 21 22:55:37 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Dan Peek

Seems we have a lot of opinions on the subject of Dan returning to the band. I said in an earlier post that they were a better band as a trio. What I meant really was the 3 part harmony was missing. Maybe Dan will never rejoin the band,and when you think about it he has really be gone too long to come back. What I would like to see is Dan come back as a guest,maybe with Peace as an opening act or something and have the guys join In with Dan and do a few of Dans songs. It would be wonderful if something like that would happen.
Its not meant as a slap in the face to Gerry or Dewey or Dan for that matter. Its a simple recognition of the fact that in our youth they created something special. I, for one, would like to see it created again, if but for another fleeting moment. You have to remember that the Beatles always said they would never get back together. They didn't want to until years after John was murdered,then it was too late. I hope that our guys won't wait til its too late. Check this out ....Appearing tonight on Jay Leno.. ( Or Letterman ).. AMERICA with special guest Dan Peek.!!!!! whataya think????.......JK

Message: 6373 Posted: Wed Apr 21 22:27:43 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Peek Back To What's Passed

Don't forget George Martin! Maybe we can get him out of retirement to produce just one more album! how'bout it?????

Message: 6372 Posted: Wed Apr 21 22:14:45 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: Peek Back To What's Passed

ok, now that everyone has had their say about Dan rejoining or not rejoining the band the REAL question is....what about Dave Dickey? Huh? Huh? :-)

Message: 6371 Posted: Wed Apr 21 22:13:12 1999 By: Ike
Subject: Dan Peek

The question is always asked about Dan possibly re-joining "America". I addressed the issue a few years ago when I first started the on-line network for Gerry and Dewey. I asked Gerry while sitting out by the pool in Las Vegas about it one afternoon. His reply, the best I can remember, went like this. "We have been a very successful two-some longer than we were a three-some. We have no animosity toward Dan. We parted company as friends and remain friends to this day. We do not have any desire or plans to do any reunion tour or get together for any songs".

Gerry acted a little perturbed that the question was even brought up and I asked him if this was a subject that he was not comfortable with. He replied that they are always being asked about it and it just gets a little old.

They would like to be accepted on what they are accomplishing in the present day as well as in the beginning. To be honest,,, it's kind of like a slap in the face to them.

Dan feels the same way. He is happy with what he is doing. He has great memories of the past success with America but has no desire to rejoin the group either. The shoe is on the other foot a lot with Dan also. People are always asking him about re-joining America. But the three of them are super-gracious people. They smile,, explain and go on with their lives.

As far as Dan not going to their concerts,, it's not a matter of him not attending because of bad blood. It's a question of him being in the area and being free to do so. Dan's parents, the Colonel and family, do attend when America hits areas around eastern Missouri (where they live) and are very precious and dear friends to Gerry and Dewey.

Message: 6370 Posted: Wed Apr 21 21:47:42 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Peek Back To What's Passed

Thank you Terry!!! Your post is exactly the way I feel! With Dan, Without Dan I Still Love America! How can we, as America Fans, insist on something that I don't think is going to change. Yes, We can hope and dream but life goes on...Yes Terry- COMMUNICATE!!! Hugs are great, but let's communicate! Lately I have to agree with Tori Amos- she's been quoted as saying that the world would be a better place if everyone could get free access to mental health. Is everyone Bi-polar or is it me, or me, or me. Stretching AND Flexing is good for the Mind And soul! Buhbye....TeeTee

Message: 6369 Posted: Wed Apr 21 21:28:36 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: ..All Things Are Possible.....

mitch, forget about the micro-brew, three roses sounds great to any kind of brew. that song really got me hooked. i'm sure that over the past twenty years, dewey and gerry have left the door open for dan to return. whether dan return's to the band, i'm not going to lose any sleep over it. how much better would HUMAN NATURE sound if dan was back? i could care less if dan is in or out. i'm just happy America is still together and cranking out really great music. even if there was a reunion, do you honestly think it would be like the "good old days" and have 15,000 screaming fans in the stands? would a new cd automatically go gold? i don't think so. i'm going to see the band in 23 days and the last thing on my mind will be "is dan back", or "is dan going to join them on stage tonight?"
How many bands that you listened to in the 70's or even in the 80's are still together? i'm just happy that the band is still performing and working hard. if a reunion ever happens, it happens. i'm just going to wait for the next solo or group cd to come out. i feel better now. now i can sleep better tonight.
(i wonder if elvis will show up for the concert? heard he was in the torrington area last week)

Message: 6368 Posted: Wed Apr 21 20:48:24 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Re: ..All Things Are Possible.....

I agree with everything you said Mitch although other than us diehard fans do you think the music industry would really care if Dan Peek came back. I don't see a big "cash in" opprotunity there. It might even be the reverse situation for Dewey and Gerry. It would be great to see Dan come back and play a couple tunes with the guys, "Lonely People", "Don't Cross The River" and "Rainy Day" once or twice a year as a special thing but I don't know if a permanent situation would be for the best. That would mean 3 or 4 Beckley, Bunnel songs we wouldn't hear per project. Ouch!

Message: 6367 Posted: Wed Apr 21 20:07:45 1999 By: mitch
Subject: ..All Things Are Possible.....

Since I make my living as a Music Radio Programmer, I can say from a strictly commercial standpoint...America's best chance at approaching the old "glory" (sales and air-play wise) is a Dan Peek reunion of some kind. But this is NOT news to any of the guys! I give them credit for this knowledge but still deciding to not cash in! It shows they are not willing to trade in the personal fullfillment they have achieved for a shot at more fame and fortune. Frankly I suspect they have matured beyond that. It is fine for us fans to ask about the possibility (Heck, I'd love it myself)... but lets not do the "drumbeat" thing too much. As for one post claiming they are better together, than seperate...I don't know. With the exception of the first America album..which I go back to frequently (Three Roses is so damn hauntingly beautiful..especially after a couple micro-brews), most of my favorite tunes come from Gerry and Dewey stuff. But that's just my opinion...I could be wrong.

Message: 6366 Posted: Wed Apr 21 19:41:23 1999 By: Beth
Subject: TCM

You know, I was picked on and made fun of in High School. I was a "Burn-Out" and did drugs. I hated the "Jocks" and all their hypocricy. (So much so, I never bothered to look up how to spell that word!) I even ran away from home once, jumped on the bus to Stevens Point one very bad Tuesday. But I never, never in a million years would've dreamed of bringing weapons to school and offing people!! For me, the fact that this national tragedy comes close on the heels of our local tragedy has compounded my grief. My son had decided to wear black to school the rest of this week, after attending a 14-year old suicide victim's funeral on Monday. I asked him not to wear black today, but he vetoed me. Believe me, I've done a lot of hugging and talking with Justin over these past six days...
Stay tuned

Message: 6365 Posted: Wed Apr 21 18:58:08 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Dan Peek, America and the Journey

Well Said!
May yours, theirs, and all of our canoes remain afloat.

Message: 6364 Posted: Wed Apr 21 18:52:24 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Dan Peek, America and the Journey

I think that it comes down to ones passion....Gerry and Dewey continue to feel the passion for what they are doing...perhaps Dan found another passion to pursue....they say the journey is when you really feel the passion.....once you arrive.... so many of us lose the passion.... Gerry and Dewey are still on that journey......(and I pray that it be a long journey)......

Message: 6363 Posted: Wed Apr 21 18:26:35 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Dan Peek

In an interview back in the 1980's with Dewey, about 1 to 2 years
after Dan left. At a concert supposedly Dan joined them for a couple
of songs. Crowd was excited. But nothing was ever mentioned in the
newspaper or press. Dewey seemed rather perturbed and bothered
about this, and didn't just dropped it at that. And also when
Dewey and Gerry would perform in St. Louis, Dan would not
come to the concerts, but his family did. But go figure.
Peace, hl

Message: 6362 Posted: Wed Apr 21 17:27:19 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Peek Back To What's Passed

Time marches on. Dewey, Gerry, & Co. are a group unto their own, for decades now, as was so eloquently posted. The percentage of time with Dan vs. the percentage without him is also there. Things cannot be reversed. They can create an illusion of going back, but it will never be the same. The Eagles' "reunion" was temporary, although they maybe had more material to cover which encompassed the time when they were all together. An America "reunion" would have to include everyone learning each others' songs (the current band learning some of Dan's newer creations), as well as Dan learning the newer America songs. There are relatively few songs (though undoubtedly kick-butt) that the three of them have in common, compared to the wealth of what has come out in the last twenty years from all three of them. If anyone wants to hear the three of them together, play one of the CDs. It doesn't, and won't, get any better than that. Dan can wear that feather proudly, knowing NOBODY, maybe even including himself and for his own reasons, can EVER fill those shoes!

A note on registration...It seems that if someone is an AOL user, they can have up to five screen names, therefore five Email addresses, and can assume five identities. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Steve, you can't fool me with that Parrot alias.

PEACE and STRETCHES to ALL (It's beyond lonely, Guru, beyond pathetic, beyond sad or sick...gosh, maybe us hippies weren't so bad after all, maybe it's life itself, or the season of the hollow soul...can't blame the weapons, can't blame security, we "raised" them...oops, wring our hands and wonder why...human nature?...don't just hug them, COMMUNICATE...please)

Message: 6361 Posted: Wed Apr 21 16:45:16 1999 By: El Guru De Health
Subject: TCM

Now I'll don my trenchcoat
now you'll feel my pain
now all of you won't ever hurt me again

now pull back click it's time
to pay your dues
Now if we're lucky we'll make the evening news

and i'll laugh aloud
and you'll cry
while I let the rest of this clip fly

Ain't I big man?!
with your life in my hands?!
this is for all the times mom
this is for dad
you'd best be ready 'cause i've got plans
now maybe everyone will understand

Now I'll don my trenchcoat
now you'll feel my pain
now all of you won't ever hurt me again

now set a new trap
like G.I. Joe
so maybe now everyone will now

how I laughed aloud
while you cried
while I let the rest of that clip fly

How I was a big man
with your life in my hands
this was for all the times mom
this was for dad
you'd best be ready 'cause I've got plans
now maybe everyone will understand

how lonely I am
how lonely I am
how lonely I am
how lonely I am

Message: 6360 Posted: Wed Apr 21 15:53:10 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Get D.Peek back

Frog- it might be helpful for you to read part 4 of John Corbett's Comprehensive History which can be accessed through the America Fan Page. In it Dan is pretty clear as to his reasons for leaving America. Dewey and Gerry chose to continue on, and I, for one, am extremely glad they did. Yes, the sound is different, and sometimes I miss the three-part harmony, but I'm very satisfied with the way things are now. I see no point in looking back and wishing for what once was. I hope Dan is happy and doing something he wants to do, in or out of the music industry.

Message: 6359 Posted: Wed Apr 21 15:17:06 1999 By: FrogB52
Subject: Re: Get D.Peek back

To say that Peak couldn't keep up with the pace is preposterous. There were some troubles for all for sure but he wasn't a weak link. Besides it wouldnt have to be for all the shows. No wimpy excuses, make it happen. Fans want it. Keep the dream alive. I do salute Americas unmatched stamina

Message: 6358 Posted: Wed Apr 21 13:38:17 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Get D.Peek back

You know some things to keep in mind & this is all information that was public some years ago. As you all know, AMERICA is a highly disciplined, hard working band, GERRY & DEWEY have work ethics that are unmatched. In the 70's, it was basically 1 LP per year & a full world wide tour as well as all the other things such as TV shows, interviews, publicity events etc.. The pace was very difficult for Dan to maintain. As you know, to this day (as the current schedule shows) they continue on an unbelievably difficult schedule. And there is stress on the entire crew but the schedule goes on . I think 99% of the population would find it difficult to keep up the pace. Just a few thoughts.

Message: 6357 Posted: Wed Apr 21 13:31:13 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Houses in White

Michelle, thanks for the lyrics correction. I just listened to the song again and I believe you're right. I'll change the lyrics tonight to read "Listen now, hurry ..."

Message: 6356 Posted: Wed Apr 21 13:30:37 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Houses in White

Yes HOUSES IN WHITE is extraordinary. I am so glad that GERRY & DEWEY are willing to do others' material. I think it may be about someone looking back at a place in time, perhaps a previous marriage or a place in time, filled w/great memories & perhaps some not so great - all tied to a house w/white color or feelings as such. Only GERRY BECKLEY can pull off & convey the necessary emotions that this song invokes, this can be very difficult w/material that contains elements of abstractness.

Message: 6355 Posted: Wed Apr 21 13:27:38 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: locked doors

Small communities all across this country sooner or later find themselves having to lock their doors, and it usually only takes one incidence. We shouldn't be surprised that it had to happen here, too. Thanks, Steve.

PS Gave all three of my boys an extra hug last night, and got extra hugs back. Families in CO are in my prayers, as are all troubled teens across our county. God give them strength.

Message: 6353 Posted: Wed Apr 21 13:20:16 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Whats the deal here?

Hi Steve, this is Pete, (wheels are turning) Well said, keep up the good work.

Message: 6352 Posted: Wed Apr 21 13:20:15 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Whats the deal here?

P.S. I realized that I didn't respond to one of the concerns that Frog mentioned. He said that it was now more difficult to create a post on the Chat Folder. Actually, once you have registered (which takes only a few seconds) it is easier. With the old software you were asked to enter your name, your e-mail address, your subject, and the message (4 fields). Now you are asked to enter your User ID, your Password, your Subject, and the Message (also 4 fields). If you're using a 4.0 level browser, you don't even have to enter the User ID -- just enter the Password, Subject, and Message -- the User ID will be filled in for you automatically. Your e-mail address and name will automatically be filled in with each post so you don't have to retype it each time. To me this seems to be easier. I guess others could have a different opinion.

Thanks for bringing up the question, Frog.

--The Wimpy Parrot

Message: 6351 Posted: Wed Apr 21 13:17:47 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: Whats the deal here?

Not hard to touch your toes when they're only 32" from your waist.

Message: 6350 Posted: Wed Apr 21 13:14:41 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Houses in White

Great song! The meaning behind it still escapes me, but I SURE do like sitting here and listening to it. Went to the lyrics, the last line sounds to me like "listen now (?), hurry..."
I didn't really expect to have "Rose"'s bad news laid out for us, but I think it must be hidden in the garbled message just before "pilot, pilot...". Any ideas?
I've steadfastly refused to listen to any of the clips from Gerry's "Van Go Gan", thought it would just be teasing myself knowing that the album can't be had, but I guess I'm going to have to break down and do it, I'm sure there are treasures to be found there. (sigh)

Message: 6349 Posted: Wed Apr 21 13:10:39 1999 By: El Guru De Health
Subject: Re: Whats the deal here?

the return of Dan Peek = instant commercial and artist success

my god! it's so simple and clear! what idiots they must be!

it would be a beautiful thing if music and musicians were able to exist only in the timeless vacuum of our hopes and dreams.

when stretching, try not to bend for your toes; instead, bend from the waist keeping your back in proper posture. you might not be able to touch your toes, but you'll have a better stretch and back.

.:the gurus:.

Message: 6348 Posted: Wed Apr 21 12:51:01 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Whats the deal here?

Mark, you hit the nail on the head. I would like to emphasize and clarify one thing that you said. The reason the password was added was to make people accountable for what they post. Before the password was added people could say anything they want anonymously and not be held accountable for what they say. Now, they can't do that and it has stopped the personal attacks that were taking place.

Regarding the First Amendment, if I understand it correctly it gives people the right to say what they want, but not anonymously. If you're not willing to stand up for what you have to say, you probably don't have any business saying it (my opinon only).

I know that Frog has stirred things up with some of his comments and questions. I think that can be a good thing. One thing we know for certain (because of the password requirement) is that it really is Frog who is creating these posts and not someone else who is impersonating him (believe it or not, things like that happened in the past, before the password was required). Since Frog is willing to put his name on the posts, I don't have any problem with leaving them on the Chat Folder nor do I mind trying to answer his honest concerns.

Mark mentioned that rules have been set for the Chat Folder. The only rule I can think of (other than the password requirement) is that I REFUSE to allow personal attacks or offensive language on the chat folder. If that smacks against the First Amendment rights, then so be it. Those type of things can be taken care of personally and offline.

Lest some of you think I have gone ballistic again, I've only tried to answer the questions that were posed. If I didn't do a very good job, feel free to pose the questions again or to ask for clarifications and I'll try to do a better job.

Oh yeah, one other thing. The suggestion was made that we have a vote of who would want Dan to rejoin the band. I can't think of anyone who would vote against that. We'd all love to see it happen again. Perhaps an easier thing to do would be to have everyone who would like to see it happen again to simply post a message that says something like "I'd like to see Dan join the band." Then someone like Johnny (he seems to be good at this) or Frog (since he first suggested it) could tabulate the number of posts and put out a total.

Happy posting everyone!

--The Wimpy Parrot

Message: 6347 Posted: Wed Apr 21 11:49:49 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Whats the deal here?

It is my understanding that the password stuff was started in response to "negative" posts being made anonymously and by a single person using different screen names, trying to make it seem as though there were more people who agreed with them.

As far as the first amendment goes, that does not apply to privately run chat rooms and message boards. The service provider has every right to set rules for their boards. If you disagree with those rules, you have every right to start your own board with your own rules. I have seen this happen at other sites, I hope it doesn't happen here. Somebody, on their own initiative starts a site as a service for a group. Then, when he tries to run the site as he sees fit, a small group who disagrees with how its run begin to attack the person providing the service that they use. Instead of complaining about how a site is run, if you think you can do better, go for it.

Message: 6346 Posted: Wed Apr 21 11:35:57 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: "Littleton Co."

Take a minute today to say a prayer for those teenager's in Littleton that have undergone pain that they shouldn't have had to experience yet in life.....and for those who have lost their children at such a young age. Love to all of you !!

Message: 6345 Posted: Wed Apr 21 11:32:23 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Whats the deal here?

You don't want to hear my story.....all that matters is that this is "America's" chat folder. I hope those who are looking to hook up to this site will be able to. (it's really not that hard) Glad you found your way back Frog.

Message: 6344 Posted: Wed Apr 21 11:31:47 1999 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: Treasure Island

How far is Naples from Treasure Island? I will be there with my kids. Might be a great side trip!!

Also, let's do the fan vote for a reunion tour with Dan. That would be awsome stuff.

Message: 6343 Posted: Wed Apr 21 11:22:22 1999 By: Janice
Subject: checking in

To JL..don't mention it..and Judith loved her cookie! Beth..thanks for the kind family members go to that school. My sister (when alive) lived in Westminster/Broomfield area and now I go see my brother-in-law (recently remarried) and new immediate family is in Southern California..Let's everyone give our kids an extra hug today..I wept as I ready the paper this did most of America. The families and the kids who escaped but will long remember are in my prayers. I was going to tell you about my co-pilot experience last night..but it all seems so insignificant when others are faced with such trauma ..I even granted free tickets today (which I rarely do), and sent flowers to an elderly gentleman who we mishandled as he tried to make it to his wife of 60 years funeral..I could tell in his voice he just wanted someone to care..and to talk to. See who you can reach out to is too short.

Message: 6342 Posted: Wed Apr 21 11:13:06 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: Get D.Peek back

Mark I agree 100%!!!!! Come on guys, we are all getting older and we will not be here forever. Bring Dan back as a guest at least. I think you guys are the best,but the band is still better with the 3 of you.... We are your loyal fans. I have stuck with you guys for 27 years. I have gone to concerts 100s of miles from my home and have purchased all of you albums twice!! counting the CDs. Do it for us. Its not cashing in ,its making your fans happy. Plus it would be a great chance to add to your fan base. It would also create a stir in the music business, a Great Promotion..... come on guys DO IT PLEASE
Joe K

Message: 6341 Posted: Wed Apr 21 10:25:49 1999 By: FrogB52
Subject: Re: Get D.Peek back

America always has many talented guests on their albums. Look at Humanature and many of the others. So why not DAN PEEK? Is that asking too much? He should be the first pick. Never give up.

Message: 6340 Posted: Wed Apr 21 10:09:50 1999 By: FrogB52
Subject: Whats the deal here?

By the way whats the point of all this registration and password stuff? Its harder to make a post on this thing than get an answer out of Oxygen. Was this the brainchild of some control freak or someone that doesn't like the 1st amendment. What happened to free speech (and free love too, but I guess theres viagra for that now: ha ha) I bet a lot of people dont post here because of all the trouble and I like to read everyones opinions even those I disagree with. Thats my two bits worth except to say that America stands for the 1st Amendment, the country AND THE BAND.

Message: 6339 Posted: Wed Apr 21 09:50:03 1999 By: FrogB52
Subject: Re: Get D.Peek back

They coulda said the same thing about the Eagles and look what happened when they got back together. The Eagles won and so did the fans. This is after the official word was they would never get back together yadda yadda yadda. What if their fans accepted this "no way" answer? Sometimes you gotta have guts and stand up for what you believe. Forget all the excuses and get Dan back for a tour and go from there. Only good things would come out of it. America should simply do it for their fans and the music. People here should quit regurgitating the official line like a bunch of wimpy parrots and make it happen. How about a fan vote on this not limited to just the internuts?

Message: 6338 Posted: Wed Apr 21 09:37:04 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New Real Audio Files

Last month Howard Lieboff sent me a wonderful tape with some songs that featured Gerry and Dewey. I had never heard most of them before so I'm assuming that some of you haven't heard them either. Last night I converted the songs to Real Audio format and put them on the America Fans web site. Here's a list of the songs:

Too Much To Dream - Marcus David with Dewey on lead vocal
I Need You - Jeremy Jackson and America
A Day Like Today - Chris Christian with Gerry on backup vocal
Man Behind The Man - Chris Christian with Gerry on backup vocal
Sh Boom from the Cry Baby soundtrack - Baldwin and the Whiffles (Gerry, Timothy B. Schmidt, Andrew Gold)
Mister Sandman from the Cry Baby soundtrack - Baldwin and the Whiffles (Gerry, Timothy B. Schmidt, Rachel Sweet)

Thanks to Howard Lieboff for making these songs available.

Message: 6337 Posted: Wed Apr 21 09:28:31 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Get D.Peek back

I would love to see Dan rejoin even if it was for only one album and one tour. Sure Gerry and Dewey have been America for more than 20 years, but let's face reality, most (certainly not all) of their albums since he left have not been on the same level as their work with Dan. That's not a knock against Gerry and Dewey, because most of Dan's solo stuff, while good, isn't on the same level either. The sum is greater than the inidividual parts, or something like that. I remember a few years ago when the Beatles "reunited" to put out a new single and did a TV show to promote it. When I watched the show I thought how sad it was that the only way they could "get back together" was by using an old tape of John Lennon, since he had been killed years before. It was a shame they didn't do it before and it seemed they were trying to go back and recapture what was forever gone. Life goes on, things change, people die. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I would like to see Gerry, Dewey, and Dan give it one last shot for old times sake, while they still can. It may be their best shot at getting back on the charts and into the public eye. Then if they decide they want to go their separate ways, God bless them.

PS. Thanks to everybody for their thoughts.

Message: 6336 Posted: Wed Apr 21 09:27:00 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Treasure Island, FL concert May 1

Cari, thanks for the concert information. Too bad it's such a long drive from Utah to Florida. It would be fun to attend those Florida concerts.

Message: 6335 Posted: Wed Apr 21 07:18:45 1999 By: Cari
Subject: Treasure Island, FL concert May 1

Checked into the concert for May 1st. It's part of a weekend "Taste of the Beaches" in Treasure Island (next to St. Petersburg)

The "free" weekend event will take place right on the beach at 106th and Gulf. Fri Apr 30 6-9p Sat May 1 11-9 and Sun 12-6p
"Lots of food, drinks, entertainment and family fun" - said the Beach Chamber.

AMERICA is headlining on Saturday and is scheduled to be onstage at 7:30pm. Lots of hotels close by too.

Would like to hear from any of you planning on being there.

Message: 6334 Posted: Wed Apr 21 05:07:42 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Get D.Peek back

My two cents...

As has been said elsewhere on this board, America have been a duo over three times longer than they've been a trio. Everyone has moved on in their personal and professional lives and are happy where they are. It's good to see that Dan's departure was apparently on good terms and that Gerry and Dewey still keep in touch with their childhood friend.

Although I must admit that a one-off show with Dan WOULD be great...maybe in 2002 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of "Horse..."

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 6333 Posted: Tue Apr 20 22:42:08 1999 By: Cari
Subject: florida concerts

Anyone out there going to any of the concerts in florida over the next 10 days?

Message: 6332 Posted: Tue Apr 20 22:40:54 1999 By: Cari
Subject: America

hi everyone. great to be back. Missed the last 2 weekly chats and i've got an awful lot of reading to do.

Message: 6331 Posted: Tue Apr 20 22:29:05 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Denver

Janice - PLEASE tell me all your family in Denver are safe tonight. My heart goes out to all the families. There are no words.

Message: 6330 Posted: Tue Apr 20 20:59:02 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Contact the Band?

I only know three people who have direct contact with the band:

1) Karen DiGesu who works for Oxygen records. She has contact with the band regularly and can reach them via e-mail Karen can be contacted by e-mail at As I mentioned in a previous post, Karen recently underwent surgery and is recuperating at home so it may be awhile before she'll be back in the office.

2) Ike Gauley who is the webmaster of the America Classic Rock Band In Pictures web site. Ike mentions on his web site that he's happy to forward legitimate questions and comments to the band members. Ike can be reached by e-mail at

3) Rick Wahlgren who was the webmaster of the former and America web sites. I haven't heard from Rick since last year but I know he has Gerry and Dewey's e-mail addresses so he may be willing to forward them for you. Rick can be contacted at

Message: 6329 Posted: Tue Apr 20 20:41:34 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Get D.Peek back

I found an interview with Gerry and Dewey by Steve Orchard following the Marion Park Summerfest Concert June 28, 1998. In the first part of the interview with Dewey, Steve asked the following question:

"There was a comment in the [Billboard] story from a music director..... who said the new album might have more pull if original member Dan Peek were back in the band."

Here is Dewey's reply:

"I understand that sentiment..... people want everything back in it's pristine order... with the evolution of life and the band.... things change and they're going to change forever. And he might be right.... there's lots of people that would like to see an America reunion but we've already talked it over and over..... life has changed and Gerry and I have forged on since 1977 without Dan..... and we're very comfortable and Dan's really happy with his life too."

Message: 6328 Posted: Tue Apr 20 20:08:43 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Get D.Peek back

Do any of you (SteveL ?) know if Gerry and Dewey have contemplated a reunion or if Dan is even interested? I am sure someone out there must have asked this question of them. Just curious.

I don't claim to be a spokesman for Gerry and Dewey, but I do know what I read in the papers and hear in their interviews. Dan left in the late 70's (over 20 years ago) and I would guess that Gerry and/or Dewey have been asked hundreds of times (maybe thousands) if they would ever get back together. To summarize what I remember reading and hearing they said that it was unlikely that they would get back together. If I can find any of the things that I read I'll post them here later.

Message: 6327 Posted: Tue Apr 20 19:58:20 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: Get D.Peek back

Do any of you (SteveL ?) know if Gerry and Dewey have contemplated a reunion or if Dan is even interested? I am sure someone out there must have asked this question of them. Just curious.

Message: 6326 Posted: Tue Apr 20 17:17:13 1999 By: FrogB52
Subject: Get D.Peek back

I'd almost croak if the band got DanP to come back. This would be groovy for the fans and for the music. Most groups get back together for a tour. Why not America? If enough of you fans wanted it it would happen. Who would it hurt, it would only be fun?

Message: 6325 Posted: Tue Apr 20 17:06:15 1999 By: FrogB52
Subject: Next Release?

Nobody's ever called me a brain surgeon but it seems like its approaching critical mass time to release another single from Humanature. What's the deal anyway? Lets get with it on this before its to late.

Message: 6324 Posted: Tue Apr 20 16:56:16 1999 By: FrogB52
Subject: Contact the Band?

Does this site have direct contact to the band by email or something? I would like to have a note forwarded if the webmaster or anyone has the band's email. Who can I contact? Thanks

Message: 6323 Posted: Tue Apr 20 16:50:54 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: sorry to interrupt trivia..

thanks for the reminder about Secretaries. I had completely forgot. Now I get to look like the hero. (I'll give you credit inthe liner notes. Promise)

Message: 6322 Posted: Tue Apr 20 13:58:47 1999 By: Janice
Subject: sorry to interrupt trivia..

Hi all..I'm back from, didn't go to concert..:(..but did visit with relatives in nieces and nephews..nice to help change diapers (and then LEAVE). Mark, I don't see you back yet..are you ok? Eddy, see you are. E-mail me again with your address and I'll send two of the videos..still working on the 3rd one. Nice pic of Trenton, Gramps! Well, I'll be the one who gets the bear hug from my son "pilot friend" is taking him up in the flight simulator least his feet will be on the ground this time! Don't forget your secretary tomorrow..mine is getting a giant cookie..(No, I'm not baking it myself..I like her.) See ya'll soon..ok..back to lyric trivia. Sorry for the interruption. :) anyone going to the Florida concerts next week end? Last minute Charlie here..probably sold out anyway!

Message: 6321 Posted: Tue Apr 20 10:22:50 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Some More Lyrics

"A nightclub in the middle, tappin' time to my song"

Comes from "High In The City" written by Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell in 1979 on Silent Letter.

Try this one:

"The stars fade, the night shade falls and makes the world afraid"

Message: 6320 Posted: Tue Apr 20 10:17:56 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Houses in White/Concert

Thanks for the review Eddy. We'll take a review whether short or long any time we can get it.

Message: 6319 Posted: Tue Apr 20 09:48:47 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: Some More Lyrics

How about "A nightclub in the middle, tappin' time to my song" ?

Message: 6318 Posted: Tue Apr 20 05:46:03 1999 By: -
Subject: Re: Another One

love was just another word

Message: 6317 Posted: Mon Apr 19 22:59:59 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Houses in White/Concert

Houses in white is a great song, can't wait for it to come out on CD,
Seen America w/Nelson in Rockford, IL. GREAT CONCERT!!! The Metro center was packed! It was great to hear M2M & Wheels live, they really did a great show, Nelson joined them on stage for horse, I was never a Nelson "fan" but thought they were pretty good!
Well, I'm not good at doing reviews, so I guess thats it!

Message: 6316 Posted: Mon Apr 19 20:22:09 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Another One

Very good, Steve. How about this one...

"and I saw the same in people that surrounded me..."


Message: 6315 Posted: Mon Apr 19 19:56:19 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Some More Lyrics - A Hint

Aint it a shame about the rain?

Absolutely right, Tery. This song was part of the concert set back in the early 1970's and is found on the Heard CD. Congratulations.

Message: 6314 Posted: Mon Apr 19 19:34:32 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Some More Lyrics - A Hint

Aint it a shame about the rain?

Message: 6313 Posted: Mon Apr 19 18:02:47 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Some More Lyrics - A Hint

I had hoped that the last set of lyrics I gave weren't too easy, but now I'm thinking they might have been too hard. So here's a hint. The song is sung by Dewey and here are ALL of the lyrics except that I have excised those parts which contain the title of the song:

When the rain comes down in the summer time
The leaves start dripping when the sun starts to shine
When I'm alone in my bed alright
I can hear the rain fight the night
Nobody likes it when the rain starts to spill
I never did and I never will
Like the rain

Message: 6312 Posted: Mon Apr 19 16:52:05 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: To: Karen

Yes, best wishes Karen for a speedy recovery!

Message: 6311 Posted: Mon Apr 19 16:39:53 1999 By: Joanne
Subject: Karen D "Get well Soon"

Dear Karen,
Hope your feeling better real soon!Sincerely Joanne Meyers

Message: 6310 Posted: Mon Apr 19 13:10:44 1999 By: Chatty
Subject: Re: Houses In White.

Thanks, Chatty. Usually every time I log on I check the "What's New" section, but this morning when I logged on, the latest thing was the Nelson Brothers play list. It was only later that the rest of the stuff appeared for me, like the Houses In White Part 3, the Carl Wilson CD info and the stuff about Don't know why it wasn't there this morning, but it's there now.

Kevin, the phenomena you described is usually caused by your browser's cache. In order to speed things up the browser keeps the most recently downloaded files on your hard drive and if the files are requested again, it simply displays them from your hard drive rather than going out to the Internet to get them again (this is referred to as caching). This can usually be resolved by pushing the "reload" button on your browser because it will then reload from the Internet rather than using the cached files on your hard drive.

Message: 6309 Posted: Mon Apr 19 12:35:58 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: New Wallpaper


Message: 6308 Posted: Mon Apr 19 12:35:14 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: New Wallpaper

WHAT A CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 6307 Posted: Mon Apr 19 12:33:32 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: New Wallpaper

Thank you very much Virginia! (C: I had a bundle of fun making them, if anyone has a specific request (pics, colors, textures, lemme know!

Message: 6306 Posted: Mon Apr 19 11:46:26 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Houses In White.

Thanks, Chatty. Usually every time I log on I check the "What's New" section, but this morning when I logged on, the latest thing was the Nelson Brothers play list. It was only later that the rest of the stuff appeared for me, like the Houses In White Part 3, the Carl Wilson CD info and the stuff about Don't know why it wasn't there this morning, but it's there now.

Just listened to Houses In White Part 3. I usually don't like sequels, but this one is just as good as the first two.


Message: 6305 Posted: Mon Apr 19 10:53:16 1999 By: Chatty
Subject: Re: Houses In White.

Kevin, check out the "What's New" section of the America Fans home page. I would recommend that everyone check out that section at least once or twice a week (if not daily).

Message: 6304 Posted: Mon Apr 19 10:01:04 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Houses In White.

I must have misses something. Again. How is everyone hearing Houses In White Part 3? Where is the WAV file?

Also, I hope Karen gets well soon.


Message: 6303 Posted: Sun Apr 18 23:15:13 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Some More Lyrics

"Some will be taken...and some will remain"

Dan Peek's "Hurricane" found on Harbor

Here's another one (I hope it's not too easy):

The leaves start dripping when the sun starts to shine

Message: 6302 Posted: Sun Apr 18 22:26:58 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Some More Lyrics

"No Fortune"...from Silent Letter

How bout..."Some will be taken...and some will remain"

Message: 6301 Posted: Sun Apr 18 22:14:52 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Some More Lyrics

COASTLINE from Alibi. My turn...

"It's not as though we have sinned..."


Message: 6300 Posted: Sun Apr 18 18:20:18 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Trent

He is just WAY too cute. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure you and Janell are having a blast being grandparents.

Message: 6299 Posted: Sun Apr 18 16:13:07 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: New Wallpaper

Speaking of pictures, I'd say it was time for a new one of Master Trenton. What do you say?

Now Virginia, you know you can't ask a grandpa for a picture of his ONLY grandson without getting a quick response. So here's the latest portrait photo of Trent. He wouldn't wake up for anything so we had to settle for one of him snoozing. Maybe next time we'll get him to display those peepers of his.

Message: 6298 Posted: Sun Apr 18 15:11:21 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Some More Lyrics

The Farm from Encore

How about-
Due to the situation this morning,
All in the world's OK.

Message: 6297 Posted: Sun Apr 18 15:05:18 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: New Wallpaper

Steve- you beat me to the punch. I'm sure you type WAY faster than I can (turtle speed-but I'm lightning on the 10-key!).
If those yearbook pictures are from 1969, someone out there needs to produce Gerry and Dewey's senior pictures. I'm the same age (I admit it-younger than Dewey, older than Gerry) and I graduated in 1970. Though my senior portrait was the best picture ever taken of me EVER, I do think the guys have improved with the passage of time.
Speaking of pictures, I'd say it was time for a new one of Master Trenton. What do you say?

Message: 6296 Posted: Sun Apr 18 14:49:56 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: New Wallpaper

The dog is in a photo Henry Diltz took as part of the shoot (I'm assuming) for Hat Trick. You can find the photograph on I've searched by using the guys last names separated by the word 'and'. There are many, many pictures taken by Henry and other photographers. The photo with the dog is titled "Farmer and his Dog with America" and was taken in May, 1973.

Tery- love all the wallpaper.

Message: 6295 Posted: Sun Apr 18 14:34:01 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Some More Lyrics

Give the title of the song and the album it is found on.

"The times are a changin', the money is gone"

Message: 6294 Posted: Sun Apr 18 14:30:16 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: New Wallpaper

Those young faces! Looks like high school year book shots. What's the story behind the dog???

Tim, those three shots were from the 1969 high school year book. As for the dog, if you go the the Under The Covers page of the America Fans web site you'll see a bunch of photos that were taken by Henry Diltz. The dog was taken from a photo which features a man in a cowboy hat with the dog sitting on the front porch. Dewey, Gerry, and Dan are sitting in the background, also on the porch.

FYI: As I was searching for this photo I uncovered a little bit of trivia about the America Fans web site. It has now grown to 97.4 megabytes. Over 42 megabytes are taken up in WAVE files (which will one day be converted to smaller Real Audio files), 18 megabytes in JPG files (pictures), 13 megabytes in MP3 files, 8 megabytes in Real Audio files, 0.9 megabytes in GIF files (pictures and icons), and the rest in HTML (text) files.

Message: 6293 Posted: Sun Apr 18 12:53:29 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: New Wallpaper


Very good once AGAIN!

Could you artistic people not share some of the talent with the rest of us ......GEESH!

Those young faces! Looks like high school year book shots. What's the story behind the dog???


Message: 6292 Posted: Sun Apr 18 12:43:39 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: House- Version 3

I like the song. If you are going for a song that would sum up how I understand Mr. Beckley's work, this would do nicely......This evokes the "VanGoGan" feeling for me, actually (i.e. a soothing, reflective collection of songs). Hopefully its a continuation of the solo body of work put out for public consumption!

Message: 6291 Posted: Sun Apr 18 12:01:13 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Karen D. and a speedy recovery!

Hope you get well and mended SOON! (C:

Message: 6290 Posted: Sun Apr 18 11:59:53 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: "Song in Commercial" Trivia Answers

Oh, YEAH.......THAT Frankie I should have known the "God Bless Texas", it's my Dad's favorite song (but not truck)

Message: 6289 Posted: Sun Apr 18 11:56:11 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Yipeeeee

I'll second that, Kelly! (C:=

Message: 6288 Posted: Sun Apr 18 10:42:18 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: "Shutterbug"

In the calander section of the L.A. times, there's a great artical on "Henry Diltz",..."America"'s long time friend and photographer !!! "Congradulations", Henry !!

For those of you who don't have this artical here it is....

Henry Diltz has been one of the most respected and familiar rock photographers for three decades/ Among his 200-plus album covers are such classics as Crosby, Stills & Nash's debut and the Doors" "Morrison Hotel." He was also the official photographer of Woodstock-and will be again at the 30th anniversary Woodstock '99 in July. Yet he's still reluctant to consider himself a professional.

So it's little surprise that he's never had a major gallery showing. That changes Saturday with the opening of an exhibition at the Sutton Place Art Gallery in Newport Beach. The show follows the recent release of "Under the Covers," a CD-ROM featuring his work that includes interviews with Graham Nash, Jackson Browne, Ray Manzarek, Don Henley and Glenn Frey.

A Diltz documentary for the Learning Channel is also going into production soon, and his work can also be seen (and purchased) through the Web site

"I've accumulated this archive without ever thinking about it," says Diltz, who was also a member of the Modern Folk Quartet, which recorded for Phil Spector in the '60s. "It's just been a day at a time all these years taking pictures basically of my friends."

So here you have it, great artical, the only exception is that one of Henry's best friend's......(Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell) of "America" which Henry has taken thousands of pictures of not to mention most of their album covers, was not mentioned......and by the way are included in Henry's "Under the Covers" CD-ROM too !!! Hopefully being that I'm very close to Newport Beach, when I visit the "Place Art Gallery" where Henry's exhibition will be, "America" will be displayed !?!?!

Message: 6287 Posted: Sun Apr 18 02:06:04 1999 By: -
Subject: Re: Well, name THIS tune.....& 1 More

submarine ladies from hat trick

Message: 6286 Posted: Sat Apr 17 23:02:29 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Carl Wilson Tribute CD

A photo of the Carl Wilson Memorial CD titled Long Promised Road has joined the America In Concert museum. All proceeds from this tribute CD go to the American Cancer Society. It has a very complete listing of Carl's songs and a terrific write-up on the sleeve about his life. Billy Hinsche, formerly of Dino, Desi, and Billy, and a very close friend of Carl's, and AMERICA were instrumental in supporting the disk. By the way Billy Hinsche played keyboards on SISTER GOLDEN HAIR at a show AMERICA did earlier in the year in LA. Thanks to JimNak for the photo of the CD and the information about it.

P.S. Andrew, you're right about the lyrics coming from "And Forever". I know the song for the lyrics that you gave but I'll give someone else a chance to guess.

Message: 6285 Posted: Sat Apr 17 22:43:16 1999 By: Andrew
Subject: Re: Well, name THIS tune.....& 1 More

Steve -- That was And Forever, from Silent Letter...

How about this --

...If I seem to you different once or twice
It's because I was feelin' quite that way...


Message: 6284 Posted: Sat Apr 17 22:34:16 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Karen D.

I'm sure that all of us have noticed Karen's absence from the chat folder the past few weeks. Tonight I happened to catch her online and we chatted for a few minutes. I found out that she had some surgery a few weeks ago and she has been recuperating at home since then. She has basically been out of the loop since that time and that's why we haven't heard from her. She told me that she's doing well but it's still going to take some time before she's fully recovered.

As for the second single -- I can only encourage you to be patient.

Message: 6283 Posted: Sat Apr 17 22:29:07 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Well, name THIS tune.....& 1 More

"From This Day On/ I want to Stay On..."

The above lyrics came from the number 1 hit in Italy, "Survival". Here's the next set of lyrics:

Had a drink, stop to think we had a few
Afterwards we went down to the dance side of town for the view
You went blushing inside and you pinched me to see if I knew

Good luck!

Message: 6282 Posted: Sat Apr 17 22:14:51 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: House- Version 3

"firts"- how lame. I write this incredibly verbose, yet sincere, critique only to have such a pathetic Typo. Friend, pleez forgive mee!

Message: 6281 Posted: Sat Apr 17 22:12:15 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Well, name THIS tune.....& 1 More

"You Girl"...from View From The Ground! Good tune how about this one......"From This Day On/ I want to Stay On..."

Message: 6280 Posted: Sat Apr 17 22:11:41 1999 By: lpsalyers
Subject: Re: House- Version 3



Message: 6279 Posted: Sat Apr 17 22:08:08 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: House- Version 3

Gerry, Bobby & Gordon- Great tune...Strong Hook, melody and Beautiful Lead Vocal Performance! My criticisms lie with the lyrics- The firts Two-thirds of the song seem politically oriented. When the third verse comes in ("Pilot, Pilot") the song seems to drift away from the emotional core and head into a spiritual direction. Poetically speaking that's fine- in fact it's cool- but I wonder if that's the songwriter's intention. I enjoy the arppegiated bell-like keyboard licks that kick in after the final chorus. I think that if you added a soulful, high, jamming Lead Vocal to the mix during the final choruses it would be a nice touch. How about Daryl Hall, Tim Schmidt or ME- just kidding-NOT! Anyway, I can Dream Can't I? (Honestly, I came up with a vocal..really) Thanks for allowing us to observe this incredibly inspiring songwriting process! Well- you DID ask for input! BuhBYE...TeeTee

Message: 6278 Posted: Sat Apr 17 21:30:40 1999 By: mitch
Subject: Well, name THIS tune.....

Yea...that was bout "and I searched over the mountains,
all through the shadows, under the waters too...." (The correct answerer must pose the NEXT "Name that America tune" lyric...)

Message: 6277 Posted: Sat Apr 17 18:33:14 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Name that tune!!!!

Yes,too easy...Sergent Darkness.

Message: 6276 Posted: Sat Apr 17 17:24:07 1999 By: mitch
Subject: Name that tune!!!!

...from these lyrics "I don't believe you; I don't see how it's true.
I think my dreamin' brought you here...." (too easy??)

Message: 6275 Posted: Sat Apr 17 16:02:04 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Houses in White

I decided to try my son's PC and had no trouble, so the download must have crashed on the Mac. Anyway, I agree with everything Johnny said. The song keeps getting more interesting. Love the the orchestration. The keyboards sound especially wonderful. Thanks to Gerry and all involved with this project. Can't wait to hear the final version.

Message: 6274 Posted: Sat Apr 17 15:36:05 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Houses In White"

Bravo!!! Part three of "Houses In White" is as wonderful as the first two parts especially with the piano playing in the background. I'm glad Gerry put the original intro back in which I like much better. It helps me empathize even more with the caller because not only does she have bad news for Rose but the poor dear isn't even sure that she has the correct phone number. As you recall, the second version omitted the "I don't know if I have the right number." The entire song is so very, very catchy. The sound of thunder is very effective. Thanks Gerry for sharing the process with us!!

Message: 6273 Posted: Sat Apr 17 14:57:48 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Houses in White part 3

I'm curious if anyone else has problems with the wave file. This seems to be the only way I can get audio files on my Mac at home. Part 3 stops after 1:16. Frustrating, as it doesn't get me into the new stuff. I've emailed Steve, but because it's the weekend, I don't expect to hear from him anytime soon. Guess I'll go do yardwork....

Message: 6272 Posted: Sat Apr 17 12:47:42 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Yipeeeee

Thanks Steve for putting in so much time to get this folder rolling for me once again !!!! (I appreciate it and you) !!

Message: 6271 Posted: Sat Apr 17 12:44:39 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: hello???

test for Steve

Message: 6270 Posted: Sat Apr 17 09:53:35 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Song in Commercial" Trivia Answers

Beech, you did good with you answers. You're right on the following:

Petula Clark's "A Sign Of The Times" for Target

Herman's Hermits' (Something Tells Me) "I'm Into Something Good"

Frank Sinatra for Cadillac but it's not "Just The Way You Look Tonight" unless I'm confused. I believe the song is called, "Making Whoopie" or am I wrong?

Titan Insurance may be a regional commercial. The answer is Archie Bell and The Dells' "Tighten Up".

Little Texas' "God Bless Texas" for Ford trucks.

And thanks to Virginia for the answer to the performer's name who sang, "Stay", Maurice Williams.

Message: 6269 Posted: Sat Apr 17 07:16:18 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Another But Tougher "Song in Commerical" Trivia Game

Ok let's see here, Petula did "Sign of the Times" for team Target....
Frank did "Just The Way You Look Tonight" for Cadillac...(am I getting close?) Herman's Hermits "Something Tells Me" was for Sears, but here on in I'm even more confused. Never seen a Titan Insurance ad (that I know of). I could be brain farting, but hope I'm close!!!! (C:

Message: 6268 Posted: Sat Apr 17 07:08:45 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Chat Folder for Older Browsers (including AOL 3.0)

or should I have typed

Message: 6267 Posted: Sat Apr 17 07:08:14 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Chat Folder for Older Browsers (including AOL 3.0)

Once again, our angle of mercy! Thank you Mr. Lowry, sir!!! (C:

Message: 6266 Posted: Fri Apr 16 20:36:16 1999 By: Andrew
Subject: More Music from Beyond...

Has anyone mentioned the early demise of Nick Drake? Of course, as in many cases, his music attracted substancial posthumous recognition, far more than he ever received when he was alive...

Message: 6265 Posted: Fri Apr 16 15:39:28 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: Another But Tougher "Song in Commerical" Trivia Game

<<"Stay". The original artist was Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs(circa 1961?).>>

Very Good!! Was a #1 from October of 1960.


Message: 6264 Posted: Fri Apr 16 15:02:58 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Another But Tougher "Song in Commerical" Trivia Game

I don't watch enough television to be able to participate in your trivia contest, but I do have the answer to your question about the song "Stay". The original artist was Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs(circa 1961?).

Message: 6263 Posted: Fri Apr 16 11:11:43 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Live By Request

I, like Virginia, am very disappointed that AMERICA won't be LBR's next performer. I had pretty much come to this realization after several months had passed without a word about LBR's next performer.
I know that it's not due to our lack of trying because the requests from us were extraordinary! Although I'm not a Kenny Rogers fan, I know that he will draw a huge viewing audience because he has a large following especially among female viewers of the thirty-something and older age group....none that I know, however. Drawing a large viewing audience is the name of the game and no doubt about it, Kenny Rogers can and will. We can only hope that "ours guys" will be on in a future show. If not, the world will never know what it's been missing! We still have Dewey and Gerry putting out great music with or without an appearance on Live By Request.

Message: 6262 Posted: Fri Apr 16 09:44:36 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Chat Folder for Older Browsers (including AOL 3.0)

I have modified the Chat Folder software so that it will work with older browsers which do not know how to handle Cookies. For those of you who care, Cookies are Javascript files that reside on your local computer and are used to store information. In this case, I'm storing your User ID there so you don't have to type it in every time.

Here's a link that will run the Chat Folder without using Cookies. It has been tested successfully with AOL 3.0 and should also work with other older browsers. About the only difference you'll notice is that you have to type in your User ID every time you want to make a post.

If any of you are having problems posting to the chat folder, please send me a message so we can get the problems resolved.

Thanks and happy posting!

Message: 6261 Posted: Fri Apr 16 09:40:20 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Another But Tougher "Song in Commerical" Trivia Game

Below, I have given you five companies whose tv commerical features one of five songs sung by one of the five artists. Can you be the first to correctly match all five companies with the correct five artists AND tell us the name of the song (the song is intentionally not given).

Company: Cadillac, Ford, Sears, Target, & Titan Insurance

Artists: Archie Bell And The Dells, Frank Sinatra, Herman's Hermits, Little Texas (Country Group), & Petula Clark.

This isn't part of the game but does anyone know the artist of "Stay Just A Little Bit Longer" in an Armoral Car Wax commerical and "Can't Get Enough Of You Baby" for Baby Ruth? I remember that Jackson Browne sang "Stay" but I'm pretty sure the original singer(s) is a from the early 60's.

Good luck!!

Message: 6260 Posted: Fri Apr 16 07:36:01 1999 By: Tom
Subject: Three Roses/Riverside Guitar Tab

Does anyone out there know or can figure out the lead
acoustic guitar parts for Three Roses and Riverside?
For any responses, please e-mail me. I know the proper chords
to Three Roses but does anyone know the proper strumming
pattern? Thanks.

Message: 6259 Posted: Thu Apr 15 22:42:54 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: Music From Beyond

One of my favorite African bands is (was) Sankomota from Lesotho, a small country surrounded by South Africa. A few years ago about half the band was killed in a tragic bus accident. The band disbanded and some great music will never be made. Highly recommend their music btw.

Message: 6258 Posted: Thu Apr 15 22:09:57 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Another WARNING!

Friends, this is too much like Mark's post...

A young 14 year old girl killed herself this morning in Tomahawk. She was a friend of my son Justin. Her best friend is a really good buddy of Justin's. This won't be an easy time for any of us here, this town in so small, it will affect everyone. Her name was Kelli. People, say prayers for Lydia, Kelli's best friend. Poor Lydia found her best friend dead this afternoon.
I'm so sorry.

Message: 6257 Posted: Thu Apr 15 21:00:20 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Music From Beyond

I'd love to hear Patsy Cline sing ONE more song......

Message: 6256 Posted: Thu Apr 15 20:52:18 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Taxing Music


Message: 6255 Posted: Thu Apr 15 20:29:07 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Live By Request

Just logged on to LBR hoping to see that America would be the next show. It's Kenny Rogers. Oh wow...
I just don't understand how this business works. Two different times we all wrote in our requests for America as Karen suggested. In all that time, I don't think I saw anyone request Kenny Rogers. Maybe I'm too impatient and the negotations, contracts, etc., just take an extremely long time to work out. Maybe it's still in the works. Maybe it will never be. I don't know, but I sure am disappointed. I wish someone in the know (hello out there in Oxygenland!) could fill us in. A negative answer would be better than just hanging out here wondering.

Message: 6254 Posted: Thu Apr 15 18:32:24 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: re:music from beyond

Oh, how can I forget Marvin Gaye??? Also, Kurt Cobain was taken well before his time. As were the members of Lynyrd Skynyrd.


Message: 6253 Posted: Thu Apr 15 17:10:19 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: re:music from beyond

re-Pete Ham......I must agree!! Day after day is probably MY favorite song of all time !!!--JOYCE

Message: 6252 Posted: Thu Apr 15 16:16:17 1999 By: Ron B
Subject: re:music from beyond

Pete Ham(Badfinger) went way before his time. With songs like "Baby Blue","Day After Day", "No Matter What","Without You", and great albums like "Wish You Were Here",this world has missed Pete and his musical genius.

Message: 6251 Posted: Thu Apr 15 15:41:20 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: Re: Music From Beyond

Hello, I wanted to give you my picks for people we lost way to young, Jim Croce, for sure!! Marvin Gaye, Had alot left in him too I belive.-Lennon of course!! way to young, Carl wilson! YES!!! Cass Elliot & Karen carpenter(What voices, these two had!)--By the way for any Jim Croce fans that are interested, Jim's wife Ingrid has a website called it's actually the website for her resturants she has in San Diego. she has many rare & Live recordings of Jim's music available there, even an album her & him did together back in the 60's, very folk!!-Cool Jim t-shirts as well! It's a GREAT resturant & on any given day Ingrid is there, She is very sweet.-If your ever in San Diego , Go there. you won't be dissapointed!!-Take care all-Love, JOYCE---:)

Message: 6250 Posted: Thu Apr 15 14:21:46 1999 By: Jerry Reynolds
Subject: Re: Johnny

I guess I was caught up in reading a little and guessing a lot. The references are post 6200, 6205, and 6208. I too think Dan was a great part of the band. To me the work the guys demonstrated on their last two studio albums for WB was their greatest as a trio. I was just wondering about his status with the band. I, too, would like to see Dan come Home as well.

Message: 6249 Posted: Thu Apr 15 11:16:19 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dan

Jerry, the only prayer reference that I can recall is KevinS' post #6205. Kevin was merely reflecting on Dan's wonderful contribution to the group. Kevin was praying that someday maybe Dan would be asked to rejoin the guys. I can't recall any other references. Maybe you can direct us to the specific post?

Message: 6248 Posted: Thu Apr 15 11:00:29 1999 By: Jerry Reynolds
Subject: Missed a lot. What about Dan?

I have been away from the keyboard for a while. I would like to know what is going on with Dan. Is he in bad health? One person said they would be praying for him, and another message said something about him rejoining the band. What's up?

Message: 6247 Posted: Thu Apr 15 11:00:21 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "What Does It Matter"???

Hi Robyn, because:

I could live in the walls of a prison
Where the warm summer winds would never blow


Message: 6246 Posted: Thu Apr 15 10:39:31 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Taxing Music

"What does it Matter"

Message: 6245 Posted: Thu Apr 15 10:09:45 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: Taxing Music

Up here across the border we don't have to answer this question for another 2 weeks. Our deadline is the 30th. Don't have to open the tax package for 14 days 15 hours... Think I'll go to the mall.

Message: 6244 Posted: Thu Apr 15 08:21:47 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Taxes Continued

I forgot to add this to the very end: but "I Don't Believe In Miracles"!

Message: 6243 Posted: Thu Apr 15 08:17:43 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Taxes

All month I've been telling myself, "Tomorrow" "You" have to do the taxes but "Today's The Day" that "These Brown Eyes" will give it "Another Try" "Here" "All Night" since I've "Never Found The Time" before. I have until "Midnight" to mail my "Letter" and "Hope" that some of my "Miniature" amount of money will soon come "Right Back To Me".

Message: 6242 Posted: Wed Apr 14 22:15:25 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Taxing Music

Today's the Day (April 15th)
Miniature (the size of my checking account)
No Fortune (but the IRS still wants it)
Don't Let It Get You Down (it's only money)
Simple Life (what we have to lead since we filed our return)
Old Virginia (cuz that's how I feel right about now)

Message: 6241 Posted: Wed Apr 14 21:58:24 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: lpsalyers

Thanls for the correction, LP! (vinyl?) Must be the font I'm using.

Message: 6240 Posted: Wed Apr 14 21:33:53 1999 By: lpsalyers
Subject: Re: Taxing Music/St. Louis

Great Choices Beth & TerryT!!
I think I'll definitely apply "Political Poachers" to my State tax situation!
Any more?


BTW, its a small "L" for lp, not an "I" :-)

Message: 6239 Posted: Wed Apr 14 21:27:57 1999 By: Beth
Subject: taxing music

Green Monkey!

Message: 6238 Posted: Wed Apr 14 21:21:54 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Taxing Music/St. Louis

Thanks, Steve, for the indirect review info. Interesting stuff, and typical stage humour from the guys. I can picture them saying that in St. Louis.

Ipsalyers, POLITICAL POACHERS again comes to mind.

Message: 6237 Posted: Wed Apr 14 20:43:28 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: June 9th Concert at Harry O's

America is playing at a private club called Harry O's in Park City, Utah on June 9th. I've never heard of the place before so I did some calling around and got some information on the concert for those of you who live in the area -- or for any of you who want to visit lovely Park City in June. Park City is mostly known for it's great skiing but it's beautiful in the summer, too.

Harry O's is a private club (i.e., a bar) that seats about 770 and has a fantastic stage and accoustics according to the person that I talked to. Even though it's a private club, the owner has been picking up the sign-up fee for those who want to attend the concerts there. Harry O's is located at 427 Main Street in Park City and their phone number is 435-647-9494. Tickets are about $15 and won't be sold at the club until the day of the concert. However, Graywhale CD Exchange in the greater Salt Lake area should have tickets available before that.

That's about all I know for now. Give them a call if you have any other questions.

Message: 6236 Posted: Wed Apr 14 20:32:09 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: St. Louis Concert Review

Here's a review of the St. Louis concert that was given yesterday by David on the AOL folder:

I just got home a little while ago. I saw America tonight at the Kiel Center (home of the St. Louis Blues). Dewey kept plugging the web site Gerry told a story about how he once got sued for hitting someone with one of his guitar picks that he threw to the audience. He said he solved that problem by only throwing "Dewey Bunnell" guitar picks now. They also mentioned that Dan Peek is currently living somewhere in the St. Louis area. Here is the playlist:

Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic
Don't Cross the River
Daisy Jane
Three Roses
I Need You
Wheels Are Turning
Tin Man
Woman Tonight
Only In Your Heart
California Dreamin'
Lonely People
From A Moving Train
Never Be Lonely
Sister Golden Hair
Horse With No Name (the Nelsons joined them on stage for this one)

It was a great concert -- as usual for America.


Message: 6235 Posted: Wed Apr 14 20:21:41 1999 By: lpsalyers
Subject: Taxing Music

On a lighter note-
On the eve of the tax deadline, what is the title of AMERICA song, most indicitive of your attitude?

My choice: SURVIVAL

keep the faith

Message: 6234 Posted: Wed Apr 14 20:05:45 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: heaven

Harry Chapin. I liked him as much as I do America. I met an Airforce recruiter who told me that the story in the song Taxi about him wanting to fly was true. Harry didn't make it thru the airforce training. I for one am glad. He left us with some amazing music. What a shame that he died the way he did. I heard that he was killed driving a volkswagon rabbit while his license was suspended... Joe K

Message: 6233 Posted: Wed Apr 14 19:38:57 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Music From Beyond

Johnny....glad to see another Jeff Porcaro fan. Being a drummer, I obviously pay closer attention to a drummers style and how they approach a song. While it's not indicated on the album, I'm guessing it's Jeff playing on "Inspector Mills" and "Right Before Your Eyes". He had a unique way of performing ballads and those two songs especially bear his stamp. Definitely a great talent lost!

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 6232 Posted: Wed Apr 14 18:02:48 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: one more from beyond

Boxcar Willie......................

Well, OK not really, but he did pass away Tuesday.


Message: 6231 Posted: Wed Apr 14 17:55:19 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: If There's a Rock 'N Roll Heaven

Laura, see what you've done! In order of how I was affected most:

* JFK (gun)
* Martin Luther King (gun)
* RFK (gun)
* John Lennon (40, would be 58... gun)
* Jimi Hendrix (27, would be 56...could have been saved, actually choked)
* Mama Cass (32, would be 57...rumour was choking, but actually heart)
* Duane Allman (almost 25, would be 52...stop sign)
* Janis Joplin (27, would be 56...probably drugs and alcohol)
* Jim Croce (30, would be 56...plane)
* Minnie Ripperton (help me on this one...cancer...I loved Rotary Connection )
* Otis Redding (plane)
* Roy Orbison (heart)

correct me if I'm wrong.

I wouldn't necessarily agree that victims of the rock/drug era were always stupid, they just weren't as lucky as the survivors, some of whom we respect very much today!

Message: 6230 Posted: Wed Apr 14 15:16:12 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Music From Beyond

Talking about "music from beyond" and Africa, ironically one of my choices is the late Jeff Porcaro who was with the group, TOTO. TOTO performed that wonderful song, "Africa". Jeff was the drummer and percussionist for the band and contributed his talents to other performers including AMERICA; I believe he performed on "View From The Ground". Another one of my favorites from beyond is Cass Elliott of The Mamas and The Papas.

Message: 6229 Posted: Wed Apr 14 12:41:24 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: Africa (great web site)

Talk about a coincedence. I get info (mostly about Africa) from another online group I am member of, for the group Juluka. One of the sites I have bookmarked, but had never been to, was the Africam site. I went to it last night for the first time. Didn't see anyting interesting while I was there, unfortunately. Having lived in Botswana for 2 years I have a real love of Africa, it's cultures and music.

I feel there should be some eery Twilight Zonish music playing in the background right about now.

Message: 6228 Posted: Wed Apr 14 12:30:44 1999 By: Joanne
Subject: Africa (great web site)

Hi to All,
Found this site,go and enjoy.Live images are captured every 30 seconds form cameras at waterholes in Africa,
Hope you can catch a look, the site tells you good times to hit in.Take care Joanne P.S Maybe we can share some sites we have found and post them.Kids love I wished the site would add America music. bye

Message: 6227 Posted: Wed Apr 14 03:34:08 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: music from beyond

You are absolutely right, Matt. The world is a lesser place without all of the talented musicians everyone mentioned. Sadly, the list is a long one. Fortunately, the music they produced lives on.

Message: 6226 Posted: Wed Apr 14 03:16:24 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: music from beyond part II

This was dinnertime conversation tonight at my house. My 17-year-old son reminded me of HIS favorite--Jimi Hendrix. I was never a fan of his in the 60's, but have come to appreciate his talent after listening to his guitar blast through my house in the 90's.
I'm glad Beth mentioned John Denver. I grew up in Colorado and was attending Colorado State when John was at the height of his career. EVERYBODY was a fan of his then. I saw him in concert in '74, but by then the golly gee-ah shucks facade was wearing a little thin and I started to lose interest. He seemed to have a lot of inner demons. How sad that he died at a time when he had finally found some peace.
Annie's Song will always be a favorite of mine.

Message: 6225 Posted: Wed Apr 14 02:59:27 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: music from beyond

how can everyone leave out Jeff Buckley?! or Carl Wilson? the loss of them as musicians and people was far too soon.

BluLight Studios

Message: 6224 Posted: Tue Apr 13 23:27:29 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: music from beyond

All of the names I thought of have already been mentioned. Can you imagine what a heavenly band (or bands) they must make up?

Message: 6223 Posted: Tue Apr 13 23:24:10 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: AMERICA 1975 - DVD or VHS tape

FYI for all you Web shoppers. has the AMERICA Musikladen in either tape or DVD. The tape is just over $11 - a steal. This is a terrific live performance done in a studio type of setting, a club w/no audience I think. seems to rule the roost when it comes to price.

Message: 6222 Posted: Tue Apr 13 22:29:44 1999 By: Beth
Subject: one more from beyond

Janis Joplin!

Message: 6221 Posted: Tue Apr 13 22:29:12 1999 By: Beth
Subject: music from beyond

Ok, okay. John Denver. I know, I know. But I cried like a baby when he died. Scored two CD's of his, and play them quite often!

Stevie Ray. . . John Lennon. . . Lowell George. . . Jerry Garcia. . .
And someone you've never heard of, unless you spent summer nights in the 80's at Scooters North in Tomahawk, Mike Hein.

Stay Tuned!-b

Message: 6220 Posted: Tue Apr 13 22:17:51 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: music from beyond

All great talents that have gone way before their time. I'd have to add my voice to those that said Jim Croce. A truely gifted song writer.

Message: 6219 Posted: Tue Apr 13 21:59:40 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: music from beyond

I know I don't post much anymore. Between the new job and new house (and the twins who are doing reat) I only have time to lurk. I like this topic though and I thought I would add my two cents.

Karen Carpenter is a good choice, although her "time" (musically) had pretty much waned. I loved her music, but really only until the mid 70's. I have the same feeling for John Lennon and Ady Gibb (never thought I would put those two names in the same sentence).

I guess Terry Kath (of Chicago) and Donnie Hathaway would be my picks. You can add Minnie Ripperton, too. Also, Harry Chapin.


Message: 6218 Posted: Tue Apr 13 21:53:01 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: music from beyond

John Lennon...He was on a creative roll that looked boundless. His death was a defining moment for my generation.

Jim Croce...I was doing my very first airshift at a college radio station. Someone called me and told me of Croce's death...I broke format and played "One Less Set of Footsteps"

Jeff Porcaro...a brilliant musician sacrificed to the stupidity of drug abuse.

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 6217 Posted: Tue Apr 13 21:31:32 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: music from beyond

Like Robyn, I would have to say Jim Croce. He left us far too soon. I can remember exactly where I was when I heard the news of his death. I never saw him in concert and really wish I had. Harry Chapin is another whose music I enjoyed. I wonder how many would still be making music today if they were still with us.

Message: 6216 Posted: Tue Apr 13 21:29:02 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re:music from beyond

Stevie Ray Vaughan immediately comes to mind..then a few other favorites were Jim Croce, Karen Carpenter and Jim Morrison.

Message: 6215 Posted: Tue Apr 13 21:28:14 1999 By: laura
Subject: died too soon - music from beyond

I guess I forgot to answer my own question. This is not a topic I can disagree with anyone on - but the answers bring back some pretty poignant memories & what ifs....
So to add to the sad but true list some personal favourites of my own:
Jimmie Spheeris, Steve Goodman, Lowell George & way, way too many others.

Message: 6214 Posted: Tue Apr 13 21:19:07 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Died too soon.

John Lennon. He was just starting to get back in it again.


Message: 6213 Posted: Tue Apr 13 21:11:38 1999 By: truthsaint
Subject: reply to laura

First name that comes to mind for me is Karen Carpenter. She They) had so many great songs left, syrupy or not. I believe the carpenters would have 'gone country' with their music; in fact, 'Sweet Sweet Smile' was a country music hit. 'Top Of the World' would have crossed over, too, except Lynn Anderson did a cover version.Others-obviously Jim Morrison, then Keith Whitley,and Harry Chapin come to mind.

Message: 6212 Posted: Tue Apr 13 20:16:41 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Nebraska Concerts

Nice review, thanks. Yes AMERICA signs whenever they can, but the concert schedule is so stacked up that at times, they are hustling to buses & planes. A killer schedule, not seen b/4. After Omaha, they had to run to Des Moines IA.
Can't they fax humans yet ?

Message: 6211 Posted: Tue Apr 13 19:44:40 1999 By: Ron B
Subject: Nebraska Concerts

I went to both Nebraska concerts over the weekend. Both were excellent but different. The songs were in a slightly different order and they left out "From a Moving Train" in Omaha. Gerry said they felt the night before might have been a song or two long. They said maybe they should have taken one of the other three new songs out instead of "FAMT". Nelson joined them at the end of the Omaha concert but not at Lincoln. America signed autographs after the Omaha show and were super nice with the fans. There were some dissapointed fans in Lincoln when they were told America wouldn't be out to sign. I'm sure they had good reason. Nelson were very good and make a great opening band for America. They met the fans at both shows and signed everything in sight. I'm looking forward to the next four or five times we are going to see them this year. It's very worthwhile;they sounded great. There was a big crowd in Lincoln, a somewhat smaller crowd in Omaha. Natalie Merchant was playing next door at the same time, so I'm sure that took some of the people away. Don't miss them!

Message: 6210 Posted: Tue Apr 13 19:04:19 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: music from beyond

Jim Croce. He had so much potential, was FINALLY being recognized and then.. interesting his son A.J. is now in the Biz.

The obvious? Buddy Holly and Hometown Boy ( now you will all Know where I am from if you know this one) Ritchie Valens.

Message: 6209 Posted: Tue Apr 13 18:55:50 1999 By: laura
Subject: music from beyond

Time for a new music poll? 'Tis always interesting and revealing, last week's version was Favourite Female Singers, so here's one I don't think you've done yet:
Of all the musicians who have gone before their time (I do mean deceased, not drummed out of the business), who would you most like to hear just a little bit more from? I KNOW the list is way, way too long, too many good folks no longer with us, don't mean to depress, but I know there's someone you wish had had the chance to leave just a little bit more of themselves with those of us remaining.
Anyone special come to mind?

Message: 6208 Posted: Tue Apr 13 18:51:45 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Dan

I will be praying for Dans return as well. America is awesome!!!!!
.......... Joe K

Message: 6207 Posted: Tue Apr 13 18:50:46 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Mark

"Theres a light shining beyond the southern cross
Burning Bright for all of us
Everyone of us whos lost
More than faith, more than a reason to go on
Rise on up knowing you're gonna win
The fight it's gonna turn out fine
When the night turns to the deepest shade of black
At that point there is no reason to turn back
High above angels are falling from the sky
Lift your heart knowing it's gonna be alright
It's gonna turn out fine
Gerry Beckley (1994)

Message: 6206 Posted: Tue Apr 13 18:06:37 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re:Concerts (Virginia)

Oh, gee..then maybe it will be worth the trip? Lol..Yes..I'm with Delta here in Atlanta..Kennesaw..think that is North..(mucho traffic and all the comforts of Los Angeles)..that is why I live South near Peachtree City..more't hear my neighbors sneeze, which is nice. I would actually like to live further out..(like Jackson Hole, Wyoming!) Right now have to do the subdivision-thing..near schools and fairly close to the airport (30 mins).

Message: 6205 Posted: Tue Apr 13 16:25:03 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Dan.

Joe, you are so right. Dan was and is awesome. I have always thought Dan was the underrated one of the three. He's a genious on the guitar. And his voice was perfect for his songs. Listen to his work with Peace and you will hear what we have been missing for 22 long years. Hey, Dan believes in the power of prayer, so I think I'm just going start praying he gets back into America. Maybe that could be the title of their next album: America HE'S BACK.


Message: 6204 Posted: Tue Apr 13 16:12:09 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: re:concerts

Dinosaur National Monument is a cool place (at least it was ten yeaars ago when I was there last). Your son will love it. Too bad about the concert, though. Do I remember correctly that you work for Delta Airlines? A college friend is a pilot for Delta out of Atlanta. They live in Kennesaw.

Message: 6203 Posted: Tue Apr 13 15:37:42 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re:concerts

Great reviews! Well..I'm a day late and a dollar short. Don't know what I was thinking..but decided to go to Grand Junction concert this Friday..meandered around..did some 5 days off work..decided to bring Ronnie to also take in the Dinosaur farm..well..the concert is sold out..asked if they could stuff us up in the rafters somewhere..or maybe we could serve popcorn or something..Nope. Oh well..I always wanted to go to a Dinosaur farm 2,000 miles away. Lol..glad some fans are taking in some concerts..this one got a brain cramp and planned too late!

Message: 6202 Posted: Tue Apr 13 04:50:49 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: concert

Imagine..."Sandman" or "Green Monkey" featuring the twin lead guitars
of Dan and Woodz. THAT would be way cool!!

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 6201 Posted: Tue Apr 13 00:09:28 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: concert

Yes that is AMERICA always at their best & it isn't even summer yet. Great review of another great show. AMERICA live ! Nothing like them ever was.
That Musik Laden DVD from 1975 is a genuine classic, a definite must have. It really displayed their live talents as young overachieving musicians, AMERICA was only 3 years old from their US debut at that time. What do think of that TIN MAN intro ? or that killer version of WIND WAVE & RAINBOW SONG ? or the rocker GREEN MONKEY. HUMAN NATURE is AMERICA's latest & greatest effort.

Message: 6200 Posted: Mon Apr 12 23:26:51 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: concert

I got my Musik Laden Video in today. I have watched in 3 times tonight !!!!! I forgot what a great guitar player Dan was. I wish Dan would come back to the band.
At any rate,thanks for the concert review! I am going to see them in Knoxville,Tn and Salem Va. this year... How many songs did they play? Do you have a playlist. cya joe

Message: 6199 Posted: Mon Apr 12 22:32:40 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Omaha Concert Review

Here's a review of the Omaha concert that was posted by OHLUCYOH last night on the AOL folder:

Just returned from the America/Nelsons concert in Omaha, NE. Nelsons opened up and played for roughly 45 minutes. The boys put on a great show and have grown as artists. America came out after a 15 min. intermission and thrilled the crowd. Both Dewey and Gerry had lived in Omaha for a brief time,in their youths, at the base here. They had played the night before in Lincoln (50 miles away). They called it "their warm-up" before Omaha. The guys played four new songs from the CD and took our breaths away with the oldies. The drummer is from Iowa and his family was present (actually two rows ahead of us). His dad came on stage and played the drums for the encore, which was "Horse With No Name". It was great to see this senior pounding the drums for the band. The Nelson's also joined them for the last song. The show was great (America was to have played here last year but a snowstorm held them up from getting to us). After the show the guys came out and signed autographs and chatted at the souvenir booths. It was very informal and they were very personable. I really couldn't believe it. What a night. Hope you all get to see them soon. I will have to take Tylenol PM to get to sleep tonight.

Message: 6198 Posted: Mon Apr 12 17:11:35 1999 By: Janice
Subject: to Mark

I was so very sorry to hear of your loss. Grief has no takes longer to recover from emotional pain than physical pain. In the meantime, let us help you up, dust you off and provide comfort. Lean on us until you can stand alone..then you'll stand a little taller. And a little something taken from the archives with a slight variance.."Through the tears and all the sadness and the pain comes one thought that can make me internally smile again: I had a friend." And Mark, as soon as you can, forgive yourself for not calling him. My wish for you is peace of mind.

Message: 6197 Posted: Mon Apr 12 14:56:02 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Message to Bones, re moving the Library

Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. Someday, I will tell you the story of me, the Media, and Leonardo DiCaprio's mom ( Readers Digest version... We built the Library on the site of the former DiCaprio Manse. He very generously donated funds for a computer center... His mother spoke at the opening and then came in to present a photo she had of her son... I, having missed the ceremony due to exteme last minute business inside the building, did not recognize her or the picture (vain me not wearing my specs)descended on by hoards of media yelling HOLD UP THE PHOTO< THIS WAY PLEASE. For about ten minutes. Never did make the evening news. So much for my 15 minutes of fame>)

Anyway, if you check out the LAPL web sie at, you will find THREE books on the subject. When I retire, I will write the difinitive version, as I have moved agencies about 50 times and have at least 26 more to go (sigh).



Message: 6196 Posted: Mon Apr 12 12:31:54 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Concerned Friend

Mark, I am sorry for your loss. If I may, I would like to share a poem that has helped me a bit to cope with losses. It was written after the asassination of JFK and the title is "Elegy for JFK' but I found the words to be asource of comfort:

Why then?
Why there?
Why thus, we cry
did he die?

The Heavens are silent

What he was
he was
what he is fated to become
depends on us

Remembering his death
how we choose to live
will decide it's meaning

When a just man dies
Lamentation and praise
sorrow and joy
are one.

Message: 6195 Posted: Mon Apr 12 09:44:00 1999 By: Pete
Subject: America

How is America doing on their concert tours.

Message: 6194 Posted: Mon Apr 12 07:29:14 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Concerned Friend & Message To Steve L

Mark, I'm very sorry to hear about your friend. Our prayers
and thoughts are with you. My parents were in from Florida
this past week and haven't seen them since December. Since then
he has had surgery for prostate cancer and he's doing great!!!
Today they're leaving, and your message just reminds me of how everybody (family & friends) are so very important to us on a
daily and life basis. Consider this chat board one big America

Now for the good stuff...Steve L, are you ever going to turn
those little goodies that I sent to you about a month ago into
wav/real audio/mp3 files for the good folks here???????????????


Message: 6193 Posted: Sun Apr 11 22:27:36 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Cocerned Friend

Mark, I, too, am sorry for your loss. No words can take away your pain. But I believe, when you share your pain, those who listen take it inside themselves, and help to carry some little piece of it away. I want you to know, I will be doing that tonite, as I think of your friend, and mine, who I lost on my son's birthday seven years ago. He was the little brother of a childhood friend of mine. I met him again as a young adult many years later, in a fellowship. His pain was too great, I fear, and he ended his life. He also left behind a child. I hope that he has found peace, and finally stopped the constant struggle he fought with for so many years.

Message: 6192 Posted: Sun Apr 11 22:01:39 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Concerned Friend

Mark- There's nothing anyone can say to make you feel better, and there are no words that can smooth over all those questions, sadness and emptiness that you are going through. I only know you as a name I see posted here in this Chat Folder- and I am only a name to you as well; however, I want you to know how sorry I am for your loss. We, at this Chat Folder, DO care! We may only appear as "Postings" but we really are so much more. Hang In There, and thanks for the Reminder about those important loved ones in our lives that we keep forgetting to contact...Respectfully, Tom Tantillo.

Message: 6191 Posted: Sun Apr 11 21:54:46 1999 By: AmericaSL

Ruth, the webmaster of, has returned from Australia and she and I have exchanged quite a few messages since then. She has updated the Concert and Links sections of the web site including a link to this chat folder. I also found out during our conversations that she has been contracted to do this work by "the guys". That should answer the question about where the web site came from. She is wonderful to work with and I believe the new web site will be a great addition for all of us America fans.

By the way Mark (regarding message 6123), Ruth told me that there are two reasons she has the opening page that she does. First of all, the guys wanted to have a sound clip on the opening page but some people get annoyed if it plays over and over so they didn't want it on the menu page where it could drive some people crazy. The other reason is so that the page could be included in all of the major search engines. Some of the search engines will not index web pages that have frames and the main menu uses frames. She gets around that problem by having an opening page that is simple and doesn't use frames.

Message: 6190 Posted: Sun Apr 11 20:46:39 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Warning - Depressing post.

Mark, my hearfelt sympathy goes out to you and your friend's family. It's interesting that you would mention it because a co-worker's son committed suicide last Tuesday so thoughts along those lines have been going through my head since then. I'm not a psychologist so I don't know that there's anything I can say to help you feel better, but I do believe that just talking about it often helps. I think that it's good that you were willing to post your feelings here because there are lots of friendly America fans that are willing to listen. If nothing else, we can pray with you, sympathize with you, and lend a listening ear.

Hang in there Mark!

Message: 6189 Posted: Sun Apr 11 20:16:05 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Warning - Depressing post.

Warning this is a very depressing post which really doesn't have anything to do with America. I just need to vent. So please feel free to skip this.

I just found out an old friend of mine committed suicide last week. I can't believe it! He was a really nice guy and very smart and sharp. He was on the top of his career. I don't know for sure, but I suspect that there may have been marital problems. He leaves a wife and two sons. Even if things were going bad in the mariage, didn't he want to live for his sons?!? I can't understand. It had been a while since I had seen him. He lived in a city a few hundered miles away. I was down there on business last month, but didn't bother to call him. I kept meaning to give him a call and get up with him, but I never got around to it. Now I will never have the chance. If you're reading this, and there's somebody you've been meaning to call or write but you've just haven't gotten around to it, GO DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!! I'll never have the chance to talk to my friend again.

I'm sorry for this post. Feel free to delete it if you want Steve. I don't want to depress everybody. I just felt like I needed to get it off my chest.


Message: 6188 Posted: Sun Apr 11 16:37:00 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: This Is Only A Test

Very cyber groovy ! Hope your bit bucket remains full. SILENT LETTER will never be the same. Are you going try that on AMERICA's latest, HUMAN NATURE !

Message: 6187 Posted: Sun Apr 11 16:16:32 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: This Is Only A Test

How in the world did you do that?

Message: 6186 Posted: Sun Apr 11 12:20:51 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Hello...

Just got back from Cape Cod- Dropped in to see how everyone is doing. Wow TerryT- that "Artwork" is really FAB! I just checked in to Joe K.'s Fan Info- so that's what you look like. I guess I should try to get a decent photo for all to see- Maybe after a successful weight-loss plan LOL! I just read Rolling Stone's Latest edition with Eminem on the cover. There's one article of interest...Brian Wilson has been performing some Live Dates and one of the band members is Jeff Foskett. He's Mr. Wilson's Back-up singer. Good Gig Jeff!!! Also of interest to some of my friends here in this website...The Original Raspberries have reunited!!! Eric Carmen Included!!! WOW- that is BIG news in the POP/ROCK music World. Yes I understand that it may not be as big as America having a Number One song in 1999, but I can't deny that it IS pretty exciting news to me. I see America is still The Number One Band- but Rush is picking up steam in second place! Good to be back- Hope all is well! TeeTee

Message: 6185 Posted: Sun Apr 11 12:15:36 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: This Is Only A Test

LOVE IT!!!!!!


Message: 6184 Posted: Sun Apr 11 11:28:04 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: Odds 'n Sods

Yea !! I am hearing it 2 or 3 times a day at work !!! I can't wait to hear Wheels on the PA systems.... Karen are you listening??

Message: 6183 Posted: Sun Apr 11 07:33:50 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Odds 'n Sods

Yeah, besides being an America fan I also enjoy the Who...hence the "subject" title.

--For a song that was not a big chart hit, I'm amazed at the number of times I'm hearing "FAMT on PA systems in shopping malls, department stores, grocery stores, home improvement stores, gift shops etc. I hear it MUCH MORE that I do the Celine Dion/Phil Collins ballads/Mariah Carey stuff that radio programmers/consultants shove down our throats.

--Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the "Hearts" CD with "Simple Life" on it? I haven't had any luck at my usual haunts (

--My favorite "Cruisin" songs..."Greenhouse", "She's A Liar", "Everyone..California" (original version) and the King Biscuit CD starting with "California Dreamin" and continuing through the end.

Thanks...that is all...Carry on! (I also like CSN&Y)

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 6182 Posted: Sun Apr 11 01:11:06 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: WOW

Wow Terry!!! That is really neat. I could see what it was immediately but when you step back it really comes into focus......
Well I got my CDs from today. I have all of their studio CDs now except for Perspective. I don't know if I want that one...I still have my LP of that so I can listen when I want to. Joe K

Message: 6181 Posted: Sat Apr 10 21:19:01 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re:Nuthin'

I'm awake. Nuthin' else new. Hi everybody!

Message: 6180 Posted: Sat Apr 10 21:09:31 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Welcome Baaack, Howard

Terry, I don't remember who sent me the chords to "Wheels" (it may have been Howard) but I do have them posted on the America Fans web site. You can check them out by going to /america/cord/cord184.htm.

It's a great song!

Message: 6179 Posted: Sat Apr 10 20:22:02 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Welcome Baaack, Howard

The things we gotta go through to wake up those the chords to WHEELS yet, Howard? This a challenge. Steve will fix this, I have hope.


Message: 6178 Posted: Sat Apr 10 20:10:10 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: We're ready for you now Mr. Terry T.

This is a note from your friendly men
in the white jackets.................

Message: 6177 Posted: Sat Apr 10 20:09:39 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Test

Sorry about the racing stripe...Looked OK before I sent it!

Message: 6176 Posted: Sat Apr 10 20:04:50 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: This Is Only A Test

Make this window full-screen wide, then step back across the room from your monitor and see if I deserve to be shot or not:

0wwIzo[?"^'`......`:::`::'^?80ZWWEEE$QzIWB$$Wh3-`...    .....``:';;^^^+www]
w00wz]!^;::.............``;~VKWEEEEEh0CpEEE$Ki;:..      ......``::';;^+000]
0w0o+~^'```....... ......`';/K$MBEEEpw%EEB$W[;:`..        ....``::';;;/Q00]
000?~^;;:``....     ......:'-VEEBBEEZdE$E$Wz;'``..        ....``::'';;\Q00]
000+-^;;':`...        ....:'^[$BBMB$W$EWE$8^'::...        .....`::'';;\Q0w]
000+^^;;':`...       .....:'^]EMBBBEEEEEEE?;':`...      . ....:';;;^^^/000c
000+^^;;':``.............`:';}BMBEEBEEEBB$\^':`...        .`'^_(+!--~!(QQQc
Q8Q}_(C8Kh%hEEh3_'`;(cQph0[]?]VB$EEMMMMMMMi"~(_^^^-!_/(-. .:^';^^\_~--/000c
8QQ/~/?(ci++[oi7\..;3W8Zp%cwi3Z8pWBMMMMMMM3""/\/(od%"^^-:. :;'.:';^^;'_00Qc
QQ0\;;;;;;;':`^]' ..i_'^~"!-;?d[cKBMMMMMMMh/;'';;;;:``:;^:.:;;':..```:_0QQc
QQ0/^;''::`..:;:`. .^;::';;'^&V?IBBMMMMMMBW?^::.......`;^:.`';;;^;':''\0QQc
QQ0+^;'::``:;;:`..  `'::::''_z/3MBMBBMMMWBEz\;'`..````';^:::;++/^;^;;^+QQQ]
QQQ?_~^^^^;;;'::`. ..''':''^(78MMME$BMMBpBK87!^'`````'^\Co(c%MM0-'';^^+888c

Message: 6175 Posted: Sat Apr 10 16:10:39 1999 By: Bones
Subject: JL (John)

It's a beautiful day here in sunny Connecticut. Got the tunes blasting, some america, putting a new roof on my house, finish the day off with a couple of ice cold Bud's. Life doesn't get any better than this. (ya right). Now if i was only born rich instead of good looking!!!! someone else would be roofing.

Message: 6174 Posted: Sat Apr 10 14:34:46 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: sleeping?


Message: 6173 Posted: Sat Apr 10 13:10:34 1999 By: Bones
Subject: sleeping?

where is every body, sleeping?

Message: 6172 Posted: Fri Apr 09 17:26:18 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Duck Theory

Frog, please, no one is touchy! Steve's answering your questions quite honestly, with no hostility that I can detect. Hey Man! We're all America Fans! Keep asking your questions, because I'm learning alot from the answers. Just my opinion, no one's being touchy. Have a great weekend, unless you made other plans! :->

Message: 6171 Posted: Fri Apr 09 16:37:10 1999 By: FrogB52
Subject: Duck Theory

Sheesh! A little touchy around here. The reason I got the idea in my mind this is Oxygen's deal is because of what it says on Vent., and I quote "Oxygen Records' America Pages by Steve Lowry " I always go by the duck theory. If it looks like a duck, sounds and acts like a duck then it must be a.....well you know the rest. LOL Here's hoping Oxygen isn't ducking us fan's questions.

Message: 6170 Posted: Fri Apr 09 15:28:55 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Into Thin Air?

Hi Frog! I'm afraid I don't know the answer to your questions about the next release, etc. However, I can answer one question which you sort of implied. You said that "since this is Oxygen's page some questions can be answered..." Actually, this isn't Oxygen's page. If you look at the address at the top of your browser right now you'll see that this chat folder is on a server called which is not Oxygen's server. There are links to this chat folder from the America Fans home page, from Ike Gauley's America page, and from both of Rick Wahlgren's former web sites. It's true that the America Fans web site resides on the Oxygen server but Oxygen really has nothing to do with it other than the fact that they're allowing me to share space with their home page as well as King Biscuit's home page. I used to keep the America Fans web site on a server hosted by Corel but they closed down their Utah facility and also shut down the server. Oxygen was kind enough to allow me to continue the web site on their server but other than that they really don't have anything to do with it. I hope that helps explain things a little.

Oh, there is one question you asked that I can answer. You wanted to know how to contact Karen at Oxygen. You can reach her via e-mail at or send me a message and I'll reply to you with her telephone number and extension. I don't think I should publish the number here although I don't mind sending it to individuals who ask for it.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Message: 6169 Posted: Fri Apr 09 13:32:51 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Hello

Hello All, Just popped in for a refreshment break and to see what's been happening. Excuse me just a second. Ok, ok, I'll be there in just a minute. Geesh...Karen's hollering for me again. She wants me to hold the stencil while she spray paints another set of numbers on the curb. This afternoon, she gets to use the riding lawn mower and I get the push mower. Oh joy!!! Later!

Message: 6168 Posted: Fri Apr 09 11:55:08 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: Into Thin Air?

<<Where did Oxygen disappear to?>>

I hope what Kevin wrote is what's happening, just busy getting ready for next single!

However, an idle mind will get around to wondering if the "no news" from Karen and Oxygen is good news.



Message: 6167 Posted: Fri Apr 09 10:13:27 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Re: Into Thin air.

We keep hearing from Oxygen that there will be another single released, so I guess that must be true. But why the wait? Well, I think I figured it out. Oxygen is a small label. Probably one without deep pockets. Releasing a single is a huge monetary investment. Oxygen doesn't have those resourses. So I figure, Oxygen is out cutting lawns and having car washes to raise the money. These things take time. Remember when you wanted to buy a bike when you were a kid and it took you all summer to raise the money? Well, releasing a single costs way more than a bike. That's a lot of lawns. We all need to be patient. And when someone from Oxygen Records shows up to trim the hedges or clean the gutters or walk the dog, by all means, DON'T turn them away. You can help. If we all work together, we can get this thing released soon.

That's my theory. It's either that scenario, or it's some complicated record business stuff that I don't understand.


Message: 6166 Posted: Fri Apr 09 09:53:50 1999 By: FrogB52
Subject: Into Thin Air?

Where did Oxygen disappear to? Into thin air? LOL Since this is Oxygen's page maybe some questions can be answered about the next release from Humannature and if there will be another America CD on the Oxygen label. Someone else asked how Humannature was doing in Spain and there's other questions left unanswered. How can we contact Carol (?) at Oxygen?

Message: 6165 Posted: Fri Apr 09 09:40:16 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re: Watershipdown

Neat story Leaky..and you are right..many of my life's experiences are also tied to America songs..and thanks, Bones. I put in a fire, opened the wine, and left my shoes on. I even let Norman (my dog..he's a golden retriever) in for the evening. Ahhh.. have a nice day, everybody..going to hose out the boys' rooms before they come home on Sunday..then it's back to work at my real job!

Message: 6164 Posted: Fri Apr 09 09:39:52 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Kyle Vincent CD

Hey You People,

I just received my copy of Kyle Vincent's new CD "Wow & Flutter'. It does not flutter, but WOW definitely applies. Nice Going Kyle! It's a little more uptempo than his excellent debut of last year with a new bunch of melodic tunes with meaningful lyrics, cool production, and great singing & playing. It starts off solidly and gets better as it goes. One Mr. Gerry Beckley (of the band America - perhaps you've heard of him) contributes stellar harmony vocals to the song "Leave It Alone". F.Y.I, Gerry's vocals were recorded at the world-famous Human Nature studios. There's also some wonderful Henry Diltz photography with a few shots reminiscent of classic America/Jimmy Webb photos from some of our fave albums. All in all, a very worthwhile CD purchase.

Joe B

P.S. Speaking of Mr. Diltz, what are your fave Henry photos of America, both from covers and other places? I've always been a big fan of the 'Homecoming' back cover w/ the guys, horses, & sunset.

Message: 6163 Posted: Fri Apr 09 09:31:12 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Testing

Message: 6162 Posted: Thu Apr 08 21:46:44 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: more watershipdown

.....I have never read the book....however while on a backpacking trip in the desolation wilderness area in California, my cousin Mark was reading it......he loved the book....we were in the backcountry for a week and the whole time I heard the story of Watership down....and then of course came the song.....everytime I hear it I think of that backpacking trip....'s many of my life experiences and memories involve some connection to an America fact that same backbacking trip Mark and I were hiking out of the wilderness, after spending a week in the wilds..........we could taste the first bite of a frosty freeze hamburger....we were both walking along the trail singing...."hold me tight..wont you be my woman to night....o..hold me tight".......(we even did the air guitar solo..imitating the guitar sound the best that we could) should have seen the looks we recieved as we passed people on the we were un-shav'en,long hair of the day, and singing at the top of our lungs....Mark and I still laugh about that story....

Message: 6161 Posted: Thu Apr 08 21:41:55 1999 By: TerryT

The bottom line is that YOU'RE the BOTTOM LINE!!!
Keep rockin'! You bring ROYALTY to all the songs. WOMAN TONIGHT comes to mind first, but NONE of them would be the same without you! It's a tough job and you do it well. Thanks, and may you have many more.

Terry Trost

Message: 6160 Posted: Thu Apr 08 21:22:12 1999 By: Bones
Subject: to Janice & Beth

Both you ladies need 2 relax. Sit back, open up a bottle of wine, take your shoes off, except for you Janice, bitting on your toe nails, leave your shoe's on, (probably not a pretty site) put on some good music, like maybe a good America CD and chill out. #!*# happens and there's nothing you can do about it. Hang in there.
P.S. psychology fee - $100.00

Message: 6159 Posted: Thu Apr 08 21:10:11 1999 By: Bones
Subject: to Robyn

Congratulations on your opening. I'm curious as to how the heck you go about moving a library. Must use alot of boxes. Also curious, if i went into a library, could i find a book on "How to move a library". Good luck on your next move and have a nice night.

Message: 6158 Posted: Thu Apr 08 20:23:19 1999 By: Janice
Subject: The stretching helped..

so did the phone call. Dad got 3 bear hugs and Mom got sore toes from biting them. Figures. :)

Message: 6157 Posted: Thu Apr 08 20:02:31 1999 By: Janice
Subject: to El Guru..

I just re-read your lyrics..(poem)...and I love it..but no phone call yet..I know...stretchhhhhh....

Message: 6156 Posted: Thu Apr 08 19:54:00 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: Rhode Island show......

To All,
I never got around to giving my review from the RI show last month. Sorry for the delay. Here it goes.......In a word, it was FABULOUS. They played all of the regulars. Sandman was outrageous!! Dewey and Michael were smokin' on that song. Gerry played I Need You on guitar. It is always an added treat to hear it that way LIVE. M2M and Wheels were WONDERFUL. Especially M2M. It was very beautiful!! They did cut Pages and Daisy however. It seems Chris Cross ran a little long.

A Short and Sweat Review. Take Care All !!

Message: 6155 Posted: Thu Apr 08 19:49:47 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: For Kevin S.........

Hi Kevin,
Just wanted to say 'thanks' for the tix stub. Rec'd it the other day. Sorry for the delay. Thanks again. Maureen

Message: 6154 Posted: Thu Apr 08 19:11:51 1999 By: Janice
Subject: Bradley, the Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday, Brad..How does it feel to be 29?? :)

Message: 6153 Posted: Thu Apr 08 18:58:25 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Janice

Flying lessons! Eeeek! Please let me know when your phone rings, because now I'm worried, too! Sometimes I really hate this job...

Message: 6152 Posted: Thu Apr 08 18:57:28 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Justin & the band trip

Well gang. That didn't take long. Vice-principal just called. They're in Cincinnatti. Busted Justin w/a pack of smokes. Hope they don't have to call me again, because it will be to give me his flight number. Who's out there from Cincinnattii????? Holler at that tour bus for me! Give my kid a big hug. Oh, man. Keep good thoughts!

Message: 6151 Posted: Thu Apr 08 18:55:18 1999 By: Beth
Subject: testing

El Guru - were you reading my mind ? ?

A little cologne on a pillow case goes a long way....


Staying Tuned!-b

Message: 6150 Posted: Thu Apr 08 18:50:55 1999 By: El Guru De Health
Subject: re: E-bay (and others)


"when I went to bed last night
it smelled a little bit like you.
i bet you planned that
didn't you?
i bet you planned that didn't you?
and everyhting's ok...
i'm allright i'm just fine
it seems I do this all the time..."

end test.


Message: 6149 Posted: Thu Apr 08 18:48:25 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: BD wishes to Brad

According to the bio page in Steve's site, it's Brad birthday. Happy Birthday to the best bass around!

Message: 6148 Posted: Thu Apr 08 17:57:34 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re: E-bay (and others)

Michelle also check out Amazon auctions! I am bidding on two items right now, and so far I'm's fun! And Beth..I can relate to your motherhood comment..I left the boys in Calif. to finish their spring break with their dad..well dear "Dad" has decided that our 15-year old future pilot shall begin private flying was his first lesson in a Cesna..waiting for the phone to ring..asked they call as soon as he hit the ground..rather, touched the ground. My fingernails are gone from driving lessons, I guess I'll have to start working on my toenails with flying lessons.ahhhh...Men. Anyway, I am sure your son will make you proud..some time off with the band sounds nice! And some time off for you! :)

Message: 6147 Posted: Thu Apr 08 17:08:29 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Watership Down for Robyn

Hi! I need to re-read WD. Read it when I was in H.S. Way long time ago! But I remember we had to read aloud in an English class, and I chose one of the passeges for WD for my reading. One of the long ElHaireo (I know that's not right, but do you know who I mean?) legends that ends up explaining why there are always rabbits in gardens! I do agree with your thought that the book is not "about bunnies" love your comment to the theatre dad! I remember thinking it was more of a folk-lore story, along the lines of our American Indian folk-lore history. How times tells the story thru the ages. "Gather around, there's a story to be told, for the young and for the old" I can't believe they didn't use America's song in the movie! I haven't watched the movie in its entirety. Movies never live up to books....
I put Justin on the bus to go to Washington DC with his 8th Grade Band this morning at 530am. I am so worried about him!! I hope so much that he enjoys himself, and doesn't screw up!! Ah, motherhood!
Stay tuned!

Message: 6146 Posted: Thu Apr 08 15:19:52 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: More of an answer to Bones

Well, yes, I do a lot of reading in my spare time. When really stressed, I have been known to read more than one book at a time. I was interested in the discussio of Watership Down recently. I always wondered if the song was written to be part of the movie. The song "Bright Eyes" that was used insted, really sucked, and it slowed down the plot. When I went to see it, it wasa playing with Bashi's "LOrd of the Rings" The toddler in front of me was terrified at that one, and the father whispered, "Don't worry, the second movie is about bunnies" I told him " if you think it's about bunnies, you are sadly mistaken" He did NOT appreciate my telling him this, but left soon afterward. Great book. Well worth reading. I think it is an allegory and the rabbits represent England during WWII, a lot of parallels there. Anyone else care to comment on that thought.

By the way, The opening went GREAT. only one left to do this month!!!!!

Message: 6145 Posted: Thu Apr 08 11:38:19 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Don't forget to keep voting!

The link is on the America Fan's home page. Keep voting for America as the Best Band! Rush and Chicago have been on the move and are mounting a serious challenge to America!

Message: 6144 Posted: Thu Apr 08 11:32:44 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Van Go Gan & Hourglass

Unfortunately, Van Go Gan is out of print. It is my understanding that Gerry is trying to get it rereleased, so stay tuned.

Hourglass, however, is still available so you don't need to buy used copies.

Message: 6143 Posted: Thu Apr 08 11:22:42 1999 By: Janice
Subject: happy camper

nice mail call..Amazon was quick..well on my way to replacing all my America vinyls..along with a few other favorites..Dave Mason came today too!! Went to Salvation Army with mom and they had tons of vinyls (no America that I could see..who would part with one??) all for .50 each! Saw a Chipmunk album..looked for the Beckley Chipmunk but he wasn't on didn't buy it..Dennis Wilson was though..same Dennis Wilson??

Message: 6142 Posted: Thu Apr 08 10:02:13 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Pages

Bones, of COURSE they did (lol) Actually, I keep suggesting that they use one of my libraries for the video!!!!!!

Message: 6141 Posted: Thu Apr 08 09:26:55 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: e-bay

I'm a happy person! Hourglass was the only America recording missing from my collection, and thanks to e-bay, it will soon be mine!

Won the CD on the auction site for $8.58 - supposed to be new, never opened. YIPPEE! (Notice I didn't mention this until after I won?)

Someone is also auctioning Perspective, but the opening bid is $14.99, and it's sells for just over $10 at amazon. Guess I'll pass on that one.

There's currently another offering on Hourglass, starting bid $2.00, if anyone here is interested. Only one person bid against me for the copy I won, so it should be easy to win the bid!

Two weeks ago I won a bid for Vol 1 & 3 of the Traveling Wilburys on CD (my cassette player ate BOTH of my tapes over the years). My boys can't believe I listen to something that sounds "so awful"! HAH! Now they beg me to put America back on, and they hum along!

Gonna skip over to for just a few minutes, then I'm headed into Death Valley for the day with six 13-15 year old boys - hope it won't be the death of me!

Ya'll take care now!


Message: 6140 Posted: Thu Apr 08 00:31:08 1999 By: Janice
Subject: lots of new stuff here..

back from not-so-sunny this sticky mess in Georgia..(no pleasing me)..was great to see mom and dad..will catch up tomorrow..gonna catch some zzzzzz's...

Message: 6139 Posted: Wed Apr 07 23:24:45 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Beatle connection Matt B

I found your "Beatle connection" hint to ventura it's done by Ruth McCartney, who's Paul's stepsister. I had the pleasure of meeting her in Canada (along w/Pete Best, Allan Williams, & Cynthia Lennon) at "BeatleRama" She seems like a very wonderful person (she also performed a couple of her songs), but I got the impression that her & "stepbrother" Paul wasn't getting along too well. (hope they patched things up) She also had some wonderful stories to tell!
Her mother Angie married Paul's father Jim after Paul's mother had died.
Click on the "McCartney" symbol and it will enter you into other websites (Her's, Beatles, Andrew Gold, etc)
I was wondering about Beatle "Hint" Matt! COOL!

Message: 6138 Posted: Wed Apr 07 21:32:45 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Music to Speed to

I like to crank up "What Happened" off of Van Go Gan. My only complaint is that it is to short. Would like to hear another 2 or 3 minutes added. Maybe on Gerry's next solo.
Robyn - did you ever wonder if America wrote the song "Pages" just for you? Was also wondering, what do you do in your spare time, Read?

Message: 6137 Posted: Wed Apr 07 21:29:25 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: Music to Speed to

Hmmm. Young Moon, High in the City, Jody, Hell's on Fire, Valentine

But I Never speed...honest officer, I didn't see the sign. Hey maybe the next time one of us gets nabbed for speeding we should try the Dewey and Gerry defence. You know,"Gee, it wasn't really my fault sir. It's all America's fault. They're just so easy to drive to." Think it would fly?

Message: 6136 Posted: Wed Apr 07 18:30:27 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Music to Speed to

I agree that the music of America gets better with each listen! I have really been enjoying the live King Biscuit release lately. I issolate what each instrument is doing and it make the whole a much richer component! I was taught to do this as a child by my dad, a big band and dixieland enthusist. It's kind of fun to do, and as I am under a great deal of stress of late ( I have moved four libraries in four weeks, the second opens tomorrow, Mayor and Council will attend, and if it's not right eeekkkkkk!!!) Anyway, it got me thinking, what is the one song by America that is best while driving? ( I call them reason to speed songs, but then, I am the typical California girl, foot to the floor, stereo cranked hand out the window.....) For me, at this time, that song is the live version of "Here" It gets into kind of a zen of it's own for a while ( hey, the hippies didn't die out, we all got government jobs)

Anyway, what do you think is a "Reason to Speed" song???

Message: 6135 Posted: Wed Apr 07 16:54:35 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Newspaper Article

I agree there is lots of music out there w/little substance & it may sound good initially, but like cotton candy, the more you eat, the worse it gets. AMERICA's music gets better, deeper, richer, w/each listen, the journey never ends, it just keep taking you to places you've never been. What we have all attempted to describe is actually difficult to describe, but we know it when we hear it.
HUMAN NATURE is AMERICA's latest & greatest.

Message: 6134 Posted: Wed Apr 07 15:45:55 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: Newspaper Article

This is what I personally find sets America apart from the rest. I like much of the music that is out now....for about a week or two. It then seems to get really stale very quickly. Lots of pop, no staying power. Hmmm. sounds like, Nah, I won't go there.

Anyway, I can listen to same tune, almost any tune, (maybe not Special Girl, sorry) by Gerry and Dewey over and over. It still seems as fresh as the first time. I believe that that is was greatness is.

Message: 6133 Posted: Wed Apr 07 15:17:10 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Newspaper Article

Came across this newspaper article from The Star Ledger here
in New Jersey.
It reads "New Music Lacks Staying Power, Record Execs Say"
In 1998 alone, "recent catalog" sales dropped more than 20 percent
from the previous year...
The shelf life of new music, it seems,
is getting shorter all the time.

I rest my case.

Long Live AMERICA!!! Still selling LPS/CD!!!!

Message: 6132 Posted: Wed Apr 07 14:18:14 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: new sight,ect

Thanks Steve, I bookmarked it this time!!!!!

Message: 6131 Posted: Wed Apr 07 14:10:28 1999 By: dennis
Subject: houses in white van go gan

just got done listening to houses in white gerrys work in progress and have to say he just gets better all the time,riding the crest of another creative wave of aural imagery and musical mastery. does anyone know where I can get a copy of van go gan by gerry beckley?? thanks, be well,dennis

Message: 6130 Posted: Wed Apr 07 13:26:55 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: new sight,ect

Robyn, there is a link in the "What's New" section of the America Fans home page that points to the voting page. To save you a trip, the address is I checked it a few minutes ago and Rush has passed Depeche Mode and is within 200 votes of America for the top spot. It looks like the Rush fans are trying to make a statement. But really, how many #1 hits has Rush had and how many top 40 hits? Do they tour as much as America and are they as personable toward their fans? In those aspects they're not even close!

Message: 6129 Posted: Wed Apr 07 12:51:41 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: new sight,ect

Actually, I thought the tone of Steve's message was amused, fatherly, almost.

RE voting-- I have lost the adress. Can anyone help????

Message: 6128 Posted: Wed Apr 07 12:21:06 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: new sight,ect

I love the new web sight and I am sure that Steve wasn't knocking the new sight. It is absolutely great to find so many other America fans!!! In the 80s I thought I was the only America fan still alive!!!
In other news Thanks to you guys I ahve ordered all the CDs that I was missing. I had eveything on vinyl,but the old albums were getting in bad shape. I also ordered the Musicladen VIDEO. Now I can return the DVD i got at Best Buy.( I don't have to buy a DVD player now either) I love America!!! Johnny I am still waiting to hear "Wheels on the radio!!!!!!!!!! Joe K

Message: 6127 Posted: Wed Apr 07 12:07:06 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Steve going ballistic.

The more Web sites the better. Better reach. I think the goal of the sites is the same - Help Promote AMERICA. Go for it & never look back. The proliferation of Web sites is an indication of popularity. The promotion of AMERICA is #1. By the way Steve never went ballastic, he doesn't do such things. Personally I only go ballastic if money is involved. Go S&P 500.

Message: 6126 Posted: Wed Apr 07 11:57:34 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Steve going ballistic.

Message: 6125 Posted: Wed Apr 07 11:34:48 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Steve going ballistic.

I didn't think that Steve went ballistic either. He was merely being informative. Wow, hope this doesn't turn into another "he said, she said" pissing war over internet sites like we saw a few weeks ago. Like, why's it a secret where came from? Who the hell cares? It's there. I'm there. You're all there. This site is here. I'm here. You're all here. Hey, America fans should be able to support all the great sites. Whether it's "lifting" or whatever, what makes Steve's site so remarkable is all the time and effort he puts into it on a continuing basis updating and maintaining. I'm always amazed and grateful for the work he puts into this site. I know keeping a site like this vital and relevant and updated takes a lot of time. I hope the secretive people behind the new official America website are able to invest the time and effort into that site that Steve invests into his. With the last official site,, for instance, you'd call up the site in March and it still had the headline, "America to appear on NBC's Today Show." That news was five months old. Hey, I'm not criticizing. It's hard work and a huge commitment. I'm just taking bow in Steve's direction. You've set the bar high. Keep up the good work.

Long live the site and this site and Ike's site and any other America site and my eye sight. Oh yeah, and two other people. A guy named Beckley and a guy named Bunnell. Oh yeah, and Dan Peek.


Message: 6124 Posted: Wed Apr 07 11:14:30 1999 By: Mark

Yes that is a very cool picture. It's a modified version of the back cover of Homecoming, which I think is the coolest album cover of all time.

Message: 6123 Posted: Wed Apr 07 11:12:33 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: - a recommendation

Just a small criticism of the new official America site. I HATE WELCOME PAGES THAT HAVE NOTHING ON THEM EXCEPT AN ENTER BUTTON! IF I DIDN'T WANT TO ENTER THE PAGE I WOULDN'T BE THERE! I would recomend deleting the welcome screen and just go directly to the main page.

Message: 6122 Posted: Wed Apr 07 10:09:20 1999 By: FrogB52

Hey, don'tcha just love the "Indian on horse" picture on America's new official web page? Is it available anywhere as a poster? I've seen other versions but this is the best.

Message: 6121 Posted: Wed Apr 07 10:01:41 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re:

Hi Frog. I'm sorry if I sounded ballistic because I didn't intend it to be that way. I think it's great that will soon be the official web site and I don't mind at all that they "lifted" most of what they have from the America Fans web site. The point I was trying to make was that their site is not complete yet. Once they have finished the site I believe they will make some modifications to the things that they have borrowed and that's what I'm willing to help them do.

Regarding your accusation that I've done my share of lifting from other places, I can only say "guilty as charged". Whenever I find something that relates to America or it's fans I either put a link to it or I incorporate it into the web site. If I think the external information will be permanent, I usually put a link to it. However, if I think the information may go away in the future or if I think it's worth including on the web site so that fans can look for it with the America Fans search engine, then I'll incorporate it into the web site. That's the main reason I often used information from Rick's web sites, so that it could be included in the files that the search engine searched.

Frog, I also hope that you and everyone else can soon get a copy of Van Go Gan. It's a great CD and one that every America fan should have. I'm glad that you've joined us here on the chat folder and hope to hear from you often. Have a nice "Wednesday Morning".

Message: 6120 Posted: Wed Apr 07 09:56:14 1999 By: FrogB52
Subject: Yippee! Updated Concert List

Yippee! If I plan my business trips right I'll be able to see three-five shows. Thanks America, nobody does it better. My gal pal Lucee saw America three times last year so she will be all excited about all the new dates

Message: 6119 Posted: Wed Apr 07 09:44:43 1999 By: FrogB52
Subject: Re:

Sorry AmericaSL, didn't mean to make you go ballistic over mentioning America's new official website. They may have "lifted" (your phrase) some stuff like pictures of albums but don't these really belong to America afterall? LOL I see you've done your share of lifting from other places too so there shouldn't be any beef. I just can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Vangogan that they'll have.

Message: 6118 Posted: Wed Apr 07 08:06:09 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Miercoles por la manana

Hey, anyone from Spain out there? How's America's song Wednesday Morning doing on the charts? Last we heard the song was rocketing to the top of the charts. Any updates?


Message: 6117 Posted: Wed Apr 07 00:09:58 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Updated Concert List - European Tour

AMERICA is on a killer tour schedule this year, I have never seen a year like this. I think there is a stretch begining at the 7/21 Reno shows where it looks like something like 18 straight days w/out a break, totally awesome ! And some of those shows in Reno may have 2 shows similiar to last year. Has anyone ever known a band to work so hard ? It's business as usual for AMERICA.
AMERICA's latest & greatest is HUMAN NATURE on Oxygen Records.
How do they do it ?

Message: 6116 Posted: Tue Apr 06 22:59:35 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Updated Concert List - European Tour

The updated concert list has been posted on the America Fans web site and it includes some pleasant surprises. The guys will be flying to Spain and Germany for a couple of weeks in June and they've added a little jaunt in August to Fairbanks, Alaska. The July 3rd show in Maryland has been confirmed and tickets will be going on sale this Saturday at the box office or from TicketMaster.

Of course, the biggest show is still on September 3rd when they guys travel to the Scera Shell Outdoor Theater in Orem, Utah. Why? Because it's close enough to me that I could walk there. I've never had a concert closer than 40 miles (and it's usually more like 350 miles) so this is really a treat.

If any of you are aware of web sites that are promoting any of the concerts in the list, please e-mail the web site address to me so I can include a link to the web site. Thanks, in advance, for your help.

Message: 6115 Posted: Tue Apr 06 22:01:16 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: re: watership down

...thanks joe b.......yep.....I always liked that song.....

Message: 6114 Posted: Tue Apr 06 21:57:08 1999 By: Bones
Subject: injured finger

I think i injured my index finger from voting. Time 2 suck it up and get tough. Atleast i've got nine fingers and ten toes left 2 use.

Message: 6113 Posted: Tue Apr 06 20:46:32 1999 By: Rea
Subject: Re: Hello again!

Hi Beth and All...
I'm here and can't wait to join all the fun and chatting. My first concert my old age...was to see America. No concert would ever top the greatness that I felt when I was there. Gerry is the greatest!!!!!!!

Message: 6112 Posted: Tue Apr 06 18:17:47 1999 By: laura
Subject: traffic jam on the highway

oh, THAT'S where everyone is....

Message: 6111 Posted: Tue Apr 06 18:11:04 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re:

DO TELL, Matt!

Favorite Female Singers-- Bonnie Raitt, Lauren Wood ( check out HER new self titled CD, way cool---not just 'cos she is a friend!!!!) The late Nicolette Larsen, Paula Cole, I am sure there are more as well, but I am under the influence of penicillin--I have bronchitis-- and my brain is not working correctly ( good excuse, huh!)

Message: 6110 Posted: Tue Apr 06 18:10:56 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re:

I'll tell you what I know about I was made aware of this web site a week or two ago by a fellow America fan who happened to stumble across it during a search for "America" in one of the big search engines. When he and I looked at the skeleton of a web site that's there two things were obvious: 1) it wasn't complete and wasn't ready to roll out; and 2) most of what was there had been borrowed from the America Fans web site (the links page and concert list were lifted as is and all of the album photos also came from the America Fans web site). I wrote a letter to the company that was responsible for the web site and told them I would like to get in touch with the webmaster so I could see if she would like any help. I was told that she was in Australia and wouldn't be back until around the 6th of April. She's supposed to write to me when she gets back but I haven't heard from her yet.

Since it didn't look like the web site was complete, I didn't mention it to anyone here (although I did add a link to it on the Links page for those of you who caught that subtle hint).

I'm confident that Matt is correct when he says he knows where the web site came from so I'll let the answer to that question come from him (although I'm fairly certain that I know, too).

It will be great to have this site up and running to complement the other America web sites.

Message: 6109 Posted: Tue Apr 06 17:40:11 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re:

male singers: jeff buckley, thom yorke (radiohead), the finn brothers, jon foreman (switchfoot), harry connick jr., michael cooley & chad cruise (roommates), roger manning jr. (jellyfish), john lennon, andrew bray, peter gabriel
females: bjork, kate bush, danielle lepon (there's others, my mind fails me at the moment)
i know where the ventura highway website came from (speaking of the beatles)...
lots of local shows in san diego coming up if anyone's interested.

BluLight Studios

Message: 6108 Posted: Tue Apr 06 17:17:51 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re:

5 votes a day? You get 5 votes an hour. Any ideas where this website came from?

Message: 6107 Posted: Tue Apr 06 17:08:22 1999 By: KevinS.

Just when I thought life couldn't get any better, there's You dial it up and on comes Ventura Highway playing on my computer. I like when Ventura Highway is playing on my computer. I don't like when Ventura Highway is not playing on my computer. I like Ventura Highway. I like

Although I already have Van Go Gan, it seems like there are so many people that will be able to finally get it. Along with Gerry's next, as this site does a good job of teasing. Can't wait to see Dewey's Domain.


P.S. I have no clue what we're voting for, who sees it, what it matters. But any contest where I can get five votes a day certainly can't be all that important.

Message: 6106 Posted: Tue Apr 06 15:49:51 1999 By: FrogB52
Subject: Re: Vote

I did my duty and voted but not for sure what this contest is all about and who will ever know the results. Can anyone a heads up?

Message: 6105 Posted: Tue Apr 06 15:30:27 1999 By: FrogB52
Subject: Next HN Release?????????

Is there going to be another release from Humannature? I read through most the posts but couldn't find a definite maybe.

Message: 6104 Posted: Tue Apr 06 15:23:47 1999 By: FrogB52

Boy howdy! Been surfin' around and found the new #1 America homepage VENTURAHIGHWAY.COM but I don't think anyone has said a word about it here to my knowledge. This looks like the real deal official page . I see it will have VangoGan for sale which made my day cuz I haven't located it anywhere.

Message: 6103 Posted: Tue Apr 06 13:48:46 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Watership Down

Go Joe B. !! A major job is just around the corner. Go Bulls ! Fourpeat ?

Message: 6102 Posted: Tue Apr 06 12:32:01 1999 By: Mike K.
Subject: July 3rd show

Hey everyone;
Yes! The show in Bowie on July 3rd is legit. The contracts have been signed and $$ has been sent. We're having problems getting posted on web sites now becuase (i've been told) they only update them every so often (once every few weeks) and we're out of cycle. However, believe me tickets DO go on sale this Saturday April 10th at 9am at the Baysox Box Office, and then 12 noon through Ticketmaster. We have asked Ticketmaster to update their site and list us NOW since tickets go on sale so soon.
I apologize for any confusion. If it helps, Chuck Negron is also on our ticket, and we ARE up on his web site ( PLEASE, feel free to email me with any questions.

Mike K.

Message: 6101 Posted: Tue Apr 06 12:00:51 1999 By: laura
Subject: female singers

it's only the order they come to mind: Bonnie Raitt, Tracy Chapman, Natalie Merchant, Sinead O'Connor, Sarah MacLachlin, Paula Cole, Jane Siberry, Karla Bonoff, Wendy Waldman, Jennifer Warnes, Valerie Carter, others I'll kick myself for forgetting....

Message: 6100 Posted: Tue Apr 06 10:31:29 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Watership Down

Hey Leaky & You People,

I remember reading an article on the guys circa 'Hideaway' time. Gerry took a break after one of the band's tours, taking a little trip to England where he read the book, then put together the song. Unfortunately the movie's producers took a pass on it and opted for a tune called 'Bright Eyes' written by an English composer and recorded by Jimmy Webb pal Art Garfunkel. It turned out to be a minor hit.
I'd have to say "Watership Down" is one of Sir George's great arrangement/orchestration/productions.

Joe B

P.S. How/why do I remember this stuff?
P.P.S. Nothing permanent to report on the job front, though I've picked up a few free lance radio jobs doing sports stuff.
P.P.P.S. The Cubs are undefeated so far in '99!
P.P.P.P.S. The Cubs haven't played yet.

Message: 6099 Posted: Tue Apr 06 09:46:53 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Question for Macintosh AOL 3.0 Users

Are any of you Mac users running AOL 3.0? If so, have you tried posting something to this chat folder? I'm aware of at least one AOL 3.0 Mac user that can't post to the chat folder and I'm trying to help her out. If there are others who have been successful, maybe we can figure out why she can't post and get it fixed so she can join in the discussions.

By the way, if you're a 3.0 AOL user on the Mac that can't post a reply, feel free to send me a mail message. Thanks for your help.

Message: 6098 Posted: Tue Apr 06 09:18:54 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Vote Warning!

Depeche Mode is making a move to over take America in the best band voting! Everybody needs to keep voting to keep America on top!

Message: 6097 Posted: Tue Apr 06 01:54:04 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re:female singers

Tom..did you leave anyone out?? are you sure?? lol.. :) Well, I'm in sunny California..getting away from the gunky weather in Georgia..just heard we're expecting a storm here..ahhhhhhh....the bunny visited my house, and I hope everyone here had a nice Easter too!

Message: 6096 Posted: Mon Apr 05 21:58:32 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Female Singers

k d lang/ Joni Mitchell/ Chrissy Hynde/ Ann Wilson/ Carnie Wilson/ Mary Fahl (October Project)/ The Coors (minus The Brother)/ Stevie Nicks/ Christine McVie/ Tina Turner/ Anita Baker/ Paula Cole/ Kate Bush/ Jane Siberry/ Bonnie Raitt/ Celine Dion(sorry, She CAN Sing)/ Barbra Streisand/ Taylor Dayne/ Aretha Franklin/ Pat Benetar/ Olivia Newton-John/ and my Favorite....Karen Carpenter!

Message: 6095 Posted: Mon Apr 05 20:52:27 1999 By: Bones
Subject: favorite females

Janet, Latoya, and Michael Jackson.

Message: 6094 Posted: Mon Apr 05 20:39:40 1999 By: Beth
Subject: female singers

My 2-cents worth on favorite female singers: Roberta Flack, Sara McLachlan, Stevie Nicks, Koko Taylor, Nancy Griffith, Paula Cole. Terry! Your BoyGeorge answer had me rollin'!

Message: 6093 Posted: Mon Apr 05 20:33:40 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Hello again!

Hi all! I was out of town for Easter, and have also been busy trying to buy a house! Lots of Fun. Marie, if you found us, Welcome! Hey everybody - Marie is my best old best friend from High School that I went to my first America concert with! She got herself a computer and she's on-line. I turned her on to our page, so hopefully she'll see this soon!
Stay tuned -b

Message: 6092 Posted: Mon Apr 05 19:02:21 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Female Singers

In no order:
Stevie Nicks, Carol King, Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell, Grace Slick, Bonnie Raitt, KD Lang (CONSTANT CRAVING), Diana Ross, Taylor Dane, Boy George.

Message: 6091 Posted: Mon Apr 05 17:06:48 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: For Mike K.

I received a mail message from Gary in Virginia with some more information about the July 3rd concert (which appears to be legitimate). The concert will be part of a Bowie Baysox game and there's actually a web page talking about the concert and all of the information that you'd want to know about it. Here's a link to the Happy Birthday America web page with the info. I hope all of you in the Baltimore area will be able to make it. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

Message: 6090 Posted: Mon Apr 05 10:00:46 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: For Mike K.

Maureen, if you check the latest update to the concert schedule you will notice that the July 3 concert in Clinton has been cancelled. About a month ago I heard from America's booking agency that the Clinton concert was cancelled but they also said that America would NOT be playing in Baltimore. As we all know, things are always subject to change so I don't know where they'll be for sure on July 3. In Message #6042 Mike says that tickets will be available through Ticketmaster on July 10 (I'm pretty sure he meant April 10) but I checked the Ticketmaster web site and they don't show a Baltimore show as of yet.

I would encourage you to keep checking the Ticketmaster web site or call them direct. One thing I haven't seen Mike post is the venue. That would be helpful so that we could call them and verify that this concert is really happening.

Message: 6089 Posted: Mon Apr 05 08:25:31 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: For Mike K.

Hi Mike,
On April 1st, you posted a message(#6042) that America will be in the Baltimore/Washinton area on Jul 3rd, but according to the concert list, they are to be in Clinton, MO. I'm confused. Is this an April Fool's Day joke? Steve, maybe you can help, too??
Thanks to all. Maureen.

Message: 6088 Posted: Sun Apr 04 19:59:35 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: female singers

Jann Arden, Sarah McLachlan, Melanie Doane, Sophie B Hawkins.

Message: 6087 Posted: Sun Apr 04 13:50:51 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Naked

Ron, I would try getting in touch with Ike Gauley to see if he can help you. When Rick's web sites were discontinued a number of fans expressed their concern about not being able to get anymore information about Dan and his group Peace. Ike informed me that he still can get in touch with Dan so give it a shot.

Message: 6086 Posted: Sun Apr 04 13:24:55 1999 By: Ron B
Subject: Naked

I knew that would get everyone's attention. My older America stuff seems kind of naked without Dan Peek's autograph also on them. Does anyone know I can accomplish this?

Message: 6085 Posted: Sun Apr 04 12:42:33 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Watership Down

or the movie.

Message: 6084 Posted: Sun Apr 04 12:17:47 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Watership Down

......because Rabbits are the subject of the day....I was wondering.....was the song "Watership Down" inspired by the book?

Message: 6083 Posted: Sun Apr 04 10:34:40 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: female singers

my favorite female singers? From the 70s... Carly Simon, Carol King!! In the 90s my favorites are PAULA COLE, Allanis M. Cheryl Crow, Jewel, and Sarah M. In fact, I believe that the 90s have been the decade of the female singer. The music scene would have really sucked in the 90s without these women!!!!!!!!! Joe K

Message: 6082 Posted: Sun Apr 04 10:13:59 1999 By: truthsaint
Subject: female singers

Johnny you are sooo right-Martina McBride is an awesome talent with an awesome voice. My all time fave female singer is Janie Fricke, who had lots of country hits 15 years or so ago. You all know her voice-she's done hundreds of jingles including "Red Lobster for The Seafood lover In you." Other favorites are Karen Carpenter and Annie Haslam who sang lead for Renaissance.

Message: 6081 Posted: Sun Apr 04 10:01:55 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Bend Me, Shape Me

And a couple of those guys in the American Breed went on to form Rufus
("Tell Me Something Good" "Once You Get Started" "Sweet Thing") Primo soul stuff!!

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 6080 Posted: Sun Apr 04 07:36:59 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: Favorite female singers

For pure vocal talent on my list would be:

Karen Carpenter, Celine Dion, Linda Ronstadt and Jennifer Warnes.


Message: 6079 Posted: Sun Apr 04 07:28:32 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Brentwoods

<<Does anyone know what hit song the group, The Brentwoods, had?>>

I can't find any reference of the Brentwoods having a Top 100 Pop hit.


Message: 6078 Posted: Sun Apr 04 07:21:01 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Bend Me, Shape Me

<<Bend Me, Shake Me" is used by Flexon Eyewear. I gave the hint to the performers as a name that was often heard during the OJ trial....The Brentwoods. Am I right on the name or am I all wet?>>

Bend Me, Shape Me was a hit in 1968 by American Breed.


Message: 6077 Posted: Sat Apr 03 22:00:00 1999 By: Janice
Subject: to Bones re: Dave Mason

I have Mariposa also..just really like "It's Like You Never Left" because of the song, "Maybe"..If I ever learn how to play my guitar, that will be the first song I want to learn.

Message: 6076 Posted: Sat Apr 03 21:45:50 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re: Favorites

You got it Bones..just 5 million? Well..I didn't it is 190 million! Geez..anyway, favorite female artists would have to be Linda Ronstadt, Carla Bonoff, K.D. Lang and no boos here, but Madonna ..can't stand her..but love to dance, so love her music! Happy Easter, everybody!!

Message: 6075 Posted: Sat Apr 03 21:01:34 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Favorite female singers

In no particular order...Tricia Yearwood, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Chrissy Hynde, Chaka Khan, Ann Wilson

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 6074 Posted: Sat Apr 03 20:05:28 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: March Web Site Statistics

Chatty, nice job. I did notice that America does not have a song title that begins with the letters Q, X, and Z. Maybe us fans can come up with song titles that begin with these letters, so that we can complete the alphabet. What band can claim that? Also, can't believe Van Go Gan has been out since 1995. Where has the time gone?

Message: 6073 Posted: Sat Apr 03 19:49:56 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Janice

Can't believe Mariposa de Oro by Mason isn't your favorite. Excellent album. Saw Dave Mason in 1981. Came to play at our college. Just him another guy on acoustic guitars. They were loud and they were good. If you win the lotto, I'll take 5 million off your hands. I won't tell a soul. Promise. Happy Easter to everyone.

Message: 6072 Posted: Sat Apr 03 18:15:13 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Bend Me, Shape Me"

Virginia, that's right, it is American Breed. All this time I thought the song was "Bend Me, SHAKE Me". Does anyone know what hit song the group, The Brentwoods, had? I remember one of the members was from my home town.

Great choices as your female favorites by the way, Virginia. Aretha is one of my favorites, too. Can't believe that I left her off my list. And I have her greatest hits cd right on the table. Funny thing that I saw on a television interview with Aretha. Does anyone
know what's one of her favorite activities? She said it's fishing. Who would have guessed that?

Message: 6071 Posted: Sat Apr 03 15:34:13 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Female Singers & Commercial/Song Trivia Answers

Hi Johnny,
I seem to remember "Bend Me, Shape Me" being by a group called American Breed.
Favorite female singers- Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Aretha Franklin, Carole King

Message: 6070 Posted: Sat Apr 03 14:49:35 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Female Singers & Commercial/Song Trivia Answers

Here's something we all haven't talked about....favorite female singers. Who are yours? Mine are Cass Elliott, Celine Dion (yes, Miss Vanity as I recall some here have said), and country singers Patty Loveless and Martina McBride. In case you're not familiar with Martina McBride, she sings "Broken Wing", "My Valentine" and "Independence Day". She can really belt out a song. I'm still thinking about other female singers....will have to get back with you all on that.

Answer to the commercial and song trivia questions are: Maytag for the parody on Irene Kara's song, "Fame" called "Stain". "Bend Me, Shake Me" is used by Flexon Eyewear. I gave the hint to the performers as a name that was often heard during the OJ trial....The Brentwoods. Am I right on the name or am I all wet? TZMAC, Tom T, someone, please tell me.

Message: 6069 Posted: Sat Apr 03 10:22:45 1999 By: Chatty
Subject: March Web Site Statistics

Did you ever wonder what pages are visited the most on the America Fans web site. The following link is a sorted list of the pages that were visited during March 1999 (only includes pages that were visited 20 times or more). You can click on the page name to visit each page.

Message: 6068 Posted: Sat Apr 03 06:24:25 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re:America CD's

Thank you..thank you..thank you..I am now on a mission to replace ALL of my old worn-out America vinyls! I even ordered my favorite Dave Mason (It's Like You Never Left) album! Well..Georgia lottery is up to 160 million..gotta go and check my numbers..that's way too much money..what in the world would someone do with that much money? It would be neat to be a "silent philanthropist", I help others and remain anonymous.. :)

Message: 6067 Posted: Fri Apr 02 22:15:35 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Best Band

Don't know, Bones. All I know is that we're kickin' butt!!
Logging off...good night.

Message: 6066 Posted: Fri Apr 02 22:00:09 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Best Band

Does anyone no how long the voting is going to continue?
Glad to see they caught the dirt bag who put the e-mail virus on the net.

Message: 6065 Posted: Fri Apr 02 20:12:32 1999 By: lpsalyers
Subject: Re: AMERICA CD'S

Thanks for the info. I just completed my cd-replacing-vinyl-collection, via They should send you a commission!

Message: 6064 Posted: Fri Apr 02 18:28:58 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: "Van Go Gan" Translation

Hey, What good is working for the largest information system Wes of the Mississippi(the public library)if you can't get IMPORTANT info????

Anytime Johnny!!!!!

Message: 6063 Posted: Fri Apr 02 16:15:34 1999 By: jimnak

It appears that has all of AMERICA'S CD's. This includes all the Warners material (imports too) as well as LAST UNICORN. Yes LAST UNICORN & the reviews by purchasers sre quite amazing. Amazon lets you place reviews of CD's, so please feel free to add a review on an AMERICA disk. Maybe change out your LP collection while they have them. LAST UNICORN is tremendous I hope you have all heard it.
HUMAN NATURE is AMERICA's latest & greatest.

Message: 6062 Posted: Fri Apr 02 15:49:42 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: "Van Go Gan" Translation

I work for a 1 hour photo company. Our machines a made in Japan. The technical manuals are full of those funny translations. We call it Japlish. ( No offense intended )....... Joe Knight

Message: 6061 Posted: Fri Apr 02 14:53:27 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: mexico

.....anyone here riding in the Rosarita to Ensenada Bike Ride on Saturday April 17 ? .....if so.....please say hi...I will be wearing my America Tour Shirt.....and rockin to America Music on my headset...

Message: 6060 Posted: Fri Apr 02 12:56:05 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Van Go Gan" Translation

Robyn kindly had the 5 x 1 inch insert found in Gerry's "Van Go Gan" CD translated from Japanese to English. Here are a few of the funny translations:

The songs mentioned on the insert:
Hard To Sleep as "Sleepless Night"
Emma as "Lovely Emma"

"Since the 70's, numerous big hits such as..."
Sister Golden Hair as "Golden Blonde Girl"
A Horse With No Name as "Horse Without Name"
You Can Do Magic (maybe?) as "Wind's Magic"

"This CD is not to be rented without permission."

Thanks go to Robyn for obtaining the translation!!

Message: 6059 Posted: Fri Apr 02 07:01:03 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: AMERICA - influences

Just a note or 2 on work by others that seems to be influenced by AMERICA, many other examples abound:
The group Saint Etienne on their recent CD Good Humor has a song Erica AMERICA, yes that's Erica America. The lyrics mention the phrase HORSE W/NO NAME & the song has the melody & feel of an authentic AMERICA song. AMERICA was really the 1st band to fully explore the virtues of major 7th chords on acoustic guitar & their influence continues.
Also, it may have been mentioned, but the CD by Ultramarine titled Every Man & Woman is a Star features songs w/full use of AMERICA riffs, very apparent.
AMERICA's latest & greatest is HUMAN NATURE on Oxygen Records.

Message: 6058 Posted: Fri Apr 02 06:44:26 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re:Title

How about.."My Mom Threw Out All of My 45's Years Ago, Not to Mention My Baseball Collection, and I Have Never Gotten Over It..the Story Behind My Rage" Bones..and no all caps aren't necessary. Well..I'm off for an Easter egg hunt..on a school bus with 150 kindergartners...oh Joy.

Message: 6057 Posted: Thu Apr 01 21:55:53 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: to Bones.

do you really want all upper case letters? also need a title for the book. any suggestions?

Message: 6056 Posted: Thu Apr 01 21:46:05 1999 By: Janice
Subject: to Bones.

:) Oh, and when you quote me, that's Janice Gabriel.G-A-B-R-I-E-L.

Message: 6055 Posted: Thu Apr 01 20:29:26 1999 By: Bones
Subject: to Beth and Janice

Thanks for your answers. When i sit down some day and write the world's greatest novel about life, I'll include those answers. I suppose there will have to be a chapter in there about how i spent most of my life listening to music from America. Have a nice night ladies.

Message: 6054 Posted: Thu Apr 01 20:10:58 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: About Joe B.

Joe B. could always start out by saying "This is for all the lonely people". Just a thought

Message: 6053 Posted: Thu Apr 01 17:44:33 1999 By: Chatty
Subject: Chat Reminder

Just a friendly little reminder that tonight from 9 pm to 12 midnight (Eastern time) there will be a live chat session on the America Fans Live Chat Box. You'll need a Java capable browser in order to join in. Hope lots of you can make it. Among other things you'll be able to discuss what you like or dislike about "Houses In White".

Message: 6052 Posted: Thu Apr 01 17:40:06 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: concert

Does anyone have any info on the Knoxville Tn concert on may ( 19 or 20 ?? I want to order tickets... Joe K

Message: 6051 Posted: Thu Apr 01 16:51:46 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Two More Songs In Commercials

Tim, here are two more for you and anyone else.

"Bend Me, Shake Me" and a parody on "Fame"

Hint on "BM,SM".....I think the group's name is a name that was often mentioned in the OJ Simpson case.

Message: 6050 Posted: Thu Apr 01 16:39:26 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: Song & Commerical Trivia Answers

Just heard the "Break Out" song used in Ford commercial.

It does say "Break Out" but is played to the tune of Le Freak by Chic. Lyrics in Le Freak say Freak Out so is a little change for use in Ford commercial.


Message: 6049 Posted: Thu Apr 01 15:45:04 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Mark's Trivia Answer

Yes, Mark! "Black And White" I saw Three Dog Night when they were touring with AMERICA back in '87. They were wonderful. Man, did they rock. AMERICA performed first that night. I asked the t-shirt sales guy why AMERICA was first and he said they alternate as the lead. I was pleasantly shocked how Three Dog Night could rock. They put on a tremendous show.

Message: 6048 Posted: Thu Apr 01 15:39:07 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: AMERICA #1

Hey all...

Just voted to put America in #1 postion on The Best Bands poll. Kep those votes coming!


Message: 6047 Posted: Thu Apr 01 15:31:04 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Milestone and 3 Dog Night Trivia Q.

Black & White

Message: 6046 Posted: Thu Apr 01 14:45:16 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Houses In White Lyrics

I hear the line from Houses in White as "ashes in our hand". Anyone else?

Shari, I've been listening to the MP3 version of the song which is in stereo and has the best quality of the three formats. Here are the lyrics to the second verse:

Once I saw it all so clear
Miles and miles away from hear
The bridge of trust was burned back there
We all have ashes in our hair

I hope that helps.

Message: 6045 Posted: Thu Apr 01 14:24:29 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Milestone and 3 Dog Night Trivia Q.

JL, is the milestone set at 40 or 50? If it's 40, I've done passed it a few miles back. If it's at 50, I can see something ahead that says only 7.25 miles to go! Mike K was talking about Three Dog Night/Chuck here's a 3DN trivia question: What hit song did they record that was originally put out by another group as a reggae release?

Message: 6044 Posted: Thu Apr 01 13:45:36 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: First 45

40 ? Nah, that's not old. I hit that milestone this August. Don't feel a day over mid-thirties.

Message: 6043 Posted: Thu Apr 01 13:44:34 1999 By: jimnak

That 2nd draft is fabulous. AMERICA has always been open to doing songs that they may not have written when they find material that meets their needs. This song that GERRY has done layers a new dimension to his already rich rainbow of emotion evoking songs. I have always enjoyed the material that they have done that someone else has written. I figure they are songs that meet their tastes &feelings & therefore they are songs that they would have written just the same. This song has the potential to be a blockbuster. If Sarah Mac's work (Surfacing) can have mass commercial appeal, why not songs like HOUSES IN WHITE.
HUMAN NATURE is AMERICA's latest & greatest.

Message: 6042 Posted: Thu Apr 01 13:22:52 1999 By: Mike K.
Subject: America in Baltimore/DC

Hey there;
I've been encouraged by a few of you to post more info about the July 3rd concert in the Baltimore/Washington area. America will be appearing with Chuck Negron; the voice of Three Dog Night. AFter the music, there will be a fantastic fireworks display. We have made arrangements with a local hotel to give America fans a group (discounted) room rate for the night of July 3rd. Tikcets to the show go on sale Saturday July 10th through TicketMaster. If you'd like more information, email me at See you there!

Message: 6041 Posted: Thu Apr 01 13:04:17 1999 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: First 45

Sloop John B- Good Vibrations. Really it was my brothers (god rest his soul) He really influenced me. I remember him bringing this record home. I also remeber my father bringing us to the airport in Minneapolis to see the Hermans Hermits land there in the early to mid 60's. Just turned 40. That's not that old! Is it?

Message: 6040 Posted: Thu Apr 01 12:55:59 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: Mac Music Software Message from Beechlady

thanks Tery and Steve. Maybe our Mac woes will be over?

Message: 6039 Posted: Thu Apr 01 12:21:28 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: First 45

Brandy by Looking Glass (still love that song.)
I hear the line from Houses in White as "ashes in our hand". Anyone else?
ShariL <><

Message: 6038 Posted: Thu Apr 01 11:55:50 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: R of the F R

yep, that's the one. Now I will be humming "pitter patter pitter patter" all day.

Message: 6037 Posted: Thu Apr 01 11:51:42 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: R of the F R

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain telling me just what a fool I've been. I wish that it would go and let me cry in vain and let me be alone again. The only girl I care about has gone away, looking for a brand new start. But little did she know that when she left that day, along with her she took my heart. Rain, please tell me now, does that seem fair for her to steal my heart away when she don't care. I can't love another when my heart's somewhere far away.
The only girl I care about has gone away looking for a brand new start. But little does she know that when she left that day along with her she took my heart....originally done by "The Cascades" Great song, Robyn!!

Message: 6036 Posted: Thu Apr 01 11:37:59 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Duo Tours

LOL I take it the date of the post has something to do with the veracity of the statement

Message: 6035 Posted: Thu Apr 01 11:28:49 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Robyn's First 45

I still have it, I think. I am certain the one I have is Gary Lewis. I wasn't a real Ricky fan. This was in the mid 60's Ricky was passe' then.

Message: 6034 Posted: Thu Apr 01 11:23:43 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Robyn's First 45

Wasn't that a re-make by Ricky Nelson, instead?

Message: 6033 Posted: Thu Apr 01 11:09:09 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: First 45

Boy, this is going to date me! I was about seven, and it was Gary Lewis and the Playboys "Rhythm of the Rain" (Is that the title, its the one that goes "listen to the rhythm of the falling rain, telling me just what a fool I've been...) Gee, now I am going to have THAT stuck in my head all day!!!!!

Message: 6032 Posted: Thu Apr 01 10:58:35 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Mac Music Software Message from Beechlady

Tery is having a tough time getting her Mac to post anything today so she asked me to pass this information along to the rest of you Mac users. She found a good place to go to get sound applications on the web. The URL is and it's called Macintosh Music Software : Listening (Shareware Music Machine). On behalf of the other Mac users, I thank you Tery.

Message: 6031 Posted: Thu Apr 01 10:47:22 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Willie's Response

Ike talked to Willie last night as he was headed out to have birthday dinner and cocktails with a friend. Willie said to tell everyone online, "thanks so much" for the good wishes and he'd see them on the road.

Message: 6030 Posted: Thu Apr 01 10:13:26 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: About Joe B.

Hey everyone,

Does anyone else get the feeling that Joe has a slight dislike for Warner Brothers (or is it just me)?


P.S. Does anyone notice that Joe always starts with "Hey you people" and always ends with a P.S. (or is it just me)?

P.S.S. We love you Joe! Keep those posts coming. By the way, how is the job hunt going?

Message: 6029 Posted: Thu Apr 01 10:01:42 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: How To Listen To "Houses In White"

I tend to agree about dumping my Mac, except, up here in British Columbia, many school districts (I work for one) are completely Mac. They got stuck in this format after starting out with Apple IIEs and evolved into Macs. They have so much invested in the damn machines and techies to keep them up and running that they can't switch. Probably rather than switch to PC so I can hear the new Beckley song, I should figure out how to use mine. Hmmm. There's a thought.

Message: 6028 Posted: Thu Apr 01 09:41:52 1999 By: laura
Subject: first 45

I was usually too greedy to settle for 45s, so never bought many - but 1st was "Catch the Wind" by Donovan

Message: 6027 Posted: Thu Apr 01 09:41:01 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Dynamic Duos

Joe, that IS cool news. But Dolly without Kenny would still be a dynamic duo. Sorry, it must be a 'guy thing'.....called being a pig, most likely.

Message: 6026 Posted: Thu Apr 01 09:31:41 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Duo Tours

Hey You People,

Cool news! Just saw in one of the music biz websites an addition to the summer concert schedule. A tour called "Dynamic Duos". Kind of a mellowed Lollapalooza-type event. So far performers scheduled include Seals & Crofts, Batdorf & Rodney, Aztec Two-Step, Pinkard & Bowden, Chad & Jeremy, Hall & Oates, Cheech & Chong, Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, plus Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton. Maybe Gerry & Dewey can get in this action! The shows will be emceed by Adam West & Burt Ward (TV's Batman & Robin) who will perform tunes from their new CD "I Swear We're Only Friends That Live Together - Nothing More". Looking forward to it.

Joe B

P.S. You can find that info at

Message: 6025 Posted: Thu Apr 01 09:27:50 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: How To Listen To "Houses In White"

Nah...once you go Mac you never go back! lol

Message: 6024 Posted: Thu Apr 01 09:17:46 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: remember your first 45 record?

Hey You People,

Anybody else getting a tremendous sense of deja vu' regarding this question.

Joe B

P.S. My answer was 'Ventura Highway/Saturn Nights" on the old barf green Warner Bros. label. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate WB?

Message: 6023 Posted: Thu Apr 01 08:34:00 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: First 45.

"Imagine" John Lennon.

This morning I was thinking about Houses In White, which led me to this thought. Let's say America gets another shot to put out another album. Wouldn't it be cool if Ian Samwell produced it? Or, better yet, some guy named Dan Peek helped co-produce it? Oh well, just daydreaming. Hey, they can't even get Oxygen to release a second single, who the heck am I to be talking about a second album?


Message: 6022 Posted: Thu Apr 01 08:24:40 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Houses In White" 1st or 2nd Version???

The second part of "Houses In White" sounds great. I like the part about burning the bridges of trust and how "we all have ashes in our hair."

I do, however, like the first version better regarding the opening words that start with "Rose, Rose?" The first version had the caller uncertain about whether she had the right number or not while the updated version omits that portion. I think the original version helps me to empathize more with the caller because not only does she have bad news to deliver but she's not even sure if she has the right phone number. WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK....first version with or second without the right number comment?

Message: 6021 Posted: Thu Apr 01 08:08:49 1999 By: Mark
Subject: re: First 45's

Love Me Do by the Beatles!

Message: 6020 Posted: Thu Apr 01 08:05:42 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: How To Listen To "Houses In White"

I think the real solution is to dump your Mac and buy a real PC. ;)

Message: 6019 Posted: Thu Apr 01 08:00:52 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Seals and Crofts

I used to like some of their stuff like Summer Breeze, Humming Bird, Unborn Child, and We May Never Pass This Way Again. They don't seem to get much air play even on the oldies stations though. And you are right, they are (or at least were) into Bahia. I remember they did a concert at my college back in the 70s and part of the concert was Bahia preaching and recruiting pitch. I always thought it was hypocritical of the university because they sponsored the Seals and Croft concert but said they couldn't sponsor Christian performers, like Dan Peek, because of separation of church and state.

Message: 6018 Posted: Thu Apr 01 05:48:06 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re: First 45's

First 45 from Wallich's Music City (anyone in CA remember that place)? was great..they had "turntable rooms" where you could listen to the record before you bought it..anyway, Mom took me to get "I Like It"..Gerry and the Pacemakers? After that, it was all Beatles!

Message: 6017 Posted: Thu Apr 01 05:41:10 1999 By: Janice
Subject: RE: yer stuff..

Yes, Beth..It IS an ovary thing..I suffered from PMS.."Picking up Men's Stuff"..or better.."Putting up with Men's Stuff"..Take it or Lose it! sorry Bones.

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