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Message: 6850 Posted: Mon May 31 21:56:33 1999 By: Erin

Good luck this summer, guys! I'm really looking forward to seeing you at the Nugget!!
Erin :o)

Message: 6849 Posted: Mon May 31 21:24:38 1999 By: John Lussier

Jim, I know what you mean. When I look at the tour schedule I just shake my head with amazement and awe. Certainly from what everyone here has been saying and from what I've witnessed they make it all seem so effortless but I am sure it must be draining. And after 27 years!! Still hoping there's some juice left in the can to add a stop in Vancouver in the fall.

Message: 6848 Posted: Mon May 31 20:39:06 1999 By: jimnak

AMERICA is about to embark upon a very lengthy, w/little rest, leg of the current lifetime tour. From the start of this leg beginning on June 6th, they expect to be on the road until mid August. May the Gods of Music be w/them. This leg as you all may know, includes Spain & Germany where they are very well accepted. How do they do it all ! Hang in there !!
HUMAN NATURE is AMERICA's latest & greatest CD release.

Message: 6847 Posted: Mon May 31 16:54:09 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: If you're not Tom T Don't read

Sorry about this everyone. Tom, get in touch with me when you get a moment. I can't seem to get through to you. thanks, John

Message: 6846 Posted: Mon May 31 08:46:51 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Disk Full Apology

Over the past couple of days I noticed that there were some "empty" posts on the chat folder. They didn't have any names, subjects, or messages. I checked the chat folder software to see what would cause that and I couldn't find anything suspicious. Last night I found out that the disk drive had filled up and a few messages that were posted were lost. Please accept my apology if you were one of the people who posted something only to see it disappear into Internet oblivion. I talked to the guy that maintains the Nanocorp server last night and he freed up some disk space so that we can continue posting. Soon he'll be installing a new, faster server which will have plenty of disk space. Once again, I apologize to those who may have lost their posts and encourage them to try again. Thanks.

Message: 6845 Posted: Sun May 30 22:23:34 1999 By: Wayne
Subject: Ramblings

Well, the magic of the Wichita concert is still with me...and my family. All the cars now have tapes of America, the kids are hooked...!! I was thinking that although disappointed that I wasn't able to meet the band last Wednesday night, it was still a pleasure to listen to them live. I have also been listening to some of Dan Peek's new stuff. You know, I believe everyone has a purpose on this earth, can there be any doubt what at least one of the purposes the guys in AMERICA have had? Keep it up, AMERICA...
I was also thinking how difficult it must be trying to meet all those expectations of the fans. Playing day after, must be rough. Well, guys, if you read this, there are a lot of people that you and your music inspires. I for one, appreciate it very much, and maybe next time we'll meet up....

Message: 6844 Posted: Sun May 30 15:31:13 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Willie Leacox in Concert

Willie Leacox 25 years & never missed a beat.

Message: 6843 Posted: Sun May 30 12:28:42 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: Willie Leacox in Concert

Way to go, Willie! LOL

Message: 6842 Posted: Sat May 29 23:55:46 1999 By: Ron B
Subject: Willie Leacox in Concert

When I called the Topeka Firefighters for my tickets I asked,"Do you have tickets for the upcoming concert?" The gentleman replied,"Why yes, Willie Leacox is going to be here in concert. He used to live in Topeka,you know. Yes, Willie Leacox in concert. He's going to be with America. Do you remember America?"

Message: 6841 Posted: Sat May 29 13:37:37 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Myrtle beach

The guys have added Myrtle Beach to their list on July 14. Looks like I get to see them 3 times this year!!!!! Anyone else going to the 2nd most popular resort in the Southeast ( Miami ) being #1) Hope to see some of the internet gang there.........Joe K

Message: 6840 Posted: Sat May 29 12:20:31 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: Larimer Square Concert, Denver, CO, June 10

Anybody here going to be at the outdoor Larimer Square concert in Denver on June 10?


Message: 6839 Posted: Sat May 29 10:41:42 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Frog's Rights

Yeah, what he said.....AND someone who doesn't have the b@#ls to be a "real" address....I don't think our founding fathers hid behind a statuary when they gave their remarks....

Message: 6838 Posted: Sat May 29 08:35:50 1999 By: Janice
Subject: lonnnnggg weekend..

Enjoy everyone! Was going to take in a "Dodger game" here in Atlanta, but my household was somewhat disrupted. Thanks for the e-mails..Ryan is doing fine, and we have decided to seize the opportunity to forgive,(the boy will meet with Ryan on Monday), Ryan is no wimp by the way, being 6'2". Anyway, juvenile counseling for the other boy, as well as a humble apology to my son is the plan. I think both boys will benefit from the experience. An apology and a handshake can be powerful tools in teaching teenagers.
School is out..summer is upon us..a week in June on Destin Beach, Florida is rapidly is good. All I need now is an America concert to go to..eyeing the one in Myrtle Beach July 14..anyone down that way? Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!.. :)

Message: 6837 Posted: Sat May 29 06:54:38 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Live CD

Like everyone else on this board, I'd love to see another live CD too. I mean since the tour isn't coming to Erie...or anywhere near Erie, my chances of hearing live Human Nature stuff seems rather slim. But I have to wonder if another live CD ever can be. There have already been three live albums/CD's...and while all us fans would scoop a new one up before the ink on the label is even dry, would there be enough of an interest among Joe Public to warrant Oxygen (or whomever) spending the money to print up/market etc another live release?
I don't know that our support would be enough.

But yeah, live CD #4 would be nice. We can dream can't we?

Everybody have a happy Memorial Day and a safe, fun summer!!

Jim Erie, PA

Message: 6836 Posted: Fri May 28 20:57:48 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Friday...Ahhhhh.

John, 2 bad you had 2 work. We had today off. Make-up snow day built into the school calendar. No snow this winter - no make up day. Nothing beats a four day weekend. Only fifteen school days left.
Nothing would be finer than a live CD in 199niner.

Message: 6835 Posted: Fri May 28 16:54:32 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Friday...Ahhhhh.

As I think I have mentioned, I am an elementary school principal. Today we had our sports day (fun day). lots of games, races etc. outside. A real blast. So I had the difficult task of being the score keeper. Got to sit outside in the sun, sipping cold drinks, had my cd player playing exclusively America all day and (here's the best part) I got paid for it.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Message: 6834 Posted: Fri May 28 15:55:09 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: For joe Knight

Hi Maureen. I wondered where you were hiding. When I saw Gerry at the Knoxville museum we talked about VGG. He asked me if I had heard it and I told him you made me a tape. I told him that I would buy the cd the minute it came out again.... He didn't mind. ( about the copy)
We had a terrific time at the concert. I can't wait for the next one....Good to hear from you again......,, Joe K

Message: 6833 Posted: Fri May 28 15:54:36 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: For joe Knight

Hi Maureen. I wondered where you were hiding. When I saw Gerry at the Knoxville museum we talked about VGG. He asked me if I had heard it and I told him you made me a tape. I told him that I would buy the cd the minute it came out again.... He didn't mind. ( about the copy)
We had a terrific time at the concert. I can't wait for the next one....Good to hear from you again......,, Joe K

Message: 6832 Posted: Fri May 28 14:51:31 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: whew..

is your son ok Janice? My daughter just called complaining about more verbal abuse, so now I have to deal with THAT. She need to develop a thicker skin, I think.
Congrats to Ronnie!
did you all get to check out Joe Knight's pics from the Knoxville show. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all. I want to go to another show!!!!!!
Have a great weekend, all!

Message: 6831 Posted: Fri May 28 14:27:30 1999 By: Janice
Subject: whew..

I have larger things on my mind and wanted to voice my utter horror and disdain at receiving a phone call yesterday at my office telling me that my eldest son was the victim of campus violence..he is ok and resting, and yes, I am pressing charges..the next time I see one of those disrespectful bumper stickers that read "My son beat up your honor student" I swear I will run them off the road".! There. I have vented. On a lighter note, I attended Ronnie's kindergarten graduation today..very sweet. are entitled to your opinion, but I have personally met Steve, as well as visit this site regularly and see the fine work he does everyday for us. He always gives credit where credit is due..and while you are certainly a welcome "poster", please be kind.
He is always quick to mention to origin of any contribution..the other webmaster, to Ike..and so on. Please remember why we are here and who makes it possible..Thanks, Steve. And Virginia..check your e-mail..planning on Denver???

Message: 6830 Posted: Fri May 28 14:07:32 1999 By: Randy
Subject: to bones

Concerning a live cd; I second that motion. Even though the King Biscuit concert was a fairly recent release,the performance was Labor Day of '82. Lots of good, new material since then. My own opinion is that we are long overdue for another live CD.

Message: 6829 Posted: Fri May 28 11:27:32 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: correction

the quote was from Patrick Henry. Glad my brain cells are still kind of functioning.

Message: 6828 Posted: Fri May 28 11:19:41 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Frog's Rights

Kevin's correct that everyone has the right to voice his/her opinion, but to slam Steve with accusations of ripping off material and attempting to steal someone's thunder, is erroneous and is verging on crossing the line in my humble opinion. It certainly isn't the same Steve Lowry that I have had the pleasure of knowing. It's quite the contrary. Steve is one of the most helpful and kind guys around. His intentions are true blue in my book. I don't think we have a Dr. Jekyll (sp?) and Mr. Hyde here!! Maybe Steve is merely caught in the middle of something happening behind the scenes that we don't know about? Just a thought.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Frog made the following statement, "Way back when, someone said something about copying America cds. In one word don't. It's not right to steal their music." Frog's statement is correct about dubbing being a wrong thing to do. However, the reference wasn't correct. The subject was about dubbing Gerry's "VGG" which isn't currently available. It wasn't about dubbing AMERICA's cd's which are available. The situation is a tad(pole) different.

Frog, don't quite posting (not that I think you ever would). It's your right to voice your thoughts but to charge false accusations about Steve, aren't. As I said before, Frog certainly knows how to keep things "hopping" around here. I "leap" to read his posts. Supplies of Compound W are selling quickly.

Message: 6827 Posted: Fri May 28 10:42:58 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Opinions.

to quote Thomas Paine (I think) " I may not agree with what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say it"

But then you have to listen to the rebuttal and take the flack gracefully. I just thought a personal attack was unwarranted.

'nuff said.

Message: 6826 Posted: Fri May 28 10:41:25 1999 By: Bones
Subject: wishing

4 get the next single, give me a live cd from this tour and i'll be a happy camper.

Message: 6825 Posted: Fri May 28 09:10:24 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Opinions.

Speaking of Frog. I'd rather have a website where people are allowed to post their opinions, no matter how loony, controverisal or unpopular they are, than one where it's just one big Brady Bunch Reunion hugfest. Opinions like this, for instance: I think we're more likely to see Warner Brothers release another single from Hideaway than we are to see Oxygen release a second single from Human Nature.


Message: 6824 Posted: Fri May 28 07:21:16 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: For joe Knight

Hi Joe,
Long time not chat. Just checked out your photos. Very nice good you did. Take Care & stay well. Maureen

Message: 6823 Posted: Fri May 28 07:15:17 1999 By: Georgianna
Subject: memorial day

Have a great one everyone!

Message: 6822 Posted: Fri May 28 01:01:17 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: www.venturahighway


I used to check this new America fans site daily, but nothing ever changed. I felt sure that when something was happening there, we would hear about it here in the Chat Folder...thanks to everyone who let on that things were moving on the highway.
LOVE the audio on Gerry's Page!!! And the update "From the Moving Train" was great.



Message: 6821 Posted: Thu May 27 23:56:39 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: photos

Great fotos. Good Knight. We are there.
Steve, please don't waste your time on any explanations. Stay the course, it's not an ego contest, it's an AMERICA contest. You are doing all the right things for AMERICA. There are no fees for hits on any of the AMERICA Web pages, only pluses for supporting the proliferation & continued support for AMERICA. Long live AMERICA !

Message: 6820 Posted: Thu May 27 23:02:36 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: My Ramblings

After a terribly busy day at work followed by lots of yard work I sat down and incorporated the wonderful photos that Joe Knight sent me from the May 20 Knoxville concert. I then decided to take a look at the chat folder before retiring for the night and the first thing I was hit with was Frogs onslaught. Quite honestly, all I could do was laugh (sorry Frog). Frog is entitled to his opinion and what he says is pretty much like water off a ducks back as far as I'm concerned. I am grateful to know that the rest of you don't share his opinion. If you all did, there really wouldn't be any reason to maintain the America Fans web site.

Let me share with those of you who care (probably not Frog) the two reasons why I posted Dewey's message on the chat folder. First of all, as many of you already mentioned there hasn't been much action on the VenturaHighway web site and I hadn't been checking it very frequently. When YngMoon and Robyn talked about "The Moving Train" stuff I didn't know what they were talking about. The next time I checked the VenturaHighway web site I realized what they were saying and I thought it was worth every America fan knowing about. So I posted the text of Dewey's message and let everyone know where it came from so they could also check it out (I even put a link to the web site in the post). The second reason is so that Dewey's message could be archived and preserved. All of the messages posted on the chat folder are eventually archived and are searchable by the America Fans Search Engine. This makes it easy for fans to find things they are looking for without hunting through tons of web pages.

As was previously mentioned, the webmaster of VenturaHighway and I are working together. We both have links to this Chat Folder and it is a place for all fans to share thoughts and information.

Thanks to all of you who voiced your support. It is to you and the others who quietly support the America Fans web site that I do what I do. To the Frog, keep rambling if you want. I need a good laugh now and again and it's very seldom that I've read anything from you that has benefitted me (just my opinion).

Take care everyone.

Message: 6819 Posted: Thu May 27 22:55:04 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Frogman

Let's face it, the frogman is entitled to his own opinion whether he is right or wrong. It sounded like he/she upset many America fans out there, so frogman or frog women, instead of upsetting people on this website, go out in the back yard with two of your friends and take turns saying: BUD - WEI - SER.
Hey Joe B. after you post your message, you got to take your hand off the mouse man. That way there's no more double posting. Plus I heard the internet police is looking for guys who double post. Be careful. Have a good one.

Message: 6818 Posted: Thu May 27 22:49:01 1999 By: Joanne
Subject: Steve: We love you man!!!!!!!!

The frog needs to lighten up,and drink a bud or bug.The "frog" needs the "guru" breathe and relax.Steve "Don't let them get you down" I look forward to the chat to sometimes escape the everyday issues of life, and think about a band that has brought such happiness to my life.Lets move on.Take care Joanne Meyers

Message: 6817 Posted: Thu May 27 22:41:34 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: photos

hey guys!Check out the photos from the may 20 Knoxville concert and tell me what you think.............Joe and Terry Knight

Message: 6816 Posted: Thu May 27 22:30:46 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Frogman

Hey You People,

I think anyone who double-posts should be banned from this board permanently. Just my opinion.

Joe B

Message: 6815 Posted: Thu May 27 22:29:19 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Frogman

Hey You People,

I think anyone who double-posts should be banned from the board permanently. Just my opinion.

Joe B

Message: 6814 Posted: Thu May 27 22:16:02 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Frogman

My Mum used to say "If you have nothing nice to say about someone, then say nothing at all"

Nothing At All

Message: 6813 Posted: Thu May 27 20:16:09 1999 By: Mark McVey
Subject: Re: Ramblings and reviews


I simply asked Gerry what was going to happen with "Houses in White"? Was is going to show up on a future America or Solo release?
Gerry said that they have worked on/off on this for a few years and he sees it as a freeebie that they'll continue to play with and let us hear along the way. That was about it. It is a cover, Gerry did not write this, he said he's very careful about anything he covers. I told him about the erie feeling I get when I listen to the last part of the song where you can faintly hear the sirens and crackling of the police radio... The first time I heard this part was right after the Colorado shootings and it gave me chills... That was it.

Gerry did tell me another project he's playing with and will hopefully (?) appear on the new web page soon, but I won't spill any beans on that one. I don't want to ruin any suprises...

Take Care,

Mark (In KC)

Message: 6812 Posted: Thu May 27 20:05:02 1999 By: laura
Subject: there's room in this world for frogs too

OK, we already have to register now, (despite the loopholes to be found --- also, anonymous is not ALWAYS a bad guy!) Next do you make it to where all thoughts have to be agreed upon by everyone, or at least the innermost circle, BEFORE deemed allowed fit for human consumtion, public viewing?

So you don't like what certain amphibian creatures have to say, (& NO, I don't agree with him/her either)- but if that's what the frog REALLY felt, then I say it's nice that frogs have a place to say what they're thinking about also. My skin is thick enough to handle another viewpoint, I can make up my own mind, & even appreciate seeing how the same things can be interpreted by another fan in an entirely different light. And yeah, Froggy's got some things WRONG, no other way to put it, but hey, I've been waaaayyyy wrong on things before also & if you don't put your sometimes stupid little comments out there, then no one can point out the varying ways of thinking about the very same stuff.

I have much appreciation for this place too & the folks involved - but don't sanitize it too much, a forum is just that - a forum for varying thoughts, viewpoints --- correct??? (she said naively, perhaps...)

Message: 6811 Posted: Thu May 27 19:36:20 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Frog


As we've discussed here before, you are certainly entitled to your opinions. However, anonymous personal attacks are not welcome nor will they be tolerated. Regarding your negative comments about Steve, please crawl call back under your lily pad and appreciate the hard work and dedication he's put into this. Considering all the time and effort he's put into the fan's site, his support/publicizing of had been nothing short of exemplary. Boosting the band and connecting fans is what both sites can and will continue to do. Honest observation, frustration (re:Oxygen), are valuable parts of this exercise in human connection and are encouraged on this board. Cut the other crap out immediately.

Joe B

Message: 6810 Posted: Thu May 27 19:36:03 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Frog

Please eliminate the word "call" from my previous (and quite dramatic) statement. Thanks muchly.

Joe B

Message: 6809 Posted: Thu May 27 19:35:42 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Frog

Please eliminate the word "call" from my previous (and quite dramatic) statement. Thanks muchly.

Joe B

Message: 6808 Posted: Thu May 27 19:34:25 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Frog


As we've discussed here before, you are certainly entitled to your opinions. However, anonymous personal attacks are not welcome nor will they be tolerated. Regarding your negative comments about Steve, please crawl call back under your lily pad and appreciate the hard work and dedication he's put into this. Considering all the time and effort he's put into the fan's site, his support/publicizing of had been nothing short of exemplary. Boosting the band and connecting fans is what both sites can and will continue to do. Honest observation, frustration (re:Oxygen), are valuable parts of this exercise in human connection and are encouraged on this board. Cut the other crap out immediately.

Joe B

Message: 6807 Posted: Thu May 27 19:11:02 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: frogb52


For one thing, you're not a true America Fan....
you can't spell Dan Peek!!!!!!!!

TSK TSK TSK. Not kosher in my book. See ya later,hl

Message: 6806 Posted: Thu May 27 18:42:49 1999 By: gary
Subject: froggy

I think froggy pretty much summed up his post right from the beginning: "assorted ramblings".


Message: 6805 Posted: Thu May 27 18:27:54 1999 By: Randy
Subject: correction

That's- thanks to Steve

Message: 6804 Posted: Thu May 27 18:26:29 1999 By: Randy
Subject: to the frog

frog, please lighten up. I'm new to this chat folder, but for most America fans, I think that it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Finally, thaks to Steve for a great job as webmaster

Message: 6803 Posted: Thu May 27 18:13:56 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: photos

Steve I sent the photos via Email. I put 5 pictures on the same Email.Please let me know if they didn't get to you. Also please let me know what you think

Message: 6802 Posted: Thu May 27 18:12:19 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: thoughts

Robyn, Gerry said that he was trying to buy the rights to VGG from the Japanese Co. that owns the rights. As soon as he gets any news he said he would let us know via the web sight.........Joe

Message: 6801 Posted: Thu May 27 17:32:45 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Ramblings

Anonymity takes great "courage", eh? This all sounds a little too familiar........sigh. Guess it's been the "prescribed" time off from FLAMERS, so someone just HAD to come in and stir the pot.....

Message: 6800 Posted: Thu May 27 17:15:22 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: thoughts

ok on to more positive thoughts (I hope)
Johnny, please post your "One Morning" question on the FAAQ page of it will be interesting to FINALLY get an answer that has plagued this page for months!

Has anyone heard from KarenD? I know she was out for a while, but it would be nice to know that she still has her hand in the works.

Does anyone know if and when Van Go Gan will be re released? I feel so guilty and will be first in line, cash in hand when it is available again.
Finally, at the risk of annoying frog even more, I would like to thank Steve for keeping us informed. You are doing a terrific job and I for one appreciate your efforts.

Message: 6799 Posted: Thu May 27 16:25:32 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: Word To The Frog

Frog I would like to tell you what I really think of you. I wont on this sight because of all the other nice people here. I TRIED to EMAIL you but you are not a known member to aol.(which means you have given an incorrect address.) read between the lines..... Joe Knight

Message: 6798 Posted: Thu May 27 15:43:10 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Word To The Frog

Frog, I was the one who asked the question about dubbing a copy from a CD. I specifically asked Ike if he could ask Gerry his opinion about dubbing a copy of "Van Go Gan" since it's currently unavailable to interested fans. Ike's answer was not to. Ike went on to say that Gerry understands that it's probably done anyway. Ike suggested to those who receive a dubbed copy, to buy the CD when it becomes available again as a means to make it "right". Ike went on to say that he believes most fans will anyway (make it right).

I just wanted to set the record straight because you left the impression with me that you thought fans were copying AMERICA's CD's instead of buying them when the CD's are available in stores.

As far as your "friendly webmaster here ripped off the new....." comment, you're way off the lily pad on this one, my fellow AMERICA fan. Steve Lowry is one of the kindest, most considerate gentlemen around!!!

I'm not sure if you're just trying to get a rise out of everyone or if you sincerely believe the comments you make. I'll say this about you: You make life on/in "this pond" very interesting!

Message: 6797 Posted: Thu May 27 14:40:24 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Shared Chat Folder

that's "scroll"...thankyou

Message: 6796 Posted: Thu May 27 14:38:17 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Shared Chat Folder

did you all know that if you go to, you can skroll down the list to "LINKS" and hook up to Steve's "Shared Chat Folder". This way it makes it easier to see what's happening with both sites.

Message: 6795 Posted: Thu May 27 14:19:35 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Re: Frog.

Frog: What do you mean when you say Oxygen is making a midnight move? And about Steve, all I can say is his website has brought a lot to me personally, I look forward to it on a daily basis, and I don't think he would have reprinted, or in your words "stolen," the section from if the people at didn't want him to. I'm with ShariL on this one. I haven't been to the site for a while because there was never anything new there (not being negative, just an observtion). Now, thanks to Steve, I know things are happening there and I will go check it out. But, I agree with you on one count, I too wonder what's happened to Oxygen Records.


Message: 6794 Posted: Thu May 27 13:27:07 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Re: hey frog

Tell that frog to calm down. True America fan don't talk like that.

Message: 6793 Posted: Thu May 27 12:15:27 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: hey frog

ShariL, Robyn, and John- well said.

Message: 6792 Posted: Thu May 27 12:04:10 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: hey frog

You know, if you start trashing people for their sincere efforts they stop caring and stop putting in the time. That would be more that a shame. There are a whole lot of fans out here that truly and deeply appreciate what Steve has done here. He's not ripping anything off, just making things easier for us. And... I seem to remember reading on a thank you from their webmaster to Steve for the concert listings. Hmmm. Sounds to me like good people sharing information, their techno-talents and their love of America.

For Steve. Regardless of what any amphibians say, this Canuck thanks you for keeping us all connected and able to discuss the Gerry's and Dewey's incredible talents.

Message: 6791 Posted: Thu May 27 11:40:18 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: hey frog

geez,frog. your anger at Steve is totally unfounded! Steve is doing a terrific job keeping us all informed. If you will note,the page calls this folder a "shared" one. What's the deal dude?

Message: 6790 Posted: Thu May 27 11:04:25 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Ramblings and reviews

Frog - Talk about an attitude! Wow! If you don't like this site and Steve's WONDERFUL efforts as webmaster, why are you here? I appreciate Steve posting that, because I only went once to the site, and found it pretty empty. So I haven't been back, and appreciated getting the information. He give credit where it's due, and keeps us informed. Isn't that what a web site is for? Sharing information? Lighten up, please!
Mark in Kasans City - what did Gerry have to say about Houses in White?
ShariL <><

Message: 6789 Posted: Thu May 27 10:45:33 1999 By: FrogB52
Subject: Ramblings

Got moved around and got the old computer going again but maybe just temporarily. Read scads of messages and have some assorted ramblings. Was good to find out so many Humanature songs are being played at the shows and will probably get to one in the midwest or east coast this summer. That reminds me to ask where is Oxygen anyway? They were all gungho a year ago and a lot of people were sucking up to them and now they are goners it looks like. This place was like the daily suck up to Oxygen show and now theyre gone without even so much as a friendly goodbye. Must make people feel theyve been played for fools. Live and learn I guess. Thought they might release another song or two but I guess they were just blowing smoke. They had an attitude.

Then I see the friendly webmaster here ripped off the new "From a moving train" note from DeweyB allegedly for "our convenience" that was a new feature of the new page by America. Talk about stealing someone elses thunder. Get off it dude. Give it a rest cuz its the most annoying and disgusting thing I've seen on any music web page and the guy doesnt quit. Why cant he stick to his own stuff and quit ripping off others. I for one dont like to see this page facsimile Besides its disrespectful to all those working on Just a thought.

This place is probably on shaky ground anyway with Oxygen making a midnight move.

Will order D. Peaks new cd and keep the reviews coming.

Way back when someone said something about copying America cds. In one word don't. Its not right to steal their music. Buy the cds instead. Til later.

Message: 6788 Posted: Thu May 27 09:40:52 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Wichita review

Thanks for another great review, Wayne. Too bad you didn't get to meet the guys but it was good that you connected with Ike. Ike is a great supporter of the guys and knows them just about as well as anyone. It was interesting to read about your daughter's boyfriend's thoughts about the songs. It sounds like he recognizes good stuff when he hears it.

Message: 6787 Posted: Thu May 27 06:37:44 1999 By: Wayne
Subject: Wichita review

The Wichita concert has come and gone. The Nelsons were very good...first time I've seen them. America came on stage and for the first few numbers kinda looked tired to me....but it was the 9th performance in 8 days. They recovered. It was great. My 10 year old son especially enjoyed it, as well as 2 of my daughters and one of their boyfriends. It didn't work out that I could meet Dewey and Gerry. They pretty much made a beeline for the bus. Dewey did stick around for a couple of minutes...but I missed out. Oh well, some other time I guess. I was able to connect with Ike...Ike, you're a very busy guy, but was nice meeting you. Here is the playlist from Wichita. Was VERY glad to hear Wednesday Morning in the playlist.

Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic
Don't Cross the River
Daisy Jane
Three Roses
I Need You (my all time favorite)
Wednesday Morning (daughter's boyfriend thought this was awesome)
Tin Man
Only In Your Heart
California Dreamin'
Lonely People
From A Moving Train (He thought this one was awesome too)
Never Be Lonely
Sandman (They had a lot of fun on this one)
Sister Golden Hair

Encore: Horse With No Name (With Haley and the Nelsons)

Later all....


Message: 6786 Posted: Wed May 26 23:36:34 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: From The Moving Train

Some of you may be wondering (as I was) what Robyn and YngMoon were talking about when they mentioned "From The Moving Train". Well, I'm a little slow, but I finally figured it out so I'll share it with the rest of you (who have already figured it out, of course). Gerry and Deweys web site ( has been updated to include a Question/Answer section and a monthly update section called "From The Moving Train". The first update was written yesterday by Dewey. I have included it here for your convenience. Thanks Gerry and Dewey for keeping all of us fans in mind.


Greetings All,

Gerry and I are hoping to use our new site here at to bring something different to everyone. The other sites provide such comprehensive and interesting interaction that we have been hard pressed to find anything to add ourselves! However, the information we are able to provide is news from the actual road. And so we are going to attempt to describe various stops along the way, "from the moving train!" Points of interest pertaining to the cities, as well as the shows themselves, anecdotes and uploaded photos, etc. We will try to post at least monthly and hopefully more, when possible.

Sometimes there will be in depth reports, other times maybe merely a line or two. We'll see how it works!

And so, first of all, the band sends their best from the road. We are presently in Topeka, Kansas. Tonight will be the 8th show in 7 days with the Nelson brothers, Matthew and Gunnar, and their colleague Stephen. As many of you know we have been doing a series of shows again this year to benefit local Firefighters Associations around the country. The shows are generally in big venues offering us the opportunity to reach a larger audience, and at the same time help a worthy cause. The shows have been terrific and the Nelsons are very professional and fun to hang out with including joining us on "Horse with No Name". Willie, being the sport that he is, hands over the sticks to Gunnar, while Matthew plays an elctric guitar solo before Woodz!

Yesterday was a particularly interesting day in St. Joseph, Mo. It qualifies as an official "All-American" city by virtue of it's historical significance. Jesse James' home is here...where he was ultimately shot in the back by an acquaintance, while straightening a picture on the wall! You can actually see the bullet hole in the wall along with other interesting memorabilia! It is also the site of the Pony Express museum. The Pony Express originated here and was a fascinating, although relatively short, chapter in American history, spawning many tales of heroism and colorful characters.

As far as the show goes, we have indeed added "Wednesday Morning" to the set, bring the total to five songs from "Human Nature". Tonight will be the fourth performance after rehearsing initially in Louisville, KY. We wanted to get it in shape for Spain, particularly as it has been well received over there. It's always fun, and at times nerve-wracking, to work up new material! This is an example of a song that is fun to play, with a strong chorus and strumming acoustics. Michael plays the electric 12-string and Gerry the acoustic 12-string providing a full sound to the arrangement. It is feeling more comfortable nightly.

Well, we'll leave it at that for now. Until later......"From the Moving Train"......America

Message: 6785 Posted: Wed May 26 22:46:38 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: grovelling one final time

Ok, I promise I won't ask again. Is there any wonderfully kind, caring, thoughtful America fan out there, one who would lend a hand to another fan in need? No I don't need a kidney or help with my mortgage. Well, actually... never mind. I would love to get a new tour t-shirt but I am not seeing any Northwest dates on the tour schedule. Would anyone who is attending a concert be willing to pick one up for me. I'll of course cover all costs. I would be forever indebted to anyone who could help me out. Just e-mail me. Thanks

the fan formally known as JL.

Message: 6784 Posted: Wed May 26 22:13:18 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Topeka Review

Thanks for the great review, Mark. I'm glad you got the password situation resolved (LOL).

Message: 6783 Posted: Wed May 26 21:36:22 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: To Johnny, plus mental meanderings

Now you have a place, via, to ask your question about the song "One Morning". Let the rest of us know when you get an answer. I'm curious, too.
Enjoyed Dewey's (I'm assuming) "From the Moving Train" comments, and hope to hear more from D and/or G from on the road. Thanks for taking the time to do this, guys. I'm sure I speak for all the fans who frequent the web pages when I say we really appreciate it.
I think this may be the summer I finally can make up for lost time and get to some concerts! With any luck, I'll make it to five or six, so I guess I'll be able to look back on it as my summer as an America groupie. Please, folks, tell me I'm not being ridiculous. All my friends just shake their heads and roll their eyes. I know all of YOU out there understand...right?

Message: 6782 Posted: Wed May 26 21:29:10 1999 By: Mark McVey
Subject: Topeka Review

I tried to post this last night, but for the life of me I couldn't remember my password. I really don't know if I ever had one, but I do now. Here's my review of the Topeka show last night, so anywhere you see "tonight" replace it with "last night". Also, please excuse my spelling. MarkinKC...

I took off from work about 530pm tonight and made the 1 hour trip West to Topeka (yes that's in Kansas) to catch the America Show. What a great night!!! The atmosphere was great, the crowd was on, Nelson was on and the guys were especially on. It's amazing what a good crowd can do to these guys. This was my 13th America show over the years and this was by far the best show next to the Silent Letter show that I've been too!!! America has alway been good and professional, but tonight they hit on all cylinders...

I settled in on the outside of the 10th row, so I got a good view of Gerry on Piano. Nelson took the stage right at 730pm to a crowd of about 1500-2000 (give or take a few). They shared the stage with Steve McClintock who later sang a song occapello (I hope the spell check can save me on that word) song that was great. Nelson played some old tunes, some new tunes (which were all great) and 3 of their fathers songs. They did say they where recoding the show for a live release and had mikes on the crowd. They finished the night with "A Garden Party" and spent some time telling the story behind the song. It was a great tribute their father...

After about a 15 minute break America toook the stage. We all pretty much know the set list, but I'll cover it anyways. Riverside, Venture Highway, You Can Do Magic, Don't Cross the River (Sung by Gerry), Daisy Jane, Moment to Moment (this didn't come off as strong as I had hoped , but was still great), Three Roses, I Need You, Wednesday Morning (Great!!!, this should be the next single, wake up Oxygen and do something, please...), Wheels are Turning (Great also!!!), Tin Man, Only in your Heart, California Dreaming (the lady next to me just got back from LA, and was so excited by this song, I thought she was going to pee her pants, ha...), Lonely People (Sung by Dewey), Never Be Lonely (powerful, powerful, powerful...), Sandman (still love this intro), Sister Golden Hair, Horse

They didn't do FAMT or Pages, which was ok since I've already heard them 2x in concert to date. Both Gerry and Dewey where animated, joking and talked more than I think I've ever heard them do before. All the old songs got great applause and the new ones did to, Pete even got a semi standing ovation when introduces by Gerry when switching Gituars. Willie also got once since he is a graduate of Washburn College in Topeka, yeeeha... I moved up to the front of the stage for Horse, which the Nelson's and Steve McClintock joined them onstage for, the 5 man gituar dip brought the house down... The front of the stage became a dance floor during Horse, the security guy for some reason was trying to stop the dancing, but he finally gave up...

After the show I got Pete to give me set list from Gerry's piano. Gerry and Dewey took off pretty fast, so I had the Nelson's and Steve McClintock sign the list. I then dropped by the bar at the hotel and Gerry wondered in. He graciously signed the set list and an old 8 track of Hat Trick. Gerry then sat around for about 10 minutes and talked, it was great. He gave me an update on the web page and some things they have planned and we talked some about Houses in White. After that I headed back home to K.C.

I couldn't have asked for a better evening.

G'nite and God Bless,

Mark (the seldom posting and mostly lurker from Kansas City)...

Message: 6781 Posted: Wed May 26 18:14:55 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re:

YES....How cool is that......

Message: 6780 Posted: Wed May 26 18:05:11 1999 By: Robyn

I have been out of the loop for a few days. Is the message from a moving train new? Cool idea!

Hey Johnny, thanks for answering my question about the postcard. also, that list of cover artists just proves you have waaay too much time on your hands ;). (I was ROFLMHO!)

Message: 6779 Posted: Wed May 26 14:57:01 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: various and sundry...

well, I am back after a miserable weekend plus in 29 Palms. My mom is much better. Interesting posts from all regarding comfort songs. I took ALL my America CDs with me. Believe it or not the song that gave us all some comfort was HANGOVER!!! I played it for my dad and my sister and they both laughed till tears ran down their cheeks. Funny what makes you laugh during a crisis, huh. Now I have to find another copy of Alibi somewhere for my sister!

Message: 6778 Posted: Wed May 26 14:56:41 1999 By: Janice
Subject: it all makes sense now, Johnny.

You have nothing else to do in your little remote town of the way, your lists are great!!

Message: 6777 Posted: Wed May 26 13:49:54 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: To Virginia

I think you've found a "Hidden Talent". Enjoyed your lists.

Message: 6776 Posted: Wed May 26 13:17:50 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: To Virginia

Virginia, not all night but a couple of hours.

Message: 6775 Posted: Wed May 26 11:10:14 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Switchfoot's Coming

I opened this morning's local newspaper and I was VERY surprised to see Matt Beckley's band friends, Switchfoot. They will be performing here tomorrow in my little hometown of Hobbs, New Mexico. Hobbs is a very remote oil producing town of only about 28,000 people. The nearest cities of any notable size are Lubbock and Midland, Texas which are 100 miles away, each. It's ironic about Switchfoot because we haven't spoken about them in a long time until yesterday as mentioned by KevinS and Erin. I was told that Ike and Willie once were forced to fly into Hobbs due to a horrid thunderstorm. It would indeed take a mighty act-of-God to cause anyone to want to come here. The same is true with Switchfoot's arrival. They are supported by a local church youth group. Living in the desert, I didn't know that "switchfoot" is a surfing term. I learned that this morning from the newspaper article. I had wondered what it meant. Matt, if you're on-line and see or speak to your Switchfoot friends, you might want to warn them that we speak with a Texas drawl here in this part of New Mexico. Visitors often comment about it (preceded by their laughter).

Message: 6774 Posted: Wed May 26 10:20:56 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Covers

Johnny, were you up all night thinking of these? I'm amazed.

Message: 6773 Posted: Wed May 26 10:02:38 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Arizona Republic

America was considered a "super-group" in the mid-70s and their songs were in the play rotation of not only AM pop stations but every FM rock station that played album cuts

You're absolutely right, Mark. In fact, a couple of weeks ago a new (actually renewed) radio station started in Salt Lake City. The station is KCPX and during the 70's KCPX was an AM station that played top 40 rock and roll. Now they have moved to FM and they are playing the same songs that they played back in the 70's. It's great!! I hear them play America songs several times each day which is a reminder that America really was (and still is) a super group.

Message: 6772 Posted: Wed May 26 08:29:59 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Arizona Republic

I'm tired of America being the butt of jokes. It's revisionist history, because America was considered a "super-group" in the mid-70s and their songs were in the play rotation of not only AM pop stations but every FM rock station that played album cuts (the fore runners of today's classic rock stations). But at least the guy got their names correct. Most media rock "experts" can't even do that.

Message: 6771 Posted: Wed May 26 07:53:10 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Covers

A "few" more and I PROMISE to quit:

"Jet Boy Blue" Deep Purple; "Only Game In Town" Fats Domino; "Lonely People" Crowded House; "Sleeper Train" Jefferson Starship; "Can't You See" Looking Glass; "Another Try" Temptations; "Are You There" Yes; "Bell Tree" Robert Plant; "California Dreamin'" Alabama; "Call Of The Wild" Peace; "Kiss Of Life" Megadeath; "Lovely Night" Doris Day; "Mad Dog" Toto; "Man's Road" Highway 101; "Miniature" The Big Bopper; "Mirror To Mirror" Faces; "Monster" Prince; "My Kinda Woman" Boy George; "Old Virgina" Neil Young; "Oloololo" Poco; "One Day's Duning" Night Ranger; "Sunrise Sunset" PM Dawn; "Only In Your Heart" The Pretenders; "Donkey Jaw" Switchfoot; "Foolin'" OJays; "Garden Of Peace" War; "Green Monkey" Blue Swede; "Half A Man" KD Lang; "Greenhouse" BluLight; "Hollywood" Boston; "Honey" Sugar Loaf; "Hope" and "I Do Believe In You" Faith No More; "House Of Cards" Amazing Rhythm Aces; "People In The Valley" The Village People; "Rainy Day" Gladys Knight; "Riverside" Muddy Waters; "Sarah" Julio; "Seasons" Edgar Winter and Donna Summer; "Sergeant Darkness" Barry White; "Someday Woman" BoyzIIMen; "Survival" The Dead Kennedys; "Tall Treasures" Littl' Jimmy Dickens; "The Farm" Pure Prairie League; "The Last Unicorn" The First Edition; "Till The Sun Comes Up Again" Moon Zappa; "Tin Man" Lead Zepplin; "You Can Do Magic" Cheap Trick; "World Alone" Rare Earth; "Willow Tree Lullaby" Kate Bush; "Whole Wide World" Michael Martin Murphey; "Today's The Day" Night Ranger; "Ventura Highway" Patty Lane; "Who Loves You" The Guess Who; "To Each His Own" All 4 One; "Slow Down" The Go-Go's; "Hurricane" Earth, Wind & Fire; "I Don't Believe In Miracles" Smokey Robinson; "Lonely People" 10,000 Maniacs.

Message: 6770 Posted: Wed May 26 06:58:04 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Topeka concert

I'm from upstate NY and my daughter called me last night from Topeka Kansas after seeing America concert. She is now a true America fan. She said they were great and could not believe how good they were. Jerry gave her a guitar pick and shook her hand while they were playing a song. She is coming back to NY this July to see them again at the Friar Tuck Inn with my wife and I. Just to let you all know America is doing a great job. Peace to all

Message: 6769 Posted: Tue May 25 23:28:15 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Great new CD.

Thanks for the tip, Kevin. I'll have to check that out. I LOVE the Switchfoot CD!
Erin :o)

Message: 6768 Posted: Tue May 25 22:12:43 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Re: Above the covers

Bones - Bill should do Never Be Lonely.
Johnny - as always, you are a creative genius! What a hoot!
And yes, Jars of Clay, especially the first self-titled cd,is a great band with a very mellow sound. A favorite of my teenage daugher!
ShariL <><

Message: 6767 Posted: Tue May 25 21:50:26 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Above The Covers

Weird Al Yankovic sings AMERICA'S greatest hits with a polka beat.
If Monica sings "She's a liar", Hillary could sing "Foolin" and what could Bill sing? How about "Slow Down"

Message: 6766 Posted: Tue May 25 21:29:37 1999 By: richm
Subject: RE:Arizona Republic

Yeah, I know. Its just more of the typical media response - they think they know America, but they really don't. They are quick to trash them - in jest as this writer obviously does and as "knowledgable rock critics" have - but they don't really know the facts.

Message: 6765 Posted: Tue May 25 21:23:11 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: re:above the covers

...there is a CD by "Toad the wet sprocket" called "Acoustic Dance Party" has five live acoustic recordings....the first time that I heard it I thought of "America"..(it's funny but,the benchmark for perfection for me has always been America).........this CD could have included covers of "Riverside" and "Three Roses" and the songs would have fit in the mix just those are my two cover picks!

Message: 6764 Posted: Tue May 25 19:51:22 1999 By: Joanne
Subject: RE:Arizona Republic

Rich, Dan Peek left America in 1977.Their last album with Dan was Harbor as America-Last concert was at the Nassau Coliseum Long Island NY (I was there).I think the writer of the article is mistaken.Take care Joanne Meyers

Message: 6763 Posted: Tue May 25 19:15:48 1999 By: richm
Subject: Arizona Republic

Hi! This is my first message in a very long time, although I read the chat board regularly. I found a newspaper column that I thought was sort of funny and decided to pass along. It comes from a column in the May 17 Arizona Republic. The author mentions a 1968 previously unreleased Beatles song which apparently will be coming out at the end of the summer. He then continues with a tongue-in-cheek description of fictional outtakes and unreleased material by artists that he would rather not see. Along with Van Halen, KC & the Sunshine Band and Led Zepplin, the list includes America. Here is the excerpt:

"A previously unreleased song, believed to be the last recording by the band America, will be out late summer. The two-minute, still untitled song was recorded in 1983...It features Dewey Bunnell on lead vocals; he is interrupted by bandmates Dan Peek and Gerry Beckley. Peek shouts, "Enough already! This is too wimpy, even for us." Beckley adds "I'm fallin asleep here. We suck."

Although I disagree with the author's comments he does hit upon two of the common (usually misguided) criticisms of their work: short songs that are too mellow. Any comments? (p.s. In case anyone thinks I am criticizing America, they are my favorite band. Also, as mentioned in a previous post, Jars of Clay is a good band and worth looking into.)

Message: 6762 Posted: Tue May 25 18:20:44 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: opps again

I need spell and grammer check.....o-well....

Message: 6761 Posted: Tue May 25 18:18:48 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Jars of Clay

Jim....Jars of Clay are a great band!! There best CD is there first release "Jars of Clay"....released I think in 1995.....the song "flood from that CD got alot of airplay.....I also have a christmas single they did a couple of years ago "Drummer Boy"....they do have some "America" in there sound (70's America sound)...and yes they are a christian band.....

Message: 6760 Posted: Tue May 25 17:42:19 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Above The Covers

A few more... Cryin' in my Sleep, Tears for Fears. Hot Town, 98 Degrees. Monster, Marilyn Manson. Pages, Booker T. & the MG's. Old Virginia, ME!(no, you wouldn't want that).

Message: 6759 Posted: Tue May 25 17:15:17 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Above The Covers

Johnny, Priceless.

Message: 6758 Posted: Tue May 25 17:14:08 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Above The Covers

Johnny, you forgot one...You Can Do Magic- ? and the Mysterians.

Message: 6757 Posted: Tue May 25 17:04:51 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Johnny

Half A Man, Michael Jackson. Now that's funny.

Kevin S.

Message: 6756 Posted: Tue May 25 16:03:34 1999 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: Re: Above The Covers

You are too much!!!!

Message: 6755 Posted: Tue May 25 15:37:11 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Above The Covers

"Old Man Took" Paul Young; "No Fortune" Charlie Rich; "On Target" Aerosmith; "Company" Bad Company; "Mad Dog" Three Dog Night; "Coastline" Beach Boys; "Love's Worn Out Again" Patti Loveless; "Miniature" Brenda Lee; "Even The Score" Player; "From A Moving Train" Boxcar Willie"; "Hat Trick" Cheap Trick; "Hangover" Dean Martin; "Wednesday Morning" Til Tuesday; "Monster" Meatloaf; "Hard To Sleep" Asleep At The Wheel; "Hot Town" Cher; "1960" B-52s; "Can't Sleep To A Lullaby" The Babies; "Children" New Kids On The Block; "Watership Down" The Drifters; "Saturn Nights" Keith Moon; "A Horse With No Name" Journey; "Head And Heart" Talking Heads and The Wilson Sisters (Heart); "High In The City" Chicago; "I Do Believe In You" Chris Christian; "I Need You" U2; "Pigeon Song" The Byrds; "Playing God" Jesus Jones; "Rainbow Song" Toto; "Seasons" Frankie Valli; "She's A Liar" Monica; "SISTER Golden Hair" The Doobie BROTHERS; "Slow Down" REO Speedwagon or The Turtles; "Stereo" Radio; "The Story Of A Teenager" Leann Rimes; "Tin Man" Liza Manelli (daughter of Judy Garland); "Valentine" Heart; "Wheels Are Turning" The Cars; "You" We Five; "Right Back To Me" Lefty Frizzell; "Glad To See You" Stevie Wonder; and my favorite, "HALF A MAN" MICHAEL JACKSON!!

Message: 6754 Posted: Tue May 25 15:33:59 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Not Above The Covers

HELLO?????? It's only been a couple of hours and MY GOODNESS! What creativity springs forth from the minds of America's Fans!!!! Most impressive young jedis, MOST IMPRESSIVE.........(C:

Message: 6753 Posted: Tue May 25 15:31:47 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Not Above The Covers/Joyce

Thanks. I've always had the hots for LordyMAMA.

Message: 6752 Posted: Tue May 25 15:02:00 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Not Above The Covers

How about the late Bob Marley doing "Port Of Call" (or maybe his son Ziggy)?
or KISS doing Valentine? :-)

Message: 6751 Posted: Tue May 25 13:42:09 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Not Above The Covers

Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston - She's Gonna Let You Down
Sheryl Crow - Wednesday Morning

Message: 6750 Posted: Tue May 25 13:28:47 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: Re: Not Above The Covers

Sister Golden Hair-BRYAN WHITE & Tin Man-- JEWEL !!--By the way beech, GREAT choice in Duran Duran !!--:)--JOYCE

Message: 6749 Posted: Tue May 25 12:59:58 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Great new CD.

Okay, a few months back Matt Beckley urged everyone here to get the Health Guru's band's new CD, Switchfoot, New Way To Be Human. I don't know how many people took him up on it, but I did and it was well worth it.

Well, I just came across a CD that's just as wonderful. From a band called the Old 97s. The album is called Fight Songs. If you like Switchfoot, you'll like the Old 97s Fight Songs. To put it into America terms, it kinda reminds me of Cornwell Blank from Homecoming. So go out, buy the Old 97s. If you aren't completely satisfied, I'll refund your money.*


*Okay, forget about the refund thing. But you'll like this CD, I promise.

Message: 6748 Posted: Tue May 25 12:24:04 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Not Above The Covers

You know I think the band Jars of Clay sounds very similiar to AMERICA. No doubt their is AMERICA's influence in their music. It's the closest I have heard. I think they have a Christian music orientation. In fact on VH-1 there was a live show w/a bamd playing an acoustic piano song titled Eamaline or something like that, I didn't catch the bands name but it really reminded me of GERRY BECKLEY acoustic piano composition. I wish I knew the bands name.

Message: 6747 Posted: Tue May 25 11:07:25 1999 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: Re: Not Above The Covers

FAMT-Garth Brooks
Is that wacky enough?

Message: 6746 Posted: Tue May 25 09:53:35 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Not Above The Covers

"I Need You" - The Beatles (Julian Lennon did a pretty good job covering that song so I figure his dad and the rest of the group could do it justice).

Message: 6745 Posted: Tue May 25 08:38:27 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: re: Not Above The Covers

Crosby Stills Nash & Young: "Horse With No Name"

Message: 6744 Posted: Tue May 25 08:16:13 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Not Above The Covers

Ok, all!

I'm going to compose an "album" of bands (past and present) covering America tunes.

What group should do which song! Submit as many as you like to the list, and hey, the whackier the better!

1.) Hall & Oates--"Another Try"
2.) Duran Duran--"Sandman"

There's mine! Go for it!

Message: 6743 Posted: Mon May 24 23:06:35 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: Re: Message From Gerry

As IF, I needed reminding why I think the world of Gerry. He's such a sweetie!!--:)----JOYCE

Message: 6742 Posted: Mon May 24 23:03:25 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Bodden Town Wave File

Ike has added a sound clip from Dan's Bodden Town CD along with some information about the city that the song is named after to his web site. Thanks Ike!

Message: 6741 Posted: Mon May 24 22:45:19 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Message From Gerry

I put three new biographies on the America Fans web site tonight and one of them contained a message from Gerry. The message was delivered from Terry Knight (Joe's wife) and is as follows:

"Gerry asked if I ever accessed the Internet and if so to be sure and let all of their fans know that we saw them and that how much they appreciate everyone and wanted me to say hello for them. They really love their fans. So from Gerry to me to you: 'Hello everyone and keep listening.' What a great group!"

Message: 6740 Posted: Mon May 24 19:09:38 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Reno Fan Gathering

Gary...I will definitely be there...Let me know if you need help organizing anything!

Erin :o)

Message: 6739 Posted: Mon May 24 17:16:18 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Songs In Commercials

I just wanted to comment on the article from the advertising magazine KevinS mentioned last week. Like it or not, 60's and 70's music is a very effective advertising tool. I, personally, love to hear the music in commercials. I also like to see how creative the advertisers can be. It's just amazing how many commercials today are set to music whether it be Frank Sinatra or the Rolling Stones. If you watch tv tonight, just notice. I can't believe "Sister Golden Hair" hasn't been used in a hair tinting commercial or "You Can Do Magic" with just about any product. I know some say it's selling out but selling out to what? The song was written to be enjoyed whether played on the radio, a stereo system, or in a commercial. If the songwriter is happy to let it but used, use it. I know there's the argument that the songwriter may have lost the rights to the song and doesn't want it used in a commercial. I think that happened with the Beatles and "Revolution". Michael Jackson owns the rights. That's America (the country)and free enterprise.

Message: 6738 Posted: Mon May 24 07:19:25 1999 By: Janice
Subject: Hi everybody..

recovering from a mellow weekend of re-potting plants and re-decorating..Spurs, I liked the part of "great spot with plenty of liquid refreshment", you're the best and we all love what you do. I found the America Page last year about this time (hosted by Rick) and thought I found Paradise..literally planned my life around what concerts I could take in..I'm sure they thought I was some crazed groupie..that's ok..but it was wonderful to put actual faces with the music I have loved most of my life and then be able to chat with others about their own experiences..So, welcome Randy..check in with us often..hope you make it to July 15 concert..I won't be attending Reno this year, but for those of you going, it will be a real treat and you should really consider Gary's idea! Have a great week everyone! :)

Message: 6737 Posted: Mon May 24 07:07:57 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: great stuff

Yeah, Randy, I know what you mean about kids and THEIR music. I've finally convinced my daughter (12) that anything earlier than 1997 is definatly WORTH listening too......(she loves America, now!)

Message: 6736 Posted: Mon May 24 07:05:08 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Thanks Everyone

I'd like to echo Jim N.'s sentiments and also add Mr. Lowry does so with a friendly attitude and a smile!!!! Thanks Steve for putting up these pages for the enjoyment of us FANS!!!!!

Message: 6735 Posted: Mon May 24 05:10:35 1999 By: Spurs
Subject: Favourite Concert

America were appering in Newcastle , Australia in a giant seamans hall with ornate nautical carvings.I took along my brother and his wife could not have picked a better show,selected my self a great spot with plenty of liqiud refreshment, and a packed house.On this particular evening the chaps were rampant I could not beleive they would start the set with Riverside with Gerry playing an acoustic solo leading into the song , sounded magnificent on and on it went,crowd were really fired up,a champagne performance indeed.

Message: 6734 Posted: Sun May 23 23:00:02 1999 By: Randy
Subject: great stuff

Hello America Fans,
I'm somewhat new to the Internet. The fans home page is great stuff. Naturally, America fans have some wonderful things to say here in the chat folder. I missed the Madison concert today. I'll be out of town for the Milwaukee one. But I hope to make it to the July 15th concert at the Cadott Rock fest with my brother and sister-in-law. Now, if I could only get my daughters to like America instead of the Backstreet Boys..........

Message: 6733 Posted: Sun May 23 19:12:44 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Thanks Everyone

Way to go ! Steve raises a large family & works in a high tech, fast moving, I am sure very stressful, very time consuming company/industry & then he still finds time to devout to the creation & maintenance of this fine AMERICA Web page. Keep up the great work.
AMERICA's latest & greatest is titled HUMAN NATURE on CD.

Message: 6732 Posted: Sun May 23 15:51:52 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Thanks Everyone

I want to thank Joe, Virginia, and the rest of you for your kind words about the America Fans web site and this Chat Folder. It does take a lot of time and effort but it's more than worth it when I get such positive feedback from all of you.

Joe, I'll be happy to put your photos on the web site as soon as you get them. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with all of us. And many thanks to the rest of you who have been sharing your feelings and experiences.

Gary, thanks for arranging the get-together in Sparks. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it on either Saturday (unless things change between now and then), but I'll be happy to do what I can to help you advertise it here and on the America Fans web site.

Kelly, that's great news that the guys are playing Wednesday Morning in concert now. I'd love to hear it live. Even though it probably won't happen, I hope they play ALL of the oldies in their playlist plus the 5 songs from Human Nature when they come to Utah.

Finally, thanks to ALL of you for making this Chat Folder and the America web sites the success that they are. And a BIG thanks to Gerry and Dewey for giving us so much to be grateful for.


Message: 6731 Posted: Sun May 23 14:57:29 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: "Wednesday Morning".......yea !!

Made it's debut in Saginaw, MI. last night for about 10,000 or more...

"could have been me (us) just the same"......

Message: 6730 Posted: Sun May 23 07:07:31 1999 By: Wayne
Subject: Roswell: Johnny

We travel to Roswell because the closed Air Force Base there is a good place for us to test our jets. Long runways, no traffic, and the wind is's ideal. I have been to the alien museum once,, but we're usually too busy to do much tourist stuff. We have flown over some local alien landing sites though, but I've never been lucky enough to run into a real alien...LOL I heard while I was there this time that the average age of the Roswell tourist is 62...go figure.
Hey....who's going to be in Wichita this Wednesday????


Message: 6729 Posted: Sat May 22 13:31:41 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: America mention

I have but two things to say to Mr. Artsy Farsty "Critic".

1. Those who can DO. Those who can't CRITIQUE.....(lol)
2. Learn from your past OR ELSE YOU'RE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT!

You are 100% correct in MY book, Kevin. The music is timeless and wonderful. All those little "snot nosed" dweebs needed to get smacked across the bottom once or twice in their youth......rofl. Besides, any "creative person" worth their weight in salt doesn't PAN others efforts......He's just showing his ignorance.

Message: 6728 Posted: Sat May 22 12:45:09 1999 By: gary
Subject: Reno Fan Gathering

Howdy America Fans!

As most of you are probably aware, America will be in Sparks NV (just next to Reno) in late July and early August performing several shows over a 12 day period at the Nugget Casino. After talking to Erin and and a few other fans who have attended these shows, I thought it might be a good idea to try to organize a fan get together during this time. The actual dates are July 24 - Aug. 4. I am thinking that the best time for this would be on a Saturday (either July 24 or July 31). I just happenned to be in Reno last week on business, and I had a discussion with the mangager of the Planet Hollywood located in downtown Reno (this is actually about 3 miles from the Nugget Casino). I told him about the America shows and that I would like to have a fan gathering at Planet Hollywood. He said "sure, how many people?" I said "well I don't know actually, I would speculate maybe 25 or so but probably not more than 50". He says "cool, call me with dates and numbers and we can set a place aside for you". He also says, "hey, America performed live not too long ago at the Planet Hollywood in Vegas didn't they"? I said "yeah, I know that they performed at a Planet Hollywood, but I am not sure which one. It might have been Vegas...why?". He says "you think that they might be interested in doing that here"? I replyed "well, I can't really comment on that, but if a lot of fans show up, anything is possible".

So, anyway I need to find out how many of you might be going to Reno and on which Saturday you will be there. I can go on either week-end so it really doesn't matter to me. Which ever week-end has the most fans will be the one we do. I need to give the guy at Planet Hollywood 2 weeks notice. That gives me at least some time to query everybody as to which weekend would be the best. If you are planning on going, either respond on this chat board or e-mail me privately. My e-mail address is Also, if anybody has any suggestions or ides, please feel free to let me go. I have heard that these shows in Reno are a blast, and I think it would cool if we could get a lot of fans there.


Gary H

Message: 6727 Posted: Sat May 22 11:17:21 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Misc.

Thanks just the same Virginia for the "wonderful" info on Rick Springfield. I'm sorry to those that I may have offended with my Rick Springfield slam last year....although I doubt there are but a few here if that many. It's just that after hearing The Guys perform last October, it was a bit tough for me to handle Rick Springfield. So, I left after one-and-a-half songs. I left fully satisfied, believe you me. It's like seeing the artwork of Van Gogh then viewing a sketch of Snoopy.

At the rate I've been able to see The Guys in the past (1975, 1987, 1998), I'm not due for another one until 2010. That's way too long to wait. Virginia, I thought I had it rough with only three shows. I think of it this way: Because of the few shows that I've been to, the more precious are each of the memories.

To Jetman Wayne: You were in Roswell, NM? That's my part of the country. Even though it's 100 miles away, that's considered close in New Mexico. Did you visit the Alien Space Museum? "Just like a person from another world, my eyes can see inside you, little girl." From Gerry's "Hidden Talent".

Message: 6726 Posted: Sat May 22 07:04:12 1999 By: Wayne
Subject: Time

Time is going none to fast in anticipation of the upcoming Wichita concert. I've hyped it up so much some of my friends have bought tickets. I had to buy an additional one for my daughter and then one for her boyfriend who decided to go. I'm trying my best to spread the America enthusiasm to the next generation. It's working in my house.... :) I'm taking my wife, 3 kids and a boyfriend!!
I'm really hoping that we'll be able to meet and chat with Dewey and Gerry for at least a few seconds after the concert here in Wichita next week. I travel a lot and was in Roswell, NM for a week this last week. Took my copy of FAMT and played in in the rental car. I think I hooked another couple of people....I mean America hooked 'em...although I think they wished I wouldn't sing along so loudly....

Cheers everyone....


Message: 6725 Posted: Sat May 22 06:22:41 1999 By: Janice
Subject: to our nocturnal friend, Virginia..

boy, for 1:45 a.m. you were really clicking away..could see the smoke coming off those keys from here! :) enjoyed your post..oh, and read your e-mail. :)

Message: 6724 Posted: Sat May 22 03:48:36 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: PS to Johnny

Thought you'd want to know that Rick Springfield will be at the CA Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles August 3. Free with fair admission. Book your flight now; you don't want to miss out!

Message: 6723 Posted: Sat May 22 03:34:50 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Concert reviews and stuff

First, I want to thank Steve Lowry for maintaining this chat folder. It's so great to be able to have the opportunity to read the reviews and hear about the wonderful experiences the fans have had at concerts. We can't all be as lucky as Joe and Kevin, but we can all consider ourselves fortunate to be following a band that truly cares for it's fans. I realize that it isn't always possible for Dewey and Gerry to meet and greet after all the concerts, but reading other folks' stories gives the rest of us the experience vicariously. Thanks to Joe and Kevin for sharing, and to others of you who have met the guys one on one and told the rest of us about it.
Robyn asked for memorable concert experiences. I bet I win the prize for the LEAST number of concerts. One. That's right, one- and it was nearly 20 years ago! Missed opportunities, lack of $$, not hearing about tours, etc., adds up to one concert for me back in 1980. It was at the now defunct Circle Star Theater in San Carlos, CA. My memories are very vague, but I seem to remember it as being the first show of the tour and that Dewey seemed genuinely surprised by the enthusiastic response of the audience. I think David Dickey was still with the band at that point or I would have remembered wondering who Brad was. I know Alibi was out, but none of the songs were played. Gerry was a new dad then, and talked a lot about the wonders of parenthood. As a relatively new parent myself, I thought it was very sweet. Both my husband and I were amazed at how wonderful the band sounded in person. That's it-all I can remember. Fast forward to 1998. I found America online and spent much time reading and catching up on all I had missed over the years. And-joy of joys-concert schedules! I put aside my morbid fear of driving (and parking-oy!) in San Francisco last November, and went up for the HN promo appearance at Borders Books. Dewey had laryngitis, so it was Gerry and Brad performing five songs and signing CD's and HN posters after. I met and hung out with Leakycanoe's cousin-in-law, Alison, who was also there by herself. Her camera battery had died, so later we exchanged copies of my pictures for a taped copy of VGG. (Gerry, I'll buy the CD when it's available-promise!). We were sitting about 10 feet from the microphones. Talk about upclose and personal! Once again, they sounded so wonderful in person, and it was just Gerry on guitar and piano and Brad on bass. Brad sang Dewey's part on FAMT with a cheat sheet taped to the mic! That little mini-concert will always be a special memory for me. I hope to make it to several CA concerts this summer, the first of which is a freebie in San Jose July 7th. My brother, wh o is a photographer, lives in the Denver area. I'm going to ask him to go the Larimer Square show June 10th and take pictures for me. I would love to go to that one, but the cheapest flight I could find is still more than I can spend for a free concert, even for America. I hope all of you out there will continue to post your concert reviews and stories. I will when the time comes.
Comfort the midst of my sister-in-law's cancer decline, Moment to Moment, Kiss of Life, Garden of Peace, and Hope (although we have none) are being played a lot. It's surprising how much it helps to put on earphones and just lose yourself in the music.

Good night! (Or rather, good morning. It's 1:45am. Gotta get to bed. Only noctural students should be up at this hour. Right Matt?)

Message: 6722 Posted: Sat May 22 01:27:56 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: just a thought

I have often wondered that also, the longevity issue. I feel so lucky to have gotten hooked on a band who has lasted so long & shows no signs of slowing. Somehow I think that deep down, GERRY always knew what he was going to do & it was never a fly-by-night foray - the rest is HISTORY. What has followed is the amazing self discipline that GERRY & DEWEY embrace. Every show, every new CD is like the one & only in terms of effort & dedication. That is truly the below the lines essence that most people don't know. When the big book is written & the A&E bio is produced, that aspect deserves attention.

Message: 6721 Posted: Fri May 21 21:46:19 1999 By: Bones
Subject: just a thought

It still amazes me that after all these years, how moving and enjoyable it is to listen to music from Dewey and Gerry. I wonder if when the guys first got together way back when if they ever imagined in their wildest dreams that this magical musical journey would last this long.

Message: 6720 Posted: Fri May 21 19:29:49 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: knoxville

I forgot to mention that I should have some killer photos that,when I get them back I will send to Steve to put on the Web ( If he wants too). cya later guys.....Joe K

Message: 6719 Posted: Fri May 21 18:57:42 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Wonderful Sharing

Thanks!! I was supposed to go see the guys this Sunday in MadTown, Wi, but I have to cancel on account of cash. Talk me out of it! (Can't, really. Gotta be an adult...) Your experience is so very uplifting!!

Glad to see the updated schedule - I will be saving my money up for the 4th & 5th of July in Duluth & St.Paul, MN!! Looks like a double-header weekend!!

Have a great weekend, all!

Message: 6718 Posted: Fri May 21 16:52:28 1999 By: Joanne
Subject: Joe Knight re:Knoxville

Great Post!!!!!!!!!!!Could feel your happiness threw your words.Not to sound corny but I spent my teenage years-listening to our Guys they always made me happy and glad to be on earth.I hope teenagers today can experience the same from todays music 25 years from now.What a wonderful high America music has given us "Thanks Dewey & Gerry" Have a great weekend. Take care Joanne Meyers

Message: 6717 Posted: Fri May 21 15:43:44 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: re: Knoxville


Meeting America at the museum, huh? Who says culture is a waste of time? Great story. Reminds me of the first time I met Gerry, which ranks with my favorite America in concert story. It was during the Silent Letter/Alibi years. They did a last-minute show in Indianapolis to fill a hole in their schedule between Cincinnati and Chicago. And I mean last minute. They announced it on the radio that morning, it was at a newly opened venue called the Arlington Theater that, until then, had been an old movie theater. I think America was the first act to play there. Anyway, because of the last-minute booking, there were only about 200 people there. Didn't matter. America played as if it were 20,000. Then afterward, Gerry said the same thing he said to you guys, anyone who wanted to meet at the Holiday Inn bar for a few drinks was welcome. I thought it was joke. I mean, what performers were gracious enough to do a thing like that? Most groups don't have the time of day for their fans. Besides, I'd seen them a million times before and that kind of thing never happened. So, my wife and I stopped by the Holiday Inn on a lark, figuring even if Gerry was joking we could grab a quick beer. We walk in and there was Gerry, talking to Brad. Kinda reminded me of when I was in first grade and I saw my teacher in the grocery store. What was she doing out of school? You mean she has a life? Wow. Willie was at the next table, I think with Michael Woods. I couldn't believe it. I had a great talk and a drink with Gerry, and later got Willie and Brad to autograph my America hat (Gerry had left by the time I pulled out my Sharpie and unfortunately, I didn't get to meet Dewey). It was unforgettable. Glad you got to experience it.


Message: 6716 Posted: Fri May 21 14:47:48 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Knoxville Cont

Playlist was the same in Knoxville as Chat. Tenn except that instead of MoMent they did play FAMT...... What a night. I can't wait until sept when the guys will be in Salem VA. I will be there !!!!!! JK

Message: 6715 Posted: Fri May 21 14:40:26 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Knoxville cont.

That night we went to the show and got there early . The Nelsons were very, VERY good. After that our guys came on and gave there great show. They played all the old favorites plus Wheels, Pages, and FAMT. OUTSTANDING!!!!!! After the show Gerry invited everyone at the show (Only a few of us went) to the bar at the Holiday Inn. Again we had a long talk about the Web page..( He spoke very highly of you Steve) They really appreciate the work that you have done. He told me to tell everyone HI... so HI from Gerry...... I can't tell you what a treat this concert was. I didn't get to see Dewey after the show though, he must not have been feeling well. (?)
We got our CD signed by Gerry. I also bought a T shirt and got my wife a Nelson CD ( Very GOOD ). We just had a heck of a good time...........AMERICA RULES... Joe Knight

Message: 6714 Posted: Fri May 21 14:34:28 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Thanks For Sharing

Thanks Tim and Joe for sharing your experiences with us!

Message: 6713 Posted: Fri May 21 14:31:05 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Knoxville

Gosh were do I start. My wife and I drove from Winston-Salem to Knoxville to see the guys. When we got there we went to the visitors center to get a map and coupons for a hotel. Terry (my wife) insisted that we go to the Knoxville Museum while we were there. There was a Tiffany Lamp display that she HAD to see. YeP!!!!! Gerry and Dewey were there!!!!! We talked to Gerry for a long time. I didn't see Dewey until a little while later. Gerry said that he is working on getting the rights for his solo album so he can release it here. Gerry is a great guy. He made our trip to the museum so special.

Message: 6712 Posted: Thu May 20 23:06:52 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Calming Song

Robyn, the most calming/comforting song changes with my situation. If I'm angry, I'm finding "On Target" to be the ticket for me. The beat and the rythms really pick me up. The "round-loopy stuff" at the end of that song go on just long enough to pick me up. You know? It doesn't cut off too soon, just plays long enough and ends just right.

If I'm sad, "Wind Wave" gives me great comfort...."Sometimes when I'm down, on my luck, feeling dizzy, My mind reels back, to those days in the city - when - early in the mornin' take a trip, it's so pretty, I could never understand, why it wasn' so grand...."

I also really love the way Submarine Ladies fits so many different circumstances of my life. From teenhood on to today. "Why do you laugh at me and you know I really care..." Those lyrics go on to make the circle complete, for me. I end up feeling lighthearted, and have a better perspective on the situation.

The other day driving home, a song off one of my zillion "mix" tapes was "Send Her My Love" by Journey. Well, Justin and I both had tears running down our cheeks. We both heard that song in a whole new way that afternoon. For Kelly....

Great question, Robyn! I know that one was yours! I know these songs make me feel beter, but I'd never been asked to explain it before. And now, it's much sharper, having done that.

Message: 6711 Posted: Thu May 20 22:58:32 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Favorite Concert Moment

Was this your question, Robyn? I've read so much in the past two days, I've forgotten who asked it. Favorite moment has to be this February 13 in LacDuFlambeau, when they began playing "I Need You" and I heard my big brother make a sound deep in his throat, and I looked over at him and saw the tears shining in his eyes.

Second best moment was back in '96 when I saw them in Madison. Gerry went to the piano and played Sargeant Darkness. I got goose bumps on top of my goose bumps! And soon after, found this place on the Net and was able to complete my album collection conversion to CD!

Message: 6710 Posted: Thu May 20 22:57:08 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: I'm In the Music!!

I am slowing coming back down from cloud ten after seeing the guys! (first time in 5 years!) I got to see them along with Nelson in Chattanooga for one of the firefighter benefits.

Nelson did a good job on their acoustic set (no drums, no bass). The audience really liked it when they played couple of their dad's songs, Hello Mary Lou and Travelin' Man. I think Nelson musta been away from music for a while. They do have a new album out now though.

America played for about 90 minutes and how fast that time went! (all too fast). I think we got something between the short set and the long set (19 songs including 1 encore).

Biggest thrill: Hearing Moment To Moment. It sounded great.
Biggest surprises: Did not play From A Moving Train. Only one encore.
Best crowd reactions: Dynamite bass line in Woman Tonight, Woodsie's slick guitar parts in Magic and the new approach to Sandman (plus the fog), and of course the song the guys "forgot" .........Horse!
Least crowd reaction: Pages. MTM and Wheels are new songs too, but they rock. Pages is a good song, but more of a lyrical song.

Memorial Auditorium is a great place to watch a concert. Sound was very good, were probably 2000 in attendance (not packed, but pretty full). I thought the concert went very well and the audience loved it.

Not to complain (now you know I'm getting ready to) but apparently had been a long day, so no post concert appearance (Nelson did come out). I still give the night an "A."

The play list:

Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic
Don't Cross the River
Daisy Jane
Moment to Moment
Three Roses
I Need You
Wheels Are Turning
Tin Man
Woman Tonight
Only in Your Heart
California Dreamin'
Lonely People
Never Be Lonely
Sister Golden Hair

Encore: A Horse With No Name


Message: 6709 Posted: Thu May 20 22:25:25 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: quiet

that should have been quiet not quit....o-well

Message: 6708 Posted: Thu May 20 22:18:14 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: re:comfort music

peace to you Robyn......a song that has always gave me a feeling of peace and comfort is "Kiss of Life"......find a quit place, put on your headphones, close your eyes and listen with all your ears (and heart)......
"there will be no more confusion
there will be no more ball and chain
I will cease with the illusions
and I will ask of you the same

and coming across the meadow
like a slow moving train
long determination
will forever remain

when you love someone
it's gonna take some time

come on and save me
pull me from deep water
give the kiss of life
now is the moment treasured
breath the kiss of life
breath the kiss of life
breath the kiss of life......." (Beckly, 1995)

Message: 6707 Posted: Thu May 20 21:46:18 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Comfort Music

Ohhhh...Sergeant Darkness. How could I forget that one? Sorry to hear about your friend's dog!
Erin :o)

Message: 6706 Posted: Thu May 20 21:09:00 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: other projects

Great list on Fans website of the other projects that Gerry and Dewey have been involved with, Steve x 2. Gives me a list to take-a-huntin'. Certainly shows how respected they are in the biz. Thanks for putting this together.

Message: 6705 Posted: Thu May 20 20:56:34 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: America mention

In the latest issue of "Creativity" Magazine, a publication from Advertising Age, America gets a mention, although not in the most flattering light. But, being remembered is better than being forgotten, I guess. In the article, the writer is venting about the proliferation of 70s music in commericials and calling for a moritorium on it. This particular writer hates 70s music in general and mentions he's tired of hearing songs from groups like Steve Miller, Joe Walsh and Credence Clearwater Revival in ads. Please stop, he begs. And while you're at it, "toss in America, Steely Dan, Emerson Lake & Palmer, ELO and the Doors." Hey, whether you agree with his opinion about rock music in commercials, or 70s music in general, at least he remembered there was a group called America and at least theyt got mentioned in some pretty good company. A lot of groups from the 70s have been forgotten.


Message: 6704 Posted: Thu May 20 20:20:22 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Postcard

Robyn, to answer your question about my receiving the AMERICA postcard: As you probably saw in the museum, I received a reply from Goodman and Hartmann in response to a letter I sent "The Guys". I just wanted Dewey and Gerry to know how much I loved their music and how much it has added to my life since 1972. I must have written again a couple of years later with college. Then in 1982, I received the postcard in the mail out-of-the-blue. It was a very pleasant surprise as you can imagine! The postcard has Dewey and Gerry's actual signatures. I've never been able to fully understand what the last word is that Dewey wrote. It appears to be "Hope ya'like View". What do you all think? About a month later, I received another postcard with the identical "AKAMANJO" picture but a different message on the back. This one had Dewey and Gerry's signatures but they weren't original. They were pre-printed but still a great souvenir that I really appreciated receiving. I'd like to know if any of you others received this same "AKAMANJO" postcard or any other correspondence. We know Joanne Meyers received some wonderful souvenirs. For 16 years, I didn't understand the "akamanjo" joke until someone mentioned it here on the folder, "Aw come on Joe, you can change your name" from "Ventura Highway", of course. Just to think, we don't have to send a letter and hope Dewey and Gerry know we love their music (and them). Instead, all we have to do is post it right here!

Message: 6703 Posted: Thu May 20 16:53:48 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Hey Johnny

I always wondered how you got those postcards. What's the story ( or is it not for publication? ;>

Message: 6702 Posted: Thu May 20 16:44:05 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Comfort Music

Thanks Cathy. Makes me wish I had Harbor on disc! I am sorry for your loss.
Take care!

Message: 6701 Posted: Thu May 20 16:43:50 1999 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: My Favorite AMERICA Concert

My favorite??? They were all special. I suppose my most favorite was one in the early `70s in Boston where the stage was filled with potted plants and giant rugs and I smelled pot for the first time!!! The music was great, too. Second to that would be the 98 concert in Albuquerque -- front row, getting to meet Gerry and Johnny!

Can't wait to see them in July on the Cape!

Message: 6700 Posted: Thu May 20 16:34:57 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: My Favorite AMERICA Concert

Regarding Robyn's question about a favorite AMERICA concert or event: I've been to only three. The first one was in 1975. The ticket stub (actually two ends taped together) is in the Souvenir Room of the Museum here on the folder. In a few days, it'll be 24 years to the day. That concert was special because AMERICA had several current hits at that time, "Sister Golden Hair", "Daisy Jane", and "Woman Tonight". The show was long enough to have an intermission. I remember the show began with "Miniature" followed by "Tin Man", of course. Dewey was in the center when the guys came out. I remember he was wearing a light-colored cowboy hat, blue jeans, and white shirt, a medium blue sports coat, and cowboy boots. Do you think he kind of made a lasting impression on me? The show ended with Gerry's "Goodbye" with encore songs, "Sandman" and "A Horse With No Name". The band that performed before the guys were several of the fellows on the "Harbor" poster.

The October 1998 show was special, too. Getting to meet Dewey, Gerry, Willie, Michael, and Brad in person and getting their autographs....what else does a person need to say?

Message: 6699 Posted: Thu May 20 16:33:42 1999 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: Comfort Music

Well, yesterday (a Wednesday), my best friend's dog had to be "put down" because he accidentally ate anti-freeze (why can't they make it distasteful instead of sweet?) and when I heard "Wednesday Morning" ("Wednesday evening, nothin is the same...") I don't know if I was comforted or filled with grief. But I went home afterwards and put on "Hope" and "Sergeant Darkness" and felt a bit better.

Message: 6698 Posted: Thu May 20 16:15:53 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Comfort Music

Thanks Erin. Guess I should just put Hourglass in and let it run (do you think my boss will notice the headphones????)

Message: 6697 Posted: Thu May 20 15:58:28 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Comfort Music

Also off of Hourglass, I really love Garden Of Peace...that song always makes me feel better. It's so beautiful. Moment To Moment is another one I find very comforting. Robyn, I hope your mom is okay.
Erin :o)

Message: 6696 Posted: Thu May 20 15:33:36 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Comfort Music

Sitting here waiting for my dad to call and tell me my mom is out of surgery. I keep hearing "Hope" in my head. What song provided ( or provides you with the most comfort?

Message: 6695 Posted: Wed May 19 23:06:32 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Hi Again

Hello Friends! It took Ma Bell quite the while to hook me back up after the move to the new house. Learned a lot more about the phone cops than I really needed to know! Back now and catching up! Really missed you guys!
Stay tuned-b

Message: 6694 Posted: Wed May 19 22:37:45 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Dan Peek

Any news out there about HOW and WHEN and WHERE to order?

Here's a copy of my post #6459 on April 28 which answers this question:

Message: 6459 Posted: Wed Apr 28 10:16:18 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Thoughtscape and Dan

Here's the great news that I promised everyone. This morning I had just finished reading Ike's post about Dan's new CD when Scott from Thoughtscape Sounds called me and informed me that he has been talking to Dan recently and he's going to help Dan with the distribution of the new CD. The CD is titled "Bodden Town" and includes material that Dan has been working on for several months now. This will be Dan's first solo album since he started recording with Peace and it will contain 10 to 12 new tracks. Dan says that the album could be classified as a pop album with a contemporary Christian flavor. It will also have some singer/songwriter tracks (bordering on country, perhaps). All in all it should have a diverse collection of styles which will all have that unmistakable Dan Peek mark of excellence.

Scott said that "Bodden Town" will be available from Thoughtscape Sounds the first week of June for $15.99. He has agreed to allow America Fans to pre-order the CD beginning today so that they will be the first to receive it. Visit the Thoughtscape Sounds web site for their telephone number and ordering information. By the way, "Bodden Town" won't show up on their web site for a few days, but as America Fans you can still pre-order it. Just tell them you read about it on the America Fans chat folder.

Message: 6693 Posted: Wed May 19 19:27:05 1999 By: Rob
Subject: Dan Peek

Great news about Dan Peek's new album.

Any news out there about HOW and WHEN and WHERE to order? Dan is truly a great guy, as we all know!

Message: 6692 Posted: Wed May 19 15:12:31 1999 By: Janice
Subject: Robyn and Steve..

Sounds like a good time Steve..having a beer with Willie..backstage, no less...some of us are blessed. Thanks, Robyn..I'll pass your good wishes to him all Fender gear for his guitar..he'll be jazzed..and be able to play even louder on his new amp..(oh goody)

Message: 6691 Posted: Wed May 19 14:27:12 1999 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: Fav memory

Favorite memory of a concert is in 79 or 80 I forget. Anyway,at the St. Paul civic center a group of us saw the band and Poco. It was a great evening. Highlight was sneaking back stage and having a beer with Willie. We didn't go nuts rather we just sat back and watched the whole group have some fun after the show.

Message: 6690 Posted: Wed May 19 12:24:53 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: oops!

sorry about the double post. that's what I get for using the mouse with my left hand ( my right elbow appears to be either really bruised or broken, they can't tell yet--HMO,figures! :0) )

Message: 6689 Posted: Wed May 19 11:47:04 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: This 'n' that

I went home thinking about jimnak's comment on Riverside, that it was like a sonic boom. I tried to think of an analogy of what it was like since a sonic boom is quick sudden, there and gone. I thought it was more like a earthquake, makes you take notice immediatly, builds slow then suddenly you are rocking and rolling. ( hey, I am a SoCal girl, lived thru the Sylmar and Northridge quakes.) Anyone else have an analogy?

Hey Janice--Happy B-day to your son!

Message: 6688 Posted: Wed May 19 11:47:03 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: This 'n' that

I went home thinking about jimnak's comment on Riverside, that it was like a sonic boom. I tried to think of an analogy of what it was like since a sonic boom is quick sudden, there and gone. I thought it was more like a earthquake, makes you take notice immediatly, builds slow then suddenly you are rocking and rolling. ( hey, I am a SoCal girl, lived thru the Sylmar and Northridge quakes.) Anyone else have an analogy?

Hey Janice--Happy B-day to your son!

Message: 6687 Posted: Wed May 19 05:51:14 1999 By: Janice
Subject: any Tom Petty fans?

In case any of you are interested, Behind the Music ran an excellent piece on Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers..probably will be rerun again..just a thought though, as I know this topic has been discussed...I feel that this show gets too is as though they want to be able to dissect your life in front of millions for the sake of ratings..I believe this may be a high price to pay in order to stay in the limelight, as perception is reality for many people, and I am thankful to be a "nobody"..Gerry once said that he would "worry if nobody asked anymore for his autograph", but as we all know, it is only because he likes to "connect" with his fans and truly appreciates the loyalty we have shown America through the years..I truly believe that he would miss that more than the glory of being "recognized". I don't need to know the personal workings of America, or their private lives, past or present,..I just never want their music to stop, and don't care if they are ever on "Behind the Music". Have a wonderful day, is my son's birthday..we're going to Planet Hollywood tonite!! :)

Message: 6686 Posted: Wed May 19 05:15:49 1999 By: Janice
Subject: Dan's Bodden Town

Great pictures and messages..thanks, Ike! Wishing Dan the best of luck!

Message: 6685 Posted: Tue May 18 23:20:29 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Dan Peek's Bodden Town

Ike has placed Dan's finished CD cover along with credits on his web site. It looks like it's going to be another great CD from Dan. Thanks, Ike, for sharing it with us.

Message: 6684 Posted: Tue May 18 20:30:47 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: playing catch up

re. my most memorable concert moment... again a very tough decision. I had been a fan for many years and had given up hope of ever seeing the band live (they didn't make too many trips across the border and when they did the concerts weren't well promoted so I never knew). the first time I saw them live, in '85, was pretty special. Outdoors after a baseball game in Portland, Oregon. I think, however, the best concert from a musical standpoint was 2 years ago with the Vancouver Symphony. I thin I've mentioned here before and Rick had a great review of it on his website. the opening, with the VSO playing "Miniature", leading into Tin Man was spectacular. One of the other highlights of the evening (there really were so many) was seeing the members of the VSO, in their tuxes and long gowns, trying to maintain the air of "sophistication", but being unsuccessful in their head boppin', toetappin' to the tunes when they weren't playing.

Message: 6683 Posted: Tue May 18 13:14:41 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: playing catch up

well, I finally will anseer myown question ( what was your fav America concert or moment) It rally is a toss-up, between the show I saw in March 1972 and the show I saw this past February. ( I guess it was 72,I am typing while on pain killers. I seem to have broken my arm, the jury is still out--won't know till later in the week) The first show I was all of 13 and had only been to one concert (James Taylor) What a blast that show was. The most recent reminded me of that time,and the new stuff made me appreciate America's staying ( and GROWING) power! Heady stuff.

BTW, I got an e-mail from my old buddy Lauren Wood, telling me about a benefit concert she was doing for Kosovo Refugees, with "her" guitarist, Hank Linderman- could this be the same Hank Linerman? Small world!

Message: 6682 Posted: Tue May 18 00:34:00 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: hi

Hi guys!! I am back from the wilds of Dallas. Great town but the traffic is tough. Talked to Kevin S while I was there. He had to go out of town while I was there so we didn't get to meet........
Thursday is the big day for me. My wife and I are heading ti Knoxville Tenn. to see the guys play. Last time I saw them was in 1991. I cant wait!!!!!!!! I will let everyone know how it went. I am going to take a song list and check it off as they play. My list will be about 20 songs so I hope they play that many......Cya later

Message: 6681 Posted: Mon May 17 21:39:55 1999 By: EDDY

I have 3 free America tickets for the Madison, Wis. 3:00 PM show, We can't go, & I didn't want them to go to waste.
E-mail me if your interested, if I mail them tomorrow, I'm pretty sure they will get there in time. see ya

Message: 6680 Posted: Mon May 17 13:17:40 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Catching Up On Things

Reading all the posts after being out of town for a week.

My favorite America album as a duo is Alibi. Favorite Beckley song from Alibi is "Survival." Favorite Bunnell song is "Hangover."

About "From A Moving Train" being Number One in Spain (hey, that rhymes), does anybody know for how many weeks it was Number One? Does anybody know how "Wednesday Morning" did as a follow up in Spain? Does anybody know what label America is on in Spain? Does anybody know what time it is, does anybody really care?

As far as "Riverside" goes, that song has always had a special place for me. It's the first America song. When my older sister brought that album home, I was hooked on that first song instantly. For me there's a youthful joy and an innocence in that song that's contageous. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that there was an amusement park in Indianapolis at the time called Riverside and when I heard the song it always reminded me of riding on the roller coaster. I also remember an FM station in Indianapolis used to play "Riverside" all the time when the album first came out. To me that's the song I most identify America with. Thanks for the song, Dewey.


Message: 6679 Posted: Sun May 16 21:03:59 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: RIVERSIDE

RIVERSIDE is like a sonic boom. Who else but DEWEY & AMERICA could take a very melodic song using major7th chords & add a strong beat to it, presto it has all the elements of a good life. And then those note runs by GERRY, oh it's a classic. DEWEY proves that it doesn't have to be complicated to sound complicated, that's genius. HUMAN NATURE is AMERICA'S latest & greatest release on CD.

Message: 6678 Posted: Sun May 16 20:25:16 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Bones' Review(s)

Wow...I can tell that Bones was THERE. He's not making this up. After going for so long without seeing the Guys, this is the kind of review to expect from a true fan/friend of America. This is enlightening for those of us who have seen them more often, but hopefully never take it for granted. It's an insight into how much BETTER they get all the time. Bones' infectious enthusiasm and energy charge bears testimony, as with all the recent reviews, to the talent, power, and love that America continues to have and convey to all of us. Bask in the afterglow, Bones, and may it last!

RIVERSIDE says a lot about where these Guys are coming from!

Message: 6677 Posted: Sun May 16 14:28:53 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: More From Torrington

I received the following message from Rob Guinan about the Torrington concert:

Torrington Show was very good. Lonely People and Woman Tonight received some of the night's heartiest applause. Sitting in the front row, I held up a sign that Gerry saw during "Moving Train". It read: "Went #1 in Spain". He was quick to point it out to the 1,500 people there. "Three Roses" and "Moment to Moment" were my two favorites of the night. This theatre, now in renovation, was built by Warner Brothers in the 30's.

Message: 6676 Posted: Sun May 16 12:22:18 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Band members

Oh Ike.....I really think "YOU" should tell them !!

Message: 6675 Posted: Sun May 16 12:20:49 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Catching up

"Coach House" in San Juan Capistrano....#(949)496-8930. The Coach House allows children and you will recieve better seats if you order "dinner" reservations. Remember, there are (2) shows that evening. Hope this helps.

Message: 6674 Posted: Sun May 16 07:03:36 1999 By: Janice
Subject: more thing..

not sure if you are spending the night, but may I recommend the Clarion on PCH?? I had originally booked the Doubletree, but was spending a few days there with my kids, and was unhappy with the logistics in terms of getting to the beach from there. Rooms were great, but I ended up checking out shortly after checking in and found a place next on PCH..samep price..about $115 a nite..includes breakfast, and every room has a full ocean view..we had a full bedroom, living room, 2 tvs with VCRs, fireplace, a regular apartment) and balcony. great for kids..the walk to the beach was just over the by-pass ramp, and it was close to everything! And a great jacuzzi that you could sit in and enjoy the ocean view at the same time!

Message: 6673 Posted: Sun May 16 06:59:02 1999 By: Bones
Subject: more thoughts

At the t-shirt table, they were selling Human Nature cd's and tapes. It was nice to see some people walking around with a new cd or tape. The friday before the show, three friends of my wife asked her what she was doing on friday night? she said she was going to an America concert. All three friends at different times responded: Those guys are still together? I think that if your not a die-hard America fan and you don't know there still together, you don't go out and buy Human Nature. A few weeks ago I had Human Nature playing on the old cd player and a friend of mine asked me who is this group? It's America, his response: didn't know they are still playing together. Why hasn't a second single been released yet? Maybe sales of Human Nature hasn't been that good. During the show, Gerry says: we have a new cd out, my wife says to me: new? we have been listening to that it seems forever. Pretty much that's all that gets played in this house is AMERICA. Just a thought.
I really, really, really hope that when this tour starts to come to a close, a live cd comes out. They really sounded great and it would be a shame not to have these songs recorded. You people that have already seen them, how often would you listen to the live cd? I know I would listen to it alot. I could listen to "Riverside" a thousand time and not get bored with it. So from now on, I'm yelling: Live CD, Live CD, Live CD. June 4th is when I order tickets from Mohegan Sun. Nobody should miss the show. It's really that good.
Also, during the show, Gerry tells everyone about the new web site. I wanted to yell out: When are we going to see something in Dewey's domain? But I didn't. Thanks to this web site, atleast I now know where America is playing. Thanks SL.
Sure hope a live cd comes out from this tour!!!!!!!!!!!
Another also, hope I didn't mis-spell to many words. Think I need spell check on the chat folder.

Message: 6672 Posted: Sun May 16 06:55:03 1999 By: Janice
Subject: Coach House

Shari..the sooner you buy your tickets for this venue, the better. Both shows generally fill up quick, because it is very popular. When you purchase your tickets, they give you a reservation number..the folks who purchase first, get seated toward the front. Every seat is good..and the tables are long bench-like. You can order dinner, and the food is good and but not a lot of elbow room because they really pack 'em in. I took my 5-year old last year and was seated across the table from him..that was his "seat number" and they would not switch him to sit next to me, so I held him on my lap during most of the show. There is a bar towards the back where lots of people stand and overall it is a great place to see them. Just a funny story to tell..Gerry is very personable and recognized me, waved and smiled. Well..Ronnie thought that was just the greatest thing..well..the guy behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Your husband is great!"..sorry Gerry..I did all I could from that point to dispell the rumor that spread their table that we were not married and Ronnie was not your son! Lol! Have fun Sheri! Won't be there this year but you will love it!

Message: 6671 Posted: Sun May 16 00:32:10 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Catching up

Hi, everybody. I've been off the folder for a while again.
Was in Wherehouse today (they bought all the Blockbuster Music stores, this is a former Blockbuster store) and OF COURSE I checked out America.
They had a cd I've not seen listed. It seems to be called "America - 2 CDs" put out by Platinum Disc Corporation. Under that, it says 1999 EMI Music Speical Markets. It's two cd's, nine songs each. One live song on each side. An interesting blend. If anyone's interested, I'll give a song listing.
Also - Southern California friends - can anyone tell me, either on the site or by direct email, info about the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. I can't make the Humphrey's concert in San Diego because I'll be in L.A. for a meeting, so I want to go see them there the next night. Specifically, it is reserved seating; is it a bar or restaurant or what; it is an appropriate place for my teenager and pre-teenager who have been really asking to finally get to to see America with us; are there some special kind of tickets that are better access or seating; anything else you know that would be helpful.
Take care, all. ShariL in San Diego <><

Message: 6670 Posted: Sat May 15 22:15:33 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: old favorites/review thanks

My eight-year-old son is right now playing "his" America record..."Holiday"...

"...Please make sure to say a word at night
For all your brothers feeling

He's been known to break out with this song, with no prompting, whenever the mood strikes him.

Bones, thanks for the review. I'm planning on attending the "Happy Birthday, America" concert July 3 in Bowie, MD. It's being advertised as a family concert, with fireworks after...gonna take my three boys. Reviews like yours make me anxious for the date to get here faster!


Message: 6669 Posted: Sat May 15 20:27:55 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Better late than never

First let me say that you fans that have already seen them on this current tour already know about the magic that they bring with their music. If you have tickets and are waiting to see them, well you won't be disappointed. Last night was everthing that I expected the show would be. Their musical talents by all five members were shinning last night. Everthing I wanted to hear last night they played. From daisy jane to sandman, no disappointment on any song. I only wish that I could of had my remote from my cd player, cause if I did I would have hit the repeat button for "riverside" and "never be lonely". Two songs i could have listened to over and over and over and also the beginning to "From a moving train". That guitar of Gerry's sounded so sweet, WHAT A SOUND!!!!!. Riverside was the song that got me hooked on America, my wife kept elbowing me because I was singing along with all the songs. It still amazes me on how much energy they bring to the stage. The last time I saw them was in 1992, so it's been a few years since I've seen them but their vocals from everyone sounded great. No one has lost anything over the years. Dewey did a great job on "pages" and his guitar playing was awesome. He needs about a 2 minute solo with this song. The place was packed with young people to slightly older than me people. The theater was old but sounded great.
Also, my five year old daughter asked me this morning how was the show. I said great. She then asked if they played Van Go Gan, I said no, she then asked if they played the train song (from a moving train) I'm always playing and singing to, I said yes. She's coming with me to the next show which is at the end of June. LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!!!!!!!! I did try to lie my way backstage stag after the show but it never happened. Just wanted to say thanks and great job. Maybe I'll get lucky at the mohegan sun in june.
Well it's 9:35 pm eastern time and I spent 12 hours painting my house. I'm hungry so I'm going to eat. Good night.

Message: 6668 Posted: Sat May 15 17:51:58 1999 By: Georgianna
Subject: My fav concert

My favorite concert had to be my very first America concert. It started it all for me. I went with my best friend and my Dad. I was only 13 at the time so that was the only way my parents agreed to let me go. My Dad liked some of their music. He mostly sat there in disgust with all the people smoking pot around us. I, of course, thought it was the coolest!!! The girl next to me was screaming a banchee as if she was at a Beatles concert. Of course, whom else would she be screaming for but Gerry Beckley. I thought she was amazing!!
My next favorite had to be the Human Nature "promo" concert in New York City in September,1998. It was so intimate and I finally got to "meet" Gerry and Dewey. I wish they did them every year. It was an incredible experience I will always remember. Thanks!!!

Message: 6667 Posted: Sat May 15 11:47:14 1999 By: Janice
Subject: Torrington..

Come on Bones, wake up..wake promised us a review..I'm sure I was up later than the way, thanks to each of you for your stories and names of loved ones (incidentally, every name that was given to me was written on my Cancer Relay t-shirt)..I may try to find a way to get a picture of it on a link so you folks can see it..
Favorite concert?? Too many to pick from..but the one right here in Peachtree City Georgia sticks out in my mind..they must not have thought so, since they have never come back! :0

Message: 6666 Posted: Sat May 15 10:31:44 1999 By: Spurs
Subject: Oxygen / Warners

Hello all,just wanted to say what a wonderful job oxygen records have done for our hero's and how concerned we have all been reguarding Karens recent hospitalisation.We must all remember Warners quite shoddy handling of Americas previous releases particularly in the U.S. After Americas first album did so well for Warners, we have been treated to a substandard cd quality that makes this album sound as if it were recorded in a cardboard box,and yet one only has to listen to Every One I Meet Is From California on the Encore cd recorded at the same time to know how bad Warners have been.

Message: 6665 Posted: Fri May 14 23:35:12 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Torrington CT Review

AMERICA live ! Nothin' like em' ever was !
Did the opener RIVERSIDE feel like an explosion ? What new songs did they play ? Can't wait to hear.

Message: 6664 Posted: Fri May 14 23:26:19 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Torrington CT Review

Sleep tight, Bob. We look forward to hearing your review tomorrow.

Message: 6663 Posted: Fri May 14 23:02:43 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Torrington CT Review

Its late, I'm tired and I'll tell all on Saturday. But let me just say that the show was everything I thought it would be and more.

Message: 6662 Posted: Fri May 14 16:09:00 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Kinda quiet lately

it's been kinda quiet in here lately, so I have a question. What was your favorite America concert moment, or for that matter your favorite concert? I will have to think about mine and get back to you later, but thought I would throw it out there maybe to ponder over the weekend!

Message: 6661 Posted: Fri May 14 12:37:00 1999 By: Ike
Subject: Re: Band members

So,,tel'm what "Horse" was written about!!!!

Message: 6660 Posted: Fri May 14 05:36:51 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: Is Oxygen Still Supporting America?

<<Whether or not there will be a second single and when it will come out if there is one, I don't know. But if there is one I'm sure Karen will let us be the first to know.>>

Steve, I'm sure you're right. However, the real question is, if there is not going to be another single will they tell us?

<<I, for one, appreciate all the work that Karen and Oxygen have put into promoting Human Nature.>>

I agree fully. Oxygen helped us get another treasured album and we owe them much thanks for that. Our questions aren't with what Oxygen has done, but what they are doing and the sudden and prolonged lack of communication.


Message: 6659 Posted: Thu May 13 22:33:20 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Friends

That was SO GREAT!!! What an unexpected treat!!

Erin :o)

Message: 6658 Posted: Thu May 13 22:24:33 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Friends

OK, I don't it was the season finale but it still exciting to hear the song on a popular primetime show with a huge audience. Maybe there is no 2 nd single yet, but someone was doing something behind the scenes.

Message: 6657 Posted: Thu May 13 22:15:34 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Friends

I am checking my e-mail, have the season finale of Friends on and Horse With No Name comes on. So unbelievably cool. Great exposure for the guys.

Message: 6656 Posted: Thu May 13 22:06:05 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Is Oxygen Still Supporting America?

Amidst the controversy about whether or not there will be another single, let me share this with you. I haven't heard a lot from Karen lately but I did find out that she is recovering quite nicely from her surgery and has actually been able to go back to work. I don't know how much she is able to do, but I'm sure she's doing all that she's physically able to do.

A few days ago Karen sent me a message indicating that King Biscuit (and Oxygen Records) were going to change their Internet Service Provider (i.e., their server). The president of the company, Steve, told Karen to let me know that they were making the change and they definitely wanted the America Fans web site to switch with them. If there was any chance that Oxygen was giving up on America, this would be the perfect time to abandon the web site -- but they didn't. I think that answers the question about Oxygen's support for America.

Whether or not there will be a second single and when it will come out if there is one, I don't know. But if there is one I'm sure Karen will let us be the first to know.

I, for one, appreciate all the work that Karen and Oxygen have put into promoting Human Nature. It's unfortunate that Karen was sidelined and that may have put a kink in their plans. Whatever happens in the future, thanks Karen and Oxygen!

Message: 6655 Posted: Thu May 13 21:42:27 1999 By: Marshall
Subject: Re: No Second Release?

I think there's no second release because Karen from Oxygen has been ill. There's no one at Oxygen working on promoting America.

Message: 6654 Posted: Thu May 13 20:54:54 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Welcome Misha

Yes, Neil had to do with HORSE, but it was his FATHER who sang lead! Good observation. You'll never find this in the credits on the album, but I read it from a book by a Rock Expert.

Message: 6653 Posted: Thu May 13 20:10:39 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Band members

DEWEY BUNNELL sings & wrote HORSE W/NO NAME. NO Neal Yeung has no connection to AMERICA. HUMAN NATURE is AMERICA's latest & greatest CD release, a definite masterpiece.

Message: 6652 Posted: Thu May 13 19:32:05 1999 By: Misha
Subject: Band members

Please tell us, who sings a "Horse With No Name". Also, is Neil Young involved with any songs?

Message: 6651 Posted: Thu May 13 19:23:17 1999 By: truthsaint
Subject: rambles

Hi, everyone. I've been busy for the last few months, and haven't had the time to add new thoughts, really, since the Lancaster concert.
At this point I must express some outrage at Oxygen. You will recall that Gerry Beckley told me what the new single would be and that was MONTHS ago. I wonder how he and Dewey feel about such an absolutely unprecedented long wait. 6 months or so since FAMT??? When I was a dj, and as most of you know, that next single comes out just as the 'old' one starts to fade from the charts, and this is obviously done for momentum. There is certainly no momentum now. They cannot capitalize on the success of FAMT; therefore they have to (again) re-build themselves. Unbelievable on Oxygen's side. I hope they have a good explanation. No offense to Karen, and I've kept my promise not to name that new single (although some of you know). But I really don't get it. I wonder what the record is for amount of time between singles from the same album. Maybe Guiness has a new category here!

Message: 6650 Posted: Thu May 13 18:54:32 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: re: Fav America Duo Release

LOVE those lines!

Message: 6649 Posted: Thu May 13 18:43:42 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: re: Fav America Duo Release

" follow the path of the knowing trees
and each time you laugh it's love you release
that love will come back in the garden of peace...." B&B (1994)

Message: 6648 Posted: Thu May 13 17:12:02 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Favorite AMERICA Release As A Duo

Hey You People,

Tough call! In a narrow decision "Alibi" defeats "Hourglass" (loses due to the 2 remakes).
Gerry - Coastline/One In A Million Dewey - Catch That Train/Valentine

Joe B

P.S. This is subject to change at any moment

Message: 6647 Posted: Thu May 13 11:21:28 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Live by Request

Is this quest dead in the water? Should we try again to get them to book the guys? do the guys even have time to do it ( their tour schedule is grueling!)Any ideas?

Message: 6646 Posted: Thu May 13 08:35:36 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: No Second Release?

Here's my theory why there hasn't been a second release yet: The fans overwhelmingly selected "Wednesday Morning". The "powers that be" want "Moment To Moment". So, by delaying the second release, we fans are ready for it "Moment To Moment". That's my theory and I'm stickin' to it! It's just a theory and I haven't any evidence to back it up. I'm just having a little fun at Oxygen's expense. I really haven't the foggiest idea why. However, if that really were the reason, it's worked on me. I'm sure Oxygen has a good explanation. We just don't know it. Any other theories out there??

Message: 6645 Posted: Thu May 13 08:11:49 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: double double good good fun fun

Ok, so I posted TWO's only 9:20 AM.....Please forgive me. My eyes are working independantly this morning, so they each had an

Message: 6644 Posted: Thu May 13 08:09:25 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Favorite AMERICA Release As A Duo

Hourglass--D sung songs, Garden of Peace/Sleeper Train; G songs, Call of the Wild/Close to the Wind. Possibly one of my favorite ALL time albums.

Silent Letter--D sung songs, Tall Treasures/The Only Game In Town; G songs, 1960/All My Life

Message: 6643 Posted: Thu May 13 08:04:21 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Updated Concert List

Although Wyoming, MI was on there before, I just realized it falls in my FIVE WEEK visit home.....(C: There IS a God.....

Message: 6642 Posted: Wed May 12 23:54:13 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Updated Concert List

Thanks for the update! I'm very glad to see Reno/Sparks is still on!! Only three more months...

Erin :o)

Message: 6641 Posted: Wed May 12 23:00:30 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Updated Concert List

San Francisco-YEA!

Message: 6640 Posted: Wed May 12 22:10:19 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Favorite AMERICA Release As A Duo

Hmmm. Not as easy as it sounds.

Silent Letter - One Morning, tall treasures -Dewey and All My Life, All Around - Gerry and for the bonus ... High in the City -both

Message: 6639 Posted: Wed May 12 22:04:07 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Favorite AMERICA Release As A Duo

"View From The Ground"

Dewey - "You Girl" and "Love On The Vine"
Gerry - "Inspector Mills" and "Sometimes Lovers"


Message: 6638 Posted: Wed May 12 21:13:55 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Updated Concert List

Morey Management Group sent me an updated concert list and it is now posted on the America Fans web site. A few concerts have been deleted but several have been added. I hope there's one near you.

Message: 6637 Posted: Wed May 12 20:49:15 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Favorite AMERICA Release As A Duo

SILENT LETTER does it for me.

Dewey - Only Game In Town (Rockin) and All Night
Gerry - No Fortune and 1960

Favorite Musical - Phantom of the Opera (just thought i'd throw that in)

Message: 6636 Posted: Wed May 12 20:33:55 1999 By: laura
Subject: dynamic duo picks

Perhaps I'm just in a difficult mood, but seems like if I'm gonna have to choose recordings from the TWO, & TWO songs from each, then I wanna cheat & pick TWO albums. No?
Well, OK, - then it would have to be Hourglass with Young Moon & Sleeper Train / Ports-of-Call & Hope.
Though I reeeeaaaalllly also want to say Silent Letter with And Forever & Tall Treasures, / All Around & All My Life (lots of great A-songs on that one).
There, I'm conflicted about my choices, hope Johnny is a happy man, darn him anyway (just kidding).
Brings to mind another Silent Letter A-song line: "All night you'll fight With your mind, with your mind..."

Message: 6635 Posted: Wed May 12 16:16:11 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Favorite AMERICA Release As A Duo

I guess I will have to give Hourglass a second listen ( i just found a copy at Sam Goody's at CityWalk.) I have been giving "Your Move" The intensive listening treatment ( you would be surprized at how much more plesant a subway ride is this way!)

Message: 6634 Posted: Wed May 12 16:05:46 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Favorite AMERICA Release As A Duo

My choices:
Dewey, lead vocals- Young Moon, Garden of Peace (one of my all-time favorites)
Gerry, lead vocals- Hope, Close to the Wind

Message: 6633 Posted: Wed May 12 15:18:28 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: cds, Why buy used?

Buy used to keep them out of landfills...or unplayed in a basement...or used for target practice (which my father did with original Elvis & Beatles 45s)...

Maybe I'm just too ecologically minded...

Message: 6632 Posted: Wed May 12 14:10:24 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: cds, Why buy used?

When you can get band new ones so cheap at places like and! I was just looking around and most of the domestic America CDs are only $8.95! Most of the imports are only $14.95! They have Human Nature for only $12.95, so if anybody out there hasn't gotten around to getting it yet go buy it now! When you buy used, America doesn't get "credit" for the sale. The biggest factor that Oxygen will consider in deciding if they want to do another America album is not the quality of music, but SALES! So buy new when purchasing America (unless it's something that is out of print), you can buy used for everybody else.

Message: 6631 Posted: Wed May 12 11:18:09 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Favorite AMERICA Release As A Duo

Tough Choice Johnny! I have been listening to both Alibi and Silent letter almost exclusively for the past two weeks or so. I didn't really like Silent Letter when it came out in 79, but now I live it. The same goes for Alibi. Infact, both albums are probably in pristine condition ( it may have had something to do with the advent of the CD player, never really gave those albums a chance) At any rate I guess I choose Silent Letter. Favorite Songs-- Dewey---Tall Treasures ( nice use of slant rhyme, something Dewey does very well) and One Morning ( I agree with the assesment voiced here that it is about Dan, any response Dewey?) Favorite song---Gerry--- No Fortune ( the tag line really hits home these days for some reason) and All My Life ( I love the string arrangements and the "bouncing" stereo effect which is patricularly effctive when you are listening to it with earphones at full blast.

Another good question Johnny!

Message: 6630 Posted: Wed May 12 11:16:22 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: My Choice

My favorite duo release is "Hourglass". Two favorite songs with Dewey as lead: "Young Moon" & "Garden of Peace". Two favorite songs with Gerry as lead: "Hope" & "Mirror To Mirror". This CD is solid, solid, solid! Should have been a commercial success in my opinion.

PS to Inspector TerryT: Your "Half A Man" is better than no man!

Message: 6629 Posted: Wed May 12 11:00:20 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Favorite AMERICA Release As A Duo

We might have done this before but it's hard to remember since we've done so many different things. How about this for the next topic of discussion: Excluding "Human Nature", what is your favorite AMERICA album/CD/cassette released as a duo? Plus, from this same release, list your top 2 songs with Dewey singing lead vocal and your top 2 songs with Gerry singing lead vocal.

Message: 6628 Posted: Wed May 12 10:42:56 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Message to Bones

Well Bones, my DH assures me that Playboy has some very worthwhile, ah , articles, so I suppose it counts. At the Library, we offer comic books on the theory that "Reading is Reading" Hey, aren't you a TEACHER????

Message: 6627 Posted: Wed May 12 09:27:07 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: cds

Good Morning everyone!

I know that some of you think this is a waste of energy, but I find it interesting that there are currently a number of America items for auction on ebay that are getting a lot of action, including:
Hat Trick, German import
Hideaway, Australian import
Last Unicorn, ?

I've been out bid on all of them. :-(

There are also a couple of offerings of Greatest Hits and Hourglass, going for under $5.00, if a second copy would be a good thing in your vehicle or at work...


Message: 6626 Posted: Wed May 12 09:20:44 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Pages

blend - singular

Message: 6625 Posted: Wed May 12 08:10:01 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Pages

PAGES is a musical & intellectual masterpiece. It is a perfect example of DEWEY BUNNELL & GERRY BECKLEY'S artistic strength as they blends literary intellect w/their musical powers. The song is both intelligent as well as melodic & don't we love the smooth acoustic sounds. It has a lot to say & does so in a very convincing manner. OLOOLOLO is another example. Both of these masterpieces is on HUMAN NATURE, AMERICA's latest.

Message: 6624 Posted: Wed May 12 04:37:34 1999 By: Janice
Subject: robyn and joyce..

re: your e-mail..I haven't checked my mail since I posted yesterday..and I'm sitting in my office already today (it's 5:45 am...yes, I'm'll check when I get home today..And Joyce, if you are planning on the Coach House, get your tickets is a popular venue and seats go FAST..both shows always full and lots of fun!

Message: 6623 Posted: Wed May 12 02:02:41 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Pages

sorry about that...don't know how that got posted...I agree Robyn...Pages would be perfect! I LOVE eveything about that song...the lyrics, the music. I listened to it over and over driving home from work tonight. What an incredible song.
Erin :o)

Message: 6622 Posted: Wed May 12 02:00:45 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Pages

Message: 6621 Posted: Tue May 11 20:56:22 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Pages

Hey Robyn,
sorry about the misspelled name.

Message: 6620 Posted: Tue May 11 20:49:47 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Pages

Hey Roybn,
Does reading playboy magazine count? you know I just buy it to read the articles. Plus I'm just a few days over the age of 34. Well maybe it's more than a few years over the age of 34. Have a nice day.

Message: 6619 Posted: Tue May 11 18:47:02 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Janice

did you get my e-mail?

Message: 6618 Posted: Tue May 11 16:13:12 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Pages

Hey, May Is "get caught Reading Month" and the Assosciation of American Publisher is sponsoring a campaign aimed at 18-34 year olds. Wouldn't "Pages" be a natural as a theme? Just a thought.... (I guess working at the Library does that to a person!)

Message: 6617 Posted: Tue May 11 14:14:02 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Triv Answers

Sir Johnny may be at the HEAD of the Yak list, bet he's sticking his NECK out on that one, really s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g it!
I was going to guess HALF A MAN by Dan.

Message: 6616 Posted: Tue May 11 14:13:15 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: Re: Answers to Cari, Bones and Joyce

<<Joyce, If you are ever in SO Ca. Look me up!>>Robyn>> Robyn, Funny you mention that !! I may come to CA for the Coach House GIG !!--:)--YES !! I would be coming alone too, It would be nice to have someone to go with????---PEACE JOYCE HALL~

Message: 6615 Posted: Tue May 11 14:09:30 1999 By: Janice
Subject: thank you, everyone..

I have received some very wonderful and heart-warming e-mails..boy, will I be huffing and seems so many have a story to tell or a friend or loved one they have lost.and lots of survivors too!! I, myself had a tumor removed in September, just after my last birthday..hospitalized for 2 weeks and very happy to walk (well..ride) out of there..I count my blessings everyday. Yes, Robyn..sponsors are greatly welcome..e-mail me for is a wonderful event..Virginia has participated in one..this one is in Atlanta (and of course Delta is a major sponsor..our team is the Global Trotters).but I have a phone number for the Cancer Society for similar event in other cities. Yes..Sandy is smiling down at me..this one's for her. Thanks all, and keep those e-mails coming.. :)

Message: 6614 Posted: Tue May 11 13:42:21 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Friar Tuck Inn

Hi there America fans, has anyone out there ever been to the Friar Tuck Inn, located in upstate NY, I know where it is but have never been there. America is going to be there July 17

Message: 6613 Posted: Tue May 11 11:52:04 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Triv Answers

OUCH Johnny. You are worse than me, if that were possible!!!!

Message: 6612 Posted: Tue May 11 11:42:07 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Message to Janice

Janice, where is this event? Is it being held in more than one place? Do you need sponsors for a lap? So many of my family and friends have battled the big C ( I lost my sister-in-law to it last year around this time) Let me know. What a wonderful way to honor the memory of your cherished sister.

Message: 6611 Posted: Tue May 11 11:23:14 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Me a groupie?

How embarassing Ike.....(Sometimes men tend to think with they're -----.)There's a difference between a love sick kitten and a women who's looking up and enjoying the music and good looks of "America" !!

Message: 6610 Posted: Tue May 11 11:11:19 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Triv Answers

Matthew 24:41 "...the one shall be taken, and the other remain."
"Hurricane" by Dan "Into a hurricane Whoa, hurricane Some'll be taken Some'll remain"

Matthew 14:25 "...Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea."
"Amber Cascades" " Then we call to the man who walks on the water"

Matthew 14:10,11 "And he sent, and beheaded John in the prison. And his head was brought in a charger..."
"Children" "Aw, come on children, get your heads back together"

Message: 6609 Posted: Tue May 11 10:50:56 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Yet more Bible/AMERICA Triv Question

The first two will take me a while, but the answer to Donkey Jaw is the story of Samson , who went around smiting Philistines with the jawbone of an ass (donkey) if I remember my Sunday school lessons properly.

Message: 6608 Posted: Tue May 11 09:13:27 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Yet more Bible/AMERICA Triv Question

1. What America song has lyrics loosely based on Matthew 24:40-41?

2. What America song has a reference to an event in Matthew chapter 14?

3. And lastly, this may be tougher, where does the title of the song "Donkey Jaw" come from?

Other than general references to heaven, angels, and prayer I think this about covers the bases as far as Biblical influences on America's songs.

Message: 6607 Posted: Tue May 11 08:28:26 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Niles Michigan

Ah, yes. Niles Michigan. Scenic side trip from Benton Harbor or Holland.........waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I wanna go HOME........ Please, PLEASE take me

I didn't catch Sir George's special on Bravo, any one out there who did want to summerize? Thanks!

Message: 6606 Posted: Tue May 11 07:49:23 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: To: Steve, Terry, Niles, & Janice

Yes Steve, "Hope" was the answer that I had in mind. Way to go! Could you please cover the subject a little better next time? (Ha, Ha,)

Stat Man TerryT, my gosh...I yak my trap that much? And I thought I was keeping a low profile in April. Very interesting report. Thanks.

Welcome Niles! From Terry's report, you can see that I'm the "quiet" one.

Janice, you can run one for my mom who battled valiantly for five years. When I play "Harbor", I think about her each time because that was the year she was first diagnosed. Thanks!!

Message: 6605 Posted: Tue May 11 05:32:47 1999 By: Janice
Subject: checking in..

Hi all..some interesting names..etc..Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day..I was treated like "Queen for a Day"..have never quite seen eggs cooked like the way, I am participating in a great cause on Friday night for the Cancer Society..running relays..candles will burn through the night in memory of those who lost their battle and luminaries will be lit in a ceremony for those still battling..I am running with my 3 boys in memory of my sister, Sandy. A campfire will burn all night and it should be a very moving event. Send me an e-mail with the name of a loved one and I will be happy to run an extra lap! Have a wonderful guys are the best!

Message: 6604 Posted: Tue May 11 02:46:11 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Welcome Niles / April Yak Report

Welcome, Niles! (the name of my hometown in Michigan)

This is a long-overdue listing of just some of the Folks you'll meet on this Folder, and how many times they posted last month. No month is the same, but this represents a few of us:

54  AmericaSL
31 Johnny
27 Janice
21 JL(John)
20 Robyn
19 FrogB52
18 Beech
17 jimnak
16 Bones
15 Joe knight
14 Beth
     Howard Lieboff
12 KevinS
10 Jim Griffey
 9  LeakyCanoe
 7  Michelle
     Tom T.
     Yng Moon
 6  Joe B
 5  EDDY
     El Guru De Health
 4  Cari
 3  ERIN
     Ron B
    ShariL in San Diego
 2  ("anonymous")
    Jerry Reynolds
    John Corbett
    Joyce Hall
    Mike K.
    Steve Nelson
 1 Bruce David Martin
    Jean-Paul Tabja
  *KarenD				(We Miss You!)

Message: 6603 Posted: Mon May 10 20:03:16 1999 By: Niles
Subject: Houses in White

I just listened to the Houses In White Real Audio file. I think it is great. I am 44 and have been a long time America fan, this is a great song. Keep it up!

Message: 6602 Posted: Mon May 10 16:59:50 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Another Bible/AMERICA Triv Question

"And I saw an angel come down from heaven..."

I'm going to guess that it's one of these songs:

Hope - "High above angels are falling from the sky"

California Revisited (Everyone I Meet Is From California) - "Heaven may be an answer"

Muskrat Love - "Floatin' like the heavens above"

Young Moon - "Young moon in the heavens"

Call Of The Wild - "An image of angels appears in the night"

Hollywood - "Soaring through the heavens, what a fabulous ride"

It's Life - "You don't get to heaven if they don't say you do"

Personally, I think the best answer is Hope.

Message: 6601 Posted: Mon May 10 16:54:55 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Keep Trying On Triv Question

Maybe someone else knows the answer??? Keep trying.

Message: 6600 Posted: Mon May 10 16:18:53 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Another Bible/AMERICA Triv Question

ok, I give up, I am tired of being the only one playing, so here from the King James Bible is the text:

"And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand"

Gee, sounds like Jimi's song "Angel" but that would be wrong, wouln't it?

Message: 6599 Posted: Mon May 10 14:56:21 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Trivia Question Answer & new Question

Jet Boy Blue is correct (Thief in the night is the phrase Dan got from that passage).

Message: 6598 Posted: Mon May 10 14:26:27 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: back in connecticut

Bones, I don't know anything about the Wallingford concert -- I simply pass along what the booking agency gives to me. Perhaps someone else will be able to help you.

Message: 6597 Posted: Mon May 10 14:08:19 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Another Bible/AMERICA Triv Question

Robyn and Mark, that's right about my trivia question. Robyn, you're killing us with your quick answers. Yours was a great trivia question, Mark.

Okay, here's another one: What AMERICA song, Revelation 20:1? But
NOT the part of "...having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand."

Message: 6596 Posted: Mon May 10 13:51:05 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Best Band of all time

the booth has been "suspended" GEE, I WONDER WHY????

Message: 6595 Posted: Mon May 10 12:07:43 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Trivia Question Answer & new Question

Jet Boy Blue?

Message: 6594 Posted: Mon May 10 12:03:13 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Trivia Question Answer & new Question

That would be Donkey Jaw, written by Dan but sung by Dewey. "Get behind me Satan."

Matthew 4:10 (KJV) "Get thee hence, Satan..."

However, I think Dan's lyric was based on the passage from Matthew, but the parallel account in Luke 4:8 "Get thee behind me, Satan..."

Now for another question. Which America song has a lyric based on 1 Thessalonians 5:2 ?

Message: 6593 Posted: Mon May 10 11:54:22 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Trivia Question

Good one Johnny

Donkey Jaw (also a biblical reference)
("Get behind me Satan")
From "Then Jesus saith unto him, Get thee hence Satan"
That one took me a bit. Had to go downstairs and get a bible-- good thing I work at the library, or it would have made me crazy all day!

Message: 6592 Posted: Mon May 10 11:32:10 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Trivia Question

Trivia Question: Which AMERICA song has a lyric somewhat like a portion of the sentence from Matthew 4:10 of the Bible? Also, give us the song lyric and that portion of the Bible verse that are similar.

Regarding "One Dog Light", "It's the loneliest number that you'll ever do."

Message: 6591 Posted: Mon May 10 11:20:12 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: America/Chuck Negron show in MD

ROFLMHO! Thanks Ike, I needed that!

Message: 6590 Posted: Mon May 10 11:18:16 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Answers to Cari, Bones and Joyce

Yes, Cari, I live in the San Fernando Valley. It looks like I won't make the Coach House gig ( my friend has prior commitments :(. Oh well, I did see them in February.
Bones enjoy the shows. I remeber seeing them twice in one year, but that was 1972!!!
Joyce, if you are ever in SO Cal, look me up!

Message: 6589 Posted: Mon May 10 08:22:21 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: Re: America/Chuck Negron show in MD

<<One dog light !>>Ike......LOL........Oh man , that Beckley !!--:)-JOYCE...........

Message: 6588 Posted: Sun May 09 23:34:17 1999 By: Ike
Subject: Re: America/Chuck Negron show in MD

Know what Beckley calls TDNight WITHOUT Chuck??

One Dog Light!!

Message: 6587 Posted: Sun May 09 21:13:16 1999 By: Bones
Subject: back in connecticut

i see on the tour schedule that on August 28th, America is playing in Wallingford CT. Does anyone know where in Wallingford they are playing?

Message: 6586 Posted: Sun May 09 16:45:19 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Julian's Version of "I Need You"

Yes thanks Howard & Steve for the sound byte of Julian's cover of the GERRY BECKLEY classic I NEED YOU. If you have heard this recently in concert, you have probably heard it the way it was originally arranged that is on 6 string acoustic guitar. I sure hope Julian's release is a big success for the benefit of I NEED YOU & the exposure for GERRY & AMERICA. More covers of AMERICA would be extremely helpful & could be the triggering event for another AMERICA explosion. Also for all you Taylor guitar players, there is a foto & byline of the legendary GERRY BECKLEY in the current Taylor Guitar publication. I think it was taken at NAMM, an annual trade show that is not open to the public. HUMAN NATURE is AMERICA's latest & greatest.

Message: 6585 Posted: Sun May 09 14:56:24 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Julian's Version of "I Need You"

Thanks once again to Howard (and Steve). This time for making available Julian Lennon's version of "I Need You". Give it a listen if you haven't already. It's in the "What's New" section.

Message: 6584 Posted: Sun May 09 13:18:54 1999 By: Cari
Subject: vh1

Hey, maybe this is old news to you guys, but, i was watching VH1 rock & roll jeopardy and one of the categories was LYRICS FROM AMERICA. Pretty cool, I thought. Contestants didn't know the last answers on the board.

By the way, my grandmother's name was America Paret - born last century, 1897 I think. Always thought that was cool.

Robyn, I remember going to the Coach House, while I lived in So Cal. Are you from the area?

Message: 6583 Posted: Sat May 08 22:55:27 1999 By: Mike K.
Subject: America/Chuck Negron show in MD

Well, America fans, time to issue you a challange. I am the promoter of this show, and to date, I believe I have gotten THREE emails from America fans regarding this show in the Baltimore/DC area. In comparison, I've gotten tens of emails (and ticket sales) from Negron and THREE DOG NIGHT fans. What does this mean? Are there only a few America fans on the East Coast? Do America fans TALK about seeing the shows, while TDN fans BUY tickets? I'm not sure. Feel free to post a answer or email me directly. But consider yourselves challanged!

Message: 6582 Posted: Sat May 08 19:08:59 1999 By: Ike
Subject: Re: Ike's Answer To Dubbing

Nope,,it wasn't a dumb question at all,,quite the contrary actually. The question has been on everyone's mind. I think it's good to get it out in the open. All I said in a nutshell is use your own judgement and common sense,,, and if you do "copy",,,make it up down the road to him.

What I said about the betrayal was related to another incident entirely,,but along the same lines,,a personal thing having to do with Hourglass!! I had an advance copy because my pictures were in the jacket,,, I got permission to "copy" it for an individual because of some work he had done online for us. It was made clear that he was not to give out copies,,but he did anyway. Understand though,,it was BEFORE the album was released,,,a little different scenario

Message: 6581 Posted: Sat May 08 18:19:12 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Ike's Answer To Dubbing

Wow, Ike, I didn't know that the "betrayal of confidence" as you stated was an issue of burning a copy; otherwise, I certainly wouldn't have asked my question. I'm not that bold.....very naive for sure but definitely not bold (or intentionally insensitive)! Thanks for the answer. As I'm looking back, it wasn't a very bright question. What was I expecting the answer to be? "Yeah, sure, no problem!" So everyone, mark my question down as "The Dumbest Question of the Week".

Message: 6580 Posted: Sat May 08 15:24:58 1999 By: Ike
Subject: Re: Me a groupie?

Naw,,not now,,you're past the groupie. I used to stand back stage and watch you staring up at them like a love-sick kitten,,,funny. Now,,you're beyond the groupie,,you're a fan. And better than being a fan,, now, you're a friend.

What's kool is that the guys make everyone feel like their "friend",,,that's part of their magic.

Message: 6579 Posted: Sat May 08 15:19:35 1999 By: Ike
Subject: Re: A Question For Ike/Gerry Regarding VGG

Well,,,,hummmpphhh!!!! We all know it's a no-no to dup tunes. It's a very touchy subject with me since that very thing happened with a fan that you all know very well. He was told NOT to burn a copy but did anyway. He betrayed my confidence and my creditability was jepordized with G&D because of it since I had vouched for the individual.

But,,the general public does it and usually gets by with it. In this case, it's one of those cache-22 situations,,"everyone wants it but it's unavailable". Gerry understands the situation more than anyone, but it's still a subject that requires much discretion. As you know,,every "burned" copy is money out of his pocket down the road,,and of course,,bmi, ascap,,etc,,miss out on their cut. My thoughts on the matter is that it WILL be done regardless. So, I feel if the cd is re-released, people are going to buy it again anyway (and should),,simply for the fact that they will have the jacket and one that a person can openly take to Gerry and have signed.

I think the America fans are the best fans of any group I've run accross,,and I've been involved with many many other groups\fans. I also think that they will do what is right by the "copy" issue. I know they don't want to take away from Gerry's lively-hood and when VGG becomes available (and they will eventually),,regardless of if they have a "copy" or not,,they'll buy the original.

Am I giving you permission and\or is it ok with Gerry? The answer would have to be no,,BUT!!!!!

Message: 6578 Posted: Sat May 08 10:52:01 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: Re: to Joyce & Robyn

Bones, I am jealous !!!--:)--You make sure the boys save some energy for the rest of us In these neck of the woods.-& For the record...I am probably the most laid back person , you'd ever want to meet, I don't get offended easily. I can joke around as much as the next guy !! haha.......I knew you were joking Robyn !! Have a great weekend everyone & keep a smile on your face.--:)--Love, JOYCE

Message: 6577 Posted: Fri May 07 21:21:42 1999 By: Bones
Subject: to Joyce & Robyn

Not to make both of you jealous or anything but one week from tonight, I'll be rockin and rollin to the sounds of AMERICA in Torrington, Connecticut. Then they come back to Connecticut at the end of June, then the next night in Long Island, New York, all within an hours ride from my house. Later in the summer up in Massachusetts. What a way to get ready for the summer. Life doesn't get any better than this.
I'm also a virgo.

Message: 6576 Posted: Fri May 07 16:56:36 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Other Stuff to Vote for

Here are some more places to vote for America or their songs:
Vote for Venture Highway as the best song:

Vote for Sister Golden Hair as the best song:

Another place to vote for America as the best band:

Vote for America as the best album:

Vote for Homecoming as the best album cover:

Vote for Wednesday Morning as the best new song:

Vote for From A Moving Train as the best recent song:

Vote for Horse With No Name as best hit single:

Vote for Dan Peek as best Christian artist:

Vote for America as the best classic rock band:

Vote for Ventura Highway as the song you would like to see covered by another group:

Vote for America as you favorite band:

Vote for The Border for favorite video:

Vote for America and help a kid with his stupid math project:

Vote for this guy to play America music next week:

Message: 6575 Posted: Fri May 07 16:10:49 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: re: Groupies

I was just joking around a bit, Maureen and I think the others were too! Guess I forgot to put the universal sarcasm symbol ;} I proposed we use a while ago because it is hard to get a feel for a person's tone of voice thru the flat written word.

Message: 6574 Posted: Fri May 07 15:46:28 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: re: Groupies

Why does it appear to me that there is way to much fighting and bickering on this page, I can remember when it was so much fun and every one got along and had FUN. I think that it is about time that this has to be put to rest as it is taking the fun out of the page.

Message: 6573 Posted: Fri May 07 15:05:03 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: 1 month from today ..............

Thanks Joyce. As A cancerian native I am easily wounded, so I try to be careful!

Enjoy the show.They are so much fun! I am hoping to see them again in August at the Coach House in Capistrano. My friend and I had so much fun in February, we'd like to do another "girls Night out, and take my 11 year old.

Message: 6572 Posted: Fri May 07 14:25:51 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: Re: 1 month from today ..............

LOL----<<<My Comment to yngmoon meant no disrespect>>Robyn>>I DID NOT TAKE IT THAT WAY--LOL!!--ALSO << Perfectionism is the HALLmark of your sign>>Robyn>>> SO I'VE BEEN TOLD!!!--:):)-JOYCE HALL

Message: 6571 Posted: Fri May 07 14:13:36 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: 1 month from today ..............

Joyce, my comment to Yng Moon meant no disrespect. Exacting perfectionism is the hallmark of your sign and is the reason so many Virgos are sucessful.
Hey some of my favorite people are Virgos ;)

Message: 6570 Posted: Fri May 07 14:09:57 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: 1 month from today ..............

Hello, I was just thinking to myself that, exactly 1 month from today, AMERICA will be here !! I can't belive it !! Wow, Time goes by so fast ......Peace & Love, from a virgo....:)---JOYCE-Have a nice weekend everyone & to all the Mothers....HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

Message: 6569 Posted: Fri May 07 13:55:13 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: VGG

Robyn and Virginia, that's good to hear. HOPEfully, Gerry will see it that way, too. His answer should be interesting either way.

Message: 6568 Posted: Fri May 07 13:49:57 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: A Question For Ike/Gerry Regarding VGG

I agree with Robyn- I have a taped copy, but I would certainly buy the CD once it's available.

Message: 6567 Posted: Fri May 07 13:48:01 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: A Question For Ike/Gerry Regarding VGG

Johnny, If I might add a thought to that... When the CD is re- released ,I will buy it, dispite the fact that I have a "shared" copy!

Message: 6566 Posted: Fri May 07 13:14:58 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: A Question For Ike/Gerry Regarding VGG

Wow, it's been a while since I've heard an AMERICA song on the radio but this past week, I heard "Horse" and just a while ago, "You Can Do Magic". It's a little past 12:00 noon here so it's a good way to start the second half of the work day.

Here is something that I've wondered about for a while.....maybe you, Ike, can get us an answer from Gerry? Gerry said Japan is suppose to re-release "VGG" and he's wanting to have it released here in the States after acquiring the rights back or something to that effect. My question is: In Gerry's opinion, is it proper for one of us to dub a tape for a fellow fan since it's now difficult to purchase an original CD? I mean at no profit, of course, other than to be reimbursed perhaps for the cost of the blank cassette plus postage. Is dubbing a copy for a fellow fan something Gerry would frown upon since it's cutting into the sales demand for his CD if or when it's ever released here in the States.

Message: 6565 Posted: Fri May 07 11:53:32 1999 By: Joanne
Subject: "America" in New Jersey,2 guys and a baby!!!!!!

Hi again,America in New Jersey to welcome the baby,Can it be done?Just a thought.Don't forget Sunday is Mothers Day.Happy Mothers Day.Take care Joanne

Message: 6564 Posted: Fri May 07 11:21:27 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Message for MattB

Hey, Matt how are the T-shirts coming?

Message: 6563 Posted: Fri May 07 11:02:39 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Me a groupie?

>>I remember when you were one tooo<<

What do you mean Ike, I STILL am and always will be just a groupie! (Something deep within us all Sees the writing on the wall...My first love being the music of "America")
Yes I do remember my for the also ??? Ya got me on that one ?

Message: 6562 Posted: Fri May 07 10:38:47 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Whats in a name?

Cool name!

Message: 6561 Posted: Fri May 07 10:29:15 1999 By: Joanne
Subject: Whats in a name?

Hi to All,
First baby born to Kosovars in NJ a baby boy named AMERICA.
Anyone from Oxygen out there? Dewey and Gerry Hope the tour
is going well.Take care Joanne

Message: 6560 Posted: Fri May 07 10:08:10 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Groupie discussion

Yng Moon... LOL! I actually said to myself, "sounds like a virgo"!

Bones... actually Monica is a gropee.

Message: 6559 Posted: Fri May 07 04:49:01 1999 By: Ike
Subject: Re: Me a groupie?

Uh-huh,,,I remember when you were too, Kelly,,,,,
Also remember when we drank champagne out of your shoe also,,,

Message: 6558 Posted: Thu May 06 20:59:42 1999 By: Bones
Subject: groupie question

I'm just curious, about a year and a half ago, would Monica Lewinsky be considered a groupie?

Message: 6557 Posted: Thu May 06 19:12:35 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Me a groupie?

okay.....thanks for that....but truely Robyn, I'm not so picky I'm just a virgo groupie I can't help myself......somebody save me

Message: 6556 Posted: Thu May 06 14:09:15 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Me a groupie?

I was simply observing what the word connotes to me not stating things as they are.

Message: 6555 Posted: Thu May 06 14:02:44 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Me a groupie?

Picky Picky Picky

Message: 6554 Posted: Thu May 06 13:47:44 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Me a groupie?

pardon me again, but I've seen some pretty heavy "Male" groupie''s the 90's !!!

Message: 6553 Posted: Thu May 06 13:44:06 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Me a groupie?

you mean...vacuous don't you

(Just a joke...lighten up)......geeezzzz

Message: 6552 Posted: Thu May 06 13:39:17 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: Re: Henry Diltz Photos

<<Joyce, Henry is reliable not to worry>> Yngmoon>>> WHY THANK YOU KELLY !!!--:)--JOYCE

Message: 6551 Posted: Thu May 06 12:44:26 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Me a groupie?

That's the trouble, "groupie" has such a negative connotation ( the image of a vaccuous nubile female that is usually associated with the term would hardly apply to you Wayne! (BTW, How are things with you? are you and your ok?)

Message: 6550 Posted: Thu May 06 12:38:40 1999 By: Chatty
Subject: April Web Site Statistics

Did you ever wonder what pages are visited the most on the America Fans web site. A sorted list of the pages that were visited during April 1999 has been posted for your information. Also as an FYI, the America Fans web site had 319,749 hits in April.

Message: 6549 Posted: Thu May 06 12:29:44 1999 By: Wayne
Subject: Me a groupie?

That's the problem....I'm not a groupie...never have been. Just a fan.

Message: 6548 Posted: Thu May 06 10:53:11 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Chances...

I believe the guys sign autographs at the T-shirt table after each show. Ask the intrepid t-shirt person if they are planning on it when you get to the venue. This is much nicer than trying to bluff your way back stage or something!

Message: 6547 Posted: Thu May 06 10:41:32 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Chances...

If your a "REAL" groupie Wayne...... you'll know what to do !!!! Good luck

Message: 6546 Posted: Thu May 06 10:39:54 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Henry Diltz Photos


Henry is reliable...not to worry !!

Message: 6545 Posted: Thu May 06 03:15:30 1999 By: El Guru De Health
Subject: yeah.

Mike Cooley (of allied sun fame) will be playing a ripping (as always)accoustic set at Hill St. Cafe in Oceanside tommorrow (meaning thursday) night at 7:30. Rumor has it Willis Chin (of allied sun and SWITCHFOOT "The Legend of Chin" fame) will be playing percussion for him. Rumor also has it that at 8:00 yet another member of Allied Sun will be playing as well. Phun for the whole family. Should be really neat. Mike's way good. And was voted the most eligible bachelor of 1999 by the UCSD Paper (I couldn't make this up) Ladies?!
Be there or be somewhere else.

The Guru

Message: 6544 Posted: Wed May 05 22:42:04 1999 By: Wayne
Subject: Chances...

Can anyone tell me what the chances are of meeting Gerry and Dewey when they come to Wichita on the 26th? After all these years, I'd sure like to meet them just once...

Message: 6543 Posted: Wed May 05 22:00:01 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Best Band

Guess someone doesn't like America. What language!!!!!!! Wanted to cast a vote for "weather report" but used up my votes. Hey, it looked lonely. 9 more days.

Message: 6542 Posted: Wed May 05 18:31:48 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: VGGan sales from Gerry

Thanks for the information Ike! I guess we were all hoping Gerry would tell us he had a stash of them in his garage :0)

Message: 6541 Posted: Wed May 05 13:57:18 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: Henry Diltz Photos

Hello there, Hey has anyone ever ordered photos from Henry?? Just curious, I am about to write out a check for a exspensive 8x10, That I just HAVE TO have.--Peace, JOYCE HALL-----------:)

Message: 6540 Posted: Wed May 05 09:50:51 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Best Band site

While the site was down, I was looking around at There are thousands of voting booths and many of them deal with favorite band/group or song. I took the liberty of adding America and America songs to some of the booths. If you have a chance to visit some of the other voting areas, be sure to vote for America, and if America isn't there, add them.

Message: 6539 Posted: Tue May 04 21:25:33 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: VGGan sales from Gerry


Message: 6538 Posted: Tue May 04 21:25:26 1999 By: Cari
Subject: Florida

This is way overdue... went to Treasure Island(St. Petersburgh Beach, FL) for the concert this past Saturday. It was great! Took my 5yr old and 2yr old to their first concert.

Right on the beach, sand, and of course, sunset. Playlist was one of the most I've enjoyed over the past 19 years. Mirror to Mirror, Never be lonely, and 4 songs from HN. Moment to Moment, FAMT, Pages and Wheels. When they were in Orlando last February they only played FAMT and Pages.

Looking forward to them coming back for several shows in September.

Message: 6537 Posted: Tue May 04 18:29:13 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Hello

Shayne, your Texas roots are showing--y'all! Glad to hear all is well with you and yours Hope your new career is going great too!

Message: 6536 Posted: Tue May 04 18:25:03 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Best Band site

The Best Band of All Time site is back up.

America is still Number One!!

The good guys have around 9150 votes.


Message: 6535 Posted: Tue May 04 17:57:14 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Hello

Hey everybody.

Thanks for asking about me. I am living in Dallas and unfortunately don't have the time I used to have to be with y'all. I just passed my Series 7 and Series 63 exams allowing me to be a stock broker and am now at work. The Market is closed so things are a little slow.

Steve, I'll update my bio shortly.

The twins are great and everyone is healthy. Again, thanks for asking.


Message: 6534 Posted: Tue May 04 17:18:20 1999 By: Ike
Subject: VGGan sales from Gerry


You asked about the total number of VGG's sold,,,?? Don't know if this entirely answers your question,,but here's Gerry's answer for you.

"Do you mean worldwide or just what I offered here in the states online ... I
think I signed 500 or so to sell directly but I have no idea what Polystar
sold. Not many I'm sure or I would have heard about it. I am in the process
of trying to get the rights for the US so I can offer it online through my
page online but I'm having a slow time with the Japanese label. I also heard
that they are going to re-release it in Japan but I don't have a date on
that. Until then the only ones are the ones everybody already has. I sign
them quite often on the road."

Message: 6533 Posted: Tue May 04 12:42:33 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Henry Diltz

JimNak recently attended The Sutton Place Art Gallery in Newport Beach, California where Henry Diltz had an exhibit. Jim sent me one of the fliers from the exhibit and I thought it had some great information about Henry that you might be interested in:

Henry Diltz

It must be that down-to-earth grin, frequent laugh and self-effacing "aw shucks" attitude that puts his subjects at ease, making them oblivious to the constant click of the shutter.

Perhaps it's his background that disarms people: born in Kansas City, Missouri, his childhood was spent traveling overseas with his stepfather, a State Department film producer, where he learned to co-exist in a variety of cultures. As a founding member of the Modern Folk Quartet, Henry Diltz is as much ast home as a musician on tour as in his role as visual chrnoicler of the last quarter century of popular music.

For Diltz, the pictures began at age 27 with a Pony, a defective $20 second-hand Japanese camera, purchased on tour with the MFQ. When MFQ disbanded, he embarked on his photographic career with an album cover for The Lovin' Spoonful. Despite his lack of formal training, Diltz easily submerged himself in the world of music: the road, the gigs, the humor, the social consciousness, the psychedelia, the down times.

Rather than running with the high-powered paparazzi wolf pack hell-bent on capturing the ultimate celebrity photo, Diltz unobtrusively fit in with his subjects, often cronies and colleagues. His low-keyed style has landed his portraits in Billboard, Newsweek, People, Rolling Stone, and The Los Angeles Times, to name a few. His photo of Paul and Linda McCartney for the cover of Life magazine captured the couple at ease in Malibu.

Using environments to enhance his portraits, Diltz often works with art director Gary Burden. The classic Crosby, Stills and Nash debut album photo not glam, but down home captured the tone of 1969: three guys relaxing on a funky couch on the porch of an old clapboard house.

The official photographer for Woodstock and Monterey Pop, Diltz has shot more than 100 album covers and documented such stellar artists as Hendrix, Mama Cass, the Doors, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, the Eagles, and more [including America]. Diltz continues to go where the images are, using natural light and candid situations to produce ever-current documentation of the music that shapes our sensibilities.

Among the many photos that were on display were two that featured America: 1) A photo of Gerry, Dewey, and Dan taken in Palm Springs in 1973 and 2) A photo of Gerry, Dewey, and Dan with John Wayne and Bob Hope taken at UCLA in 1975.

Message: 6532 Posted: Tue May 04 12:33:56 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Fan Gathering

I haven't heard of any fan gathering in Reno. I think it would be great if you could plan one, Gary.

Message: 6531 Posted: Tue May 04 11:59:05 1999 By: gary
Subject: Fan Gathering

Does anyone know if there will be a fan gathering in Reno this July/August when America plays the Golden Nugget? If not, I was thinking about maybe planning one.


Message: 6530 Posted: Tue May 04 11:20:55 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Spring Clearance Continues


The following new, unopened CD's are for sale:

View From The Ground
King Biscuit Live

$20 gets you both (postage included.) First come, first served.

Joe B

Message: 6529 Posted: Tue May 04 10:46:37 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Wichita

in our thoughts and prayers Wayne.

Message: 6528 Posted: Tue May 04 10:45:36 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Cher

Thanks a lot Kevin-- now I will have THAT tag line in my head till I can sneak a song on my CD player when they aren't looking!!!

Message: 6527 Posted: Tue May 04 10:45:27 1999 By: Wayne
Subject: Wichita

Wichita got hit hard last night. Oklahoma City harder...Thanks for the thoughts...


Message: 6526 Posted: Tue May 04 09:04:26 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: TerryT.


You were doing a good job of explaining a the whims of the music business and getting at the heart of what makes people popular in some places while they remain unpopular in others. All I was saying was, just when you think you have a handle on things, something like Cher having a number one hit comes out of the blue and totally throws the whole thing out of whack. You've got to scratch your head and wonder why, of all people and after all these years, Cher is back on the top of the charts. And with a Disco song of all things. And, if Cher, then why not America? It's just amazing. Cher has a cache about her, she's a personality more than a performer. She can sell records simply because she's famous for being famous. That's what I meant, Terry. I meant there must be no rock and roll god if this kind of thing can happen.


P.S. Do you believe in life after love?

Message: 6525 Posted: Tue May 04 07:45:09 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Cher, Madonna, Tina

Hey, Marketing IS Marketing after all. When you've got it, you may as well use it! I say more power to them. And WHY is it that there weren't any MALEs mentioned here? Maybe because they don't usually change themselves around to make more money? Hmmmmm. (C;

Message: 6524 Posted: Tue May 04 00:17:04 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: Robyn/KevinS

I was thinking the exact same thing a few weeks ago as my local AC station was playing Cher's "latest and greatest" (sorry jimnak!). Morbid curiosity got the better of me, and I looked her up here on the 'Net. Goodness, what a contorted site that is! The chat folder has more "areas" than a person could possibly follow. Got out of there fast!
And I hear she's after "her" share of Sonny's about a stretch!

Message: 6523 Posted: Tue May 04 00:10:23 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: scum

And there are already reports of looters!!!

Message: 6522 Posted: Tue May 04 00:07:18 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Wichita

I have a life-long family friend living in Wichita with her husband and three young girls. Hope to hear good news from her family tomorrow.
All the people involved in this natural disaster are in my prayers this night.

Message: 6521 Posted: Mon May 03 22:37:08 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Cher

Well as John Lennon once said, "whatever gets you through the night, is alright ...."
Do you know the sales of certain paintings by the masters, specifically some of the Dutch masters such as Vincent Van Gogh, when they were originally produced ? Could some of GERRY & DEWEY'S works follow a similiar path ? We may never know, but it's ok to imagine.
HUMAN NATURE is AMERICA's latest & greatest.

Message: 6520 Posted: Mon May 03 22:11:58 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Cher/KevinS

Cher, like the Material Girl, appeals to the largest demographic recording consumer market in the USA, which is teenage females. There are a lot of Cher, Madonna, and Tina wannabes out there. They idolize the single, independent, and successful lifestyles of these superstars, while finding a message in the music that seems just for them. Simple, true.

Message: 6519 Posted: Mon May 03 21:27:46 1999 By: Bones
Subject: sorry

sorry for the double post. was a computer thing, not a money thing.

Message: 6518 Posted: Mon May 03 21:24:13 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Cher

I heard Cher's new music and i must say that every song just about sounded the same to me. We're not moving back to the sound of disco again, are we? I hope not. I threw out all my platform shoe's, leisure suits and gold chains back in the early 80's. Guess I'll have to start hitting those tag sales again.
Some time ago, I asked the question if anyone knew how many copies of Van Go Gan were sold. Does anyone know the answer? It's to bad some people are still looking for copies of this awesome cd. It's not a money thing or is it? I think it's time for a solo project from Dewey.

Message: 6517 Posted: Mon May 03 21:18:22 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Cher

I heard Cher's new music and i must say that every song just about sounded the same to me. We're not moving back to the sound of disco again, are we? I hope not. I threw out all my platform shoe's, leisure suits and gold chains back in the early 80's. Guess I'll have to start hitting those tag sales again.
Some time ago, I asked the question if anyone knew how many copies of Van Go Gan were sold. Does anyone know the answer? It's to bad some people are still looking for copies of this awesome cd. It's not a money thing or is it? I think it's time for a solo project from Dewey.

Message: 6516 Posted: Mon May 03 20:53:11 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Cher

It's incredible that Cher has a current hit with her latest song which is techno-pop/disco. It just goes to prove that Cher is one of those singers that can sing and sell just about anything....much like that "Material Girl".

Message: 6515 Posted: Mon May 03 18:08:34 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: ;)

Robyn...guess you were commenting on Kevin's comment, not mine. Why'd ya have to bring up Cher, kevin? Ouch! Did I make any sense? I, too, just returned from being out of state. Mosta been the oxygen level in the plane.
Again, GO Howard!

Message: 6514 Posted: Mon May 03 17:54:53 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Robyn/KevinS

I can only speak for myself. I was attempting to explain the Phenomenon Known as Cher. I was going for funny there,Terry. It's been a long day......

Message: 6513 Posted: Mon May 03 17:27:54 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Robyn/KevinS

Robyn: Huh?
Kevin: Huh?
Details, please!

Message: 6512 Posted: Mon May 03 17:15:15 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: TerryT.

It's like a train wreck, you don't want to look but you do anyway ;)

Message: 6511 Posted: Mon May 03 17:10:26 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Re: TerryT.

Yeah, Terry, but can you explain Cher?

Message: 6510 Posted: Mon May 03 16:14:02 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Review--$.02/Smothers

Good point, Mark. Good theory, Jim. Good answers and observations, Bones, John, and Tery!
The situation now reminds me of Tina Turner and probably others. After doing quite well in the States, although still with Ike (Turner!), she set out on her own. Her performances and sales were taken with open arms in Europe and abroad, where she was considered phenomenal, compared to here. The outside popularity eventually travelled back to square one. Maybe different cultures, because they go through different changes at different times, relate as a whole to certain music messages in waves. Indeed, all still depends upon the foresight and genius of the marketers themselves to catch these waves, rather than be navigated by some sort of formula. I guess I'm saying that it has a lot to do with both the times AND the skill of the marketers. That ability to feel how the wind is blowing and go for it. Sure, fortunes have been lost due to reading the wrong signs, but that is also how they have been won. Being at the right place at the right time with the right thing takes talent...not only from the performers, but from the promoters.

Howard, THANKS for your unrelenting Smothers' quest! Knave Productions, although semmingly a bummer at the moment, is yet another knotch toward getting access to the video of that show. I saw that TV show back in '75 and know everyone on this board would love the performance of those three songs delivered by the Guys that night as musical guests. The Smothers were way ahead of their time for TV, as witnessed by attempts to get them blacked-out for their views and other crimes such as trying to have fun. America was given a totally free opportunity to be themselves in a way no other television show allows to this day. No hint of "uptightness" or having to follow rules. They shone in all their glory, with plenty of humor. Keep that original cassette in a safe deposit box, Howard, until we finally get the video!

Message: 6509 Posted: Mon May 03 14:22:34 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: smothers brothers

Came across a web site I forgot what it was. But it's owned by Knave Productions, which owns all the rights to the Smothers Brothers
shows. I read that certain smothers Brothers show for sale
and called & enquired about when America appeared on the show, and
asked to get a copy. She looked it up and said they appeared only
once and it was summertime.'s not for sale, because it
hasn't been released and probably will never be. All legal stuff.
Figures. But, thank god for my trusty cassette tape recorder when
I was 14 or 15 and still have it to this day. But oh how I would
love to own that on video. Priceless. Amazing on John Denver board,
people have every John Denver special from the 1970's. And we have
only 1!!#@+$%*!+#!#*%*%.sorry to vent people. HL

Message: 6508 Posted: Mon May 03 07:30:48 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Review--$.02

>>, anything that deals with the music industry, revolves around the
Yeah, but what industry doesn't anymore? It's all sad, but true....sigh The music and film industries just seem a little more "cruel" than most, because "Madison Avenue says" we're all "fickle"...

Message: 6507 Posted: Sun May 02 21:44:38 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Review

Took the ferry into Vancouver this weekend to spend some R and R with my wife, visiting some friends. Ventured into my fav. record store and immediately went to the 'A" section. (who on this list doesn't, right?) Wow. Their selection of America cds was the best i have ever seen. Not only the usuals (Human Nature, History, Encore, America) but they had all the 'H" albums (for only $16 Can. - about $11.00 US), Live, View, etc. Since I hadn't replaced all of my vinyl yet I splurged and almost finished off my collection. I am one excited puppy right now listening to Harbor again after many years absence.

On another note - I was reading the local paper and it ran a large (1/2 page) article from somewhere in the States about a movie All time top 10 list generated through the internet. Seems Shawshank Redemption came out as THE choice. So I am thinking (Karen?). Maybe someone coudl pick up the data from the Best Band of All time ballot and run with it. I know it isn't statistically valid but it would make a great story. You know, after 27 years of non-stop touring and recording America is still America's (and Canada's and Spain's and...) favorite.

Message: 6506 Posted: Sun May 02 21:20:00 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Review

Jimnak, you make a good point. let's face it, anything that deals with the music industry, revolves around the all-mighty-dollar. How much money have you made for me lately? Remember when you bought your first cd player? how many of the America albums were out on compact disc. America, America live, and America in concert (capital). I can remember when Homecoming, Hat trick, Holiday, Hearts, Hideaway, and Harbor came out on import. Went right to my local cd store and put down $150.00 for all 6 cd's. didn't really care what it cost, i just had to have the cd's. Guess they made their money off of me and a bunch of other people too. Then look how long it took to release, Silent Letter, Alibi, Your Move, Perspective, and View from the Ground. Probably because there wasn't going to be much money made off of these cd's.
Dewey and Gerry could do a re-make of "Mary had a Little Lamb" and you know what, I'm buying it, no matter what it costs.
I'm just curious how many copies of Human Nature has been sold in the United States vs. Over sea's. Maybe there's just more hard-core, die-hard America fans over there than there are here.

Message: 6505 Posted: Sun May 02 19:53:27 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Review

Just an opinion, but:
I have always thought it may have a lot to do w/the USA's greatly evolved culture of highly commercialized, follow the flash, follow the crowd, music for profit mentality. In a addition, as any american filmaker will tell you, for a film to be successful in the USA, it must have constant & uniform scene/action changes. Translated, americans aren't as patient as Europeans & others. Just watch a European film. AMERICA's music is intellect for the soul, it has to grow w/you, it may require some nurturing & some steady patience is sometimes necessary to feel the effect. It only gets better w/time, not a sugar fix. By the way, HUMAN NATURE is AMERICA's latest & greatest.

Message: 6504 Posted: Sun May 02 19:16:32 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Review

It's funny how America has maintained it's respected "super group" status overseas, but has been pretty much forgotten by the music/media establishment in the US. Makes me wonder why?

Message: 6503 Posted: Sun May 02 15:05:07 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: "Bonus" song

Had a phone call last night from "Treasure Island," Florida. (Nice surprise)......Just as I answered the call Gerry was announcing that they were going to play a bonus song for the (20 thousand or more crowd....WOW) As I listened, "Pages" was sung then "I Need You" and then as I mentioned was a "bonus" song (for me at least)....none other than "Wheels Are Turning". (My first time to hear this song played live on stage....even if it had to be from so far away, they sounded so clear and beautiful.)

Thanks to my good friend for such a sweet surprise...much appreciated!!
"Those Wheels are turning once again
It's always been your truest friend"..xo

Message: 6502 Posted: Sat May 01 17:02:35 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Best Band Troubles UPDATE

Timmy, yer jist the BEST..... (C:

Message: 6501 Posted: Sat May 01 10:29:35 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Best Band Troubles UPDATE

Research Alert:

A company called operates a site from which apparently anyone can set up their own voting "booth" within certain categories. Music is one of those.

One of those booths is Best Band of All Time. There are a ton of other booths related to music (ex. Best Song of All Time).

There is a list of do's and don't's that the owner (creator) agrees to. One of those is to monitor the booth for created content (such as band names) and to delete garbage. Failure to adhere to stated guidelines can result in that booth being suspended or removed.

I don't know if you ever scrolled down through some of the created Band names, but ........!!!
Very apparent that the owner of this booth was not doing his/her job!

Perhaps has just suspended the Best Band of All Time booth not removed it. Other booths are alive and well and accessible.


Message: 6500 Posted: Sat May 01 03:40:59 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Review

Brian, thanks for sharing that great review on Jeff Larson's Watercolor Sky CD. It's a wonderful tribute to Jeff as well as Brian Wilson and America.

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