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Message: 7288 Posted: Wed Jun 30 22:15:53 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Harbor

Hey Robyn!
I just got Harbor in the mail yesterday. I was prompted to order that one in particular because of numerous mentions of Sergeant Darkness being the favorite of many here on the folder, and I'd never heard it. I now understand! Wonderful song. Pure Gerry - the best. Great to hear they've added Last Unicorn into the line up. Heard them do that 3 or 4 years ago, prompted me to buy my daughters the video at Target. Still hoping they'll add Old Man Took back in!
ShariL <><

Message: 7287 Posted: Wed Jun 30 21:36:40 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Friar Tuck Inn

Any one going to the show up in the Catsills the weekend of July 17th?
Came home from work today and my wife said she made reservations. Said to her: oh, by the way, America is playing there Saturday night. I knew that 6th year degree would come in handy some day. Let the countdown begin!!!!!!

Message: 7286 Posted: Wed Jun 30 21:18:48 1999 By: richm
Subject: Birchmere Concert

Hi! I don't have much to add to Billy's concert review, except to say that it was a great show. They played five songs from Human Nature and also the Last Unicorn, a song I've heard only once before in concert. The band seemed to really enjoy playing the new songs and they were all well received. Dewey's vocals on M2M and Pages were great - he looked like he was having lots of fun.

Regarding Karen and Oxygen, we should be very thankful - the guys have a new CD and support from a label. This has been a great year - new CD, some chart success, TV appearances and constant touring. Given their long (and unjustified) absence from the charts and radio this was a great achievement. However, things did get a little quiet for a while and it would be great if Oxygen could make periodic postings, even if there aren't any important developments. I (we) appreciate that we have the new CD, hope it continues to be successful, and look forward to the next.

Message: 7285 Posted: Wed Jun 30 20:47:57 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: concert in Bowie

I've been listening to advertising for the "Happy Birthday, America" concert for the past few days from my local classic rock station, and they play an America tune every couple of is bliss!

Got my tickets...second row seating...opted to leave the kids home and am taking three of my best girl-friends instead...we can hardly wait!


Message: 7284 Posted: Wed Jun 30 17:18:17 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Re: Just A Thought For A New Album


John Hiatt released his greatest hits CD a few months ago and instead of simply re-releasing songs done over a 20-year-period with different band members, different producers and different sounds, he did what you were talking about. He re-recorded them all. It was great.


Message: 7283 Posted: Wed Jun 30 12:38:30 1999 By: Sharon Brown
Subject: Ooops, forgot my email address

Hi again,

My email address is:


Message: 7282 Posted: Wed Jun 30 12:35:18 1999 By: Sharon Brown
Subject: 1999 Tour America t-shirts

Hi Everyone,

Just went to last's nite concert at the Birchmere, and it was great!
But no t-shirts like Bill says. Can anyone out there get me two? Let me know. I live in D.C. Unfortunatly won't be able to attend the concert in Bowie. I hope some one can help me.

Thanks again,
email me if you can help

Message: 7281 Posted: Wed Jun 30 12:28:35 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Assotred Ramblings

I have been on vacation, so It has taken me a while to catch up with pesky things like work.

Thanks to Jessica and ShariL for the birthday wishes. It was a good one ( made better by the receipt of "Harbor" in the mail this morning!)

Welcome back KarenD I hope you are better and are up to speed. Human Nature is great and really needs/deserves public attention!

Howard thanks for youyr input on One Morning, still I agree with Mark that Dewey's answer was kind of vague, not really definitive in my book.

Re the Road crew- did you expect anything less than good guys? Class attracts Class!

Message: 7280 Posted: Wed Jun 30 09:27:19 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: New America cover compilation is coming!

Hey John & You People,

One of the strangest cover versions I've ever come across is of "Ventura Highway" by a Canadian duo named 'Phillip & Vanessa'. It's a tribute to the quality of that song that it still sounds okay despite a really cheesy, middle of the road, soft-pop arrangement. Plus they sing "and the day surrounds your gay, light hair." I've seen light hair; I'm not sure what gay hair looks like. But I'm sure it's happy. I only have it on a 8-track that's buried in storage, though I might have a cassette somewhere.

Joe B

P.S. As Steve has pointed out, give Oxygen their due. They've put more effort into the band then American Gramophone ever did. Or Capitol in the last few years the guys were with them. And things are definitely on the upswing compared to a few short years ago. Be Happy!

Message: 7279 Posted: Wed Jun 30 08:47:40 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Just A Thought For A New Album

I bought what I thought was compilation tape of an old group I used to like in the early 70s. It was the Grass Roots 14 Greats. Like I said I thought is was a compilation, but when I listened to it, it turned out to be a re-recording of their hits instead of the original recordings. I know several groups have done the same thing, they sign with a small label but instead of recording new material they just re-record their old hits and the label releases it as a greates hits. Which technically is true, it was the Grass Roots and they were singing their greatest hits, but I still felt burned since it wasn't the original recordings. But then I thought, if I were a hard core Grass Roots fan, I would probably enjoy hearing new renditions from my favorite group. Then I thought it might be interesting to hear America give some on their classics a makeover in the studio. I really enjoyed Gerry's new version of I Need You on Van Go Gan. Why not do a new version of HWNN, VH, SGH, etc...? To my knowledge the expanded version of Riverside has never been released (other than the so-so quality version on Heard). Dewey and Gerry could do a high quality rendition of it in Gerry's studio. I think it would make for a GREAT CD! New versions of the old classics!

Message: 7278 Posted: Wed Jun 30 08:26:08 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: One Morning / Answer

Gee, that really doesn't say anything about who the song was about. It just provides the setting for the song and inspiration for some of the lyrics. It doesn't really say who the focus of the song was. Thanks for sharing the info Howard!

Message: 7277 Posted: Wed Jun 30 07:47:18 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: One Morning / Answer

Sorry for the delay, but I was looking for the tape from that 1992
interview for the exact words of Dewey's reply on the song
"One Morning." So here it goes:

Interview: How about the song that you did "One Morning?" Do you
remember that one?
Dewey: I remember that one of course, came of about where
I live, and going up the hill past people that I barely know
and so on, cause I was on the road alot. So, the imagery and the lyrics there were important to me. I remember we recorded the vocals on that down in Monserat. George Martin produced that
record of course and he had a fondness for it. That's certainly
another song that you can't expect you know, a diverse audience
to get, as excited about a song like that as they would about
something they heard on top 40 radio repeatedly.

I hope this is helpful Johnny, cause I know you're dying to know
as well as Joanne, Robyn and the rest of everybody.

Message: 7276 Posted: Wed Jun 30 07:22:42 1999 By: Billy
Subject: sorry

Sorry for the double has its own mind!

Message: 7275 Posted: Wed Jun 30 07:19:58 1999 By: Billy
Subject: Last night's concert

The Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia, was the place for America fans last night. From the first note of Riverside and Gerry's assurance that the band would play a long set, or as he put it, "Everything we know and remember," all of the fans were in for a special treat. The guys played for over 90 minutes keeping the crowd enthralled and of course leaving them wanting more. Looking a little tired (and if you look at their schedule who can blame them) between songs, the band still produced those tight harmonies and bouncy energy as they swept the crowd along memory lane starting with Riverside, Ventura Highway, and You can do Magic.
Here's a list of the songs played last night. It's not in the exact order. Also, I know I'm forgetting one (I'm over 40 and you know how they say the mind is one of the first things to go) because they actually encored with two songs.

Riverside, Ventura Highway, You Can Do Magic, Don't Cross the River, Mirror to Mirror, Daisy Jane, Another Try, Last Unicorn, Woman Tonight, Three Roses, I Need you, Pages, Wednesday Morning, Wheels are Turning, Moment to Moment, Tin Man, Everyone I Meet's from California, Only in Your Heart California Dreamin', Lonely People, From a Moving Train, Never Be Lonely, Sandman, Sister Golden Hair and (encore) Horse with no Name.
The show was awesome and I can't wait to catch 'em again. Only disappointment was there were no t-shirts, or even CDs being sold at the Birchmere! Plus, I wish they'd have played another 90 minutes!!!!!

Message: 7274 Posted: Wed Jun 30 07:18:42 1999 By: Billy
Subject: Last night's concert

The Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia, was the place for America fans last night. From the first note of Riverside and Gerry's assurance that the band would play a long set, or as he put it, "Everything we know and remember," all of the fans were in for a special treat. The guys played for over 90 minutes keeping the crowd enthralled and of course leaving them wanting more. Looking a little tired (and if you look at their schedule who can blame them) between songs, the band still produced those tight harmonies and bouncy energy as they swept the crowd along memory lane starting with Riverside, Ventura Highway, and You can do Magic.
Here's a list of the songs played last night. It's not in the exact order. Also, I know I'm forgetting one (I'm over 40 and you know how they say the mind is one of the first things to go) because they actually encored with two songs.

Riverside, Ventura Highway, You Can Do Magic, Don't Cross the River, Mirror to Mirror, Daisy Jane, Another Try, Last Unicorn, Woman Tonight, Three Roses, I Need you, Pages, Wednesday Morning, Wheels are Turning, Moment to Moment, Tin Man, Everyone I Meet's from California, Only in Your Heart California Dreamin', Lonely People, From a Moving Train, Never Be Lonely, Sandman, Sister Golden Hair and (encore) Horse with no Name.
The show was awesome and I can't wait to catch 'em again. Only disappointment was there were no t-shirts, or even CDs being sold at the Birchmere! Plus, I wish they'd have played another 90 minutes!!!!!

Message: 7273 Posted: Wed Jun 30 02:21:57 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Karen D

<< I can't figure out what the problem is here.>> Karen D

Right or wrong, I think a lot of people just felt abandoned, or left hanging. Starting last fall it seems something was going on all the time: promos, appearances, concerts and the fans were kept in the loop.

Back around the first of the year, we heard plans for another single to be released. Shortly thereafter seems the fans on this board and on the AOL board heard nothing from Oxygen until now.

A five months absence is a long time. The second single never happened.

Perhaps, there were good reasons for all of this. But, I think a number of people who felt they were a part of something suddenly felt they were left out.

And you know how things go, suddenly there is no information, we will fill in our own blanks, right or wrong.

I know I would like a crash course in: Bring me up to speed on Oxygen and America.


Message: 7272 Posted: Tue Jun 29 22:16:08 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: sparky

Thanx for the info, it was nice to hear from "The Guys"!

Message: 7271 Posted: Tue Jun 29 22:07:23 1999 By: Mark McVey
Subject: Re: Westbury show.


Good to see you back. You wondered where the anger, frustrations toward Oxygen from the America fans is coming from? This is just my opinion, but it's the silence from Oxygen that we've experienced. In the begining the communication channels were flying wide open and everyone knew what was going on. Then for the past 3 or so months nothing... I think you'll find that communicating openly and honestly with the fans will pay off greatly.

Mark (in KC)...

Message: 7270 Posted: Tue Jun 29 21:00:54 1999 By: sparky
Subject: get on over to the highway...

...if you wanna see what Dewey has to say "from the moving train"...

Message: 7269 Posted: Tue Jun 29 18:48:54 1999 By: Sid
Subject: Concert at Westbury

Me & my wife saw America perform in Westbury Music center & we thought they were great.For me it was the first time I've seen them play since about 1975 & Dan Peek was still around.Can't believe it was so long ago & the cocert brought back many good memories.They played about a dozen songs or so & they did a good mixture.From old to new & in between.I really like the way they started with riverside.I like to play that song in my car when I'm driving around.I did find it disappointing when they only played just over 50 min.& I sure wished that they would of played On a Moving Train & everyone I meet is from(you know where).But the crowd loved them & so did we.Looking forward to their next CD.By the way;The Wilson sisters were fantastic also.But that's another Web Site. Sid

Message: 7268 Posted: Tue Jun 29 18:19:01 1999 By: El Guru De Health
Subject: Re: Human Nature.




pure poultry in motion.


Message: 7267 Posted: Tue Jun 29 16:52:22 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Human Nature.

Karen: If you look back you'll see that there was no bigger supporter of Oxygen than I and nobody as grateful for everything that Oxygen and you did to bring America back recording. Like Mark said, there's a lot of anxiety everywhere. Maybe anxiety and frustration and confusion. It just seems that after the success of From A Moving Train, everything went dark.

It was Oxygen, not anyone else on this chat folder, who promised there would be a second single released at the first of the year. That came and went without a word.

It was Oxygen who asked the fans on this site to vote for that single. We voted. Nothing happened. Nothing.

The band and its fans have been burned so many times by record companies, it's only natural to assume the same thing this time. It's like, you meet this great guy, you make plans, things seem to working out, then one day out of the blue he stops calling. You never see from or hear from him again. And he's not the first guy to screw you over like this. What do you do? You naturally think all guys are jerks.

How's this any different? Sure, my post earlier today was a bit sarcastic. It was mostly tongue in cheek. But, guess what? It worked. For the first time in four months we realize there's a pulse at Oxygen. I'm sorry if I said things that made you mad.


Message: 7266 Posted: Tue Jun 29 15:15:36 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Msg to Karen

Karen, please check your e-mail for my message. Johnny

Message: 7265 Posted: Tue Jun 29 14:48:23 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Welcome Back Karen!

Glad to see you back! I think we are all a little anxious because we want the America and Human Nature to do well. Don't take any of it personally. How is Wednesday Morning doing in Spain? I still think Wednesday Morning is America's best shot at returning to the charts in the US. So if your ever in a high powered corporate meeting and the subject comes up, be sure and let them know what I think.

Thanks for all you efforts promoting HN. I still hear FAMT played at the local mall, and I know it's primarily due to your effort. Thanks!

Message: 7264 Posted: Tue Jun 29 14:36:54 1999 By: Karen D
Subject: Re: Westbury show.

To Kevin...and Everyone Else:

I would bet that if I took two lifetimes, I would still never understand the anger towards this record label. Make that three.

Aside from signing the band to a multi-record deal, releasing and tirelessly promoting their latest album and hosting their fans chat folder, umm, what else did we do wrong?

You may have already moved onto the "next" album, but we are still busy promoting a relatively new release called Human Nature, not even out a YEAR yet, here and overseas. We'll keep our eye on the ball and you guys should like, I don't know, keep the faith or something...seriously, I can't figure out what the problem is here. You guys love a band....that band tours constantly and released a brand new album recently. So what's your damage?

All this talk of Oxygen dropping this band, "pulling an under the table deal" (umm, huh?), "pulling a night move" (yeah, uh huh), sabotaging websites and every other delusion is paranoia and inexplicable hostility run amok.

I continue to welcome email to my AOL account from anyone who has any questions or concerns about the distribution and promotion of America's latest release, Human Nature, or anyone who just wants to say "hi".

Enjoy your summer! I hope you get to see America at a show near you!

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 7263 Posted: Tue Jun 29 14:22:54 1999 By: Alice
Subject: Re: Road Crew

I agree! When I bought my T-shirt and photo on Sunday night, my mother asked the gentleman if he knew if they would sign it. He was so nice, telling us that we could try to go around back and they might be there. A really classy guy!


Message: 7262 Posted: Tue Jun 29 14:19:56 1999 By: Alice
Subject: Re: Remembering

<<Got Alibi on in my office right now. Things are looking better.>>
What a coincidence - so do I!

I know what you mean about not getting to hear any new music - I would be just as heartbroken not to ever see another new album. But I think that as long as they keep on playing them, there will always be someone willing to produce them. I guess I'm also an optimist.


Message: 7261 Posted: Tue Jun 29 13:43:16 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Remembering

From my Perspective, I guess what eats at me is the dreaded pit in the stomach thinking that if HN doesn't do well enough there may not be another new album. I know the guys have always landed on their feet and with a deal from some company. It would be a real shame if there ceased to be new America music. (Of course I've listened to the oldies for 25 years now and haven't grown tired yet so I guess Hourglass, HN, Encore, etc. have a few more plays in them left just in case.)

On a different note, we're all set for the trip south to see a concert on this tour. Talked to my brother last night, will book a room today in Paso Robles for the 5th of August. Last day of school today. Transfering to a new position for September. Got Alibi on in my office right now. Things are looking better.

John from the rainy Sunshine Coast

Message: 7260 Posted: Tue Jun 29 13:02:32 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Remembering

In 1994 Hourglass was released on the American Gramaphone label with virtually no promotion at all. It really was a shame because it contained some great compositions by Gerry and Dewey. Four years later Oxygen picked up America and released Human Nature. For the first time in many, many years, a record label actually put forth a concerted effort to promote an America album and they did a great job, especially when you consider that they aren't one of the "big" labels. Some may not have agreed completely with the way certain things were or weren't done, but no one can deny that more was done to promote this album than any album since America left Warner Brothers.

I realize that there is some frustration that a second single hasn't been released, but I'm confident that there are valid reasons, unknown to us, why it hasn't happened. Rather than complain about what is or isn't happening, I'm grateful for what Oxygen has accomplished and the fact that we have another CD full of America.

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Message: 7259 Posted: Tue Jun 29 11:02:04 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Westbury show.

It was interesting to read that Oxygen Records executives were at the America show in Westbury. Hopefully, they enjoyed they show and they tell all their friends at other, bigger record labels about this great band called America and maybe that can help America get signed to a record contract with one of them.


Message: 7258 Posted: Tue Jun 29 09:53:41 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Dan Peek's Bodden Town

Dan Peek's secretary informed us that Bodden Town has been delayed because it is waiting for the artwork to be finished. Although she wouldn't give a specific date, she did say that it would be released "shortly". Thoughtscape Sounds is still taking orders for Bodden Town ($15.99) and will ship it just as soon as it arrives.

Message: 7257 Posted: Tue Jun 29 08:53:14 1999 By: Jessica
Subject: June babies/America cover compilation

To my fellow June babies, Happy Birthday! Truly America babies, we are.

JohnC., your new project is indeed very exciting! To borrow Beechlady's word: "COOL!"

Hey, thanks for the reviews guys! much appreciated. Good luck on the fans gathering! Have fun!

Message: 7256 Posted: Tue Jun 29 06:30:28 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: spelled name wrong

oops, sorry Robyn spelled your name wrong.

Message: 7255 Posted: Tue Jun 29 00:18:27 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Road Crew

Yup that's the entire AMERICA package. They are all in it for the long haul & everyone shares similiar values, no superficials here. Isn't that part of the magic ? Isn't that part of the ingredient for longevity. Just a small part but an important one, glad you publicized it. Definitely a HIDDEN TALENT. AMERICA's latest & greatest is titled HUMAN NATURE.

Message: 7254 Posted: Mon Jun 28 23:58:43 1999 By: Ron B
Subject: Road Crew

I would just like to acknowledge and thank the two gentlemen who set up the stage etc. for America. I've been to 5 America concerts so far this year and have asked for a guitar pick or something a couple times. They were very polite and obliged when possible. The reason I thought of this is because I went to a concert last night where the road crew were total jerks. I wasn't bothering them but they were a reflection on the person in concert and it left a negative taste in my mouth. I'm sure they get tired of people asking for things, but it is us who are spending our hard earned money. We are why they have jobs. Thanks, guys for helping to make America concerts even a more pleasant experience.

Message: 7253 Posted: Mon Jun 28 21:42:08 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Answer

I'll give the answer if Robin doesn't make fun of me.LOL...ROFL

As a matter of fact, I heard the answer from an interview that
one of us from this chat board ask Dewey, I believe it was in 1998!!!

Message: 7252 Posted: Mon Jun 28 20:37:45 1999 By: douglars
Subject: 70's promo posters for sale.

I have 3 different early 70's America promo posters for sale
at $15 each. They were found with about 1000 other posters by other
groups. I have multiples on all 3. To see them go here: You can contact me at

Message: 7251 Posted: Mon Jun 28 20:19:27 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: New America cover compilation is coming!


Message: 7250 Posted: Mon Jun 28 18:58:09 1999 By: Alice
Subject: Re: Alice's Kiss

Cute, Johnny! I can just imagine Gerry's face if you asked him! I haven't been around this board much (ever since I discovered Van Go Gan existed, but I couldn't have it and got depressed) but this is fun!


Message: 7249 Posted: Mon Jun 28 14:58:45 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Bursted Bubble

so, Howard, is it about anyone in particular?

Message: 7248 Posted: Mon Jun 28 13:57:38 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Bursted Bubble

Thanks Howard. "One Morning" not being about Dan doesn't burst any bubble at all. I've been wondering mainly for Joanne's sake; however, I do admit that I've been very curious since the first time Joanne asked that question here on the folder.

Message: 7247 Posted: Mon Jun 28 11:40:41 1999 By: Billy
Subject: concerts et al.

I'm really pysched for the America concert tomorrow in Alexandria, Virginia!!!! Reading all these concert reviews is making it worse!!
Hurry up tomorrow!!!!!

Message: 7246 Posted: Mon Jun 28 11:39:23 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: One Morning

Sorry to burst your bubble Johnny, but...
One Morning is not about Dan Peek!!!

? hl

Message: 7245 Posted: Mon Jun 28 11:33:31 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Great reviews

...And, once again, I hit the post button without proofreading. I'VE been 40...You'd never know I minored in English. Sheesh!

Message: 7244 Posted: Mon Jun 28 11:18:36 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Great reviews

How nice to log on this morning and read the reviews from the recent concerts. Now that I've been able to get to one this tour, I know exactly what Kevin and Joanne are talking about. The energy that comes off the stage is incredible! And, lucky me, I have four more opportunities to attend concerts before the end of summer.

Kevin, I been 40 seven times- it's no big deal. It's just that it becomes more important to eat well and exercise.

I hope everyone has a nice week.

Message: 7243 Posted: Mon Jun 28 11:00:54 1999 By: Joanne
Subject: Johnny (burning Question)

Dear Johnny,
HI,NO I didn't get to ask it.All the things I wanted to ask never came from my mouth,its hard to ask anything because someone always asking for autographs or to sigh something.But there is always next time.....
Take care,Joanne

Message: 7242 Posted: Mon Jun 28 10:48:37 1999 By: Janice
Subject: concerts!

Glad that everyone has been able to take in some concerts..the reviews are great! Have a wonderful week.

Message: 7241 Posted: Mon Jun 28 10:48:33 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: To: Joanne and KevinS

Joanne, did you ask Dewey your burning question about "One Morning"? And KevinS, now that you're 40, the old bod will now start falling apart little by little. Believe me, I know, and I'm only three years into it.

Message: 7240 Posted: Mon Jun 28 10:41:18 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: One More Review

Thanks everyone for the great concert reviews. Here's another one I received last night:

Subject: America concert-Westbury, Long Island-6/27
Date: 6/27/99,9:08:56 PM
From: Ro Rich 89

My wife and I just returned from the concert (#16 for me) a moment ago. The band was cooking as usual. Moment to Moment and Wed. Morning sounded great in concert! America got a standing ovation at the end of the show. The best moment for us was after the show Gerry and Dewey came out to greet the fans. They signed our ticket stubs and a photo that we had taken with them back at Tower Records in NYC last Sept.98. They are truly two very classy men! After all these years and all these showsthat America has played, they never forget us fans! Thank you Both.God Bless America!

Message: 7239 Posted: Mon Jun 28 10:04:44 1999 By: Joanne
Subject: Long Island Westbury Music Fair

America at Westbury Music Fair NY June 27-7:00

I left at 5:00 with my family to Westbury-we arrived about 5:30.America’s tour bus was already there.We waited outside hoping to see the guys-The guys came out around 6:15-Dewey took photos with fans&signed album covers,Gerry did the same.We wished them a good show.America came on stage about 7:00 their set was forty minutes.Here is what they played:

M2M(CO writer Phil Galdston was there)
I need you
Wed Morning(oxygen exec were there)
Tin Man
only in your heart
Lonely people(Dewey)
The Audience was very excited to hear new tunes from Human Nature.Old
favorites rocked.The show was great !!!!!I wish they could of played longer.
We went back to the bus-the Guys were as always very nice to everyone-Gerry said:they wanted to play longer but Westbury management weren’t to happy they played twelve minutes over-As always AMERICA wanted to give it their all to the Fans.We spoke to Pete (sincerely a great guy)He said Spain and Germany went well.The guys have been away from home three weeks.I know they must of been exhaused(the road dogs that they are) but no one in the Audience could tell”The True Professional that they ALL are” I brought my kids Nick 15, Michael 12, JoAnna 8,the Guys introduced themselves to my kids and spoke to them,it
meant alot to me.I think my kids understand now-why I feel towards this band the way I do(THANKS DEWEY&GERRY) I spoke to Dewey briefly and told him how much the music meant to me.He was very Gracious...............

Heart was going to play after the guys-as we walked back into Westbury to finish the show, I was sad to see them go-I wanted to stay in OZ a little longer.
Take care, Joanne Meyers
P.S The Guys will celebrate the Millennium in Australia

Message: 7238 Posted: Mon Jun 28 09:52:01 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: America In Rowlette, Texas.

Caught the America concert in Rowlette, Texas on Friday night. I think it was their first show in the states after returning from Germany. At least that's what Gerry said.

It was an interesting venue. Part of the Freedom Festival this little town of Rowlette puts on every year, with midway rides (like the Vomitorium, where you get inside and it spins you around super fast and you're stuck to the side and the bottom drops out and you get off dizzy and disoriented and you throw up), corn dog booths, turkey legs and assorted small town things, including a stage set up in a pasture where America played.

About two thousand people watched the show--I suspect most of them not real America fans, just there because the price of admission included a concert. But, I could tell they were pleasantly surprised.

I kept hearing, "I didn't know they did that song." "Oh, I like that song." "Hey, the blond guy's cute." (Since I'm not blond and I'm not cute, I later figured out they weren't talking about me.) In short, America blew everyone away.

There was a huge diamond vision type screen next to the stage and we could see really really really really huge tight close ups of the guys. Have you ever seen a forty-foot high shot up Dewey's nose? I can now say I have. My wife thought Gerry looked tired, and he probably was with their hectic multi-national touring schedule. In fact, Gerry said they had to get up at 7 am and fly to Connecticut the next morning.

Even so, tired or not, you wouldn't have known it from the show they put on. Automatic excellence. It's like someone pulls a string and these guys come out on stage and jam.

I brought along four people from the office who were curious about this "dinasaur" group I always listen to. Skeptics. Cynics. And, I must admit, new America fans. Two of the guys bought History on Saturday (mainly because of Sandman and Lonely People.) And the concert got the most glowing review from one guy in my office: "That America, they didn't suck." High praise indeed from this Gen-Xer. Iif America was on a mission to convert new fans, it worked.

The playlist was as follows: Ventura Highway, To Each His Own, Don't Cross The River, Moon Song, Only In Your Heart, Til The Sun Comes Up Again, Cornwall Blank, Head & Heart, California Revisted and Saturn Nights. AND THAT WAS JUST IN THE CAR ON THE WAY TO THE SHOW. When we got to the show, America did pretty much all of the songs they've been doing lately. Three off of Human Nature: From A Moving Train, Wed Morning and Wheels Are Turning. (Oxygen Records, if you're out there. You screwed up big time not releasing Wednesday Morning as a single. But, you're a record company. What else can one expect?) The crowd loved that song. In fact, from the very opening notes of Riverside, my 10-year-old twins kept calling out for "Wednesday Morning." When they finally played it, they turned to me and said, "Hey, they finally listened to me. We made them play it." Girls learn early that the world revolves around them.

Thanks for the great show, Dewey, Gerry, Micheal, Brad and Willie.


P.S. The next day, I woke up and I was 40. What happened there?

Message: 7237 Posted: Mon Jun 28 09:45:45 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Alice's Kiss

Alice, regarding your, " mother asked Gerry if he would give me a kiss on the cheek since she knows I've been his fan forever...."

I wanted to ask Gerry to do the same for me but I thought it would be asking just a little too much and going a bit too far. (Just kidding and ribbing ya some!)

Message: 7236 Posted: Mon Jun 28 08:24:39 1999 By: Mark
Subject: A new compilation

I was standing in the checkout line at Fas Mart yesterday, and just happened to scan a tape rack they had nearby. These places usually carry "budget" releases and compilations (like Ventura Highway and Other Favorites). To my surprise I found an America compilation that I had not heard of before, The Legendary America. On the cover is the photo from the back of View From The Ground. I immediately bought it. It is a EMI-Capitol Special Markets release (like VH and Other Favorites) so there are no liner notes, just a track listing. The songs included are:

A Horse With No Name*
Sister Golden Hair*
Ventura Highway*
Tin Man*
You Could've Been The One
You Can Do Magic
The Border
Cast The Spirit
I Need You*
All My Life

* from 1985 In Concert album.

Message: 7235 Posted: Sun Jun 27 23:17:20 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Westbury Music Fair concert

Great story, glad you had such a terrific AMERICA & GERRY BECKLEY experience. Thanks for sharing your experience. AMERICA's lastest & greatest release is titled HUMAN NATURE.

Message: 7234 Posted: Sun Jun 27 23:01:32 1999 By: Alice
Subject: Westbury Music Fair concert

Hi all!

I just got home from seeing America as the opening act for Heart. They were wonderful but I wish they could have played longer. What a great show!! And the greatest thrill for me was that I got to meet them both after the show and get their autograph. And my mother asked Gerry if he would give me a kiss on the cheek since she knows I've been his fan forever and he did!! As Marcia Brady once said, "I'll never wash this cheek again."

It was wonderful and a night I'll never forget!


Message: 7233 Posted: Sun Jun 27 20:08:39 1999 By: jeff brink
Subject: re: compilations

I was looking for other artist covers of America songs today and found "Ventura Highway" by Paul Hardcastle, "You can do magic" by Painted Love, and a bluegrass version of "Horse".....
I was amazed when I clicked on the chat folder and saw Mr. Corbetts list of America songs covers...
In my searching today I also found Doyle Lawson and Quicksilvers cd featuring "Don't cross the river"....When I clicked to the album tracks the song was'nt set up to click for Real I was'nt sure that it Americas song....I bought it anyway as I'm a bit of a bluegrass listener...mainly instrumentals.
This is a very nice chat folder........Jeff Brink

Message: 7232 Posted: Sun Jun 27 19:18:16 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: New America cover compilation is coming!

Keep your eyes posted on the Fans page over the next few days... I'm just about ready to put out a compilation of America songs covers, and songs that America covered called Honored. Volume One should be ready to go within a couple days (and Volume Two is on the way, shortly). It will be available, in for a limited time, as is Heard, at $15. Here is the track listing:
1) A Horse With No Name -- Restless
2) I Need You -- Jeremy Jackson & America
3) Sandman -- Citizens' Utilities
4) Ventura Highway -- Johnny & The Wheezetones
5) Don't Cross The River -- Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
6) Head And Heart -- John Martyn
7) Muskrat Candlelight (the original Muskrat Love) -- Willis Alan Ramsey
8) Tin Man -- Walter Marsh
9) Lonely People -- Ric-O-Chet
10) Sister Golden Hair -- Jill Olson
11) California Dreamin' -- The Mamas & The Papas
12) You Could've Been The One -- England Dan Seals
13) I Don't Believe In Miracles -- Russ Ballard
14) I Do Believe In You -- Pages

Message: 7231 Posted: Sun Jun 27 07:33:27 1999 By: Janice
Subject: one more birthday boy..!

Besides my son, Ronnie who celebrated his during our beach trip. Gene Murrell turned 29 yesterday..for those of you who don't know Gene, you can access his page (Gene Murrell) from this site. Happy Birthday Gene!

Message: 7230 Posted: Sat Jun 26 20:10:56 1999 By: gary
Subject: Reno Fan Gathering

This is just a reminder to anyone who might be attending any shows in Reno/Sparks in late July and early August. The "fan get together" at the Planet Hollywood in Reno is now definitely set for Saturday, June 24 at 1:00 PM. The Planet Hollywood is located on the first floor of Harrah's Casino located in downtown Reno. This is about 3 miles from the Nugget Casino where America will be performing. If anyone is in need of transportation from the Nugget to the Planet Hollywood, please e-mail me and I will try to set up something. If you have any other questions, please e-mail me.

Gary Harrison

Message: 7229 Posted: Sat Jun 26 16:24:56 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: ..birthdays and oloololo....

Happy Birthday to all you June babies...mine was the seams that June babies are America babies....thats really cool......anyway goin north to the mountians for a week....see you all when I get back.....I'm going oloololo....back to the world where I'm from...soon I'll be flying solo...on a heading that follows the sun....oloololo...(was the elephant knowing that a change had already begun?)

Message: 7228 Posted: Fri Jun 25 23:57:49 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Misc. Subjects

Good to hear from you Tom T. Your absence has been noticable. Glad to have you back even if briefly. To ShariL, you are absolutely correct (I am wrong) that TerryT's birthday was yesterday and KevinS' is Saturday. I can't believe I had the two reversed. At least I knew I was there in the middle. So, again, Happy Belated Birthday to a super guy, my AMERICA pal, TerryT! To that red, white, and true blue AMERICA fan from Texas, KevinS, I send you my best wishes for a great day tomorrow. Well, since it's 11:08 PM here and 12:08 AM there in Texas, it's officially your special day. Enjoy!!

Message: 7227 Posted: Fri Jun 25 20:58:58 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Special Thanks & Hello

Not a problem at all, Tom. Glad to see you are back and still enjoying the Ian Thomas cds. Well, I have 2 official days before school closes for the summer. I am greatly looking forward to the break and all seems to be a go for the long trek from BC to California to see the guys in Paso Robles. I'm getting pumped already. It's only 42 sleeps away. Guess I better the air con fixed in the vehicle. (already got the tapes made and ready to go. Gee, any guesses what might be the predominant band of choice)

Message: 7226 Posted: Fri Jun 25 19:27:53 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Special Thanks & Hello

Hey John L.- sorry about the delay in our correspondence, Thanks again! I was just listening to "Looking Back" by our pal Ian Thomas and I just wanted you to know that your patience was appreciated. I hope there are no hard feelings or misunderstandings because even now my PC is still not on-line.(I'm using a friends computer right now). I AM a Man of my word and I am sincerely grateful for the favor and friendship you extended to me. Tom T.

Message: 7225 Posted: Fri Jun 25 18:51:39 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Long Time No Chat

Hey There Hi There Ho There! Gosh I miss everyone here. I hope all is well! Things are great with me except for the fact that my computer crashed and I let my "subscription" lapse. Honestly, I've been very busy doing theatre and working on my forthcoming CD. Happy Birthday to my fellow Triv-Whizzes and Hello To All! To TerryT- you're not getting older, you're already old!!!Ha Ha Ha- I can say that because I turned 40 last summer. Seriously, Best Wishes to all>>>See Ya..Tee

Message: 7224 Posted: Fri Jun 25 18:45:27 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Trying out my Password

Since it's been so long, I wanted to see if my password still works...

Message: 7223 Posted: Fri Jun 25 17:36:10 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Heilbronn

I sure wish I could have gone to the heilbronn concert. We lived there when mt dad was in the army. I was only 4 so I would love to go back............America Rules.......Joe K

Message: 7222 Posted: Fri Jun 25 14:34:51 1999 By: Janice
Subject: birthdays and stuff..

Wonderful message from Maurizio..I know firsthand how kind Gerry can be..the rest of the band, as well, for that matter..I'm sure he did not mean that Dewey was not also kind, but it has to be tough on the road, and maybe he wasn't feeling well. Beautiful message, though..and refects the way many of us feel..Thanks, Steve, for posting it for us! Have a great time, will be a very worthwhile experience! (and don't worry about a Non-America posting..most of us enjoy a little diversion and the opportunity to learn about each other here..I know I do!) Happy birthday Trivia-Man!!

Message: 7221 Posted: Fri Jun 25 12:06:54 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: third song.

Kevin -

Oh, so close, but not quite.

Anyone else?


Message: 7220 Posted: Fri Jun 25 11:49:58 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Augsburg Concert Review

Hi Everyone. I received the following message from Maurizio Merli about the Augsburg, Germany concert:

My name is Maurizio, from Italy, aged 30 (almost...)

I was in Augsburg for your wonderful concert. Great night! You were fantastic as usual. Thank you for coming in Europe. I travelled for almost 900 km to see you, but I would have travelled even more!

I was just a little sad that night, due to the fact that Dewey "teleported" himself almost immediately to Munich (such in a Star Trek movie... "Beam me up, Scotty"!). Anyway, Dewey, I thank you for all you have done in these years: writing songs, singing them and touring all over the world. Gerry, you were kind and nice as usual. I thank you once again for the photo, taken together with my future wife (Stefania), and the autograph. Thank you for the few words spent together: for me and Stefania is like a dream turned into reality. I don't know how many fan of a music group can shake the hands of the artists they love: I often think to those concerts played into stadium, with thousands and thousands of people watching in a mega-video-screen, and I'm a little sad for them: a person is just a small point, smaller than a star in the sky, and maybe that person has grown with the music of the artist, has loved him and his music, but there is no human contact between them, except an exaltation given by the event (concert) itself. On the contrary, you play hundreds of concerts all over the world, you meet a lot of people, but you give the opportunity of establishing a human contact between you and the fan, and each fan, with his heart and emotions: photos, few words spent in our languages, or simply a glance during a song: these are the things that make you really special, really important in the life of - I suppose - all of your fans. The photo we took together is now standing in our bedroom among those of our friends. I thank you for that photo because it remembers me that moment our lives encountered for a while, showing me you are not just stars in the sky but real persons that sweat during the concert, get tired travelling by car in the night among the cities, but that are always kind, nice and ready to give a smile to people that has no words to tell you how much you are mportant in our lives.

Thank you for all... have a wonderful life.

Yours, through the years,

Message: 7219 Posted: Fri Jun 25 11:48:46 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Thanks ShariL

Thank you Shari for the nice birthday wish! I'm impressed that you remembered all of us!! Robyn's was the 23rd, Kevin's was yesterday I believe, and it's TerryT's HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow Terry! 40 tomorrow, right, Terry? (cough, cough, cough)

Message: 7218 Posted: Fri Jun 25 11:13:40 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: A non-America posting

Hi Everyone,
Riding on the heels of Janice's American Cancer Society Relay for Life , is one that I am participating in tonight. I thought I'd extend the same offer Janice did. If you would like for me to do a lap in honor of, or in the memory of, a friend or loved one, please let me know via email. I'll also put the names on my t-shirt. I'm walking in honor of my husband, Gil, a two-time survivor, and his sister, Rosanne, who is very close to losing her 2 1/2 year battle.
Thanks, and my apologies for the non-America related posting.

Best wishes to the birthday boys. Have a great time, Kevin.

Message: 7217 Posted: Fri Jun 25 10:41:49 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Happy Birthday, Johnny and KevinS

Happy Birthday to our trivia masters, today for Johnny and tomorrow for KevinS.
We're so glad you're here to keep things lively.
Hope your birthdays are great, and we know Kevin's will be as he sees the guys tonight!
ShariL <><

Message: 7216 Posted: Fri Jun 25 10:32:33 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: "Hope" By Country Artists: #1s


I hereby hereby withdraw my protest of your answer and you are the winner with full credit.

Joe B

P.S. I wonder if there is ANY fact/trivia/question that we have not uncovered yet.

Message: 7215 Posted: Fri Jun 25 08:54:42 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: "Hope" By Country Artists: #1s

Actually most of that info is on Steve's web page.

Message: 7214 Posted: Fri Jun 25 08:51:18 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: third song.

From memory:

SILENT LETTER: Tall Treasures
ALIBI: Catch That Train
ENCORE: Hell's On Fire
HOURGLASS: Sleeper Train
HUMAN NATURE: Town & Country

Message: 7213 Posted: Fri Jun 25 07:17:36 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: The third song

Has anyone else noticed that the third song on every album since Dan left is sung by Dewey?

Can someone name them (without cheating). This does not include compilations (LIVE, IN CONCERT, ENCORE).


Message: 7212 Posted: Thu Jun 24 11:16:30 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Happy Birthday, Terry!

Happy Birthday to Terry T.
Kevin, what a great way to spend the day after your 40th birthday, going to a concert! I'm jealous. They're nowhere near San Diego for my 40th, but I have tickets for about a month before it. Then hoping this one at the Irvine Spectrum is for real on October 30, that would make 3 times in one year for me. A dream come true!
ShariL <><

Message: 7211 Posted: Thu Jun 24 08:43:00 1999 By: Pete
Subject: America

Anyone interested on voting for America on, just go to browse and click on music. I see some of the fans are placing their votes. There are a lot of them. Oh well, have a nice day everyone.

Message: 7210 Posted: Wed Jun 23 18:38:19 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: "Hope" By Country Artists: #1s

Hey You People,

Mark had the correct answer. Of course I'll have to deduct points for the fact that he obviously looked it up in a book somewhere. COME CLEAN MARK!!! When I get a chance I'll post the 'stories' behind the hits.

Joe B

Message: 7209 Posted: Wed Jun 23 18:02:20 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Sag Harbor Concert Canceled

I'm sorry to report that the Sag Harbor Concert at the Sugar Reef on August 28 has been officially canceled. I'll remove it from the concert list when I get home tonight. I forwarded all of your e-mail messages (thanks everyone for sending them to me) to Bobby at Morey Management and he forwarded them to the booking agent. Much to Bobby's surprise, the booking agent called him a few minutes ago and let him know that the concert has been canceled. Morey Management will let me know what they get in place of the canceled concert and I'll update the concert list accordingly.

Message: 7208 Posted: Wed Jun 23 15:47:17 1999 By: DavidM
Subject: Hielbronn - Thanks Ike

In the excitement of getting my comments on the Hielbronn concert onto the Chat Folder as fast as possible, I forgot one important item. Sincere thanks to Ike Gauley from myself and my wife, for arranging our meeting with Gerry and Dewey - a night to remember!

Thanks Ike.

Message: 7207 Posted: Wed Jun 23 13:57:19 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Two more days.

Friday, June 25, America in concert. Rowlette, Texas. Don't even know how to get to Rowlette, but I'll get there. Here's my review of the concert in advance:

"America was awesome."

I'll fill in the details later.


Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes. 40 this Saturday, the 26th. Seems like just yesterday I was 39.

Message: 7206 Posted: Wed Jun 23 13:37:20 1999 By: Janice
Subject: Happy Birthday Robyn!

(my fellow Dodger Blue buddy!) Hope I can make the July game with you!
And let's see..we have a few birthday boys with us this week also..Kevin, Johnny..Terry.....Great Denver reviews..doesn't sound like the rain discouraged anyone..especially the band, our little EverReady guys!

Message: 7205 Posted: Wed Jun 23 09:09:06 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: submarine ladies-Robyn

Sorry it's taken this long to get back with you Robyn....had ta go HOME!!!!! (heavy sigh)
Anyway, my #1 is "Till The Sun Comes Up Again"!!!!!

Message: 7204 Posted: Wed Jun 23 09:05:46 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: LPs again.....vinyl engraving

Yeah, I've run across quite a few of us that have that on their album! I also have a phun early synth album from pioneer Robert Margoulis (sp?) that has a "never ending" message around the center......very cool. Wonder if you can do that on a cd FRONT (obviously not the bottom...)?

Message: 7203 Posted: Wed Jun 23 08:58:15 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: what is it about America?

Better late than never, sorry, been HOME!!! (C:
For me personally, it was the timing of their "arrival" and what they did! Their harmonies, writing, arranging and straight to the point deliverance was what drew me in! Now it's like "going home" to that special little musical place in your soul......(ah, syrupy, melodramtic metaphor time! (C; ) Anyway, what's YOUR opinion?

Message: 7202 Posted: Wed Jun 23 07:51:06 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: WELCOME HOME !!!!

Welcome home! Hope you all had a great trip! Try and get some rest and we'll see you all on Sunday !! Bye.
Maureen from LI.

Message: 7201 Posted: Wed Jun 23 07:22:04 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Today's The Day" and "Tomorrow"

Yes, Happy Birthday today to Robyn!! And one day early, Happy Birthday wishes to another super-fan, Kevin S!!

Message: 7200 Posted: Tue Jun 22 23:11:04 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Birthday girl!

Even tho it's still the 22nd on the west coast, it is the 23rd on the east, so I'll take the opportunity to say Happy Birthday to Robyn!
ShariL <><

Message: 7199 Posted: Tue Jun 22 23:01:01 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Richmond, VA Concert

Cleveland fan, Chris Page, sent me the following information which she received from Mark O'Toole, the marketing director of the concert.

America and the Nelsons will be performing at the Richmond Coliseum on Friday, September 3, 8pm. This is a Xentel Production (formerly Gehl Group) with all tickets sold benefitting the local Fire Fighter Safety programs. Tickets may be purchased for $15 by calling (804)674-1200, Noon to 9pm, Monday to Friday. Tickets will be mailed once you have made a donation to the cause.

The Richmond Coliseum is located at 601 East Leigh Street in Richmond, phone number is 804.780-4970. We are just off I-95 between 5th and 7th Street. There is a Marriott just two blocks away, 804.643-3400 if you need a room.

Thanks for sharing this information with us, Chris.

Message: 7198 Posted: Tue Jun 22 22:19:52 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Jubilee In The Hills, St. Clairsville OH.

Not only that, but the radio ad prominently features "Horse" They're set to perform right after Reba!!

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 7197 Posted: Tue Jun 22 20:43:08 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: America concert

The Larimer Square concert in Denver on June 10 was great, of course. The weather, though, took a little bit before it fell in line. The show was delayed for almost an hour while we experienced the classic late afternoon downpour of fame in Colorado. These kinds of showers can be especially frustrating because they tend to be localized, as if extracting a vendetta on a certain patch of land which had fallen in disfavor. The rain was coming down so hard it seemed as if the cloud were literally falling out of the sky. Lightning bolts darted across the sky. Just when all seemed lost, the sun came out -- while it was still pouring.

Once the tarps were off nearing 8pm, America got cooking. They were on a street corner in Larimer Square, the cultural heart of Denver, something akin to Times Square in New York, Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, or the Stockyards in Fort Worth. Even though I was only a couple rows back from the stage, it seemed when looking backward as if there were several hundred people thronging the streets -- not bad considering they had to brave a rainstorm to see the show. There was a good cross-section of people attending the show, from young kids to graying baby-boomers. Most seemed to know the lyrics, and a couple people gyrated frantically to the songs. The band plowed through the usual set-list, although at one point it began to get dark again and
Dewey suggested they might have to hurry through their set to beat the rain. That is until he realized it was just getting dark because the concert had been postponed until nearly sunset.

Overall, it was exciting to see what looked like all of Denver having a good time and enjoying the show. All the big '70s hits were played (except for "Muskrat Love" and "Today's The Day), plus "You Can Do Magic" and "Never Be Lonely" from the '80s, and four songs from Human Nature: "From A Moving Train," "Wednesday Morning," "Wheels Are Turning," and "Pages." It's nice to see them playing their new songs, although I wish they would play more than just two songs from the 1980s. What about "The Border," "Right Before Your Eyes," or "Survival"?

This was my fourth America concert, and probably the most fulfilling of all. After the show, they were getting ready to fly to Spain to begin their latest European tour. As Dewey noted, since "From A Moving Train" was such a big hit in Spain, they figured they'd "milk it" for a while.


Message: 7196 Posted: Tue Jun 22 15:02:43 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: "Hope" By Country Artists: #1s

The three number 1 AC hits were Tin Man, Lonely People, and Today's The Day (which was number 1 for 2 weeks, and was America's biggest AC hit).

They had two number 1's on the Billboard Pop charts Horse With No Name (number 1 for 3 weeks) and Sister Golden Hair. I bet some of their other songs, like Tin Man, may have reached number 1 on some of the other national charts (like Radio & Records and Cashbox) but I have yet to see any historical info on those charts. It would make an interesting research project if anybody had the time.

They also had some songs go number 1 in other countries like Survival in Italy and From A Moving Train in Spain (btw does anybody know how Wednesday Morning is doing internationaly? I heard it was a hit in Spain but haven't heard anything since).

All Things Are Possible was a top ten AC hit for Dan in '79, but it went to number 1 on the Christian charts. I read that Doer of The Word just missed number 1, peaking at number 2. Does anybody have any info on how Dan's other songs did on the Christian charts? Another good candidate for a research project.

Message: 7195 Posted: Tue Jun 22 14:26:24 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: "Hope" By Country Artists

How about "Horse", "Sister Golden Hair" and "Tinman"? Wasn't "All Things Are Possible" a #1 AC hit in '79?


Message: 7194 Posted: Tue Jun 22 13:36:00 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Sag Harbor Concert, August 28

There has been some concern about the Sag Harbor concert on August 28 being canceled. I spoke with Bobby at Morey Management about this and he replied as follows:


I just spoke with the booking agent and everything is still in order. The Sag Harbor, NY show is still on. It has not been canceled. Let me know if the Sugar Reef problems continue and I will call the promoter myself.

Thanks for the heads up!


So, it looks like everything is still A-OK for the concert. As Bobby mentioned above, let us know if Sugar Reef continues to tell you that the show has been canceled and Bobby will contact them.

Message: 7193 Posted: Tue Jun 22 13:19:23 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: "Hope" By Country Artists

The guys had three number one AC hits. Can you name them! Good Luck!.

I'll take a guess: "Horse With No Name", "Tin Man", and "Lonely People". How'd I do?

That sounds like a very interesting book, Joe. You'll have to share more of the information "behind the songs" with us.

Message: 7192 Posted: Tue Jun 22 12:06:07 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: "Hope" By Country Artists

Hey You People,

Glad I was able to help out with the "Hope" single. The radio biz has some great perks (besides poverty, unemployment, etc). I received that promtional CD when I was working at WGN.
In my ongoing efforts to completely fill my brain with useless info, I recently purchased the "Billboard Book Of Number One Adult Contemporary Hits: The Inside Story Behind Every # Hit". Adult Contemporary would be the 'lite rock' or in the old days, 'easy listening' chart. The guys had three number one AC hits. Can you name them! Good Luck!.

Joe B

P.S. With each song there is an accompanying story/history, about 5 or 6 paragraphs in length. Except for the fact that they refer to Gerry Beckley as Gerry "Buckley" for the entirety of all three pieces, it's pretty accurate. DUH!!!!!

P.P.S.The author seems to have interviewed Dewey or read an interview with him for the stories-behind-the-songs.

Message: 7191 Posted: Tue Jun 22 10:30:31 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Another thing.

Who's that Knockin' on Shayne's door this morning? Can't they see he's dead? LOL!

Message: 7190 Posted: Tue Jun 22 09:58:25 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Jubilee In The Hills, St. Clairsville OH.

Does anyone know if America is still playimg in St. Clairsville OH?

According to the Jamboree In The Hills web site at, America is playing on Sunday, the last day of the Jamboree. That also agrees with the information that I've received from the booking agency.

Message: 7189 Posted: Tue Jun 22 07:27:20 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Another thing.

Ah...vomiting...I still haven't gotten over my hangover from the Stars victory parade (I've been a Hockey fan for a number of years - when I lived in Detroit).


Message: 7188 Posted: Tue Jun 22 02:55:43 1999 By: Phil
Subject: Jubilee In The Hills, St. Clairsville OH.

Does anyone know if America is still playimg in St. Clairsville OH?

Message: 7187 Posted: Mon Jun 21 23:23:50 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Another thing.

Hey, Shayne, too bad you can't make the trip out to Rowlette to see America this Friday. Hopefully, things change and you can go. It looks to be a great family outing type thing. In addition to America, I read there will be rides, food, (and, thus, probably vomiting), a laser show, pony rides (I made that one up). All in all, one big festival.


Message: 7186 Posted: Mon Jun 21 23:15:08 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Go Stars.

Joe: Yes, I was actually a hockey fan before this year. Not a dyed in the wool fan, but a fan nonetheless. Although, at $75 a pop, it's hard to afford actually going. But we all tried to stay up and watch that final Triple Overtime game. Only ones to survive the whole thing were me and two of my daughters.

Uh, oh. Just realized this is an America Chat Folder and the preceding ramble had nothing to do with America. Ahhhhhh, Hat Trick. There, now it's relevent.


P.S. Thank you Chicago Blackhawks for giving us Eddie Belfour.

Message: 7185 Posted: Mon Jun 21 21:46:34 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: Kevin

Kevin you got a heck of a bargain. We paid 17.50 ea to see America in Knoxville ( A good cause though) And I paid $42 for each ticket to see them in Myrtle Beach July 14. They are worth it though. Oh by the way ,I dont know if you are a Hockey fan but congrats on the Stanley Cup Victory for the Stars........Joe Knight

Message: 7184 Posted: Mon Jun 21 21:10:22 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: For Kevin

Those tears you hear is fom me 'cause I can't go. WAAAAAH!


Message: 7183 Posted: Mon Jun 21 20:49:46 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: To Joanne or Rich

If you'd like to chat about the Sugar Reef, go to the live chat session, now. OK. Thanks.

Message: 7182 Posted: Mon Jun 21 20:44:30 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: For Kevin

Hi Kevin,
I hope you have a great time at the show. We will see them this Sunday, maybe Saturday, too. It only has been 3 months ago since we last saw them but it feels like a year. Take Care.

Message: 7181 Posted: Mon Jun 21 18:27:24 1999 By: brian
Subject: america tickets for sale!

I have two extra SECOND ROW tickets to America's show Sat. July 3rd at Bowie Stadium in Bowie, MD---halfway between Wash, DC and Annapolis, MD. Please e-mail me at if you'd like to go. thanks!

Message: 7180 Posted: Mon Jun 21 17:20:17 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: 4 more days.

A short while ago someone asked what set America apart from the rest and while one could say it's the brilliant songwriting of Gerry and Dewey or the harmonies or the acoustic guitar work or or or and all of those are right on. But in my opinion it's the longevity as Kevin stated. Look at those bands that are still together after close to 30 years, putting out great music and giving their all 100 + times a year and America is in a class all by itself.

Message: 7179 Posted: Mon Jun 21 15:46:57 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: 4 more days.

Kevin, enjoy your post-birthday show! I am certain , come Monday, yours will not be the only "cube" playing America!

Message: 7178 Posted: Mon Jun 21 15:03:53 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: 4 more days.

If your up-coming concert is even close to what I saw/heard in Denver, you should have no trouble convincing your officemates that America is what great music is all about. I convinced my skeptical brother who kept saying, "Man, they're really GOOD!", throughout the show. Have a wonderful time, and don't take as long as I did to report back to the rest of us.

Message: 7177 Posted: Mon Jun 21 13:45:47 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: TO JOANNE and all Long Islanders/NY

Hi joanne,
Maureen from LI. You must call the Sugar Reef at 516-725-7500 about the Aug 28th show. VERY IMPORTANT or email me and I'll explain it later tonite. Thanks.

Message: 7176 Posted: Mon Jun 21 13:21:17 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: 4 more days.

The countdown begins. This Friday America comes to the Dallas area for the first time in 4 years. It will be my second show in three months, having seen them in Lancaster, PA, in January. Really looking forward to hearing them play the second single from Human Nature, "Wednesday Morning." What's more, ticket prices are only $3. Not a typo. Three bucks to see America on Friday. Come one, come all (just don't try to sit in front of me). I am dragging some of the snot-nosed punks from my office who have relentlessly made fun of my passion for America. This will give them an education not only in music, but also in showmanship and longevity. I remind them that most of the groups they like will be selling insurance in 10 years, while America has endured nearly 30 years.


Message: 7175 Posted: Mon Jun 21 12:16:52 1999 By: DavidM


After 25 years of listening to America, I've finally been to my first concert (a drawback of living in the UK). Left for Germany on Friday, saw the show on Saturday, arrived back home Sunday morning - busy weekend but worth it.

The show started at 8pm, the initial songs being the "oldies", followed by 5 Human Nature tracks (FAMT, Wednesday Morning, Pages, Wheels and Moment to Moment). The highlights from my point of view being: Sandman, Another Try, 3 Roses, Wednesday Morning, Mirror to Mirror. Finally, the rendition of California Dreamin' being an excellent bonus!. I couldn't have picked a better play list, I would've only added Young Moon and Only Game in Town.

The German crowd were excellent, a good mix of ages (first-timers thru oldies like me) and the band got an great reception.

Finally, we also got the opportunity to meet Gerry and Dewey. They were so relaxed/easy going and treated my wife and I more as friends than fans. What a fantastic weekend.

Only problem is that I wont be able to wait another 25 years for the next concert - looks as though a family vacation to the USA needs planning for 2000 - I need early sight of 2000 tour dates I think!

Message: 7174 Posted: Mon Jun 21 03:51:03 1999 By: mBluLight

i'm not even sure if i've heard it all the way through (slow connection)

BluLight Studios

Message: 7173 Posted: Mon Jun 21 00:03:50 1999 By: jimnak

News of HOUSE IN WHITE continues to spread among the mp3 crowd. The generation x'ers & y'ers really like this song. Thumbs up all the way. It is emotional in a very sophisticated manner, it doesn't beg for your tears, it earns them. Only GERRY BECKLEY can accomplish this one. Hope Mr. Blulight's friends have heard this mp3 clip. Keep spreading the news.

Message: 7172 Posted: Sun Jun 20 15:49:08 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Virginia's "Wilie"

I bet Willie can be pretty wily so you weren't totally wrong, Virgina.

Message: 7171 Posted: Sun Jun 20 15:39:11 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Forgot to proofread...

Willie, not Wilie--jeez.. Sorry, Mr. Leacox.

Message: 7170 Posted: Sun Jun 20 15:31:11 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: "My summer as a Groupie", Round 1

Through the generosity of fellow fan Janice, I was able to catch the Denver show of June 10 and visit with family for the first time in five years. I came home fully intending to post a review right away, but was faced with crisises on both the work and home fronts, and am just now feeling like I can sit down and collect my thoughts.

The Larimer Square concert was my first since 1980. Compared to many of you who have managed to attend a lot of shows over the years, I guess that puts me in the America Fan-Third Class Division (fewer than ten shows in 27 years). Just kidding. This is the summer I plan to make up for lost time.
I drove into downtown Denver early in the afternoon to hang out, window shop, and check out where the stage was being set up for this outdoor concert. My brother planned to meet me later when he got off work. Having lived in California for 24 years now, I'd forgotten the typical Colorado summer weather pattern of clear mornings with thundershowers in the afternoons and was unprepared, clothingwise, for what was to come. By the time America came onstage, I'd been hit by two storms and looked like something the cat dragged in. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I staked out a spot stage left and watched Pete and the crew setting up. Wilie did his drums himself. I struck up a conversation with a man and his wife standing next to me. Turns out this guy had gone to junior high with Gerry when both their families were staioned in Virginia. This couple was also kind enough to share their umbrella with me which, at that point, was about the nicest thing in the world they could have done! The show was delayed a bit waiting out the storm. The equipment was covered with tarps and towels and someone kept squee-geeing off the stage and stairs. A local band performed briefly amid lightning and huge cracks of thunder. By then my brother Jon had arrived with one of his good cameras (he's a photographer). The rain let up and I heard one of the crew say, "Let's do it". The two of us ran down into the crowd in front of the stage (no seating) and the show began. The set list remained pretty much unchanged. FAMT was played instead of M2M. The crowd was very enthusiastic and there was a lot of singing and dancing going on around us. As everyone reports, Dewey, Gerry and the band always seem to have a great time performing and this night was no exception. The only difference was that I WAS THERE instead of reading about it!! There were two twenty-something young women next to us singing away at all the older songs, shouting for "Sister Golden Hair" (both were blonde). I told them it would be the second to last song, but I was wrong as the band did two encores. As Joyce reported, Gerry's brother Michael came onstage for "Horse" along with two boys (G's nephews? Dewey said they had a stage full of Beckleys) and it was a wonderful way to end the evening. Despite the rain, it was a perfect night for me. My brother, who is not a particular fan, thought the concert was great and was impressed enough with the new songs to say he'd buy Human Nature. So concert #1 of "My Summer as a Groupie" is over with #2 in San Jose (home turf) just around the corner on July 7th. We plan to combine other CA concerts with university tours for my son who will be starting his senior year in high school in the fall. Maybe he'll be an America fan by the end of the summer.

Sorry this went on so long and was delayed to boot.
Anyone out there planning to be at the SJ show?
Joyce, I'm jealous of your extended stay in my home state.
Happy Father's Day to all you dads (and granddads, Steve-cute pics of Trent!).

Message: 7169 Posted: Sun Jun 20 15:01:43 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: AMERICA Song On TV

I forgot to mention something. For the first time last night, I saw a commercial for a cassette/CD called, "Seventies Favorites" or 70's something. It featured a snippet of "Lonely People" and showed a picture of the front cover of "Hearts". Wrong album but it looked great because that album cover is so colorful! So glad that The Guys are getting a little bit of national exposure even though it's related to the past.

Message: 7168 Posted: Sun Jun 20 14:51:19 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Misc. Topics

Welcome back Janice! Yes...Kevin, TerryT, and I do have birthday's this month as well as does Robyn! It's very odd but our birthdays are on four consecutive days, can you believe that? We're all going to be 27. Yeah, right, I wish!

Steve L, that little Trent is looking like one mighty cool dude. By the way, the "Hope" country artists' page that you made for our viewing, looks great. I'm so glad all of us are able to hear this version of "Hope". Even though they omitted some of the lyrics, what a great tribute to Gerry for his talented work (as always). Those are some great country stars that sang on the song. Last night, I saw on tv a country music awards show that selected Faith Hill as the "Best Female Singer" and her husband, Tim McGraw as the "Best Male Singer" plus Neal McCoy as "Country Entertainer of the Year". Each of them provided vocals on "Hope". I noticed that the credits gave thanks to Poison Oak Inc. instead of Human Nature. As you all probably know, Poison Oak is Dewey's publishing company while Gerry's is Human Nature. A mistake perhaps?

Message: 7167 Posted: Sun Jun 20 13:25:27 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: Re: America T-shirts

Yeah, you know what? I saw them live 2 times in 1 week & was so into it, that I totally forgot about the T-shirts, Now I know this site has never sold them before, BUT if & when Dew or Gerry come along & read it, MAYBE they will arrange to put some up for sale on the site???? Somthing tells me, they would sell quite a few!! they have a pretty loyal following & alot of us either can't make a show or they are not playing near them. Just a thought...PEACE, Joyce ( 1 of the girls of summer--:)--)~

Message: 7166 Posted: Sun Jun 20 11:04:08 1999 By: sparky
Subject: fathers

Happy Father's Day also to Dewey & Gerry, among the others mentioned. Have to also thank their kids for putting up with their Dads having to be "shared" with so many of us...

Message: 7165 Posted: Sun Jun 20 10:46:06 1999 By: david
Subject: America T-shirts

I've had problems with my computer and haven't been able to link to the America site, but I would like to purchase the new America t-shirts, and won't be able to go to their concerts. Would anyone be able to help me? Thanks.

Message: 7164 Posted: Sun Jun 20 10:44:22 1999 By: david
Subject: new artwork for the KBFH America In Concert album

If you want a sneak preview of the new cover and inner artwork for the America in Concert (KBFH) CD, link up to the King Biscuit site, then link to their America section, scroll all the way to the bottom of the America biography, and you'll be able to link to the new artwork. It's really cool.

Message: 7163 Posted: Sun Jun 20 08:49:03 1999 By: Jessica
Subject: fathers

Happy Father's Day to all! To my Dad, and to all Dads, I just wanted to say that you are as appreciated and as loved as Mom. Despite any faults and failings along the way, thank you for all the sacrifices and the love you gave.

Message: 7162 Posted: Sun Jun 20 08:39:12 1999 By: Jessica
Subject: America

Hi to the refreshed and recharged Janice and to Joyce, too - the Girls of Summer(lucky people!). And Steve, Trent sure looks adorable! Maybe you should start his modeling career this early - send RayBan a couple of his photos. LOL!

In response to Aria, America is different because America is for keeps. The music affects you, stays with you, inspires you - and not for a mere day or month or year - but years. And if you hear them live and meet the guys, then it's a lifetime thing. Very few things are for keeps nowadays.

Will you ever forget Ventura Highway and the whole experience that comes with the song? Or meet anyone else as unforgettable as Daisy? I don't think so!

Message: 7161 Posted: Sun Jun 20 07:40:05 1999 By: Janice
Subject: Happy Father's Day

Hope all you dads are having a great and dad are coming out next weekend for awhile to help with the kids and such while I'm away..Trenton looks great in those shades, Steve!!! Yes, we had a great vacation and would like to share a funny moment that would make a great cartoon. Rented a deck boat for the day and my eldest son, Ryan, brought fishing gear. Fish are literally jumping out of the water, surrounding the boat..he's thinking "this is great!"..well..he is sitting there..line in water..didn't catch a fish..go figure! Had fun though..water skiing, snorkeling and tubing..ahhhhh..hated to come back! Lots of interesting posts and understand that we have 3 birthday boys next week...Kevin, Johnny and Terry T!! Whhoooopp it up,'re only 29 once!

Message: 7160 Posted: Sun Jun 20 00:19:05 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: Janice/Steve/ Fathers day!!

1st of all, Welcome back janice!! Hope your vacation went as well as mine is going right now?? Getting very tan myself! Steve, what can I say? Trent is the man!!!---:)--& last but not least, Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers! & Father Figures!!-I'm happy to have my father with me this year, as he had been Ill. He is doing great now!!--Love, Joyce

Message: 7159 Posted: Sat Jun 19 22:37:08 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Message To The Band From Venezuela

I received the following message a few minutes ago from a fan in Venezuela. Since I know that Gerry and Dewey often read this chat folder, I figured it would be appropriate to post the message here:

Subj: High Quality Music
Date: 6/19/1999 9:38:13 PM Mountain Daylight Time
From: Angel Leiva

Dear America Band:

My name is Angel Leiva, from Caracas-Venezuela. I'm following you since I was a child, I'm 36 now, let me tell you that you all are great musicians and your music is a classic that will last for years, and let me thank you for giving your fans a lot of information, photos, videos, midis, wavs, etc. in your pages; that take all of us closer to you. We want more DVDs now from you.

Thanks a lot and play music forever....


Message: 7158 Posted: Sat Jun 19 22:28:10 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: I'm bbbaaaaccckkk...!

Welcome back, Janice. Happy reading! I haven't heard anything about the overseas trip yet, but I know that Federico has been following them to every city that he can so I hope to get a report from him fairly soon.

While I'm at it, let me be the first to wish all of you fathers a very happy Father's Day (tomorrow). I plan on taking it easy tomorrow and spending time with my family and (especially) my new grandson. If you want to see a couple of "kewl" pictures of Trent wearing some summer shades, follow these links: front view or side view.

Message: 7157 Posted: Sat Jun 19 19:00:50 1999 By: Janice
Subject: I'm bbbaaaaccckkk...!

All tanned and rested...and now to read all the stuff I have missed out on! Hope everyone had a great week too! Guess the guys are still overseas?? Anyone hear how it's going??

Message: 7156 Posted: Sat Jun 19 09:14:36 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: "Hope" By Country Artists

Thanks Steve, great job on the HOPE page. I always thought that one of Dan Peek's songs would get picked up by a town & country artist, but whoo a GERRY BECKLEY creation is discovered.

Message: 7155 Posted: Fri Jun 18 23:53:19 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: "Hope" By Country Artists

Thanks to Joe, I have now dedicated an entire web page to the Country All Star's version of Gerry Beckley's "Hope". I have included a RealAudio sound clip of the entire song and blown up photos of the CD booklet so that you can read all of those tiny words. I've been listening to the song all night and it really is a great version of Gerry's song. FYI: This version was nominated for a Grammy in 1996. Thanks again, Joe, for sending me the CD and making this available for all of us.

Thanks, too, to Shari for the $10 off information regarding purchases at CD Now.

Message: 7154 Posted: Fri Jun 18 18:42:50 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: CD deal

For those of you still update your vinyl (tape, 8 track, whatever) to cd, Music Boulevard and CD Now merged. They are having an introductory deal of $10.00 off any order. The US released cd's are at at pretty good price, altho the imports, even on sale, are a bit pricey. But with $10.00 off, it's worth checking out. Plus their frequent buyer plan is much better than it was at Music Blvd. Web site is
I know others here have ordered from other sites, so I'm not saying this is better, just a viable option at the moment. $10.00 offer ends June 29. Have a great weekend and Father's Day, everyone! Shari <><

Message: 7153 Posted: Fri Jun 18 17:13:02 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: "Hope" By Country Artists

THanks Johnny, for sharing that info! Now that song is really one that inspires me, keeps me going.

Message: 7152 Posted: Fri Jun 18 16:48:32 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Hope" By Country Artists

I received "Hope" today from fellow AMERICA fan, Rich, as performed by the country music stars in 1996 (Rich, I sent you an e-mail message today). It's a wonderful performance as a wonderful song!!! I believe most everyone will agree when Steve L. receives it and makes it available for everyone to hear. In the meantime, here is a list of which country star sings which lyrics as sent to me by Rich:

There's a clock timing the world as it turns (Vince Gill)
There's a man marking the candle as it burns (Faith Hill)
Keeping track of every minute that remains (Tim McGraw)
Still we hope somehow, it's gonna be alright, it's gonna turn out fine (Trisha Yearwood)

Chorus: You gotta hope, it'll be alright
Come on and hope, it'll turn out fine
Yeah hope, it'll be alright

There's a light shining beyond the Southern Cross (Lorrie Morgan)
Burning bright for every one of us who's lost (Marty Stuart)


Millions of people alone in the dark awaiting a moment of hope (Little Texas)
You gotta hope whenever things get tough (Trisha Yearwood)
It'll be alright, come on and hope, and when the road is rough (Tracy Lawrence)
It'll turn out fine, yeah hope, right when you've had enough (Terry Clark)
It'll be alright, Please!

You gotta hope whenever things get tough (Neal McCoy)
It'll be alright, come on and hope, and when the road is rough (Travis Tritt)
It'll turn out fine, yeah hope, right when you've had enough (John Berry)
It'll be alright, Please! You gotta hope

******Thanks Rich for making this available to me...Johnny******

Message: 7151 Posted: Fri Jun 18 16:41:23 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: For Me: "The Last Two To Dance"

Although I didn't become an America fan until about two years ago, I have managed to collect all their albums. And with so many songs to choose from, Sergeant Darkness has become my absolute, all-time favorite. I'm not sure why...maybe it's the flowing melodies or the beautiful lyrics, but to me, that song is perfect in every way. If I had to pick another one, it would be Three Roses. I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Erin :o)

Message: 7150 Posted: Fri Jun 18 15:28:33 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: More on Ventura Highway

MAybe you identify with the narrator, who feels left behind? I like "the free wind is blowing thru your hair and the days surround your daylight there. Seasons crying, no despair ALIGATOR LIZARDS IN THE AIR!!!" makes me feel like dancing!! ( me and my two left feet)

Message: 7149 Posted: Fri Jun 18 14:58:02 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: Re: More on Ventura Highway

VENTURA HIGHWAY---I love this song's intro as well, that guitar is beautiful, But the song in general makes me very sad?? I love the song but it does this to me?--:0--JOYCE

Message: 7148 Posted: Fri Jun 18 13:09:19 1999 By: Billy
Subject: Re: For Me: "The Last Two To Dance"

My favorite is Inspector Mills, but the rest are a close second. Although I must admit I have yet to hear The Last Two to Dance. The only song I have never cared for (please don't hold it against me) is Horse with No Name.

Message: 7147 Posted: Fri Jun 18 13:06:41 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: More on Ventura Highway

To me, that song is the essence of youth and summer. When I hear it, I am about 17 with my first car and a drivers license, driving to Ventura County line to go to the beach, although the album came out when I was much younger than that!) Aria-- thanks for the question, don't be shy, contrary to what it may appear, most people here don't bite! ( you'll notice I didn't use "we" Howard--lol)

Message: 7146 Posted: Fri Jun 18 12:34:58 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: For Me: "The Last Two To Dance"

Ventura Highway. When I hear that opening guitar riff i can't help but say YESSSSS!!!!! kind of embarrasing when I am on the subway!

Message: 7145 Posted: Fri Jun 18 12:12:25 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: Re: For Me: "The Last Two To Dance"

<<what 1 song is it , that does it for you?>> I would have to say. out of all of them ( & this is soooo hard) has to be "Sister Golden hair" that was my favorite song when I was 9 & it has remained my favorite song, it makes me feel the same way I feel when I see & listen to them Live......Warm, carefree & Smiling!! sort of like running into an old friend~ JOYCE--:)--(who's still in Colorado, having a blast!! )~ P.S. I am LOVING " All My Life" right now!!

Message: 7144 Posted: Fri Jun 18 11:33:02 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: For Me: "The Last Two To Dance"

For me, everything that Aria said is typified in the wonderful song, "The Last Two To Dance". I was wondering what one song is it that does it for you?

Message: 7143 Posted: Fri Jun 18 11:16:22 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: What Is It About AMERICA

Aria, you said it all so well. I agree with everything you said and can't think of anything else to add. You should post a lot more often!

Message: 7142 Posted: Fri Jun 18 11:06:06 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: what is it about America?

Very well said. It's one of things that's tough to put your finger on. Hard to describe at times, but you know it when you hear it. I have always thought that AMERICA's music is kind of like a Frank Capra picture. You know he said that his work was simply the result of a love for other humans, a compassion for people. AMERICA's music talks to everyday people, down-to-earth people can relate to it. AMERICA's music soothes. I just don't know, perhaps others have thoughts here.
AMERICA's latest & greatest release is HUMAN NATURE.

Message: 7141 Posted: Fri Jun 18 10:27:04 1999 By: aria
Subject: what is it about America?

Hi everyone

This is only my second time to post since I found this page in February, although I visit it often (makes for good reading). I have seen many interesting ideas and interpretations and some very passionate tempers when it comes to America.

I was wondering what each of you feels it is that sets America apart from other artists. Is it their unique acoustic harmonies, their passion for life that is evident in each lyric and note, or their diverse talents portrayed in each different song? I have found, in listening to America, that all of the above contribute to their unique quality sound, but there is one more characteristic that I feel places them above the rest.

I have some friends who play the acoustic guitar and they always bring the guitars along when we get together. Eventually they begin to play and at first we all listen attentively marveling their latest composition. Inevitably, they play our favorites and we all join in. Whether we are around a campfire or a living room, there is a friendly closeness that I have felt no where else.

When I finally had the opportunity to see America in concert, I again experienced this feeling. The guys were so personable and easy going. I felt their music embrace me in the same way that my friend’s had. This ability they have to make me feel this closeness is the reason that I visit this site every day -- even if I don’t post.

A quick thanks to all of those involved in making this site real and especially to America for sharing themselves with all of us and being a part of our lives for so many years.

Message: 7140 Posted: Fri Jun 18 09:58:52 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: America/Beatle connection

Hey You People,

One of the cool moments on stage was during the tour w/ Chris Cross, circa 1981. Gerry and Dewey joined Christopher and his excellent band on stage for an encore of the Beatles "You Can't Do That". Definitely one of those great 'America' stage moments.

Joe B

P.S. Have I mentioned lately how much I think Warner Bros. STINKS!
P.P.S. Shayne, I don't believe you've thanked me yet for the use of ex-Chicago Blackhawk goalie Ed Belfour for the Cup run.

Message: 7139 Posted: Fri Jun 18 07:01:22 1999 By: Billy
Subject: Re: Birchmere / Wheels

Thanks... I certainly will be there looking for an autograph. appreciate the tip!

Message: 7138 Posted: Fri Jun 18 04:12:28 1999 By: Spurs
Subject: Warner Brothers

Hello everyone,what on earth is the problem with Warner Brothers,America have been very successful for them and oddly Warners (US)seem rather reluctant to release hardly anything from their back catalogue.Could you imagine hearing any America Warner album with digital remastering and an extra song or two,surely the least they could do.

Message: 7137 Posted: Thu Jun 17 22:52:19 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Hourglass Tour

For the Hourglass tour, they played only 4 songs:
Young Moon
Mirror To Mirror
Call Of The Wild

and played Green House as early as 1986!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 7136 Posted: Thu Jun 17 22:50:29 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: The Birdy Song

I'd add my voice to those who take this song at face value... of course, it could be about a youth trying out for the high school skeet shooting team, taking shots at clay pigeons. Could be.

Message: 7135 Posted: Thu Jun 17 22:20:07 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: sleep train

"Hourglass" CD....."Young Moon" being my favorite with "Sleeper Train" coming in second......"Sleeper Train" is one I've never heard played "Live".....I can "HOPE" can't I !?!?!

Message: 7134 Posted: Thu Jun 17 22:13:22 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Hope

I really wish they'd play it in concert

richm.....they have played "Hope" in concert many times along with "Young Moon", and Mirror to Mirror", off the "Hourglass" CD. They sounded so good and I must say, I miss those songs (live) myself. (Not to mention hearing these songs with a few symphony's along the way).....incredible !!!

Message: 7133 Posted: Thu Jun 17 20:20:48 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: The Birdy Song

There was a time when Mr. DEWEY BUNNELL would come out on stage w/6 string in hand & do a solo of THE PIGEON SONG. GERRY BECKLEY'S
6 string solo of ALL MY LIFE reminiscent of DEWEY's solo. Both w/similiar tools, but different messages to communicate. Minstrels they are, poets they are, humans for sure.

Message: 7132 Posted: Thu Jun 17 20:09:07 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Just In Case Someone's Interested.....

The following message was posted on the AOL chat folder. I figure that most of the people here would be interested.

Subject: Just In Case Someone's Interested.....
Date: Tue, 15 June 1999 11:11 PM EDT
From: WainGraves

This is an email update from Henry's Diltz's web site:
Henry's Gallery Feedback -

Happy Summer to all of our friends in the Northern Hemisphere. All
others keep warm by the fire. A lot has been going on with Henry and
friends over the last weeks. Check out the review in this months Yahoo
Internet Life Magazine on our site. In August, any of you flying
United Airlines will find a 6 page layout of henry's photographs in
the United magazine. We are in production on our TV special and DVD
release. The TV special called, "California Dreams" will air sometime
at the end of this year or January. We will let you know when we have
a certain date. Also we interviewed Stephen Stills, Gerry Beckley and
Dewey Bunnell last week and will interview Jackson Browne in the next
two weeks for the special. We would like your comments back to this
mailing on what you would like to see, hear or find out about on our
special. We will listen to your comments...Till Next time.

Henry & Peter

Message: 7131 Posted: Thu Jun 17 20:01:43 1999 By: richm
Subject: Birchmere / Wheels

To BILLY: I saw America last year at a sold-out show at the Birchmere. Its a great venue and I will be there again this year. Last year Gerry and Dewey spent a long time signing autographs outside by the tour buses after the show, so you may wish to bring something for them to sign.

To Bones: I would nominate "Sergeant Darkness" as a song to play after "Hope." Clearly, the subject in SD was experiencing a period where he needed "Hope." (e.g. Hope the Darkness never comes again...)

Message: 7130 Posted: Thu Jun 17 17:25:55 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: The Birdy Song

Johnny, I am also of the "face value" opinion and have been ever since I first heard the song. After all, it was written by an 18 year old kid. Being the father of an 18 year old, I can easily imagine him having those kind of thoughts.

Message: 7129 Posted: Thu Jun 17 13:24:21 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: poster


Message: 7128 Posted: Thu Jun 17 13:14:57 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: poster

Robyn - oops. Of course. Gerry's MUCH cuter than Paul Simon.
ShariL <><

Message: 7127 Posted: Thu Jun 17 13:05:19 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: The Birdy Song

Very interesting thoughts on the bird song. I'm still pondering them. So far, it's three for three on the face value opinion. Would like to hear from more.

Message: 7126 Posted: Thu Jun 17 11:43:35 1999 By: sparky
Subject: disecting pigeons

Pigeon song always makes me smile. Don't see any reason to go looking for any hidden symbolism there either. I've always taken it to be a simple, teenage, hormonal, exageration, take-it-to-the-max, extreme, woe-is-me, can't-I-manage-to-screw-everything-up, but somehow-I-feel-better-now kind of artistic exercise kinda things.

Just my humble opinion, Johnny.

Message: 7125 Posted: Thu Jun 17 11:40:39 1999 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: "Pigeon Song"

I, too, have taken the song at face value and thought it to be in keeping with the existential mood of the times... to be fully human and to be completely free is to embrace pure aloneness in the world.
At least that's what it meant to me as a teenager feeling angst and alienation...

Message: 7124 Posted: Thu Jun 17 11:31:05 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: "Pigeon Song"

I always took it at face value, I suppose for a translation/explaination, I would say it is Dewey's Communist Period (lol) By having no possesions, you achieve freedom. I took the pigeon to be a real bird. He also mentions a dog.... I took that to be a K-9!

Message: 7123 Posted: Thu Jun 17 11:18:55 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Pigeon Song"

Can anyone give an explanation of what "Pigeon Song" is about? It's a very strange song and I'm surprised it's written by Dewey. I've always thought the word "pigeon" in the song meant an easy mark or a dupe rather than the bird. Your thoughts?

Message: 7122 Posted: Wed Jun 16 19:54:17 1999 By: BC
Subject: Re: LPs again.....vinyl engraving

The LP Harbor has the engraving "Harry Goes Surfing".......Never noticed it until recently until reading the America history written by John Corbett. The engraving was, I believe, the orignal working title of the Harbor LP.

Message: 7121 Posted: Wed Jun 16 19:11:00 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: LPs again.....vinyl engraving

...I can remember that for awhile some bands were engraving messages in the vinyl right next to the center print area...(I know it sounds crazy but its true)....I was told if you had LP's with the engraving, you had a collector's item...I remember having a few LP's with engravings....I'll have to check my collection to see which bands had the engraving...anyone else know anything about vinyl message engravings?

Message: 7120 Posted: Wed Jun 16 19:05:16 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: posters and LPs

.....I guess Lp's weren't really that bad considering all the neat art work such as posters and flip open covers that we got...thanks for the pics.....

Message: 7119 Posted: Wed Jun 16 19:04:02 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Hat Trick poster

or Paul Simon, who did one Trick Pony Linda was the Stone Ponies :0)

Message: 7118 Posted: Wed Jun 16 18:59:26 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Hat Trick poster

Funny thing about that Hat Trick poster. When the guys were playing in Temecula in February, some gal had brought her copy with for them to sign. She kept saying to Gerry "remember this cool poster from One Trick Pony?" She said it about four times. And Gerry, being the gentleman that he is, did not correct her (altho I wanted to smack her.) Funny, I don't think Gerry looks anything like Linda Ronstadt.

Message: 7117 Posted: Wed Jun 16 16:55:04 1999 By: louisville
Subject: America's May 21 Louisville Gardens show play as scheduled?

Can anyone tell me for sure if America's May 21 show in
Louisville Gardens played as scheduled?

Please email to also if possible.


Message: 7116 Posted: Wed Jun 16 15:48:09 1999 By: Wayne
Subject: Nothing much

Update from Roswell, NM. Flight testing this week away from home. I should have brought all my cds....nuts. I do have one tape in the rental car....found out the other guys had been listening...everybody likes America..!!!!


Message: 7115 Posted: Wed Jun 16 14:26:15 1999 By: Billy
Subject: posters, etc.

Just thought some of you might be interested in America stuff being sold on e-bay auction. One is a life size poster from an early tour going for about $275. There are a few cd's and other posters, christmas cards, etc. Thanks for the concert list Steve. I'll give you a review of the concert! No doubt it'll be phenomenal!!!!

Message: 7114 Posted: Wed Jun 16 14:11:47 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Fred?

Johnny, good thing because you would have to have "shot him in the head"

Message: 7113 Posted: Wed Jun 16 14:00:30 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: A Few Things and Pigeons Too

Steve, had I thought about it, I would have sent the "Hat Trick" poster to you at the same time I sent the "Harbor" poster months ago. Good ol' TerryT to the rescue. Those were cool photos from the tour book, by the way. I especially liked the one with Gerry and Dewey standing side-by-side with their arms crossed and looking very confident. No mini "Hat Trick" poster with the CD, huh? That's a bummer. (LOL) As a fellow fan, yeah, welcome Billy.

Back in the 70's, I belonged to a homing pigeon racing club. Homing pigeons are the "thoroughbreds" of the pigeon world. They're nothing like the nasty common pigeons that we all see around town. They're highly intelligent (for birds). The club would race them from 100 up to 500 miles. We'd either drive the distance from home or send them by plane to another fancier for release. In a 500 mile race, like most all races, homing pigeons are released at sunrise. Incredibly, the fittest and most intelligent ones could make it home before sunset!!! That's a lot of wing flapping. So why the heck am I telling you all of this? Just to say that each loft would have a name such as "The Ponderosa" or "Larry's Loft". Mine was called, "Homecoming Harbor". Does my fanaticism show? In case you were, I never had a pigeon by the name of Fred.

Message: 7112 Posted: Wed Jun 16 13:41:29 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Hat Trick Poster

I've still got both the Hat Trick and Harbor posters on my wall. I found them both in perfect condition when I bought the records!

Erin :o)

Message: 7111 Posted: Wed Jun 16 13:33:57 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Hat Trick Poster

Thanks to TerryT for providing the poster. Boy, did that brink back memories! I had that on my wall for year--I think it was still there when I moved out! Too bad it's not included in the cd!

Message: 7110 Posted: Wed Jun 16 13:14:25 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: I Wonder: "Hat Trick"

Johnny, unfortunately, the Hat Trick CD does not have a mini poster. Since I always bought cassettes when I was young, I missed out on all the posters that came with the vinyl albums. That's why I was really excited when Terry Trost sent me a vinyl copy of Hat Trick with the poster included. I scanned the poster in and placed in on the America Fans web site a few days ago. For those of you who were like me (until a few days ago) and have never seen the poster, here's a link that will allow you all to see it: Hat Trick Poster

Message: 7109 Posted: Wed Jun 16 13:09:54 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: concert

Hi Billy, welcome to the chat folder. Here's the playlist from the Wichita concert which was held a few weeks ago. The playlist changes from night to night but it should be similar.

Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic
Don't Cross the River
Daisy Jane
Three Roses
I Need You
Wednesday Morning
Tin Man
Only In Your Heart
California Dreamin'
Lonely People
From A Moving Train
Never Be Lonely
Sister Golden Hair
Encore: Horse With No Name

In addition to these songs they've also been playing two more songs from Human Nature: Wheels Are Turning and Moment To Moment. We look forward to hearing a report from you on the songs that they play at the Birchmere and your reactions to the concert.

Message: 7108 Posted: Wed Jun 16 13:03:58 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: I Wonder: "Hat Trick"

I was wondering: Since the "Hat Trick" vinyl had the really cool poster, does the CD have a mini poster included with it? When I was a senior in high school, I bought a second copy of "Hat Trick" just so I could have the poster to use for book covers. You might say that I had The Guys with me at school everyday. My mentioning school, reminds me that I didn't share what I have planned for the summer. Next month, I hope to attend my 25th year high school reunion in Dallas. At the 10th year reunion, I was surprisingly voted "Least Changed"; however, with lots of water-under-the-bridge, I doubt that I'll be receiving that award again!

Message: 7107 Posted: Wed Jun 16 12:32:31 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: submarine ladies

so Beech, what's the first? (it's one of my favorites too. I will be getting a copy of Hat trick soon. My vinyl copy is also thrashed!)

Message: 7106 Posted: Wed Jun 16 11:48:29 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: submarine ladies

Ain't technology WONDERFUL (i.e. internet)???????????
I finally got all my vinyl updated onto CD about 2 years ago, and it has been a GODSEND for me! No more "reverse grooves" on
Submarine Ladies is my second all time Gerry Beckley song......

Message: 7105 Posted: Wed Jun 16 11:07:34 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: sleep train & wheels

Kiss of Life. That song and HOpe were what kept me going recently when my mom was in hospital. Songs that inspire me, keep me relatively sane (no comment from the peanut gallery!--lol)

Message: 7104 Posted: Wed Jun 16 10:00:01 1999 By: Billy
Subject: concert

I'm pretty excited...just under two weeks to the America concert in Alexandria, Virginia, at Birchmere. I haven't seen them in three years. I'm taking my girlfriend and two other close friends. They've never seen America live. Aren't they in for a treat? Does anyone have the current set list? I'm sure they're doing songs from Human Nature, but wondering what other magic they'll have!

Message: 7103 Posted: Wed Jun 16 08:13:58 1999 By: Jessica
Subject: very own selection

I like to listen to nonstop music when i work and that of course means one or two 120-minute cassette tape of America tunes. I go by categories and I've got an "absolute mush" tape - all love songs like Daisy, Inspector Mills, All My Life and the likes. I also have a "road mood" tape which is a compilation of tunes like Ventura, FAMT, Your Move, etc. I've also tried a back-to-back America-Bread tape and I loved playing this one.

Message: 7102 Posted: Tue Jun 15 22:46:51 1999 By: Beth
Subject: sleep train & wheels

Bones, Interesting question! I've been thinking along the same lines lately....I make my own mix cassette tapes to play in my car, and so I mix & match a lot. I've been thinking of asking the same question in a different way here: "How would you arrange songs on albums if you could?" Now you've basically asked it for me. Spooky, isn't it!
What I would put on right after Hope: I cheated. I put a Dan Fogelberg song on right after Hope. "Next Time" off the Captured Angel album.
I bought Hourglass awhile after its release. I was driving back & forth to St.Paul from Tomahawk (4 hours) every other weekend, and had a portable CD player with headphones to help pass the time. This was my old car, the cassete player was busted. I had called to check my answering machine one Saturday evening, and heard my nephew's voice on the recording. My nephew has been thru all sorts of bad trouble, and was incarcerated at the time. I heard the operator's standard recording telling me "This is a collect call from...." and I heard him say "...Jesse..." and I went to the floor. I felt so bad that I hadn't been there to get that call! I left for home early that weekend, and played Hourglass along the way, and cried as I sang along to Hope. It was in that early stage of listening extra close to get the lyrics, and they came clearly thru to me, and touched me so deep. The thoughts of my nephew, the hard times he will always have, the ache of wanting to help him, rescue him...Hope. I was home the next morning when he called again. I got to talk to him for about 20 minutes before the jail system cut us off. It was a beginning. It gave us both Hope. Jesse is 21 now. He was the first baby I ever held in my arms.

Message: 7101 Posted: Tue Jun 15 22:34:49 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Message from Tom T

Just heard from Tom. He's been off the board for awhile (computer woes I think) Said to say hi to everyone and he hopes to back on here real soon.

Message: 7100 Posted: Tue Jun 15 21:48:34 1999 By: Bones
Subject: sleeper train & wheels are turning

I'm listening to Hourglass today and for some reason when Sleeper Train was playing, i hit the repeat button on the cd player. The more I listen to the song, the more i like it. After listening to it about ten times in a row, I'm thinking, how awesome would it sound if Wheels are Turning came on right after Sleeper Train. Two excellent songs by Dewey, back to back. Now I'm thinking what song would I take off another cd and put right after Hope. Gerry has so many, it's a tough choice. Any suggestions?

Message: 7099 Posted: Tue Jun 15 20:18:27 1999 By: jeff brink
Subject: submarine ladies

What a great song, Beech! I'm on my third Hat trick album...over the years I've played my America albums 'til the sound quality is terrible. Up until I got connected to the internet, when I wore an album out, I would replace them with used ones from used record stores. However, I am slowly updating to cd's thru the music stores on the net.

Jeff B.

Message: 7098 Posted: Tue Jun 15 19:18:28 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: acoustic instruments

AMEN there, Jeff. You hear some fun stuff mixed IN some songs, but I agree with you on Mandolins.........I love the Bluegrass feel of some their Hattrick stuff (i.e. Submarine Ladies)

Message: 7097 Posted: Tue Jun 15 19:14:44 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Sister Golden Hair

Gotta be ME, heir Howard......(C;

Message: 7096 Posted: Tue Jun 15 17:34:05 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: No Dan.

ALright, I left myself open for that one. I love you too Kevin.

Message: 7095 Posted: Tue Jun 15 17:28:00 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: No Dan.

Robyn: Now that you're paying attention, you'll notice an absense of Dan's voice on America albums from 1978 on.


Message: 7094 Posted: Tue Jun 15 16:47:24 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: "Head And Heart"

took me 30 years to get a cd player with this quality! I don't think I really paid attention to who was singing what till now. SO I'M SLOW!!!!!!

Message: 7093 Posted: Tue Jun 15 16:33:03 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Head And Heart"

Robyn, you're hearing correctly. That's what's so wonderful about "Head And Heart"...the three different lead vocals. Took you less then 30 years to realize though. (LOL) Based on the first AMERICA LP, I had Gerry and Dan mixed up in my mind. "Homecoming" helped sort out who was whom.

Message: 7092 Posted: Tue Jun 15 15:55:00 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Are my ears playing tricks on me?

I was listening to "Homecoming" (those aligator lizards again!) Listen carefully to "Head and Heart" Do my ears deceive me or do each Dewey, Gerry and Dan sing lead parts? I guess I never paid that much attention, but I have really been focusing on the music, isolating instruments and vocals--really fun!

Message: 7091 Posted: Tue Jun 15 14:55:45 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America/Beatle connection

That's right & oh yes Erin was there. I think in the very front row, she was blocking my view from the cheap seats.

Message: 7090 Posted: Tue Jun 15 14:10:27 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: America/Beatle connection

I think that was in Reno last summer...if I'm remembering correctly. That was cool!

Erin :o)

Message: 7089 Posted: Tue Jun 15 10:39:04 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America/Beatle connection

Also one time GERRY broke into a Beatles song on the piano, between AMERICA songs. I think Mags was there. When he was asked how he can remember those songs, especially on the piano, he said it's in his DNA, or genes. The British influence is apparent w/DEWEY also, such as the Zombies.

Message: 7088 Posted: Tue Jun 15 10:22:20 1999 By: Rob
Subject: Dan Peek's New Disk

Have you check out the sound clips from Dan's new album yet? It sounds absolutely great. His rendition of the Beatles' "This Boy" is terrific. Also, "The Last Tear" is another strong number. The album reminds me a little bit of early "America". Very acoustic. The album art is something to behold too. This album will be available from Thoughtscape Sounds is just a few weeks. Be sure to check out the cuts on the web site.


Message: 7087 Posted: Tue Jun 15 10:18:43 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: TLC

TLC??? On BEHIND THE MUSIC??? Aw, c'mon children get your heads back together (and get a clue). TLC??? Puleeeeze. Thank goodness the Dallas Stars are on tonight (I had to move to Texas to become a hockey fan - or should I say "bandwagonner").


Message: 7086 Posted: Tue Jun 15 08:09:18 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: America/Beatle connection

The other Beatle/America connection would be Geoff Emerick, who was the engineer for both groups, & still works w/Paul McCartney.

Message: 7085 Posted: Tue Jun 15 06:45:36 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Sister Golden Hair

Hey everone, I have a female singing SGH...
Sort of like a disco version.
It seems to go on endlessly.
Any idea who's singing it???????????????????

Message: 7084 Posted: Mon Jun 14 23:07:14 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New Photos

Thanks to Terry Trost, I have been able to scan in photos from the 1977 Tourbook and the Hat Trick poster. Enjoy!

Message: 7083 Posted: Mon Jun 14 23:02:50 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: richm Sis G.H.

I, like Beth, also checked out this new version of Sister Golden Hair. The only thing it has in common with Gerry's version is the title. Other than that, it's a very different song. Beth mentioned that you need an MP3 player to listen to the song. That's true, but you can also listen to it with a RealAudio player (simply by clicking on the title of the song). Thanks, Beth, for the info (especially the lyrics -- I didn't even try to figure them out).

Message: 7082 Posted: Mon Jun 14 21:57:11 1999 By: Beth
Subject: richm Sis G.H.

Rich, I checked out CDNow, downloaded the mpg of Sister Golden Hair from Full. What an album title, by the way!! Anyhoo....thier version of S.G.H. is nothing like America's. Lyrics = "Well she said to me / you know it's not easy / to be fourteen / in a world so sleazy / Now she paints her fingers black / and let's her hair fall flat / She says its a mirror to her soul / but it isn't even real"
Music is hard - punk - rock. Puts me in mind of Sex Pistols, with the Smiths mixed in, maybe a little Stray Cats. I liked it, it's catchy, but it's not remake by any means.
If you want to listen, you need to download an mp3 player. Steve has the details on how to do this. I got mine from Sonique. You can go to, I believe, and see what they know.

Hope this helps!

Message: 7081 Posted: Mon Jun 14 21:50:43 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: One more note about "Fixing A Hole".

Hey You People,

F.Y.I., I made that whole story up. Sorry.

Joe B

P.S. Personally I detest domestic abuse and marital strife. So before
you condemn me, just relax, it was only a stupid story. Thanks.

Message: 7080 Posted: Mon Jun 14 21:47:30 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Julian-inspired Beatles songs

Hey You People,

I think the most amazing of the Beatles/Julian songs has to do with the song "I'm Fixing A Hole" on 'Sgt. Peppers...'. During the making of the album, John and first wife Cynthia were experiencing major marital difficulties. One night at their mansion in Kensington they got into a major knockdown, dragout fight. Julian, who only 5 years old at the time heard the commotion, got scared, and ran way from the house. A short while later, Cynthia went looking for her son, realized he was missing and went running around the place trying to find John. She found an obviously anebriated John, in his home studio working on a song that had music but no words. As a panicky Cynthia began crying/screaming that Julian was missing, John snapped back into reality and formed a search party with Cynthia, the servants, and himself. They eventually (about an hour later) found the lad in a garden in a remote corner of the estate, with a small plastic shovel, digging. John angrily asked hin what the $#*! he was doing. A smiling Julian innocently replied "I'm Fixing A Hole", Daddy". This broke the tension, and at least for a while, John & Cynthia were able to calm down and relaize how precious their beautiful little boy was. John eventually returned to the studio, took his son's words, and truned into the "Sgt. Pepper" track. An amazing tale. Wow!

Joe B

P.S. I believe "Alligator Lizards In The Air" had been identified as cloud formations in a previous discussion. Can't recall the source, though.

Message: 7079 Posted: Mon Jun 14 21:21:04 1999 By: richm
Subject: one more thing...really

I apologize for the trifecta of postings. I did some research. The name of Full's album is "Hotdogwatercocktail." It is available at CDnow. There is an audiofile for SGH which, alas, I am unable to listen to because of technical problems. Hopefully someone can listen to it and report back.

Message: 7078 Posted: Mon Jun 14 21:08:10 1999 By: richm
Subject: one more thing

Hi again! I read last week that a band named "full" apparently is getting some indie / college radio airplay with a punk / alternative rock version of "sister golden hair." I don't suppose anyone has heard of this, but I would love to find out more info if anyone has it. Oh well, if we can't get the new stuff on the air, at least maybe we can hear new versions of the old!


Message: 7077 Posted: Mon Jun 14 20:55:58 1999 By: richm
Subject: Hope

I should have been more precise in my e-mail to Johnny regarding charting of Hope. I saw in Billboard when the song came out that it at one point was around #20 in terms of sales. Not in terms of overall airplay and sales. I'm not sure what difference that makes,if any, but I believe Billboard made that distinction. Either way, its a great song and I really wish they would play it in concert.

Message: 7076 Posted: Mon Jun 14 18:51:14 1999 By: BC
Subject: Re: Alligator Lizards

I just sent a message asking the question about alligator lizards to the F.A.A.Q. on the question and answer site. Maybe we'll hear.......?

Message: 7075 Posted: Mon Jun 14 18:42:58 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: One Final thought on the Subject

BAck eons ago, when I was teaching Lit courses, one of the things I would tell my kids was that good writing would evoke different memories in each individual. So, in a sense, all the answers are correct and while it might be nice to get a difinitive answer from Mr. Bunnell, it is not, I suppose strictly necessary--my rather flip remark to the contrary!

Message: 7074 Posted: Mon Jun 14 18:29:11 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Alligator Lizards

Maybe someone should ask Dewey ( whom I bet is having a good laugh if he ever reads these things).

Message: 7073 Posted: Mon Jun 14 18:01:17 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Alligator Lizards

Don't know where I heard this, maybe here? But seems earlier than that, Alligator Lizards were a reference to the semi-tires ripped up and blowing on the (Ventura) highway...

Message: 7072 Posted: Mon Jun 14 17:59:36 1999 By: Beth
Subject: To Bones

Hey Bones! My hat is only a 5-gallon, we do the dum-diddy-dum diddy-dum diddy-dum DUM! Theme to Bonanza as we ride across the fields, and my horse is a white appy/arab named Happ! Yes, I'm a country girl from way back. Bluegrass is in my blood!

Message: 7071 Posted: Mon Jun 14 17:50:57 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Beatle Connection and A Little More

I missed that one Johnny! The Ken Scott thing explains why the sound of that first album was so intense (aside from the obvious!)

Message: 7070 Posted: Mon Jun 14 17:36:44 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Beatle Connection and A Little More

The connection to McCartney is one, right Robyn? Jeff's mention of a mandolin reminds me that fellow AMERICA fan Rich Morris will be sending me a cassette of "Hope" done by the country artists. John Corbett is either sending Steve or me a cassette. Either way, it won't be too long before we hear how well they were able to sing Gerry's marvelous song. I think "Hope" is a really wonderful song and don't understand how it and Dewey's "Young Moon" and "Garden Of Peace" weren't hits for them. Rich told me that "Hope" made it up to #20 on the country charts. Go figure!

Message: 7069 Posted: Mon Jun 14 17:36:05 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: acoustic instruments

GERRY used the Mandolin as a supporting instrument on some songs, I think on AMERICA ENCORE: MORE GREATEST HITS, the disc they did for Rhino records. In fact the inside foto's has GERRY holding the mandolin. GERRY is not afraid to use any instrument that works for a particuliar song. You probably know he is rather fond of the acoustic piano & acoustic 12 string.

Message: 7068 Posted: Mon Jun 14 17:31:22 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: my triv answers

the two other Beatles songs inspired by Julian Lennon are:
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds--from the picture he drew and

Do you want to know a secret-- about Cynthia being pregnant with Julian

The Beatles/AMerica connection? The first album was engineered by Ken Scott, who worked with the Beatles as an engineer on the White album ( I believe)

Message: 7067 Posted: Mon Jun 14 16:55:44 1999 By: jeff brink
Subject: acoustic instruments

....Being a bit of a bluegrass listener I think it would be kind of neat if America would use the mandolin as a primary instrument in a song or two. I liked the banjo "pickin'" on TOWN and COUNTRY.

Jeff Brink

Message: 7066 Posted: Mon Jun 14 15:49:14 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Beatles/America connection

other than the obvious Sir George Martin connection, what is the other link these two great groups have in common? ( I just rediscovered this this morning)

Message: 7065 Posted: Mon Jun 14 15:41:04 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Julian Inspired

not the ones I am thinking of--don't know if yellow submarine was inspired by Julian. Hey Jude was written by Paul to comfort "Jules" when his folks split up. Jules became Jude, easirer to sing, I guess.

Message: 7064 Posted: Mon Jun 14 15:38:25 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Irvine in October????

thanks jimnak. any info would be good. I am actually considering a trip behind the Orange Curtain! ;0)

Message: 7063 Posted: Mon Jun 14 15:33:40 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Julian Inspired

"Yellow Submarine" I think. Yes, "Hey Jude" about Julian....and trouble with his mom, I believe.

Message: 7062 Posted: Mon Jun 14 15:26:10 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Johnny's Trivia du jour

A: Julian Lennon.

Message: 7061 Posted: Mon Jun 14 15:25:22 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: "Hey Jude" Triv Question

Julian Lennon ( who I understand does a Killer version of Gerry Beckley's classic "I need you")

But let's take it a little further-- name two other Beatle songs inspired by Julian.

Message: 7060 Posted: Mon Jun 14 15:24:52 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Irvine in October????

The Irvine Spectrum off of the 405 freeway is a massive theatre/restaurant complex, lots of restaurant/bars w/music acts. I have never heard of a full concert type arena there, but will post if I find out. About 45 minutes south of the big city LA & approx. 20 minutes from Orange County airport. AMERICA has played in Irvine at the Irvine Meadows amp..

Message: 7059 Posted: Mon Jun 14 14:42:10 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Hey Jude" Triv Question

Kevin or anyone else: Who and what is "Hey Jude" about? Regarding the "Hey Jude" lyrics, right! I heard the same thing.

Message: 7058 Posted: Mon Jun 14 13:56:52 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Alligator Lizards.

Maybe so Kevin, but it's more fun to try to fit a theory about what he actually meant than just counting syllables.

Message: 7057 Posted: Mon Jun 14 13:45:00 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Alligator Lizards.

I always thought Dewey didn't mean anything at all with "Alligator lizards in the air." I figured it simply fit the number of syllables he needed for that line in the lyric and it rhymed with "hair" and "dispair." It's like the story Paul McCartney tells about Hey Jude. He wrote the line, "the movement you need is on your shoulders" as a placeholder until he thought of something better. When he played it for John Lennon he said he was going to change that line because it made no sense. And Lennon said, that's exactly why you should leave it in there. And he did. And it was great. And there are aligator lizards in the air.


Message: 7056 Posted: Mon Jun 14 12:00:48 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Irvine in October????

I noticed that the guys are playing Irvine in October ( I JUST noticed, how could I miss THAT!) anyone Know anything about the venue? Steve doesn't have a link ( so they must be REALLY small) and I have never heard of the place--but I have been fairly clueless lately! Thanks!

Message: 7055 Posted: Mon Jun 14 10:30:50 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Info On Alligator Lizards

LOL Johnny. I said, the last time we discussed Aligator lizards, that I always thought Dewey meant the scent of aligator lizards. I grew up where there were a lot of these little buggers and as a kid, I used to catch them... Peculiar scent, if you know what I mean!

Message: 7054 Posted: Mon Jun 14 07:22:28 1999 By: Jessica
Subject: Howard


It's not too much bother or expense since I'd do the sending through a cousin. But it might be for you if we trade. Anyway, I'll check first with the network. I'll keep you posted.

And hey, this isn't too much for a fellow "AMERICA-n"!

Message: 7053 Posted: Sun Jun 13 22:00:59 1999 By: Randy
Subject: summer vacation

Our Family (myself, my wife and all 5 kids) just got back from a two week "summer vacation". When I checked the folder here, I noticed all of the listings at the start of this summer vacation season. We did a 3000 mile round trip back and forth to Florida where I did all of the driving including the usual punishment driving around Chicago. Those "Wheels are Turning"

Message: 7052 Posted: Sun Jun 13 21:11:17 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: howdy

Your not wearing a 10 gallon cowgirl hat, singing - home, home on the range and and riding a horse named "bullet" are you? picking up rocks really ROCKS!!!!!!

Message: 7051 Posted: Sun Jun 13 10:14:37 1999 By: Beth
Subject: howdy

Hello All,
have been so busy with our new house - mostly our dirt & rocks! Trying to get set to plant a lawn. No easy way to pick rocks off three acres except to Pick Rocks!! Have been lurking here, but haven't posted in so long. Miss that daily contact! Thanks everyone for being here!

Message: 7050 Posted: Sat Jun 12 21:58:25 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: Re: that's DEDICATION!

Heyyyyyy Beech, Hi-Ho , Naughty , naughty, didn't you ever hear that song? Good Girls Don't!!- Ok, well I like to party like rock stars myself sometimes!! hahahaha-love, Joyce--:)

Message: 7049 Posted: Sat Jun 12 19:52:23 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: that's DEDICATION!

As long as that's ALL they caught, eh Joyce & Erin ?

Message: 7048 Posted: Sat Jun 12 18:20:44 1999 By: Chatty
Subject: America Fan In Brazil

One of the benefits of the Internet is that America fans all over the world can receive the same information as the fans in the United States and Canada. Here's a message that was recently received from a fan in Brazil:

Subj: Website
Date: 6/12/1999 11:44:38 AM Mountain Daylight Time
From: (Guilherme Ritter)

Congratulations! I have never seen a site as organized and well done as yours. It's realy nice and goes deep on America's history.

Message: 7047 Posted: Sat Jun 12 17:08:13 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Info On Alligator Lizards

With nothing else to do, I just surfed the net for information on alligator lizards. I found much more information on the little critters than I really intended to. I thought this bit of info was very interesting, however. I think this probably falls into the category of "too much information" and/or "Johnny has too much time on his hands". Here it is: "When caught they may bite ferociously and attempt to smear their captor with feces." I better leave now. I'm gonna go listen to "Homecoming".

Message: 7046 Posted: Sat Jun 12 16:39:43 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Species of Frog

That's a very interesting tidbit of information, John. Talking about frogs, I wonder where that controversial yet interested guy, Frog, is these days? I say "guy" but Frog could be a tough gal.

Message: 7045 Posted: Sat Jun 12 16:09:44 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Alligator Lizards

I remember hearing about one of those strange but true natural phenomema where at a certain time in the year a species of frogs, I think, would be carried on the wind during a stage in their lives , and would appear to be flying. I always wondered if this was what Dewey was referring to. Or I guess cloud formations, as you mentioned.

Message: 7044 Posted: Sat Jun 12 16:01:46 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Alligator Lizards

I never really understood why or what alligator lizards are as written by Dewey in "Ventura Highway". However, while watching a nature program on TV the other night, they were talking about, guess what? Yes, alligator lizards as found in the State of Washington. They showed one of the creepy little critters. So, I learned that such things as alligator lizards really do exist! Why they're in the air in "VH", I still don't fully understand. Yes, something about cloud formations or pieces of blown tires on the highway. I guess...if Dewey says so. "Ventura Highway" like "Sister Golden Hair" is one of my favorites. No doubt, they're both great, great songs!

Message: 7043 Posted: Fri Jun 11 23:22:42 1999 By: Jessica
Subject: that's DEDICATION!

Joyce, that's DEDICATION! Sounds like a really fun time you had there. Hope to see the photos very soon.

And I hope you and and your friend Erin didn't catch a cold. LOL!

Message: 7042 Posted: Fri Jun 11 20:35:36 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: To Shari:

Sorry for the delay on the tape, do you still want it. Please email me OK. Thanks. Maureen

Message: 7041 Posted: Fri Jun 11 20:34:39 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: To Matt,

Hey Matt,
How are you? How'd you do on all of your finals? My went well. I am taking piano over the summer. Will be done in 2 weeks. Anyone have a copy of 'Minuet in G by Bach?' Need to hear it, because I have to play it for my final? Are you still teaching yourself to play the piano? How's it going? Hope to hear from you. Please email me back if you get a chance. Thanks. Maureen from LI, NY

Message: 7040 Posted: Fri Jun 11 20:29:35 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: Safe Trip

To Gerry & Dewey and the 'Guys',
I just wanted to wish you all a safe trip and safe return. I hope have a great time in Spain and Germany. See you all on the 27 at Westbury. Your favorite Long Islander. Maureen.

Message: 7039 Posted: Fri Jun 11 12:29:39 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Joe B and the Bus

"Only mad dogs and englishmen go out in the noonday sun" huh?

I will say this, my experiences as a roadie prepared me for motherhood. Some of the musicians I worked for were such BABIES! lol!

Message: 7038 Posted: Fri Jun 11 08:57:29 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Blu..Summer Vacation II--gearhead......

4 cylindars or 8 :-) ?

Message: 7037 Posted: Fri Jun 11 04:26:28 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: WOW-well worth it!!!

Well 1st of all, I made the BEST decision to come out here. what a night. in colorado here, there were Tornado warnings all day & Rain. I thought , Oh no, they are never going to play in this!!!! I went to the gig & it was pouring, oh my was it. I said to my friend erin, there not going to play in this weather. By this point me & her were under an umbrella & it was POURING! my hair was soaked & My whole jacket was soaked, I looked at her & said is this dedication or what?? well it was only maybe 10 minutes past scheduled time & on walks the boys!--:)---There they were , very appreciated of the crowd & stateing that they would make it worth our while, that we stood in the rain waiting for them! they put on 1 hell of a show!!! set list the same, but delivered with great atthusiasm. This is what this band is all about!! Great showmanship, I don't know if it was because of being with my best buddy or what, But it was the best show we have been to in a long time. I waited by the side they came down from, to see if they would reconize me from Milwaukee & yes I got a few hey what are you doing here's & Hey didn't we just see you's from a few of the guy's. also let it be noted that gerry's brother was here & got up for HORSE, I took some really good photos, When I get home like I said I'll send them in. I unfortunatley, lost then afterwards. They left in a hurry. Me & my friend erin went home after the show. but let me say again. GREAT SHOW!!!! These guys are special for a reason. they care & they rock!! On a lighter note, me & my friend erin popped popcorn & watched an old concert, with bic lighters in hand! hahahaha......This is enough to make me want to come to colorado, again, Maybe September??---Love, JOYCE--:)

Message: 7036 Posted: Fri Jun 11 00:48:45 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Joe B and the Bus

.....Joe, I would love to hear some stories from your road trip...were you a mad dog.....or an englishmen

Message: 7035 Posted: Thu Jun 10 22:16:06 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Johnny/Matt=WE

Ah, Johnny, Matt took the first ribbing at me with the "WE".
Look what I started, huh???

From a very good friend. What the guys did when Miniature was
playing, I don't know if they did this everywhere, but All 3 held
candles and walked behind the curtain during Miniature and then
belted out TIN MAN!!!!!!!!

Howard "WE" Lieboff

Message: 7034 Posted: Thu Jun 10 20:31:35 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Miniature" Followed By "Tin Man"

Yes, like Joe B, I remember "Miniature" being the opening song to the 1975 concert in Albuquerque followed by the great beginning and thunderous sound of "Tin Man". "The Trio" came walking out as the spotlight hit them and the beautiful silver sequined AMERICA logo sign positioned squarely above the stage. It was soooooo cool looking....absolutely gorgeous! I remember sitting on about the eighth row and my heart just pounding with great excitement and anticipation. When they can out, Dewey was right in the middle with Gerry and Dan, of course, flanked on each side. It was quite a sight for me as a 19 year old fan seeing my musical heroes for the very first time. "Sister Golden Hair" was high on the charts at that time and is one of my favorite AMERICA songs today. That concert was a great memory for me as well as for my older brother and sister! Occasionally, my brother, Howard, will mention to me just how much he enjoyed that concert. Together, we saw "The Guys" again 23 years later. Howard, having never really listened to AMERICA excluding the hits, said he especially enjoyed "Mirror To Mirror" last October. I agreed that it's a great song especially in concert. I glanced a few times at Howard during the more recent concert and saw him having a great time, tapping his feet, and mouthing the words to the hits! Those were sure signs of someone having a marvelous time at an AMERICA concert.

Message: 7033 Posted: Thu Jun 10 20:17:58 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Hideaway

Yes Joe B. you are absolutely right. MINATURE & then TIN MAN. MINATURE that fabulous little instrumental intro written by GERRY BECKLEY is such a great lead into TINMAN. When it is & was played on the radio, I always wished they would open it w/MINATURE so everyone could here it that way. In Chicago the place for AMERICA McCormack Place & then the Auditorium. HOURGLASS has something similiar that GERRY created. HUMAN NATURE is AMERICA's latest & greatest release.

Message: 7032 Posted: Thu Jun 10 19:11:29 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Reno Fan Gathering I cannot believe I'm gonna miss seeing you AGAIN, as we'll be there on alternating weeks. BUT...glad to see the entire two-week run will be very well attended!

Message: 7031 Posted: Thu Jun 10 18:43:26 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Hideaway

Yes Joe, It actually happened, either that or we are having a collective acid flashback (lol--impossible for me as I never DID acid.)

Hope you didn't take my Leon Russell remark too seriously!

Message: 7030 Posted: Thu Jun 10 18:35:01 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Hideaway

Hey Jim & You People,

Jim, you're 'Hideaway' description triggered a memory for me. At least I think it happened. Does anyone remeber at some point the guys playing a tape of the instrumental "Miniature', then go crashing live into the opening chords of "Tin Man"? That totally ruled! I love 'Riverside', but wouldn't mind seeing 'Tin Man' as the opener again somewhere down the line the next time they rework the show.

Joe B

P.S. The opening described above may have actually happened or might be a residual chemically-induced byproduct of the 5 years I spent in the late 80's touring as a bus driver for Leon Russell.

Message: 7029 Posted: Thu Jun 10 17:52:41 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: tonight's show~

You are all evil! (just kiddin', of course) Everyone keeps posting notices about heading off to shows or reviews of shows or pictures from the shows they've attended. While us lonely people (hmmm, I think there may be asong in there somewhere) sit and watch reruns on TV. Oh, ya, that's the purpose of this folder. Sorry, just feeling left out way up here. Enjoy and we expect another great recap the night's magic.

Message: 7028 Posted: Thu Jun 10 17:09:47 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: tonight's show~

Hey, Hey, Hey.....The time is approaching, I am about to get ready for tonights show. Colorado is absolutly beautiful. having the time of my life!!!! --will post tommorrow.--:)--love, JOYCE HALL---:)

Message: 7027 Posted: Thu Jun 10 16:34:35 1999 By: Joanne
Subject: Safe trip to Spain and Germany"

"wishing everyone in the Band a safe trip!!!!!!!!!Good thoughts are coming your way.Take care-we will miss you here in "America"
Joanne Meyers

Message: 7026 Posted: Thu Jun 10 16:13:25 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: My Ribbing Matt B

I'd like to say to everyone that Matt B has been a really good sport about my ribbing him about the "membership numbers" and his new "beautiful blue thing" he received the other day in the mail. I mentioned to Robyn off the chat folder that I hope Matt has a good sense of humor about it all. Robyn said, "...bound to because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

Message: 7025 Posted: Thu Jun 10 15:47:03 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: various replies

Erin--Donny and Marie are part of the show biz family, the Osmonds. Back before you were born (!) they had a variety show, (Mid 70's--i'm a bit vague) They currently have a talk show ala Rosie O'Donnell, centers on the entertainment industry, rather than topical.

MattB- NOW I GET IT--duh! very funny! Keep us posted on the t-shirts.

Message: 7024 Posted: Thu Jun 10 15:32:38 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: To Erin

yes ShariL, we did play at UCSD, and it was fun, but the PA guys were rather poor, but 7news Live was there so it couldn't have been all bad. Rumor has it there's a few different video's of the show, (there were a lot of camcorders) but I've only seen one, and it wasn't great. There will probably be a show at the Belly Up Tavern in North County soon. working out the details.

and yes it was a guitar. and it's SUPER COOL. shout outs to Bill Crook.

and yes, I'm very sorry for the wait, but the T-Shirts are back on track. The Handicap logo design we were working on has only resulted in a decent windows wallpaper, but lame shirts, so it looks like we're going to go back to printing the "!Viva La Luz!" designs. But I still hold by the idea for the logo, it just hasn't been drawn right yet. We're separating colors now. hopefully they'l be done in a week or two.

BluLight Studios
"The Best FAAQing studio in town" -Fabio

Message: 7023 Posted: Thu Jun 10 15:21:21 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: To Erin

"Who are Donny and Marie?" That was a good one, Erin. Hopefully, I can say in the next few months, "They're the brother and sister who have the tv talk show where AMERICA performed "Wednesday Morning" and "From A Moving Train".

Message: 7022 Posted: Thu Jun 10 15:00:48 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Hey Everyone: "Another Try" For The Guys?

Who are Donny and Marie?

Erin :o)

Message: 7021 Posted: Thu Jun 10 14:44:08 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Another Try"

Robyn asked a very good question whether we should get the "go ahead" signal from somebody...probably do, is my guess. The time we did "Live By Request", Oxygen (Karen D) was behind us. Oxygen "Are You There"? It's been pretty silent from NYC! We need to hear from the fans, too. If we don't get the fan support, there's no need to push on. If we get the fan support, yet there's no open date, that's wasted effort, too. Come on everyone....let's hear from you. Did "Live By Request" disappoint everyone so badly that no one wants to band together for "Another Try"? There's still "HOPE"!

Message: 7020 Posted: Thu Jun 10 14:22:45 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: more this 'n' that

Johnny, I am game to try Donnie and Marie ( they had Eddie Money on a while back and I thought, you know they really should have AMERICA on.) but do you think we should get the go-ahead from somebody first? With their Killer schedule, could they fit it in???

My pick for summer music-- I really like Harbor, and whoever said that Ventura Highway reminds them of summer is right. I used to go camping at the beach every summer, near Ventura County line-- whenever I hear that song, I think about camping and having to cross the Highway (VENTURA HIGHWAY?) to get to the beach. (ok, I know it's really PAcific Coast Highway,but....)

Message: 7019 Posted: Thu Jun 10 13:47:03 1999 By: Janice
Subject: just me again.

see, I have to post twice a day since I will be gone for awhile..maybe my son will give me "access" to his laptop while we're gone..then, Virginia got tickets for the Coach House, and for those of you going you should get your tickets right really fills up..take heed Leaky. Speaking of talk shows talked to Marilyn Best before I left work today (Monica's mom) and she told me that her and Monica taped an Oprah show yesterday. Now I'm not a big Monica fan, (mainly because I'm not real familiar with her music)...but I am a Marilyn about "unaffected"..tune in if you can to see this wonderful lady..she has only one picture of Monica on her desk, and it is a family portrait..she sings at her husband's church (he is a minister) and stays very detached from Monica's business. (as much as she can, anymore!) Just fyi..

Message: 7018 Posted: Thu Jun 10 12:43:00 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Hey Everyone: "Another Try" For The Guys?

How does everyone feel about trying (again) to e-mail a talk show requesting a performance by The Guys? I was thinking specifically "Donny and Marie" because of their musical background and perhaps they'd be more receptive to the idea. Plus, they were are their peak when AMERICA was at theirs. Maybe the "Tonight Show" and "Letterman" after that. We gave "Live By Request" a great, great effort. "Donny and Marie" should be easier because of a daily show Monday through Friday. Whata ya think, everyone?

Message: 7017 Posted: Thu Jun 10 11:59:31 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: ..three things or three roses to pick...

...Howard the muzak at the Albertsons were my son works is bad It isnt a radio station...but at least it is exposure....

Jessica..."Hat Trick" is a great summer album...however,the song that has always had a summer feel for me is "Ventura Highway"...."Young Moon" to me feels like a romantic summer evening....

ShariL...My wife and I hope to make the Coach House show...would love to meet and say hi if we are able to make the show


Message: 7016 Posted: Thu Jun 10 10:25:35 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Re; Albertsons music

Karen from Oxygen had talked before (here and in the live chat) about a company in Washington state that does the music programming these days for most stores and fast food restaurants. She had begged and begged to get them to play From A Moving Train, and then was surprised when people told her they were also hearing other songs from Human Nature. She said all she can do is provide it to them, bug them, and then they choose whatever they want to play off what she provides them. Very different music from the Muzak us boomers remember as what we called "elevator music." (Thank goodness!)
Welcome, Jeff B.
Matt - Did you play last Friday at UCSD or did you get rained out? Wish I could have made it, but had to do the mom thing at my younger daughter's Olympics at school. Anything else upcoming in San Diego? A little more notice would make it easier to try to get there. Feel free to email me directly with that, if you wish. Is Jibbah the group you play with that you told me you weren't sure I would like to hear, or was that one of the other ones you play in? I've lost track.
My summer plans include Coach House on Aug. 7, since I can't make the San Diego concert on the 6th. Late show at Coach House. Who else will be there?
Take care, all. ShariL <><

Message: 7015 Posted: Thu Jun 10 09:34:20 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Albertsons

Is that a local radio station or programmed Muzak
they're playing???

Message: 7014 Posted: Thu Jun 10 09:33:21 1999 By: Jessica
Subject: summer

well, folks, summer is through here in my part of the world. it sure was fun - 24-hour sunshine, white-sand beaches, cool drinks and America music. of course. Human Nature CD is my official travel music
when i went out of town.

i don't know but the whole Hat Trick album feels like summer to me. it has that dry, hot stillness that characterizes summer here. "We're afraid she's gonna let you down..." feels like it's noon or mid-afternoon and everything's at a standstill.

Message: 7013 Posted: Thu Jun 10 09:15:50 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: more elevator music.... son who works at an Albertsons food store...has told me like many of you...that every day he hears "From a moving Train" several times on the store sound system.....he also said that they have began to play "wheels".....thank you Albertsons !!! (I still remember the days of elevator music playing while you shopped)

Message: 7012 Posted: Thu Jun 10 08:47:34 1999 By: Joanne
Subject: Re:Blu..Summer Vacation....2..

Matt,I think Guru has some inside info-or he is just guessing?My guess is a "blulight tee shirt".I hope you will post soon on the shirts.I hope your finals are going well.Take care,Joanne M

Message: 7011 Posted: Thu Jun 10 04:36:31 1999 By: Spurs
Subject: Touring

With Americas remarkable touring shedule well underway how pleasing it is to see them taking in Spain and Germany.I'm just wondering if there are any German and Spanish fans out there that can fill us in on all the details whilst they are on tour in these countries e.g. concert reviews, radio play,chart action,intrviews.Seems Spain like our boys as does Germany judging by the amount of dates,perhaps it is these countries that will start the ball rolling big time,with so many small countries neighbouring success will spread and put our chaps back on top,who knows? Human Nature a mighty recording that deserves better.

Message: 7010 Posted: Thu Jun 10 04:32:41 1999 By: Janice
Subject: just sitting here..

counting the moments to vacation..we're packed..ready to go.. :)
Welcome Jeff! And come on lurkers..introduce yourself..we really are a friendly group..just ask us! Gee..I wonder what Guru could be talking about..does he have the inside scoop?? My guess would have been a Dodger jacket too, Robyn! And yes..Watercolor Sky is a great CD! Have great day, everyone!

Message: 7009 Posted: Wed Jun 09 23:24:50 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: HIDEAWAY

Once upon a time when AMERICA was on the HIDEAWAY tour, many moons ago: The lights were set low, the full house in excess of 5,000 screaming fans eagerly waiting, all eyes glued to the stage, GERRY'S gleaming silver striped baby grand piano resting comfortably, already piled high w/red roses from adoring ladies, the red lights from the amplifiers aglow & the guitars a shining. A tape of HIDEAWAY, the instrumental was played & then softly lowered in volume & then suddenly like a sonic boom, AMERICA would appear & pound out RIVERSIDE - w/out any regrets .......
AMERICA's latest & greatest release is HUMAN NATURE.

Message: 7008 Posted: Wed Jun 09 22:22:26 1999 By: El Guru De Health
Subject: Re: Blu..Summer Vacation II......

is it a brand new custom transparent BluLight blue nitro cellulose telecaster with the Adder neck pickup and the custom handwound bridge pickup with the push-pull tone knob, 4 way selector switch, custom cut switch, old school early 50's bird's eye maple neck (fathead included), ashtray bridge, barrel style graphtec saddles and clear pickguard? (oh yeah, with good for the soul straplocks?)

just guessing.

The Guru

Message: 7007 Posted: Wed Jun 09 20:53:56 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: MUM IS THE WORD!!!

Can't talk yet...
I'm still on a "WE" timeout. LOL...ROFL...

Jeff, welcome to the chat board. It's always great to
have somebody new on the chat. Please feel free to jump
in with stories, reviews, views or anything you'd like to
say about AMERICA...The greatest group around!!!

Regards, Howard

Message: 7006 Posted: Wed Jun 09 19:53:14 1999 By: jeff brink
Subject: reply to johnny

Thank you for welcoming me to the folder.
As for favorite songs, cd's, etc. I prefer the more accousticly based songs such as...Ventura hwy., Pages, 'til the sun comes up again. I remember when I was stationed on eleuthera Island in the mid 70's a friend of mine had the "hideaway" 8 track and we played that thing silly!
this computer stuff is new to me, as is corresponding with others via the internet...My typing and punctuation skills are nominal so bear with me please.

jeff brink

Message: 7005 Posted: Wed Jun 09 18:40:21 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Milwaukee, etc.

Joe, thanks for the review. The guys realyy are great live, so personable, when I saw them, very relaxed. I believe Leon Russel fried his brain cells years ago, leaving him capable of only uttering "thank you" ( the part of the brain that stores music was left reasonably in tact.) just a theory, based on observation of Leon's behavior in the 70's. >;)

Message: 7004 Posted: Wed Jun 09 18:09:29 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Milwaukee, etc.

Hey You people,

Cruised up to Milwaukee with a buddy Monday night to catch the guys - probably my only chance this year. As Joyce said, it was a great show. I was very impressed with Nelson. They did a mix of old and new and I'd have to say the new stuff (from their CD) is excellent. Leon Russell and his band played well, but it was WEIRD! He walked out on stage, sat down, played a bunch of songs (many of them great), and then left the stage. The only words he said were "Thank You", which he did twice. It really showed what a great rapport Dewey & Gerry have with the audience. In fact, I was thinking about how much better they've gotten onstage through the years. They've come a long way with the 'show' part. It was especially gratifying to hear 'Wednesday' & 'Wheels'. Nothing like hearing something new live! I remember all the years they played 'Greenhouse' before it finally ended up on an album. Even though Human Nature's been out for a while, it was cool to hear those tunes in person for the first time. The crowd was fairly quiet, but appreciative. They finally exploded during 'Sister' and 'Horse'. Some excellent bad dancing! And they do serve those delicious Usinger brats (made in Milwaukee) at the Bradley Center.

Joe B

P.S. Erin - good luck in the braodcast biz - do anything and everything you can (within ethical & moral boundaries - unlike me) to get hands-on expereince - that's the key - and BE SURE to learn digital editing!
P.P.S. Ike is my hero
P.P.P.S Matt - that's gotta be A Cubs jersey - Cubs WHOO!!!
P.P.P.P.S. I have a copy of the 'Hope' CD single - Steve if you need it to post give me a holler.
P.P.P.P.P.S. I've just set a new record for p's. (the letter, that is)

Message: 7003 Posted: Wed Jun 09 17:52:19 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: follow-up

Sparky-- feel free to join the fray anytime you wish! It's a lot more fun to jump in (IMHO)than it is to lurk!!!

Message: 7002 Posted: Wed Jun 09 17:32:54 1999 By: sparky
Subject: follow-up

A quick thank-you for all who took my opinions to heart. I appreciate those who took the time to share their own thoughts - of understanding or NOT. I had figured if just one person bothered to do the "whoa, I never thought of it that way" then it would be worth putting my views out there.
Relax, I'm NOT starting it all up again, no sense in beating a dead horse (especially one with no name). I did get some of the answers I was looking for, not quite sure about whether it's time for the graceful slinkaway I promised, had even thought my membership number would have to be #86 - as in cancel that. For now I'll sit on the fence with my reservations, that would be lurking I suppose.

Fare thee well & enjoy yourselves.

- Probably not "we" material, but an America fan nonetheless,
the sparkster

Message: 7001 Posted: Wed Jun 09 17:15:15 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Blu..Summer Vacation II......

Ah, brand new shiny gheetar??

Message: 7000 Posted: Wed Jun 09 17:13:49 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Hello Jeff Brink

Jeff, as a fellow AMERICA fan, I'd like to welcome you to the chat folder. Howard usually does the nice greetings but I'll do it here for him. It's always nice to hear from a "new" fan. Any favorite AMERICA albums/cd's or songs?

Message: 6999 Posted: Wed Jun 09 15:55:20 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Blu..Summer Vacation II......

Dodger Jacket?????

Message: 6998 Posted: Wed Jun 09 15:40:13 1999 By: jeff brink
Subject: new to the folder

...have been a fan since around 1975. However, I was familiar with thier music as I was a listener of AM. radio in the early 70's.
I have found this folder interesting and informative.

jeff brink

Message: 6997 Posted: Wed Jun 09 15:35:46 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Matt B: "Most Beautiful Thing"

Okay Matt:

"It's blue, and it's the most beautiful thing in all regards that I've ever touched, smelt, seen, heard. (haven't quite tasted it yet)"

Answer: A female blow-up doll dressed in a blue bikini?

Message: 6996 Posted: Wed Jun 09 15:34:31 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Watercolor Sky Promo With New Single

There have been several posts lately about Jeff Larson's Watercolor Sky CD (I agree with everyone else that it's a great CD to have and it includes "Annabelle" which was written and co-produced by Gerry Beckley). Today I received a Watercolor Sky Promo/Single CD which features "Nothing But Air", "Definite Blonde", and a new release, "Goes Without Saying", which was written by Jeff Larson and John Blakeley (The Sandals). I have put several photos from the Promo out on the America Fans web site as well as a Real Audio clip of the song. Thanks, Jeff, for sharing it with all of us.

Message: 6995 Posted: Wed Jun 09 14:53:40 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: Blu..Summer Vacation II......

Damnit. no. not a barry sanders jersey. but i've penciled that one in under the helmet


Message: 6994 Posted: Wed Jun 09 14:52:50 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: Blu..Summer Vacation......

no. not a lions helmet. but you've given me something to add to my list of things i need.


Message: 6993 Posted: Wed Jun 09 14:14:38 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Summer Vacation,

"You stay on your side & I'ill stay on mine .....
You take what you want & I'ill take the sunshine"


Message: 6992 Posted: Wed Jun 09 14:14:09 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: tommy santelli &david dickey tribute to america

I received the following message today from Tommy Santelli regarding David Dickey:

in 1985 after leaving america david dickey the bass player for america teamed up with tommy santelli singer song writer to pay tribute to the ledgenary rock band there tribute was so good that you couldnt tell weather you were listing to the real thing or not tommy later opened shows in fla for jerry&dewey & once drove the two in his 1946 olds to a show in naples fla dewey loved tommys car he is a collecter him self tommy has not seen david but would like to this is just another part of rock&roll history to find out more about tommy santelli & david dickey visit our web site at

tbs recording studio, TOMMY SANTELLI

Message: 6991 Posted: Wed Jun 09 12:54:34 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: since we are playing....

"Can you hear the summer calling you?"

Message: 6990 Posted: Wed Jun 09 12:52:34 1999 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: Summer Vacation, jimnak

"...and lock the door..."!!!

Message: 6989 Posted: Wed Jun 09 12:45:43 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: .....lurking some more...Re:Summer Vacation

...Jim stole my favorite line about the "summer canoe" about....."Summer troubles and books in bundles...a case a beer a smile, a motorcycle child......"

Message: 6988 Posted: Wed Jun 09 11:59:07 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Summer Vacation,

lousy typist, not enough caffine, (any excuse will do!) I love that song! Pardon the slip!

Message: 6987 Posted: Wed Jun 09 11:49:01 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Summer Vacation,

Sounds real good, but you do mean "breaking," right ?
GERRY's classic piano song about all the moving around he did as the son of a military officer. "Cancel my papers, cause' I ain't gonna be round no more .."

Message: 6986 Posted: Wed Jun 09 10:47:15 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Summer Vacation,

Actually jimnak, I was humming

"will I make it thru the summer, braking ties with the old and new...." seemed appropriate.

MBlu ---keep us posted here as to club dates. You're sure to pack the house!

Message: 6985 Posted: Wed Jun 09 10:05:33 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: ...just lurking today

...just thought I would lurk around today.....and read about those great vacations everyone has planned....have a great day

Message: 6984 Posted: Wed Jun 09 09:25:48 1999 By: Jessica
Subject: the "we" and the lurkers

we all have a need to belong and at the same time to bond with others. let's just remember that the bottomline is that we all belong to America and that our bond is our love for the band's music.

i'm an oldtimer but i've also been a lurker lately. i've got valid reasons for not posting(busted PC, busy work sked...) but i also haven't posted when i found i've got nothing to say.

welcome, Sparky. i can easily understand you and emphatize with you. but it is human nature to want to be personal about things. maybe too much but perhaps that's better than speculating on America or the personal lives of the band members for want of topics here.

it can be intimidating to not know anyone here, but do go ahead and say what you have to say. you are a fan. i don't really know anyone that well here, except probably for Steve Lowry. but i have read all the posts from way back 1996 and i feel that i know the names based on their posts. but they probably don't know anything about me either. that's okay. as i said, bottom line is i'm a fan of America so this the site for me. my bond with them is our mutual love for America's music.

Message: 6983 Posted: Wed Jun 09 07:50:48 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Blu..Summer Vacation II......

Um, lemme guess.......

Message: 6982 Posted: Wed Jun 09 07:50:16 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Blu..Summer Vacation......

Um, lemme guess.......

Message: 6981 Posted: Wed Jun 09 07:46:23 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: I've arrived!!-:)-It's JOYCE

Hi Joyce and Erin! Denver is GREAT! Have fun!!!!! Hope to see posts from you soon, Erin!

Message: 6980 Posted: Wed Jun 09 07:44:48 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Psychoanalysis 101

Ok, so while we're being HONEST.......
Basically what these folders are for, is for (and don't deny it) SOCIAL INTERACTION. If you want "hard" facts go to the group site. This is, after all a FAN site. I like to learn about the PEOPLE who like America, not just AMERICA. That's why I'M here. I like PEOPLE.
And if learining about THEM makes me listen to America's music, then fine!

Message: 6979 Posted: Wed Jun 09 03:08:35 1999 By: Slick
Subject: I've arrived!!-:)-It's JOYCE

Don't you know it baby!!! My friend say's !! Hey I just rolled into Denver, Anyone going?? You can e-mail me here! & let me introduce you all to my friend Erin from Denver, colorado. She say's HI everyone! I just got her set up with the registration, so if she posts in the future, you'll know who she is !! Thanks for being so kind. This is really great, just jetting off like this! Your right Robyn, I am lucky!!!--Love to all, JOYCE HALL--:)

Message: 6978 Posted: Wed Jun 09 02:54:03 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: ..Summer Vacation......

My goal for the summer is to start producing (or at least editing) for the TV station I work for. Also, to see the guys at the Nugget from July 22 - August 4th. Hope to see lots of you there!!

Erin :o)

Message: 6977 Posted: Wed Jun 09 00:23:35 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: ..Summer Vacation......

"Summer canoe paddles up to you ......
Then it's time for another beer run or
something that's equally true ..." D. Bunnell

Message: 6976 Posted: Tue Jun 08 23:02:02 1999 By: Mark McVey
Subject: Re: ..Summer Vacation......

OK, I'll jump off the lurker fence for a bit. Last summer we headed west to Colorado for a week and after a ski trip in February I can't stand to drive across western Kansas again so we're heading East this year for a short vacation to St. Louis. Gonna take in the Arch, Zoo, Science Museum and a Cardinals game, nothing to exciting just getting out of town for a few days. McGuire better be playing next Wednesday night or my 2 daughters are going to be very dissapointed! See ya, back to lurking, ha...

Mark in KC...

Message: 6975 Posted: Tue Jun 08 22:34:43 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: ..Summer Vacation......

not on summer vacation yet. slaving away at papers.
yes I will probably doing the Sunset Strip this summer with the band Jibbah. And I will be sporting something new that I just recieved in the mail, just in time to keep me from my homework.
I'll give you a couple hints: there's just one like it, it's blue, and it's the most beautiful thing in all regards that I've ever touched, smelt, seen, heard. (haven't quite tasted it yet)

till then. be well.


Message: 6974 Posted: Tue Jun 08 20:15:28 1999 By: richm
Subject: Hope / TJ Martell

I haven't tried to access the TJ Martell page, and since I'm not sure what the status of getting an audio of "Hope" on this page is, I thought I would mention that I have a copy of the country music "Hope" CD and am happy to share. Hope is one of my favorite America songs and I think one of the best songs Gerry has written. I heard them play it in concert once and wish they would play it more often. For those who haven't heard the country music version, it is not nearly as good as the original.


Message: 6973 Posted: Tue Jun 08 19:21:13 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: to Beech, & others

Laura, couldn't agree more. I've only been semi-active on this folder for less than a year. It can be a little intimidating as everyone here seems to know everyone else. Probably not quite true but from an outsider it can appear that way at times. But saying that, when I have ventured into the conversation I have people very receptive and friendly. Personally, I think it adds to my enjoyment of checking in every day to ocassionally hear about peoples' "other" lives outside of America.

This summer? Still hopiing to travel from Vancouver BC to California in the guise of visiting my brother but to really catch America Aug. 5. Being in education I have most of the summer off (sorry everyone, I feel I need to apologize when I tell people that). Will do some camping with the family, hanging out at the beach, drinking too much, eating all the wrong foods on the BBQ, playing tunes (probably just a little America) way too loud while I pretend to do work on the house and yard etc. You know, all the usual stuff.


Message: 6972 Posted: Tue Jun 08 18:57:41 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: ..Summer Vacation......

I wanted to THANK MATTB for reminding me that while he is out there having a GREAT TIME, I am stuck in my office,staring whistfully at the traffic out on 5th st (JUST KIDDING) Actually summer vacation isn't till September for me and mine, too late to see the guys at the Coach House or any other venue Hey Matt,playing anywhere in the L.A. area????

Message: 6971 Posted: Tue Jun 08 18:46:38 1999 By: laura
Subject: to Beech, & others

Go to IS a good idea! thanks.....

does not have to be just "hard facts", in rereading what was originally said, I think you're missing/overlooking some of the very valid points trying to be made.

All I'm saying is that imagine someone new coming along -- someone who is also a true fan, whatever that means in your book, a "spark" if you will of ideas, insights, thoughts on the guys, their artistry, & all they've meant maybe from the very inception -- & what they come across here is I think sometimes less & less of a forum for that. Instead it IS a friendly group, if you happen to be one of those "we" that have been laughed about throughout the day. If not, then why would the new guy, the one on the outside looking in, want to stick around? It's just possible, just think of it for a half a sec as a mere possibility, that maybe something interesting, something the "we"s of you could even learn from, is being lost here by getting so far into the personal, the one-on-one messages between friends - & so far away (only at times) from what brought all of us here in the first place. It CAN be intimidating & at times very much a clique-ish atmosphere.

I really did not see anything of a trouble-making nature, nothing deserving a who-needs-you kind of attitude in response. What I saw were some earnest observations from perhaps someone who, maybe in only another forum, could be quite an interesting asset.

That's MY final thoughts anyway.

Take care all,

Message: 6970 Posted: Tue Jun 08 18:38:32 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: ..Summer Vacation...... of summer vacations...I think it would be cool to hear what some of you have planned for the wife and I hope to climg Mt. Whitney on July about the rest of you?


Message: 6969 Posted: Tue Jun 08 18:35:37 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Window decal

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who displays one of the Human Nature decals on their car. (I actually have two on my car, one on the windshield, passenger side, and one on the driver's window. I drive a convertible with the the always down unless it's raining, so none in the rear window, since you'd never see it!) My car is teal, so it doesn't exactly match, but so what!
ShariL <><

Message: 6968 Posted: Tue Jun 08 18:26:26 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: with respect to all, I really must say........

Um, the last time I checked this place it was the America FANS Chat want hard facts go to

Message: 6967 Posted: Tue Jun 08 15:39:49 1999 By: Janice
Subject: just checking in..

Getting ready for vacation!!! Hope all is well with everyone...I'll be checking on you tomorrow Virginia..have a great time in Denver!

Message: 6966 Posted: Tue Jun 08 15:34:11 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Membership Numbers

Yeah Matt, I got mine. I'm member #1960. Howard's membership number is 1 or is that number TerryT's? For some odd reason, I think Gerry's number is 29 and Dewey's is 3 (must be because of some roses). Plus, my HumanNature decal/sticker on the rear windshield of my car likes great. I just hate that it's on such a pitiful looking car but the color's!!

Message: 6965 Posted: Tue Jun 08 15:26:22 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: "We"

Maybe that's the ROYAL we... ;)--(Universal sarcasm symbol)

Message: 6964 Posted: Tue Jun 08 15:05:46 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Hope Patch

yes, they were on water too, good memory!

Matt, your patch was sent out yesterday, along with the WE sunglasses!

Message: 6963 Posted: Tue Jun 08 14:55:28 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: First Half of "Hope" Video?

i seem to remember some walking on water kinda thing, singing on a lake. i could be wrong though.

we? I was unaware of an America Chat Folder Collective. I actively await my membership card and iron on patch in the mail.

and I love Dewey Bunnell and think he is a tremendously talented and creative singer/songwriter. And 3roses is one of my favorite songs of all time by any band.

And I still find the FAAQ thing REALLY funny.

and the SparkleHorse album needs to be listened to about 30 times in a row, but all of the sudden it becomes REALLY good. But still not as good as Radiohead.

and Cheers everyone. I hope we're all enjoying our summers. mine starts friday.

BluLight Studios
"The Best FAAQing Studio in America" -Fabio

Message: 6962 Posted: Tue Jun 08 14:52:42 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: right johnny!!

That's what I saw...the last minute of the video.
very touching with the 2 boys arm in arm!!!
Does anybody have a full version copy out there????????

Message: 6961 Posted: Tue Jun 08 14:26:20 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: First Half of "Hope" Video?

Howard or anyone else: Do you recall what the first half of the "Hope" video is about? Curious...maybe like the last half...playing baseball?

Message: 6960 Posted: Tue Jun 08 14:17:44 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Hope" Video

Right, Howard. There is indeed a "Hope" video. I was able to record only the last half of it and saw it on again only once, but again, the last half. The theme of the video (according to the last half) was two boys playing baseball. At the end, the boys were walking off with their arms around each other's shoulders. I thought it resembled Dewey and Gerry's friendship. The video was in black and white (or maybe brownish and white) much like the CD/cassette colors. The last half of the video was very touching...just like the song, I thought.

Message: 6959 Posted: Tue Jun 08 13:13:46 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Another post from Dan Peek

Thanks, Ike, for letting us know about Dan's most recent post. Thanks, too, for your kind words about the America Fans web site and this chat folder.

By the way, the link that Ike gave us was to the Dan Peek web page which Ike has been maintaining. The posts from Dan can be found in his Dream Book guest book (there's a link to it on the Dan Peek web page) or you can click on the preceding link). Dan has been responding to questions and comments from many fans so this is your chance to correspond with him. Thanks again, Ike, for putting us in touch with Dan.

Message: 6958 Posted: Tue Jun 08 13:02:16 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Hope

Do you know that Gerry and Dewey made a video for HOPE???
I saw tidbits from it on a Germany 1996 video, during an interview!!

Message: 6957 Posted: Tue Jun 08 12:52:15 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: questions

Johnny or Steve-- have you heard back from th TJ Martell FOundation? I cannot access the audio portion of their page. Has anyone else been able to do so?

I haven't heard anything yet from the T.J. Martell Foundation. I'll be sure to post it here if I do. I have tried to access their audio page but their link isn't connected to anything yet. It looks to me like they plan to have audio in the future but not yet.

Message: 6956 Posted: Tue Jun 08 12:18:37 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Hope" from John Corbett

John, that great news! I'm looking forward to hearing it. Terry Knight, brace artists singing a wonderful AMERICA tune!

Message: 6955 Posted: Tue Jun 08 12:15:36 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Message to Sparky

Sparky, you are right that at times this chat folder can be very personal but it's difficult not to be when a person builds friendships with other fans. Don't let that hold you back from joining in. We will always have those that will only "lurk in" as you put it but everyone's welcome. The very few times that I've seen a person being criticized for posting a message is when that person slams another fan with no "clear" justification. I've been on the chat folder less than a year. So just continue to jump in and express your thoughts about AMERICA and anything else that's important to you. With a nickname like "Sparky" you're bound to be a very interesting person and fan.

Message: 6954 Posted: Tue Jun 08 12:11:12 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: America/Milwaukee

Joyce, thanks for the review. I anxiously await your photos! How lucky you are to be able to pick up and go at a moments notice You go, girl!

Glad your dad is ok.

Message: 6953 Posted: Tue Jun 08 11:53:29 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: 1 more thing!!

My father is well, otherwise I would not be leaving. Thanks to each 1 of you who sent well wishes, I very much appreciate it!!--:)--That's why I always say America has the best fans!!--:)---JOYCE~

Message: 6952 Posted: Tue Jun 08 11:50:39 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: America/Milwaukee

Hello, how is everyone? very well I hope. well , what can I say?? That hasn't been said already here! America , as usual were great!! The set list was pretty much the same as usual with the additions of the new songs !! which were GREAT!! it was so nice to see them perform live, they actually kick-started my summer for me, I would like you all to know, That they moved me so much, I have decided to leave in about 6 hours for Colorado!! I'll be ready to roll & in time for thursday's concert in Larimer square. This should be a blast, Oh yeah I took a bunch of photos of the guys & some with Nelson. & I hung around after the show & got 1 with gerry & dewey. I was thankful they came out after the show! (Thanks guys). So I'll more than likely take more in Colorado on thurs. Then when I return, I think I'll stay for about 2 weeks?? I have friend's out their as well, I'll have them devoloped & send in the best ones for this board!!--:)---Untill then, You all take care now!---Love, JOYCE

Message: 6951 Posted: Tue Jun 08 11:30:50 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: Hey, Johnny

"Hope" is coming soon... :)

Message: 6950 Posted: Tue Jun 08 11:18:22 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: with respect to all...

ShariL--Well said, My sentiments exactly!

Message: 6949 Posted: Tue Jun 08 11:05:27 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: with respect to all...

Sparky -
Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and you raise several good and valid points. Most of us were upset at Frog not because he expressed his opinion, but because he attacked Steve and his site for doing something that most of the rest of us want and feel is very valid.
Since I've been coming to this chat folder for a year and a half or so, I've seen it ebb and flow with factual updates (like the release of Human Nature) and lots of personal stuff. It seems to me this is due to consistant lack of hard information. So, rather than having NOTHING on the folder because a new single is not being released, or because the guys are playing somewhere that no one is posting their review, other fans still want to visit the site and be in touch with other America lovers. This is, after all, a CHAT folder.
My interpretation of Howard's comment is not what name you use, but the fact that you are totally anonymous because you aren't allowing access to your email. I feel the same way. (Sorry, Howard, if that wasn't what you meant.)
OK, Sparky. You got to vent. Now how about some constructive ideas on what you'd like to see instead? Would you rather the chat folder was blank when there isn't "news" going on? We'd all like to see more "news" but if there's none there, then what?
ShariL <><

Message: 6948 Posted: Tue Jun 08 11:04:50 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: questions

Johnny or Steve-- have you heard back from th TJ Martell FOundation? I cannot access the audio portion of their page. Has anyone else been able to do so?

What, if anything, is being done by Oxygen records? Their silence speaks volumns!

Message: 6947 Posted: Tue Jun 08 09:49:08 1999 By: Ike
Subject: Re: with respect to all, I really must say........

Whewww!!!,,,,,Very, very, tactful and well said.

Message: 6946 Posted: Tue Jun 08 09:41:54 1999 By: Ike
Subject: Another post from Dan Peek

Another post from Dan at
A big thank-you to you Steve and others.

You've done a terrific job here Steve since you contacted me several years ago,,nice work


Message: 6945 Posted: Tue Jun 08 09:19:51 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Laura

I'm not attacking anybody.PERIOD!!!
I'm sorry if you got the wrong impression.
If you look at 95% of the people who post here, they leave names.
That's what makes this board so friendly and GREAT!!!
Then there's 5 or more people that go by their email name nicknames, but we know their names. I'm just saying it'd be even NICER if we know (oldcomers) especially newcomers by their names. It would make it that much more comfortable. If not, we can just go about our own ways.

Message: 6944 Posted: Tue Jun 08 08:35:07 1999 By: laura
Subject: there's room in this world for sparky too

You're a good guy Howard, but don't include me in any of your "we"s!
As in, "we're getting tired of people like you......." . What's the deal, if you don't like the message, attack the messenger? If you look back over the last few pages of message posts, you'll see more than one revered regular opting not to put an E-mail address --- it's a valid option offered to all, can't blame someone for using it. Also you'll see nicknames used to represent people you are NOT tired of - & these be names I doubt are on any birth certificates! How is sparky any different than Howard Lieboff or laura or any other user ID ? As I see it, sparky HAS let him/her/itself be recognized! A rose is a rose is a rose, ya know? Welcome, I say!

The import is IN the message, whether it be easier to focus on other aspects or not. PAY HEED TO THE MESSAGE! May be an ouch!, but I see some truth there - I can relate - been thinking some of the very same things, didn't know how to word it, will have to think on this some more, but do say - GO SPARKY!

Is that good enough? Have I let myself be recognized enough for you?

Message: 6943 Posted: Tue Jun 08 07:05:27 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: strangers in the night/sparky

first of all we're getting tired of people like you posting like this, secretly with no names. If you got something to say, let yourself be recognized. We'll respect you for whatever's on your mind. Whether bad or good about America. We're not all perfect in anyway.

Second of all, as we said on this board, you're entitled to your opinions in which we respect and understand. You're right
in one aspect: No updates from Oxygen which has us very puzzled???
Do you see how many concerts the guys do a year??? Go take a look
at the schedule. In regards to conversation, sometimes there's nothing to say and then there's plenty to talk about; visitors vs. who actually post. But there's a whole bunch of us who have been on this board (& previous boards) from 1 year to 5 years. That's why we feel comfortable talking the way we do; personal, everyday life, etc. For me, I know about and have met a handful of people from this chat board who are truly really nice, warm people and still meet on occasion, to discuss things like America, life, etc.
So please let yourself be recognized!

just my 2 cents worth. Tha That's all folks, Howard Lieboff

Message: 6942 Posted: Tue Jun 08 02:28:37 1999 By: sparky
Subject: with respect to all, I really must say........

** Disclaimer -- There is, in theory anyway, such a thing as Creative Criticism --- & this is what I hope to put in use here --- No Disrespect Intended, I shall Humbly & Nervously say what I came to say, hoping not to get anyone too out of joint or bring about any hard feelings. (The recent views presented by the most unpopular Frog contained, I thought, some valid points that were not entirely addressed due to a lack of tact on his part & much defensiveness on all parts. I am NOT looking for a repeat of that.)

I've been reading, lurking - if that is what it is - for quite a while now & must say it's gotten rather "comfy" around here. Too much so maybe, as in downright dull at times. No ones fault really, perhaps you all know each other too much, no one has anything new to say about just about anything - & quiet folk like myself peer in to see at times just personal chitchat between probably perfectly nice regulars. BUT it has little to do with why I surfed in here (have you all not heard of personal E-mail for this kinda stuff amongst chums?) I can't imagine too many newcomers here for the reason they would be, namely Dewey & Gerry, - being too terribly eager to register & become part of the fold ---- for what? A website version of the all too prevalent mimeographed Christmas card letter where casual friends & acquaintances who just happen to be America fans tell of happenings w/ work, mates, kids, parents? Unless your work, mates, kids, parents happen to be the abovementioned Dewey & Gerry, why would all but your most charter clique members care to join up & be part of this place, much less do what they can to keep it thriving & growing? What would we/they possibly have to add to those topics of conversation?
I am NOT saying that there is no room for the friendly, the personal --- just keep it in context please. If ALL IT IS is personal with no obvious tie-in to the purpose (as I understand it) of this site --- that's great, I'm all for it, - just keep it in the right forum. By all means be lucky enough to create friendships, bonds with other people here --- but at a certain point take the unrelated-to-everyone-else chitchat to a strictly personal arena. Do you have any idea how restrictive it feels to an outsider? - how unwelcoming, isolating, self-congratulatory, it is to someone who knows none of you, but still has a sincere & lasting attachment to the reasons they naively assume this place exists - Dewey & Gerry.

Seems kind of lost somehow, stagnant -- it's not like there is any input from the guys themselves (understandable), no supportive (& at this point very much mythical) record company updates, - or at times anything else of appropriate interest going on here.

There ARE some very interesting folks that if I see their name, I'm more than ready to click in on & see what that particular "recognizable" stranger has to say - but almost to a one, these guys (& gals) are appearing less & less too. Busy lives, definitely! - but is there more to it? Why are you disappearing so? I seriously doubt it is because the love & support of Dewey & Gerry has waned! It surely can't be that after decades of following these guys, being dedicated & loyal, all of a sudden NOW there is nothing to say?
I have no clear-cut answers here, just throwing the questions out there to see if anyone else can finish my thoughts.

I absolutely love the idea of an America continuous chatfolder! In the past (way past), I have learned a lot from it, found new ways of thinking about some very fond memories & favorite pastimes, etc. So, still I lurk, I linger, in hopes some of that will return. Seems LOTS of people lurk (if you look at the number of hits per day), but few seem to say anything. Wonder why, wonder how that could be changed, wonder how new old-timers can be welcomed & learned from?

Any ideas, thoughts, from anyone else would be most appreciated. If I'm "wrong", let me know, disagree, help me see it your way. If it's JUST me - I'll accept that, I'll gracefully slink off into the distance with my tail between my legs, never to be heard from again. Promise!

Message: 6941 Posted: Mon Jun 07 21:08:53 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: ...


huh huh... huh huh huh

Message: 6940 Posted: Mon Jun 07 18:52:23 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Visit this site?

I thought I would share the web site for the Los Angeles Public Library ( which most of you know, is where I work.) go to, click on the button that says Central Library and click on the word Art and Architecture of Central Library. Let me know what you think! ( I think it's a neat place to work myself!) You can also look at our branch libraries, most of them have pictures and other neat stuff, but there are 67 of them!

Message: 6939 Posted: Mon Jun 07 17:59:11 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Message to Robyn (and Everyone) Re: "Hope"

I wish I could!!!!! My cheapo computer does not have audio capabilities. ( I do work in the library, I guess they want quiet!-- although the ones the patrons use have audio!!!!!!!)

Message: 6938 Posted: Mon Jun 07 16:53:50 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Message to Robyn (and Everyone) Re: "Hope"

Robyn, you and Steve Lowry have the same great idea. Steve cc'ed me about an hour ago his e-mail message to the foundation asking if the song is available. Have you checked out your own idea? We should be hearing something soon, I would think. Thanks for the smart idea! I can tell you work at a library.

Message: 6937 Posted: Mon Jun 07 16:52:42 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: FAQs

Thanks for the link. It makes it easy to slide over. Great stuff !

Message: 6936 Posted: Mon Jun 07 15:49:12 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: FAQs

Cool, Steve Thanks for keeping us up to speed! I am still waiting to see the answer to Johnny's question!

Message: 6935 Posted: Mon Jun 07 15:38:35 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: FAQs

Gerry and Dewey have posted some answers to questions that are frequently asked of them. The answers are found in the F.A.A.Q. section of Here's a list of the questions but you'll need to go to their web page to see the answers:

1. What is "Horse w/ no Name" all about?
2. What's with all the "H" titles?
3. How did you get the name "America"?
4. What was it like working w/ George Martin?
5. What happened to Dan Peek?
6. Why did you get back together?
7. Have you ever considered a reunion with Dan?
8. How many shows per year do you perform?
9. What is your favorite place to play?
10. How come you never play ----?

Message: 6934 Posted: Mon Jun 07 15:30:17 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Message to Johnny

As you know, my cheapo computer does not allow me to get audio :( so I can't say for sure, but the TJ Martell Foundation has a web site ( they have an audio page. maybe you could find it there. TJ Martell is a worthwhile charity.

Message: 6933 Posted: Mon Jun 07 15:04:13 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Really a Hot Town

I am here on the left coast, ad the building across the street says it is 77 degrees. They say it will be this way all summer. Hey Bones, consider moving here? It is a shame that you have to have some major scandal or trauma to be featured on VH-1. Being nice guys who consistantly produce quality work and are good to their fans just doen't cut it in the tabloid mentality!

Message: 6932 Posted: Mon Jun 07 14:37:34 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: web air play

...I often listen to the web radio station "" I have requested that they play some America tunes (there are some America tunes that would fit into the format) any help from you guys with e-mails to the station would be great...if you go to the web page just send in your requests on the feedback button. Thanks....

Message: 6931 Posted: Mon Jun 07 14:21:34 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Really a Hot Town

Can't believe it's only June 7th and it's 96 degrees here on the right coast. Thought it only got that hot on the left coast. Any one happen to watch VH-1 yeasterday? Caught bits and pieces of it. Amazes me that all of the rock stars all have the same story. Make money, buy drugs, do drugs, drink heavy, spend money, go broke. Guess that's why you may never see AMERICA on VH-1. Someone please send some COOL!!! weather this way.

Message: 6930 Posted: Mon Jun 07 13:28:19 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Hope" Performed By Country Artists

Does anyone have a copy of AMERICA's/Gerry's song "Hope" performed by a group of country music artists back in '96? If so, maybe Steve can make it available here so we can all hear how well it was performed. The song was selected and sung for the T.J. Martell Foundation by the following country artists: Lorrie Morgan, Travis Tritt, Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Little Texas, Vince Gill, Terri Clark, and Highway 101 (according to John Corbett's "Comprehensive History").

I called the local music store here and was told that it was originally released as a single but has now been "deleted" and may be on one of the performer's CD? Does anyone know anything about it?

Message: 6929 Posted: Mon Jun 07 13:09:01 1999 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: America in Class

When I taught in China, the students loved America so much they borrowed some of my tapes and played them on their campus radio station. They received so many requests for anything America sang, it was great!

Message: 6928 Posted: Mon Jun 07 11:32:59 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: America in Class thoughts exactly..hmmmmm (timing is everything)

Message: 6927 Posted: Mon Jun 07 11:31:48 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: America in Class

Andrew... you have alot of "class" for sharing great music with your students !! Have you purchased "Human Nature" or "Hourglass" ? I think they'd get a kick out of these "America" CD's.

Message: 6926 Posted: Mon Jun 07 08:52:04 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America in Class

That's great ! Keep up the great work. AMERICA continues to have a very strong overseas following & you relate quite an interesting story. Hope they have access to AMERICA's latest release titled HUMAN NATURE. You may know that GERRY BECKLEY released his debut masterpiece titled VAN GO GAN in Japan a few years ago on Polystar Records. Thanks for the story.

Message: 6925 Posted: Mon Jun 07 02:02:30 1999 By: Andrew
Subject: America in Class

I teach university English in southern Japan and, as I frequently use music as a teaching medium, America songs are among my top choices for use in class. Through such practice, students are made aware of different nuances of language and culture not often found in commercial teaching texts. America tunes, particularly I Need You, have been popular -- and I believe at least several of my students have become interested in hearing more from America...

Message: 6924 Posted: Sun Jun 06 22:21:12 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Hey, I heard it too.

I was going to tell everyone my enthusiasm for finally hearing From A Moving Train outside my own house and or car and or place of business. I was in MJDesigns in Dallas and I heard the song. It was kind of spooky though, because that's a huge chain that's going out of business and the store was like a ghosttown. My twin 10-year old girls knew it would make me happy, so they actually kept quiet long enough for me to listen to it. It must be getting some major push on somebody's playlist for all of us to hear that song so much the past few days. And, hey, Shayne, next time I'm in Minyards, I'll listen for it. If only it got this kind of airplay on the air.

Kevin Sutton

Message: 6923 Posted: Sun Jun 06 21:27:51 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: America In A Public School!!!

Hey everybody. My daughter goes to a private school here in Dallas (she's also in first grade). She came home a couple of weeks ago and told me that in gym class they played a "musical chairs kind of game" and that the teacher played the first six songs off HUMAN NATURE. She couldn't believe it. She sad her teacher was shocked when my daughter (who is normally quiet and shy) started singing with the CD (She and my 5 year old son sit on the couch with the lyrics of the CD and sing all the HN songs all the time).

I thought that was pretty cool.

On a sadder note, my father would have been 75 today. It was the first birthday since he passed away. I went to the cemtary and listened to VAN GO GAN alot. He wasn't a young man and I know we had a lot of years together, but I miss him terribly. What makes it spooky is that my youngest (the younger twin - 8 1/2 months), who was born just a couple of weeks before my father died, looks exactly like him (and ironically is named after him).

On a happier note, I finally heard FAMT at the store. Not once, but twice. KevinS, if you're reading this (or anyone else in Dallas), they play it at Minyards.


P.S. GO STARS (I had to move to Texas to become a hockey fan!)

Message: 6922 Posted: Sun Jun 06 08:50:09 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: to Joe Knight

Sorry about that

Message: 6921 Posted: Sun Jun 06 00:07:16 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: This, that, and the third thing

I still hear FAMT on various sound systems in stores and restaurants. Always nice to hear.
KSAN radio in San Francisco is sponsoring America's appearances July 7th & 8th in San Jose and SF respectively. I heard Sister Golden Hair played today, and after the song the DJ said America was coming to the Bay Area and that there would be more details on Monday morning. Great that it is being promoted a whole month in advance. The shows will be free noontime concerts in each city. Hopefully, they will draw large crowds.
Estes Park...beautiful place! A college friend of ours is in charge of fire control in Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park. Tough break having to live right there in the park! Last time we visited, we could hear moose trumpeting all night long. It's not at all what you would expect a moose to sound like.
Jeff Larson's Watercolor Sky...I bought this last winter after reading several recommendations in the chat folder (most notably, Joe B's comment that it "really kicked butt"). I have to agree. It sure brought musical sunshine to the gloom of winter. It took a couple of plays before I discovered the bonus 11th track, which is now one of my favorites. Jeff does a great job with Gerry's Annabelle (though I would love to hear Gerry sing it sometime). I highly recommend this CD.
I guess that was four things. Oops. Good Night.

Message: 6920 Posted: Sat Jun 05 22:30:18 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: Monday, Monday so good to me............

Hello, 1st of all Thank you to everyone who e-mailed me privately & posted here on the board about my father being ill. I am happy to report he is up & running again !! What a hellish couple of weeks there!! now on Monday, Monday (love the mamas & papas, had to throw that in !!) The guys will be here !! YEAH!!!!! I am looking so forward to hearing the new stuff, but simply will be happy to hear them live again. I will try to take some photos, It all depends on the venue? If I am lucky I may hang around & see if I can score a picture with Gerry & Dewey, I've been going to see them 9 years this summer & have yet to get 1 of the 3 of us! we'll see??? You know I do take these photos to share with everyone here. Wish me luck! Peace, JOYCE ---P.S. Wayne, I have been to estes park, Colorado myself, it is pure heaven. stayed in a cabin in the woods, A baby doe came up to the cabin to , it was a beautiful site, what I saw of it! My friend erin just about knocked me down a hill as she was leaping over me to get away!! You would have thought grizzly addams was coming for dinner !! hahaha...................:)

Message: 6919 Posted: Sat Jun 05 21:44:27 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Yeeha!! Finally!

Joe, would you mind repeating that?! They played it five times?

Message: 6918 Posted: Sat Jun 05 21:35:04 1999 By: Bones
Subject: to Joe Knight

Joe - You got to take your hand off of the mouse after you post. First it was double posts, now a triple post. I'm really worried. Have a good one.

Message: 6917 Posted: Sat Jun 05 21:32:53 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: Yeeha!! Finally!

I work for Eckerds. I here our song just about everyday!!!!!
Joe K

Message: 6916 Posted: Sat Jun 05 21:32:13 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: Yeeha!! Finally!

I work for Eckerds. I here our song just about everyday!!!!!
Joe K

Message: 6915 Posted: Sat Jun 05 21:29:30 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: Yeeha!! Finally!

I work for Eckerds. I here our song just about everyday!!!!!
Joe K

Message: 6914 Posted: Sat Jun 05 21:28:51 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: Yeeha!! Finally!

I work for Eckerds. I here our song just about everyday!!!!!
Joe K

Message: 6913 Posted: Sat Jun 05 21:20:42 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: Yeeha!! Finally!

I work for Eckerds. I here our song just about everyday!!!!!
Joe K

Message: 6912 Posted: Sat Jun 05 18:47:03 1999 By: Wayne
Subject: Hey!

Hey! Just returned from a week's vacation in Estes Park, Co. Was great. Rode horses into the back country, hiked a number of awesome trails....what a recharge for the old batteries. I took a couple of tapes and CDs with me. As I've said before, I've got 5 kids ages 10 to 18. 3 of them saw America with me a couple of weeks ago. To my amazement the family insisted on listening to America most of the way up and back (9 hours each way). And in the cabin we just had to listen to "Hearts" while playing a dice game and eating pizza!!

Hey, one more thing....does anyone else find it irresistable to sing along with just about all of their songs?

Cheers everyone...


Message: 6911 Posted: Sat Jun 05 18:41:22 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Yeeha!! Finally!

I was in Walgreen's just about a half-hour ago when I heard that familiar twang of the guitar in the opening notes of "From A Moving Train"! Boy, was that a good feeling. It's the first time I've heard the song somewhere other than my stereo or in concert. Finally!

Message: 6910 Posted: Sat Jun 05 18:27:07 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: My 2 bits

Many people here have raved about Jeff Larson's "Watercolor Sky". I finally got around to ordering it last week from Thoughtscape. If you don't have it yet you should, it is an excellent collection. Thanks everyone for recommending it. (I also ordered Dan's Bodden Town. People at thoughtscape thought they might have it in the few weeks.)

Message: 6909 Posted: Sat Jun 05 14:11:06 1999 By: Ike
Subject: America

Dan Peek just made a post on his page and answered questions from fans that have posted there in the last couple weeks.

Message: 6908 Posted: Sat Jun 05 11:22:36 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Happy Birthday!

I'll SECOND that one! Happy Birthday Mags!!!!!!! (C=

Message: 6907 Posted: Sat Jun 05 05:15:57 1999 By: Terry Knight
Subject: Myrtle Beach Concert

My husband Joe and I are going to the America concert in Myrtle Beach in July. He has already bought the tickets. He thought that we were getting the tickets early enough,but he told me last night that we are ten rows back from the front. Thats ok as long as I'm in the same room where America is. Besides, who says that I have to stay in my seat!! LOL Hope to get more pictures at this concert. Wish me luck.
And they had better allow pictures!! I'm sneaking my camera in if they don't. :o)

Message: 6906 Posted: Sat Jun 05 05:10:19 1999 By: Terry Knight
Subject: Re: Answer To Trivia Question

I guess I had the right answer after all LOL..... Shame on you...
I'm sure it must have been nothing really to talk about though..

Message: 6905 Posted: Sat Jun 05 05:07:14 1999 By: Terry Knight
Subject: Re: Still "Playin' My Crazy Game"

You had some really funny combinations there. Glad that its all in fun. whew.... I would really hate to have some of the America songs sung by some of those country music artists. Goodness.... and yes, I think that I figured out the answer... thats interesting.... didn't know that about the last one on the list was in the same category with the other two. LOL

Message: 6904 Posted: Sat Jun 05 05:01:32 1999 By: Terry Knight
Subject: Re: America In A Public School!!!

Finally, a school that has some real class!! No pun intended there.
That is really something, and yes, you must be doing a good job if your child knows the words to all of the songs. Our daughters have grown up with America music. They are 18 and 21 and I wish their favorite music followed our taste for really good music. Keep up the good work. You have a very smart child there....knows talent and good music :o) Great story. Terry Knight

Message: 6903 Posted: Sat Jun 05 00:18:43 1999 By: Jessica
Subject: a big hello

Hi everybody! It's been too long. I've been offline for some time. PC suffered a lot of kinks - viruses, hard drive busted, shrinking monitor. I'm ready to pronounce it dead and buy a new one.

Hey, happy birthday to Maggie. I'm glad to see that a lot of the familiar names are still here. For those going to that fans gathering, I wish you all a great, fun time! Unfortunately, I'm just too far away to make it.

No concert date for me yet, but I'm just happy to hear that the guys made a big hit in Spain. Hmmm...a playdate in Spain on my birthday - some guys have all the luck!

Keep the reviews coming, please. Hi Steve, my good friend Jen in NY, the regular guys - Robyn, Janice, Penny(are you there?), Maureen, Erin, Virginia, JohnC, Tom, Howard(I replied to your e-mail but I don't know if you got it), Shayne, Mark, and many, many others - too many to write.

Good day to you all!

Message: 6902 Posted: Fri Jun 04 19:59:41 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America In A Public School!!!

This evening while giving my daughter her medicine,
she turned to me and said they played America in her school.
She's in 1st grade and said in the the lunch room, while
eating lunch they always play music. Ready for this the three
America songs they played were, and by the way she sang along
with every one of them, while her friends looked on
in amazement of her she knew these songs:
"From A Movin' Train"
"Sister Golden Hair"
"A Horse With No Name"

Hey, I must be doing something right.
Have a good weekend everyone :-0)

Message: 6901 Posted: Fri Jun 04 14:31:30 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Happy Birthday!

Just want to say Happy Birthday (yesterday) to Maggie, aka ToEaHisOwn! I hope you had a great day!!

Erin :o)

Message: 6900 Posted: Fri Jun 04 12:30:17 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Hot Town

Trade ya, Bones. We have rain and hail out here! so much for sunny SoCAl!

Message: 6899 Posted: Fri Jun 04 10:33:04 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Answer To Trivia Question

hi Johnny, your list proves conclusively that you have waaaaaayy too much time in your hands!

were they all caught by the law in a um compromising position?

Message: 6898 Posted: Fri Jun 04 10:29:40 1999 By: Mike K.
Subject: On Tour in Baltimore/Washington

Just checked the calendar and it's less than a month til the boys are here in Maryland for the July 3rd show with Chuck Negron. I can't wait!! Anyone else going?

Message: 6897 Posted: Fri Jun 04 10:28:31 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Human Nature - Hot Town

I know what you mean. My daughter and I actually fool around, doing the Aretha arm-waving thing. of course, our voices could peel the paint off the walls... fun nonetheless

Message: 6896 Posted: Fri Jun 04 09:35:58 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Answer To Trivia Question

I just thought of this. The answer to my trivia question can be summed up with the name of a soul/rap group: Arrested Development

Message: 6895 Posted: Fri Jun 04 09:16:37 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Still "Playin' My Crazy Game"

Don't cringe too much, Terry Knight. As you know, it's just for fun. I guess, "I'll be flying solo." The Eagles tribute by the country music artists was called, "Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles". I call this, "Uncommon Thread: The Songs of AMERICA". Here are my "punny" selection of artists: "I Don't Believe In Miracles" Faith Hill; "A Horse With No Name" Desert Rose Band; "God Of The Sun" Colin Raye; "The Farm" The Tractors; "Pigeon Song" Tracy Bird; "Valentine" Sweethearts of the Rodeo; "All Around" George Strait; "Can't You See" The Lynns; "Close To The Wind" Crystal Gale; "Muskrat Love" Eddie Rabbitt; "Riverside" Diamond Rio; "Jody" Jo Dee Messina; "Wheels Are Turning" Flat & Scruggs or Freddy Fender or McBride and The Ride or Mark Wills; "Tin Man" Marie OSmond; "Can't Sleep To A Lullaby" Leann Rimes; "Last TWO To Dance" Shania TWAIN; "Houses In White" Clint Black; "People In The Valley" Shenandoah; "California Dreamin'" Little Texas; "No Fortune" Johnny Cash; "Half A Man" Oakridge Boys; "Don't Cross The River" Brooks and Dunn; "High In The City" John Denver; "Sergeant Darkness" Brian White; "Bell Tree" FORESTer Sisters or Ronnie MilSAP; "Green Monkey" Blackhawk; "Pages" Red Foley; "Letter" The Stamps; "From A Moving Train" Southern Pacific; "Coastline" Garth Brooks; "Oloololo" Wynona (two strange names); "Cast The Spirit" Ghostriders of the Sky; "Rainy Day" Sonny James; "5th Avenue" Highway 101; "The Last Unicorn" Gary Muledeer; "Everyone I Meet Is From California" The Kentucky Headhunters; "Lady With A Bluebird" Eddie Raven; "Hurricane" Texas Tornadoes; "Mad Dog" Nashville Cats; "Even The Score" Ty Herndon and the last two, I promise, "Tall Treasures" Minnie Pearl and "Miniature" Dolly Parton. Maybe it should be "Miniature" Minnie Pearl and "Tall Treasures" Dolly Parton!!

As you see, I had a lot of time on my hands while driving a 600 mile round-trip during the Memorial Day weekend. Remember when AMERICA was on the "Home Shopping Network"? The country artist on before Dewey and Gerry was Ty Herndon. Here's a trivia question for you but it really doesn't need to be answered here. What does George Michael, PeeWee Herman, and Ty Herndon have in common? No, the answer isn't just that they're entertainers. Hmmmmmm???

Message: 6894 Posted: Fri Jun 04 02:51:28 1999 By: Terry Knight
Subject: Re: WHAT A WEEKEND !!!

Joyce, hope that your dad is improving. Take care of yourself as well so that you don't compromise your own health.

Message: 6893 Posted: Thu Jun 03 23:13:38 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Reno Fan Gathering

Gary, thanks for pulling this thing together. It looks like my wife and I will be there the 24th. We'll enjoy meeting with everyone if that's the day that the majority of other fans decide to go. If they choose the following weekend, we'll leave behind our best wishes for that group.

Message: 6892 Posted: Thu Jun 03 20:55:43 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Hot Town

Man it was hot and humid in this town today. Wish it would snow!!!! but I doubt it.

Message: 6891 Posted: Thu Jun 03 19:58:51 1999 By: Terry Knight
Subject: Re: "Playin' My Crazy Game"

You are probably right about the country music fans. I think I would cringe if I heard America's music in a country format and sung by some of the country music singers out there. I do like a little country but not America's songs like that. I think I'll pass on that one LOL

Message: 6890 Posted: Thu Jun 03 19:55:24 1999 By: Terry Knight
Subject: Re: Human Nature - Hot Town

LOL, That would be fun. I'd sing backup harmony to any of their songs.
Hot Town's backup vocals is just too way out there for me. Doesn't fit at all. Leave that part out and it would be ok. Let me know when you guys get together for that one. That would be more than worth showing up for to do something like that, not to mention being onstage with those guys anyway. :o)

Message: 6889 Posted: Thu Jun 03 17:43:58 1999 By: gary
Subject: Reno Fan Gathering

Howdy America Fans.

This is just a reminder to any fans planning on attending any shows in Reno/Sparks. We are planning a fan get together at the Planet Hollywood in downtown Reno. The date will either be July 24 or July 31.(both of these dates are Saturdays). Which ever date draws the most fans will be the date we decide on. If you plan on being there during these times, please e-mail me and let me know which Saturday. I will post the decided date approx. two weeks before the shows (prob. around Juky 9 or so).


Gary Harrison

Message: 6888 Posted: Thu Jun 03 13:33:07 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: WHAT A WEEKEND !!!

Joyce, glad to hear your Dad is doing better. Mom is on the mend, other problems have cropped up probably related to all the meds she has to take. One day at a time!
Enjoy the guys show. Wish I were there!

Message: 6887 Posted: Thu Jun 03 13:11:16 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: Re: WHAT A WEEKEND !!!

Thank You Robyn & Joe!!-:)--Robyn, all that & then food poisening? My lord girlfriend !! How is your mother now? well I hope. I am happy to report my dad is feeling much better. I hope it stay's that way. America will be here next Monday. That would be a wonderful treat, compared to what I've been going thru! I hope all is well with my papa come next Monday. I sure would hate to miss their show. But we'll see??? Again thanks !!--:)---JOYCE

Message: 6886 Posted: Thu Jun 03 11:46:56 1999 By: laura
Subject: TerryT re: Laura/Movie

Silly me! At first glance, I thought you were using tt shorthand & were perhaps asking me to join you at the cinema! ;0)

No, actually I agree with you wholeheartedly about soundtrack moments - many, many times I want to edit those scores myself - could be such an improvement! For instance, oftentimes I've wanted to insert Dewey singing "Hangover" for those sun-blinding morning-after what-have-I-done-now scenes you sometimes come across. Or ______________________, or _____________________________, etc. etc.

Well, back to work. See ya at the moving (& sometimes sing-along-with) pictures....

Message: 6885 Posted: Thu Jun 03 10:38:45 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: stuff..

Dear Janice. I will keep a good thought for you that all will be well. and I WAS JUST KIDDING ABOUT ORANGE COUNTY!!! even jimnak called it behind the ORange Curtain! I live in the Valley and am a Valley girl (fer sure fer sure!) But you knew that!;)

Message: 6884 Posted: Thu Jun 03 10:13:54 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Laura/Movie

Nothing kinky or hideous about an Excellent soundtrack graced with the likes of AMERICA, and DEWEY singing lead on HORSE, in a desert scene! Not that I'm a director/producer or anything, but sooo many times I've watched a scene where the Guys had the right song for the moment, but nooo...

Thanks for passing it along, Laura!

Message: 6883 Posted: Thu Jun 03 09:53:40 1999 By: Janice
Subject: stuff..

just checkin' in..Hideous Kinky? What a name for a movie..but at least they must have some good music, so guess I'll go see it! And my dear a former Orange County resident, I can assure you that it is not "falling off the earth", rather more like entering paradise..once you make it through the 405 or 91 "parking lots"..Well..gotta share, so here goes..going back into the hospital on June 29 for more surgery..not good..but I'm optimistic. (what's the alternative??)..there goes my summer..Doctor wanted to schedule sooner, but I wouldn't budge from my beach vacation with the kids there..priorities! ;) Have a great day and keep smiling!

Message: 6882 Posted: Wed Jun 02 23:16:41 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Hideous Kinky

Hey, that's great! I was planning to see the movie anyway, but now I've got an even better reason to go! Thanks for the info and congratulations Dewey!!
Erin :o)

Message: 6881 Posted: Wed Jun 02 22:16:29 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Hideous Kinky

It's about time Dewey gets "credit" where credits deserved !! Thanks for the info Laura !! "Congradulations" Mr. Bunnell !!!

Message: 6880 Posted: Wed Jun 02 22:04:47 1999 By: laura
Subject: Hideous Kinky

I went to the movies tonight & within the film "Hideous Kinky" found a pleasant surprise -- though at the time felt verrrry right & not surprising at all. The movie took place in 1972 in Marrakech, so of course the PERFECT song to be included during a desert journey scene was, Of Course, Horse With No Name. Like I said - Perfect!! And somehow more fulfilling to hear Dewey's voice accompanying the big screen than even those much more watched NBC / Fox TV shows they've been a part of >>> probably because of how good it felt to see the Bunnell name in the closing credits. A most cool moment! And he (they) were in good company too, in case there's a soundtrack out there (they release soundtracks to just about everything these days, don't they?) - especially (in my book anyway) Crosby Stills & Nash, Richie Havens & some good Morroccan sounds.

Just reportin' -- got a thumbs up from me anyway!


Message: 6879 Posted: Wed Jun 02 21:13:18 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: Diversity and Commonality

Well put, Steve!

Thanks, Gerry, Dewey, and Dan! and all the band members, present and past!

Message: 6878 Posted: Wed Jun 02 20:01:17 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: West Coast Music

I ran across the following post on the AOL chat folder which may be of interest to you:

Subject: West Coast Music
Date: 6/2/1999 4:56 PM Mountain Daylight Time
From: WainGraves
Message-id: <>

Hey America Fans. This was posted on the West Coast Music Board in case someone may be interested...

We inform you that the following reissues (remastered in HDCD - all the CDs are in digipack format) will be available in June on the French label MAGIC (west coast music collection) :

- AMERICA - Silent Letter (1979)

- AMERICA - View From The Ground (1982)
feat. Steve Lukather, Jeff Porcaro, Christopher Cross, Carl Wilson...

- AMERICA - Alibi (1983)
feat. Timothy B. Schmit, Richard Page, Tom Kelly, Steve Lukather...

- AMERICA - Your Move (1983) + 3 bonus tracks from The Last Unicorn soundtrack (1982) feat. Russ Ballard, Stephen Bishop...

- AMERICA - Perspective (1984)
feat. Mike Landau, Dean Parks, Nathan East...

- BIRTLES & GOBLES - The Last Romance (1980)

- DEARDOFF AND JOSEPH - Deardoff And Joseph (1979) feat. Dean Parks, David, Hungate, Mike Porcaro, David Paich, Joe Porcaro, Jeff Pocaro, Louie Shelton...

- Amy HOLLAND - Amy Holland

- Amy HOLLAND - On Your Every Word (1982)
feat. Michael Mc Donald, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Lukather, David Pack, Denny Henson, Richard Page, Steve George, Patrick Simmons...

- Michael JOHNSON - Lifetime Guarantee (1984)
feat. Chris Montan, Marcus Miller, David Sanborn...

- Dan SEALS - In San Antone

- Dan SEALS - Rebel Heart (1983)
feat. Dan Huff, Shane Keister...

- Glenn SHORROCK - Vilain Of The Peace (1983)
feat. Bill Payne, Randy Meisner, Karla Bonoff, Andrew Gold...

Best Regards from Paris,



- Only West Coast Music -

Message: 6877 Posted: Wed Jun 02 19:56:47 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Diversity and Commonality

I think it's wonderful that we have such a diversity of opinions when it comes to our favorite and least favorite songs. I'm sure there's a song or two that I might be inclined to skip although it depends a lot on my mood at the time (I can't think of one right now). "Muskrat Love" and "1960" are two of my favorite songs (whether alone or with others). However, amongst our diversity we do have a common thread, a tremendous appreciation for America and the music they've put out. Thanks Gerry and Dewey (and Dan).

Message: 6876 Posted: Wed Jun 02 18:36:03 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Orange County???

isn't that like FALLIN'OFF THE WORLD?

Message: 6875 Posted: Wed Jun 02 18:05:14 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: songs to skip

I think America's batting about .998, which, if they were baseball players, would put them in the Hall Of Fame and, if there was justice, should put them in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

Not too many song I'd skip. 3 from the current album. A few from Perspective. And I can only listen to Muskrat Love by myself, I skip it if other people are with me.


Message: 6874 Posted: Wed Jun 02 17:46:04 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Shameless Self Promotion

How about a gig in Orange County ? Behind the Orange Curtain.

Message: 6873 Posted: Wed Jun 02 17:20:13 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: song to skip

Hey Mark & You People,

I agree with you on "Slow Down". However I LOVE 1960 (probably 'cause that's the year I was born). A couple of "Perspective" cuts weren't too hot, but it was worth it for "Stereo", "Lullaby", "Fallin' Off The World", "5th Avenue", "Unconditional Love", & "Lady w/ A Bluebird".

Joe B

Message: 6872 Posted: Wed Jun 02 15:59:46 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Shameless Self Promotion

hey, how about an LA gig? :0)

Message: 6871 Posted: Wed Jun 02 15:46:07 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Shameless Self Promotion

Wish I could hear you guys play! Have fun...

Erin :o)

Message: 6870 Posted: Wed Jun 02 15:09:15 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: song to skip

Hmm... I have to admit that there are a few (and I emphasize FEW) America songs that I can hardly listen to. Of course 99% of their songs are GREAT, but I could do without Slow Down (I hate disco), 1960 (too whimpy, makes Daisy Jane sound like a rocker), but the only America song that really makes me cringe EVERYTIME I hear it is See How The Love Goes! I don't know what they were thinking when they picked that one. At least they didn't write it.

Message: 6869 Posted: Wed Jun 02 12:43:43 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: this 'n' that

Johnny, I do not have your gift for the punny... the only one that comes to mind ( real ecclectic album here) Daisy Jane..Jane's Addiction.

Terry great phots BTW, thanks for sharing! Like everyone else, I love the Pages (hey I work in the Library,what can I say?) Hot Town isn't my favorite cut either.It's kinda fun to listen to as I am walking down the street, really gets me moving with the beat, but... my daughter proclaimed it, "the dumbest song on the CD" (sorry, Dewey, the kid speaks her mind!) her favorite "Hidden Talent" --go figure!

Matt welcome back. I was wondering what happened to you. Keep up the shamless plugs for yourself!

Message: 6868 Posted: Wed Jun 02 10:53:34 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Playin' My Crazy Game"

As I'm sure most of you know, a CD/cassette of the Eagles' music was covered by popular country music artists a few years ago. The release was called "Common Thread". The proceeds went to an organization that maintains the perservation of Walden Pond. Similar to what we did before, can you pair up some "catchy" country artists with some of AMERICA's songs? For example, here are a couple that I've come up with: "Love's Worn Out Again" Merle Haggard; "Garden Of Peace" Restless Heart; "Submarine Ladies" Dixie Chicks; "Company" Lone Star; "Inspector Mills" Trace Adkins. I know there's some (but probably not many) country music fans among us.

Message: 6867 Posted: Wed Jun 02 10:04:40 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: If you're not Tom T Don't read

Joe, don't beat yourself up over it. These things happen. I have a support group for people with these types of deep rooted problems. I think we will be able to help you. Please don't pass along the confidential nature of that particular posting as I know no one else read it.


Message: 6866 Posted: Wed Jun 02 09:58:42 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: song to skip

Special Girl (was it from Your Move or Perspective?) just doesn't do it for me at all. Never liked it when Eddie Schwartz did it and didn't like when America covered it. No substance to it in my view, anyway.

Message: 6865 Posted: Wed Jun 02 04:17:39 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: Shameless Self Promotion

for all those in the San Diego area, Friday at 12:15 in Revelle College at UCSD at the traditional watermellon drop, Jibbah will be playing the mainstage for a 40 minute set. and i'll be playing guitar with them. and it will be fun. and way cool. a party. so you're all invited.


Message: 6864 Posted: Wed Jun 02 02:49:03 1999 By: Spurs
Subject: Human Nature

On the subject of Hot Town, the female singers sound rather good certainly not out of place when giving the Hearts album a workout,Hot Town puts me in mind of Dont Let it Get You Down, from Hideaway. Furthermore Pages leapt out at me as did Wheels on first listen.But the more I hear this album the more I seem to hear,this is a recording on the grand scale,I wish those acoustic guitar solos would go on and on.Hourglass also seemed to have a Steely Dan feel to its production,its been a great ninties,when will these ever mellow popsters get the success and acclaim they so richly deserve?

Message: 6863 Posted: Tue Jun 01 22:11:28 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: song to skip

There IS one song that I have a really hard time listening to...Muskrat Love...even after all these years, still won't listen to that one if I'm near enough to the stereo to bypass it! (apologies to anyone I'm offending!) Can't say any other song on any album by America registers a negative opinion from me.
Anyone else out there have an America song that just doesn't fit for you?

Message: 6862 Posted: Tue Jun 01 22:03:44 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: Human Nature

Hi Terry!
I was also at first taken back by Hot Town, took me awhile to figure out what was so different about it, then came to realize that there were FEMALE voices in the background. Still sounds very odd to my ears, but I don't skip over it...I think it has grown on me! My favorite tune on Human Nature remains Pages...really love that one!

Message: 6861 Posted: Tue Jun 01 21:51:46 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Human Nature - Hot Town

Hi,Terry! Nice to hear from you, too. When Human Nature came out, we had a lot of joking about them performing Hot Town in concert. My suggestion was they let us "girl" fans up on stage that know the song to do the backup singing. What do you think?

Message: 6860 Posted: Tue Jun 01 21:08:06 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Human Nature

HUMAN NATURE is the greatest ! All new songs w/the building blocks that give a song the AMERICA feel. That is the warmth & richness of flowing melodies & along w/great musical diversity. OOLOOLOLO ! WEDNESDAY MORNING !! TOWN & COUNTRY !! FROM A MOVING TRAIN !!
They will blow you away & you will say, They have done it again !

Message: 6859 Posted: Tue Jun 01 20:40:51 1999 By: Terry Knight
Subject: Human Nature

Curious as to what everyone thinks of the music on the new CD. My immediate reaction was I loved the very first song that I heard. I skipped through each one to get an idea of what all the songs were liked and went first to Wheels are turning. The second one was the very first song on the CD. Moment to Moment and Wed. morning is my next two favorites and then Hidden Secret. One song I thought was different from their usual style of music is Hot Town. Its ok,but it seemed a little out of place and I couldn't decide what it was and then it hit me that the vocal background seemed completely out of place in their music. Just my opinion of course. America is still the best band that has ever come around as far as I'm concerned and their fans will be around for a very very long time.

Message: 6858 Posted: Tue Jun 01 20:32:19 1999 By: Terry Knight
Subject: Knoxville Concert

Hi, I'm Joe's wife Terry. Hope everyone liked the pictures of the Knoxville Tenn concert. We are going to try and see them in concert at Myrtle Beach next month and again in September. Hopefully we'll be able to get more pictures.

Message: 6857 Posted: Tue Jun 01 19:23:24 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: side track

.....while walking one day in Lake Elsinore I heard the sound of an acoustic guitar and a womans stopped me dead in my tracts...I looked over to see a blond woman playing her guitar and singing some very good music.....after listening for a while I had a chance to talk to her....I found out that she is an America fan and a songwriter...her name is Mary Coppin....I feel that she is one of the best singer-songwriters that I have heard in sometime....I wish to share with fellow America fans someone who you may enjoy listening to. If you want to check out who Mary Coppin is she has a web page


Message: 6856 Posted: Tue Jun 01 18:38:36 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: WHAT A WEEKEND !!!

Joyce I too hope everthing works out for you and your family...Joe K

Message: 6855 Posted: Tue Jun 01 18:37:28 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Myrtle Beach

Hi Guys, The july 14 show at Myrtle beach is with Air Supply. Does anyone know which group will the the headliner? America should in my book,but a lot of people don't read my book..........Joe

Message: 6854 Posted: Tue Jun 01 15:35:12 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: WHAT A WEEKEND !!!

Joyce, my heart goes out to you. That was me LAST weekend. Mom went in for emergency surgery, and when she came out of it, she freaked, elevated her blood pressure and had a (mild) heart attack. My sister and I rushed out to 29 Palms. We were concerned not only for mom, but for Dad as well. He wasn't eating much so we took him out to dinner buy force;) We all got food poisoning!!!!

Hope your Dad is going to be ok!

Message: 6853 Posted: Tue Jun 01 15:18:03 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: If you're not Tom T Don't read


Though I'm sure everyone else respected your request, I have to admit something. I READ IT! The guilt was so all-consuming, I needed to make this confession just to return to even a minimal level of function. Please accept my apology Whoo! I feel better much now.

Joe B

P.S. I forgot to mention seeing the post was a total accident.
But I realize that doesn't make it right.

Message: 6852 Posted: Tue Jun 01 15:10:31 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: WHAT A WEEKEND !!!

What a weekend & it wasn't good!! How was everyone else's weekend? Good I hope !! I have been a total wreck !! My father went in for tests on friday & had 90% blockage in his main artery to the heart, They took him in to surgery & he got out on Saturday. Yesterday I had to call 911. He was having chest pains & had a small Heart attack !! I have had very little sleep since friday & am a walking mess. But the good lord is taking care of him. He seems fine but weak. I am gathering clothes now to spend some time with him. he needs me. he has had 7 Heart Attacks! YES 7 !! 1st one when he was 35. He's on 16 differant pills a day. I am exhausted !! I guess I didn't need to tell all, But I needed to vent !! Thanks guys. I hope all is well with you & your familes. Treasure them !!--LOVE, JOYCE

Message: 6851 Posted: Tue Jun 01 02:45:13 1999 By: Andrew
Subject: Re: Disk Full Apology

Oh... Now I know what happened, for I have tried a couple times in the last week, only to have nothing show up. Thanks, Steve, for clearing the matter up...

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