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Message: 9149 Posted: Tue Nov 30 21:00:46 1999 By: Bones
Subject: To Steve

What's the latest word from your anonymous source with the newly found tape of when the band was a trio and in the studio?
As far as a live CD, When I saw them this past May, they sounded great. I think better than past live CD's. Why does Riverside keep playing in my mind? Also, anyone care to take a guess at what Oxygens next move is with the band? Wish they would let us know.

Message: 9148 Posted: Tue Nov 30 20:50:04 1999 By: jeff brink
Subject: live cd

If there is ever to be another live cd, I'd sure like to hear a couple of VGG songs on it...especially "Goodbye Highway" and "Now Sue". Is there a reason (legal or otherwise) that this could'nt happen?

Steve L., Do you know thatwhen the "Goodbye Highway" remix is finished...will it be available to us on a cd or whatever?

Jeff B.

Message: 9147 Posted: Tue Nov 30 20:28:03 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Live CD

As far as the King Biscuit CD is concerned, the inclusion of INSPECTOR MILLS alone makes that CD worth buying.


Message: 9146 Posted: Tue Nov 30 20:21:38 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Live CD

I'm with you, Joe! This Tour is awesome. How about a live unplugged version of "All My Life" and the Beatles tune they were performing for a while.

Message: 9145 Posted: Tue Nov 30 18:24:10 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Live CD

Even though America has done 4 live Albums I think that their live performances are better now than they were in the 80s. I really think that the Biscuit CD is badly done. Deweys voice sounded really weak and thin. I think that a new 2 or 3 cd live set of all their best is in order now. I have all of their music that was produced in the studio. What I want is a CD with the quality live music I heard in concert 4 times this year! Joe K

Message: 9144 Posted: Tue Nov 30 11:15:55 1999 By: Dan
Subject: Re: AMERICA 2000- LIVE

Mark, Thats what I'm talkin bout! I've been wishin for that for many "Young Moons". Dan

Message: 9143 Posted: Tue Nov 30 09:52:13 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: AMERICA 2000- LIVE

America has done four live albums, I would be hard for me to get excited about another one unless it was a totally different playlist or Dan rejoined them.

What I would really like to see is a box set or multi-disk anthology with some unreleased material and live versions of some of the newer songs.

Message: 9142 Posted: Tue Nov 30 09:11:24 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Royalties For Being On The 45 Flip-Side

Isn't there several "kinds" of royalties? The performer(s) of the song(s) get royalties, the writer(s) get royalties, and the producer also gets royalties. So for example, all three guys would get a cut for Sister Golden Hair as the performers (America), Gerry would get another cut for being the song writer, and then George Martin would get a cut for producing the song.

Message: 9141 Posted: Tue Nov 30 00:53:08 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Royalties For Being On The 45 Flip-Side

Like I said, Tom You don't want to bet your house on My guess, because I was never sure to begin with. Thanks for clearing that up !!


Message: 9140 Posted: Mon Nov 29 22:16:37 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Royalties For Being On The 45 Flip-Side

Please forgive my poor Grammar & Spelling! It's due to crappy typing skills (Or lack, thereof) ("artits???!" puhleeze- oh how embarassing!) Fizzix iz phun!!!Ha Ha Ha...gotta go

Message: 9139 Posted: Mon Nov 29 22:13:28 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Royalties For Being On The 45 Flip-Side

Hey Johnny & ANDY! From what I understand, the songwriter of the flip side receives the same amount as the "A" side. I saw an interview with Paul Williams, the famous composer of many hits ("Rainy Days & Mondays"/ "Just An Old Fashioned Love Song"/"Evergreen"/ "I Won't Last A Day Without You"/ "We've Only Just Begun"....) who claimed that the first big hit that he wrote was a "B" side. It was a song entitled "I Kept On Loving You". The "A" side was a little ditty entitled "(They Long To Be) Close To You". He said that by having this song as a "Non-hit" made him just as successful as if it was the "A" side. Of course, that began the relationship with The Carpenters that made All of them quite successful! He collaborated with Roger Nichols Paul Williams is still highly thought of as one of the finest Lyricists of the last Thirty Years. There's some more of that Trivia I'd thought you'd like to hear! This A-side/B-side thing really helped some artits out financially too. The Beatles would put a George Harrison song as a "B" side to keep things fair too. George's first "A" side was "Something"- but that was after the radio stations found his song more mainstream than "Come Together". This occurred once George's tunes proved to be as strong as John & Paul's. ("Lady Madonna" b/w "The Inner Light"..."Ballad Of John & Yoko" b/w "Old Brown Shoe") Other groups known for this...Bread( David gates Got all the "A" sides...Jimmy Griffin & Rob Royer got the "B" sides)Anyway...'Nuff said...Hope you enjoy this info...See Ya TeeTee

Message: 9138 Posted: Mon Nov 29 18:14:31 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Royalties For Being On The 45 Flip-Side

I don't know the answer to that one. My instincts tell me the royalty rate is not the same for the flip side of a hit, but I hope that nobody bets the house based on my guess. As usual, you asked a great question.

Message: 9137 Posted: Mon Nov 29 16:25:30 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Royalties For Being On The 45 Flip-Side

I was wondering about the flip-side to the hit songs back when 45s were produced. For instance, Gerry received royalties (and still does, of course) for "Sister Golden Hair". As we all know, it was a #1 hit. The 45 flip-side was "Midnight". Does the writer of the flip-side, Dewey in this case, receive royalties for all of its 45 sales each time "SGH" was sold or was the writer given a flat royalty for being on side B? Does anyone know?

Message: 9136 Posted: Mon Nov 29 13:58:51 1999 By: jeff brink
Subject: 'Til The Sun Comes Up Again...and again.

I wish that my cd played backwards so that I could play "Now Sue" backwards and have another version of "Til The Sun Comes Up Again"...sort of.

Jeff B.

Message: 9135 Posted: Mon Nov 29 13:55:06 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: AMERICA 2000- LIVE

Hey, it's on MY wish list!! From your post to "someone's " ears John

Message: 9134 Posted: Mon Nov 29 12:09:07 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Ponderables

Thanks for the answer, Tom, about "Live". Maybe we'll see an "America 2000 Live" cd.

Message: 9133 Posted: Mon Nov 29 11:48:59 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: The Black Recorder

Robyn, I think you're right-on about Gerry and his black tape recorder. It's just like him to be thinking and creating music all the time (as if I knew him personally, LOL). John Lussier, I liked your double agent comment. If Gerry ever were, I know what his number would be...007-29!

Message: 9132 Posted: Mon Nov 29 09:15:32 1999 By: Mark
Subject: re:Ponderables

Dewey - Ventura Highway (imho THE BEST America tune of all time)
Gerry - Sister Golden Hair
Dan - Old Virginia (shudda been the second single from Hearts, wudda been a big hit if it had been released)

Dewey - Valentine
Gerry - Inspector Mills

Dewey - Whole Wide World
Gerry - Wednesday Morning

Message: 9131 Posted: Mon Nov 29 08:49:24 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re:Ponderables

Well..long weekend over..wonderful dinner and time in the Blue Ridge Mountains..ahh...anyway..I have so many favorites, but here is my no particular order..Gerry-To Each His Own, Clarice, Never Be Lonely and Moving Train. Dewey-Horse, Three Roses, Border and Hot Town and Dan-Rainy Day, Never Found the Time and Don't Cross the River..have a great week everybody..! :-) Janice

Message: 9130 Posted: Sun Nov 28 03:39:15 1999 By: rick
Subject: Re: Ponderables

At the moment i would have to say
Let,s hope we can all be here in 10 years time to pick a song for the next decade.
What do we call the next decade, the 10's?

Message: 9129 Posted: Sun Nov 28 00:30:17 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Beckley/Lamm/Wilson

Eddy, I haven't heard an official release date but I have heard that it has been delayed and that it is coming out on another label. I'm starting to wonder if it might not be released on Gerry's Human Nature label but that is just me guessing, that's not anything I've heard. I'll be sure to post any official information right here as soon as it is passed my way. --Steve

Message: 9128 Posted: Sat Nov 27 22:26:07 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Beckley/Lamm/Wilson

Just read (Beach Boys website) That the B/L/W CD got pushed back to early spring, due to a change to another label-
Did I miss something? Thought it was coming out in December-
Any info on this? (Steve!?)

Message: 9127 Posted: Sat Nov 27 20:25:46 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: VH1 100 greatest

Did anyone watch VH1s 100 greatest rock and roll artists today? I saw the last segment. Did our guys make the list? I know they should have but ,did they????? Joe K

Message: 9126 Posted: Sat Nov 27 12:13:38 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Ponderables/ Hi John L. re:"Live"

Hi To All! I was under the impression that the Warner Bros. "Live" LP was released to fill contractual obligations. In fact, that tends to be the norm for the industry. If you see another band putting out a live recording, chances are that they have to- or they are doing it to meet certain requirements in their contract. That way, if the artist(s) are unhappy they can be released from their contract sooner. Does that sound familiar? As far as more "Ponderables"........In the 80's I'd have to pick "Inspector Mills" and "Fifth Avenue" by Gerry....and "You Girl" and "Lady With A Bluebird" by Dewey......From The 90's..."Call Of The Wild", "From A Moving Train" and "Overwhelming World" By Gerry. "Pages" and "Young Moon" And "World Alone" by Dewey. Hope the leftovers are keeping you smiling! TeeTee

Message: 9125 Posted: Sat Nov 27 06:53:45 1999 By: anon
Subject: Win Dan Peek's new CD "Bodden Town"

Visit Dan's web-site for details on how to win a free "Bodden Town" CD. Each of the five people who guess closest to date and time that web-site hits a total of 2000 will be a winner.

Message: 9124 Posted: Fri Nov 26 19:34:48 1999 By: SNJ
Subject: surfers paradise info

America are playing at the casino on the 2nd of January, tickets aren't on sale yet. I don't think it will be an epic gathering exactly but it should be good.

Message: 9123 Posted: Fri Nov 26 18:28:52 1999 By: dennis
Subject: surfers paradise

i still would like info on this jam?.....Thanks , Dennis

Message: 9122 Posted: Thu Nov 25 10:46:18 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Ponderables

Going through my cds to come up with my Encore 2 and my favs for the 70s, 80s and 90s. Tough choice but will decide later...maybe. But the exercise did bring a question to mind. If it has been asked and answered already I apologize.

"Live" was the first album put out after the split with Dan. I was wondering if this was just a timing thing or if Dan had some objection to doing a live album, so when he left Gerry and Dewey went ahead with it. Anybody know?

Black recorder... hmmm. maybe Gerry's really a double agent and he's been spying on the American (Canadian, Mexican, Australian...) public for decades. Ya never know. Makes Sargeant Darkness take on a different meaning, doesn't it.

Message: 9121 Posted: Thu Nov 25 09:52:25 1999 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Ponderables

My choices are:

70's,,Dewey- Company
Gerry- Sargeant Darkness
Dan- story of a Teenager
80s,,Dewey- You Girl
Gerry- Inspector Mills
90s,,Dewey- Garden of Peace
Gerry- Close to the Wind

That can change with a sudden mood swing with out a doubt. Dan

Message: 9120 Posted: Thu Nov 25 00:07:05 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all have a great holiday! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Erin :o)

Message: 9119 Posted: Wed Nov 24 19:07:07 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Black Recorder and "More Encore"

Johnny, although I don't know the recorder answer for certain, may I postulate a theory? Like most creative people, I am certain that Gerry is getting bits and pieces of muscic or lyrics all the time. I myself used to carry a notebook for poetry ( admittedly BAD poetry, but poetry nonetheless.) I think Gerry must use the tape recorder for such purposes. All musicians I have known are a bit LOUDER when warming up the pipes. You would have been able to hear him. Now I am only theorizing. I have never met the man, and do not have intimate knowledge of his habits! Anyone else care to comment?

Message: 9118 Posted: Wed Nov 24 18:01:54 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Favorite

My favorite Songs:
1. Dewey "Rainbow"
2. Gerry "Sergeant Darkness"
3. Dan "Lonely People"
.................................................Joe K

Message: 9117 Posted: Wed Nov 24 16:01:00 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Ponderables

Andy, someone once told me that if a mother tells you she doesn't have a favorite child SHE'S LYING!!!!!

Ah, well "TO Each His OWn" ( LOL!!!)

Message: 9116 Posted: Wed Nov 24 15:47:43 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Ponderables

I disagree that it can be narrowed down. It's like choosing which of your children (no pun intended) to sacrifice. Not only is it impossibe, but now I'll add two to my list that should have been there:



For the 80s, can we include songs that they did NOT write?

Be well, everyone !!!!


Message: 9115 Posted: Wed Nov 24 12:54:54 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Ponderables

Thanks Johnny.
Here are mine:

Dewey- Green Monkey
Gerry- Another Try
Dan- Don't Cross The River

Dewey- Hangover ( this song made me laugh during a very stressful time-thanks Dewey)
Gerry- Coastline


Dewey- Pages ( duh!)

ANDY_ it IS possible to narrow down the choices! Hard and like TT I am sure mine will change soon .

Happy and safe Thanksgiving to all!

Message: 9114 Posted: Wed Nov 24 12:24:17 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Ponderables/ Happy Thanksgiving To All

Hello! Good question Robyn! (Hey Johnny-Gerry didn't write "Jody", but he DOES sing it Grrreat!) Here are my choices- though I'm sure they could change in a moment...
'70's: Dewey- Riverside/ Molten Love/ 3 Roses / Catch That Train Gerry- To Each His Own/ Clarice/ Another Try/ Baby It's Up To You
Dan- Rainy Day/ Saturn Nights / Everyone I Meet...California / You
I still have to ponder the rest....Gotta go...Don't over-do the Festivities- I'm sure I will!!! :-) TeeTee

Message: 9113 Posted: Wed Nov 24 11:46:35 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Ponderables

Like Maureen, I also wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for the friends I've met on this folder and thankful for the wonderful music that the guys continue to put out that strikes a special chord deep down in our soul!

Gosh Robyn, that's a tough (but excellent) question that you've asked. Here are my choices:

70s...Tin Man
80s...Catch That Train
90s...Garden Of Peace

70s...Sister Golden Hair

70s...California Revisted

Message: 9112 Posted: Wed Nov 24 09:37:29 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Ponderables

Dewey--Three Roses, Lady With A Bluebird, Sleeper Train
Gerry--Till The Sun Comes Up Again, One In A Million, Kiss Of Life
Dan--Never Found The Time (Dan's MASTERPIECE-imho!)

Message: 9111 Posted: Wed Nov 24 08:55:17 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: Happy Thanksgiving

I just want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving !!!
And a Very Happy Thanksgiving to Gerry, Dewey, Willie, Michael,
Brad, Pete and Mr. Bill !!!

I am thankful that AMERICA is still going strong after
all of these years !! Please don't even stop touring!!


Message: 9110 Posted: Wed Nov 24 08:34:10 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: The Black Recorder and "More Encore"

I have no doubt that Gerry and Dewey do vocal exercises before each show. The gist of my question is what/why was Gerry singing into a black handheld recorder? It appeared to be a recorder to me, anyway. What is its purpose? I guess it'll remain a mystery unless someone else knows the answer.

Here's my "Encore #2" list:
1. Might Be Your Love
2. Bell Tree
3. Garden Of Peace
4. Right Back To Me
5. Wind Wave
6. Mirror To Mirror
7. Green Monkey
8. Call Of The Wild
9. It's Life
10. Never Be Lonely
11. Tonight Is For Dreamers
12. Baby It's Up To You
13. Last Two To Dance+
14. Stereo+
15. Jody+
16. Three Roses+

For Robyn's question, I'll have to give it some thought.

Message: 9109 Posted: Tue Nov 23 23:39:43 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: WOOPS, I FORGOT............

On my 70s list, I left out one of Gerry's mega-perfect songs: SHE'S GONNA LET YOU DOWN. I must have been out of my mind to forget that one!!!

Message: 9108 Posted: Tue Nov 23 22:12:35 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: A Question For Jimnak

Well I do know that GERRY & DEWEY & the band all take their performance very seriously. Doesn't matter how many they have done that week, that year, that decade or that century. But GERRY likes to warm up b/4 the show via vocal exercises. Very similiar to what opera singers & other professionals do. Letting their vocal chords stretch out by running musical scales. You might call it vocal stretching. DEWEY has been known to grab his favorite 6 string guitar & do some guitar/vocal warming up. Mr. Woods always warms up on the electric guitar b/4 every show, as does Mr. Leacox on drums. The result is that AMERICA always performs to maximum potential - CONSISTENTL PERFORMANCE NIGHT AFTER NIGHT that's AMERICA !

Message: 9107 Posted: Tue Nov 23 21:01:36 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Punching the time clock

I have often wondered how long Dewey and Gerry spend in the studio recording music. Human Nature is 49 minutes and 27 seconds of great music. Does anyone know or care to take a guess at how many hours were spent on recording Human Nature. I'm talking about from the time they first went in to the studio till the time they said "that's it, were done". Maybe Matt might know the answer to this guestion. Have a good turkey day everyone.

Message: 9106 Posted: Tue Nov 23 19:21:45 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Ponderables

I'll just do the 70s on this post.






Note: picking just one song from each member is as easy as cutting your lawn.......WITH A NAIL CLIPPER!!!

The 80s will be coming up


Message: 9105 Posted: Tue Nov 23 18:45:11 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Ponderables

Ok- three decades of great music. Name your favorite song by Dewey Gerry ( and Dan in the 70's) for each decade. One song from each of them for each decade. It may be hard, impossible even, but try. I don't have my answer yet, but thought I would toss it out for all you lucky people who DON'T have to work tomorrow.

Message: 9104 Posted: Tue Nov 23 18:02:41 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Another Gerry-Goodie From "Harbor"

Wow Johnny, you're right!!!! I can't believe I forgot to mention MONSTER. It sounds as if Gerry's voice is overdubbed onto itself, but I can't be sure. It's a terrific song!!!

Message: 9103 Posted: Tue Nov 23 16:45:04 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Another Gerry-Goodie From "Harbor"

And Andy, there's another good one, "Monster"!

Message: 9102 Posted: Tue Nov 23 16:10:22 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Misc.

Although Harbour isn't my favourite America album with all three original members, just the song SARGEANT DARKNESS alone makes that album a "must buy". Ditto for SARAH.

Message: 9101 Posted: Tue Nov 23 14:37:34 1999 By: dennis

FIll me in on details Bra....Sounds like an epic gathering to get stoked about!!!Who's playin and where is it goin down?Aloha,Dennis

Message: 9100 Posted: Tue Nov 23 13:15:44 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: A Question For Jimnak

Jimnak, since you are the guy in the know of things and have had lots of contact with The Guys, maybe you can answer a question for me that I've been wondering about. I'm posting it here because I think others would like to know as well.

The only time that I've ever met Gerry and Dewey was last year in Albuquerque. When I was chatting with Dewey before the show in their tent behind the stage, I noticed Gerry was singing into what I thought was a handheld tape recorder. He seemed to be exercising his vocal chords because he was singing into it but it wasn't anything really audible. Can you tell me (us) what that was all about?

Message: 9099 Posted: Tue Nov 23 07:58:16 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Misc.

Janice, I was definitely one lonely boy! That's an Andrew Gold song, isn't it..."Lonely Boy"?

Steen, I haven't checked out your site but I plan to. Cool to hear that you're also an America fan...all the way from Denmark!!

Dan, you're right that I haven't posted my choices for a second "Encore". It requires a lot of thought. I'll do that tonight and I'll post it tomorrow.

Yes Jim, "Sarah" is a great song and I can image how it would bring the audience to their knees. Gerry's contribution to "Harbor" is incredible. "Harbor" is an album that I've grown to really appreciate. For the longest time, it was my least favorite America album with the guys as a trio. I now enjoy and appreciate it as much as all the others.

Message: 9098 Posted: Tue Nov 23 01:23:40 1999 By: SNJ
Subject: Surfers Paradise Concert

Anyone from here going to this?

Message: 9097 Posted: Mon Nov 22 22:05:48 1999 By: Dan
Subject: lonely johnny

Hey Johnny, I don't recall seeing your choice for a second encore listing before you jumped in with your russ ballard trivia game. dan

Message: 9096 Posted: Mon Nov 22 21:09:58 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: SARAH

Did ya all know that it is an Oboe that is producing those emotional notes in SARAH ? In fact if GERRY ever wants to go back to playing this classic love song live, I know an Oboist. This song used to bring the house to it's knees.

Message: 9095 Posted: Mon Nov 22 21:09:15 1999 By: Janice
Subject: Lonely Johnny....

Ahhhhhhh....I think folks are just getting ready for turkey day..preparing for for the "fixins"..which is what I did tonight..perhaps some are out of town..that time of year.. :)

Message: 9094 Posted: Mon Nov 22 16:14:04 1999 By: steen
Subject: re: anybody home

I'm here in Denmark. Thougt I'd use the weekend and monday reading E-mails in response to my post #9078. Slow weekend.


Message: 9093 Posted: Mon Nov 22 15:39:43 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Thanks Janice

Thanks for replying Janice. I was really beginning to think I was the last remaining America fan left on planet Earth! This has to be the slowest amount of activity on the chat folder, ever!!!

Message: 9092 Posted: Mon Nov 22 15:33:53 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Answer To My Quiz

It's just about been 24 hours since I first asked my quiz question. With no takers (and nobody chatting but me), I guess I'll go ahead and give the answer.

The Question: What one America LP comes to mind with some of the following song titles: Don't Cross The River; Man's Road; God Of The Sun; World Alone; Hollywood. The answer is found in the words of each of these song titles:

don't CROSS the river; man's ROAD; god OF THE sun; WORLD alone; HOLLYWOOD

The Answer:


From Phil Hartman's artwork on the back of the "History" LP.

Message: 9091 Posted: Mon Nov 22 15:31:52 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re: anybody home?

I'm here Johnny..just recovering from a boring marathon filming thing were right, Robyn..Lol..all that for a stupid cast t-shirt? The next thing they want us for is the SuperBowl..(that's football, right??) thanks..I'll sit that one out. (Yes..I know that's sport that I don't understand and am bored to death watching). I know this is early but in case I get busy I want to wish everybody..Gerry, Dewey, Brad, Willie, Michael..and their well as everyone on this page a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Message: 9090 Posted: Mon Nov 22 14:27:05 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Anybody Home?

Where is everyone? Did everybody board the bus for Las Vegas a month early and didn't tell me?

Message: 9089 Posted: Mon Nov 22 07:46:00 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: One More Clue To The Puzzle

Here's one more clue to my "Can You Solve It" quiz in post #9084: God Of The Sun. So once again, all of the clues are: Hollywood, Don't Cross The River, Man's Road, God Of The Sun, World Alone. The answer is found in the words of each of these song titles.

Message: 9088 Posted: Sun Nov 21 22:39:16 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Another thing...

Man, I remember when Centenary (it was a different title when I bought it, but same cover, same company) first came out. I was SO happy I could finally have some Alibi and Silent Letter on CD.....When VH&OF came out I bought it just to make a "statement" to Capitol to make more of this!!!!!! I figured, what the heck....


Message: 9087 Posted: Sun Nov 21 22:34:55 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: "Encore": Which Two?

"Nothing's..." my Dewey fav on Encore. It's just so nice and sad in an UPBEAT sort of way...(??!!??) I like that.

"On Target" for the other Mr. B. It's so rich in layers, like a round or a fugue (state-like my mind lately).


Message: 9086 Posted: Sun Nov 21 19:05:20 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Encore encore

Another live CD? Why not??? Jimmy Buffet's about to come out with his 4th or 5th...I've lost count. Why can't our boys?

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 9085 Posted: Sun Nov 21 17:30:53 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Encore encore

I think America has enough encore material out there already. The one CD I want to see is a "LIVE" cd with live versions of all the songs they have performed in concert. Hopefully a 2 or 3 cd set. Thats what we should all be lobbying Gerry and Dewey for right now. I already have everything that they have recorded. What I don't have is the new live version of Sandman,Never be Lonely...ect. Lets go guys !!! We want a new "Live" CD !!!!!!!!! Joe K

Message: 9084 Posted: Sun Nov 21 15:44:16 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Can You Solve It?

Can you be the first to correctly solve this puzzle? What one America LP comes to mind with some of the words from the following song titles: World Alone, Man's Road, Don't Cross The River, and Hollywood.

Message: 9083 Posted: Sun Nov 21 14:15:37 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: America's Russ Ballard Songs

How about this: List your favorite America songs written by Russ Ballard. Start with your favorite and end with your least favorite. Plus, list them according to who sings the lead...Dewey or Gerry. Here's mine and I hope I don't leave out a song:

Dewey's: Tonight Is For Dreamers, The Border, Don't Let Me Be Lonely, and Cast The Spirit.

Gerry's: You Can Do Magic, Jody, Honey, I Don't Believe In Miracles, She's A Runaway, and My Kinda Woman.

Message: 9082 Posted: Sun Nov 21 10:54:17 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: Another thing...

On my Encore Encore list, I did include tracks from Ventura Highway & Other Favorites. My reasoning is that I don't consider VH&OF to be a compliation album on par with the other two. I think most of us cite Ventura Highway was because it was the first of the many repackagings of America's Capitol material which hit the stores before the actual albums made them pointless to us rabid fans. Certainly, it was the first album to feature CD versions of "Only Game In Town", "You Could've Been The One", "Cast The Spirit", etc. But it's equally true that the Centenary Collection was the first to have "One In A Million", "We Got All Night", "Lady With A Bluebird", etc. Very few people cite that. And remember that Ventura Highway duplicated a track from Encore ("Right Before Your Eyes"). What I would like to see would be three greatest hits CDs which did not duplicate each other, and are more comprehensive than the niche collections from Capitol. Besides, only America's Greatest Hits and Encore were done with the close collaboration of the group and their friends. Anyway, enough rambling...


Message: 9081 Posted: Sun Nov 21 10:44:50 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: Encore Encore

OK, here's my list for a second Encore album:

1-4. Four more new songs!!!!
5. From A Moving Train
6. Young Moon
7. Hope
8. California Dreamin'
9. Amber Cascades
10. Sargeant Darkness
11. Only Game In Town
12. Riverside
13. Submarine Ladies
14. Special Girl
15. Three Roses
16. All My Life
17. Oloololo (OK, I'm cheating, but I love this song!)


Message: 9080 Posted: Sun Nov 21 08:52:08 1999 By: jeff brink
Subject: Horse with no name.

Does anyone remember "The Sound Effects" from the 70's? I was digging through my albums yesterday and found them (forgot that I had it) and played their version of "HORSE WITH NO NAME". On a scale of ten I'd give it a five.

Jeff B.

Message: 9079 Posted: Fri Nov 19 22:09:51 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: "Encore": Which Two

Dewey: Hells on fire
Gerry: The Farm
I liked The Farm the minute I heard it, it's such a sad song, & theres alot truth to what he's singing about.The hardships of a poor farmer that can't make ends meet. It would make a great song to play at Farm Aid, it will allways remain one of my faves.

Message: 9078 Posted: Fri Nov 19 18:50:01 1999 By: steen
Subject: Listen

I just wanna say hi to all of you out there
Hope to see America in Denmark in the future.
Take a closer look at my homepage
I think all you Americafans will find something of interest
if you take that closer look
Am I the only Americafan in Denmark?


Message: 9077 Posted: Fri Nov 19 18:11:21 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Tragedy in Texas

Needless to say my heart goes out to all who were hurt by the tragedy at Texas A&M. I'm sure that all of us on this board would do anything to help.

Message: 9076 Posted: Fri Nov 19 18:07:31 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Backing Vocals,Previous Albums.

There's no doubt that when Dan's voice was combined with Dewey's and Gerry's, the result was a sound that was way beyond human. I can only wish that I could see the three of them together again in the studio and on the stage, since I wasn't really there when the three of them had their first wave of success. Of course, even three perfect voices would be meaningless without great music. Happily, with a little bit of Hourglass, and all of Human Nature and Van Go Gan, America has gone back to a great musical format that can fully compliment the three greatest voices in the business.

Message: 9075 Posted: Fri Nov 19 17:28:33 1999 By: Spurs
Subject: Backing Vocals,Previous Albums.

Hello everyone,with much talk of previous albums and Dan Peeks departure has anyone noticed that America have never acheived that backing vocal trademark sound that was like no other since Dan left. Particularly on albums such as Holiday,Hearts,Hideaway,tracks such as Another Try,People in the Valley,Watership Down and Shes Beside You.Dans vocal seemed to have a nasal quality about it,if and when America record another album wouldnt mind him doing a guest spot on two or three tracks as backing vocalist,only a thought.America down under again in December cant wait.

Message: 9074 Posted: Fri Nov 19 16:49:44 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Strange About "Encore"

I think ENCORE was the very issue discussed earlier about all those great classic LP songs never released as singles. I think SARAH (w/oboe) should have been featured. THE FARM is good, very good.

Message: 9073 Posted: Fri Nov 19 16:45:43 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re:Tragedy

I was very sorry to hear that Gary..I hate when tragedy hits families so close to the holidays, as well. The kids and I will remember them in our bedtime prayers tonight. And as far the Dewey's name..I like the name was my late sister's middle name and it's the name that appears on my favorite pair of jeans! And, as if things couldn't get any better..our New Years Eve at Disneyland waitlist cleared today!! (oh, goody..3 days at Disneyland..who could ask for more?..except maybe a trip to Austrailia, perhaps) I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend..I'm off for 3! :)

Message: 9072 Posted: Fri Nov 19 14:13:18 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Strange About "Encore"

Mark, interesting selection. I like it.

Regarding "Encore", the part of "More Greatest Hits", I think is strange since a majority of the songs were never hits such as Old Man Took, Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby, Cornwall Blank, To Each His Own, and the four new songs. That's eight out of twelve songs. It's nine if you count Survival since it wasn't a hit in the States. I guess it's all a marketing ploy.

Message: 9071 Posted: Fri Nov 19 13:17:35 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Another Encore ??

This might be interesting. If America were to come out with another Greatest Hits album which songs would you include on it? List 12 songs plus 4 additional CD bonus tracks, total 16 songs. Do not include any songs found on History or Encore or Ventura Highway and Other Favorites. Here's my picks (bonus tracks are shown with a +):

1. From A Moving Train
2. Wheels Are Turning
3. Wednesday Morning
4. Young Moon
5. Hope
6. Whole Wide World +
7. Special Girl
8. Tonight Is For Dreamers
9. Inspector Mills +
10. Valentine +
11. Right Back To Me
12. And Forever
13. California Dreamin'
14. God of The Sun
15. Don't Cry Baby +
16. Amber Cascades

Message: 9070 Posted: Fri Nov 19 12:58:34 1999 By: Mark
Subject: "Encore"

I really like Encore. Not only the content, but Rhino did a first class job of packaging it. I was surprised that it took America so long to come out with a Greatest Hits volumn 2, but it was worth the wait. Encore is more than a GH V2 though, because it has 4 new songs, 1 other song not available on any other album, and an extended version of a previously released song. So that's really 6 new songs, about half an album right there. So if anybody hasn't purchased Encore yet because they thought "I already have all their albums so I don't need another compilation" think again.

Message: 9069 Posted: Fri Nov 19 11:27:04 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: "Encore": Which Two

Would have to go with "Nothings so far Away" and " On Target". Both had hit potential IMHO, as someone earlier mentioned, if a large label had promoted them.

Message: 9068 Posted: Fri Nov 19 10:19:22 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Encore": Which Two

Of the two songs by Dewey, my favorite is also "Nothing So Far Away".
"On Target" is my choice between Gerry's two songs. Although "The Farm" isn't my first choice, I must say that Gerry really sings it with a lot of heartfelt emotion (no different than he usually does, right?).

I really like the CD/cassette cover of "Encore". The large red "AMERICA" logo looks great. The cover photo and the two inside photos of Dewey and Gerry are very cool. Also, I'm glad one of Dan's songs, "Today's The Day", was selected to be on the CD/cassette.

Message: 9067 Posted: Fri Nov 19 09:40:11 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: "Encore": Which Two?

Dewey: "Nothing's So Far Away (As Yesterday)"
I've liked it since the first time I heard it. "Hell's On Fire" would probably be more entertaining in a live setting, but on a production album I like the former tune better.

Gerry: "On Target"
This is a fantastic song. I usually play it a couple of times before going on to the next song. After Hourglass came out I felt like this song could have easily gone on that CD. In fact the end of "On Target" reminds me of "Close To The Wind" (did anyone else ever notice that?). I must confess that the first time I heard "The Farm" I didn't like it at all but after numerous listenings I actually enjoy it.

Message: 9066 Posted: Fri Nov 19 08:53:48 1999 By: aria
Subject: Re: Tragedy

I did not attend Texas A&M, but as a fellow Texan I know how important tradition and family is to we Texans. My most heartfelt condolences go out to the students and their families in this time of great tragedy. Yesterday was an extremely long day for everyone as we watched, prayed and hoped. Now we can only hope for student and family recovery and not forget those who held this tradition so dear.

Message: 9065 Posted: Fri Nov 19 06:55:51 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: "Encore": Which Two?

"Nothing's So Far Away" and "On Target".


Message: 9064 Posted: Thu Nov 18 22:15:52 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Tragedy

Gary...that is absolutely awful. I'll keep everyone involved in my thoughts.

Message: 9063 Posted: Thu Nov 18 17:59:50 1999 By: gary
Subject: Tragedy

Howdy America Fans,

Some of you in this chat room know me and probably most of you don't. I am a graduate of Texas A&M University. This morning a devistating tradegy occured on the campus of my beloved alma mater. Dozens of students were in the process of assembling our annual bonfire when it suddenly collapsed. Eleven students were crushed to death and 28 others were injured. Of the 28, four are in critical condition and 2 are in serious condition. This incident strikes very close to home for me. As a young freshman in 1971, I have vivid memories of hanging off that stack of logs 50ft. in the air as we were madly pushing to get the bonfire finished in time so that we could torch it and express our burning desire to beat the University of Texas, our football rivals. I will remember that bonfire experience for the rest of my life. Sadly, it all came crashing down today. If you could take a just a minute to remember in your prayers the victims, their families and the injured students, I would sincerely appreciate it.

Thank you for reading this.

Gary Harrison

Message: 9062 Posted: Thu Nov 18 17:04:08 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: "Encore": Which Two?

I liked Nothing's So Far Away As Yesterday best. I really like the tune and it has a bittersweet appeal about opportunities lost. Out of Gerry's two new songs I liked On Target. A nice little pop number that coulda been a hit if it had been released and promoted by a major label.

Message: 9061 Posted: Thu Nov 18 16:27:07 1999 By: Dan
Subject: Re: "Encore": Which Two?

I liked "Hells On Fire" for the fact that I seen them do it live and may I add that it really kicked. Nothing So Far I liked next because I thought it had mass popularity appeal and yes it cuold of been a hit in my opinion. As for both of gerry's tunes I really didn't get into them much; too much in the style of Perspective. But my wife really liked them. Dan C.

Message: 9060 Posted: Thu Nov 18 16:19:14 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: "Encore": Which Two?

"Hell's on Fire" and "ON Target"

Message: 9059 Posted: Thu Nov 18 16:18:13 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Different Names

Yes, I had seen somewhere that Dewey's first name is actually Lee. I wasn't questioning the monniker, just commenting that it was amusing!

Message: 9058 Posted: Thu Nov 18 16:11:23 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Encore": Which Two?

I was wondering. From the "Encore" CD, which of Dewey's two new songs do you all like better: "Nothing's So Far Away (As Yesterday)" or "Hell's On Fire" and why? And what about Gerry's two songs: "On Target" or "The Farm"?

Message: 9057 Posted: Thu Nov 18 15:38:56 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Different Names

Yes Howard, I'm sure Dewey's name is Lee Dewey Bunnell. On the "California Dreamin" Soundtrack LP, it lists Dewey's name as "Lee Bunnell". A funny lists Gerry's name as "Jerry Beckley".

Message: 9056 Posted: Thu Nov 18 15:03:13 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: different names

I once looked on the ASCAP website with all the guys names and
for some reason, they have them all listed like that. Must be for a reason. Wasn't Dewey's real name Lee? I thought I read that somewhere.
My worthless 2 cents worth of info.hl

Message: 9055 Posted: Thu Nov 18 13:03:18 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re:DVD

Thanks Gary!

Message: 9054 Posted: Thu Nov 18 12:25:12 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: DVD

There is an interesting graphic on the DVD. Dewey listed as "Lee" and Willie as "William". However, Gerry is not "Gerald" and Dan is not "Daniel" I gather Musikladen is a sort of German "IN Concert" type of thing. The set looks like a rehersal studio. Neat to have!

Message: 9053 Posted: Thu Nov 18 11:53:03 1999 By: gary
Subject: Re: DVD


The DVD in question, The Best of Musiklaiden, 1975 is available at Check out this URL:

Gary H

Message: 9052 Posted: Thu Nov 18 11:36:56 1999 By: Janice
Subject: DVD

Did I miss something about a DVD?? Can you give me more info Steve?..Robyn had mentioned something to me via e-mail and I want it. Yep..that's right..a paragraph behind, as usual..ya'll move to quick for's the southern lifestyle I'm caught up in at the moment. And did I mention how pretty it is here in the Fall?? :)

Message: 9051 Posted: Wed Nov 17 18:09:05 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re:tie die

Andy, may I suggest a good dry-cleaner for your ties?? guys are too knew dirt WHEN??? LOL..!! And as for you just tell 'em who you are and how far you flew to get there..(of course that never works for me), but I have a feeling you will prevail over the first row of unfortunate folks who may happen to be in your seats)!

Message: 9050 Posted: Wed Nov 17 17:57:21 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: re: tye-dye

In, like , totally the Valley, fer-sure, tiedye wasn't "in" it was too 60's. AND Dan, I knew dirt when it was still a rock!

Message: 9049 Posted: Wed Nov 17 17:56:28 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: RE: TYE DYE

I thought tye dye stood for what happens when I put my neck tie in the wahing machine while I add bleach and use very hot water. Oops, make that tie-die.......LOL


Message: 9048 Posted: Wed Nov 17 16:01:36 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re: tye-dye

If you are from the 70's you remember tye-dye..yes we are showing our don't remember "accidently" spilling some on your bell-bottoms, Robyn..(or rather, your Kinda what the next group of kids (and some adults) did with the "accidental" tear in the I never did that! Ahhh..and the "work out-sweatshirt" that kept "accidently" falling off the shoulder..a la disco..and ..and...I'll stop now and let someone else talk.

Message: 9047 Posted: Wed Nov 17 15:31:42 1999 By: Dan
Subject: Re: TYE-DYE

Robyn, You mean you don't remember? ooops sorry

Message: 9046 Posted: Wed Nov 17 15:25:19 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: to Howard:

But in the 70's wasn't tie-dye passe' Except at Dead concerts?

Message: 9045 Posted: Wed Nov 17 14:09:49 1999 By: Janice
Subject: to Howard:

:) cute, Howard...real cute. (Ok I'll take it!

Message: 9044 Posted: Wed Nov 17 12:09:00 1999 By: gary
Subject: Tour Dates


I was under the assumption that after the guys played the Cahndler, AZ shows that there would be no more U.S. dates scheduled until after they returned from Australia. These two Vegas shows kind of just popped up out of the blue. There will be a show in Uraguay on November 20 and then the next show will be in Vegas on Dec. 17, almost a month later. So the question begs to be asked, has anyone heard of any rumors about possible U.S. shows in late Nov. or early Dec? Maybe the guys will just take some needed time off before the Australia trip. Hey Jim Nakao!, don't sandbag on us! If you know about any possible shows during that time, you are obligated to let your fellow America brethren in on it so we don't get jacked around on the reserved tickets because of calling late like I did for the upcoming Vegas shows! I am still ticked about this. Everyone knows that I OWN the front row for ALL America concerts! (ha ha) I'll get on that front row in Vegas, one way or another. (are YOU listening Jim?)


Gary H

Message: 9043 Posted: Wed Nov 17 11:49:53 1999 By: gary
Subject: Re: Flock Of Seagulls

I have to agree Robyn, a lot of fluff however, the original guitarist for them wasn't too bad.

Gary H

Message: 9042 Posted: Wed Nov 17 11:47:22 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Flock Of Seagulls

The ORIGINAL haicut band! Although I worked for a few new wave bands in the 80's, I liken FOS to eating a marshmallow. All fluff, very little substance, ok once in a while, but too much can make you sick.

Message: 9041 Posted: Wed Nov 17 10:42:32 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Behind The Music

I think they should do a "Behind The Music" on the America Chat Folder.....wha da ya think, Steve????!!!! lol.


Message: 9040 Posted: Wed Nov 17 10:41:26 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Flock Of Seagulls

AMEN John. I happen to be a HUGE "new wave/romantic" fan, having had my twenties immersed in that era. BUT I also happen to LOVE Americas early acoustic stuff. The two can peacefully coexist in my mind! (C=

Message: 9039 Posted: Wed Nov 17 10:36:54 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Nothing Against Synths

<<...except when the power goes out.>>
a little ELO anyone? (I like them, too....)

Message: 9038 Posted: Wed Nov 17 10:18:40 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: janice/t-shirt

hey janice,

what if I wrote America Ruled In the 1970's! and had my kids colored
it with psychedelic colors and then tye dyed it....
Do I get a round trip ticket???
huh huh pretty

Message: 9037 Posted: Wed Nov 17 07:07:38 1999 By: Janice
Subject: I need help,

Thanks for duly acknowledging that Old Man Toke (love that name)..I'm at work and saw your post...that's ok..I'll just wear old Elton what's his face..never mind the fact that my trade was going to be a round trip ticket to anywhere in the world that Delta flies..ho hummmmmm..have a great day everyone! ;)

Message: 9036 Posted: Wed Nov 17 07:04:49 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Behind The Music

I really enjoy this show and am disappointed that America has not yet appeared. They did an episode with Alanis Morrisette this week that was fabulous. what I don't understand is why they would do a show about Poison. I mean these guys had what, two years in the spotlight? Even that is generous.

C'mon VH1, get with it.

BTW, what ever happened to "LIVE BY REQUEST"? Anybody know?


Message: 9035 Posted: Wed Nov 17 02:10:38 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: Flock Of Seagulls

I personally happen to love A Flock Of Seagulls. That group knew how to use a synthesizer in its own right, in the same way that Gary Numan and Devo did. One of my closest friends is as huge of a fan of the Flock as I am with America. I find it somewhat amusing that both America and A Flock Of Seagulls had only one Top Ten hit each in the 1980s, and they both peaked in the same week of October 1982. That's what I loved about the '80s -- a neat blending of newer and older sounds on the charts. Perhaps that's why Perspective was kind of neat as a one-off experiment.


Message: 9034 Posted: Tue Nov 16 21:12:06 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Nothing Against Synths

Your point's well taken. Believe it or not, I agree that there is a place for the synthesizer when it doesn't try to replace traditional musical instruments. The best way I can view it is to liken it to black pepper. It's a good seasoning if used lightly, and if it stays way in the background. No sane person would try to make a meal out of black pepper. Well, the synth can be used as a seasoning too. If it's tastefully kept way back, then the song doesn't get ruined. And just as some foods can not accept harsh seasoning, some types of music are best left synth-free. Who wants to hear a Flock of Seagulls cover America's first album? (Doctor Demento factor aside)
But yes, I must confess that I do like some types of music that has synthesizers. Early Elton John used it. (funeral for a friend) I adore quite a few Alan Parsons Project albums that use it. And the current object of my 90s obsession, Sarah McLachlan, definitely uses the synth/drum machines in numerous studio tracks. But in each case, the Synthesizer never totally replaces or overwhelms the music.
Anyway, enough hot air for tonight.


Message: 9033 Posted: Tue Nov 16 20:49:53 1999 By: OldManToke
Subject: Re: just nuthin'

I'm remembering the Titans, honest! (dig back to Msg# 8889, folks) Take it from somone who knows about being ignored. All I can offer is a black Horse With No Name Tour 94-95 T-shirt at this time. Nothing against Elton, but this girl needs support!

Message: 9032 Posted: Tue Nov 16 20:25:03 1999 By: Janice
Subject: just nuthin'

No Andy..just free and I have been going back and forth on e-mail..hey, at least he spends his miles wisely..and jet-setter've been more places than I have! And Robyn would like a little cheese with her "whine" about how she can't possibly gooooooo...hey, Christmas will's a whole week later! Oh, and by the way, thanks to all you who so generously donated your America t-shirt for my "film debut"...NOT. (thanks, guys..) Guess I'll just have to wear Bread..or one by that obscure guy..Elton

Message: 9031 Posted: Tue Nov 16 20:12:47 1999 By: OldManToke
Subject: Nothing Against Synths

John Corbett has a good point regarding Ian's recollections of the Lads' being persuaded against their wishes to record a straight acoustic album, even though the Guys, like any musicians (especially when new to the recording scene), most likely had visions of studio arrangements for the songs they created. The ironic or whatever outcome, though, was that it was the very fact that the first and subsequent couple albums made them famous and to stretch it further, put them where they are now. Many of us on this Folder were initially turned on to America by the raw acoustic in-your-living-room energy that those albums convey. Whether it was the Guys' intentions or not, the first album, in its format, kicked seriously for and with the times. Countless folks, who hadn't purchased a guitar after the Beatles or CSN&Y broke, were taken over the edge in witnessing how "cool" an acoustic guitar could be and sound after hearing that first album. I have no pressing opinion on what they should do in the recording arena because they so much continue to pleasantly surprise me. I do know that they haven't lost any of the acoustic talent...duh, and that they have the capability to re-record or replay any song at any time.

ANDY, conservatives can't be all that bad if they still appreciate the warmth and reality of gool ole analog. I agree, Tery, get a good 2 inch reel to reel well done next to any digital machine and even some "experts" can't tell the difference. It's sometimes a subconscious thing, though, like when you're looking at this monitor right now. There is fatigue created in the brain while trying to deal with the 60+ cycles/sec of refresh rate which gives only the illusion of a steady picture. Same with digital audio. Adding "tube warmth" enhancers and the such only compound the digital bombardment, because they, too, are digital devices.

I'm not against synthesizers as a valid instrument (anymore) and I own a couple myself. Synths have become accepted as an instrument unto themselves per se, and a proven tool of artistic expression. I recall when The Rolling Stones resisted the first use of a synth on one of their albums. I also remember the protest when Bob Dylan picked up his first electric guitar. As long as synththesized music is recognized as what it is (synth music), and differentiated from an attempt by the producer/engineer to "fool us" with sampled/fake/substituted sounds, which some of us can't be fooled by anyway, I think the keyboard and its player has its place and has contributed much to the sounds we enjoy...except when the power goes out.

Message: 9030 Posted: Tue Nov 16 17:31:20 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Hotel In White"

As I mentioned before, I was in Las Vegas for the very first time last month. What a beautiful place at night! Been to places like Paris, Rome, Brussels, Venice, Geneva, London, and Munich but Vegas impressed me a lot. I was also in awe with the Monte Carlo being such a grand building in white. It reminded me of Gerry's "Houses In White".

Message: 9029 Posted: Tue Nov 16 17:13:57 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Flying

Talking about flying, reminds me of a conversation that I had this past weekend with a high school classmate from the very early 70s. I hadn't spoken to her in 25-27 years. We were talking about our favorite bands. She asked me about mine. I, of course, said America. She immediately started singing, "Flying me back to Memphis. Gotta find my Daisy Jane." Boy, it really surprised me when the words came flying out of her mouth. Apparently, the song made a great impression on her.

Message: 9028 Posted: Tue Nov 16 17:07:08 1999 By: gary
Subject: Vegas

Howdy America Fans!

I called the Monte Carlo Casino in Vegas last night and reserved my tickets for both shows, Dec. 17 & 18. The tickets are reserved, and I, for some reason, could not persuade the young lady who was handling the call to tell me exactly where I would be sitting. All she said was, "well they are reserved tickets and you are one of the first to call so they should be good". I asked her, "well what exactly is good"? Let me guess, the first three rows are complimentary seats to be passed out to high rollers who have no idea who America is!!!!!" Her only response was "well, it is hotel policy that we sell the best tickets available at the time". Yeah right. Where have we heard THIS before?!!" I liked Reno better. It was general admission and I was able to grease the host with a 20 dollar bill and get front center. (capitalism in it's purist form, don't you just love it). Anyway for those of you who are planning to attend the shows, you might want to call now and reserve your seats. The toll free number for ordering tickets is 1-877-386-8224.


Gary H

Message: 9027 Posted: Tue Nov 16 16:37:19 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: re:Frequent Flyer

Delta? Continental?? Is this some sort of backhanded way to start a discussion about JET BOY BLUE?????? LOL


Message: 9026 Posted: Tue Nov 16 16:34:27 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re:Frequent Flyer

Hrumppffhh..Continental or United?? Yes, you are merely a few others whom I won't name who "travel" on Northwest..sorry..been with Delta 18 years..I've gotta show loyalty!!

Message: 9025 Posted: Tue Nov 16 16:27:28 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re: Las Vegas

Robyn, quit your whining and let's go to Las Vegas!! :) e-mail me!

Message: 9024 Posted: Tue Nov 16 16:22:38 1999 By: ANDY

The day that synthesizers can faithfully reproduce the sound of Gerry and Dewey's Taylors is the day that I'll stop my personal war against the synthesizer. If that day has already arrived, then I'm blowing a lot of hot air for nothing. If the exact sounds of each and every instrument that was on the first album can be faithfully reproduced, great...I'll get off of my soapbox. But as long as that rotten electronic silly machine keeps making techno-new wave poop sounds, well then I'll just keep complaining. Again, I'm not saying that any song from any album should be redone, only that it would be a nice tribut to get a similar feel that the first album provided when it came out. I figured the best way to accomplish that is to use the same instruments. Now if all that can be done with a few computer chips and diodes, then great !!!! Personally, I'll take Homecoming over something that sounds like a vision of Gary Newman or Thomas Dolby.


P.S. DEATH TO THAT MECHANICAL BUNNY !!! still going....still going...still going....still going.....LOL

Message: 9023 Posted: Tue Nov 16 12:55:36 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Vegas

Would that I could go!

Maureen, contrary to popular belief, it get REALLY COLD in the desert in the winter. It even snows there. But it might be better to be freezing in Vegas (lol)

Message: 9022 Posted: Tue Nov 16 11:55:05 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Tribute to the first album

Ah, but may THINK you're hearing guitars, drums and the old Analog hiss-but do you REALLY KNOW FOR SURE you're not hearing digital? With the new "tube boxes" that are out you simulate all that glorious wormth and hiss......The new synths out now are virtually INDISTINGUISHABLE from the real thing, guitar samples are almost perfect with the pluck noises and string vibrations, (with a GOOD PLAYER).....

LOL--so be forewarned.... (C;


Message: 9021 Posted: Tue Nov 16 11:54:46 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Tribute to the first album

Ah, but may THINK you're hearing guitars, drums and the old Analog hiss-but do you REALLY KNOW FOR SURE you're not hearing digital? With the new "tube boxes" that are out you simulate all that glorious wormth and hiss......The new synths out now are virtually INDISTINGUISHABLE from the real thing, guitar samples are almost perfect with the pluck noises and string vibrations, (with a GOOD PLAYER).....

LOL--so be forewarned.... (C;


Message: 9020 Posted: Tue Nov 16 11:47:20 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Walking on the sun

I loved that song........

Message: 9019 Posted: Tue Nov 16 10:34:01 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Catching up.

Kevin, when you're in LA go to the Library and use THEIR internet-- I do! ( It's available for public access there)

Message: 9018 Posted: Tue Nov 16 08:06:52 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: Vegas

To all:
I was in Vegas back in August. Temp duriong the day was a mere 100 degrees. At night it was only 90. I did go into the Monte Carlo. It is
a very beautiful casino. I'd love to go especially since my last
day of school is the 16th of December. I could use a show by the
guys just to recoop. To all who are going - ENJOY IT !!
Think of all of us East Coasters freezing here !!


Message: 9017 Posted: Mon Nov 15 20:30:37 1999 By: gary
Subject: Freq. Flyer

Well Tres'

Let's see. I am basically on the road, travelling for my business about 20 days out of each month. I have been doing it for about 6 years, so you can imagine how many freq. flyer awards I have saved up. I will tell you this, I am in the 1,000,000 mile club for both Continental and United, otherwise, how else could I afford to go to all these America shows!

Gary H

Message: 9016 Posted: Mon Nov 15 19:54:23 1999 By: Tres'
Subject: Vegas -Gary???

OK Gary.......SO jealous! How many frequent flyer miles do you have anyway!!!!!!! Any left over? ha! Anyway, for anyone lucky enuf to go....have a large time! I'll be thinking of you - whining all the way.

Message: 9015 Posted: Mon Nov 15 13:57:58 1999 By: aria
Subject: Demo tapes/Hunger Site

Steve, I love the idea of hearing demo and rehearsal tapes. This format, much like the live cd format, gives listeners the opportunity to see the real person behind the music, not the perfect (touched up) performer one would normally hear on a polished cd. I would buy one.

On another note. I visited the Hunger site that Matt had mentioned in an October 19 post (#8612). I was curious to see if my visits had made a difference and found that donations doubled from September to October (from 2,478,957 to 4,823,566). I just wanted to thank Matt for giving me the opportunity to become involved.

Message: 9014 Posted: Mon Nov 15 11:42:51 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: The New King Biscuit CD Cover

I have a copy of the original version of King Biscuit... except on the back it has the play list for the Emerson,Lake,Palmer King Biscuit cd.(when I first saw it I thought, Oh, cool, a live cd full of new songs) It has the picture of Gerry and Dewey on the back, the inside is correct and most importantly the actuall cd is right but the "glitch" on the back is sort of interesting. Anyone else have this?

Message: 9013 Posted: Mon Nov 15 11:18:45 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The New King Biscuit CD Cover

Right before I was about to post this message, I looked to see if anyone responded to Andy's question about the new King Biscuit CD cover. I now see that Steve did. I'll submit this anyway since I've already composed it.

Andy, regarding the King Biscuit CD with the horse on the cover, I think I can answer your question. However, I'm not meaning to speak for anyone at King Biscuit/Oxygen Records. Since I've corresponded in the recent past with Karen DiGesu about the new cover, I believe what I'm saying is correct.

King Biscuit definitely ISN'T trying to deceive anyone with the new package. Instead, King Biscuit thought it was time to re-design the cover. As you know, the back of the CD specifically states that it's the September 4, 1982 live performance from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. So, no trick there.

Inside the cover is a very nice collage of about 8-10 photos. Some are of the 1982 time period, some older, and some newer. Inside the cover, it says the photos are from Dewey and Karen's collection.
To me, I was most impressed with the collection of access passes from various tours of the past. They are very cool looking. Inside the cover, there's also a mention of "Human Nature" and "From A Moving Train".

So, that's the answer. No tricks...just a refreshing new look. I can definitely understand your excitement followed by your disappointment when you initially thought it was a new CD. It's the same good music with a new look.

Message: 9012 Posted: Mon Nov 15 10:42:51 1999 By: AmericaSL

Andy, I believe the answer to your question is "marketing." They're doing what they can to sell more of that great, live CD. I haven't purchased this most recent version with the Horse on the front but I've been told by those who have, that it has some really cool never-before-seen photos on the inside. I suppose that most of us already have one version or another of the King Biscuit CD, but if any of you don't, this latest packaging would be a great one to pick up.

Message: 9011 Posted: Mon Nov 15 10:41:36 1999 By: Jerey
Subject: Couple of questions

I just listened to the Hark, the Herald Angels Sing and I was wondering if that was the song America sang on Solid Gold. I think the song they sang was Do You Hear What I Hear. And also, is Gerry doing the lead vocals on Dan Peek's What is This. I may be completely mistaken on both counts but would like to the know the answers anyway. Thanks for being here. I love America and their music. I appreciate this site more than you could imagine.

Message: 9010 Posted: Mon Nov 15 10:07:54 1999 By: gary
Subject: Vegas

Yeah Erin, I think I will probably try to make the Las Vegas shows also.

Gary H

Message: 9009 Posted: Mon Nov 15 08:50:02 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Catching up.

Go for it Steve. If we need to start an email campaign just let us know who we need to start attacking.

Message: 9008 Posted: Mon Nov 15 00:45:53 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: las vegas

Andy...I'm hoping I can go. I'm on vacation from work that week, now it's just a matter of finding someone to fly to Vegas with me. It's only an hour plane ride from Reno, so I'm REALLY hoping I can make it. I'd LOVE to see them there...Hope everyone has a great week!
Erin :o)

Message: 9007 Posted: Sun Nov 14 23:36:55 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: las vegas

My friend lives in Vegas. Although I fly out to visit him a couple of times a year, I won't be able to make that show. Gee, I wonder if you'll go?!! LOL When you go, give us a full report....and scream at Gerry to sing Sargent Darkness!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 9006 Posted: Sun Nov 14 23:33:39 1999 By: ANDY

This is, even by my standards, a pretty lame question.
A couple of hours ago I drove to TOWER RECORDS to buy Sarah McLachlan's MIRRORBALL on video. As I always do when I'm looking at music, I make a point of going through the AMERICA section.
For a tiny split second, my heart froze....there was a CD that I've never seen before! It had a picture of a horse on the front. Boy what a letdown it was when I turned over the CD, only to discover that it was the usual King Biscut show from Sept 1982 in Ohio. Not that I don't like that CD,(INSPECTOR MILLS alone makes that CD worth buying) it's just that I thought that I'd stumbled onto something new and rare. I guess there's a fool born every second! So my very lame question is why there are so many different covers to the same live King Biscut CD? There, I told y'all that it's a lame question!!!


Message: 9005 Posted: Sun Nov 14 23:28:15 1999 By: Erin
Subject: las vegas

Hey everyone! I just noticed that the guys will be in Vegas on December 17th and 18th. Anyone planning on going??
Erin :o)

Message: 9004 Posted: Sun Nov 14 22:09:37 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Catching up.

Kevin, the tape that I've been talking about is actually a series of tapes and it's not really underground. If the tapes are compiled and released they will be released by a legitimate label as a legitimate CD. The demo tapes were not for a possible reunited Dan, Dewey, Gerry album in the 80's so it still is a pipe dream to think they'll get back together. If the CD is released I'm confident it will be well under $100 ... probably in the $15-$30 range depending on whether there are 1 or 2 CDs (that's just my guess, nobody has told me that). --Steve

Message: 9003 Posted: Sun Nov 14 21:02:34 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Catching up.

I've been gone from the computer, and thus the Chat Folder, for about a week (and unfortunatly going back to LA for another two weeks away from the internet), so I've spent the last hour (slow reader) catching up on what's been posted since I was gone.

Great stuff. Hey, wait a minute...why is it the conversation's always better when I'm gone?

Steve, HECK YES I'd love to get a tape of America with Dewey, Dan and Gerry from the 80s. That's legendary stuff. It also brings a lot of questions to mind that maybe the Underground can answer. Were these demos for a possible reunited Dan, Dewey and Gerry album in the 80s? If that's the case, what happened? And, if so, then the thought of Dan rejoining America isn't such a pipe dream after all. Maybe Dan and Dewey and Gerry getting back for a revisit to their legendary style isn't so far fetched (In keeping with the H theme, I'd call the album He's Back, or maybe Hey, He's Back.) Just let me know where to send my check or money order for the Underground recording. And try to keep it under a couple hundred dollars.

The four bonus tracks on Van Go Gan remind me of the Beatles Anthology albums. What an interesting peek inside the making of Now Sue, my favorite song on the album. I always thought that the lyrics made no sense whatsoever, now I know why.

My favorite song off Perspective is not one that I think would have been a hit. Lady With A Bluebird. Just too smart of a song for the radio. The song I would have released, coming off the modest success of Dewey's "The Border" would have been his "Falling Off The World."

My favorite 90s America album: Hands down it's Hourglass. Human Nature is too hit and miss for me. I've said all along that individually the songs on Human Nature are better than the album itself. Hourglass sound cohesive. Human Nature sounds like the songs were written months and even years apart from one another, all from different points of view musically, and not necessarily to be used as America songs. Maybe they were. Dewey said Gerry sent him a bunch of songs he'd already done and asked him to select the ones for Human Nature. Still a great album with judicious use of the SKIP button.

And speaking of backwards songs, I think if you listen to Hidden Talent backwards, it's Muskrat Love. And not America's version. That explains everything.

Well, talk amongst yourselves for the next two weeks. You won't have me to kick around (unless I find a computer with the internet in LA, which may not happen. Heck , they don't even have an NFL team.)

Take care everyone. Have a great Thanksgiving. Send me that Underground tape, Steve.


Message: 9002 Posted: Sun Nov 14 20:47:02 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Going acoustic

point well taken. So how about our three heros going into the studio and using ONLY THE INSTRUMENTS that were used on Homecoming or Hat Trick? Yes, technically there is a pesky synthesizer listed on the back of Hat Trick, but in 1973 it was still way in the background, and not "in your face". I think I hear it in GREEN MONKEY, but the way it's applied sounds just fine to me. I guess that it's found elsewhere on the album, but the fact that I'm hard pressed to even remember which track MIGHT have it tells me that the synthesizer was properely applied.
What it comes down to is the description that I read about what America was all about in the first couple of years. I don't remember who who said it, but their act was described as just three guys with three acoustic guitars....That description makes me wish that I could have been around to see them back then!! I'm really jealous of anyone that was able to see them play in that format.


Message: 9001 Posted: Sun Nov 14 20:01:57 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: Going acoustic

The main reason why I didn't suggest that America go back to the instrumentation of the first album is that I personally don't think Dewey or Gerry would see any reason to do it. Mind you that when that first album was recorded, the trio already had arrangements in mind which later were fulfilled under George Martin. According to Ian Samwell, the guys were disappointed to record a straight acoustic album, but were persuaded that at that moment it would be a good idea because they could tour well with that kind of sound. I think the second and especially the third albums really represent what the trio were shooting for back in the early days, not the first. As a result, I think it would be hard to convince them to go back to that sound. On the other hand, if they were to do a VH-1 "Legends" show, then maybe they'd consider it for a one-off performance. That's my reading, anyway.


Message: 9000 Posted: Sun Nov 14 15:19:31 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Walking on the sun

The name of the group that recorded the song WALKING ON THE SUN is named SMASH MOUTH. I really appreciated the musical instruments that they used to record that track. I could have sworn that the keyboard solo came right out of the DOOR'S vault.


Message: 8999 Posted: Sun Nov 14 12:48:40 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Acoustic Guitars That Rock

I'm psyched that everybody got my drift regarding going back to the roots of the 1st album! That's what I was trying to communicate! Now THAT would be a dream come true. I don't know if Gerry And Dewey would view it as a step back versus "been there, done that". But the effort may be magical. See Ya TeeTee

Message: 8998 Posted: Sun Nov 14 12:37:53 1999 By: Dan
Subject: thoughts

As far as my opinion goes regarding best America duo albums, Silent letter wins hands down. As for 90s albums i gotta go with HN. Regarding your inside info Steve, just one thing to say, GO FOR IT!!!!!!

Message: 8997 Posted: Sun Nov 14 10:29:25 1999 By: richm
Subject: alibi v. human nature

I agree with John's earlier comments: for me, the big flaw with Human Nature is that it really seems more like a collection of songs than an album. Individually, I think there are several songs that rank up there with the best of America's work. Collectively, I think the CD suffers from the lack of a unified sound such as on Alibi or Silent letter. I wonder how much of this (if any) is do to their heavy touring schedule and that maybe they record on short breaks from touring, rather than taking an extended period off to make a record.
As for the suggestion of an all acoustic album, I think its a great idea, but I can see that Gerry and Dewey might view this as a step backwards. However, I think an all acoustic or similar album could be well received commerically because it is somewhat different from today's standard radio fare and could be considered retro and hip. I love the idea of using the old instruments and analogue recording. I read recently that the group that recorded the hit "Walking on the Sun" used 1960s instruments and 60s recording techniques to help create the retro sound of that song.

Message: 8996 Posted: Sun Nov 14 06:58:34 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: 90's album

The only thing that keeps "Hourglass" from being a perfect collection is the re-make of "Magic." Otherwise there's not a flaw on it. "Human Nature" is good, but I must admit that I still skip over "Hidden Talent" and "Hot Town".

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 8995 Posted: Sun Nov 14 00:49:19 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Tribute to the first album

I love what I've been reading... about paying a sort of tribute to the first album. I think the first two America albums are the greatest moments in music ever to be recorded....they represent the highest musical achievment that mankind will ever be capable of!!(I'm trying not to go overboard in praising the first two albums, but it's hopeless)
As far as a tribute, there is no need to record the same songs over again. That would be risky since nobody has found a way to improve on something that's perfect, right? Instead, I hope that Dewey, Gerry, AND DAN go to a good studio and record new songs USING THE SAME MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AS FOUND ON THE FIRST ALBUM. And those instruments are listed on the back of the album! Think about it. No synthesizers, no drum machines,etc... Just the same musical instruments found on the first album.....all recorded on great quality ANALOG tape.
Okay, fantasy hour is over for me. Any comments??


Message: 8994 Posted: Sat Nov 13 23:55:28 1999 By: BC
Subject: Re: America in the '80s, '90s (and '00s)

I agree with Tom. Blatant capitalization of their Legendary First Album would be wonderful as America's next album. Very minimalistic. Just great acoustic guitars, great jam sessions on each song, tight harmonies. Wow! It couldn't get any better than that.

Message: 8993 Posted: Sat Nov 13 23:04:57 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: 90's album

WOW! Hard to decide on this one, I LOVE VGG, Hourglass, Human Nature, pretty much at the same level. I Guess if I was FORCED to pick one, at this point, I would take VGG. Then I guess it would be Hourglass. (still a hard choice!!)
As far as their 1st album (which would be my choice over all of them!)
I would love to see them get back into that format (W/or W/out Dan)
I Think ALL of their music is great, but I could NEVER part with their 1st effort!

Message: 8992 Posted: Sat Nov 13 17:33:46 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: America in the '80s, '90s (and '00s)

Hey John-I have really enjoyed reading everyone's opinions regarding The various decades that coincide with America's recordings. In MY opinion, I think it would benefit Gerry And Dewey to come out with a CD that blatantly would capitalize on the Legendary First (and perhaps second) album. In other words, I think it would be so cool to have the guys go in the studio and focus on the early style they did so well. They've always said, to quote Dewey, "We were Unplugged before it was cool to be..." so I think they SHOULD do it. No, I'm not saying to go back and re-record the first LP, they should try to go through their respective catalogs of unreleased tunes and see what they come up with. Perhaps that would be a great way to get a reunion of sorts with Dan Peek. His obligation to the reunion would only be a couple of tunes and that would be "History" in its' own right. Then on the other tunes maybe they could get some other Superstar/Friends to be the "Third America Member". Wouldn't that be interesting to have artists' ego left at the door to see what they would come up with? How about James Taylor, or Jackson Browne, or Don Henley, or Tom Petty, or Paul Simon, or Carly Simon, or Glenn Frey, Or Timothy B. Schmidt, or Bonnie Raitt, or Sir Paul you all get the picture? Do an authentic AMERICA release along the lines of "Duets". Wow, what a fantasy!!! I like it!!! What do you think!? As far as their '90's works, I'm still extremely partial to "Human Nature". VGG IS a masterpiece too!!! Heck, I LOVE THESE GUYS!!!:-) TeeTee

Message: 8991 Posted: Sat Nov 13 16:22:25 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: Alibi v. Human Nature

No, actually I'm not an attorney or an English professor. As of now, I do billing research for a major cell phone company. That is, when I'm not surfing the web and looking at the Chat Folder!


I suppose what I'm saying about Alibi in comparison to more recent efforts is that it has a more unified feel. I can put that album on in my car and get a certain feeling that only that album can get. Silent Letter, View From The Ground, Your Move, and Perspective... all of them are similar to some extent in that they all require a certain mood. But I find that Hourglass and Human Nature, while having excellent songs, don't strike me as coherent ALBUMS, but rather sets of random songs. They don't have specific moods. I guess I want to see more of a "concept" album in the future.

Message: 8990 Posted: Sat Nov 13 16:09:10 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: 90s Releases and "Alibi"

Richm, I asked the same question about "Hourglass" vs. "Human Nature" about six months ago. I'm glad you've asking us now. Six months ago, I said "Hourglass" is my favorite of the two. However, I'm finding myself reaching for "Human Nature" more lately. Maybe it's because I've played "Hourglass" so many times in the past. Absolutely no doubt, "Hourglass" is a FANASTIC cd! Yes, it's solid all the way through. It has a little bit of everything good on it. I find it incredible that there wasn't a single hit off of it other than the country stars recording "Hope". That alone is quite a wonderful honor for Gerry. I always think to myself about "Hourglass": What does Dewey and Gerry have to do to get a hit after releasing such great songs like those found on "Hourglass"? Man! It doesn't get much better than that. I think if "Hourglass" had the same push like Oxygen did for "Human Nature", there might have been some good results. And then come "Human Nature" with all of its wonderful songs! I'm one of the rare ones that likes "Hidden Talent".

John Corbett, regarding "Alibi", it is a wonderful album. It's so upbeat. It always puts me in a good mood each time I play it. Is the studio drummer's name, Michael Baird? I don't have the album in front of me at the moment so I'm not positive if I have the name right. I recognize him from the band, Journey. I think when Journey was touring during their release of their "Raised On Radio" album, Baird was their drummer. I love the heavy drum and bass sound of "Alibi".

John, maybe I should ask this off of the chat folder but I'll ask you here anyway. Your work on the "Comprehensive History" of America is fantastic. I've been wondering for some time what your occupation is. Because of your writing ability, I tend to think maybe you're an English professor or maybe an attorney?

Message: 8989 Posted: Sat Nov 13 14:41:39 1999 By: richm
Subject: 80s, 90s, 00s

One great thing about America's music is that always experiment and their sound changes a little from album to album. That being said, I agree with John. I would like to see them go back to a more "band" oriented sound a la Alibi. I always wondered what "View" would have sounded like if Alibi had been a hit -- I assume they might have continued with some version of the alibi sound. I think this could especially help Dewey's songs which often benefit from a grittier live feel. I much prefer the band playing "live" on "Greenhouse" or "All Night" than I do to the more produced sound of "Hot Town" or "Hells on Fire." In fact, I think the latter two songs would be much better live (they should add HOF to the set again) with Willie's drums and some serious guitar than their current recorded versions.

Message: 8988 Posted: Sat Nov 13 13:59:10 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: What's Next

Would Gerry, Dewey, and Dan of course, have to give the "O.K." on this ?

Possibly. However, if these tapes come from a record label (which is what it appears to be), then I think that only the label would have to give the OK. In any case, we won't be doing anything illegal or that would violate copyright laws. Thanks for bringing up that point, Kelly.

Message: 8987 Posted: Sat Nov 13 12:22:10 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: America in the '80s, '90s (and '00s)

Since it doesn't look like we'll be having any new America releases in the 1990s, perhaps we should be looking ahead to 2000 and the new decade (how would you pronounce the "'00s"?). I'd like to see America experiment more with trying to take the sound from their concerts and better translating that on to disc. Outside of their first few albums, the album which best captures that "live" and intimate flavor has to be Alibi. Sure I like finishing touches added in the studio, but I would like to see more of an emphasis on a lively beat, acoustic drums, pianos, and acoustic and electric guitars. I still think that arrangement has consistently been the most agreeable format to their style of playing and songwriting. I like the synthesizers, strings, and horns, but I think that over the last couple decades, Dewey and Gerry have spent relatively little time exploring that sort of sound more fully. Judging from how many people love Alibi, I'm guessing that I'm not alone in thinking this. Any thoughts?


Message: 8986 Posted: Sat Nov 13 10:42:50 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: 90's album

Mine would also have to be Hourglass. There isn't a weak track on it. While I do also really enjoy HN and love VGG I think Hourglass is their best in years.

Message: 8985 Posted: Sat Nov 13 10:28:18 1999 By: richm
Subject: 80's albums

The discussion of favorite albums from the 80's got me thinking. If you could own only one America CD (including VGG) from the 90s, Which CD would it be? I would choose VGG. If VGG is excluded b/c its by Gerry only, I would pick Hourglass. Human nature is great, but I pick Hourglass b/c Dewey and Gerry had the bad judgement to include "Hidden Talent" on Human Nature. Hourglass has "Hope" and " Garden of Peace" which I think are two of America's best songs.

Message: 8984 Posted: Sat Nov 13 10:05:42 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: What's Next

Would Gerry, Dewey, and Dan of course, have to give the "O.K." on this ?

Message: 8983 Posted: Sat Nov 13 10:03:20 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: topic

Erin, this is so sad to hear......end of an era so to speak !!

Message: 8982 Posted: Sat Nov 13 07:40:32 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: opps again

sorry I misspelled Ground....JK

Message: 8981 Posted: Sat Nov 13 07:37:31 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re :80s

OPPS...HIT THE WRONG BUTTON. As I was saying , I read with great interest everyones comments about the 80s albums. All bands except for a VERY select few go through ups and downs. Just look a Hootie ,4 years ago they were the rage of the nation, ( a darn fine band I must say) now they are struggling. Most of the early 90s bands are struggling. We may have our opinions about particular albums but I was just HAPPY that they were making new albums. My 1st child was born in 1977 and for several years I didn't even go to a record store ,let alone buy anything. I believe thats what happens to most bands. Their fans grow up, get married , buy homes and start to raise their families. Only bands that transend generations continue thier success unabated,ie. the Stones ( who I never liked)and other such mega groups are still around, because they found a way to appeal to the next generation......Thats just my opinion , I could be wrong.
I thought it was great that our guys were back in the limelight again. I loved some of the songs and some I didn't. That Russ Ballard had to much influence on a couple of albums is a valid point, but he did help them get a top 10 hit and I suppose they thought he could repeat the earlier success. The doll head on Alibi did prevent me from buying it the first time I saw it, I couldn't believe it was my America ! But it turned out to be a fine album. Anyway heres my list :
1. View From the Groung
2. Alibi
3. Your Move...title song should have been a hit
4. America in concert
5. Perspective... I thought most of the album was good.Loved Lullaby!

My favorite album fom America as a duo is Silent Letter. As far as I am concerned it is a masterpiece.......

Message: 8980 Posted: Sat Nov 13 07:15:13 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: RE: 80s albums

I have read with great interest about everyones opinions on Americas 80s work.

Message: 8979 Posted: Sat Nov 13 01:04:02 1999 By: LisaRose
Subject: re:Best of Musikladen DVD

I also do not have the DVD but have the CD video and the quality is excellent. I purchased this at a record show a few months ago. It's like having your own America concert on your computer.

Message: 8978 Posted: Fri Nov 12 23:11:44 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: Best song on Your Move (after "The Border")

I pick "Someday Woman". It's as close as Your Move comes to classic America harmonizing and instrumentation.

Message: 8977 Posted: Fri Nov 12 23:09:37 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: Record company executive

Hey, Johnny, thanks for the nomination as boffo record exec. In my first act as head honcho, I order all of America's vaults to be opened to find out what gems there are to be had. Next, I'll release a boxed set of some of their neatest outtakes, including "Norman" and early studio versions of some of the rare songs off "Heard" (if they exist), plus some of their early demos. Maybe we can find some of Gerry's unreleased solo material from over the years, and if we're even luckier, I'll see if we can find demos from America's unsuccessful attempts to land a record contract in the late '80s.

If I can't get the rights to those recordings, I can always release the ten-millionth repackaging of America's 1985 concert.

john ;)

Message: 8976 Posted: Fri Nov 12 20:26:39 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Dewey's Best On "Your Move" Is...

Andy, my personal choice for the best performance by Dewey on "Your Move" is "Tonight Is For Dreamers". Oh yeah! Superb!!

Message: 8975 Posted: Fri Nov 12 18:58:54 1999 By: Janice
Subject: this and that..

Robyn, I can't believe what passes for fashion NOW..and I LOVE the Border!! View From the Ground is a great album..of course You Can Do Magic is a favorite..but also Never Be Lonely..(if you can picture this..I jump on a mini-trampoline to that about double-time beat!) Lol..Have a great week-end everybody!!!!

Message: 8974 Posted: Fri Nov 12 18:54:50 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: the border

Robyn and Dennis:
You're right!!! I can't believe I didn't mention THE BORDER. It's such a great song! But Robyn, I'll still take 1983 over any other year!!!!


Message: 8973 Posted: Fri Nov 12 18:44:39 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: the border

Actually, tho only song I remember liking is The Border.

ANdy 1983? I wish it were 1973!!!!!

Message: 8972 Posted: Fri Nov 12 18:22:33 1999 By: dennis
Subject: the border

hey what about the border,this is an amazing song!!!a burning bridge,a lonely highway......another dark nite....if i could make it to the border...psychic drama at it's best!!! tonite is for dreamers?

Message: 8971 Posted: Fri Nov 12 18:10:22 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: More About "Your Move"

If you'll give
Dewey's MY DEAR a chance, you won't be sorry!! You'll flip over Gerry's little backup harmonies. And like both Johnny and I have said, LOVES WORN OUT AGAIN and SOMEDAY WOMAN will be love at first sight (or listen)...Now if could only be 1983 again !!!!!! sigh....


Message: 8970 Posted: Fri Nov 12 17:28:35 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: More About "Your Move"

Gee, you guys are so enthusiastic about it maybe it deserves another listen. Your move is my least favorite album, ( I don't have Perspective or View from the Ground-yet, but I have most of the songs from them in one form or another.) I'll let you know what I think.

Message: 8969 Posted: Fri Nov 12 17:16:32 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: More About "Your Move"

like I've said before, I have way too strong of a sentimental attachment to YOUR MOVE to ever be critical about anything on that album. You're right, Gerry's LOVES WORN OUT AGAIN and SOMEDAY WOMAN are as good as it gets. But I also must tip my hat to Dewey's MY DEAR. What really clinched that song for me was Gerry's backup harmonies!

Message: 8968 Posted: Fri Nov 12 17:10:28 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: What's Next

Regarding the release of an '80s tape with Dewey,Gerry, and Dan: Not only am I mega interested in getting those tapes, but I will become a personal slave to who(m)ever actually makes it happen!!!!!!(okay, I'm stretching it a bit, but you get the point) LOL


Message: 8967 Posted: Fri Nov 12 16:19:37 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Perspective" Hit Song Results

Thanks to you all who took time to cast a vote for the "Perceptive" song that you thought had the best potential for being a hit song. Here's the results:

Song with lead vocal by Dewey:
1st: "Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby" (Erin, John Corbett, Joe Knight)
"It's Like You Never Left At All" (Andy, Tom T, Richm)
3rd: "Lady With A Bluebird" (Eddy)
"See How The Love Goes" (Johnny)

Song with lead vocal by Gerry:
1st: "We Got All Night" (Tom T, John Corbett, Mark, Johnny)
2nd: "Stereo" (Jimnak, Erin, Eddy)
3rd: "5th Avenue" (Mark)

(Note: "Stereo" is a wonderful song and is my favorite from "Perspective" but I think "We Got All Night" would probably had have more it got my vote.)

John Corbett, I think you missed your calling as a big-time Record Executive!! Good job! : )

Message: 8966 Posted: Fri Nov 12 15:53:22 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: What's Next

Here's the latest scoop about the underground rumblings. I believe that I have verified that the 1980's tapes with Dan, Dewey, and Gerry really do exist. Your e-mail messages and posts on this chat folder are giving me the ammunition that I need to try to convince the powers that be that it is worthwhile to compile and release the tapes on a CD. I'm really not trying to make this more mysterious than it needs to be, but my contact prefers to remain anonymous until some kind of deal is worked out (just in case things fall through). So, if the rest of you want to basically CAST YOUR VOTE then post something here or send me a mail message and I'll see that it gets forwarded to the right people. Thanks for your support. --Steve

Message: 8965 Posted: Fri Nov 12 15:07:04 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Best of Musikladen DVD

I second that. It was as close to a live studio situation as we could ever imagine. There was no audience & AMERICA shows us how well they play live. It also contains songs w/variations that you may have never heard b/4. TIN MAN has a wild intro by DEWEY & yes RAINBOW SONG is performed, as is VENTURA HIGHWAY, I NEED YOU, DON'T CROSS THE RIVER, HORSE WITH NO NAME, MOON SONG, LONELY PEOPLE, WIND WAVE, CALIFORNIA REVISITED & GREEN MONKEY. In fact after song 1 is played, GERRY asks the studio crew if they can do that one over. The sound sound on the DVD is excellent & the VHS tape is very good also. Amazon has the DVD.

Message: 8964 Posted: Fri Nov 12 11:59:59 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: More About "Your Move"

Very rarely will I be critical about any of the songs and albums that Dewey and Gerry put out. So here is a rarity on my part.

First of all, Gerry does his wonderful magic on all the songs he performs on "Perspective" and "Your Move". However, I think some of the songs on both albums are very syrupy (is there such a word?). For instance from "Your Move" the album...My Kind Of Woman, She's A Runaway, Honey, and Your Move the song (I love them all)... are a bit "teeny-boppish" in my opinion. On the other hand, I think Someday Woman and Love's Worn Out Again are wonderful and more adult-oriented. I believe Gerry wrote those two songs. I think Dewey's songs (ones he did and didn't write) on "Your Move" are more in line with what he usually sings. I think he really shines on this album.

Hooray for the 90's CDs! "Hourglass" and "Human Nature" are GREAT!!

Your opinion about anything or everything I've said?

Message: 8963 Posted: Fri Nov 12 11:49:44 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Best of Musikladen DVD

While I don't have the DVD, I do have the video and audio CDs. This is THE BEST live America album available. It is also the only one with all three original members. It was recorded in 1975 (between Holiday and Hearts) and the performances are outstanding. It has a classic rock sound to it. I highly recommend it!

Message: 8962 Posted: Fri Nov 12 11:28:12 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: this n that

their best album of the 80's-- Alibi. I really don't like "your Move". I bought ALibi when it came out, but didn't really listen to it, guess I was into other music at that time. I have rediscovered it recently and it is one of the ones that seems to be in my cd player frequently.

Janice--Dittos were high waisted jeans that had this disgusting seam that was shaped like a saddle on the tush area. Really can't believe the things that passed for fashion back then.

all this talk about guitars reminds me that I have a garage full of sound reinforcement and special xf equipment. What do you all say about getting an act together ( ROFLMHO!)

And last-- THANK YOU TO ALL THE VETS OUT THERE. I realize I am a day late, but AOL wouldn't even let me in!

Message: 8961 Posted: Fri Nov 12 11:16:25 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: 80s Feedback/Guitars

Mike, I know that what guitar to get is highly subjective, but if you can afford it, BUY A GUILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 8960 Posted: Fri Nov 12 09:15:51 1999 By: Mike Bunn
Subject: 80s Feedback/Guitars

Thanks for the feedback. Based on FAN responses so far I'll get Alibi next, then update the rest of my 70s Albums (Holiday, Hearts, Hideway, & Harbor) before getting the 80s Your Move and Perspective. I'd also like to get the Best of Musikladen DVD, for those long spells between concerts. Any opinions on the DVD?

Does anyone have written America guitar parts other than the basic rhythm progressions listed on this site, and the few tabulators via Steve's pointer ?. My 70s Yamaha is still fun to play and sounds OK even though the action is rougher on the fingers than my 70s Ibanez - Les Paul copy. Someday, Id like to get a better sounding acoustic with an easier action. But for now, most my resources are used raising 4 great kids (7 15 yrs old). I'm off for an overnite scout camping trip with my boy.

Message: 8959 Posted: Fri Nov 12 07:59:25 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Alibi" Album Cover and "Your Move"

Great discussion on all the topics lately, everyone! Jim G, the story behind the strange "Alibi" album cover is found in John Corbett's "Comprehensive History". John said Dewey and Gerry were looking through Henry Diltz's photos and selected the doll head because it was so unusual. They were right about that!

Regarding the album "Your Move", I wonder why the song, "Your Move", appears on side B or side 2. Wouldn't you want the title track as the first song on side A or side one? Anyone know the reasoning behind that?

Message: 8958 Posted: Fri Nov 12 07:29:44 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Crying in My Sleep

The only way to get it was via ordering it as an import. Since it is from '95 I think, I am not sure if it is still in print. Defintely worth it, since it does have other AMERICA songs covered by Henry Diltz's band. GERRY is featured singing a song written by Jimmy Webb titled Crying in my sleep, originally recorded by Art Garfunkel on his Watermark LP. As many of you know Henry Diltz is AMERCA's long time fotografer.

Message: 8957 Posted: Fri Nov 12 06:58:22 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Best 80's Album

I've always been partial to "Your Move". I know it's more of a Russ Ballard production, but I've always liked it. I think, however, "View From The Ground" was a superior album. I do not believe Dewey ever sounded better than on "You Girl" and Gerry's "Inspector Mills" is an absolute gem. The album flowed well and sounded sharp.

I liked "Alibi" quite a bit. But unlike "View From The Ground" and "Your Move", there came a point when I couldn't listen to it again.

I noticed nobody voted for "In Concert" or "The Last Unicorn".


Message: 8956 Posted: Fri Nov 12 05:15:31 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Best 80's Album

This is a real toss up between "Alibi" (strange album cover notwithstanding...anybody ever find out the meaning behind it?) and "View From The Ground". I mean "Alibi" has masterpieces like "Survival", "Valentine", and "Coastline"... just for starters...and "View..." has "Inspector Mills", "Even The Score", and "Love On The Vine" to name just a few. Just cvan't pick a fave between those two.

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 8955 Posted: Fri Nov 12 02:18:05 1999 By: Brad
Subject: Crying in My Sleep

Hey has anyone ever found the Modern Folk Quartet, Highway 70 release. I really like that song Gerry sings Crying in...I have had no luck . It was released in Japan around the time of Van Go Gan.Well hope to hear from someone.

Message: 8954 Posted: Fri Nov 12 01:24:41 1999 By: Brad
Subject: Re: Brad.C., Rob G., Steve O...come on say yes to the tape!

You know what I would say YES! . What I keep waiting for is a H title called Heritage with Dan Dewey and Gerry recording some new tunes.If CSN&Y can get togeather again , All Things Are Possible!

Message: 8953 Posted: Thu Nov 11 23:42:29 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Best 80's Album

View from the ground for me! what's funny is, my least fave track on that album is "Right Before Your Eyes" (I DO like it, just not as well as the other tracks!) besides that, I couldn't begin to pick my favorite one, because they are ALL Great Tunes!!

Message: 8952 Posted: Thu Nov 11 22:23:17 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Alibi

Michelle, when Alibi came out the record company wanted one side to be A while the band wanted the other side to be A. They never could come to an agreement so they finally decided to label them "Our Side" and "Their Side" referring to the side that the band wanted to be A and the side that the record label wanted to be A. So, you were basically right in your assumption of what it meant. And yes, this little discrepancy is lost on the CD's which don't have sides. --Steve

Message: 8951 Posted: Thu Nov 11 21:35:47 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Alibi

I remember when I bought "Alibi". The cover was a little strange (although I think I may have owned a doll like her as a child), but I had recently attended a concert where America had performed a song unfamiliar to me, and hoped to find it on this new album - "Survival".

I remember being very intrigued by the fact that there was an "Our Side" and a "Their Side". Of course, I was immediately biased to the "Our Side", assuming the phrasing meant that it was the guys' favorite. "You Could've Been the One" - I've always liked that one.

Now, just because of a badgering need-to-know, and realising this has probably been asked and answered here before (can you tell I've felt burned by asking repetitive questions in the past?!?!), anyone know who "Our" and "Their" are? Was this curious part of the album lost on the CD?


Message: 8950 Posted: Thu Nov 11 21:22:56 1999 By: ANDY

The best '80s album? I'd say ALIBI, although I have a teremendous emotional attachment to VIEW FROM THE GROUND and YOUR MOVE. My attachment to those albums actually has little to do with the music, so its probably not worth writing on this message board. Those two albums do, however, have great moments which I'll get to in a minute. First, Alibi gets my vote because the album, in total, sounds much stronger than the other '80s albums, even though there are individual songs from VIEW and YOUR MOVE that I may like more. Johnny is right in mentioning CATCH THAT TRAIN, I think Dewey outdid even himself on that song! The images and feel he conveys through his vocal delivery and through the music is almost chilling. Also, for me, COASTLINE and ONE IN A MILLION are vocal clinics put on by Gerry...stunning!! As for VIEW and YOUR MOVE, I won't even try to be objective. It's true that they can never be confused with the earliest albums, but unlike that nasty thing that came in 1984, at least those two albums have some great moments. INSPECTOR MILLS is an absolute masterpiece that can stand up even to the earliest efforts. Also, has anyone been lucky enough to her EVEN THE SCORE performed on the Tom Snyder show from about 1981? It's even better than the studio version! Nice and raw, with just the right amount of "edge". Yes, Russ Ballard was all over YOUR MOVE, but unlike that thing that came after YOUR MOVE, at least there are some totally great tracks on YOUR MOVE. For me, LOVES WORN OUT AGAIN and SOMEDAY WOMAN are as good as anything that Gerry has ever done. His vocals are exceptional as are the instruments used. Then there's Dewey's MY DEAR, which I did not like at first. Somehow, I warmed up to it, and now I think that it's brilliant. There is something really haunting and chilling about Dewey's delivery. Also, isn't Gerry's back up harmonies to die for in that song???? Even without the great tracks from YOUR MOVE and VIEW, I doubt I'd be able to say anything negative about them. The album after YOUR MOVE, on the other hand, well, UUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I know about the Russ Ballard style canned guitar sound on YOUR MOVE, but pleeezzzeee.....PERSPECTIVE makes YOUR MOVE sound like Dan, Gerry, and Dewey sitting around a camp fire with three acoustic guitars...PERSPECTIVE just reminds me of a little mechanical bunny with an announcer telling us: "...still going....still going......still going.........still going.......still going.......still going........."
Anyway, ALIBI gets my vote, but my heart is with VIEW FROM THE GROUND and YOUR MOVE..


Message: 8949 Posted: Thu Nov 11 19:46:15 1999 By: richm
Subject: best 80s album

I have to agree with Tom T. For me, the low point was "Your Move." Although I liked "The Border" at the time, I don't think it holds up that well and I never listen to the album anymore. "Your Move" was especially disappointing after the great "Alibi" and the more commercially successful "View." I like "Perspective" and think it has a few great 80s oriented pop songs. Together though, these two albums represent the low point. For whatever reason, Gerry and Dewey seemed to be relying on too much outside help and outside songwriters. I know they had a lot of pressure to keep up the momentum after "Magic" but I've often felt they should have waited to release a follow up until they had written some stronger material themselves, and not relied as much on outside writers. In any event, I'd take "Perspective" over "Your Move" any day.

Message: 8948 Posted: Thu Nov 11 18:33:38 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Best 80s Album ?What If....

After all the bashing of "Perspective" and after reading the insight of all the friends here, I've always wondered why people never really pointed out that the true "nadir" of AMERICA recordings was "Your Move"! After "The Border" only barely cracked the Top 30, and "Cast The Spirit" totally bombed, it was up to AMERICA to try desperately to get back on the charts. It didn't help that Capitol records didn't know how to pick the hits from the albums either! As much as I respect the talents of Russ Ballard, I think his input really weakened AMERICA's place in POP/Rock Music during the '80's- Not "Perspective"! "Your Move" is MY Least favorite album by the Guys! The high points: "Your Move"(shoulda been the single), "Runaway" and "My Kinda Woman". Didn't that "Russ Ballard Direct-to-the-mix" guitar sound bug anybody as much as me? Heck, I'd take the drum synths over that any day! Ballard's work on "You Can Do Magic" and "Jody" ("View From The Ground") IS superb, but I think they put too much faith in him to have him do an entire L.P.'s worth of producing/ composing/ and performing. That's why I enjoyed "Perspective" as much as I did. "Human Nature"- now that's a masterpiece!!! It's right up there with their early stuff!!! Oh Also.....Yes YES Yes YES to that tape! Sounds Great! As far as their best '80's Album? "ALIBI"!!!! Probably the most misunderstood L.P. by AMERICA. The public didn't get it...they were(and Are) Stars that recorded a smash album. The song selections are fantastic and the Gerry/Dewey originals are First-Rate. I am so glad I got it on CD!!! Another example of hits that shoulda been!!! If you don't have it...what are you waiting for...GET IT!!! See Ya...TeeTee

Message: 8947 Posted: Thu Nov 11 17:47:26 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Alibi

Yes, Johnny, I did buy it after you so strongly recommended it to me last year. I agree, it is a terrific cd. (Altho I still hate the cover photo, which was why I didn't buy it one time in a store - I couldn't believe that was really America!!)
I would also recommend to Mike that he get Alibi.
Personally, since I have also been acquiring a few at a time like Mike is doing, I bought cds first that I didn't already have in some other form.
And I am STILL really enjoying Van Go Gan.
ShariL <><

Message: 8946 Posted: Thu Nov 11 17:45:37 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: pure frustration

I just spent the last 45 minutes trying to write a response to the topic about the best America albums from the '80s. Instead, America Online TWICE kicked me off, so each time I lost everything that I had written! I'm way too frustrated to write it all over again, so let me just vent by saying that everyone at AOL #@%#%$^$#^% ^@$%^$%^@##$...I'd be thrown in jail for printing what I'm thinking....And AOL would still be charging me! May they rot !!
Oh yeah, happy veterans day everyone


Message: 8945 Posted: Thu Nov 11 17:21:02 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re: 2 off topic posts by Erin and Steve

First, saddened me to hear about Bertha..thanks for sharing..and Steve, it's funny, my brother Bill, who is a former Marine, and Vietnam Vet, sent me that exact same poem today..I was touched when I read it and was so glad you posted it! You, of all people, being the never "off-topic kinda guy".. ;)

Message: 8944 Posted: Thu Nov 11 17:19:59 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Veterans Day

Beautiful Poem. Thanks for sharing it.

Message: 8943 Posted: Thu Nov 11 17:13:59 1999 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: What If

oh, why not

Message: 8942 Posted: Thu Nov 11 17:06:20 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Best 80's Album

Yes, "Alibi" is my vote for the best 80's album! I love the strong drum and percussion sound. Many of the songs could have (and should have) been hits. "Might Be Your Love" and "Catch That Train" are toss-ups for my favorite Dewey songs. "Right Back To Me" is my favorite song by Gerry. I think "Alibi" sounds as fresh today as it did when it first came out. I think it's a sign of a great album. ShariL, you said last year you didn't have "Alibi". Did you get it? If not, you really should!

Message: 8941 Posted: Thu Nov 11 16:20:17 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Best 80s Album ?

Gotta be Alibi

Message: 8940 Posted: Thu Nov 11 14:00:29 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Yamaha/OLD GUITARS

I don't have my Yamaha 12 string acoustic anymore. The guitar started to warp, and the action became some awful the to get from the strings to the fret board, you had to dial a different area code....LOL Anyway, I did in fact hear that some guitars sound better with age (within reason). I now have a six string Takamine that I can plug in when I go to an open mic. I love playing SUBMARINE LADIES on it, as well as RAINY DAY. It doesn't sound quite as nice as the Taylor guitars that Dewey and Gerry use, but I have a nagging suspicion that it's because I'm the one playing it, and not Dewey or Gerry !!


Message: 8939 Posted: Thu Nov 11 12:36:18 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Brad.C., Rob G., Steve O...come on say yes to the tape!

Come on guys, I know you're out there and you would kill for this tape that Steve L has mentioned. Y - E - S !!!!!

Message: 8938 Posted: Thu Nov 11 12:32:57 1999 By: Scott
Subject: tape

yes, count me in for the tape.

Message: 8937 Posted: Thu Nov 11 11:37:01 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: YAMAHA

Ah, the rates of inflation......sigh. At least you HAVE them Howard! This is a good thing. ALSO, when acoustic guitars age SOMETIMES they sound better!!!!!! Go get that baby "conditioned" and maybe you'll have a BETTER guitar than the new!!! I myself covet this nice little (?!?) violet sparkle, $1500 bass on a certain shop wall....but I digress....

Message: 8936 Posted: Thu Nov 11 11:31:09 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: America on TV

To catch ANY musical act on TV all you have to do is go check
weekly. Every week is posted with EVERY MUSICAL "KNOWN" ACT on practically all channels. It is a VALUABLE resource for anyone to have in their "favorites" arsenal......

TerykHolly<------weird link lady

Message: 8935 Posted: Thu Nov 11 11:19:36 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Best 80s Album ?

My votes for Alibi. Best songs, nicely diverse.

Message: 8934 Posted: Thu Nov 11 11:18:17 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: What If

Two words for you Steve....

Um, YEEEEEAH.......

Message: 8933 Posted: Thu Nov 11 10:33:53 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Veteran's Day - Slightly Off Topic

Last year Ike shared a touching poem with us on Veteran's day. I ran across another one this year. I hope you don't mind if I post it here.

'Twas The Night Before Christmas (serious)

He lived all alone,
In a one bedroom house made of
Plaster and stone.

I had come down the chimney
With presents to give,
And to see just who
In this home did live.

I looked all about,
A strange sight I did see,
No tinsel, no presents,
Not even a tree.

No stocking by mantle,
Just boots filled with sand,
On the wall hung pictures
Of far distant lands.

With medals and badges,
Awards of all kinds,
A sober thought
Came through my mind.

For this house was different,
It was dark and dreary,
I found the home of a soldier,
Once I could see clearly.

The soldier lay sleeping,
Silent, alone,
Curled up on the floor
In this one bedroom home.

The face was so gentle,
The room in such disorder,
Not how I pictured
A United States soldier.

Was this the hero
Of whom I'd just read?
Curled up on a poncho,
The floor for a bed?

I realized the families
That I saw this night,
Owed their lives to these soldiers
Who were willing to fight.

Soon round the world,
The children would play,
And grownups would celebrate
A bright Christmas day.

They all enjoyed freedom
Each month of the year,
Because of the soldiers,
Like the one lying here.

I couldn't help wonder
How many lay alone,
On a cold Christmas eve
In a land far from home.

The very thought
Brought a tear to my eye,
I dropped to my knees
And started to cry.

The soldier awakened
And I heard a rough voice,
"Santa don't cry,
This life is my choice;

I fight for freedom,
I don't ask for more,
My life is my god,
My country, my corps."

The soldier rolled over
And drifted to sleep,
I couldn't control it,
I continued to weep.

I kept watch for hours,
So silent and still
And we both shivered
From the cold night's chill.

I didn't want to leave
On that cold, dark, night,
This guardian of honor
So willing to fight.

Then the soldier rolled over,
With a voice soft and pure,
Whispered, "carry on Santa,
It's Christmas day, all is secure."

One look at my watch,
And I knew he was right.
"Merry Christmas my friend,
And to all a good night."

This poem was written by a Marine stationed in Okinawa Japan.

Message: 8932 Posted: Thu Nov 11 10:31:03 1999 By: Billy
Subject: Perspective

I agree with the earlier comments about Perspective being the "weakest" album; although I don't enjoy the live albums either (rather see 'em). But I really recommend View from the Ground, Your Move and Alibi. I thought there would have been a lot more hits from those. Oh, and as far as a tape...YES!!!

Message: 8931 Posted: Thu Nov 11 10:01:31 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: topic

Erin, thanks for sharing that information about Bertha. I have some photos posted of Bertha and Angel just before one of the 1998 concerts in Sparks. They were part of the experience and added some fun to the concerts.

Message: 8930 Posted: Thu Nov 11 09:37:25 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Best 80s Album ?

From the for what it's worth department, here's how I would rate America's albums from the 80's:

1. View From The Ground (the big comeback album, compares favorably with any of their albums produced during their heyday in the 70s)
2. Alibi (shudda been a hit. They make up for the loss of Dan by recording several songs written by third parties. This album set the pattern for View From The Ground)
3. In Concert (A flawless performance)
4. Your Move (not bad, but too much Russ Ballard and not enough Dewey & Gerry)
5. Last Unicorn (really only has 3 America songs on it, so it really isn't an America album. Besides you can get those 3 songs as bonus tracks on the French release of Your Move)
6. Perspective (you already know how I feel about this one)

Message: 8929 Posted: Thu Nov 11 09:29:03 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: What If

Sure, let me know when it's available. I'm especially interested in the unreleased stuff.

Message: 8928 Posted: Thu Nov 11 09:24:12 1999 By: jeff brink
Subject: re: Tape


Message: 8927 Posted: Thu Nov 11 08:23:51 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Message To Mike Bunn

Should you get Alibi and Your Move? Are you serious? Most definitely...especially Alibi. Honestly, I wasn't too crazy about The Last Unicorn. Even so, I guess I can sum it up like a bumper sticker that I saw on a car: "A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work."

Message: 8926 Posted: Thu Nov 11 08:08:59 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: What If

Sounds great, Steve. Count me in.


Message: 8925 Posted: Thu Nov 11 08:07:57 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: What If

Do birds fly? Do fish swim? Is America the best?

Message: 8924 Posted: Thu Nov 11 07:43:22 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: STEVE...TAPE??? / YAMAHA

Steve, yes yes yes....I think we all be interested in that tape. maybe
everybody should email you our interest and you have proof, or just take all our names from the database. Especially ME, with my........,
I must have that tape.

Alright, a raise of hands whoever has a Yamaha guitar. ME!!!
I got mine in 1973!!!! and it still sounds great. Would love to get a
new guitar, but.......who has that kind of money $$$$. I have a
black gibson les paul, which I paid $550 in the 1980's, and today
it's about or over $1000...sheesh.

bye all, hl

Message: 8923 Posted: Thu Nov 11 06:52:48 1999 By: Mike Bunn
Subject: Best 80s Album ?

So, Perspective won't be my next America CD. What is America's best 80's CD ?

I have all the 90s new song CDs and 70's albums (replacing slowly with CDs). Hourglass brought this Fan back, Human Nature is fantastic & VGG is great. The only 80's Album I own is View from the ground. Should I get Alibi, Your Move, The Last Unicorn, or stick to replacing my 70's Albums & 8-tracks first. I hope to buy 1 or 2 America CDs a month.

Im basking in the early 70's stuff on CD and lean towards updating all my 70's Albums before buying any 80s material. But America music revisited has inspired me to pick up my Yamaha Acoustic Guitar. And I might just spend my next music $$$ on a Taylor acoustic guitar, so I can pretend to sing like Dewey (Black crow with an indigo glow).

Message: 8922 Posted: Thu Nov 11 00:14:21 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Mexico

Just wanted to say good luck to the guys...hope you all have a great time in Mexico, and have a safe trip!
Erin :o)

Message: 8921 Posted: Wed Nov 10 23:44:29 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: What If

Better late than never....OF COURSE!!!

Message: 8920 Posted: Wed Nov 10 23:05:01 1999 By: Erin
Subject: topic

About a month ago I posted that Bertha, one of the elephants who "opens" (I guess you could call it that) for America when they play here at the Sparks Nugget had retired...well, today she died. She was 49 and had performed at the Nugget for 40 years. Anyway, I know there are a few of you out there who have seen her act, so I just thought I would mention it...
Erin :o)

Message: 8919 Posted: Wed Nov 10 21:51:18 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: What IF


Message: 8918 Posted: Wed Nov 10 21:33:27 1999 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: What IF

Yes! Yes! I would buy two copies!

Message: 8917 Posted: Wed Nov 10 21:17:46 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Australia Gigs and a Question

Many thanks to Phil who responded to me personally about my Australia gig question. I think his response is worth sharing. Just think what the band can look forward to on New Year's Eve.

Hi Steve,

WIN Stadium is the home stadium of the Steelers football team. It is also known as Steelers Stadium. WIN Television are major sponsors of the stadium so the commercial name of the stadium is WIN Stadium. America are playing at WIN Stadium in Wollongong on new years eve 2000. It will be a big open air concert next to the beach with up to 10 or 20 thousand people - the stadium holds about 20,000.

I actually live in Wollongong and would very very much like to attend this concert but my wife will be 8 months pregnant and it could prove a little difficult for her with the crowds. I saw America here (for the 2nd time) last year at Christmas and they were magic - they got a standing ovation from several thousand people. We are very lucky to have these talented guys playing in our home town on new years eve 2000.

PS Can you pass on a couple of requests for Wednesday Morning and that song on Holiday that starts "Hey Daddy just lost his pay, what can a family say...". They used to play that song on the radio here when I was a kid.

Best Wishes

Message: 8916 Posted: Wed Nov 10 20:55:03 1999 By: Beth
Subject: What If

Steve, Count Me In as another Yes Vote!
Hello All, sorry I haven't been around in another coon's age. Bad stuff happenin' with Justin. Hopefully we've nipped things in the bud. (No pun intended) He's got himself a nice girlfriend now, I pray that turns him around! I remember all that young love stuff - heck, I'm having some good old love myself these days!
Miss you guys when I drop off. Back in Again until Reality grabs me for the next adventure!

Message: 8915 Posted: Wed Nov 10 20:25:01 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re: What If..

All I can say is ask them to rumble a little louder please..someone is wondering if we would be interested?? Are you sure any of the rumblers read this board?? We're all like little America yes, and Yes, Andy I would return it..promise..I could wear it with the Dittos that Robyn, they are hip-hugger bell-bottom type, right Robyn? My purple velvet ones that had bells so big they flapped in the wind come to mind..Ahhhh!! One more thing..Happy Veterans Day tomorrow to anyone on this page who is a Vet..(Ike, stand up..anyone else??) Keep smilin'.. ;)

Message: 8914 Posted: Wed Nov 10 20:00:14 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Message From Russia

>>smooth touch to my soul>> How beautiful is that, and all the way from RUSSIA...very cool !! Could be a line for one of their next songs ?!?!?
As for the what if......hmmmmm songs kinda fishy, but hey I'm in !!

Message: 8913 Posted: Wed Nov 10 19:42:01 1999 By: gary
Subject: Re: What If

Duhhhhh.....I guess so.

Message: 8912 Posted: Wed Nov 10 19:39:05 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Perspective

Although I agree that Perspective is different from all their other albums I still thought it was good....I love "Cant fall Asleep" to Lullaby". Terrific song!!!!!!

Message: 8911 Posted: Wed Nov 10 19:21:01 1999 By: Tres'
Subject: Re: What If


Message: 8910 Posted: Wed Nov 10 18:35:40 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: What If

Nah,....just kiddin'..OF COURSE!

With all the recent discussion about America on TV I was wondering if a tape (or 2 or 3) of their various appearances would be possible. Some major negotiations with all of the various companies I am sure. Gerry and Dewey could work on it for us in all of their spare time.

Message: 8909 Posted: Wed Nov 10 17:42:29 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: What If

YES!!! That would be GREAT!!!

Erin :o)

Message: 8908 Posted: Wed Nov 10 17:26:31 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: What If



Message: 8907 Posted: Wed Nov 10 17:20:18 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: What If


Message: 8906 Posted: Wed Nov 10 16:14:26 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: What If

I have heard some rumblings from underground and I'd like to know what all of you think about it. What would you think if someone had a 90 minute tape of Gerry, Dewey, and Dan together from the 1980's featuring interviews, demos, and rehearsals, including some songs that have never been released before? Would you be interested enough to buy it? I'm checking into the veracity of these rumblings, but if they're true I may be able to get the tape released if there is enough interest. Feel free to post your feelings here or to e-mail them to me. Thanks. --Steve

Message: 8905 Posted: Wed Nov 10 16:07:47 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: On This Christmas Night

Scott at Thoughtscape Sounds informed me that he will have On This Christmas Night available beginning midweek next week (he has received numerous requests for it). This CD includes Dan Peek's "The Star". You can go to the Miscellaneous Albums page on the America Fans web site to find links to photos of the album and soundclips of the song.

Message: 8904 Posted: Wed Nov 10 15:53:09 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Message From Russia

I've received mail messages from fans all over the world but today was the first time I ever received one from Russia. I hope it's OK if I share it with you:

Hi America Fans Webmaster,
I am from Russia and my name Vladimir.
"America"... First time I heard this group about 10 years ago on a vinil which came from the West. It was "History". Since it started...
When I feel good drive on a road or alone in my room in a bad mood -- I listen America, their melodies. Smooth touch to my soul.
I am so glad that not alone and you also like this music. This keep us
Best, Vladimir

Message: 8903 Posted: Wed Nov 10 10:22:42 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Perspective on Perspective

IMHO Perspective is America's weakest studio album; really their weakest album period. I was so glad when Hourglass and then Human Nature came out because I hated the idea that an album as weak as Perspective would have been their swan song; Hourglass and Human Nature are much better. I remember when I first listened to Perspective, many years ago, being very disappointed. My first impression of the album was that it sounded like a soundtrack for a cheap B movie. After listening to it for a few times I got to like a few of the songs, but still feel it represents America's nadir. On the whole Gerry's songs are ok, but the synth-pop stuff just doesn't work with Dewey's style. "See How The Love Goes" is my all-time least favorite America song, I just can't stand to listen to it. As far as singles go, I think "We Got All Night" and "5th Avenue" both had hit potential. I don't think any of Dewey's songs were hit material. But that's just one fan's opinion.

Message: 8902 Posted: Wed Nov 10 10:06:07 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Perspective/Phil Hartman

As far as Perspective goes, it is my least fave AMERICA album, but I still think it has some great tracks on it, I also think the album cover is awesome!
My picks: Gerry: Stereo Dewey:Lady w/a Bluebird
Also, I like to mention that the Phil Hartman story will be will be on the E! channel tonight.

Message: 8901 Posted: Wed Nov 10 00:29:38 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Perspective on Perspective

Well said John. "AMERICA has always excelled at whatever they have tried their hands at & they should be proud of what they came up with on PERSPECTIVE when judged on it's own terms." AMERICA will be going into their 4th decade (70's, 80's 90's & 00's) of performing & making music. They have adapted extremely well to the changes in the industry & the tastes of the masses. Obviously no one can be all things to all people, all the time. So AMERICA continues doing what they do best, in the only way that they know how - w/heart & soul as their guide. All critics outlived.

Message: 8900 Posted: Wed Nov 10 00:17:37 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: One other thought...

I guess I'm such a defender of Perspective because I heard it before I heard most of the other America albums. My first three America albums were History, America (the album), and Encore. I knew about Perspective from the Encore liner notes, so when I saw the record in a record shop, I bought it. One of the reasons I came to like America so much was that I was really impressed by how their sound had changed so much with the times, and yet it stayed true to their standards of quality, whether '70s acoustic or '80s synth pop. The rest of the albums only proved to me that they had mastered everything in between. Not many artists were able to pull that off.


Message: 8899 Posted: Wed Nov 10 00:09:06 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: Perspective on Perspective

If I had been some big record executive at Hollywood and Vine with an oak desk, leather chair, and a big cigar, and I had an LP like Perspective playing in my record player, I'd go with "We Got All Night" first because it had a great beat, trendy production, and a catchy sound that could make a splash on the airwaves in 1984.

Sure enough, the song hits the Top 40 as a belated follow-up to "The Border". I'd follow that with "Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby", which becomes the anthem of the fall of 1984 on radio stations across the country. When the song hits the Top Ten, I'd invite Steve Perry as a guest on the video for the song.

For the FM album rock stations around the country, I'd distribute "Lady With A Bluebird" to spark some interest. Perhaps it might even crack the charts and turn some heads.

To the dance/pop stations, I'd release "See How The Love Goes". Some teenagers might even be spotted in record shops buying a 45 of the song along with some Madonna and Shannon records.

Finally, I'd promote "5th Avenue" and "Stereo" to adult contemporary stations, so that listeners had an alternative to the Lionel Richie, Phil Collins, Michael McDonald, James Ingram, and Julio Iglesias records flooding the stations at the time.

Then I'd renew America's contract for another five albums through the remainder of the '80s. Perhaps if America's music had been around from 1985 to 1990, their creative guiding force might have prevented a slide into the musical abyss of Rick Astley, Taylor Dayne, and Milli Vanilli.

As you can tell, I like Perspective. It may not have the traditional America sound that many fans have come to expect, but even the critics have to admit that Perspective was a far better adult contemporary album than a lot of others put out at that time in that style. America have always excelled at whatever they have tried their hands at, and they should be proud of what they came up with on Perspective when judged on its own terms.

The defense rests.


Message: 8898 Posted: Tue Nov 09 22:41:07 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Non Hits By America On Radio/ Drum Machines

I do agree that a great song is a great song, drum machine or not ("Hope" and "Ports of Call" are my two "Hourglass faves right alongside "Greenhouse".) But, being a drummer, I'm obviously partial to hearing a live drummer on a track. When you have access to a great player such as Mr Leacox, why not use him? As for computers/machines being used to sweeten drum tracks, that's not as prevalent today as it was even 5 years ago. More and more artists, especially in rock and country, are opting for a "live" sound...getting as many instruments laid down at once and doing little overdubbing. And that includes using plain ol' acoustic drums that aren't enhanced by electronic gadgets.

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 8897 Posted: Tue Nov 09 22:10:18 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: perspective

My favorites from Perspective are Stereo and Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby...Both incredible songs. Actually, I truly like every song on Perspective...the whole album is great.

Erin :o)

Message: 8896 Posted: Tue Nov 09 21:46:42 1999 By: richm
Subject: perspective

I would nominate (Its Like You) Never Left at All for Dewey - my favorite song from perspective. I think 5th Avenue might have had a shot as an adult-contemporary tupe hit. (I heard it played once when I was in a mall).
Also, regarding Tom T's post (8891) it suggests Gerry was nominated for a Grammy for "Engineering" for Hope. I thought the song was nominated for country music song of the year, did Gerry also receive another nomination? Help - I'm confused.

Message: 8895 Posted: Tue Nov 09 20:42:01 1999 By: LisaRose
Subject: Gerry and VGG

Thank you AmericaSL and Johnny for your postings. I totally agree with you and see your point. My America freak friend who is not computerized kind of suggested that posting. It was a mistake. As a matter of fact the only reason it is hard to believe the America performers could actually read this board is because of their clearly busy schedule. In addition, my friend said that his tape player is really screwed up and plays tapes backwards--I said wait before you fix it I have to try something. I put "Til The Sun Comes Up Again" on a tape and it was so much fun to hear it backwards and hear how the birth of "Now Sue" started. I tried a few more backward songs but nothing sounded as good. Would still love to know how that was thought up.

Message: 8894 Posted: Tue Nov 09 19:28:37 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: From Your "Perspective"

For PERSPECTIVE, I vote for STEREO ! A really terrific song by GERRY w/support from Jimmy Webb. A very passionate, warm song done GERRY's way. Major7th chords ? Or how about 5TH AVENUE ?

Message: 8893 Posted: Tue Nov 09 18:16:41 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: I Is A Purist? Oy Vey....Wear Did Eye Lern To Rite?LOL

Wow, is that bad grammar or what? I do write betterer than that! LOL Hey Johnny- My "Perspective" Vote is for what I think would have been one of the biggest hits in their career (Sorry Dewey & ANDY)..."We Got All Night" Gerry's vocal is sheer perfection! and the song really grooves!!! Very Ahead of it's time! "(It's Like You )Never Left At All" for Dewey's vocal. Another hit that never was!!! Randy Goodrun who composed the song is famous for "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight" and "Nights Are Forever" By England Dan & John Ford Coley. Also. I found an interesting - Russ Ballard-3 Dog Night-America Connection! On the original recording of Leo Sayer's "The Show Must Go On" (A #1 Hit in England for Leo Sayer/ a Top 5 hit For 3 Dog Night) It's Russ ballard playing the banjo! And as we all know, America & 3 Dog Night have toured together and are very well acquainted. That's the connection!!! Interesting Huh?

Message: 8892 Posted: Tue Nov 09 18:08:21 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: re: America on TV

No, but I have an authentic pair of size 7 Dittos you can have (lol--I just found them, packed away in a box from my mom, I laughed hysterically, these were those horrid saddle-tushed things the fashion industry convinced us to wear in the mid 70's) Come to think of it, I may have a custom made shirt, picture of the guys silk-screened on a french t-shirt, got the picture out of an AMerica Songbook. AH I was nattily dressed back then ROFLMHO!

Message: 8891 Posted: Tue Nov 09 17:57:19 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Non Hits By America On Radio/ Drum Machines

Hello Everybody! Here in the Hartford, Ct. Area back in the days when radio was cool we used to hear all different Non-Hits By America:
"Sandman", "Riverside", "3 Roses", "California Revisited", "Rainbow Song", Oh I could go on and on! There's a station that used to be "The Natural 92-WWYZ". It is a very successful Country station now but back in the '70's they were known for playing all the "Mellow Sides of.." various recording stars. So they would play "And Forever", "All My Life", "Riverside" etc etc etc...Those were the days! My Favorite America Fan moment was when "Hearts" was released, one of the radio stations played it, in it's entirety. I know that wasn't a great thing for record sales- but I loved it! Now onto this Anti-Drum machine/ anti- Perspective thang! ANDY ANDY ANDY!!! I, like yourself, is a purist when it comes to good old Rock 'n Roll; however, remember that when you diss Computer generated Rhythm parts don't over look that one of the pioneers you're (unintentionally, I'm sure) putting down is Gerry Beckley. He has done some of the finest programming of Synths, Drums and overall arrangements. I've been keeping quiet observing all the opinions regarding "Perspective"- and that's cool. But what kind of concerns me is the constant berating of something that was a product of the '80's. And now with the improving technology of the '90's many drum parts are computer enhanced anyway. Gerry has been responsible for sequencing Drum parts for "The Simpsons", but a truly crowning achievement was his Grammy nomination for the.....Engineering of "Hope" from "HourGlass". Yes, I would rather hear real drums, but for the time it takes get a sound level in a recording studio JUST for a Bass Drum alone, sometimes it helps the recording artist to take samples of real sounds and program them into tracks for specific song arrangements. Believe me- it saves alot of time and money! Anyway- I do agree with the consensus regarding drum sequencers; however, I'd like to think that a great song will always be a great song no matter what the format may be!!! Thanks for allowing me to share my side of the story.

Message: 8890 Posted: Tue Nov 09 17:50:23 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: re: America on TV

Yeah, right Janice....Like you're actually going to RETURN an early 70s America t-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


Message: 8889 Posted: Tue Nov 09 17:48:11 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re: America on TV

and how about an America Fan on TV? (or the big screen..not sure which)..myself and 399 other Delta folks will be "extras" on Denzel Washington's film being produced by Walt Disney called "Remember the Titans"..the reason I mention it is because it takes place in the early 70's and we must dress and wear something reminiscent of the era..anyone have an early AMERICA tour shirt I can borrow?? :)

Message: 8888 Posted: Tue Nov 09 17:11:45 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: From Your "Perspective"

Choosing a single from PERSPECTIVE is tough. We know that SPECIAL GIRL was released, as well as one other. "(IT'S LIKE YOU) NEVER LEFT AT ALL" is about the only song on that album that doesn't give me the urge to throw up. That doesn't make it the most appropriate single, however. I'm sorry if those words sound harsh, and the last thing I'd ever want to do is offend other America fans, but I expected much more from the greatest music act of all time. For me the early albums are the closest thing that I'll ever have to a religous experience, and most of the other albums are at worst, brilliant. I just can't stomach a so called America album with the HUMAN LEAGUE playing synthesizers, and the Energizer bunny doing the drumming. I'm sorry that I keep mentioning the Energizer bunny, but that's as charitable as I can get in describing that album. Come on guys, repeat after me: "NO SYNTH, USE WILLIE...NO SYNTH, USE WILLIE....NO SYNTH...USE WILLIE...."ETC Actually, with Human Nature and Van Go Gan, our heros are back on track!!!!!!!


Message: 8887 Posted: Tue Nov 09 16:25:12 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: From Your "Perspective"

Yesterday, some of us were talking about "Perspective". I was wondering. If you were the record executive and it was your call to select the single from the LP that you think would have the best chance of being a hit, which song would you choose? How about selecting one with lead vocals by Gerry and one with lead vocals by Dewey? Any record-executive-wanna-bes out there?

Message: 8886 Posted: Tue Nov 09 14:31:53 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America on TV

And on the Tom Snyder show they played a couple of songs including EVEN THE SCORE, a great tune. They sat & were interviewed for 15 minutes or so.

Also that show they were on, I don't think it was Miss Universe but you might be thinking of the Hawaiian(mis-spell) Tropic show. Sponsored by the sun tan lotion folks, I believe, w/women from all around the globe (at least that's what their tags said). It may have been the only time that I hoped that they sang fast - lots of bikini's to get to.

Message: 8885 Posted: Tue Nov 09 11:24:10 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: America on TV

I remember seeing that last 2,3 minutes of a half hour special about them. Part of a series of I think. I also remember being really choked about missing the whole show. I kept waiting and wiating for it to be rebroadcast but never saw it. Probably early 80's on PBS. Anyone see this and/or remember the name of the series?

Message: 8884 Posted: Tue Nov 09 09:35:15 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Message to LisaRose About Contacting Gerry

Lisa, I believe that Johnny's answer to you is right on the mark. Even as the webmaster of the America Fans web site, I have only received a couple of personal messages from Dewey and none from Gerry. They value their privacy and I respect that. Since they prefer that messages be sent to them through proper channels, anytime I need to contact them I do it through their record label (Oxygen), their agency (Morey Management), or their manager (Scott Harder). Karen DiGesu at Oxygen has always been good about forwarding important messages to the band for me. However, I know that both Gerry and Dewey read this chat folder so they will get your message even if they don't respond.

Message: 8883 Posted: Tue Nov 09 09:20:13 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: America on TV

Oh I forgot, I also saw them on SCTV around 1982. They did a music video parody with some of the SCTV cast to "Right Before Your Eyes".

Message: 8882 Posted: Tue Nov 09 08:32:40 1999 By: Scott
Subject: America on TV/Video

Hi all, anyone have rare tv footage of America on video?
Let me know. Will trade. Thanks, Scott

Message: 8881 Posted: Tue Nov 09 08:20:11 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: America on TV

I recall them being on "Solid Gold" back in '82. Also, they hawked an LP by K-Tel (or someone like that) in a commercial back in the late 70's or early '80's. Does anyone remember the Busch beer radio ads with them? They did a "You Can Do Magic" style song to promote the beer. Also came out in the early 80's.

They also did a radio interview with Robert W. Morgan in '79. I have it on tape, but it's of such bad quality that you can't hear much of it.


Message: 8880 Posted: Tue Nov 09 08:02:05 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Message to LisaRose About Contacting Gerry

Lisa, I believe Gerry reads this folder as he mentioned to you. If you receive a personal message from him, I would be shocked. I think as much as he would like to interact with each of us, he just can't. It's a matter of retaining his privacy. I think most of us have to settle for the contact that he and Dewey so kindly provide after each of their shows. I think Gerry (and Dewey) probably correspond with some fans (who have become their very close friends) via e-mail but they're the ones who Gerry and Dewey have gotten to know very, very well over many years and who have proven to be trustworthy. It's all just my opinion, though.

Message: 8879 Posted: Tue Nov 09 06:14:41 1999 By: Pete
Subject: America on TV

My question is when are they going to be on TV again.

Message: 8878 Posted: Tue Nov 09 04:46:30 1999 By: Andrew
Subject: Saturday Night Live Performance

I saw them perform "Right Before Your Eyes" on a November 1982 Saturday Night Live Show. The image of that performance is still etched in my mind...

Message: 8877 Posted: Mon Nov 08 22:49:52 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: TV

I cant believe I forgot to mention I saw the Today show appearance AND i've seen them 4 times in concert this year. Knoxville Tenn, Myrtle Beach SC, Salem VA, and Fairfax VA........America rules JK

Message: 8876 Posted: Mon Nov 08 22:46:39 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: VGG

Got my copy of VGG today. Great CD. I dont really like the backwards song though...........Joe

Message: 8875 Posted: Mon Nov 08 22:44:21 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: America on TV

I saw them on the Smothers Bros. I also saw Midnight special when they were on. Also back in the 80s the were the musical guest on some kind of Miss World beauty pagent. Does anyone else remember this???? (all of there songs were lip syncs) On my birthday Mar 2 in 1991 or 92 they were on the tonight show when Jay was still the fill in host on monday nights. Boy they really sounded good on the tonight show.
America was mentioned on the Letterman show when Penn and Teller were guests on the show. Paul and the band played "Horse" when they came out because Penn and teller were touring with America. David told Paul " we need to get those guys on the showbut as far as I know they haven't yet.....Come on get off your a$$ Dave!!
And finally every time I see one of those infomercials about 70s music I wait til they play America...................Joe K

Message: 8874 Posted: Mon Nov 08 22:11:24 1999 By: Erin
Subject: re: America on TV

I loved seeing them on the Today show. That was the best....
Hope you're all having a great night.
Erin :o)

Message: 8873 Posted: Mon Nov 08 21:39:15 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: re: America on TV

I remember seeing them on Alan Thicke (or maybe it was Rick Dees) when he had a talk show, they did an interview w/them, & AMERICA did their smash hit: You Can Do Magic!
Wow, seems like a A LONG time ago!

Message: 8872 Posted: Mon Nov 08 21:00:19 1999 By: richm
Subject: Silent letter

Hi! I haven't posted in a long time, but I was listening to "Silent Letter" tonight (along with some Miles Davis) and had a few thoughts.
First, "All Night" really kicks serious a$$. Why don't they ever play this in concert?
Second, both stylistically and vocally, "All Night" represented a dramatic departure from any song Dewey had done before, and he really hasn't done anything quite like it since. Has anyone ever heard Dewey comment on this? What's the story behind this song?
Third, compared to "Harbor" (the preceding album) and almost all of their albums (except possibly their first), it seems to me that "Silent Letter" has a much more "live" feel. My guess is that this was a reaction to the slick sound of "Harbor" which seemed to me much more "pop" than their prior records.

Any thoughts?

p.s. In reference to some prior posts, I actually like "Special Girl," although I never would have chosen it as the single,

Message: 8871 Posted: Mon Nov 08 19:21:53 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re: America on TV

Well..I saw them recently as a matter of fact. I was lying in bed, dozing..and one of those late-night-selling 70's classic music CD's-drones on forever type-until you want them to just go away-so you roll over and decide to either grab the clicker and throw it---or the telephone to order a set-type of commercials was on! Know the ones??? (Similar to this post??) Anyway, the only appealing thing about it was that America had 3 or 4 songs on it..and they showed album covers, and live 70's concert footage of Gerry, Dewey and Dan. It was wonderful to see them over 300 times. I slept a lot better after that.

Message: 8870 Posted: Mon Nov 08 19:11:10 1999 By: Rick Bolling
Subject: Re: Seldom heard songs..........

When "Silent Letter" was released one of our local radio stations played a lot of cuts fromit such as: And Forever, No Fortune, All My Life, Only Game in Town, and All Around.

Message: 8869 Posted: Mon Nov 08 17:40:34 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America on TV

In fact on that Midnite Special w/AMERICA, Larry Graham, a very fine performer, sang a song titled "One in a million," not AMERICA's version of course. I thought GERRY might sing AMERICA's version of ONE IN A MILLION but time had run out. By the way ONE IN A MILLION is another example of a classic song hidden away, undiscovered by the masses. GERRY wrote that gem of a song.

Message: 8868 Posted: Mon Nov 08 17:33:03 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: America on TV

By the way, I have on video tape a special "unplugged" version of Gerry singing SARGENT DARKNESS and Dewey singing MOON SONG...................................Okay I don't, I just wanted to see if anyone was paying attention !!!!!!!!! LOL


Message: 8867 Posted: Mon Nov 08 17:28:56 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: America on TV

I have America on the Midnight Special on tape. Seeing them do songs from the ALIBI album is a "one in a million" chance of a lifetime. (Yeah, I know, cheesy pun) I treasure that tape.


Message: 8866 Posted: Mon Nov 08 17:22:20 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America on TV

I think the best was when they hosted the Midnite Special w/the Wolfman. ALIBI was on tap & they played many songs from that fantastic LP. YOU COULD HAVE BEEN THE ONE was featured too. Also SURVIVAL among others. GERRY & DEWEY announced guests & spoke w/the Wolfman & then played & played & played.

Message: 8865 Posted: Mon Nov 08 16:28:22 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Saw Them On....

(1) Saw "The Guys" on Midnight Special wearing their "Hat Trick" suits, (2) On two full half-hour shows hosted by Wolfman Jack from Baltimore. Wolfman called Gerry "Gary". Wolfman said Dewey and Gerry were a couple of "doll faces". I think because of the "Alibi" album cover. I remember Brad mis-singing a verse and Gerry looking up from his keyboard at him. I belive Gerry broke a guitar string while singing "Sister Golden Hair". I think after the first show, they changed clothes and performed the second half-hour. The audience looked exactly the same, (3) Saw them perform "You Can Do You Magic" on the dance show "Dance Fever", (4) Saw the the last half of the "Hope" video on VH-1. I was able to record only the last half, and (5) Saw them on the Bob Hope Special. I'm pretty sure they performed "Sister Golden Hair".

Message: 8864 Posted: Mon Nov 08 15:46:09 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: America on TV

I can remember seeing them on In Concert, The Smothers Brothers, the Bob Hope Special, and Where Are They Now. I have also seen a couple of their videos on VH1 and on the infomercial for the Time-Life 70s music collection. Oh I also remember the TV commercial for the America's Gold album back in the late 70s I believe.

Message: 8863 Posted: Mon Nov 08 15:30:13 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Australia Gigs and a Question

I just received an updated list of Australia dates and venues:

12/29/99  Melbourne, AUS  Regent
12/31/99  Wollongong, AUS  Steelers
1/2/00  Gold Coast, AUS  Jupiters (2 shows)
1/4/00  Central Coast, AUS  Central Coast Leagues Club
1/5/00  Sydney, AUS  Revesby Leagues Club

This is slightly different from what is currently posted on the America Fans web site. I'll make the updates tonight.

This also brings up a question that you Australia fans may be able to answer for me. Is there a difference between the Win Stadium and Steelers in Wollongong? The booking agent says Steelers but the Ticketek web site says Win Stadium. I'd like to get it right.


Message: 8862 Posted: Mon Nov 08 15:09:13 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America on TV

Hi everyone,

I'd like to hear from everyone who remembers when they saw America on Television. I remember seeing them on Smothers Brothers, ABC's World Wide In Concert, VH1 special in germany and Jay Leno.

Let's hear it. Bye, Howie

Message: 8861 Posted: Mon Nov 08 12:10:22 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Seldom heard songs..........

In a restaurant in the early 80's in Southern Cal., I did hear SOMEDAY WOMAN. I nearly fell out of my chair. A great song on 6 string guitar written by GERRY, I think. A little itsy bitsy country feel; For all you guitar players; Base down, maybe G, EM, BM ? A terrific song, a love song that flows.

Message: 8860 Posted: Mon Nov 08 11:59:03 1999 By: DGF
Subject: Re: Seldom heard songs..........

In late '79-eary '80, Gary Owens (Laugh-In, numerous cartoon voice overs) gave lots of airplay to Dan Peek's "All Things Are Possible" on his high profile afternoon radio show at KMPC AM710 in Los Angeles.

Message: 8859 Posted: Mon Nov 08 11:39:00 1999 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: Songs

In the early 70's I heard "Here" while at work. Great tune!!

Message: 8858 Posted: Mon Nov 08 10:47:49 1999 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: Non-Hit America Songs On The Radio

In the 70s when I worked for a rock 'n roll radio station in Boston, I forced them to play "Amber Cascades" (it was early on a Sunday morning so they acquiesced)(=:

Message: 8857 Posted: Mon Nov 08 10:18:01 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Non-Hit America Songs On The Radio

I can recall hearing a lot of America album cuts being played in the 70s on those "cool" FM stations that played album cuts. I think I heard almost every song from the first two albums played fairly regularly. Especially Sandman, Three Roses, To Each His Own, Cornwall Blank, and California Revisted. I don't recall hearing anything from Hat Trick other than the single. Then came Holiday and Hearts. Again just about every song on those albums got significant air play, especially Baby It's Up To You, Another Try, Hollywood, Old Virginia, and Bell Tree. All of those songs are on my shudda been singles list. When Hideaway came out it still got significant airplay, but not near as much as Holiday and Hearts. I can remember hearing Jet Boy Blue, Watership Down, and Letter. It seemed an age of silence was ushered in with the release of Harbor. But during their comeback in the early 80s I seem to recall hearing Inspector Mills and Tonight Is For Dreamers once or twice.

Message: 8856 Posted: Sun Nov 07 22:49:39 1999 By: ainsley
Subject: america in Melbourne

To all America fans in Melbourne Aust get your tickets now for the concert on Dec 30th at the Regent Theatre. Tickets on sale at ticketek. Don't miss out.

Message: 8855 Posted: Sun Nov 07 22:32:20 1999 By: LisaRose
Subject: Gerry, Can You Hear Me


Was real curious if you actually read this--you told me when I saw you at Mohegan Sun last month that you did but I have my doubts--I mean you are so busy. By the way, I am going to the next Jimmy Webb seminar on November 15th--I can't wait to tell him that I know you (well sort of). Please let me know if you read this message board-take care--Lisa a/k/a

Message: 8854 Posted: Sun Nov 07 20:26:01 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Seldom heard songs..........

I think that after AMERICA's sensational historical no.1 debut LP, even after HOMECOMING came out, songs like RIVERSIDE, THREE ROSES & SANDMAN were stilling being played on the am/fm dials. AMERICA winning Best New Artist of 1972 certainly added support for that. Isn't it interesting that even then, AMERICA unable to accept the award in-person, was where ?
You guessed it, Touring - Not much has changed there, lucky for all of us. Now lets get a few stations spinning VAN GO GAN !

Message: 8853 Posted: Sun Nov 07 18:25:24 1999 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Seldom heard songs..........

I remember hearing All Around four or five times in 1979 while in the Air Force stationed in Rapid City S.D. Silent Letter; what a silent classic! Dan

Message: 8852 Posted: Sun Nov 07 18:01:13 1999 By: jeff brink
Subject: Seldom heard songs..........

Heard ALL MY LIFE once when I was stationed at NAS Dallas,Tx. ..never to hear it again on the radio.

The first time I heard SPECIAL GIRL I was going thru the cable channels in Metairie, La. and it was on one of the advertising stations...never to hear it again.

YOU COULD'VE BEEN THE ONE used to get some airing on a station out of Parkersburg, Wv.


Message: 8851 Posted: Sun Nov 07 16:19:25 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Special Girl" and "Perspective"

Talking about "Special Girl", I remember the first time I heard it. I was driving to Amarillo. I thought to myself, "My gosh, that's Gerry's voice on that song! America must have a new album out!!" Man, was I pleased. The anticipation of hearing new America songs was so exciting. I tried tracking down a copy as soon as I got home. It wasn't on the shelf, though. I had to order it. Although "Perspective" may not be among some of America's greatest works, I'm grateful for the album. "Stereo" and "Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby" are two of my favorites from the LP. I'm glad Dewey and Gerry put "Perspective" out. It may not be a diamond but to me, it's a welcomed effort.

Jim Griffey's mention of playing "All My Life" on the air, reminded me during one Memorial Day weekend while on the lake fishing, an Albuquerque radio station featured an America song every hour. They played the hits of course; however, I remember hearing "All Around" played. That was a pleasant surprise.

Message: 8850 Posted: Sun Nov 07 15:26:13 1999 By: dennis
Subject: special girl

i think special girl was a very cool song,I loved the beat and the intensity that the techno approach created!!Just because a song isn't a hit doesn't mean that it isn't a masterpiece such as overwhelming world suite for example is an astonishing piece of music.I think the best music is on the internet and never even makes it into the stores.I give gerry credit for going out of the usual realm of production and trying new things.How about a movie called the america story starring gerry and dewey?? in the light of love and blessings,Dennis

Message: 8849 Posted: Sun Nov 07 11:54:59 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: New Music Store

...just wanted to pass on some good info to fans in Temecula California...the new music store in the new Temecula mall has one of the best stock selections of America CD's that I have seen in a while (in a music store) they have (as of Friday) the first Album, Homecoming, Hour Glass, Human Nature, and Greatest Hits.....not bad considering most stores only carry Greatest Hits...and maybe one other selection...

Message: 8848 Posted: Sun Nov 07 07:18:12 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: "Rainbow Song" On The Air

Back in the 80's I worked at a station that was kind of a Top 40/Classic rock hybrid...and we had "Sandman" in regular rotation. We also played "Only Game In Town" and "All My Life" regularly (those were BIG hits in Erie, though today you won't find a station that'll touch them.) The station I work for now is a 70's based AC and once in a great while our Program Director/Mid-day guy will play "Only In Your Heart" during the noontime 70's show. And one day when the short straw came up and I got to fill in for him, I slipped in "Today's the Day".

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 8847 Posted: Sun Nov 07 01:55:49 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: SPECIAL GIRL on the radio

Actually, when PERSPECTIVE was released, I heard SPECIAL GIRL quite a few times on the radio. That had to be the only time that I actually hoped that radio stations would NOT play an AMERICA song, because if that song would have been a huge hit, we'd be still listening to so called America albums that have the Energizer bunny doing the drumming, and the HUMAN LEAGUE playing the synthesizer!!! UGGGGHHHH!!!!Just the thought of that makes me want to loose my lunch!
But think about it, if Perspective had been a huge success, would HUMAN NATURE and VGG sound as great as they do today? I doubt it.

Message: 8846 Posted: Sat Nov 06 18:44:15 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: America

When Perspective came out, I heard "Special Girl" on the radio in Indianapolis once. Even though it was the low point of America's recording career, I was still glad to hear it get airplay.


Message: 8845 Posted: Sat Nov 06 15:05:40 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: A Non-Hit America Song On The Radio

I heard a non-hit America song on the radio but I had something to do with it. I called a campus radio station while in college and asked what America songs the DJ had. He said he had the "Hideaway" LP and it was my choice which song I wanted to hear. I thought, "Wow, what an opportunity!" I requested "Lovely Night". It was a strange feeling to hear it somewhere other than on my record player or my car's 8-track player . It sounded great on the air!

When "Tin Man" was a hit on the radio, I requested the DJ play the flip-side, "In The Country". It and "California Revisited" are two of my favorite songs by Dan. The DJ wouldn't play it for me, though. He was willing to play "Tin Man" which I said was fine.

This morning was the first time in 3 years of garage sale hopping every Saturday that I found anything by America! I found "History" in cassette for a "whopping" 50 cents! The seller said, "Yeah, America! They play 'A Horse With No Name'". I said, "You're right." I was thinking to myself, "You're not telling me anything that I don't already know...believe me!" (LOL) I passed on his cassette of Neil Young's "Harvest" though, because he sounds like a poor imitation of Dewey (LOL).

Message: 8844 Posted: Sat Nov 06 12:38:02 1999 By: ANDY

During New Years 1981 (when '81 turned into '82) I drove for the first time from my home on Long Island New York to South Florida. Towards the end of the drive, somewhere around the Palm Beach Florida area, my radio stopped on some station, while scanning. I almost crashed the car when I realized that it was RAINBOW SONG!!!This by itself was a shock, but what followed was just as shocking. As Tom Scott's solo began to fade at the end, a piano riff began that I was equally stunned to hear: it was the incredible SHE'S GONNA LET YOU DOWN!!!! Imagine hearing those two songs back to back. The announcer did give the group and song titles, which is more than many stations do. He sounded like playing this sort of stuff was routine. That must have been some radio station. That was my first of several car trips to Florida, and an amazing introduction to Florida radio. That was the one and only time that I've ever heard either of those two songs on the radio ANYWHERE.

Message: 8843 Posted: Sat Nov 06 10:55:15 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: "Rainbow Song" On The Air

RAINBOW SONG was heard occasionally as was OLD MAN TOOK on the radio. Has anyone ever heard other LP songs played on the radio ?
Songs not released as singles, may have been the "B" side to a smash single.

Message: 8842 Posted: Sat Nov 06 08:34:12 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Rainbow Song" On The Air

Did anyone ever hear "Rainbow Song" on the radio when "Hat Trick" came out? I know I've mentioned this before. I heard it just once on the air back in '73, and I remember being disappointed that I never heard it again.

Message: 8841 Posted: Sat Nov 06 08:33:22 1999 By: LisaRose
Subject: Got VGG

How great it is !!! Love the bonus tracks. I just keep on wondering, how did Gerry even come up with the idea of playing one of his songs backwards to see if it can become another song? Does he do it to every song and see which one sounds good backwards? Mmm,curious

Message: 8840 Posted: Sat Nov 06 02:31:54 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Rainbow Song

Joe, Rainbow song definitely reminds me of the first half of 12th grade. I discovered America a little late, since high school for me was the 80s, but that's when I discovered the first three America albums. Rainbow Song is definitely a true Dewey gem. By the way, isn't that Tom Scott playing the sax solo at the end? (I'm too lazy to get the album to look)

Message: 8839 Posted: Sat Nov 06 00:38:25 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: VGG

Oh yea ,I ordered my copy og VGG yesterday. Hoping it gets here soon. Joe K

Message: 8838 Posted: Sat Nov 06 00:36:35 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: Rainbow Song

Blowing leaves ,Broken Dreams ,17. Dancing queen, I am asleep on a Rainbow ,hoping for the rest of the ride. I hear that song and I am transported back in time to my college days,looking out the window while the wind blew swirls of leaves around the buildings at school. Wow!!! That is my favoite song by Dewey. I am totally blown away by it everytime I hear it. I get the same image in my mind each and every time. It is a bittersweet memory , Thays why I love America. JK

Message: 8837 Posted: Fri Nov 05 21:00:00 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: VGG IS ASTONISHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I'm in shock!!! I just got done listening to VGG. This CD is absolutely astonishing!!It's light years beyond anything that I ever expected. It's at least as good as America's own mid to late 70s material. I don't think I heard one wasted track. I'll listen to it a few more times before I'll coment on any individual track, but for now it's safe to say that Gerry's vocals are perfect, and the instrumentation is equally good: no silly Energizer bunny sounding drum kits or synthesizers.
I think all future opening acts for America should be Gerry just performing this album! I'm going out tonight, and it's safe to say that I'll be playing VGG in the car. I definitely found a CD that can finally give a much deserved rest to my Sarah McLachalan and America CDs that I keep playing to death. Gerry, if you read this, I can't thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!


Message: 8836 Posted: Fri Nov 05 20:23:02 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: My turn!

Well, my copy of VGG arrived today as well. My wife thinks I'm a little nuts as I already have it. "What do you need another copy of it for?"

Love the bonus tracks. Interesting news about the BLW cd. Can't wait for that one too.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Message: 8835 Posted: Fri Nov 05 16:58:45 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: IT'S HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what arrived in my mailbox today????No, it wasn't a Mariah Carey box set, or a sixteen volume tribute to Michael Bolton. My copy of VGG is here!!!!!!I'm about to listen to it, but even before I do, I'm already encouraged by the lack of techno-synth drum machines in the liner notes. I only see one brief mention of "precussion programs". While this by itself doesn't guarantee anything, it does give me reason to be optimistic. Thanks to all at Thoughtscape for the prompt delivery. Now if y'all will excuse me, I have a date with a treadmill, a CD player, and a certain CD which most of you can figure out. No it won't be Michael Bolton!!!! LOL


Message: 8834 Posted: Fri Nov 05 16:49:02 1999 By: jimnak

Me too ! RAINBOW SONG is an all time favorite. That song has such a beautiful blend of realism & surrealism taking one back in time for warmth & comfort. I think DEWEY once said something to the effect that it came from his longing for those great days in high school, he missed, a little longing for a space in time that has passed. The "purple ghost of England in wintertime, who I used to know," that is unreal.

Message: 8833 Posted: Fri Nov 05 16:05:25 1999 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: The Topic That Sir Lussier and Sir Nakao Had

Although I think it was mentioned before, I've always felt magic within the line: "the purple ghost of England in wintertime"

Message: 8832 Posted: Fri Nov 05 11:49:55 1999 By: Marshall
Subject: BLW update

I saw this today on a Chicago forum.
My guess, reading into this, is that Gerry B. didn't want to fuss with Chicago Records (many on the chat forum are not happy with the management of Chicago Records) and has decided to release it on Human Nature label.
Watching the time go by.

Re: Beckley/Lamm/Wilson CD
Friday, 05-Nov-1999 01:40:15 writes:

Here is the latest message from Chicago Records about this CD:

"I have some news for everyone, which just came into me today. Chicago Records will not be releasing the Beckly, Lamm, & Wilson CD as originally planned. It has been decided that it will come out on another label. As soon as I get more information, as to where and when, I will pass it on to all of you. Sorry for the confusion, but it was not our decision."

Message: 8831 Posted: Fri Nov 05 11:11:14 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: A Restaurant Called, "America" In Vegas

I went to Las Vegas for the first time in my life two weekends ago. Stayed at New York, New York Hotel which has a restaurant called, "America". I had to check it out, of course, so I had breakfast there the next morning. It was quite cool-looking in there. The decor was the different States in the US. My brother thought America could probably sell a lot of CDs to patrons in there. I agreed but explained that America would never exploit their name for money or anything else.

I wore my "America: Tour 1998-1999" t-shirt there the last day.

Message: 8830 Posted: Fri Nov 05 08:55:38 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Unreleased trax

I agree w/you there!Heck, warner bros. haven't even got off their a$$ to release the rest of their AMERICA albums, they stopped at Homecoming, which is why we have to buy them as imports!
It sure would be nice to hear some outtakes & unreleased stuff, I love listening to that stuff, & find it very interesting. I have some Beatle stuff like that, & being as I like Pet Sounds (Beach Boys) I've ordered the unreleased Smile album, can't wait for that to come in! HEY,Maybe what we need is someone w/an inside track to where all the masters are, & quick, run off a copy!! You wonder how some of these bootlegs come out, alot of them sound like crap, but there are some that have great sound quality. Well, nuff'said' oh, to Tery Holly: nice wallpaper, very creative!

Message: 8829 Posted: Fri Nov 05 08:45:19 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Unreleased trax

I have always wondered about that too. I think there are probably 5 to 10 songs for every song released. GERRY is reported to have hundreds of songs recorded & never released. He is always composing, always creating. I bet DEWEY has a treasure trove of songs also, lots more traveling songs. Any newly rich Internet mavins who would like to underwrite a new project ? just sell a few more options.

Message: 8828 Posted: Fri Nov 05 04:11:38 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: Unreleased trax

Marshall, I wonder all the time when we'll see some unreleased stuff from Gerry or America as a group. Any group with some twenty albums under its belt must have loads of unreleased gems. Maybe an album like that could be just around the corner...

Recently, in my music store browsing, I've come across two great box sets of fantastic '70s artists, Gordon Lightfoot and the Doobie Brothers. Both are releases from Warner Archives, the same Warner division which released America's Homecoming album in the U.S. The Doobie Brothers set was particularly interesting, because the last CD is nothing but unreleased tracks, demos, outtakes, and solo efforts. I'm sure Warner has some fine material from the 1971-77 period that is just dying to be re-released. Maybe we ought to write the record company and light a fire under their %#^@!


Message: 8827 Posted: Fri Nov 05 00:41:55 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: The Topic That Sir Lussier and Sir Nakao Had

I've always wondered what Dewey meant by "purple rain"....That just sounds so cool.

Erin :o)

Message: 8826 Posted: Thu Nov 04 22:04:24 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re:America Fans in Public Office about on an airplane with a laptop..does that qualify?..Can't have any more of a "public office" than that..I know..silly.. silly..I'm just tired..congrats CJ and Mark! Bring positive changes to your community..then spread some this the sprawling metropolis of Sharpsburg! Good night. :)

Message: 8825 Posted: Thu Nov 04 20:23:45 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: America Fans in Public Office

Congrats to you also, Mark!

You guys have WAY more patience than I.....hats off!

Message: 8824 Posted: Thu Nov 04 20:21:11 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: America Fans in Public Office

I'd GLADLY move to the Cleveland area and vote for you!!!!! (C;
Cleveland is a GREAT area......BUT you'll REALLY get my vote if you can "strong arm" the R & R hall of fame to elect America in there....tee hee.....(just kidding, of course)

Message: 8823 Posted: Thu Nov 04 17:15:05 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: The Topic That Sir Lussier and Sir Nakao Had

Thanks for that Jim. Next obscure lyric, anyone?

Message: 8822 Posted: Thu Nov 04 16:32:26 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Topic That Sir Lussier and Sir Nakao Had

Jim, thanks for the information on the Tropic of Sir Galahad. From earlier this year, I do recall reading about what you said here in your message now that you mention it.

Message: 8821 Posted: Thu Nov 04 15:56:43 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: John's Question About The Tropic of Sir Galahad

I believe that the legendary DEWEY BUNNELL has publicly stated that The Tropic of Sir Galahad was not meant so much as a real place but rather a feeling of a gentleman like presence, you know Sir Galahad, a knight, a true gentleman of sorts. Definitely seems to have some roots in England. DEWEY's use of musical & lyrical images to create a magical sense of feeling is really remarkable. TIN MAN is a beautiful example of DEWEY's artistic gifts.

Message: 8820 Posted: Thu Nov 04 13:33:13 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: John's Question About The Tropic of Sir Galahad

John, I know I've wondered about the "Tropic of Sir Galahad", too. I haven't any clue where or what it is. Maybe someone has an idea about it like Robyn did with "Newton Under Roseberry Topping" being an actual place in England.

Message: 8819 Posted: Thu Nov 04 11:04:55 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Hank Linderman

I do know that Hank is listed as guitar player for the falulous Lauren Wood ( you would know her music, if not her name- she wrote "Fallen" a song that was featured in the Movie " Pretty Woman") Check out HER web page You can see where she is playing and maybe get a chance to see Hank live as well.

Message: 8818 Posted: Thu Nov 04 10:35:06 1999 By: CJ
Subject: Re: America Fans in Public Office

Congratulations on a big win and being the underdog no less!!!! This will be my 3rd term!

Chris - Cleveland

Message: 8817 Posted: Thu Nov 04 09:27:27 1999 By: Mark
Subject: America Fans in Public Office

Hey Chris, I just joined that elite club on Tuesday night! I'm now a county Supervisor-elect in Virginia. I unseated an incumbent with deep pockets 61% to 39%! Any other members of the club?

Message: 8816 Posted: Thu Nov 04 06:20:25 1999 By: Spurs
Subject: Jim, Hideaway.

Hello all,first and formost superb fan bio from Jim and should be highly commended for it,and his enthusiasm has sparked me into reminiscing just how good an album Hideaway still is!! with tracks such as Amber Cascades,Who Loves You,Letter,and could of should of classic Shes a Liar,great inner sleeve photos and sublime cover photo and even George Martin in chunky ski knit sweater.To change the subject slightly there are couple of numbers from Human Nature that would have slotted right onto Hideaway i.e. Town and Country,and Pages, with I beleive some of the the best acoustic guitar playing I've heard in long while.This now brings me onto Oxygen Records who have done a wonderful job on limited resources keeping Human Nature alive for so long in many countries and who could forget the wonderful and charming Karen,and if anyone from Oxygen is looking in please give our boys another shot as so much has been positive from their Human Nature release.

Message: 8815 Posted: Wed Nov 03 22:11:47 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: America

Jim...I hope you're right.

Erin :o)

Message: 8814 Posted: Wed Nov 03 22:00:16 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America

I am betting on a GERRY BECKLEY solo II, sometime in 2000.

Message: 8813 Posted: Wed Nov 03 20:10:12 1999 By: Marshall
Subject: America

Thanks for the note; somehow I missed that information in the chat folder. I got the CD yesterday and heard the bonus track. I wonder how many other songs Gerry could generate from music he's already

Message: 8812 Posted: Wed Nov 03 18:43:16 1999 By: CJ
Subject: Re: Vote for Chris

Thought about that, too much work - no time for America (of course, they'd come to my house if I asked, right?)!!!! County Commissioner, on the other hand. . .

Chris - Cleveland

Message: 8811 Posted: Wed Nov 03 18:23:25 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Green Monkey

Ya, but is there a Tropic of Sir Galahad?

Message: 8810 Posted: Wed Nov 03 16:32:00 1999 By: gary
Subject: Vote for Chris


If they knew you were a hard core avid dyed-in-the-wool America Fan, you would have got 100% of the vote. Contested or not. If you run for President, then you've got my vote!

Gary H

Message: 8809 Posted: Wed Nov 03 15:41:19 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Green Monkey

Earlier this year, I found out that there really is a critter called an alligator lizard. Couple of weeks ago, I learned that there's really a species of monkeys known as green monkeys!

Message: 8808 Posted: Wed Nov 03 15:00:44 1999 By: CJ
Subject: 1518 People. . .

. . .cared enough to push the button in the voting booth yesterday to vote me into office for another 4 years - YEE HAAA!!! I finally get the raise I should have gotten 4 years ago and the first one in 8 years! Turnout was about 50 percent locally and I picked up 75% of that. Being uncontested usually keeps the numbers down but this is the best "showing" I've had in the 3 elections to date - They Like Me!!! Do you think if they knew how much I love America (and that I ran around to 5 shows in 6 weeks), they'd still vote for me? Who cares? America Fans in Public Office - Cool, huh?

Just wanted to share. . .

Chris - Cleveland (actually, Perry Township, Ohio)

Message: 8807 Posted: Wed Nov 03 09:04:01 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Fake drums.

The crack of the wooden bat beats the ding of aluminum bats any day of the week as far as I'm concerned.


Message: 8806 Posted: Wed Nov 03 05:16:58 1999 By: Margaret
Subject: Central Park & VGG

Australia pauses for a few minutes on the first Tuesday of November each year for the running of the Melbourne Cup, a 2 mile horse race. Even people who don't think about horses from one November to the next enter sweeps or place a bet. I fall into this category. A quick survey of the names of the horses revealed 'Central Park'. With its America connection and memories of the long search to find the video of that event. I decided that would be my horse. It was such an outsider that it appeared I was throwing away my modest bet. It took the lead from the start, which suggested it might run out of steam, but managed to hold on until right at the very end, where it was only just beaten by one of the favourites. There was a happy ending to the story. The winner paid $6.00 for the win and Central Park paid $16.90 for the place. I could go out and buy a few America CDs if I did not already have them all!
This leads to my next point. My second VGG arrived today and I'm already enjoying it. It was excellent the first time around. Thanks to Gerry for the new material and for Scott's prompt service.
We are looking forward to the December and January concerts. I wish we could attend as many as the last couple of years but the Y2K curse may limit our mobility due to being on-call.

Message: 8805 Posted: Tue Nov 02 22:53:02 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: re: Till the Sun Comes up Again

Marshall, back in September we were talking about Van Go Gan and other related topics and Gerry's son, Matt, told us about "Now Sue" and how it came about. You can read it yourself by going to the September Chat Folder Archives and scrolling down to message #7939. Of course, once you hear the bonus track of "Till The Sun Comes Up Again" played backwards, it's obvious where "Now Sue" came from. --Steve

Message: 8804 Posted: Tue Nov 02 22:44:19 1999 By: Marshall
Subject: Hank Linderman

Now that Van Go Gan has been re-released, it brings up a question I've had, looking a America's 90's work.

Anyone have info on Hank Linderman? He seems to have had a large role in Hourglass-94 (played on 9 of 12 songs), Van Go Gan (94-95), and in Human Nature (recorded 97, released 98). Sort of like America's "fifth Beatle"?

Message: 8803 Posted: Tue Nov 02 22:32:04 1999 By: Marshall
Subject: re: Till the Sun Comes up Again

How did others know that the Now Sue background was "Till the Sun Comes Up Again" played backwards? It's not identified anywhere in the CD.

Message: 8802 Posted: Tue Nov 02 21:05:51 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Waiting for vangogan.

Kevin, I totally share your disgust with phoney drum machines. I would also add the synthesizer into the "must nuke" list. These two machines (they're really one in the same)have no place in music, let alone America's music. That's just my not-so-humble opinion. Sure, I can think of individual songs that are good and are synthesizer heavy, but they're good songs IN SPITE OF the synthesizer/drum machine, not BECAUSE of it. America's first album has the instruments listed on the back. Ever wonder why most of us treat the first few America albums as almost sacred icons, and not PERSPECTIVE? Look no further than the instruments used on the first album. By the time Perspective came out, you'd swear that the Energizer bunny (with cheap batteries) was doing the drumming. Rule of thumb: Not using Willie's drumming talent is a huge mistake. Also, for America to have used the synthesizer so much is like a great work of art getting defaced with spray paint. Okay, enough hot air for one night. Be well, everyone!!!


Message: 8801 Posted: Tue Nov 02 20:49:39 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: VGG

I wonder, with the N.A. release of VGG, if Gerry plans to do any solo shows, or open for America. Now wouldn't that be a great concert! Maybe someone who is either in contact with him or gets the opportunity to talk to him could ask him if he plans to perform this gem. I'd love to know. thanks

Message: 8800 Posted: Tue Nov 02 19:49:02 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: VGG arrives in the UK!

Scott, at Thoughtscape Sounds wanted me to tell all of you that they appreciate the orders and the opportunity to take care of the America Fans. Terri (also from Thoughtscape Sounds) said that they appreciate hearing the kind words about their service from the America Fans. She also said that Scott has been talking to Gerry and the last time Scott talked to him, Gerry was still mixing the Beckley/Lamm/Wilson CD. Gerry believes that it will be released the first of December.

Message: 8799 Posted: Tue Nov 02 19:09:01 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re: It's Here..

and nobody can say it better than Dan..(and there's nothing simpler than my mind..simple life..)

Message: 8798 Posted: Tue Nov 02 18:10:02 1999 By: ANDY
Subject: re: It's Here!

As Dan put it: "That's the simple life, you know I'd like to make it mine..." Enjoy!!!!


Message: 8797 Posted: Tue Nov 02 17:47:54 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re: It's Here!

Finally...snail mail finally came through. I received something yesterday that was mailed from California 12 days ago!! I live somewhat rural, but we do have running water and electricity.. :)

Message: 8796 Posted: Tue Nov 02 13:45:27 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: VGG arrives in the UK!

VGG is great ! Those bonus tracks are very enlightening. I hope future releases have variations on enclosed songs. The solo vocals for NOW SUE, really are fabulous, GERRY's voice is outstanding.

By the way I noticed in the local papers that Dan Peek formerly of AMERICA just had a b-day, number four nine.

Message: 8795 Posted: Tue Nov 02 13:31:36 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Waiting for vangogan.

What to listen to while your Van Go Gan is on its way: The new Matthew Sweet CD called In Reverse. If you're a fan of 70s guitar bands with three part harmonies and infectious, happy melodies and, what DETAILS magazine called "unadulterated 70s piano," then you'll like it. LA Reader heard overtones of the Beach Boys, the Byrds and 70s rock. DOES ANY OF THIS SOUND LIKE A BAND YOU'RE FAMILIAR WITH? The melodies would make Gerry Beckley proud. There are parts of the song Thunderstorm that you'd swear was early America or CSN. And America in the 90s could learn a thing or two from Matthew Sweet when it comes to drums. Not only does he eschew the fake polyester drums, he uses two drummers on a lot of tracks. Imagine Hourglass or Human Nature with two Willie Leacox's, then you get the picture. This is a great album. Go buy it and listen to it right now. (I have had it in my CD player non-stop since the moment it came out on October 12th.)


Message: 8794 Posted: Tue Nov 02 13:20:33 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Official Dan Peek Home Page

Dan Peek's brother, Tom, has designed and created an Official Dan Peek Home Page. He has put hundreds of hours into it and it looks great. I'd encourage you to take a look when you get the chance. Thanks Tom!

Message: 8793 Posted: Tue Nov 02 12:13:25 1999 By: DavidM
Subject: VGG arrives in the UK!

It's Here (or so my wife says), along with Dan Peek's Bodden Town.

After several days of watching the VGG mails on the Chat Folder, the airmail has finally delivered. Unfortunately, I am away from home until Friday so I will have to wait before listening!

Many thanks to Scott at Thoughtscape for the excellent service and prompt despatch.


Message: 8792 Posted: Mon Nov 01 23:15:54 1999 By: LisaRose

Congratulations Andy!!My friend ordered me a copy and I will be getting it any day now--can't wait.

Message: 8791 Posted: Mon Nov 01 22:21:54 1999 By: John Lussier
Subject: re: It's Here!

Mine's not either...but then we have no snow yet so Canada Post's dog sleds are a little slower on the bare pavement. Maybe tomorrow.

Message: 8790 Posted: Mon Nov 01 21:57:12 1999 By: ANDY

Thanks to Steve's help, I just ordered my copy of VGG from Thoughtscape. Boy, I sure hope VGG will sound like Mariah Carey or Michael Bolton..........NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I can't wait!

Message: 8789 Posted: Mon Nov 01 19:40:01 1999 By: jeff brink
Subject: Music

I was wondering if any of the folks outside the U.S.A. know of any professional recordings of Americas songs done by Bands in their respective homelands?

Jeff B.

Message: 8788 Posted: Mon Nov 01 16:44:50 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: re: It's Here!

Sorry Janice. I know exactly how you feel! (Tom Petty said it best) It's worth the wait!

Message: 8787 Posted: Mon Nov 01 15:57:16 1999 By: Janice
Subject: re: It's Here!

Mine's not. :(

Message: 8786 Posted: Mon Nov 01 15:35:20 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: VGG

May I add my thoughts on VGG, Now that I finally have it? I found the backward version of "Till the Sun Comes Up Again" MOST enlightening! I sort of laughted to myself as there is a band ( who shall remain nameless) whose songs are so horrilbly similar that I used to say when they finished writing one song, they just played it backward. So much for THAT theory :) I love the acapella version of Now Sue. Wonderful sound quality at full volume on the headphones, you can hear everything. You can almost hear them counting the beats when they pause. A nice window into the creative process. Kiss of Life is my favorite track from the original cd, so the acoustic version is a double bonus. Phil Hartman. The inclusion of his bit makes me miss him all over again.

Message: 8785 Posted: Mon Nov 01 14:22:10 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: AFHV Theme Song Vs. Tin Man

I've always thought that the beginning of "America's Funniest Home Videos" theme song sounds a whole lot like the opening of "Tin Man". I'm talking about the older version of the show as hosted by Bob Saget (not by Daisy Fuentes and John Phugalsang...however you spell it). Am I the only one that thinks this? It's a bit ironic that the show has the word, "America" in it's title and that it sounds like the beginning of an AMERICA song. It does to me, anyway.

Message: 8784 Posted: Mon Nov 01 11:50:13 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: IT'S HERE!!!!

HOW WONDERFUL. One of the nice guys from Shipping and Reciving jusr brought it to me, SPECIAL DELIVERY so I won't have to wait for the afternoon mail run! I am going to plu it into my disk player RIGHT NOW! Happiness Is MINE! Thanks Gerry and Thoughtscape!

Message: 8783 Posted: Mon Nov 01 09:02:53 1999 By: Howard Lieboff

Hey, wasn't there another case, I faintly remember it...I think...
Door "Hello, I Love You" vs. "?"


Message: 8782 Posted: Mon Nov 01 08:27:08 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Copyright Laws.


Message: 8781 Posted: Mon Nov 01 07:34:12 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Copyright Laws.

If songs are indeed gifts of God, then I wonder if God would mind if I use "Sister Golden Hair" in a commercial for free.


Message: 8780 Posted: Mon Nov 01 07:28:35 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Thank goodness for plagiarism!

There is a BIG difference between inspiration and plagiarism. Plagiarism for song writing purposes is defined as using the same 3 note/cord progression. Inspriation may be a case of performing an original song in a similar style of another artist or song. About every artist is inspired, but few are plagiarist.

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