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Archives: 1972 (April) Disc & Music Echo Article

Gerry in hospital to have his tonsils out...! America dragged away by customs at London airport...! America lose new material whilst on tour in US...!

Believe it or not this was the news reported in the April 1st 1972 issue of DISC & MUSIC ECHO which Jason Smith got hold of in February of 2003. America was featured on the front cover and there is a nice little article which amongst other things talks about Gerry's trip to hospital and the UK airport customs "dragging" them away and "charging" them (their words) for entering England without declaring their new guitars. There's also brief mention of them losing "a lot" of song material whilst touring in the states.

Thanks to Jason Smith the articles and photos have been scanned and are included below.

Photo that was on the front cover of the magazine.

Photo that went with the magazine article.

The magazine article.

Last Revised: 10 February 2003