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Greetings All,

Gerry and I are hoping to use our new site here at to bring something different to everyone. The other sites provide such comprehensive and interesting interaction that we have been hard pressed to find anything to add ourselves! However, the information we are able to provide is news from the actual road. And so we are going to attempt to describe various stops along the way, "from the moving train!" Points of interest pertaining to the cities, as well as the shows themselves, anecdotes and uploaded photos, etc. We will try to post at least monthly and hopefully more, when possible.

Sometimes there will be in depth reports, other times maybe merely a line or two. We'll see how it works!

And so, first of all, the band sends their best from the road. We are presently in Topeka, Kansas. Tonight will be the 8th show in 7 days with the Nelson brothers, Matthew and Gunnar, and their colleague Stephen. As many of you know we have been doing a series of shows again this year to benefit local Firefighters Associations around the country. The shows are generally in big venues offering us the opportunity to reach a larger audience, and at the same time help a worthy cause. The shows have been terrific and the Nelsons are very professional and fun to hang out with including joining us on "Horse with No Name". Willie, being the sport that he is, hands over the sticks to Gunnar, while Matthew plays an elctric guitar solo before Woodz!

Yesterday was a particularly interesting day in St. Joseph, Mo. It qualifies as an official "All-American" city by virtue of it's historical significance. Jesse James' home is here...where he was ultimately shot in the back by an acquaintance, while straightening a picture on the wall! You can actually see the bullet hole in the wall along with other interesting memorabilia! It is also the site of the Pony Express museum. The Pony Express originated here and was a fascinating, although relatively short, chapter in American history, spawning many tales of heroism and colorful characters.

As far as the show goes, we have indeed added "Wednesday Morning" to the set, bring the total to five songs from "Human Nature". Tonight will be the fourth performance after rehearsing initially in Louisville, KY. We wanted to get it in shape for Spain, particularly as it has been well received over there. It's always fun, and at times nerve-wracking, to work up new material! This is an example of a song that is fun to play, with a strong chorus and strumming acoustics. Michael plays the electric 12-string and Gerry the acoustic 12-string providing a full sound to the arrangement. It is feeling more comfortable nightly.

Well, we'll leave it at that for now. Until later......"From the Moving Train"......America

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