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Guest: 660 Noel F. Ortiz Signed In: Thu Dec 27 07:01:30 2001
From: Philippines

I've been a fan for 20yrs. more power guys... could i still buy albums originally arrange at the time they were released ? i love the sequence of the songs as they were arranged... thx you guys have been a very special part of me...

Guest: 659 KYRIAKOS Signed In: Wed Dec 26 18:12:52 2001
From: greece

Guest: 658 bill workman Signed In: Wed Dec 26 09:39:49 2001
From: inez, ky

I would like to say that America is#1 in my book. the band gets better
and better, i listen to there songs over and over. i got to see America in concert in ashland kentucky at the summerfest on the river.
the band sound better than ever, thanks so much America for the great
time that me and my wife had at your concert. if anyone knows where i
could find all or some of the sondtracks with only the backup vocals
please send me an e-mail and let me know. my e-mail is thanks so much, and rock on america

Guest: 657 annadaugherty Signed In: Tue Dec 18 07:49:26 2001
From: La Follette, Tennessee

Gerry, I have been a fan of AMERICA since I first heard "I Need You" when I was in high school. I"m sure you guys know how much you mean to your fans. What you don't know is how much your songs helped a shy, self-concious girl through her "trying teen-age years. Thank you [and Dewey, naturally,] for your continuing devotion to both your music and your fans. Love Ya Both. Anna Daugherty

Guest: 656 John A. Greenleaf Signed In: Mon Dec 17 17:07:21 2001

To clear something up, Shenandoah is Willie's hometown, case you didn't know.

Guest: 655 John A. Greenleaf Signed In: Mon Dec 17 17:04:54 2001
From: Shenandoah, IA

I live in LaVista,NE a suburb of Omaha. I was raised just down the street from Willie Leacox, America's drummer. I've seen them in concert 2 maybe 3 times. Could stand to see them about once a month, America and The Everly Brothers, also from Shenandoah, IA. Peace to all and GOD BLESS THE USA!!

Guest: 654 Ryan Signed In: Sun Dec 16 10:31:39 2001
From: Massachusetts

...oh yeah, "Ventura Highway" is my FAVORITE song!

Guest: 653 Ryan Signed In: Sun Dec 16 10:29:52 2001
From: Massachusetts

Hey, my name is Ryan, and I'd just like to say, I love "America". It is a great band... their music is very peaceful. Well, I love the website. If you have any more information about the band, it would be greatful to know. Thanks.


Guest: 652 Alexander M R Lawes Signed In: Sat Dec 15 15:44:11 2001
From: Hillingdon, Middlesex, England.

I have been a fan of 'America' for two years, and i'm a new cnvert to their sound. My favourite song is 'Horse with no name',This is a masterpiece, i believe 'America' grew up near where i was born in Hillingdon (west London England. When you listen to ' Horse with no name'you can imagine your in a hot blazing desert,'America' who's sound is still loved in England to this day !!!!

Guest: 651 lee mokil Signed In: Fri Dec 14 18:03:12 2001
From: k Website:

Guest: 650 Scott Signed In: Mon Dec 10 15:03:10 2001
From: Florida

Great site - thanks for the chords. I am learning to play the guitar in part due to my love of latin guitar and America's music.

Guest: 649 STEPHEN FREY Signed In: Fri Dec 07 11:22:27 2001

I've been a huge fan all my life,from HORSE WITH NO NAME to YOU CAN DO MAGIC.I am one half of the pop duo BEGGARS OPERA.We get compared to you guys frequently,and I must say,that's quite a compliment.Check out our music on,let me know what you think,especially of the song,DO OR DIE,an AMERICA influenced track that is special,if I do say so myself.Perhaps you guys could cover our song? Sincerely,Stephen Frey,a true fan

Guest: 648 Büker,Ralph Signed In: Tue Dec 04 11:10:14 2001
From: Germany

I will contact you on another day !

Guest: 647 Jonathan Lappe Signed In: Fri Nov 30 11:45:27 2001
From: Palm Beach County Fl,

When ever you come to the Fairgrounds. I always sit at the front row. What do you think of Janet Jacksons hit in the beginning that sounds like "Ventura Highway"?

Guest: 646 Axel Zirkel Signed In: Sat Nov 17 05:24:35 2001
From: Berlin - Germany

Greetings from Berlin to all America Fans.

Guest: 645 RAMON S. SABADO Signed In: Fri Nov 16 02:43:27 2001

pls e-mail me on where do i find their previous albums where in the Philippines are not already available due to changes in recording company. Im glad if you can give me infor about "view from the ground", "your move" and "silent Letter" albums.

Guest: 644 Bry Gilstrap Signed In: Fri Nov 09 19:41:13 2001
From: Keizer Oregon

Some Good Songs for new fans to go back and check out from their
first two albums,that dont have that Pop-top 40 sound, they have great guitar work.
Three Roses, Rainy Day, Clarice & Donkey Jaw!
Cornwall Blank, Califorina Revisited!
If you remember these songs please feel free to give me
some feed back,or other songs you'd like to mention?

Guest: 643 mark mckinney Signed In: Wed Nov 07 21:42:34 2001
From: alabama

been a fan since 1974 still keep 4 out of 6 cds in my changer every day rotate monthly you don't hear that kind of music from anyone else never have & never will!!!

Guest: 642 Kristal Signed In: Mon Nov 05 07:01:07 2001
From: Central PA

I believe I have seen America 14 or 15 times. I am only missing a few of America's albums/cd's and have a lovely 'guitar pic" collection. America's concerts are the best and they keep getting better and better. Thanks Gerry, Dewey, Michael Brad and Willie for all the wonderful music and entertainment you have given us over the years. We love you guys!!

Guest: 641 Terry Signed In: Sat Oct 27 08:45:36 2001
From: small town in Ohio

I have been a big fan of America fom the 1st time I ever heard them. Their music meant so much to me as a teenager! Now I pop i a CD & feel like I'm a kid all over gain! Thanks so much for the wonderful music & memories. I love all the music but have to say Sister Golden Hair ranks as my all time favorite!

Guest: 640 Rachel Landau Signed In: Thu Oct 18 19:11:57 2001
From: Long Island, NY / Coral Springs, FL

I grew up America. They got me thruogh the tough times. I must have been at everyone of their NY metro area concerts and now I've been in South Florida for 9 years and I've been to most of their concert here including Parkland, FL over the summer 2001.

Guest: 639 mark kiselica Signed In: Thu Oct 18 17:38:19 2001
From: PA/NJ

Is there anyone out there who has been so deeply affected by America that they have become a part of your identity? That they are so important to you that you feel as though they are a part of your life? If so, please write me -- I'd love to share our feelings about the group. My email address is Meanwhile, I'd like to say I really appreciate this website. Thanks Steve for the great work! Also, I saw America in concert this past Friday at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA. I have seen America many times in concert and this was their best performance ever! I think the show was so great because the guys performed in a relatively small theatre, which seats about 1,000, so the view was great and the acoustics were sensational. I was amazed at the crispness of the sound of their instruments. My hat is off to you, Gerry and Dewey. thank you for a wonderful night for the years of countless memories. Warmly, Mark Kiselica

Guest: 638 Scott Peterson Signed In: Thu Oct 18 16:15:27 2001
From: San Diego, California

I have a question. A recent song released by Janet Jackson seems to have the identical musical guitar intro as America's "Ventura Highway." In fact, even the background singers sound like they are singing some of the refrains from Ventura Highway. Did Janet Jackson have permission from America to use their tune. Just curious.

Guest: 637 LynneMarie Signed In: Wed Oct 17 07:03:21 2001
From: Pgh, Pennsylvania

Mr. Beckley--
Lynne from the lovely state of Pennsylvania here. wanted to tell you that your September 2 concert (South Park Fairgrounds) was excellent. you guys were SO good, as usual. and, as usual, you were absolutely gorgeous. (>sigh< the perfect combination of charm, intelligence, talent and very hot sex appeal) really wish i could have talked with you afterward-- hope you are as happy as possible and are doing well.

Guest: 636 Katherine Hipol Signed In: Mon Oct 15 07:50:59 2001
From: Philippines

America's the greatest band I've ever listened to...A lot better than the bands of today

Guest: 635 steve topper Signed In: Sun Oct 07 05:54:08 2001
From: baltimore md

My wife and I just saw America at Ram's Head Tavern in Annapolis. I was a great concert. The guys sounded great it was a wonderful evening. We went to the 7:00 pm show. The good one we were told hehehe

Guest: 634 Summa Signed In: Fri Oct 05 20:51:49 2001
From: Roxby Downs SA Australia

Guest: 633 Ewald Wastl Signed In: Sun Sep 30 07:38:55 2001
From: germany/bavaria

One Question
Has Neil Young any time sing the song " a horse with no name " solo or with america.

Guest: 632 Eric Sawyer Signed In: Sat Sep 29 11:19:13 2001
From: South Africa

Though I have'nt read a thing yet I am so stoked I found this site.
Totally good to check so many people nearl 300 000 that have already
vistited this site. I love these guys totally ripping beyond rip.

Guest: 631 robert j hager Signed In: Fri Sep 28 09:57:15 2001
From: phoenix,az.

Just got here, thought I'd say howdy, you're doing great, got any floyd?

Guest: 630 Justin & Mike Foster, Son & Father Signed In: Thu Sep 27 13:30:03 2001
From: Springfield, OH.

We met Jerry & Dewey and the band two years ago once in vages and then a month later in our home town at which time Justin at the time he was 11 years old played sister & sandman for Jerry & Dewey before the show . The whole band signed Justin's baby taylor guitar which will always be very special to Justin and our whole family. Justin has grown in his music and acting. Doing many shows singing and playing he plays guitar,bass, drums in school, key boards & violin. he also has had several roles in area plays with different theaters. It was thats night in june 1999 when my son Justin Met Jerry & Dewey and played for them that really sparked a fire in this boy. He loves Singing and Playing and proforming for prople and a big part of that is due to America thier Music-Talent and there Class ! Thank You - Thank You very Much Jerry & Dewey. We hope you do more shows in OHIO, your the best. Justin & Mike Foster

Guest: 629 Mike Wheatley Signed In: Wed Sep 26 09:06:16 2001
From: Virginia

I Just checked out your site. And its great. I saw some lyrics to songs I still listen to and play by The Band "America". I was watching a music video channel a few days ago and noticed Janet Jacksons song "Just someone to be my lover" ( not sure thats the exact name) was the music from America's "Ventura Highway". Just wondered it the band America knew that. Thanks Wheat67

Guest: 628 Veronica de Soto Signed In: Mon Sep 24 12:19:12 2001

Hi! My husband's Julio Soto who sent to you the picture from the Guatemala, concert. But you hurt me a lot that nignt. I asked you for a authograph, you just turn around and left. You did not sign my America, DVDs. Say hi to Willie. He gave me his autograph, but he is not in the picture of that DVD. Why??? I will never have the chance to see you and have your autograph. Your public is not special for you. It doesn't mean every thing for you. Bye Veronica

Guest: 627 Cecilia Signed In: Sun Sep 16 22:53:40 2001
From: Lima, Peru

Hola !! I'd like to tell you how much i've been loving AMERICA since I was in highschool, thanks to my dear friend Martin. Unhappily, i never had the chance to see them in concert and at last I will be attending the concert in Maria Angola next wednesday 19 Sep.
Martin I know that whereever you are you will be with me that night.

Guest: 626 Ramon B. Perez Signed In: Sun Sep 16 16:18:00 2001
From: Okinawa, Japan

You can do magic!!!

Guest: 625 jason colannino Signed In: Sun Sep 09 15:12:25 2001
From: boynton beach, florida Website:

AMERICA (tentative) Gulfstream Park, Hallandale, Florida,
Sunday feb. 10,2002

Guest: 624 Gilles La Rose Signed In: Tue Sep 04 06:11:14 2001
From: Montréal,Québec,Canada

LAURENCE MARTINEZ : Bonjour ! je désire t'écrire mais il semble
que ton adresse e-mail n'est pas écrite corectement le message me
reviens toujours.J'ai un CD Video de America pour toi.

Guest: 623 Paula Signed In: Sun Sep 02 22:17:47 2001
From: Carlin, Nevada

Guest: 622 Michelle Signed In: Sun Sep 02 21:19:33 2001
From: Pittsburgh, PA

I just saw America tonight at the Allegheny County Rib Cook Off and I have to say, they were just as good as they were 20 years ago when my husband and I saw them and met them backstage. They put on an awesome show!

Guest: 621 Patty Malgieri Signed In: Sat Sep 01 15:37:34 2001
From: Rochester NY

My husband and I have been big fans of America since we were in college. Actually, I was a big fan in high school too. We saw them in concert at Fairfield University in 1973 and at Holy Cross College in 1975. Since then, we've even brought our kids to see them at Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center, opening for the Beach Boys.
We have almost all the albums and listen regularly. When are you scheduled to come to the Finger Lakes NY area?

Guest: 620 Bill Cubillo Signed In: Sat Sep 01 05:26:40 2001
From: Northern Ireland

I am a life long fan of America
Great harmonies and lyrics

Guest: 619 Jim Biggins Signed In: Thu Aug 30 12:22:34 2001
From: Arlington,Virginia

The first time I remember seeing America was at Merriweather Post Pavillion in 1972?Jackson Brown warmed up.When I heard "Till the sun comes up again" I thought I was going to cry,but I didn't, I smiled.Even as a kid in Virginia,I remember listening to the unknown songs between the singles with much fascination.And one of my sisters was always saying,God these guys are Hot looking.Wait till you here"Clarice"or 3 Roses.Jim & Eygeniya--sailin close to the wind---without you.--------------------

Guest: 618 Laurence MARTINEZ Signed In: Wed Aug 29 05:22:52 2001

Hello everybody, I'd like to tell how much i've been loving AMERICA since 1988 when i heard them conscensiously for the first time (i think it was before, when i was a child...because it's as if i had always known every of their first songs). Unhappily, i never had the chance to see them nether in concert nor in video, if someone can tell me how to get a videorecord of some concerts, or even tell me if they intend to make a show in europe soon, i'd be glad to read him or her. So as I could see them at last! Thanks and "gros bisous de FRANCE à tous les fans d'America!"

Guest: 617 Gilles La Rose Signed In: Tue Aug 28 14:29:19 2001
From: Montreal,Quebec,Canada

Hi ! I saw America last friday in Quebec City (august 24)
It was a 'Magnifique Performance'
If someone wants pictures of this show don't be shy
send me a e-mail.

Guest: 616 Marcela Signed In: Fri Aug 24 03:10:25 2001
From: Buenos aires, Argentina

I love America since the first time I listened them, on 1979. I couldn't go to the two shows on buenos Aires. I was ill. I really hope they visit again our city on Sept as the tour guide says. I love them. One of my favs. bands. Only one night of concerts??? =(

Guest: 615 E. Lee Signed In: Tue Aug 14 20:32:12 2001
From: Tennessee

Guys, I know your manager was againist a 25 year re-union tour including Dan, but he's wrong. Now that everybody's got a few more miles behind them surely we can all act like grown-ups. Ha! Try to remember how magical it was when you first signed with Warner Bros. and could finally kiss the mop buckets at the Army base in England goodbye. Anyway, an ego is a terrible thing to waste.

Guest: 614 marski Signed In: Tue Aug 14 06:58:31 2001
From: Toronto, ON (live in Arlington, VA)

I was turned on to it when I was a teenager by neighbors. Of course the first chords of Ventura Highway is part of the new Janet Jackson song - whenever her song comes on, I think it's America. Rock on!

Guest: 613 Michael Kümmel Signed In: Fri Aug 10 01:02:03 2001
From: Germany

Can Anyone Say where the Song Things can Say Today on a Album appear
is?Give it a New Studio Album In this Year From The Band or only
a New Greatest Hits(18.08 .2001)appears.Send Me Please a Mail Return
Thanks Michael.

Guest: 612 Paul Signed In: Mon Aug 06 14:54:53 2001
From: Texas

One of the best sites I've ever visited...thanks for keeping America's under-regonized music alive

Guest: 611 Julie Signed In: Sat Jul 28 22:20:04 2001
From: Texas

Hey, I just started listening to America when I started dating my boyfriend because he plays a lot of their songs on guitar with his band. I love America's music. If anyone knows how to find the online music to these songs for piano, please email me at Thanks!

Guest: 610 Adrian Lane Signed In: Fri Jul 20 08:33:55 2001
From: Bristol, UK

Enjoyed the site very much.

Guest: 609 graham ford Signed In: Mon Jul 16 19:22:43 2001
From: Sydney Australia

I became a fan many many years ago. I met the boys a couple of years ago on tour here in Aus. When are we going to get a DVD????

Guest: 608 James Signed In: Sun Jul 15 19:35:52 2001
From: Georgia

I'll say once again as I have other times here........ thanks for the music! What a great talent and devotion to your endeavors guys. looking forward to seeing you once again in Peachtree City very soon. America is music the way it was supposed to be!

Guest: 607 david betts Signed In: Sun Jul 15 13:31:16 2001
From: Isle of Wight

Are the band likley to tour the uk at any time,great music would love to here them live.

Guest: 606 mike Signed In: Fri Jul 13 19:11:23 2001
From: new jersey

can anyone out there tell me where i can buy a copy of america live in central park on VHS. thanks

Guest: 605 michael bushert Signed In: Thu Jul 12 13:34:48 2001
From: Calgary, Canada or a different era Website:

I think it's time to die.I'm hearing reruns of 70's 'licks' with female vocals & new words!? I remember America coming to the Jubilee in Calgary one beautiful summer's evening in the 70's. Dewey came on stage & asked if anyone had seen someone drop his favorite acoustic 'cause it's neck is broke!" a bad memory I'm sure - but a GREAT concert. We were so much younger then! 50 this year ugh! Thanks. mb

Guest: 604 andreas rinne Signed In: Wed Jul 11 16:11:36 2001
From: hannover _ germany

thanks for your wonderful music, althought the world seems crazier every day.
I´m a guitar teacher and I take your songs often for teaching...

Guest: 603 XXL Pfälzer Party Power Signed In: Fri Jul 06 09:30:06 2001
From: Germany / Rheinland Pfalz Website:

XXL "the" PARTY-BAND of the Suedpfalz greets you. Visits times our homepage!!! BYE

Guest: 602 Pamela Stevens Signed In: Wed Jul 04 09:10:54 2001
From: Wheelersburg, Ohio

Have loved you all from the beginning. Got a chance to see you in concert in Ashland,KY on July 2nd,2001. My heart went out to you because of the bugs you had flying all around,but you came through the pros that you are! Loved every minute! Thank you so much. Sincerely Pam

Guest: 601 Peter and Jenny Rickwood Signed In: Wed Jul 04 03:28:47 2001
From: Queensland Australia

Have followed your music for years and have always been to your concerts whenever they are in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. Hope to see you in Australia soon... when are you coming back again?

Guest: 600 Pete Polimeni Signed In: Sun Jul 01 00:13:55 2001
From: Steubenville, Ohio

I have been a great fan of yours for over 26 years now and have seen you in concert seven times (soon to be eight, in Massillon, OH). Looking forward to your next studio album.

Guest: 599 "Billie" Signed In: Fri Jun 29 15:57:30 2001
From: Beautiful Southern California

Dewey & Gerry,
Nice to "find you" again after all these years. When I was in high school, I bugged poor, dear Hartmann on a weekly basis because I was so infatuated with you and your music. I'm hoping to catch one of your shows at the end of July here in So. Cal. My best to you always!

Guest: 598 Rachel Nicholls Signed In: Wed Jun 27 15:24:12 2001
From: Ipswich, U.K.

Come on guys, when are you going to give us poor cutoff folks in the U.K. a break! We're in a musical wasteland over here. I know you started only fifty miles from where I live, so howsabout letting nostalgia in for a bit and treating us poor Brits to a bit of real music.
Love you always,
Rachel xxxxxxxxxxx

Guest: 597 Myron Dumaoal Signed In: Wed Jun 20 23:22:00 2001
From: Oahu,Hawaii(but now reside in Den. Colo.)

I've been with you since 1970, always looking for your next tunes.
Please stay together so all us fans can keep listening.

Guest: 596 Fede Signed In: Wed Jun 20 18:31:48 2001
From: Italy

This is a grat website! Congratulations

Guest: 595 Val Govender Signed In: Wed Jun 20 12:31:35 2001
From: England

Just Awesome!!!!!

Guest: 594 Keith Signed In: Sun Jun 10 10:49:20 2001
From: Miami FL

hi, i know journey played the King Biscuit and was wondering if there was a disk. i know they played Born under a bad sign, Show me, Crossroads, and roadrunner plus other songs. if there is a disk i would love to have it

Guest: 593 Bruno Signed In: Fri Jun 08 13:08:01 2001
From: Italy

Gerry and Dewey,America, always Great
ciao Gianni

Guest: 592 grant adams jr. Signed In: Wed Jun 06 09:07:33 2001
From: central pennsylvania

my wife and i saw the show last nite at the witaker center in harrisburg. another great show , i got gerry's guitar pic after sister golden hair. my wife got dewey's after horse with no name!!!!what a great way to end the nite!

Guest: 591 Maximiliano Bridoux Signed In: Tue Jun 05 06:20:55 2001
From: Argentina

I love AMERICA, altough here in Argentina this great group is not very heard.

Guest: 590 ANGELICA QUINTERO Signed In: Wed May 30 13:03:58 2001


Guest: 589 McCleary Frederick Signed In: Thu May 24 20:54:48 2001
From: Cayman Islands

That acoustic set that America did in Cayman was Great. Ever thought of doing an acoustic album.

Guest: 588 Rachel Nicholls Signed In: Tue May 22 14:52:20 2001
From: Ipswich, Suffolk, England

Come on, U.K. America fans!! If we leave enough messages PLEADING the guys to come over here, someone might notice. Perhaps if they listen to a sample of the British charts they'll take pity on us!!!!!

Guest: 587 Paul-Remy Merheb Signed In: Sun May 20 00:23:41 2001
From: Lebanon

great website, with lots of stuff. I love this band.
Unfortunately, I was wishing you would do magic for me and get me the "You can do magic" guitar solo tabs, so if anyone have them, please email them to me.

Guest: 586 Teresa L Signed In: Fri May 18 18:10:12 2001
From: Military Brat

I've been following America since I was a teenager in Hawaii back in the '70's. I just saw them in Valdosta,Ga in February and they were great and still great to look at!!

Guest: 585 JACQUELINE LOPEZ Signed In: Thu May 17 17:51:23 2001


Guest: 584 David Brown Signed In: Thu May 17 15:01:33 2001
From: San Francisco

Nicely put together website, though the Album review links do not work for me.

Guest: 583 Lillian Blackmon Signed In: Fri May 11 08:45:59 2001
From: RunningSprings,Ca.U.S.A.

Hi Dewey and Gerry, I will be attending my 2nd concert this June in Anaheim.I love your music very much.I have a 4 year old granddaughter that really loves your music also.Thank you for the great music.Lillian

Guest: 582 gianni cordeddu Signed In: Tue May 08 12:42:35 2001
From: torino italia

a salute to all fans the wonderful Americans of the America. if someone of you me wants to send the salutes would appreciate them indeed tanto.write me and thanks from Gianni (italy)

Guest: 581 gianni cordeddu Signed In: Sat May 05 12:40:35 2001
From: torino italy

un saluto a Stewe e a tutti i fans dei grandi America. Mi auguro che presto scelgano l'Italia per una data di concerti. scrivetemi ciao

Guest: 580 Daniel Signed In: Tue May 01 19:26:55 2001
From: Salem, IN

Me again just pointing out the fact that I just saw that Donna Englebrook went to the same concert my parents went to at Belterra.
I hope you had as much fun there as my folks did. (And I would have if it werent for that damned age thing!)

Guest: 579 Daniel Signed In: Tue May 01 19:23:45 2001
From: Salem, IN

Hey all!! I am only 16 and I am proud to say I love America. That may sound a little wierd but Ive grown up listening to the music my parents listend to. They recently went to a concert at a gambling boat and I wanted to go so bad but you had to be over 21 to get in!
What a load of sh--! Any way ever since I heard Horse with No Name on the oldies station I have been hooked on them and will be forever! Anyway I just wanted to show some support from the younger crowd.
Peace, Love, America!

Guest: 578 Beatrice Signed In: Tue May 01 03:03:46 2001
From: Florence, Italy

I think America's songs are surely part of my life just like a soundtrack...since I was thirteen...and now I am thirtythree..
Thank You so much... love Beatrice

Guest: 577 Blu Rivard Artist/Environmentalist Signed In: Thu Apr 26 05:13:49 2001

Gerry, A thousand apologises, this is Blu again. Sorry for misspelling your name the first time. It is a habbit because my friend of 30 years name is Jerry. Again Sorry! Blu

Guest: 576 Blu Rivard Signed In: Thu Apr 26 05:07:18 2001
From: I am on Guam now but came from CA USA Website:

Hey Dewey and Jerry, Remember me Gene Merrills friend the Artist. Last time we met was when you played Guam. I trust all is well with you and hope to hear you again soon. I have heard some new sounds of you on the stations in Guam. And I love what I hear. Drop a line if you can and check out my website. Submersibly yours, Blu Rivard Artist/Environmentalist

Guest: 575 Sudip Mallik Signed In: Wed Apr 25 08:15:22 2001
From: India

Ive bought HISTORY a dozen times. My friends borrowed it and never gave it back. Everyone loves America.
My brother - Subir (in his mid forties now) bought every single album - Homecoming, Hatrick, Hearts, History ...
I sang America songs on stage while in college.
Sister Golden Hair is very popular in IITs (premier engineering colleges in India)
Would like to see a concert in India. I could help organize one in Mumbai (Bombay).

Guest: 574 donna englebrook Signed In: Mon Apr 23 16:39:30 2001
From: cincinnati, ohio

Hey guys just a quick note to say You really put on a excellent show at the belterra casino april 20th, and the 21st!!!! Gerald enjoyed meeting you for the first time and we really want to thank you all for signing your autographs on our guitars!! You all including Pete (stage manager) and bill (sound guy) out did yourselfs for us!!! You
will always be number one with me and I care alot about you guys!!! ALL OF YOU!!!! Keep up the great job and thank you dewey and gerry for your patience and understanding of fans like me and NOW gerald!!!
Your concerts ARE the BEST and bring tears of happyness to me..They always seem to do that and especially when the concert ends!!! We both
look forward to seeing you guys next year!!! Stay healthy and like your song goes..YOU CAN DO MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!
love you guys!!!!!!

Guest: 573 Ted Slezak Signed In: Sun Apr 22 10:20:19 2001
From: Owatonna, MN

The wife and I just saw the concert at Jackpot Junction and it was great! A big thanks to Dewey and Gerry for autographing my Highway album under hectic conditions. A HUGE thank you to Gina for getting the album to the guys to sign and returning to me under less than ideal conditions! You're one in a million! (Since I'm terrible with names, and it was nuts that night, if I got your name wrong my apologies!)


Guest: 572 Joseph J. Hertz Signed In: Sun Apr 22 09:53:19 2001
From: Madison, Indiana

My wife and I had the pleasure of attending the America concert last night(4/21) at the Belterra Casino in Indiana. I actually remember buying the first America album when I was a student at Indiana State. This album at the time was a must have for anyone who listened to music. I must say that in concert, the music is much better. The clear and crisp guitar playing, along with the tight playing by the backup musicians made for a great concert that brought the songs to life. The guys are better that ever! I highly recommend to anyone who has a chance to see America in concert, not to miss the opportunity.

Guest: 571 Ronnie Acerra Signed In: Wed Apr 11 21:32:54 2001
From: Red Bank,N.J.

America will always be the closest band to my heart until the day I die. No other group will ever come close. Ronnie Ace,45 year old Heavy Metal musician!

Guest: 570 Lucinda Smart Signed In: Mon Apr 09 06:21:30 2001
From: Dayton, OH

Guest: 569 Kevin Burt Signed In: Fri Apr 06 08:48:32 2001
From: Cardiff, Wales, UK

Great to here America are still going strong. Someone please tell Gerry and Dewey that it's about time they played the UK again. It's been a long time. Best wishes to everyone.

Guest: 568 Zenaida Wagner Signed In: Sun Apr 01 17:27:23 2001
From: Tamarac, Florida

I first saw you perform, I believe, on August 2, 1995, at the Vanderbilt Mansion, in Hyde Park, New York, and loved your music. Then I moved to Florida and saw you perform on February 18, 2001, at the Gulfstream Park Racetrack, in Halendale. It was a pleasure. In addition, I have been reading about you through Dan Peek's autobiography sections and I grow ever more appreciative of you. Please keep on performing, and I hope you will be back to South
Florida soon.

Guest: 567 soheill Signed In: Tue Mar 27 09:58:58 2001
From: IRAN

I love America too much as my best musical band. Hope to see America concerts in my country.

Guest: 566 Sandy Graviette Signed In: Mon Mar 19 22:31:26 2001
From: Yelm, WA

Guest: 565 Maximilian Signed In: Sun Mar 18 10:55:38 2001
From: Italy

I'am very happy to be in your Guest Book, I love "America"

Guest: 564 Grace Greenhalgh Signed In: Sat Mar 17 09:53:00 2001
From: centerville utah

I love america, theay are one of my favorite music groups

Guest: 563 Joan Signed In: Wed Mar 14 06:58:00 2001
From: Menasha, WI

I have been an America fan since their start in the 70's. My sister and I went to see them in Sturgeon Bay, WI this past summer and now we are so excited because we have tickets to see them again in Milwaukee, WI in May. I always loved their music and still do. Since the Sturgeon Bay concert I have bought all of their newer releases including "Human Nature" and their new "Highway" release. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to see them again in May. Keep up with the great music America!!!

Guest: 562 Angie Fazio Signed In: Sat Mar 10 09:37:02 2001
From: Leonia,New Jersey-USA

Guest: 561 Mary Henderson Signed In: Thu Mar 08 17:06:32 2001
From: Running Springs,Ca.U.S.A.

Mary here again.I'm so very excited because I've got tickets to see America again.It's so great that my daughter loves their music as much as I do and she's just 11 years old.

Guest: 560 DANIEL LEGACY Signed In: Thu Mar 08 16:11:18 2001

I was wondering how to get some of the song stats ie: the locations, who recorded the shows, and all the usual credits. I also love the vibes coming out of this Keep up the good work!

Guest: 559 Mary Henderson Signed In: Mon Mar 05 18:31:00 2001
From: Running Springs,California U.S.A.

I've been a big fan from the very beginning.My son and daughter are fans also.I love listening to my 11 year old daughter singing along to their songs new and old.

Guest: 558 Rick Signed In: Sun Mar 04 07:09:14 2001
From: Texas

America is Dewey Bunnell,Gerry Beckley, and "Dan Peek"
otherwise what?

Guest: 557 Anne Ianaconi Signed In: Thu Mar 01 15:13:47 2001
From: Islip, New York

Guest: 556 Burkert-Thomas Signed In: Mon Feb 26 11:41:46 2001
From: Germany-Lemgo-near-Hannover

I have you see 1995 at January in Hamburg;The best and first concert
what i have with my Brothers to visit:I have the concert life from
the Radio on CD it is very good:

Guest: 555 Luke Splittgerber Signed In: Fri Feb 23 21:27:18 2001
From: Amsterdam,NY

Greetings, I first started listening to America when a fellow member of my HS Rock band introduced me to Sister Golden Hair. (this was 1993, I was 16) I fell in love. I dug through my parents LP's and pulled out History, now it was a pain to keep placing the needle in the middle of side 2 so I could listen and memorize "Sister", so naturally i started listening to Tin Man, lonely People, Muskrat Love, and the rest of side 2. It was amazing! I seemed to connect with the music. I found myself on to side 1. Hey Ventura Highway, Horse with No Name, I heard them on the radio. This is cool. On to the garage sales where I bought every America LP I could find! Even if I already bought it somewhere else. Riverside and Rainy day! Holy wow! then "Homecoming" I was flabbergasted! Hat Trick, most definately the BEST America album ever. Myself and my band mate spent countless hours practicing every America song we could play.
America was the sound track to my life through HS and on to college up to today. Now I'm 23 and I finally got to see America in concert. America was at the Friar Tuck Inn in Catskill, NY last summer. Excellent show I must add. I'm very happy with Hourglass and even more happy with Human Nature. A wonderful return to the acoustic sound. If I could ask one thing of America is to crack at least one album with Dan Peek again. Oh and to be able to strum a couple of chords with America. ;-)
Take care,

Guest: 554 margie/ again Signed In: Fri Feb 23 12:07:13 2001

u need to az. cliff castle casino camp verde az. the place rocks....reo was here last yr come play in the verde ya

Guest: 553 margie/ the bone head opps Signed In: Fri Feb 23 12:03:07 2001
From: az.

now when it comes to america i heard them first when i was 10 now when they play u on the radio it brings back great memories..plz do a new cd love ya margie

Guest: 552 margie bowman Signed In: Fri Feb 23 11:58:24 2001
From: cottonwood az./fullerton ca.

ive been listening to u since1974 on kmet,los angless ca. i try not to miss a show i still try to tape most of the one i hear thanks for all the great music and history on my favorite thing

Guest: 551 Jeff Signed In: Wed Feb 21 22:54:16 2001
From: Wilkes-Barre, PA

I love America! Your music is the best. I look forward to seeing your show at Hershey park 7/22

Guest: 550 cravin morehead Signed In: Wed Feb 21 20:01:23 2001

you guys ROCK!!!

Guest: 549 rogelio centella Signed In: Wed Feb 21 14:00:17 2001
From: Panamá, Panamá

Big, big (maybe the biggest) fan. Live forever America.

Guest: 548 Nancy Holtz Signed In: Mon Feb 19 21:53:29 2001
From: Pennsylvania

Hi! I just want to say that I have been an America fan for over 28 years now and I LOVE ALL OF YOUR MUSIC! I got the chance to see you a couple of years ago and it will always be one of my treasured memmories. Thanks for all of the great music! I hope there is more to come. I really enjoyed the site.

Guest: 547 debbie rodarte Signed In: Wed Feb 14 14:46:34 2001
From: Taos NM

HI there i REALLY think you guys are great i would like to see you soon. your music makes me feel relaxed and cozy see ya! soon

Guest: 546 Rick Garcia Signed In: Tue Feb 13 08:29:32 2001
From: Mexico

I really love their music although I'm only 22. They're just great!
I wonder when they'll come back to Mexico, cos last time I didn't have a chance to go see'em

Guest: 545 Don Stinnard Signed In: Fri Feb 09 04:07:58 2001
From: Pompton Lakes,NJ

I've been listening to America for about thirty years and haven't been to a concert. Now I'm just waiting for tickets to go on sale for their Waterloo Village concert. I can't wait.

Guest: 544 Richard Kroschel Signed In: Thu Feb 08 02:55:22 2001
From: Sydney, Australia

I have been an AMERICA fan for thirty years. I finally got to see you perform in Sydney Dec 97 and again in Jan 2000. Both concerts were AWESOME! Can't wait for your next tour downunder. I never get tired of listening to AMERICA's music - Guys, hope you keep on ROCKIN' for years to come.

Guest: 543 David Atwood Signed In: Fri Feb 02 16:35:43 2001
From: Idyllwild California

Haveing shared many experiances with the "boys" I am dissapointed that some information about my part in their success has been left out or changed in order to save them some embarresment.Please contact me via e-mail if you would like some facts .Sincerely David Atwood Drums first album and re-mixed tracks on History.

Guest: 542 MIKE BLUNCK Signed In: Thu Feb 01 15:40:31 2001


Guest: 541 Salvador Avila Signed In: Sun Jan 28 15:46:10 2001
From: Merida, Yucatan, Mexico Website:

I am a America Fan, since i was 15 years old, I own most of the Albums, but i never tired to heard from them.

Guest: 540 leo pastias Signed In: Thu Jan 25 23:41:02 2001
From: philippines

I've been your fan since i was in HS (1980s) Our group still play your songs. we just love it. We're trying to collect you song again. thanks for this site.

Guest: 539 Michelle LaGarde Signed In: Tue Jan 23 12:33:44 2001
From: California

America you guys are the greatest I absolutely love all your music you guys are my favorite band!! YOU GUYS ROCK

Guest: 538 Axel Hütter Signed In: Sat Jan 20 12:08:02 2001
From: Germany

Thank you for this fantastic Fan-Site!It`s the best side for Fans I`ve ever seen! It would be great, if the less chords from some Albums would be completed, but it was a big help for me to do my work !! Thank all people they helped to realise this site !!!

Guest: 537 Joann Mazzotta Signed In: Sat Jan 13 12:15:27 2001
From: Lindenwold, New Jersey

I saw America in concert last year in Atlantic City, NJ. They sounded great. I had such a good time. Are you coming back to Atlantic City again? Thanks, Joann Mazzotta

Guest: 536 MM3 Stephen Andrew Bagnetto Signed In: Thu Jan 11 11:12:36 2001
From: Binghamton,New York

To the group America. Thank you for the great music you have provided over the past 30 years. Songs to me that have both meaning and shows what living live is truly about.

Guest: 535 Sid Lauskas Signed In: Tue Jan 09 15:02:13 2001
From: Glendale,New York

America's music is the America I remember;BEAUTIFUL(if you know what I mean).Thanks for the beutiful music still after all these years.Thank you for a smashing Web Site.This is why the Internet was invented.I've been a fan since the Horse days.

Guest: 534 STEVE ANDERSON Signed In: Tue Jan 02 09:53:04 2001


Guest: 533 Wendy Freistadt Signed In: Mon Jan 01 13:22:53 2001
From: NewHampshire


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