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Guest: 807 Robin P. Stickley Signed In: Sun Dec 29 14:01:24 2002
From: Calgary Alberta Canada

Thank you for the MUSIC. Thank you for the MEMORIES

Guest: 806 michael porter Signed In: Sun Dec 29 03:12:53 2002
From: Australia


Guest: 805 Ben Schuurman Signed In: Thu Dec 26 12:10:03 2002
From: Holland

Right now i am listening to the top 2000 ever chart on radio2 in Holland.America's "Horse with no name " is number 96(last year nr: 141) .Their music is still loved by many people.
Happy New Year from Holland.

Guest: 804 Christoph Fruechting Signed In: Wed Dec 25 01:52:32 2002
From: Germany

Merry Christmas from Germany and a happy new year 2003.
hope to see you ? in germany ?
all the best to you and your friends.

Guest: 803 Steve Jones Signed In: Tue Dec 24 18:16:50 2002
From: Chicago area

Missed ya' guys lastime you were in town:(
You guys rule!!! Always will.
Keep on doing what you're doing. Have a great Christmas & a very musical New year!! Your personal friend, Steve Jones

Guest: 802 Freeman Henderson Signed In: Tue Dec 24 08:34:29 2002
From: Morehead City,NC

Guest: 801 TIM HICKEY Signed In: Sat Dec 21 19:33:51 2002


Guest: 800 Ernesto J. Abibas Signed In: Thu Dec 19 22:01:25 2002
From: Philippines

Guest: 799 Joe Seifert Signed In: Thu Dec 19 13:33:16 2002
From: Tampa/erie Pa

I have been a loyal fan since the beginning, thank you for the years and the Christmas Gift - Just goes to show you that we are STARVED for ANYTHING from AMERICA , please keep it comming!!! - thanks again Joe

Guest: 798 Victor Almeida Signed In: Thu Dec 19 06:40:20 2002
From: Portugal

Greettings from Portugal. Keep the " peace and love" spirit alive.

Guest: 797 Erik Gaspers Signed In: Mon Dec 16 22:45:14 2002
From: France

Hello together,
I'm a german living in france. More than 20 years I'm a big AMERICA fan. Since a couple of days I have my own internet at home. The first thing I did was looking for AMERICA's homepage, and I'm so happy to found it. Here in europe it's very difficult to find any information about you. You can be sure that I will visit your homepage as often as possible. Thank you for your fantastic music. My question is, when can I buy your next CD? Wish you and all the other fans merry christmas and a happy new year!!! Greetings from France, Erik.

Guest: 796 John Briggs Signed In: Sat Dec 14 10:23:50 2002
From: Oklahoma

Se you in Bat St. Lois, MS

Guest: 795 Ernest Signed In: Wed Dec 11 10:16:48 2002
From: Houston, TX

First time at this site. Looks really good.Keep it up. I first saw America at a concert on Okinawa, Japan. The show was held at Kadena Air Force Base, 1992. Hooked ever since.

Guest: 794 Raul Signed In: Tue Dec 10 20:56:44 2002
From: Valparaiso, Chile

Amercia is a super band! They are very talented musicians!
Record another live DVD, the live in concert DVD in Germany is 10/10 !
America is una super banda! Son unos musicos muy talentosos!
Graben otro DVD mas (el concierto en vivo DVD de Alemania es 10/10 ! )

Guest: 793 Genavive Williams Signed In: Tue Dec 10 03:06:18 2002
From: Tulsa, Oklahoma Website:

Artists they are indeed - Sorcerers of music and mood, donors of visions and memories.Thank you Dewey and Gerry!

Guest: 792 Reinaldo do nascimento Signed In: Mon Dec 09 14:04:22 2002
From: SŃo Paulo - Brazil

Here in Brazil I can see a lot of artists┤DVDs but America┤s. Is there any old or recent concert in DVD or VHS? Where can I buy one? I`d appreciate some information about that.

Guest: 791 gianni Signed In: Sun Dec 08 23:39:03 2002


Guest: 790 Alan Sadlon Signed In: Sun Dec 08 08:00:28 2002
From: Little Falls NY

Your music was always an open book of beautiful harmony and song.
The letter H still remains a mystery.

Guest: 789 debbie allard Signed In: Sat Dec 07 21:02:28 2002
From: woodbine ga

ive always enjoyed your music hope u continue .

Guest: 788 kenny twocrows allard Signed In: Sat Dec 07 20:48:08 2002
From: brunswick ga

america -one of the greatest bands of my generation

Guest: 787 anthony armstrong Signed In: Sat Dec 07 17:23:37 2002
From: enid oklahoma

Guest: 786 Garry Reeves Signed In: Sat Dec 07 04:23:42 2002
From: Essex England UK

I never realised there were still so many fans out there I feel that now I can keep in contact with the band and people that have shaped
my musical life.

Guest: 785 Eleonora Pradella Signed In: Fri Dec 06 19:13:48 2002
From: ITALY Website:

Hope that they remember me! ... well, you know, we met less than 20 years ago!

Guest: 784 sarek Signed In: Thu Dec 05 19:38:10 2002
From: Everyone I meet is from California

YRTNUOC RIEHT FO DIA EHT OT EMOC OT NEM DOOG LLA ROF EMIT EHT SI WON. This is what you hear when you play the ending of "Moon Song" backward! AKAMANJO! ucan alwayz change yername -Sarek
Oh yeah, to the guy asking about the reason "Today's The Day" wasn't on the History recording...well, it hadn't been recorded yet. "Don't Cry Baby" and "Today's The Day" were both Dan Peek songs, and he isn't with America anymore. (You knew that) You can't remember "The Border" playing on the radio? Dude, it was everywhere, and personally I thought Willie Nelson would've re-recorded it by now.

Guest: 783 Barb Jacques Signed In: Wed Dec 04 19:28:40 2002
From: Calgary, Alberta Canadaa

Hi, I just want to tell you that you are my favorite group of all time! I practically know every song by heart and I am thrilled that you are coming to Calgary. I will be there hopefully close to the front. See you in March.

Sincerely, Barb Jacques

Guest: 782 Chris Lancaster Signed In: Sat Nov 30 10:43:13 2002
From: Lincolnshire, England

Why didn't i know these lads in the 70's

Guest: 781 Andrea Jensen Signed In: Sun Nov 24 12:01:50 2002
From: Kiel, Germany

Dear Gerry,
I love the music of "America"!!
Greetings from Kiel in Germany

Guest: 780 Jim Degner Signed In: Sun Nov 24 10:23:42 2002
From: Appleyon, WI

Guest: 779 Don Stinnard Signed In: Fri Nov 22 05:07:11 2002
From: New Jersey

Most informative America website. Any questions can be answered on this website. Thanks Steve

Guest: 778 David Capellini Signed In: Thu Nov 21 18:20:02 2002
From: Sao Paolo - Brazil

I would like to say : thank you very much for all of King Biscuit's team. This site about America is very important to preserve the memory of this extraordinary band.
Here in Brazil, we enjoy a lot America.

Best regards,


Guest: 777 Matt Waplington Signed In: Thu Nov 21 14:17:32 2002
From: England

An fitting tribute to a band that have created some of the most beautiful melodic songs ever.

Guest: 776 Wilson Moreira Signed In: Wed Nov 20 19:48:33 2002
From: Pošos de Caldas -Brazil

..In the Ventura Highway.......of my road..

Guest: 775 Jen Signed In: Sun Nov 17 19:42:46 2002
From: Marshall, MI

America is the greatest band ever!!!!!

Guest: 774 FRANK SANDISON Signed In: Sun Nov 10 06:19:40 2002


Guest: 773 Jose D. Medina Signed In: Thu Nov 07 15:53:06 2002
From: El Salvador but live in California

I just love the hipnotic magic emanated from America's wonderful music. It keeps me young, healthy and in love with the universe in general, and myself.

Guest: 772 Eva Carolina Betancourt Alvarez Signed In: Wed Nov 06 12:54:33 2002
From: Guatemala

Guest: 771 Ana Graciela Jimenez Guillen Signed In: Wed Nov 06 11:13:03 2002
From: Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico

America rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, you guys are the best! I love you!!!!

Guest: 770 Tony Grier Signed In: Tue Nov 05 11:09:36 2002
From: La Grande, Oregon

Guest: 769 Susan Signed In: Mon Nov 04 18:03:52 2002

Guest: 768 Wendy Mahon Signed In: Mon Nov 04 12:04:47 2002
From: Phoenix

You guys rocked Celebrity Theatre! I love your concert! You guys were dressed so well you looked very nice! My mom didn't make it to concert , she loves you guys! Well maybe she will make it next time! Come back to Phoenix again soon!

Guest: 767 Kevin Hodge Signed In: Sat Nov 02 23:26:56 2002


Guest: 766 Brian Brighg Signed In: Sat Nov 02 21:03:46 2002
From: Forest Grove, OR

Have seen America 3 times so far, and they still put on one of the best shows. Would love to seem them come to the Portland, OR area.

Guest: 765 SERGIO Signed In: Tue Oct 29 02:27:36 2002


Guest: 764 Anne Signed In: Sun Oct 20 11:47:21 2002
From: Australia

I have been an America fan from the first release of Horse With No Name in Australia. The 70's was a really special era which we have not seen the like of since. I was an impressionable teenager then ~ my admiration for these guys and my love of their music became an integral part of my life. This website is fantastic; I spend hours on it. That this band has endured and evolved, that the guys have always remained consummate composer/musicians and true gentlemen, somehow makes me feel good. To Dewey and Gerry: your music has accompanied me through life. Thankyou for years of magical experiences and precious memories. May there be many more to come ~ the dance is yet young!

Guest: 763 MASSIMO Signed In: Sat Oct 19 15:46:44 2002

A really nice and interesting site even if a "midifile section" is missing. Can you help me to find "SURVIVAL" midifile?

Guest: 762 LassLeFay Signed In: Thu Oct 17 16:10:15 2002
From: PA

America was my favorite group all throughout high school and college, then I lost touch with following the band. Over twenty years later I have found America again. Glad to see you guys are still around!!!

Guest: 761 Rick Barton Signed In: Wed Oct 16 20:34:48 2002
From: Paradise, Ca

What can I say? What an AWESOME site!! I cannot tell how much I appreciate the chords for the more recent music!! I am only fair at listening and figuring chords, so this is terrific. Any chance of getting Inspector Mills?!? America's fantastic accoustic work inspired me to pick up a guitar way those many years ago, and they have been my favorite band ever since. I've seen them live ten times so far and looking forward to a front row seat in Redding in a couple of weeks. Again, great site!!

Guest: 760 Debby Salsburg Signed In: Tue Oct 15 17:17:49 2002
From: originally from Phila, Pa now Northfield, NJ

Just saw America perform at the Williamstown Performing Arts Center on October 11th. What a fantastic show!! Also had the chance to meet
Gerry Beckley who signed an autograph for namely me a "Sister Golden Hair. Thanks Gerry!!

Guest: 759 debbie smith Signed In: Tue Oct 15 04:15:03 2002
From: charleston wv

sign me up for the concert photos please. thanks

Guest: 758 Greg & Rosanne Wells Signed In: Mon Oct 14 08:42:42 2002
From: Baltimore

Great show in Gaithersburg....Wished that the weather was better.

Guest: 757 jose luis mancilla Signed In: Fri Oct 11 17:01:44 2002
From: mexico, d.f.

me parece una pagina estupenda, me gustaria que incluyeran algunas traducciones de las canciones en espa˝ol. gracias

Guest: 756 Alan Signed In: Thu Oct 10 11:58:33 2002
From: USA

I am desparately looking for any America material on VHS video. I would like to acquire a 2, 4, even 6 hours of compilation material on them performing their big hits. I don't have anything to trade, but I can provide blank VHS tapes & pay for postage on both ends. I would appreciate any help anyone could offer.

Thank you so much.

Guest: 755 Stefania Calabrese Signed In: Wed Oct 09 14:32:40 2002
From: Italy

hey guys.... what about a tour in Italy????

Guest: 754 fred tollin Signed In: Wed Oct 09 10:58:01 2002
From: Dover, De.

Welcome to Delaware!!! Looking forward to the show tonite!!!!!

Guest: 753 Thierry Rabastin Signed In: Mon Oct 07 14:41:18 2002
From: Paris (France) Website:

Salut Ó tous.
J'ai fais un site en franšais sur Gerry & Dewey que j'ai vu Ó Biarritz (France) en 1985, vont-ils refaire un concert en France ou dans un pays proche comme l'Allemagne o¨ ils ont de nombreux fans ?

Guest: 752 Kevin Signed In: Thu Oct 03 23:52:08 2002
From: Indiana Website:

I attended the concert in Wabash, Indiana last Saturday night and I wanted to let you know that I was so impressed by the gracious attitude you had toward the opening act. As a former "opening act" for several big names, I know first-hand that the headliner usually doesn't even acknowledge the existence of the opener. Not only did you call for another ovation for the local band, you even invited them onstage with you for your encore. You guys are true gentlemen. Oh, and by the way...I loved your show!

Guest: 751 Linda Signed In: Mon Sep 30 14:28:13 2002
From: Kokomo Indiana

My husband and I went to see America in Wabash Ind. the concert was
awesome! The acoustics were Fan-tastic! We hope they will play again
in Indiana in the coming new year.

Guest: 750 Maxie Bridoux Signed In: Sat Sep 28 17:43:55 2002
From: Argentina

I really love America┤s music.Through its three-part guitar harmonies, the soulful voices and their evocative and poetic songs I think that is a very convincent reason to regard America as an unique band in the Rock history (so, nothing to do with Crosby, Stills, Nash & young) with that great style. Thanks for all those beautiful melodies from your guitars and voices, guys. I am Max, from Argentina, I hope to see you soon.

Guest: 749 LA Woman Signed In: Wed Sep 25 14:41:43 2002
From: LA

You guyzzzz ROCK!!!!

Guest: 748 Thomas Shearer Signed In: Tue Sep 17 20:25:25 2002
From: Gig Harbor

A genuine fan for 30 years. What is better than listening to the music of America.Gerry and Dewey (along with Dan ) are special.

Guest: 747 Tommie Steele Signed In: Mon Sep 16 15:49:39 2002
From: Montana

I'm 31 years old and have been an America fan for 20 years. Thanks, Gerry and Dewey, for the timeless music and great memories. And happy belated birthday, Gerry!

Guest: 746 Brian J. Clare Signed In: Mon Sep 16 06:42:47 2002
From: Gander, Newfoundland, Canada

Just wanted to comment on the America show in St. John's, Newfoundland, Sept. 2001. I'm 44 and have been to some great concerts but this was best. Thanks to Gerry, Dewey and the rest of the band. As we say here "it was wicked!".

Guest: 745 Tom Hńggblom Signed In: Sat Sep 14 07:42:46 2002
From: Karleby. Finland.

Hello to everyone out there!

Guest: 744 Jerry Hensley Signed In: Fri Sep 13 14:47:41 2002
From: Amarillo, Texas

Went to America concert last night in Amarillo, Tx.. It was great!

Guest: 743 Jim Price Signed In: Fri Sep 13 05:44:15 2002
From: St. Louis, MO

Hey, Happy "Big 5-0" Gerry!


Guest: 742 Triono Prasodjo (Johnny) S. Signed In: Thu Sep 12 02:17:28 2002
From: Jakarta, Indonesia

I just found out about this website today. I'm a great America fan from Indonesia. I've loved their music ever since the early 70s and of course I have most of their LPs: America, Homecoming, Hattrick, Holiday, etc. And of course "History" in CD format. I still like to listen to America's music now and then, especially "Ventura Highway" - it's one of my all time favourites.

Guest: 741 Pammi Signed In: Mon Sep 09 16:42:12 2002
From: Hippy Land Website:

LUV the site and have you linked at my mega 60's site. Thank you for the wonderful memories! Peace & Luv..... Pammi :-)

Guest: 740 Rick Garcia Signed In: Thu Sep 05 13:27:58 2002
From: Mexico City

I've been an America Fan for about 8 years. I'm just 24 but since the first time I heard them I loved their music. Three years ago when they came to Mexico I wasn't able to go to the concert I felt bad 'cause I really wanted to go. So, i just have one question: Will they ever perform here in Mexico again? I hope so...

Guest: 739 Sheldon Castle Signed In: Wed Sep 04 12:58:10 2002
From: Pennsylvania

I've always liked America's music but only recently have I really gotten into them. I've bought some cd's & also bought the Live Concert DVD. The DVD is so awesome! I've never been to a concert (just missed seeing them at the NY State Fair 9/1/02) but hopefully I'll get to one soon! Their music is the best!

Guest: 738 Judy Hauck Signed In: Mon Sep 02 05:24:02 2002
From: New Hartford, NY

I saw my first America concert at the NYS fair and have now become an America fan, not just because of the great music but because the band members seem like great people. Also, thanks for the tribute to George Harrison. That's where the greatest music started.

Guest: 737 Gianni Chigi Signed In: Sun Sep 01 12:01:14 2002
From: Italy

America the BIG

Guest: 736 Carol Wilkinson Signed In: Wed Aug 28 17:04:12 2002
From: New York

My daughter Jessie is 8 months old and has been a fan of America since 4 months. Her favorite is America's Greatest Hits - History. Nap time and night time every single day I have to play this CD for her or she will not go to sleep...I play it over and over while she sleeps or she will wake up. We have tried introducing her to other artists but she won't have it. Could she be the youngest fan yet??? Thank you "America"...we think your great!!!

Guest: 735 Debbie Goodman Signed In: Wed Aug 28 14:02:30 2002
From: Fresno, or "Fresburg" according to America

It is to my understanding that the band members of America lived in Fresno at one time. I read it in a book in a music store. Does anyone have more info on this?

Guest: 734 Federico Rossi Signed In: Wed Aug 28 10:41:36 2002
From: Tuscany,Italy

I discovered America only four years ago by listening HISTORY (1975) and little by little i got a lot of suggestions so that i wanted to learn more about them.Through the last four years i've collected some vinyls from the seventies(harbor,hat trick)making them come from england cos the older america albums here in italy are unfindable.the impression was very good for sounds,lyrics..I'm very happy to see there are a lot of people here of every age(i'm only 23) who share my opinion.Many greetings

Guest: 733 Anette Kristiansson Signed In: Mon Aug 26 05:56:47 2002
From: Sweden Website:

Really don't know what to write more than I'm a big no..OBSESSED of 'The Last Unicorn'

Guest: 732 Jonathan Signed In: Sun Aug 25 20:08:37 2002
From: Montreal , Quebec , Canada

Hello , do you know if we have show on montreal of America
if you reponse it's yes , e-mail me or write on this guestbook

Guest: 731 wes Signed In: Sat Aug 17 21:43:57 2002
From: yakima, wash

you know a 30-something-year-old band has a timeless quality when a 6-year-old in 2002 demands to hear "A Horse With No Name" again and again. Hello to both Gerry and Dewey. It was fun interviewing you in Southern Oregon (and being on stage with you!) and Yakima! Hope you guys are happy and healthy.

Guest: 730 Leon Patterson Signed In: Fri Aug 16 03:21:15 2002
From: Gundagai, Australia

I've been following America since the early 70's and have a stack of vinyl albums as well as quite a few CD's. Saw the band for the first time in concert in Canberra Aust. in 1998 and then again in Sydney Aust. this year. Look forward to seeing them again in Australia. There are a lot of fans here including some of my friends who I have introduced to their music. My teenage sons even like some of their songs.

Guest: 729 debbie mckeegan Signed In: Mon Aug 12 15:57:46 2002
From: amarillo, texas


Guest: 728 Reinaldo do Nascimento Signed In: Sat Aug 10 13:56:46 2002
From: SŃo Paulo _ Brazil

I`m 43 and America`s songs are even better now than when I first listened to them 30 years ago!!! Does anybody know about any unplugged? That would simply the best! Thanks for this amazing website.

Guest: 727 Mark McKinney Signed In: Sat Aug 10 13:48:17 2002
From: Union Mills NC

Been a LARGE fan since 72,30 years,and they still are very BIG in my book.
Thanks for all the great music.

Guest: 726 AmericanGirl Signed In: Tue Aug 06 18:45:15 2002
From: Illinois

Hi, I'm a new fan. I liked America growing up, but only knew their big hits. Then I saw them in person recently and want to dig deeper. This website is great because I can learn more about the group. Thanks!

Guest: 725 Bruce King Signed In: Mon Jul 29 00:32:34 2002
From: Post Falls Idaho

I heard you live only once at the festival at sandpoint in 2001. I thought the whole performance was excellent

Guest: 724 Brian Bright Signed In: Sun Jul 28 19:33:02 2002
From: Forest Grove, OR

Guest: 723 Stefan Weegink Signed In: Thu Jul 25 04:25:48 2002
From: Holland (netherlands)

Great website steve.
Also thanks for the mp3's.
I'll send you the new album (gif or jpg)

Guest: 722 Luis Avalos Bustos Signed In: Wed Jul 24 18:34:42 2002
From: Chile , SouthAmerica

I'm America's fan. I like all the albums, specially "Alibi". God bless AMERICA ...!!!, I hope that you never disband ...

Guest: 721 Casey Voss Signed In: Mon Jul 22 18:15:47 2002
From: Murrieta

Hey Mike, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, I look forward to seeing you soon!

Guest: 720 Chip Crouse Signed In: Mon Jul 22 15:02:24 2002
From: Las Vegas, NV.

I can't wait to see Gerry & Dewey again here again in Las Vegas in August, this concert will be 5th in 3 years & well over 30 overall in the past 25 years. They put on a smokin' concert live. Gerry & Dewey are without a doubt the most talented electric & acoustic guitarists I have ever seen. They sing pretty well too!!! America is still the best & they just keep getting better.

Guest: 719 JESSICA PACIORKOWSKI Signed In: Mon Jul 22 09:33:06 2002


Guest: 718 AAD Signed In: Mon Jul 08 10:54:48 2002
From: North Dakota

It was a wonderful concert Saturday night, July 6th, 2002 at Shooting Star Casino! Thanks for making the holiday weekend special! You brought back many memories and helped make some new ones. Keep singing! We need great rock and roll!

Guest: 717 Marty Signed In: Sat Jul 06 05:32:49 2002
From: Indianapolis, IN

AMERICA thanks for a great show in Indy July 4, 2002 you guys still rock!!!

Guest: 716 Kevin Signed In: Thu Jul 04 00:35:46 2002
From: Iowa, U.S.A.

Marvelous web page! Top-notch resource for America fans! I just saw America live, in concert, in Coralville, Iowa (July 3, 2002). Outstanding concert! The group was awesome! Keep up the great work, everybody!

Guest: 715 valÚrie pons Signed In: Wed Jul 03 01:52:26 2002
From: france

I've been a fan since i heard "a horse with no name".I'm thirty-eight old and with my husband,we love AMERICA.It's our favorite group.In France AMERICA isn't very known and i'm happy to read this Guest Book
See you soon!!!!

Guest: 714 Alanis Signed In: Mon Jul 01 23:50:43 2002
From: Australia

Hey... America really kicks... fully. Yeah I'll be a hippie too.

Guest: 713 julie Signed In: Sat Jun 29 18:19:25 2002
From: usa

great site!
Share the music!!!!!!
Hello......I love music and would like to share with everyone.
Robert Plant has a new CD due out in July called DREAMLAND!
He also has a new video from his hit single Darkness, Darkness on VH1.
I will say....After seeing a preview of the video...I was very surprised!
Once again Robert has done a wonderful job of bringing new life into one of my favorite songs!......A friend of mine sent me this link, If you love music, Like I do
Give it a listen! Lets share the music!!!

Guest: 712 jumana Signed In: Sun Jun 23 01:45:41 2002
From: australia

steve this a fantastic website
its amazing how much info you have here
i envy you so much for acually knowing gerry and

Guest: 711 Karen Renehan McDunn Signed In: Fri Jun 07 22:28:17 2002
From: Pittsburgh, PA/Baltimore, MD

I just discovered this website and I can't believe I missed the show at Seven Springs Resort which is only about an hour from where I live (and I ski there most winters, but this winter stunk for skiing conditions)! I couldn't make the May 31st concert in Baltimore due to family obligations, and I'm having withdrawal symptoms 'cause it's been so long since my last concert! Can't wait for the next show in my area - does the band ever play Cape May, New Jersey? (Seems like it would be a great fit!) America is one of the most incredibly talented and underrated bands of all time!! Hang in there guys, we need you!!!

Guest: 710 Barry Hicks Signed In: Fri Jun 07 12:59:36 2002
From: Cape Town , South Africa

The group that means more to me than any other.

Guest: 709 Paul Valley Signed In: Fri May 31 15:38:51 2002
From: Maine Website:

gosh been listening to you guys forever some of the best music i can remember is from you folks

Guest: 708 Robert E. Lee Signed In: Thu May 23 21:01:30 2002
From: earth

Interesting how many folks from around the planet love the tunes, isn't it. Its wonderful how you have impacted so many lives. Still a bit of a downer that ego or whatever has kept Dan out of the picture. It could be magical again boys. You only live once.

Guest: 707 Raul Scherping Signed In: Sat May 18 07:15:51 2002
From: Chile Website:

An outstanding band. Their music will never fade. They are extremely talented musicians that deliver powerful performances every time.
Always in key and in tune. My all-time favorite harmony and melody masters.
Simplemente, los mejores!


Guest: 706 Ron Revello Appleton, WI Signed In: Thu May 09 10:11:51 2002

Great music

Guest: 705 Thomas Signed In: Thu May 09 02:52:42 2002
From: Germany Website:

It is great to find so much information about one of the world's best music-groups on one website. I had to put a link on my site !


Guest: 704 Agustin BEDATE Signed In: Mon May 06 23:56:18 2002
From: Madrid, SPAIN

America is one of my favourites since I was very young. I know we are not so many people in Madrid to repeat concerts, but some of us are willing to see America again. I remembered the first time I saw America live on the Chicago-fest a long time ago, and some years ago I saw them in Madrid -it was great!!! Thanks to their music I have passed so many good times, even playing their songs. and this has put me up when I got some depressed.
Anyway, I have seen in your page that are two or there albums that I do not have yet, and it is very difficult to acquire them in Madrid. Can you tell me how can I have these albums.

Guest: 703 Robinson Signed In: Wed May 01 16:35:25 2002

The very best of the music in the world,thanks

Guest: 702 Emilio Mariano Garcia Ruiz Signed In: Fri Apr 26 04:36:41 2002
From: Spain

I am a fan of America since I was young (13) , and I am very happy
when I found this website , you remember me very nice things.

Guest: 701 Toumaj Signed In: Sat Apr 20 06:40:33 2002
From: Iran

We had a beautiful guitar album.But from what band?
We loved that old album and I still keep it in a secret place!
Yes! America! And I found it one day on your website!
Thank you men! Thank you!

Guest: 700 Hermy Rivas Signed In: Thu Apr 11 10:53:17 2002
From: El Salvador

I remember what in your concert here you say, I'll be back and we are waiting for that ... your one of the beast band of the word
comming soon ...

Guest: 699 Valerie Signed In: Mon Apr 08 19:56:39 2002
From: Texas

Thank you Steve for providing such a great website. This is my first ever venture into cyberspace. Yes, the first place I wanted to surf to was a site dealing with the band I have loved for 30 years. To find such a well organized and well presented site was a real treat!

Guest: 698 Tim Devine Signed In: Sat Apr 06 21:00:13 2002
From: North Carolina

The Howard Stern interview was great. You shold publish the Ba Ba Booey song!!! Keep up the great work....

Guest: 697 Patrick Signed In: Fri Apr 05 16:48:30 2002
From: Kalamazoo, MI.

I Love It...

Guest: 696 Atticus Finch Signed In: Wed Apr 03 12:45:53 2002
From: Arkansas

There is an error in this paragraph in part 3 of the America bio:

"In June 1997, with Hourglass three years in the past, the group announced that it was planning to record a new album at the end of the year, to be produced by Alan Katz of Steely Dan repute. Meanwhile, the America revival continued with a further announcement by One Way Records of the imminent release of the remainder of the Capitol albums on compact disc."

Steely Dan's longtime producer was GARY Katz, not Alan.

Guest: 695 Marge Czerniej Signed In: Wed Apr 03 11:21:24 2002

Great site. Have been a fan of this great group for a long time!!

Guest: 694 schawn Signed In: Tue Apr 02 19:41:37 2002
From: oklahoma

america rules!

Guest: 693 Rachel Nicholls Signed In: Sun Mar 31 13:07:04 2002
From: Ipswich, England

When, oh when are America going to grace the U.K. shores again?

Guest: 692 Anne Signed In: Mon Mar 25 14:08:03 2002
From: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

America recently played in Thunder Bay to adoring fans, and it is an understatement to say that this band literally blew us all away!!!!
May I suggest that the band should record a "live" album of greatest hits...firstly,to capture the energy from the crowd, and secondly, to update versions of some songs that were evident at the concert.
May I say , this was one of the best concerts I have been to !!!
Please come back soon!!!!

Guest: 691 John JP Patrick Signed In: Sat Mar 23 12:46:17 2002
From: Milwaukee

Please accept my personal invitation to join us at the worlds greatest music festival "SUMMERFEST 2002" in the brew city, Milwaukee Wisconsin. It's been a few years since we've seen you guys there. If necessary I'll shake director Bo Black up a bit to get you on the line-up this year. Remember 1977 America, mainstage?

Guest: 690 Kent Navarro Signed In: Sat Mar 16 07:02:09 2002
From: Jasaan

Like this web-site but im just wondering did they sing the "dance with me"? and "everything's gonna be alright"?

Guest: 689 Anna Daugherty Signed In: Fri Mar 15 11:28:49 2002
From: LaFollette Tennessee

Guys, the last time I signed your guestbook, I forgot to mention that you are my favorite rock group of all time. I like songs by other groups; five or six here, one there, a dozen there, but I've heard 176 of AMERICA'S 200+ songs, and I like them all. I have never been fortunate enough to see you guys in concert, but that hasn't kept me from being one of your biggest fans. Keep singing. And keep being the kind of performers who value your fans. On going thanks for everything you do and have done as AMERICA and as yourselves. Love Ya, Ann

Guest: 688 Valerie Amfahr Signed In: Sun Mar 10 00:03:39 2002
From: Texas

i have always heard stories of America from my father who went to school with them and remembers their beginnings... i have to agree with my father that good music is always good music no matter when...

Guest: 687 Roni Jader Signed In: Wed Feb 27 00:58:51 2002
From: Bi˝an,Laguna, Philippines

How i wish AMERICA will come up with their ballad collections not just the typical I need you or the Muskrat love what i mean is that they should at least include SARA, THESE BROWN EYES, JODY- siempre pa!,ALL AROUND, 1960,etc. What do you think guys? CHEERS TO THE TIN MAN WHO CAN DO MAGIC !!! AMERICA FANS please give me a mail:

Guest: 686 Rick Braun Signed In: Mon Feb 25 19:27:16 2002
From: Wisconsin

What a great site. I just started playing guitar at age 39 2 1/2 years ago and the chords charts are great. Only disappointment was not seeing "Right Before Your Eyes" in that list.

I saw America at Milwaukee's Summerfest about five years ago and the guys are still making and playing some of the best music around. Only disappointment was they were put on at about noon on a Thursday (opening day) and didn't draw near the fans they deserved. Great site.

Guest: 685 Nancy Signed In: Sat Feb 23 23:53:10 2002
From: Hastings, Pennsylvania

Hi, I really enjoy the site. It has been a year since a friend of mine shared it with me. I signed in the guest book then, saying how long I have been a fan of America(for 29 years now). Little did I realize then, that I would get the chance to see You in concert again. I was at the Champion, Pa (Seven Springs Mountain Resort) concert on 2/7/02, WOW!! what an awesome night. It was like a big class reunion, everyone enjoyed themselves and everyone was singing along with all of our favorite songs.I was singing and smiling the whole evening,when it was over I felt like I was walking on air leaving the building. Sooo Nice!! It was also nice to see children there with their parents, a whole new generation of America fans~~Nice! Once again I would like to say "Gerry & Dewey & Band Thanks for all of the Great Songs" I could never grow tired of your music, I hope there will be more to come, and I hope to get the chance to see You in concert again! It would be so nice if you could add some more of your newer songs to your Concerts, especially Young Moon, Hope, Moment to Moment, Hidden Talent....I could go on and on! :-) One more thing~Next time I get to see you in concert, I hope that I will get the chance to get Your autographs!!! I was so close to you both this last time, but I froze and messed this chance up! I would have loved to tell you how much I appreciate your talent, I know practicly all of your songs by heart! Thanks for all of the Special Memories! Nancy :-)

Guest: 684 Krysta Niznick Signed In: Wed Feb 20 10:20:43 2002
From: Minneapolis

I am writing for a group of Catholic Sisters. They have created an on-line Lenten retreat, which contains daily reflections for people to read. They would like to put music on the site and one of the songs they had in mind was "A Horse With No Name" Could we use it for about a week? Thanks, Krysta

Guest: 683 gup Signed In: Tue Feb 19 21:25:01 2002
From: Jakarta

..I still hv the original LP America - been with me for over a quarter century - gawd..I'll never let it go!

Guest: 682 Robert Signed In: Mon Feb 18 05:20:35 2002
From: Iowa Website:

I have several original AMERICA albums on e-Bay, they end today. One of them is the 1st Issue of the "America" album--with original cover. Bidding begins at under $6.00!! My e-Bay user name is "yoursongs"

Guest: 681 ERNESTO J. ABIBAS Signed In: Thu Feb 14 21:03:30 2002
From: philippines

1971 America (no cd)
1972 Homecoming (no cd)
1973 Hat Trick (w/ cd)
1974 Holiday (w/ cd)
1974 On The Road - America/Eagles Live (Bootleg) (no cd)
1975 Hearts (no cd)
1975 History (no cd)
1976 Hideaway (w/ cd)
1977 Harbor (w/cd)
1977 America Live (no cd)
1979 Silent Letter (no cd)
1980 Alibi (cassette tape only)
1981 America's Gold (no cd)
1981 Live In Central Park (Laser disc/VHS) (no copy)
1982 View From The Ground (w/ cd)
1982 The Last Unicorn Soundtrack (no cd)
1983 Your Move (w/ cd)
1984 Perspective (w/ cd)
1985 America In Concert (no cd)
1990 The Very Best of America (no cd)
1991 Encore: More Greatest Hits (w/ cd)
1992 Ventura Highway And Other Favorites (no cd)
1994 Hourglass (w/ cd)
1995 America In Concert (King Biscuit) (no cd)
1995 Van Go Gan (Gerry's Solo Album) (w/ cd)
1995 Horse With No Name (Music/Video CD) (no copy)
1995 Live In Germany '95 (German TV) (no cd/copy?)
1996 You Can Do Magic (no cd)
1996 Premium Gold Collection (no cd)
1996 Centenary Collection (no cd)
1997 Heard (Home-Rolled) (no cd)
1998 Human Nature (no cd)
1998 Best of MusikLaden: America (DVD/VHS) (no copy)
1998 The Legendary America (no cd)
1999 America 2 CDs (no cd)
1999 Greatest Hits (no cd)
1999 Live In Germany '99 (German TV) (no cd)
2000 Live (no cd)
2000 Go Man Go (Remix of Gerry's Van Go Gan) (no cd)
2000 Highway: 30 Years of America (no cd)
2001 Hits You Remember Live (no cd)
2001 Definitive America (no cd)
2001 The Complete Greatest Hits (no cd)
2001 Homecoming (DVD-Audio) (no copy)
2001 In Concert - Ohne Filter (German DVD) (no cd)
(no cd) - I don't have a copy of this compact disc, I'm from the Philippines, I use to buy mostly in CD WAREHOUSE (phils.), but, so sad, I can't find CD Warehouse now all over Metro Manila. Please help me where I can buy this CD's in the philippine market. I'm so very very frustrated looking at all this CD's. I want to collect them all, but, it depends also to my budget, maybe i can buy the latest first. I watch your last concert here in Makati, Phils. (first day) I hope you can do it again.

Regards to all of you guys....

1999 Honored - Volume 1 (Home-Rolled)
1999 Honored - Volume 2 (Home-Rolled)
2000 Like A Brother (Beckley/Lamm/Wilson)

Guest: 680 Jack Malone Signed In: Tue Feb 12 20:02:56 2002
From: Australia

Its Great to see the Guys are coming down here again. But it looks like they will not Be Playing in Melbourne
Does anybody Know if that will change

Guest: 679 Jeannine Lehman Signed In: Tue Feb 12 12:50:34 2002
From: Sarasota FL

Hi. I am Fizz's friend, Jeannine. Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk to us backstage the other night and for wishing me happy birthday while onstage! What a great memory, and I thank you so much! You guys were just the best! Thanks for a great show and for such wonderful birthday memories! Jeannine

Guest: 678 Teddy V Howell Signed In: Sun Feb 10 21:17:51 2002
From: Leesburg, VA

I just realized that it has been 30 years since i first saw America as my first concert(15), first set blew me away but then the guys came out and only played 2 songs...Horse with no Name and Sandman on electric for 20 min+ each with incredible improv never left me!!!!

Guest: 677 William C.Shoop Signed In: Sun Feb 10 09:21:21 2002
From: KIssimmee,Fl

SAW the guys in concert in Orlando last nite.Simply magical.THey are the best.Sound just like there records.Very tight group.Brought back many memories of high school in the 70s.

Guest: 676 Ernesto Signed In: Fri Feb 08 22:06:54 2002
From: Argentina

I like America`s music alot

Guest: 675 Josh Signed In: Wed Feb 06 17:31:43 2002

Everyone get ready for the upcoming Ministry album! It's gonna be sick!!!!!

Guest: 674 Michael Clark Signed In: Mon Feb 04 08:28:32 2002
From: Lincoln, UK Website:

Hi guys...

Just wanted to say that everyone should check out the Cousin Walter website They have a great remix of Genie in a bottle... Go and download it me!!

Guest: 673 Lorella Signed In: Mon Feb 04 06:32:34 2002
From: Italy

Guest: 672 lucien van diggelen Signed In: Sat Feb 02 15:59:43 2002
From: netherlands Website:

Please visit our website on a new Biography on Crosby Stills Nash and sometimes Young. Our books should be released soon......

Guest: 671 Jorge Palacios Signed In: Thu Jan 31 14:41:58 2002
From: Lima-Peru

I don't speak english very well, I'm 43 years old and I'm a fan of the group. They came to Lima the last year and I went to a concert to enjoy old songs that remember my youth.My favorite is,of course, Sister Golden Hair

Guest: 670 John Chisholm Signed In: Mon Jan 28 12:58:37 2002
From: Truro,N.S. Canada

I have been a fan since the first album.I can't get over the the number of web sites and links.I know their music is great and the appeal would be wide spread but too actually see the comments and from the different parts of the world,wow!!Iwould like to see a new cd of all new songs. I really enjoyed HUMAN NATURE esp,PAGES.Anyway thank you for 30 years of terrific music and if you ever get a chance to perform in my area, PLEASE DO!! JOHN C

Guest: 669 Steve Malam Signed In: Tue Jan 22 14:52:59 2002
From: Cheshire England

Like many of your other guests i did my growing up in the 70's with the light breezy sound of America.Their music still makes me dream of hot dusty desert highways. Coming from England that's not easy!! Some 30 years on and a family later I've turned some of the dreams into reality. I've toured California,Arizona, bought a big shiny motorcycle but still listen to America.Long may it continue

Guest: 668 Anna Daugherty Signed In: Tue Jan 22 11:49:37 2002
From: La Follette, Tennessee

I've been an AMERICA fan since the first time I heard "I Need You", when I was in highschool. Gerry and Dewey {and Dan} won my heart with their smooth, mellow harmonies, and down-to-earth lyrics from the very beginning. AMERICA's songs helped me through some tough times in my teen-age years, and I will be forever grateful to them all. Keep up the good work, Gerry and Dewey! Love Ya! Ann.

Guest: 667 dragan Signed In: Thu Jan 17 12:06:08 2002
From: yugoslavia

far acros the sea here in Yugoslavia I listen to you.Many best wishes and more more music from your guitars. PUNO POZDRAVA from Balkan.

Guest: 666 SchafeyBud Signed In: Sat Jan 12 06:53:06 2002
From: Quogue,Long Island,New york

Budweiser and the King Biscuit Flower Hour go hand in hand!!!

Guest: 665 Kim (Amazing Eyes=eyeball) Signed In: Wed Jan 09 08:00:17 2002
From: New Brunswick, Canada

Greetings. Just by my name, (Dewey), you know where to find me again :) Favourite song of all time has to be Sandman..sooooo many memories of earlier years. Anyways hope to hear from you again Dew, to chat. xo

Guest: 664 Paula Starks Signed In: Sun Jan 06 16:25:37 2002
From: Cincinnati, Ohio

Hey Guys! Can we do it again for my 40th?! Remember Dewey you owe me a strip show, lol. Meet ya all at South Sea's Plantation Captiva Island Florida January 7th 2006 and ya all can sing Happy Birthday to me again. Thank You for making my 30th so memorable! Paula and Rob Starks, Cincinnati, Ohio

Guest: 663 dave mann Signed In: Sat Jan 05 23:58:54 2002
From: San Luis Obispo, California

Greetings To Dewey, Gerry, Michael and Brad. Have truly enjoyed the last 6 concerts America concerts I've been to in the last few years...I was sad to hear/see though that you have dropped songs from the HUMAN NATURE cd.....especially missed was the songs Wednesday Morning, From A Moving Train, and Pages......I was looking forward to hearing those songs for quite awhile and they were dropped.... I love the oldies, but hey, the new songs are great too!!
Santa Claus brought me "Highway 30 Years of America" and its SUPERB!!! I especially enjoy the demo versions of the last 5 songs on the 3rd cd.
Have found Dan Peek on the internet as he has a website Have recently bought a few of his cds produced in the last couple of years. He's got a few really unique songs you might be intestered in listening to....On "Bodden Town" cd--> Wailing Wall......and on his "PEACE" cd Its Alright......these two songs I think really stand out as America "esque" and capture that old sound when all three of you played together....he's coming back with some beauties........You might think of throwing a bone to your fans and hire him on for a short know it would go off really big......the Doobies have there original band back and never sounded so good, and the concerts are really energized!!....Keep your same band and just add Dan Peek for a temporary run, add some new songs from everyone and it would be the talk of the city.....AMERICA needs it.....America USA and America the fans......and it be huge fun!!!.........Dan sings the high parts really good....I'm a salesman you can probably tell.....I LOVE AMERICA......You only get to live one time!!.......Don't wait too long to reunite, even for a shorty....Look at the Beatles, Beach Boys and others.....too late now!!..........Don't Cross The River in a born to be high in voice!! "Satan" and others. Any response about this idea would be really appreciated
Dewey I really think Town and Country should be added to the concert song line up, as its really fine.
I hope you sign on for the Paso Robles State Fair soon. Take Care. Davey in Californy

Guest: 662 Tammy Bushell Signed In: Sat Jan 05 23:32:32 2002
From: Melbourne, Australia

Yeah, well, I'm getting a bit old for this but Gerry is very spunky. Oh, and I love some of their music, as well.
Oh, by the way, I'd like America to come to Melbourne, (well, my house, actually..) one day....soon...

Guest: 661 Michael Hamer Signed In: Sat Jan 05 19:30:59 2002
From: Ocala, Florida

I can't believe that there are so many America related sites. America has been my all time favorite group since their first album. Needless to say that I am old! It is exciting to know that so many individuals enjoy America as much as I do. Thanks!

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