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Guest: 928 jeff bowman Signed In: Fri Dec 26 07:35:49 2003
From: hickory, nc

hi everyone. i've loved America from the beginning and still listen to my old lp's. still not wild about cds. i must confess i miss Dan Peek so much. some of my very favorite songs are from him.

Guest: 927 David Stretton Signed In: Wed Dec 24 23:21:07 2003
From: Melbourne, Australia

Lovely website.
Whatever happened to the horses mouth newsletter and wahlgren's website(ken wahlgren I think)?
Looking forward to the Melbourne concert on 25 jan 03. :)

Guest: 926 klaus Signed In: Tue Dec 23 00:18:51 2003 Website:

great site, well done

Guest: 925 gary t Signed In: Sat Dec 20 23:00:28 2003
From: gold coast,australia

You guys are the best. Always at work, home and especially on camping trips. What about a new album sometime in 2004

Guest: 924 Raymond Lopez jr. Signed In: Thu Dec 18 12:41:55 2003
From: Roswell, New mexico 88201

I think, no I know AMERICA is the Greatest group of all time.
30 years of GREAT music.

Guest: 923 Gianni Signed In: Mon Dec 15 23:03:41 2003
From: italy

Mar 16, Mazda Theatre, Genoa, Italy


Guest: 922 Jason Colannino Signed In: Thu Dec 11 20:46:12 2003
From: Boynton Beach, Florida Website:

Hello everyone. Getting ready for America in Delray Beach Friday night. Perect weather it looks like. May be too cool out for Florida natives. Im gonna try and bring in a camera so i can share pics with everyone, and ill post the setlist when i get back. America is coming back to Hallandale in Feb. Ill be going to that one too.

Guest: 921 Fiore cerza Signed In: Thu Dec 11 12:44:34 2003
From: Benevento, Italy

I'm a guitarist(America style). I like their arrangements.

Guest: 920 steve purdie Signed In: Thu Dec 11 02:53:09 2003
From: australia

Looking forward to seeing America down under on January 25th.It will be my seventh time.Or is it the eighth!

Guest: 919 Jeff Griggs Signed In: Wed Dec 10 18:32:59 2003
From: Lakeland, Florida

Sorry to hear your concert in Lakeland on Dec. 11th was cancelled. I was looking forward to seeing and hearing you. The economy here hasn't completely recovered and being so close to Christmas is probable the reason for the slow sales. Best time around here is in the Spring or Fall.

Guest: 918 Nick Reyes Signed In: Mon Dec 01 17:24:48 2003
From: Philippines

Guest: 917 Laura Fontaine Signed In: Fri Nov 28 09:20:47 2003
From: Swanzey, NH

Guest: 916 Phil Mabarak Signed In: Tue Nov 25 00:50:21 2003
From: Centennial, CO

Although I've had this PC for over 3 years, it just now occurred to me, as sleep is slow in coming tonight, to look up my favorite group of all time. The best music - EVER! America continues to define the person I am today. The melodies and lyrics are timeless. Growing up in suburban Detroit, your music instilled a reverence for life I am forever grateful. The highest volumes on my car and home stereos only know the vocals of some Air Force brats!

Guest: 915 Nancy Mielnicki Signed In: Mon Nov 17 12:29:12 2003
From: Jersey City, NJ

I have been an America fan since 1971. I have seen them in concert about 12 times, the most recent in October at West Collingswood in New Jersey. They were absolutely fantastic!

Guest: 914 Barb Brunton Signed In: Sun Nov 09 23:59:34 2003

Guest: 913 RICHARD Jean-Luc Signed In: Fri Nov 07 08:19:55 2003

America is the very best pop group, and my favorite group. I like all the songs, the melody and the lyrics are beautiful.

Guest: 912 Geri Vassau Signed In: Thu Oct 30 21:46:25 2003
From: Wauconda, IL

I have been an America fan since since the very beginning. I shared a room with my older brother who had "America" (the first album)on 8-track. He used to put in a tape and I would have to guess the name of the band and the song, and that is how I first discovered America. I have seen them about 12 times over the years, just recently in Aurora, IL for the first time in about 10 years. I did not realize that they are still out there & touring as much as they do, so you can count on me attending as many concerts as I can. I can't tell you how many rough times their music has helped me through. I will always love them and will for sure be visiting these pages again! Thanks!

Guest: 911 Daniel Signed In: Sat Oct 25 13:00:37 2003
From: New Zealand - Christchurch

America are awsome im only 17 and they have influenced the way I look at music. Also when are America coming to New Zealand again? I went to there concert in Christchurch it was awsome!!!!!

Guest: 910 Rafael Signed In: Tue Oct 21 12:03:23 2003
From: So Paulo- Brazil

America is one of the best pop groups that I listen my favorite song
is " lonely people " and my favorite member Dan Peek but I like too much Gerry and Dewey sure! I hope that one day we can listen the big
three talents togheter again........ Best wishes for all. Rafael.

Guest: 909 Vaughan Swale Signed In: Sat Oct 18 19:24:21 2003

America are great .good too see they are coming back to New Zealand.

Guest: 908 Julie Chavez Signed In: Wed Oct 08 18:53:02 2003
From: Pennsylvania

Going to see America on 10/9 in Alexandria Virginia
Saw them on 7.4.03 in Frederick Maryland and have been re hooked ever since.

Guest: 907 Carmen Signed In: Sat Oct 04 21:34:05 2003
From: Sydney, Australia

I have been a fan since the 70's. My daughters and I get to all your Sydney concerts (we are lucky enough to have some photos with you guys!) They love your music also, looking foward to seeing you at the Opera House,Jan 2004.

Guest: 906 anthea Signed In: Sat Oct 04 11:24:15 2003
From: UK

I have been a fan of America for years. Just got their new CD and it's great. Great to hear from them again.

Guest: 905 michael mcconnachie Signed In: Fri Sep 26 14:36:12 2003
From: scotland

great america back in uk album charts as off 25 9 03 into top ten mybe more people will here how good the band are

Guest: 904 JUAN Signed In: Fri Sep 26 03:44:12 2003
From: SPAIN Website:

I was in your concert in Luz de Gas , Barcelona (Spain) , really was great, greetings from Juan (BIKER MUSIC)

Guest: 903 Arnold Signed In: Wed Sep 24 22:27:50 2003
From: Oregon City, Or

I grew up in Southern California......Ventura Highway I drove several times (in the sunshine) if I recall the song was on the radio as I was heading north on 101 to Santa Barbara one beautiful summer evening.

Guest: 902 Tara Ritacco Signed In: Mon Sep 22 20:08:46 2003
From: Southern California

We enjoyed the concert at the Grove, Sept. 20. The songs still move emotions now, just as they did in the 70's. Thank you for the great concert!

Guest: 901 John Beaudin Signed In: Sat Sep 20 17:06:52 2003
From: Calgary, Alberta , Canada Website:

Hi Folks

John Beaudin here again. Thanks for the great feedback from our chat with Gerry Beckley a few months ago. We have just posted a brand new interview with Dan Peek on the site. It was a long one - we talked for almost two hours. Part one of the interview is now up.
Here is the exact URL You can also find the interview in our pop section (soon to be a self contained adult pop website)just look for the Andrew Gold banner. Thanks and enjoy.


Guest: 900 "moose" Signed In: Sat Sep 20 11:18:21 2003
From: london,england.

when are you coming to england for concert tours?

Guest: 899 Nancy Signed In: Fri Sep 19 12:13:36 2003
From: Jersey City, NJ

I have been an America fan since 1971. The last time I saw them in concert was in the mid '80s. I loved their shows at Central Park in the '70s. I have great pictures!!

Guest: 898 herm Signed In: Tue Sep 16 15:54:01 2003
From: north carolina

I missed the group in the 70s. I did not know that the song "Horse," which I enjoyed listening to on the radio, was by America. About a month ago I began a subcription to a music mail order house and read something about America. I ordered the "History" CD and I just love you guys. Question: In this age of reunions, would you, Dewey and Gerry, consider re-uniting with Dan? I am almost sure that America fans will be over joyed. Thanks for sharing your gift.

Guest: 897 agung Signed In: Wed Sep 10 23:51:46 2003
From: denpasar Website:

You have a great web site.

Guest: 896 Sergio Soto Signed In: Tue Sep 09 10:52:26 2003
From: Santiago-Chile

My favorite teenager group and now in my fourties... great feelings about the past. Simply music, not noisy, America will be in my heart till the end.

Guest: 895 Melanie Miller Signed In: Sun Sep 07 10:22:53 2003
From: Redding, Connecticut

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful show you put on for the Norwalk Oyster Festival in September 2003. It is wonderful to see such a great band still sound as good as you do, and still having fun doing the shows. Norwalk was wise in inviting you back for another concert at the Oyster Fesitval, hopefully, we will again be lucky enough to have you booked once again. Thank you guys!

Guest: 894 kristi Signed In: Thu Aug 21 23:32:55 2003
From: MN

Dang, what will a mama do for her kid! I love you guys and so does my 9 year old boy, who is sick most of the time. ( Not gonna die I hopw but darn sick alot) I have been singing him America songs since he was a baby and Dasiy Jane is one of his Favorites. I tried like hell to get you to sign his CD when you where in Stillwater. We got there at noon and Mama tried everything to get to ya. Good security! ha ha. Please It would make my boys year to have you send him a autographed pic. It would mean more than you all could know.

Guest: 893 Fernando Vetromille Signed In: Tue Aug 12 14:02:58 2003
From: Brazil

America will stay alive forever in my heart!

Guest: 892 john picone, md Signed In: Sun Aug 10 11:35:32 2003
From: bangor

hi, got a great song for America, about our troops... i think they'ld really be interested

Guest: 891 MGBADA JOE Signed In: Sat Aug 09 07:20:02 2003


Guest: 890 Keith Petrosky Signed In: Mon Aug 04 20:14:53 2003
From: Meriden, CT

Saw the show at Mohegan Sun in July. Great show! HOWEVER,it would be great to have Dan Peek back.Reunion time!The record companies would love it and so would us longtime AMERICA fans.

Guest: 889 greg Signed In: Fri Aug 01 00:52:53 2003
From: vancouver

would love to get a hold of some concert gear. pleae let me know where i can order some. you guys are the most underated band ever. My girlfiend wants to give you all head. get back to us, please.

Guest: 888 Sandro Luiz alves da silva Signed In: Tue Jul 29 20:32:52 2003
From: Rio de Janeiro / Brasil

Hello! my names Sandro. Im Rio best fan. My favorite album is "HARBOR"!!!

Thank you AMERICA!!!

Guest: 887 Sarah Signed In: Mon Jul 28 11:24:51 2003
From: Wichita, KS

I grew up hearing the sounds of America on the radio when I was young, esp. the song Sister Golden Hair which is my favorite next to Daisy Jane, I can't get enough of those two songs. I recently bought America's Complete Greatest Hits and I love all the songs, I never knew what a great band America was, I'll be picking up all the CD's now that I can get my hands on. Thanks for the brilliant tunes boys! Keep playin' and stayin' alive! Hopefully I'll catch you guys in concert someday soon. Oh, and you guys still look great after all these years, where did you find that fountain of youth?! Amazing!
Oh, and this website rocks! Great work!

Guest: 886 BLAKE RATLIFF Signed In: Sun Jul 27 22:52:15 2003


Guest: 885 JOSHUE T.GAVINO Signed In: Sun Jul 20 02:21:18 2003


Guest: 884 UZOAGBA Signed In: Sat Jul 19 13:23:35 2003
From: Virginia Website:


Guest: 883 Roland Signed In: Fri Jul 18 14:43:47 2003
From: Germany Website:

Hello, I'm a big America fan. I love your music.

Greetings from Munich.

Guest: 882 John Signed In: Tue Jul 15 02:26:03 2003
From: Australia

Are you going to tour here?

Guest: 881 Michelle Signed In: Tue Jul 08 00:22:26 2003
From: Australia

I think you guys are great, my favourite song is You can do magic.

Guest: 880 Emiko Signed In: Mon Jul 07 05:23:33 2003
From: Japan

Hello, I'm old AMERICA's fan. I'm looking for the sheet music of song " I need you " and some other songs now. Please Help me !!

Guest: 879 Vicki hamblin Signed In: Tue Jun 24 13:12:14 2003
From: Conway AR

I love your music

Guest: 878 Tami (Burton) Curran Signed In: Mon Jun 16 21:53:13 2003
From: Grew up in Oregon, currently living in Michigan

I recently had the opportunity to see America perform in Harris, Michigan at the Island Resort Casino. It was a great experience having gotten the chance to meet Dewey and Gerry in person after the show. They were gracious enough to sign my ticket stub and let myself and 3 good friends of mine give them hugs. Hopefully they can forgive me for asking them a very stupid question, I had no idea the band was still together after all these years. I loved them in the 70's and saw them in concert in 1977 in Medford, OR. I was going through some very difficult times then, and their music always lifted my spirits. I enjoyed the show tremendously and sang along with them. It brought back a lot of memories. Thanks America for sharing your gift with the rest of the world.


Guest: 877 Donna Yocus Signed In: Mon Jun 16 15:36:23 2003
From: Tower, Minnesota

I want to thank the Guys for signing my cd when they were at Fortune Bay Casino! I do DayCare there and thought I would miss seeing them but I got lucky and got to see the last half hour of their last show! Great show guys and thanks again! Donna

Guest: 876 alberto pasotti Signed In: Sat Jun 14 09:02:41 2003
From: italy

I've loved your music since when I was 16 (now 39).
Thank You! I hope to see you in Italy on concert.

Guest: 875 Glenn Gillispie Signed In: Fri Jun 13 10:41:48 2003
From: Hot Springs Virginia

Guest: 874 benny Signed In: Fri Jun 13 05:16:15 2003
From: germany Website:

im also a big america fan now for many many years.never saw them perform live,but it must be great happy that i found this page,because it took me quite a long time,and since then i didnt even know that a page like this exists.all the best to all of you!

Guest: 873 Chris Nauman Signed In: Tue Jun 10 12:09:46 2003
From: Phoenix, AZ Website:

Saw Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell and Woody at Casino, Arizona. IT WAS WONDERFUL! I deeply respect and admire them. I can't believe it but they were gracious enough to sign an autograph of our 3 disc "30 Years of America". We will always cherish the CD and will definitely be a fan of theirs for the next 30 years! Can't say enough great things about them. Only wished I could have thanked them in person for signing the CD Book but was relayed through their personnel. I wanted to thank the wonderful girl who did this for me but was not able because it was handed out the door by someone else. THANK YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE!

Chris Nauman

Guest: 872 Ivy Johnston Signed In: Mon Jun 09 23:39:43 2003
From: Mesa, Arizona

I've been a huge fan of America since I was about 14 (I'm now 42!) and I just saw them tonight in concert for the first time in over 20 years. I'm still in love with them, lol. Thank you for your awesome website!! They're one of the best bands ever!!!!!

Guest: 871 Rudy Signed In: Mon Jun 09 09:35:17 2003
From: Ventura County, California Website:

Saw America over the weekend at the Canyon Club in Agoura, Ca. They sound just as fresh and enjoyable as they did long ago. Hope to see them again when they come back.

Guest: 870 Chip Fried Signed In: Sun Jun 08 13:04:48 2003
From: San Francisco, CA USA

Thanks for this great web sight. I just saw America at Saratoga, CA.(6/6/03). It was a great concert. I have one question, has America produced a full concert video/DVD aside from the Muskladen one? I'm so glad they are still touring but it would be so nice to be able to see them in action more than just once every couple of years.
Thanks again,

Guest: 869 John Veldman Signed In: Sat Jun 07 13:59:59 2003
From: The Netherlands

Hi,I am a big America fan!! America (music) makes my life complete!!!!It"s my wish to visit a concert of America this year in the US.

Guest: 868 Kevin Oram Signed In: Mon Jun 02 13:00:33 2003
From: England u.k.

The music of America helped me through my teens and has always been there for me. The band MUST come to England soon that all their fans can finally pay homage to the makers of fine music.

Guest: 867 tabubee Signed In: Sat May 24 17:02:05 2003
From: Fairfax, VA

To Okete from Catalonia: The song you were referring to about Janet Jackson was from Ventura Highway. One of my favorite America songs.

Guest: 866 mike c. Signed In: Tue May 20 12:18:06 2003
From: erie,pa

Great site.Very in depth.
Great band.I wish i could go back to the day when I was 7 and see them again.A definite highlight in my life.

Guest: 865 Bonnie Davis Signed In: Fri May 16 11:40:13 2003
From: Peachtree City, GA

Guest: 864 rebecca bryan Signed In: Wed May 14 18:04:52 2003
From: mississippi,alabama,louisiana dtc

i am 51 Year old cf surviver,after 49 years of being misdiagnosed form all parts of the us. i l have enjoyed your music but i have a goal, to have a national spokesperson(like micheal j. fox) on his soap box help awareness. there are alot of people that have "fallen thru the crack" that are taking the wrong medicine and dying. i know you have been very active in canada.. could you possible help me here. i do not want anything from you but to provide aweness,that adult cf exists because of the i said i am 51 and have battled this with every doctor because i don't look the part. if you have any interest in helping millions of people with awareness only, i have always worked and will help foot the bill. yours truly. rebecca mclain runyon bryan (bec) i hope you get this e-mail.......

Guest: 863 Jade Signed In: Tue May 13 12:34:25 2003
From: Singapore/NY

You guys performed in Singapore sometime in the early 80s or late 70s and I was there. You were terrific. Then my friend Antonio brought me backstage at The Goodwood Park Hotel to meet Gerry Beckley. Wow!! It remains one of the best memories I have. Thank you for beautiful moments. Songs like 1960 and You can do Magic has changed my life.

Guest: 862 John London Signed In: Tue May 13 02:37:53 2003
From: Berkshire, UK

Am a big America fan - Have been from the start. I wished their albums and music was played on radio more in the UK and they were more popular. Would love to see them here again in concert. Last time was mid 1980's in Hammersmith Odean. My 10 year old son also a big fan. Is there a new studio album planned does anyone know?


Guest: 861 jamie willis Signed In: Sun May 11 22:40:38 2003
From: vicksburg, michigan

i saw you in 1985 with stephen stills and tom chapin. it was a great show.

Guest: 860 rossville saturno Signed In: Sun May 11 12:41:57 2003
From: The Netherlands

they"re great!through them i learned 2 play guitar

Guest: 859 Kathy Abels Signed In: Thu May 08 13:43:38 2003
From: Colorado

Just wanted to say how I really enjoyed your concert in Colorado and i bought your boxed set oh my gosh what good music. If you haven't heard it check it out. We will see you in San Diego June 8 cannot wait. Sincerely Kathy Abels

Guest: 858 Okete Signed In: Mon May 05 09:09:14 2003
From: Catalonia

Do someone knows what's the name of america's song which janet jackson took a rythm from to make a song of her latest album ? this rythm is a guitar rythm ... know it's hard to guess out but please , if someone knows , help me !! thanks ^_^

Guest: 857 Jennifer McGuire Signed In: Sat Apr 26 12:15:19 2003
From: Oklahoma

Liz, Jennifer and Haley say hi! hope to see everyone again soon. special hi to "Pill & Bete!" love you guys, may God Bless every one of you!

Guest: 856 Doug Strozak Signed In: Fri Apr 25 09:02:41 2003
From: Palm Beach

Still telling all my friends that I got to buy Gerry a beer in Chattanoga. Big fan, can't wait to see you guys at Sun Fest

Guest: 855 Oliver Lee Signed In: Wed Apr 23 04:43:58 2003
From: Philippines

well i hope america could visit the philippine and eventually hold a concert i really admire the music of america especially the voice of gerry beckley i believe in your music so i hope u release more of your song your the best

Guest: 854 Frank Shelton Signed In: Thu Apr 17 15:07:33 2003
From: Tallulah, La. 71282

Thanks for the really great show the other night in Jackson Ms. We had a great time and ya'll surpassed all expectations! I hope to get to catch your show again, SOON.

Guest: 853 jim heubach Signed In: Wed Apr 16 18:25:21 2003
From: bettendorf, ia.

america is the greatest, innimatable talent. thanks for all the great years of music. don't ever quit writing your music!! God bless

Guest: 852 Sarah Crawford Signed In: Tue Apr 15 23:11:06 2003
From: Boise, ID

Hey, love your songs (a lot!)!!!! Just wondering when you'll be coming to Boise!!! Hope so soon!

Guest: 851 David Walter Signed In: Tue Apr 15 16:54:08 2003
From: Beaver Falls, Pa, USA

This was my first visit here and I'm sure I'll be back.

Guest: 850 Erik Signed In: Sat Apr 05 04:30:34 2003
From: Italy

Finally I have found America's Fans Website. It's a very good site!

Guest: 849 Brenda Beckley Signed In: Fri Apr 04 18:17:31 2003
From: Cocoa, Florida

Attn: Gerry Beckley
I have been trying for 2 years to get "someone" to forward a message to Gerry Beckley. No, I am not a crazy person......but, I truly believe that Gerry and I are cousins or related in some way. I have thought this for many years....but, could never find him to talk to him. We not only have the same name, but the same "Beckley" nose (he'll know what I mean). Please pass this message to Gerry, I would be ever so grateful to be able to get in contact wiht him. Thank you! Sincerely, Brenda Beckley

Guest: 848 Mick Henderson Signed In: Fri Apr 04 04:08:27 2003
From: England

When are the 'lads' coming over - and where's Dan these days

Guest: 847 Gianni Signed In: Mon Mar 31 22:39:06 2003
From: italy

un saluto a Gerry e Dewey dall'Italia
un abbraccio a tutti i fans del mondo.

Guest: 846 Robby Signed In: Fri Mar 28 09:13:33 2003
From: Trieste, Italy Website:

My favourite group since I was a teenager. When are you coming to Italy????? The last one is been too much time ago...

Guest: 845 Sean Signed In: Fri Mar 28 07:50:25 2003
From: Westmoreland N.H

You guy are the best/////// Keep up the good job....

Guest: 844 Les Furgala Signed In: Thu Mar 27 18:58:20 2003
From: Kelowna, BC. Canada

AWEsome concert in Kelowna, March 26/03, very enjoyable, they still have it......

Guest: 843 debbie burke Signed In: Tue Mar 25 15:22:21 2003
From: fairfax, va been a fan since i was 17 yrs. old and i still love you guys.. i'm much older now but still love good music. can't wait to see you in md. you need to come back more this way. i even got a ventura highway tattoo on my back you guys are so good live!!! love you!!!

Guest: 842 Judith Friedrich Signed In: Tue Mar 25 13:23:09 2003
From: Germany

Hi! I grew up to the music of America. I was born in 1971, the year they released their first album. My older brother listened to them all day long. As you can see I had no chance not to become a fan. :-)

Guest: 841 Sylvia Jungen Signed In: Mon Mar 24 13:38:20 2003
From: Germany

I had seen AMERICA 1995 live here in Germany. Since that time i am a big fan from this group. Im a little bit sorry, that we dont here something about this wonderful group (new songs,new albums,new tournee in Germany etc.) When are you coming to Germany?????

Guest: 840 Rachel Signed In: Sat Mar 22 06:54:44 2003
From: Ipswich, England Website:

Follow up for Eileen! Yes, there are many, many America fans in the U.K. but we're rapidly giving up hope that America will EVER grace us with their presence! I only live about 40 miles from where they started on their dads' military base. I live in hope that they may feel a little nostalgic some day!!!! Picture of optimism, me!

Guest: 839 Rodolfo Morales Signed In: Thu Mar 20 19:46:33 2003
From: Mexico City

I think it is good that the best group all over the world have its own page. I went to the concert in the Metropolitan Theater And I get really impressed with the great abilities of guerry and the great determination of dewey.

Guest: 838 ej pretko Signed In: Wed Mar 19 04:31:13 2003
From: rochester, ny

great site

Guest: 837 John Nehez Signed In: Wed Mar 19 02:06:58 2003
From: Australia

Would like to know if you are touring Australia in the near future?

Guest: 836 Joan Hughes Signed In: Tue Mar 18 18:37:17 2003
From: Attleboro, MA

Hello!!! When is "America" coming to Massachusetts? I loved your concert at the PPAC in Providence, RI!!! I'm so glad that you Richard has joined the band....I fell in love with him at a "TDN" concert at the Warwick Tent and still have his guitar pick !!
I love you guys and can't wait to see you again...hurry back !!!

Guest: 835 Eileen Signed In: Tue Mar 18 14:23:10 2003
From: England(UK)

Just wanted to say what a fantastic site this is, i cant wait to get through it all. Great too that there is still a lot of AMERICA fans
out there,is there any more from the UK.

Guest: 834 Helena Signed In: Mon Mar 03 12:42:41 2003
From: Brazil

The funny thing is that in the 70's I was too busy to stop and listen to America. Its music was just the background to everything I was doing at the time. Along all these years America has been inside me and I finally took my time to listen to the guys...I cant tell you how deeply their songs have touched me. They are just great. I'll keep listening to them and dreaming. Good old seventies!

Guest: 833 steve Signed In: Mon Mar 03 11:28:00 2003
From: Mass

I saw them on Friday night 2\28\03. And it was an awsome show, I cant wait to go in July we loved it. Thanks for the good time. They rocked!

Guest: 832 Alfred D. Richter Signed In: Sun Mar 02 15:32:43 2003
From: chitown Website:

This band means alot to me. I just bought their first,signature album on cd. It was hard to find as the local record stores listed it as out of print. I was hitchin' around the usa in '72 and every ride had that album on cassette. To listen to it brought back alot of memories. I was surprised to realize the last 3 or 4 songs on side 2 have aged so well and the most popular parts of the lp haven't. The beauty of the album is exemplified by the pretentiousness of youth.

Guest: 831 Dean Pantello Signed In: Sun Mar 02 07:24:31 2003
From: Indianapolis, IN. United States

Guest: 830 Liz Michelle Arrocha Figueroa Signed In: Mon Feb 24 15:42:58 2003
From: Palmira-valle-Colombia

I grew up listening this band i was born in 1978 in Panam and America now means a lot to me they, without know me have been with me throught all my life and now i would love to say how much they and their songs mean to me ,their songs go more over than my simple ears ,they go straight to my heart and make of my dark lonellyness a place full of light and hopes they're music mean a lot to me and even thought they will never know who i am ,i just have them in my heart.........and through their music they're allways in the speciall part of my thoughts.........michelle

Guest: 829 anon Signed In: Mon Feb 24 11:06:35 2003
From: California

Thank you Michael Woods for giving my friend lessens. He's really good now!

Guest: 828 OLIVIA Signed In: Wed Feb 12 18:05:30 2003





Guest: 827 Mona Prescott Signed In: Mon Feb 10 20:46:51 2003
From: Seattle, WA

My husband Dave and I had our 1st date at the Seattle Colliseum at an America concert w/Michael McDonald in the 70's, saw two awesome shows at the Puyallup Fair and at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, WA... at that concert my husband and I couldn't speak during the first 4 songs, we were so choked up. We hope you'll return to either of the Fairs, the Pier Concert series on the Seattle waterfront, or the Winery Concert-on-the-Green in Woodinville, WA. In the meantime, I guess we'll have to settle for Emerald Queen Casino in March. Can't wait to see you again!

Guest: 826 john radmilovic Signed In: Wed Feb 05 01:39:28 2003
From: wales u.k.

new to this site i am trying to educate my seven year old in what music SHOULD sound like .regards, john. u.k.

Guest: 825 Bill Brook Signed In: Sat Feb 01 04:10:51 2003
From: Hamburg/Germany Website:

Hi; I`m so happy to see you in a concert in Chandler/Arizona (03/03)
What a great site for great music and musicians.
Greetings from Hamburg

Guest: 824 Becky(Henley) Signed In: Wed Jan 29 02:05:51 2003
From: London - in earlier years

I am so proud of Gerry, Dewey, and Dan!!!!!! I know that God has blessed them and will continue to do so.

Guest: 823 RUSSSSSSSS Signed In: Mon Jan 27 03:26:02 2003


Guest: 822 Frank Signed In: Sat Jan 25 03:37:51 2003
From: What?

Dude - middle age wandering...Carpenters Park...Watford Rounabout...1910 Fruit Gum Co....Bill Russell...Neil Young giving you a cassette deck to record Jeff Dexter pounding his Capezio on the Warner Bros. confernce table... Brian Wilson's friends drawing on the wall of your hotel room.."this is where the pill goes in"...gpoing to the SnakBar in Weat Ruislip...being married in the Canteen...

Guest: 821 Luiz Ricardo de Oliveira Signed In: Sat Jan 25 03:16:06 2003
From: Brazil

Hello, my name is Luiz, Im from Brazil, Im 28 years old,i enjoy a lot their song, I and my band here in Brazil play many songs from America like VENTURA HIGHWAY, TIN MAN, LONELY PEOPLE, ANOTHER TRY, SISTER GOLDEN HAIR,A HORSE WITH NO NAME, MUSKRAT LOVE.Your songs are marvelous. Id like to know if Brazil is in your world tour, its a dream see you playing live.

Goodbye and good luck for you


Guest: 820 Darrell Campbell Signed In: Wed Jan 22 06:35:55 2003
From: Katy, TX

My wife & I love your music. Any chance you'll be in Houston, TX soon ?

Guest: 819 Paul J Flaherty Signed In: Wed Jan 22 05:48:31 2003
From: Australia

last time you were in Newcastle wife came to see you but she got sick & had to go home before you started...when can we see you again I want to take her...I grew up on your music..I'm a muso myself & song writer... had limeted success, but can play.
I am the production manager at radio NEWFM we could sponser the shows.......easy!!!!!....cheers Paul..(flash)

Guest: 818 Harold Graham Signed In: Tue Jan 21 11:58:35 2003
From: Cuba,Alabama

Dear America,
Happy new year! Congratulations for all of your success. I've been a huge fan for a long time. Could I please have an autographed picture of the group? If possible, please send it to:

Harold Graham
7719 Sumter 9
Cuba, Alabama

Thanks for all of the great music.-Harold.

Guest: 817 Jim Signed In: Mon Jan 20 12:12:40 2003
From: Atlanta Website:

great site!

Guest: 816 Sergio G. Rodriguez Signed In: Fri Jan 17 19:50:45 2003
From: New Orleans, Louisiana

Dewey and Gerry, saw you both and Dan in 1973 and now the two of you again in 2003- 30 years in between! Keep up the great work. I will be a fan of your brilliant musical talents forever. Hope to see you again in the near future, so please return to the New Orleans area.
My wife and I are both big fans of yours, take care,

Guest: 815 Bob Lawrence Signed In: Tue Jan 14 04:24:29 2003
From: Lexington, Ky

I would just like to say thankyou for all of the fine music that you have recorded over the past thirty-something years. I first listened to you guys on Armed Forces Radio in 1972 when I was a young airman stationed in Germany. To this day everytime I hear "Sandman" it takes me back to when I was working the nightshift on the flightline during one of those infamous foggy German nights. Fast forward to 1-11-03, it now has been over ten years since I retired from the Air Force and I have just attended your performance at the palace Theather in Louisville, Ky with the Louisville Orchestra. What an outstanding event. It was a very pleasurable experience which brought back many fond memories. Once again thanks for all of the great music over the years and I hope to see you both again when you return to this area.

Guest: 814 Beverly Edwards Signed In: Mon Jan 13 13:11:34 2003
From: Louisville, KY

My husband and I saw America Sat. Jan. 11 with the Louisville Orchestra. Gerry and Dewey are as fantastic as ever! Dewey was, unbelievably, playing with a broken arm and had to be in tremendous pain. Yet, I saw that they performed again the next night in Ohio. The last time I saw America play was 1973 at Western Michigan University where they introduced "Muskrat Love" from their 'soon to be released Hat Trick Album'. I pulled out my old album with the poster that came with it, the corners yellowed from the tape used to hang it on my wall all those years ago. You still look and sound GREAT, guys! Thanks for a fantastic evening. Come back soon!

Guest: 813 Howard Lieboff Signed In: Sat Jan 11 18:29:02 2003
From: New Jersey, USA

Hi, here is an offer to any America fan because I want to share this with fellow America fans. I have on video America live in Ecuador from 1998. You can ask about the video on the other chat board on this site. It's an excellent quality (sound & audio.) You can read my bio on this website. Email me for details.

Guest: 812 Scott Bramstedt Signed In: Fri Jan 10 19:53:37 2003
From: Cincinnati, Ohio

I saw America live at Bogarts in the mid 90's it was an awsome show. When will they tour here again?!!!

Guest: 811 Beverly Ailstock Signed In: Wed Jan 08 12:26:39 2003
From: st petersburg , fl

was very excited to get to meet America last june backstage in st petersburg. loved the show, are really great live. consider myself a true fan

Guest: 810 Joan Evans Signed In: Mon Jan 06 22:04:55 2003
From: Wilmington, Delaware

American is one of my favorite groups - Horse with no name is my favorite song. I have tried to see them in concert twice, but have not been able to go something always happens that prevents me from going. Some day I will get there.

Guest: 809 Mick Signed In: Sun Jan 05 14:19:19 2003
From: Kennewick, WA

You Guys are the Greatest

Guest: 808 Andrea Signed In: Fri Jan 03 05:36:21 2003

When I listen "Survival" I remember when I was young. Thanks for the music. You best.

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