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Guest: 1060 Eric Signed In: Sat Nov 06 17:30:37 2004
From: Canada

This is a greeeeat site. I'm an avid fan of America for ages and I can't say enough how interesting this website is.

More Power.

Guest: 1059 Patricio Flores Signed In: Fri Nov 05 23:31:35 2004
From: Ecuador

I am trying to fing the Spanish version of Sister Golden Hair? It used to be available in the GHits LP across Latin America.

Guest: 1058 Rachel Signed In: Wed Nov 03 20:19:24 2004
From: illinois

I didn't grow up with great music like America, I'm still going to school and it seems as if all they listen to is rap. I LOVE Horse With No Name, and I Need You. They are some of my all time favorite songs! You are right, we don't get music like that now-a-days. Looking forward to seeing America in concert!

Guest: 1057 james Signed In: Wed Nov 03 14:16:09 2004
From: London England

i think America are ace got so much talent! don't get music like that now-a-days!!!

Guest: 1056 C. Nicholas Vinson Signed In: Sun Oct 31 07:22:01 2004
From: Claymont, Delaware

Dewey & Gerry, I met you at the Keswick, you were interested in seeing the photo's I shot. I don't know how to get them to you, they're some good picture. E-mail me to let me know where to send how to send them to you. And please if you use any of them, please give me the credits. Thanks Your FAN, C. Nicholas Vinson

Guest: 1055 Susan Speck Signed In: Tue Oct 26 15:26:42 2004
From: Reading, PA

We saw you last Christmas in Bethlehem and loved it so when you came to Reading we saw you at the Sovereign Center and it was even better. So in the summer we took an overnight trip to see you with Three Dog Night at the Delaware State Fair. What a concert you give! I was hoping to get to Keswick but couldnt make it. Please come back to this area soon!!!

Guest: 1054 Karen Lee Baouche Signed In: Tue Oct 26 13:43:13 2004
From: Ellington, CT

Guest: 1053 Roy Nakamura Signed In: Mon Oct 25 23:00:43 2004
From: Honolulu, Hawaii

Have loved AMERICA ever since I can remember!

Guest: 1052 "c.c".whitney Signed In: Mon Oct 25 16:27:58 2004
From: West Chester, PA Website: - to find a therapist - type in 19317

Great time at the Keswick!! Thanks so much. Warm and friendly. One of my favorite bands since boarding school. Helped relieve the loneliness to some degree. Of course, love the song "Lonely People" and "Sister Golden Hair" How lucky to have the opportunity to have "grown up" with this band. Try my best to bring peace and compassion to others - I am still glowing from the inspiration I received last evening. Regards. Hope to see you again someday.

Guest: 1051 Lauren Signed In: Sat Oct 16 18:34:26 2004
From: Tampa, Florida

Ruth Eckerd hall was rocking, Florida needed to rock out after Ivan. Frances, and Jeanne we needed a great night out and we all got that on Thursday night as the Clearwater venue was a great place to be.
I have called America my Favorie band for 25 years and this was my
first time to see them. My seat was Up close and I was in Heaven.
Poco was a hit that night as well.
May you always play my favorite of all times ' Sister Golden Hair'. God Bless each of you .

Guest: 1050 Rich Turner Signed In: Thu Oct 07 18:54:02 2004
From: Safety Harbor, Florida

One of my favorite bands of all-time. I've seen America in concert probably 10 times. The latest was in Peachtree City, Georgia back in June of 2004. Outdoor venue, perfect weather, no opening act, and 3 songs into the show Gerry Beckley announced that since they were just notified that the show was a sell-out, they were going to play the "long" show. At least 30 songs were performed that night, some I hadn't heard in years. Several obscurities and a great version of the Beatles "Nowhere Man". They're playing right here in Clearwater, Florida on October 14 about 3 miles from my house and I can't wait to see them again. Also can't wait for the new DVD to become available. May you guys perform forever!

Guest: 1049 Michael Signed In: Tue Oct 05 08:34:14 2004
From: Germany

Dear fellows,
can you tell me anything about planned america concerts in europe/germany. We miss them so much.

Guest: 1048 Martha Zolides Signed In: Mon Oct 04 17:45:17 2004
From: South Carolina

Guest: 1047 Kelly Barnes Signed In: Sat Oct 02 09:08:26 2004
From: Northeastern Oklahoma

Hi Steve, (and all here at AFGB), It took me a while to post this, been real busy, just wanted to tell Steve that I got the opportunity to see Crosby, Stills, and Nash in Tulsa on Aug. 30th. What a great concert!! I was actually less than 20 feet from both David Crosby and Steven Stills (too bad I couldn't yell loud enough to get their right next to me, brow-beating me). Anyway, GREAT concert!!! Have always been fan of theirs as well as "our boys", Gerry and Dewey!! Later, Kelly

Guest: 1046 virgilio A. Sy Signed In: Sat Oct 02 04:01:09 2004
From: Philippines

America is my favorate group since I was in high school until now. the music are very good and meaningful. I love to see the concert of the group.

Guest: 1045 Robert Signed In: Thu Sep 30 21:01:30 2004
From: Florida

I was listening to the Greatest Hits CD that came out a few years
ago, and was directed to this website. Great stuff! I love reading
about the songs. I also like how the Dewey and Gerry are staying
in touch with their fans and sharing a lot of information.
I am starting to appreciate America more now. I must say
that I have recently been listenint to TIN MAN over and over
and over again!! I just never get tired of it! And at the
other end of the timeline, Ive been listening to PARADISE
quite a bit too!

Guest: 1044 WAYNE DREW Signed In: Wed Sep 29 09:52:29 2004
From: UK


Guest: 1043 Rodolfo Fernandez Signed In: Fri Sep 24 14:51:10 2004
From: Panama city,Panama

A very unique Band. I saw them for the first time here in Panama right
after the Sept. 11, 2001. I wish to see them again including Dan Peek.
Let us know when wiil be available the new DVD from Australia.

Guest: 1042 Jojo Aratas Signed In: Sun Sep 19 09:59:28 2004
From: Philippines

Been a die-hard fan and collected cassettes and now cd's and vcd's Hope you had a great day!

Guest: 1041 Jeff Gragg Signed In: Fri Sep 17 18:40:19 2004
From: Lawrence, Kansas

I have been a big fan of the group for 30+ years. I just saw them again on Sept 16th, 2004 in Topeka, Kansas and can't believe how great they sound. I hope they continue to do dates each year so we can continue to enjoy their outstanding talents.

Guest: 1040 Kelly Barnes Signed In: Sun Sep 12 19:02:25 2004
From: Northeastern Oklahoma

Better late than never....Happy Birthday, Gerry!!!
Been a die-hard fan since the early 70's! Hope you had a great day!

Guest: 1039 Pam Kroll Signed In: Thu Sep 09 08:59:25 2004
From: Powers lake, Wisconsin

The concert at the "ENCORE" fest in Milwaukee was just OUTSTANDING......loved every single minute of it. It was also nice of the guys to sign the CD's and albums for some of us fans. We thank you for being so very friendly. Looking forward to another concert.

Guest: 1038 John Leffler Signed In: Thu Sep 09 06:21:30 2004
From: Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Guest: 1037 OBE From O'Fallon, IL Signed In: Tue Sep 07 06:35:54 2004
From: O'Fallon, IL

Hey Dewey, It's OBE from O'Fallon, IL. Please ask Kelly, Vivian, Mom, & Dad or yourself to call me. Everyone moved and I lost touch. Hope to see you on Sept 17th at Pop's. Long time no see! Brian Obe

Guest: 1036 Dave Thornton Signed In: Sat Sep 04 04:27:50 2004
From: Tampa

I have alway loved the music of AMERICA! I grew up with it! I am working on a book about my life growing up in the early 70s in southern's titled ALLIGATOR LIZARDS IN THE AIR. Thank you for the inspiration!

Guest: 1035 MICK MCCONNACHIE Signed In: Mon Aug 30 08:23:54 2004


Guest: 1034 maria lizares Signed In: Sat Aug 28 09:17:18 2004
From: philippines

i love your songs. brings back a lot of fond memories

Guest: 1033 Marcia Lamb Signed In: Sat Aug 28 07:24:52 2004
From: Miami, Florids

America has been part of the most memorable years of my life. I was a fan from the beginning.

Guest: 1032 davina beeson Signed In: Wed Aug 25 13:23:56 2004
From: dighton kansas Website:

i love you guys. my favorite song is ventura highway and sandman. your indeed one of the greatest rock and roll bands ive ever heard

Guest: 1031 TOM PEEK Signed In: Tue Aug 24 19:14:47 2004


Guest: 1030 Raymond Lopez Jr. Signed In: Mon Aug 23 16:48:16 2004
From: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Have been a fan since the 70's.

Guest: 1029 james stockwell Signed In: Thu Aug 19 13:48:36 2004
From: watertown mass

Guest: 1028 Bong Signed In: Wed Aug 18 08:14:53 2004
From: Dubai, UAE

a concert in dubai!....just wishing......

Guest: 1027 germana Signed In: Tue Aug 17 23:13:26 2004
From: rome, italy

hy! who can tell me something about America's shows, again in Italy, in November?
thanks ;-D

happy holidays...

Guest: 1026 Kelly Barnes Signed In: Sat Aug 14 18:23:18 2004
From: Oklahoma

Hi Steve,
Hope your summer's going great! Same here. Keep in touch (as per our
correspondence a few weeks ago). Later, Kelly

Guest: 1025 Scott Watson Signed In: Sat Aug 14 12:40:52 2004
From: Pittsbugh, PA

Where can I get an America belt buckle?

Guest: 1024 David Seretti Signed In: Mon Aug 09 15:21:08 2004
From: Pittsburgh, Pa. Website:

My wife and I saw your show in West Virginia on friday, July 9th. We just want to say that it was great to see you gents play again. Dewey mentioned that you're in your 35th year as a band. That's fantastic. We hope to see you again, perhaps next year....??

Take Good Care

David & Tami Seretti

Guest: 1023 Dave Wilson Signed In: Fri Aug 06 14:18:56 2004
From: Manchester,England.

Long time fan of the boys and their music(1971) great to know they,re still making the magic work.
love to hear from anyone for a chat.

Guest: 1022 Dan Adams Signed In: Fri Aug 06 07:26:38 2004
From: Salt Lake City, UT

I went to the America concert out here in Layton, Utah. It was fantastic! The guys are still the amoung the best in the business. I've played and sung their songs for 30+ years and never get tired of it. I can't believe they are still doing so many concerts each year. Keep it up America, America loves you.

Guest: 1021 Kathleen Chavez -Richardson Signed In: Sun Aug 01 22:20:10 2004
From: Tucson, AZ Website:

America's music has celebrated my good times with me and cried with me in low times since I was in Jr. High School. I am still a fan and have been to about 5 of their concerts, latest, Las Vegas House of Blues. My college mates and I met in Vegas from different parts of the country to see them and were not disappointed. The show was like being in a comfortable home. It was fabulous. We used to get together every Thursday night at a dorm room and listen to America for hours. We gave up on trying to figure out some of their songs. They meant something different to everybody. We discussed trying to define/capture the voices of Gerry and Dewey. The unanamous winners:
Gerry's voice is like a Megenta sunset in an endless horizon. Dewey's voice is like clean, pure and rich red earth in a non-charted place.

Guest: 1020 Gerry Signed In: Wed Jul 28 11:23:22 2004
From: Chicago, Illinois

I'm a local producer and i want to get in touch with the manager, please email me if someboydy has any information

Guest: 1019 SKECHER Signed In: Wed Jul 28 08:29:37 2004
From: England Website:

Great site!! We are a rock band from England that have just supported Bryan Adams on two dates of his latest World Tour. Check out our website at for some great pix, videos and music downloads. Thanx

Guest: 1018 MARLON Signed In: Tue Jul 20 01:09:09 2004

I love all your songs,my two favorites are 'INSPECTOR MILLS and ALL MY LIFE. they always play it on the radio. you're very popular here in the philippines. we'll be waiting for you here.keep writing those wonderful music..thank you!

Guest: 1017 Payne Beach Signed In: Sat Jul 17 08:13:54 2004
From: rochester, ny Website:

regarding concert last night TURNING STONE CASINO: The Band - PAYNE BEACH loved the concert and include several of your songs when they play out. Check out Come to Rochester sometime - via the brand new FAST FERRY that travels from Rochester to Toronto.
See you soon....your #1 FANS from Rochester, NY

Guest: 1016 Silvia Scagliarini Signed In: Thu Jul 15 07:13:11 2004

Guest: 1015 Doreen and Joe Signed In: Tue Jul 13 10:25:54 2004
From: Illinois

Please email us with America 2005 concert schedule we can make vacation plans to see them. We dated and got married during the 70,s and it is my husbands all time favorite band. AMERICA FOREVER

Guest: 1014 Mark Bennett Signed In: Tue Jul 13 09:17:54 2004
From: University Place, Wa

I am a true fan of America and will be seeing them in concert on July 24th at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Wa. My favorite song is "Tinman" with "Watership Down" coming in second. "Three Roses" is in my Top 10 also. Hope every America fan out there owns the America box set entitled "Highway". If not, ya gotta get it! To the Band Members of America "Keep up the GREAT tunes and see ya on the 24th!!"

Guest: 1013 TRACY Signed In: Mon Jul 12 20:24:48 2004
From: CT

It's nice to know that there are still devoted America fans out there. Hope to see my guys in concert soon. I love you Gerry!!!

Guest: 1012 John D'Apollo Signed In: Sun Jul 11 11:19:03 2004
From: Cincinnati, OH

How can anyone not hear your music and not be a huge fan?! I saw your shows in Portsmouth, OH (2002) and just recently at Miami Meadows Park outside of Cincinnati (July 10, 2004). God, there is nothing better than being part of your true American experience when the sun goes down. I love it that you still play all your classics and throw a few surprises to mix it up a little. Just one request, next time you're anywhere in Southern Ohio, please consider playing "From A Moving Train," or anything else from the Human Nature CD. Sincerely, John.

Guest: 1011 dave Signed In: Thu Jul 08 05:07:49 2004
From: louisville

Just saw the guys at a private party in Northeast harbor, ME. What a great show they put on. Many of the audience were young kids; it took them awhile to catch on. But catch on they did, and it was a great show and time for all.

Guest: 1010 Stephen Jacura Signed In: Wed Jul 07 22:56:46 2004
From: Vancouver BC Canada

I first heard your music while living in SoCal. "Ventura Highway" and "The Tin Man" always ease me through my blue days.

I live in Beautiful Vancouver BC now and I have to say that if you guys never come up here to do a concert, you'll have missed out
and sadly, so will all of us up here.

Guest: 1009 Mike Webb Signed In: Wed Jul 07 16:45:58 2004
From: cazenovia,NY

Me and my wife, Becky, are going to see America at the Turning Stone Casino on July 16th. We are in our twenties and my wife is a huge, huge fan. Her birthday is July 16th. Anyway she can get a happy birthday from the band. It would be a great thrill for her!!

Guest: 1008 Nashville Line Dancers Aalen Signed In: Wed Jul 07 08:14:02 2004
From: Germany Website:

I like your homepage. It’s great ,many informations.
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If you want, you can sign our guestbook.

More Information about and contact to NLDA you get at: or

Guest: 1007 Deke Phillips Signed In: Mon Jul 05 14:14:30 2004
From: Worcester England

I happened on this site after typing in Ventura Highway for a search. It is good to know that this quality and respected band are still around and touring. Just thinking about their first albums, brings back very pleasurable and happy memories, when as a teenager, we used to have b-b-qs on the beach in Gosport (on the south coast) and played music all night with America being my favourite!! There is only one problem though, I have never seen them live. Are there any dates planned for the near future in the UK?

Deke XX

Guest: 1006 Ricardo Leonardo Signed In: Tue Jun 29 05:44:21 2004
From: Rio de Janeiro RJ BRAZIL

I am a huge fan of AMERICA since 1972 and I would like to receive an
autographed photo of the band.Kindly let me know what to get it.
Av. Ilha Enxadas,638 Rio de Janeiro RJ 21910-097 Brazil Thanks

Guest: 1005 wayne mccann Signed In: Tue Jun 29 05:01:05 2004
From: Sydney, Australia

I don't know if you are aware that when "Horse" was released in Australia, it was released as an EP. I bought the EP obviously for the hit but after hearing "Rainy Days" I just knew this group had depth and something that would set them apart from the others. The 23 or so CDs in my collection (replacing all my LPs) have given me so much enjoyment over the past 32 years. The reason for my writing this entry is that since reading the chat-line or mesage board, a few fans have delved into the "Dan should be back""Dan should be this or that". All I would like to say as a long-time America fan is thanks to Dewey and Gerry for keeping the group going and growing. Instead of reading and hearing about their past exploits, we can go out, buy a ticket and see them singing the songs we love, live. Dan's departure was sad but it didn't stop the heart and soul of the band going forward and I say that us, the fans, owe Dewey and Gerry a HUGE Thank-You. As I said,it might have been a Dan Peek song that cemented me as a fan but I'm that proud of the continuing achievements of my band. Bluey.

Guest: 1004 jojo ramey Signed In: Fri Jun 25 16:36:33 2004
From: rockdale, tx.

hi america, my name is joe, i am 10 years old. i love all your dad has your 1st album, he plays the songs for me. i learn the words from them. i wish you could come to texas in concert, so i can come and see you live. "horse with no name" is my favorite. keep on singing your music. by for now, your friend and fan, jojo ramey.

Guest: 1003 John ONeil Signed In: Thu Jun 24 09:47:44 2004
From: Fort Lauderdale Florida

Thanks Gerry and Dewey for all the years of great music.

Guest: 1002 Traci Main Signed In: Wed Jun 16 17:03:30 2004
From: Centerville, Iowa

I'm still an America fan after all these years. I have some nice photographs from a few concerts in California (Humphrey's in San Diego and also Ventura 1995-96) and from a concert in Phoenix, AZ (1996). Maybe I can scan them and send them into the Website sometime. Thanks for the great music America!

Guest: 1001 Scott Watson Signed In: Wed Jun 16 10:33:03 2004
From: Pittsburgh, PA

What an excellent show at the Chevrolet Amphitheatre on 6/11/04!

Guest: 1000 Kazuko Maeda Signed In: Sat Jun 12 21:24:33 2004
From: Japan

I love being a Japanese fan of AMERICA.
Steve, how long do I have to wait for them?
I will learn English harder and harder!!
JAPAN is a one of beautiful countries too, I hope!!

Guest: 999 America Fan Signed In: Thu Jun 10 22:17:55 2004

America has often thought to tour Scotland and continues to hope for it to happen. Local promoters have to get it together first and then invite them. Scotland is among the most beautiful countries on planet Earth.

Guest: 998 lisa divittorio Signed In: Sat Jun 05 19:37:12 2004
From: florida

I would like permission to use the song Lonely people in a book that i am writing about myself. It really describes my life and i would be privildged to use it. thank you for your music.

Guest: 997 marc henham Signed In: Sat Jun 05 10:28:57 2004
From: Brussels, Belgium

Thanks for a truly smashing site. I've been an America fan for the best part of my life and remember the thrill of hearing their first album back in the seventies when I was still living in the UK. I reckon I just about wore my record player out listening to the follow-up, Homecoming. Being a guitarist I particularly like the chords section on your website!
I've just got hold of a Ventura Highway live CD - I reckon this is the King Biscuit concert of 82 with the tracks in a different order. It's brilliant!! What a joy to discover songs like Inspector Mills.
Keep on playing and touring you guys, we love you! Oh, and please come to Belgium, you'll get a great reception.

Guest: 996 Les Dyer Signed In: Fri Jun 04 20:00:41 2004
From: Peachtre City, Ga

Seriously wanted to scream out "Lakenheath High School" tonight (4 Jun, Peachtree City, GA) but the opportunity did not present itself in your fabulous concert for us. Thank you from a guy (LHS '65) who has followed you for 30 plus years.

Les Dyer

Guest: 995 Neil Carlton Signed In: Thu Jun 03 15:34:31 2004
From: Scotland

very saddend that America have never thought to tour Scotland.The Secc Glasgow would be a wonderfull Venue

Guest: 994 LEE RUSH Signed In: Thu Jun 03 05:12:05 2004
From: st.louis

when is the best band in the world comeing to st.louis,it's already been to long,please find it in your heart to come here. thank you BIG LEE

Guest: 993 oliver m. peralta Signed In: Mon May 31 03:23:00 2004
From: philippines


Guest: 992 wayne mccann Signed In: Sat May 29 05:54:57 2004
From: sydney,australia

I've finally got computerised. Followed your music from buying your first EP to "Homecoming" DVD. I met Dewey & Willie after a concert. Told Dewey about a Russ Ballard LP I had. Let you know, it's called "THE FIRE STILL BURNS" some good tracks on it, particularly the title track and "DREAM ON". Enjoyed all your concerts here, in particular at the Sydney Opera House. Anyway just wanted to say thanks. See you next time your Down-Under. Bluey.

Guest: 991 LUCA ZENOBI Signed In: Wed May 26 05:54:44 2004


Guest: 990 Angela Thomson Signed In: Wed May 26 03:10:23 2004
From: New Zealand

I'm a great fan of America. Hope they come back too New zealand for another concert.

Guest: 989 kATHY Signed In: Tue May 25 14:16:39 2004
From: Battle Ground, Wa

I have loved America since I can remember. I finally got to see them in Portland at the 2003 Summerfest. I can't remember ever having such a great time. Alot of good food music and unknown faces that felt like friends that day. Good times indeed. I hope they plan on another visit to Portland. I see they're having a show in Lincoln City later in the year. To see America in the outdoors enjoying the sunshine is the only way to see this AWSOME band!!!

Guest: 988 Deb Signed In: Tue May 18 18:31:19 2004
From: Connecticut

I love"America." What else can I say

Guest: 987 germana Signed In: Fri May 07 07:07:49 2004
From: roma, italia

an OT, for Gerry, Dewey and Francesco Sanavio(remembering what was said at "valle Giulia", at the university, here, in Rome, last March...)
it would be fantastic to have all you here...

(Sorry if this OT will be not translated: I'll copy it as it is, from the website of the Council of Rome)

Simon & Garfunkel al Colosseo
Simon & Garfunkel, due cantanti che hanno fatto sognare intere generazioni, canteranno per la prima volta in Italia, di fronte al Colosseo. Dopo Paul Mc Cartney e Sting, il 31 luglio i due grandi artisti americani saranno ospiti della capitale per una serata di musica attesa dagli anni '60.
La data romana sarà, anche, l'unica occasione per vedere in Italia 'Old Friends Tour', la recente e trionfale tournée che negli Usa ha segnato il ritorno insieme dei due artisti dopo 20 anni, ma ancor più un concerto unico studiato e voluto proprio per questo speciale evento. Il concerto di Simon & Garfunkel sarà gratuito per tutti, così come quello di Paul Mc Cartney lo scorso anno e quello di Sting, ,organizzato da Cornetto Free Music Festival il prossimo 11 giugno. Ancora una volta si conferma l'impegno di favorire il maggior numero di giovani e di cittadini nella partecipazione a iniziative culturali e l'organizzazione è stata possibile grazie alla collaborazione tra il Comune di Roma e Progetto Italia.


Guest: 986 Patrick de Souza Signed In: Tue May 04 19:22:22 2004
From: Sydney

Great site. Saw them perform in Sydney 2 years ago. Anyone here have midi file of Inspector Mills?

Guest: 985 ANTONIO ALOISIO NETO Signed In: Tue May 04 08:51:13 2004
From: sao paulo - brazil


Guest: 984 Luis Ordorica Signed In: Mon May 03 15:07:02 2004
From: Mexicali, Mexico

Viva America!!

Guest: 983 Nicole Signed In: Fri Apr 30 10:42:07 2004
From: CT

Hey, don't know if Gerry or Dewey read this, but if you do will you consider playing Muskrat Love at The Mohegan Sun? I'll be soooooooo happy!!!!!

Guest: 982 Matthew C. Mondschein Signed In: Fri Apr 30 09:55:01 2004
From: Macungie, PA. Website:

Great site, Great duo, one of the best shows I've seen, Thanks \Matt

Guest: 981 christina Signed In: Mon Apr 26 14:03:18 2004
From: Jacksonville Florida

Hey there you guys, I just wanted to say I love your music and I had no idea you were around still until a fan of your told me about this site/ I am hoping you guys come to Jacksonville Florida. I am only 22 but I love your music especially Horse with no Name.

Guest: 980 jutta Signed In: Wed Apr 14 23:26:28 2004
From: hannover Website:

i enjoy this place.

Guest: 979 Doris Signed In: Tue Apr 13 04:49:11 2004
From: Germany

It was not easy to find this homepage..but I found it , I am glad of it!! I do like America since over 30 years, but I never had the chance to see them live. I hope that the will visit germany soon, but more in the northern part!! I want to see them! Would be great meeting them. Doris

Guest: 978 Daniel Eppolito Signed In: Wed Mar 31 11:30:10 2004
From: Streamwood, Illinois

Is America still touring? I'd love to get them into my club, The Escape Sports Bar and Grill in Fox River Grove, Illinois. I've been an America fan for years, I have the king biscuit live cd and it's awesome, if you have any contact info for the band, let me know! Thanks!!

By the way, if there are any nice ladies in the Chicago area, drop me a line !!

Daniel Eppolito - The Escape

Guest: 977 Ash Signed In: Tue Mar 30 13:25:17 2004
From: England Website:

Hi i am ash, i am from the band emily and stu were referring to. that is one horny bass, and just think it will be going to emily. shes as hot as the bass so just imagine that. a dude with ure bass!!!!

Guest: 976 Stu Signed In: Tue Mar 30 13:17:07 2004
From: England

i am the bassist from the band as emily refered to!!!

we are in love with that bass as she said!! its soooo beautiful, we've got to have it!!


Guest: 975 Emily C-G Signed In: Tue Mar 30 13:12:22 2004
From: England

I'm in a band n me n our bassist are IN LOVE wit da sparkly purple bass. Cud we a)have it b)buy it off u or at least c)know where it came from?!?!?!?!? Pleeeease
thank you so much

Guest: 974 gary t Signed In: Fri Mar 26 22:02:09 2004
From: gold coast australia

just wondering,I'm going camping soon is there any chance of a new album pleeeeeeese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest: 973 Kelly Barnes Signed In: Wed Mar 24 09:59:29 2004
From: Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Has anyone listened to that new group, the Thorns? If you listen
closely, this trio almost sounds like a splice between America and
Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Anyone agree? If anyone listened to that song on their self-titled CD, "I Can't Remember", the similiarity between them and America is uncanny. But, of course, there is only ONE America, right?!!!!!

Guest: 972 johnwilson Signed In: Tue Mar 23 11:15:18 2004
From: England

Love all your music You can do magic

Guest: 971 Mary Caulton Signed In: Mon Mar 22 07:18:32 2004
From: Nottingham, England

I have been trying without success to find an address to WRITE to to join the America Fan Club - I do not have a computer - I am just borrowing this one. Please can you put on your web site a paper address to write to and when are America coming to England please?

Guest: 970 Alessandra Signed In: Mon Mar 22 04:26:14 2004
From: Genoa - Italy

Great, great, great, great shows in Milan and Genoa as well (...maybe too short?)!
I loved Flame of Mind performace too.
Thank you guys. I hope we won't have to wait too lomg to see you again!!!

Guest: 969 IanFOM Signed In: Sun Mar 21 15:46:21 2004
From: Manchester UK Website:

Hi guys, im from Frame of Mind we were the support band for America on all the Italy dates & just want to say what an amazing time we had over there, the guys were great too, very laid back & down to earth, was so cool doing the 'Horse with no Name' encore with them too!

Guest: 968 Jimmy C. Signed In: Sun Mar 21 13:50:39 2004
From: Towson, MD

Great concert in Virginia (6/3/03). America actually opened for Chicago for the first time that night. They played one set before Chicago played two. It was an unseasonably cold, rainy night and I sat in a back row with a great view. Thank you WBIG 100.3 for the free tickets!

Guest: 967 gianni Signed In: Thu Mar 18 02:33:11 2004
From: Genova

grandi e mitici America !!!!
chi volesse foto del concerto a Genova mi scriva pure
ciao a tutti

Guest: 966 francesco merella Signed In: Tue Mar 16 08:07:30 2004
From: Milano Italy

Tanks America for your amazing show in Milano.Great great performance!!!

Guest: 965 Cristiano Signed In: Sun Mar 14 00:48:40 2004
From: SIcilia (Italia)

Dear Gerry and dewell, thank you very very very much, for your FANTASTIC performance in Acireale. It was an amazing saturday night!!!!The horse with no name runs (and strikes) again!!!! CIAO!!!

Guest: 964 christophe Signed In: Tue Mar 09 05:04:17 2004
From: france

I was at the Olympiall in Paris to see América, it was a wonderfull concert !
Go classic rock go .....

Guest: 963 Debbie Signed In: Sun Mar 07 16:43:16 2004
From: Connecticut

I've been a fan for over 30 years. Can't wait until they make their next recording.

Guest: 962 Guy Daigneault Signed In: Mon Mar 01 15:29:48 2004
From: Southwestern Maine

Loved you guys since you started, (my dad bought me your first album)!!!! but maybe I'm missing a little information....Whatever happened to your original "Ventura Highway" album? and why isn't it listed in your discography???? Thanx KEEP ROCKIN' GUY

Guest: 961 delaine white Signed In: Sat Feb 28 23:55:03 2004
From: alabama

guys, your great....i'm 45 and on my first airplane ride ha ha i listened to america....thanks to your sexy voices i was not afraid...thand you for that. your wonderful......

Guest: 960 Dave Predmore Signed In: Fri Feb 27 12:32:29 2004
From: Canton Missouri

Been a fan since the 70's. Saw you at Cal Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles in 2002. Hope you will play there again this year(2004)because I'll be there or perhaps you will play somewhere in California that will be close to Paso or San Fran. Have a great picture I took on that beautiful summer evening in 2002 in Paso Robles that I had enlarged and is hanging on my wall. Your web-site is very good. Thank you so much.

Guest: 959 Rachel Signed In: Fri Feb 27 05:54:44 2004
From: The forgotten & neglected U.K.!!

America are coming as far as Paris but not to the U.K.? Unfair! I haven't got a passport, what am I meant to do? Surely England isn't that far away?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Guest: 958 klaius Signed In: Tue Feb 24 03:50:31 2004
From: uk Website:

great site, well done

Guest: 957 hanni Signed In: Thu Feb 19 00:23:26 2004
From: hamburg Website:

really nice place to meet you.

Guest: 956 germana Signed In: Wed Feb 18 09:00:10 2004
From: italy, roma

non vedo l'oraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!'re back! fantastic!

Guest: 955 robi Signed In: Fri Feb 13 08:59:15 2004
From: italy

I am the happiest woman in this. finally the 16th of march America will be in Italy. it's the concert of my life.My life will bright more. Nothing has mre value for me. My heart, you make my life beats faster. Im counting the days. Thanks

Guest: 954 l. couvillon Signed In: Thu Feb 12 12:11:56 2004
From: texas

Q. Why did Dan leave the group and is there a chance of him ever rejoining the group?

Guest: 953 Larry H Signed In: Sun Feb 08 08:50:48 2004
From: Surfside, Florida

Went to the concert 2/7 at Gulfstream Park and really enjoyed it (as I did last year).

Guest: 952 "Pepper" Signed In: Fri Feb 06 18:50:09 2004
From: NY

good prom songs: "Muskrat Love" (America) & "Strange Magic" (ELO)

Guest: 951 Deanna Meredith Signed In: Mon Feb 02 06:51:51 2004
From: south west western australia

Saw America in Perth on January 17th, have been a fan since listening to Parents "History" LP as a child. The concert was so wonderful, I didn't want it to end. The harmonies and fantastic musicianship always move me. Thanks guys, hope to see you again in WA!

Guest: 950 steve purdie Signed In: Wed Jan 28 02:26:41 2004
From: melbourne australia

Saw the guys play at the concert hall in Melbourne on the 25th Jan.This was the seventh time for my wife and I.Once again they were brilliant,in fact I think it was the best I have seen them play.My highlight was Gerry performing All my life solo on guitar.Thanks America.

Guest: 949 bruce rathmell Signed In: Tue Jan 27 05:02:42 2004
From: ohio

some of the greatest acoustical guitar and harmony i've heard.
not to forget the lyrics, which stick to you during good and bad times. Thanks for inspiring my friends and myself in playing guitars.

Guest: 948 Debbie Signed In: Mon Jan 26 04:33:37 2004
From: Australia

Just saw America in concert in Melbourne, Australia on the 25th January 2004, after a life time of being a fan, and it was a wonderful experience. Thanks for the memories, guys!

Guest: 947 Kelly Barnes Signed In: Sat Jan 24 22:13:56 2004
From: Tahlequah, OK

I had 2 tickets for the October, 2002 concert at Cain's Ballroom in
Tulsa, Ok. Was looking forward to attending this event, but missed it due to major back surgery. I have been a fan of America since early 70's, and to miss this concert was very disappointing to say the least! Wish I'd found this site sooner...but very glad it's here!
Maybe someday, America returns to Oklahoma!!!

Guest: 946 converna ray Signed In: Sat Jan 24 16:55:07 2004
From: los angeles, ca.

Where can I find the cassette for AMERICA's Greatest Hits. Is is this sol in mailc order.

Guest: 945 Pascale Signed In: Sat Jan 24 11:34:44 2004
From: France

I love your music for such a long time, it is so nice to hear you

Guest: 944 dm-4 Signed In: Fri Jan 23 11:54:04 2004
From: alpenland Website:

thanks for you the way really great site...

Guest: 943 lynn Signed In: Wed Jan 21 08:29:47 2004
From: Virginia

this is a great website... I'm glad I found this. I'm just wonderin' if you have the lyrics or if you know where can I get the lyrics for Forevermore. I love that song and I would greatly appreciate any info.

Guest: 942 Tom Gilfoyle Signed In: Mon Jan 19 04:53:05 2004
From: Dayton, Ohio

Hi All - huge fan - anyone know(if it's available) where I could by piano music sheets on America - remember moons ago my brother had a "history" type book for piano - thanks

Guest: 941 Michael Goldwin Signed In: Wed Jan 14 13:23:59 2004
From: Gibraltar

I have been listening to America since their first LP in 1971, I have collected all their LP's and know I have all their CD's. I never get tired of listening to their fabulous music.
Unfortunately living in such a small place I don't think I will ever see them perform live.
So PLEASE produce some more of your great music so at least I can hear it.

Guest: 940 Ellen Strubel Signed In: Tue Jan 13 21:45:57 2004
From: Woodstock, NY

Love this group...Hope they tour this way in 2004!

Guest: 939 Jimmy Toner Signed In: Tue Jan 13 11:28:46 2004
From: Dublin, Ireland

Hi everyone..been a fan since the first album..never seen the lad's playing live,but have them on DVD from a show they did in the 70's for German T.V. GREAT STUFF..also a big fan of Stephen Bishop,who the lad's worked with on 'She's a Runnaway' back in the late 80's..can anyone tell me if they have a more up to date 'LIVE' Show I can get my hands on..Hope you all have a 'HAPPY AND PEACEFUL NEW YEAR'..Your's in Music..Jimmy

Guest: 938 Martin Signed In: Sun Jan 11 02:26:06 2004
From: Germany Website:

Hi America-Team,
I think it´s time to return to Germany!
After 1995 and 1999 it would be great to hear you once again live on stage!
Hope to see you soon!

Guest: 937 Sue Bleazard Signed In: Fri Jan 09 09:06:45 2004
From: Gateshead, England

Love your fabulour music. Why aren't you coming to do Concerts in the UK during your 2004 tour?

Guest: 936 Annette Signed In: Thu Jan 08 19:57:08 2004
From: Rochester I love America i have since the 70's , they move me and they groove me and they make me let my hair down!!!!!

Guest: 935 Sean Lee Signed In: Tue Jan 06 21:04:01 2004
From: Pacifica , California

hey everyone i have visited this site so many times and i finally decided to sign the guest book. I have been a fan all my fourteen years on this earth and like Nancy Camp mentioned i am a very young fan and know America inside and out i hope to see them this year. My most treasured America memoroblia is my signed America human nature poster with comments from Dewey and Gerry. I have met them both.

Guest: 934 NANCY CAMP Signed In: Sun Jan 04 15:34:53 2004

I have been a long time fan of America. I have never gotten involved in computer links about them and find it very interesting. I honestly feel that they are extremely talented and a whole new group of young adults have heard them and now know what we have known since the 70's. Let's keep this band shining brightly and heard often!

Guest: 933 DEWEERDT Signed In: Sat Jan 03 05:52:32 2004
From: PARIS-France

Fan of the band since i was a teenager,I'm so happy to hear them in march in Paris.
My dream would be to assist to the concert backstage.
Would it be possible?
I'd like to believe it.
Thanks for the emotion you give whith your great music
See you soon in Paris,

Guest: 932 Paul Zervas Signed In: Fri Jan 02 13:52:53 2004
From: Penarth, ..U.K Website:

Love the site...What a great chords/tabs section! If any of you America lovers (like myself) haven't heard of the fantasic 'Ian Thomas'Canadian singer/songwriter 70's (right before your eyes songwriter) check him out NOW! Start with the track 'painted ladies' You Will not be disapointed! I'm hooked! Lets give him a's injustice!
Take care all!
Paul Zervas

Guest: 931 Daniel Wigmore Signed In: Thu Jan 01 17:19:01 2004
From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Love the group and have followed them for years.

Guest: 930 nr n young Signed In: Thu Jan 01 13:34:14 2004
From: england

dear america i have just got your album definitive america its one of the best albums out for years the track amber cascades is fantastic i've been on your web site and looked at your tour dates for futuer when are you going to tour england please can you reply to me thank you for the music
all the best to you guys

Guest: 929 Anthony A Gembs Signed In: Thu Jan 01 09:40:12 2004
From: New York

Since 1975 I've seen America roughly 3 times a year anywhere along the east coast (ie NY,NJ,CT,Boston,Florida).I believe I will hit 100 concerts in 2004.Your most recent CD's are as good as the old ones (Human Nature,Beckley,Lamm,Wilson,"like A Brother",Holiday Harmony).Keep the music coming.I had the opportunity to hand Gerry Beckley a Framed Montage of a picture I made of the Beckley,Lamm,Wilson CD at the end of a concert in CT. at the Wolf Den..His contributions to that CD "Sheltereing Sky","Watching the Time Go By" were tremendous.One day I hope to thank him personally.
My next America concert will be at Gulf Stream Park in Hallandale Fl.

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