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Guest: 73 Bill Wheeler Signed In: Wed Dec 31 23:53:35 1997
From: RI originally, OH lately (USA)

Saw them in a very private concert at Wheeler AFB, Hawaii at the NCO club--they were kicking off a military tour. Must have sat less than 50 feet away, had to be less than 100 people present. First time I ever heard "In the Greenhouse". It was also the first time I ever saw them live. What an experience!

Guest: 72 Frederico Rodolfo Efrom Signed In: Mon Dec 29 19:19:52 1997
From: Brazil

you have a good song, congratulation.

Guest: 71 Andreas Burkert Signed In: Thu Dec 11 15:24:50 1997
From: Detmold / Germany

My big luck was that I had a brother who bought me a guitar when I was
12 years old. And this "HORSE" never went out of my mind. 21 Years la-
ter, itīs still there and it hasnīt got a name.
It took me 23 years to see two "LIVE-acts" and I want to see more.
Today, my 3 year old son knows already to handle the CD-player and
guess, whatīs in the slide???? Hourglass. His favorite is "Young Moon"
and "You can Do Magic". I hope I can take him to a concert.
Auf Wiedersehen, Andreas

P.S: Where can I get the songbook "America complete" includes every
Album from the first one up to "Harbor"

Guest: 70 Abu Salam SRee Signed In: Thu Dec 04 01:59:09 1997
From: Bangladesh

I checked twice, because I don't believe my name will stay here!

Guest: 69 Jim Griffey Signed In: Sun Nov 30 10:19:10 1997
From: Erie,Pa

Glad to see such a comprehensive web-site devoted to one of my all time favorite bands. This is by far the best I've come across

Guest: 68 Lt. Matt Davis Signed In: Thu Nov 27 18:45:51 1997
From: Los Angeles

Is it true America memebers Air Force brats?

Guest: 67 Itamar Thami Signed In: Thu Nov 27 08:26:30 1997
From: Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Guest: 66 Erin DiPietro Signed In: Wed Nov 26 12:25:59 1997
From: Reno Website:

Your page looks terrific! Keep up the great work!

Guest: 65 HERMANO FREITAS Signed In: Wed Nov 26 07:45:55 1997
From: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hi, everybody, especially Steve for the great job on your site.
I'm very pleased with this site (I've already find it!!)
I've allways been an America fan

Good, good, good

Guest: 64 Belynda Jack Signed In: Sat Nov 22 02:24:22 1997
From: Wellington, New Zealand

All excitement downunder as America comes into town (wellington, nz) this tuesday. My first concert with them.
I have laughed off comments from friends and family about zimmer-frames, too old etc but conteract with "just how old IS Keith Richards?"
I'm really pleaseed to find a site with info on the group. Thanks to you all...

Guest: 63 Derek Lowry Signed In: Fri Nov 21 10:09:18 1997
From: Orem, UTAH

Steve Lowry, my dad helps with the page so I thought I would come and visit to make him feel good.

Guest: 62 Adrienne Love Signed In: Thu Nov 20 12:19:26 1997
From: California

I went to Bush Hall in London, with the boys back in 1966/67. One of them was in my study hall. I went to the Rec dances that they were practicing at. Bushy Hall will have a big reunion in Texas in August 1999, if they are interested. I would like to see if they remembered who I was in school. If they get a chance to e-mail me, that would be great. Thanks, Adrienne

Guest: 61 chrysne Signed In: Sat Nov 15 08:14:05 1997
From: malaysia

Kudos!!! to all of you for doing such a great job on your informative site. I've been looking all over for news on the ONE group that I literally grew up with (born in 1971) as I was exposed to them as a baby (the only time I stopped crying was when my older brother played their songs!). I love their music, but sad to say not many people here in Asia, especially Malaysia, that's where I'm from know about them, but I've converted a few. Once again, great job and keep it up. Keep AMERICA alive!

Guest: 60 Chris Bangs Signed In: Sat Nov 15 02:39:24 1997
From: Guam

I took Dewey and Michael Scuba Diving when they were on Guam for a concert.I hope they will return and I look forward to diving with them again. I hope this message will be forwarded to Them.

Guest: 59 Terry Forster Signed In: Sat Nov 15 01:36:48 1997
From: Lompoc, CA orig from Richardton, ND

Hi ALL AMERICA Fans! I have seen AMERICA several times in the last 3 years, including 3 times in Paso Robles, CA and 3 times at the Ventura Concert Theatre. I have Dewey Bunnell's autograph on my Greatest Hits" CD Jacket from a backstage meeting in Ventura on Oct 5, 1994. They sound better than ever!

Guest: 58 Daniel Charleston Signed In: Thu Nov 13 19:44:24 1997
From: Escondido, CA

Guest: 57 FERNANDO MARTINEZ HOZ Signed In: Sun Nov 09 04:54:37 1997

Guest: 56 Cara Signed In: Fri Nov 07 21:47:48 1997
From: Mass

hello everyone,
I just got into America this year, and I've missed a lot. They are truly a great band. I was lucky to see them and get autographs. My favorite song is the Last Unicorn and Mans Road. They didn't play those but I love the others too. Their voices are so beautiful together- its great. Well I hope everyone continues to enjoy them. =)

Guest: 55 gary fleck Signed In: Tue Nov 04 06:10:06 1997
From: wichita kansas

Guest: 54 Joe Knight Signed In: Fri Oct 31 23:29:53 1997
From: Winston-Salem, NC

This is my 2nd entry. My favorite songs include Old man Took,Rainbow song (it takes me back to those bittersweet college days) Sgt. Darkness. You guys really are the greatest band of my lifetime any way. I thank you for the music and please come back to the Carolinas soon

Guest: 53 Bobbi Hill Signed In: Fri Oct 31 14:29:22 1997
From: Essex, IA

I feel 17 again! Thanks

Guest: 52 Sanae Martin Signed In: Sun Oct 26 23:46:05 1997
From: San Diego, C.A.

Gerry, I have been your fan for such a long time. I went to see you when you guys came to Japan at Budo-kan. It is such a long time ago. Ever since I discoverd you, I have been a peaceful world. No one has sweet voice like you do, Gerry. Love always, Sanae

Guest: 51 Flavius Vinicius Signed In: Sun Oct 26 07:43:30 1997
From: Belo Horizonte - Brasil

you have a great site.Congratulations

Guest: 50 Daniel Mumford Signed In: Sun Oct 19 21:12:50 1997
From: Upper Hutt, New Zealand

This is a great website, there is so much information here and it is all kept well up to date. I have only recently become interested in America, and only because of my father. He has a large record collection from way back when he was a youngster, and a few weeks ago I pulled out America's first album and, intrigued, had a listen to it. I loved it, it was brilliant! The guitarwork is amazing, the lyrics are deep and meaningful and the vocals are superb, especially all three in unison. I haven't had a chance to listen to any of their other albums but I certainly hope to. If their other albums are anything like their debut album, then I'm sure I'll be hooked! Thanks for putting information about a great band within anybody's reach.

Guest: 49 Jeff Cylwik Signed In: Sun Oct 19 14:13:02 1997
From: Irvine

Hey Jim this is a great web site! I love the sound clips. Try to get some midi files on here so you can listen to America's somgs on your computer. I love this!

Guest: 48 Joe Knight Signed In: Thu Oct 16 17:53:18 1997
From: Winston-Salem,NC

America is the greatest band of all TIME!!!!!!!

Guest: 47 G Hemingway Signed In: Wed Oct 15 23:28:13 1997
From: Bakersfield, Ca.

I've grown up along with America and I still love them.

Guest: 46 Andrew Shaffer Signed In: Wed Oct 15 17:42:11 1997
From: USA -- but living abroad...

Interesting that I found this site, for I have wondered whether or not such a thing existed. I have been a "fan" for at least twenty of my thirty-one years... My earliest recollections are fragile, fleeting scenes of the arizona desert, the taut, sparkling string acoustics -- subtle yet all-embodying of an impressionable time of my life. I would be interested in some genuine dialogue, if at all possible.


Guest: 45 Martin Sieper Signed In: Mon Oct 13 16:05:12 1997
From: Germany

I love America.
We are missing America in Germany.
When is the next tour in Germany? The last was in January 1995...

Guest: 44 sue date Signed In: Fri Oct 10 01:49:00 1997
From: australia

The guys are coming to Perth on November 8 1997 and I just
can't wait........

Guest: 43 mary g. kiely Signed In: Thu Oct 09 16:41:20 1997
From: fl

Guest: 42 Leif Staretorp Signed In: Thu Oct 09 13:38:58 1997
From: Sweden

Guest: 41 Marie Ross Signed In: Sun Oct 05 20:37:46 1997
From: Catskill, NY

I have been a fan since I was 13 years old, and I am surprized and pleased that this site exists.

Guest: 40 Steve Horswil-Johnston Signed In: Sat Oct 04 19:59:55 1997
From: I'm from San Diego, but live in Nashville

I can't believe I've missed this site. I treasure a real America web site, which loos creatively and critically at the group -- critically as in not a "puff web site". Soon, I will sit down and write a narrativce of my history with America, including a interview with the band when I was just 21 years old and frightened as hell. Anyway, thanks for the memories and the times yet to come.

Guest: 39 Bob Pace Signed In: Sat Oct 04 17:28:10 1997
From: Glen Mills, Pa.

Long time fan, need to come to Philly more!

Guest: 38 Robert Martin Signed In: Sat Oct 04 16:52:17 1997
From: California

A friend was at your Concert at Humphry's 10/3
Said you were fantastic as always

Very cool site.

Guest: 37 Fran Walsh Signed In: Thu Oct 02 15:18:36 1997
From: Chicago suburbs

Guest: 36 Maggie Costa Signed In: Thu Oct 02 13:23:46 1997
From: San Mateo, CA

These guys can still rock! Have cauht 4 appearances this year and its like they are timeless. Thanks for all the wonderful helped me through many hard times and brought great joy.

Guest: 35 Kevin Lamb Signed In: Tue Sep 30 17:30:41 1997
From: Southern California Website:

I have always been a big America fan

Guest: 34 Dave Townend Signed In: Wed Sep 24 05:44:20 1997
From: Poole UK

Always been a fan. It would be great to see the band in the UK

Guest: 33 Leaky Signed In: Tue Sep 23 18:13:59 1997
From: Southern California

Steve, Love the new look of the America Web Page, keep up the good work!!!!!!

Guest: 32 David Stengele Signed In: Sun Sep 21 01:30:58 1997
From: America

Guest: 31 Erin Signed In: Tue Sep 16 18:36:15 1997
From: Reno

I am a huge America fan and I just want to thank you for doing this great
page! Also for the Reno 97 photos! I've seen them twice here so far and I'm
going again tomorrow night!! Gerry even threw me his guitar pick Sunday
night! America is the BEST and I will forever be a fan! Thanks for all
the great info!

Guest: 30 Mike & Carol Seaton Signed In: Sun Sep 14 00:02:01 1997
From: Orange County, CA

Was at the first tour way back, and have been coming ever since. The fun has never ended!

Guest: 29 Cindy Wallace Signed In: Fri Sep 12 10:28:00 1997
From: Shreve,Ohio

America has without a doubt been my favorite band since I was 14 and heard A Horse With No Name, after buying one album I knew they were my band.

Guest: 28 Christian Cruz Signed In: Mon Sep 08 22:31:32 1997
From: Manila, Philippines

chewin' a piece of road, walkin' down the grass... yes! it's nice to know a great site for a fan like me here in the Phil... been hearin' their music since for almost 20 yrs now... keep it up...

Guest: 27 Carolyn Signed In: Mon Sep 08 20:26:38 1997
From: Virginia Beach

I've been a fan since the mid seventies and will always be. You guys are great!

Guest: 26 Peter Schwarzwald Signed In: Sat Sep 06 15:18:25 1997
From: Essen/Germany

How can I get in touch with those guys ? I made an album which is dedicated to them because of their strong influence on my music.

Guest: 25 Tk Holly Signed In: Sat Sep 06 08:36:10 1997
From: Michigan Website:

This is such a nice site, so many different places to visit here!!!!
Great Job Steve, all for a GREAT band!!!!

Guest: 24 Gary Casler Signed In: Fri Sep 05 14:33:33 1997
From: Chatfield MN

Excellent website! My favorite America song is 'My Dear' from the 'Your Move' album. I like the sound and feel of the song along with the surreal lyrics. Anyone else out there know what I mean?

Guest: 23 Angela Hennessy Signed In: Thu Sep 04 20:54:09 1997
From: Reno, Nevada

Guest: 22 Howard Heinz Signed In: Mon Sep 01 20:30:25 1997
From: Clear Lake, Iowa

Great web-site!!! My wife and I have been fans since the beginning. We heard they will be here in Clear Lake in October. We have never seen them live!! Looking forward to it!!!!! Keep up the great work!

Guest: 21 Shayne Zucker Signed In: Mon Sep 01 15:11:29 1997
From: Chicago

Guest: 20 Edgar Nemo Signed In: Sun Aug 31 13:00:26 1997
From: Philippines

Its a pleasure to be here in America's Fans Club Guest Book, me and my brothers are a very big fan of AMERICA.

Guest: 19 Edgar Nemo Signed In: Sun Aug 31 12:58:55 1997
From: Philippines

Me and My Brothers are a very big fun of AMERICA.
I hope u can make this page a very good one for all of us.

Guest: 18 Chito Sta. Brigida Signed In: Sun Aug 31 12:33:10 1997
From: Manitoba, Canada

Been a fan since I was a kid... I love to listen and play the songs myself... It sure is nice to find people with the same interest here. More power to you!!!

Guest: 17 Connie Rinchak Signed In: Wed Aug 27 16:46:33 1997
From: Sacramento, CA

America's music has meant alot to me over the years and always brings back great memories. Their music is timeless. Steve - You've done a great job here, very impressive. Many thanks for keeping us fans updated!

Guest: 16 TOM HULLINGER Signed In: Thu Aug 07 19:30:33 1997

My wife and I have been fans since the beginning. We have seen them numerous times live. We had the opportunity to meet Gerry at a small club in Fort Wayne in 1993. An absolute gentleman and very friendly. Looking forward to the Capitol releases, the new album and another show in our area.

Guest: 15 Chris Miget Signed In: Sun Aug 03 15:49:34 1997
From: St. Louis, MO

America was great in concert Thursday night July 31, 1997.

Guest: 14 Troy Signed In: Sun Aug 03 08:59:07 1997
From: Tustin, California

America was the first concert I ever attended at Anaheim Stadium in or about 1976, they played with Santana and the Beach Boys, I've been hooked ever since! It was a nice bonus to see that the "Harbor" album released in 1977 included a poster with a snapshot from that concert. I recently saw them at the Orange County Fair in 1997, and it took me back to "the good 'ol days" once again. Nice job guys!

Guest: 13 T.k. Holly Signed In: Fri Aug 01 09:16:33 1997
From: Plymouth, Mi Website:

Hi All! Just a quick pop in between games.....Keep up the EXCELLENT work Mr. Lowry.....looking g-0-0-0-ddddd.! :-) Hope to chat in October!!!

Guest: 12 Gary Wolfe Signed In: Sun Jul 27 23:55:48 1997
From: Cypress, CA

I too saw the guys at the Orange County Fair this past Friday. Probably about concert number 25 for me! I had fun and they seemed to be also! Watched the first show and part of the second.

Guest: 11 Steve Childress Signed In: Sat Jul 26 16:48:25 1997
From: Tustin CA

I saw America last night, 07/25/97, at the Orange County fair. It was the most fun I've had in a while. The music was awesome and everyone loved it. I was fortunate enough to be back stage with a friend and everyone I met was extremely nice. This is a great site, keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing America again soon.

Guest: 10 Steve Orchard Signed In: Sat Jul 26 14:50:33 1997
From: Kingsford,Michigan USA

A former military brat who's been an America fan all of my life! A former radio program Director who is proud to say I played the groups songs as often as I could. Favorite CD is "Hearts",favorite song is "Miniature/Tin Man" from the "Holiday" disk. May the music always live on,and may the guys always find time to record something new! Looking forward to getting the "One way records" releases,hopefully this year!

Guest: 9 earl hanvey jr. Signed In: Fri Jul 25 19:31:43 1997
From: west germany/USA

military brat who grew up in the middle 70's on the sounds of america. favorite america CD, "Hearts". favorite america song, "old man took".

Guest: 8 Daniel Cambronero Signed In: Fri Jul 25 17:21:09 1997
From: Uppsala, Sweden

I'm glad to have found this website! I like this group a lot (and so does my 4-year-old daughter) but you can't find their records here in Sweden. My favorite song is The Last Unicorn.

The best part of this web is, according to my wife, the lyrics to all the songs. Wonderful! It's really hard to hear the text sometimes, especially when it's not your native language. So long!

Guest: 7 Gene Murrell Signed In: Wed Jul 23 22:50:04 1997
From: right now..Hilton Head IS,, SC Website:

Just checking in and I have to tell you Steve, You are doing a great job here! Keep up the good work


Guest: 6 jessica hidway Signed In: Mon Jul 21 17:18:11 1997

Hi Steve! Been a long time. I got just a few minutes and all I can do is sign your guestbook. Been very busy. Had time to read the new hstory, though and enjoyed it immensely. Answered a lot of my questions. Well, gotta go! Keep up the great work (I see you've been doing some renovating here). Until the next time I can get away, bye.

Guest: 5 Gerry Kelley Signed In: Sun Jul 13 21:31:52 1997
From: Huntsville, AL

Got into the band with "Alibi" ... 30 shows since the early eighties .. excited about the prospects for '98 !!

All the best to fellow fans!!

Guest: 4 Janice Schmit Signed In: Thu Jul 10 18:43:01 1997
From: Irvine, CA U.S.A. Website:

I've been a fan ever since they started. I've seen them at least 15 times and especially love seeing them up close in concert at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano in California. See you at the Orange County Fair where they'll be playing on Friday, July 25th.

Best wishes to all America fans everywhere!

Guest: 3 Federico Signed In: Thu Jul 10 17:10:20 1997
From: Senigallia, Italy

CIAO A TUTTI !!! per gli italiani: visitate la pagina degli America, č fantastica, č grandissima ed č sopratutto il luogo per chi ama, per chi ascolta per chi conosce gli America e per chi vuole conoscere la loro musica.


Guest: 2 John Corbett Signed In: Thu Jul 10 12:53:55 1997
From: Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Hi, everybody, John here! Let's start getting some names here!!! See y'all on the chat page!


Guest: 1 Steve Lowry Signed In: Wed Jul 09 15:02:13 1997
From: Orem, Utah Website:

I might as well be the first to sign my guest book. I hope that many more of you will sign in.

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