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Guest: 205 Joanne Meyers Signed In: Fri Dec 25 20:18:49 1998
From: Long Island.NY

Merry Christmas to you and yours.Happy Healthy New Year 1999! Dewey I hope you received my Christmas card. Hope to see AMERICA ON TOUR SOON. TAKE CARE Joanne Meyers

Guest: 204 Rob Cairns Signed In: Thu Dec 24 14:54:05 1998
From: Van Nuys, CA

My personal thanks goes out to the creator of this website! I wish that all of my favourite bands had websites that were this thorough!

Hoping to see America back in Los Angeles soon, since they cancelled their show at Ventura Theater!

Love the new album, and always love to play their songs with my guitar buddy, Jason Anderson.

Guest: 203 Greg Thomas Signed In: Sun Dec 20 05:51:15 1998
From: Australia

I just saw the America / Beach Boys concert in Wollongong, Australia.
What a sensational night it was!!!!!!!!!!

Guest: 202 Moisés Ramírez Signed In: Thu Dec 17 23:55:28 1998
From: México

I´ve been listening your music for 25 years and I truly believe that you are the best band I´ve ever heard, I had the chance to went to a concert in México City with you guys and Hall and Oates, it was a wonderful experience, but when are you coming back? I´m your number 1 fan in México and I´m looking forward to see you in the near future.
Thanks for all your wonderful music!
By the way, your new CD Humane Nature is as great as all others.

Guest: 201 Moises Ramirez Signed In: Thu Dec 17 23:46:01 1998
From: Mexico

America is wonderful

Guest: 200 JOHN AND ELIZABETH NEHEZ Signed In: Sat Dec 12 05:40:36 1998
From: Australia

Hello to all America Fans. Our concert review is in the America Fans Chat Folder archives. It was fantastic. If you're Australian and going to the concert, check our review.

Guest: 199 JOHN AND ELIZABETH NEHEZ Signed In: Thu Dec 10 21:22:48 1998
From: Australia

The concert is on in 4 hours and we are both avid fans and are looking forward to seeing them again.% rows from the front.our anniversary,and America ,what a great night its going to be!Will send Concert review.

Guest: 198 martin Signed In: Thu Dec 10 05:32:40 1998
From: Germany/Regensburg

Guest: 197 Mark Kiselica Signed In: Mon Dec 07 18:21:31 1998
From: Ewing, NJ

I feel as though I grew up with America and that they are a significant part of my life. I was deeply moved when I heard Horse with No Name on the radio the first time, and I have been moved by their music ever since. Write me if you feel the same way!!!

Guest: 196 Mark Kiselica Signed In: Thu Dec 03 08:38:15 1998
From: Ewing, NJ

America is the finest group ever. Please keep me posted regarding any
developments of the group.

Guest: 195 Eduardo Lee Mendiola Signed In: Wed Nov 25 15:30:51 1998
From: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

send me all informatio you can about America, thank you

Guest: 194 Gilbert Corrales Signed In: Wed Nov 25 08:47:48 1998
From: Costa Rica

I love America´s music, and also a play the guitar so, if any of you have some tabs of America´s songs, plis.
Five days ago, here in my country America had a perfomance,and of course I´ve been there, it was grat!

Guest: 193 Erich Bohme Signed In: Thu Nov 19 09:28:16 1998
From: Santiago, Chile.

Wow!!!! Last Sunday my dreams came true at their concert! I waited for them for more than five hours at the back of the Arena, but it was only 20 minutes before the concert when they finally arrived... and that was AMAZING. I was waiting for them w/ other fan and we jumped onto their van. I said "Hi Dewey! howre you doing?" while I shaked hands w/ Mr.Beckley. They were quite kind singing my HEARTS cd and making my lifetime dream come true in those few seconds as one guy pulled me off their van... The concert was superb and I was thrilled! They performed all their hits and the sound was incredibly pure. When Gerry played "Daisy Jane" that was truly intense and we all enjoyed ourselves. Thanks Dewey And Gerry that was something I wont forget... no doubt a HIGHLIGHT !!! LONG LIVE AMERICA !!! (heres your biggest Chile-fan)

Guest: 192 ramil saubon Signed In: Wed Nov 11 00:24:29 1998
From: philippines

is the album human nature be release here in the philippines? are they going to have a concert here?

Guest: 191 Rubens Hajime Muramatsu Signed In: Tue Nov 10 18:08:12 1998
From: Brazil

I'm America fan, i lived in Belo Horizonte/MG - BRAZIL ,where AMERICA was in april/97 ( Minascentro ) - The great show !!! . In my city, i play in the night, the greatest hits of AMERICA. I love this guys.

Guest: 190 America Fan Signed In: Tue Nov 10 18:02:05 1998

Please, send E-mail for more informations through the AMERICA.

Guest: 189 Rubens Hajime Muramatsu Signed In: Tue Nov 10 17:59:57 1998
From: Brazil

I loved show in Belo Horizonte/BRAZIL ,04/97, your the best!!!!

Guest: 188 BILL LUNNA Signed In: Sat Nov 07 21:21:40 1998




Guest: 187 Andreas Grimmig Signed In: Sat Nov 07 13:17:01 1998
From: Bad Bentheim, Germany

Hello to all America fans in Germany! Human Nature has now been released by in-akustik, order no. 990004-2. "jpc" offers it for 33,95 DM ( Bought my copy today in a jpc shop. My first impression is that the album is only good average, but as others here claimed before it should grow with repeated listening. Greetings!

Guest: 186 randy richter Signed In: Thu Nov 05 23:33:30 1998
From: Ann Arbor, Michigan

If I were on a deserted island and I could only have one album with me I would choose Alibi. It is definitely my favorite of all time! I hope to see you guys back in the Detroit area soon.

Guest: 185 Andreas Grimmig Signed In: Sat Oct 31 08:37:14 1998
From: Bad Bentheim, Germany

America fan since the beginning (1972), favorite albums are "America", "Homecoming", "Silent Letter", "Hourglass", got mostly everything on CD that's available, but still looking for the new album

Guest: 184 Nick Burggraff Signed In: Sun Oct 25 20:07:01 1998
From: San Jose, CA

When are you coming to Lake Tahoe??????????????

Guest: 183 Katherine "Ohlourde" Blamire & Jessica Davies Signed In: Sun Oct 25 11:56:37 1998
From: Chichester & West Marden, England.

WE are 15 years old and have always been listening to America.One of our dreams is to play the guitar like America. We would really love to be taught by them!!¬!*^$£! Their songs mean a great deal to us and we would LOVE to see them in concert one day so come on over to England soon!$%&&£*ß!

Guest: 182 richard roy Signed In: Mon Oct 19 22:12:18 1998
From: georgia

This is the best website I have seen on America!
Great work!

Guest: 181 TSUTOMU SATO Signed In: Mon Oct 19 10:57:40 1998

Hi! I'm a japanese fan.
I can't read english very well.(Please help me)
I love Gerry,Dewey,"AMERICA!"
"From A Moving Train"...Very good!

Guest: 180 DAVID SEITES Signed In: Fri Oct 16 13:57:06 1998


Guest: 179 Rick Hayes Signed In: Thu Oct 15 17:21:44 1998
From: Albuquerque

Just caught the guys last week here, sound as good as ever.Thanks to Gerry for signing all those LP's and taking some much time.Hope to catch Dewey next time. Classy site for a class act..Lakenheath 1970

Guest: 178 Tabbycat Signed In: Wed Oct 14 18:59:56 1998
From: California

Good site! 2 Q's: Why is there no America box set? Shouldn't there be at least one? Certainly enough material, and clearly enough demand. 2nd: Why not get DTS to release one of the quad mixes of "Hearts" or "Holiday" on a DTS compact disc? They are selling well!

Guest: 177 Erich Bohme Signed In: Wed Oct 14 17:38:17 1998
From: Santiago, C H I L E.

It really looks as if my highest dream is about to happen..!!!(Well...
to be honest this and some others... ) I hope to see Mr. Beckley and
Bunnell soon as I have been their fan for many, many years...
Thanks Guys!!!! Thanks for all these years of wonderful songs !!!
I hope to have someday the chance to shake hands with you !

Guest: 176 Greg Thomas Signed In: Mon Oct 12 04:15:33 1998
From: Sydney Australia

I have had Human Nature for 2 weeks now and I must admit I diddn't rate it as highly as some of their previous albums, even though I quite enjoyed it.
However, the more I listen the more hooked on it I get.
The harmonies in Overwhelming World Suite are great but I'd have to say my favourite is PAGES.
A truly great album!

Guest: 175 Steve Signed In: Sun Oct 11 23:42:21 1998
From: Texas

As a retired professional rock musician, (actively involved in the business world for the past 23 yrs.), I was most impressed after seeing AMERICA in Houston, TX on October 10, 1998. They sounded GREAT, as they clearly were "in the grove" easily blowing away: Ben E. King, Ronnie Spector, and Three Dog Night (really two Dog night) !
Bravo guys ! My wife and I look forward to the next time....

Guest: 174 Joanne Meyers Signed In: Fri Oct 09 12:49:29 1998
From: Long Island N.Y

Dewey and Gerry, Seen you on Home shopping,ordered your live C.d,I thought it was very rude how they cut in on a chart climbing song. Ive been a fan forever,Humane Nature feeds my soul.I hope I can help with calling all my local radio station to request from a moving train.I will keep in touch. Take Care Joanne Meyers

Guest: 173 Wes Nelson Signed In: Wed Oct 07 17:05:46 1998
From: Yakima,wa

I'd like to add that I've listened to "Human Nature" again and I must say it's getting better. There are some intricacies I hadn't noticed before. Clearly "Moment to Moment" is a marvelous piece and the production throughout is first-rate. One other thought: I realize a lot of people miss Dan Peek, but Beckley and Bunnell deserve respect as a duo, which they've been for 21 years now. Drop me a line, guys, at

Guest: 172 Wes Nelson Signed In: Tue Oct 06 14:51:23 1998
From: Yakima,wa

Just bought Human Nature. "From a Moving Train" is a very good song, the kind that should get some radio time. It's better with every listen. The remainder of the CD falls off a bit, though, in my view. It's not bad, but nothing else really jumped out at me after a couple of times through. I guess I had hoped for more from Bunnell, my personal favorite through the years. The guy just rules.

Guest: 171 Bruce Sparrow Signed In: Sat Oct 03 16:23:33 1998
From: Wallkill, NY

I just received my copy of human nature. It is a truely great AMERICA album!

Guest: 170 Jason Anderson Signed In: Sun Sep 27 16:48:15 1998
From: Encino,CA

Just surfing the net listening to "Human Nature".

America fans rejoice!! at this superb new CD from the boys.


Guest: 169 Nadine Warthen Signed In: Sat Sep 26 02:43:52 1998
From: Toms River,N.J. USA

A fan from the beginning-a fan forever!!!

Guest: 168 Anthony Burke Signed In: Thu Sep 24 05:26:29 1998
From: Ballarat, Australia

I have loved America since I bought their first album in 1971. I recently went to see them at the casino in Melbourne and they were fantastic! They haven't lost it .... it was one of the highlights of my life.

Guest: 167 Mary Denison Signed In: Wed Sep 23 10:21:35 1998
From: New Mexico

A friend and I took my 15 year old son to see America in Reno. We had a great evening!! Thanks!

Guest: 166 Antoine Gosselin Signed In: Tue Sep 22 14:43:19 1998
From: France

I'm a great fan of AMERICA since 1971.I'Have all their LPs and CDs. Unfortunately ,I missed them when they played some concerts in France last Year.Thank you for this wonderful site.I hope I 'll get their new Cd in France in a few days and that they will come back in France next year.Long Life to AMERICA.

Guest: 165 Johnny Yee Signed In: Fri Sep 18 16:15:03 1998
From: Hobbs, NM

I just wanted to say how much AMERICA's music has meant to me. Dewey and Gerry (Dan Peek,too) have added so much to my life with their music.

I received "Human Nature" the other day and have enjoyed it so very much. AMERICA just keeps getting better. Great, great sounds! I hope "Human Nature" gets radio play. It's long overdue.

Thanks for the great site. Thanks Dewey and Gerry for the wonderful music over the years and for"Human Nature".


Guest: 164 steve jones Signed In: Fri Sep 18 14:09:53 1998
From: oak lawn, il.

I've known Gerry, Dewey, and the gang for quite sometime. Got to jam with them (on guitar) on "HORSE"...back in 1995! A great bunch of guys. s.j.

Guest: 163 Charles Moore Signed In: Thu Sep 17 14:56:09 1998
From: Houston, Tx

Just got Human Nature today (listened 5 times). GREAT STUFF (especially Whispering). I had been wondering if AMERICA is coming to Houston (found the date on your site). Why some album titles beginning with "H"?

Guest: 162 Bernie Friederici Signed In: Thu Sep 17 05:53:23 1998
From: Lünen, Germany

When can I get the new Album Human Nature in German Stores ??
Can anybody help me ??
Thanks a lot !!

Guest: 161 RAMIL SAUBON Signed In: Thu Sep 17 03:33:52 1998
From: philippines

america is no.1
mr.beckly is the king of love songs

Guest: 160 Greg Thomas Signed In: Thu Sep 17 02:49:20 1998
From: Australia

Being a huge America fan for many years i have been patiently waiting for the release of the new album HUMAN NATURE.Can somebody help me find a way of ordering this C.D?

Guest: 159 laurie Signed In: Fri Sep 11 20:33:52 1998
From: ca

are youn guys really going to come to and when?oroville usa

Guest: 158 Joe Knight Signed In: Fri Sep 04 20:11:25 1998
From: Winston-Salem,NC

America was GREAT on the Today Show!!!!!!! I couldn't wait to see them again. I went to work an hour late so I could see them. Thanks Steve for Emailing us about this. I would have never known if you had not told me !!!!!!!!! They sounded absolutely fantastic Joe Knight.. Please come back to North Carolina guys

Guest: 157 Erin Signed In: Fri Sep 04 11:04:03 1998
From: Sparks, NV

Just wanted to say the guys were SO GREAT on the Today Show!!! It was a terrific way to start a Friday morning and a perfect start to the holiday weekend. Have a great one, everyone!
Erin :o)

Guest: 156 Karen Lee Signed In: Mon Aug 31 18:39:47 1998
From: Oceanside, CA

i am humbled by the completeness and beauty of your site. Thank you for taking the time to celebrate a great band. i am a child of the 60's and it is wonderful to relive some of those moments.

Guest: 155 Kevin Lamb Signed In: Tue Aug 25 08:50:10 1998
From: Glendora, Ca

Do you know where or how we can order tickets to the America Concert in Las Vegas, Sept 5. My brother who lives in Vegas has been looking everywhere and cannot locate where tickets are being sold. Thanks for your help.

Kevin Lamb
1154 E. Crown
Glendora, Ca 91740
(626) 335-5236

| Kevin Lamb |
| CAD System Administrator |
| Orbital Sciences Corporation |
| Sensor Systems Division |
| 2771 North Garey Ave. |
| Pomona, CA 91767 |
| (909) 593-3581, ext. 4821 |
| |
| |

Guest: 154 Erich Bohme Signed In: Fri Aug 21 09:57:13 1998
From: Santiago, C H I L E.

I just want to say thanks for all these songs / years to Mr.Beckley and Mr.Bunnel... You are great performers and I would be done if someday I have the "One in a million" chance to see you live...
L O N G L I V E A M E R I C A !!!!!!!!!!!

Guest: 153 David L Lawson Signed In: Fri Aug 21 06:29:15 1998
From: Norton, Va

Hello to all other America fans. Can't wait for that new album to come out!!! Thanks to te folks for creating this web page that I found quite by accident, and thanks to America for a lifetime of great music.

Guest: 152 Bill Krohn Signed In: Tue Aug 11 19:33:07 1998
From: Kalamazoo Michigan Website:

This site is great! To buy the music of America & many others, come to Krohn's Boulevard Records at Recently expanded with many more titles added. Used But Not Abused CDs & Singles; back issues of music magazines like Goldmine, RSTone, Spin, Hot Wacks, Musician, Downbeat, Dirty Linen, & others; Classic rock vinyl galore!

Guest: 151 Brady J. Adaro Signed In: Fri Aug 07 03:05:17 1998
From: Waipahu, Hawaii

America Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Is, And, The Best There Ever Will Be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest: 150 wes nelson Signed In: Thu Aug 06 14:16:10 1998
From: yakima, wash.

I've interviewed America twice, in 1987 (Southern Oregon) and 1997 (Yakima, Wa), and just wanted to touch bases again. It's good to know that this "original unplugged" band hasn't forgotten its roots. Their early work has a certain timeless feel, particularly Bunnell's contributions. Keep it coming and good luck with the new CD. As for myself, here's a selfish plug: Watch for The Informants, an acoustic-electric rock and blues band that's on the rise. A CD is in the works. Hey, Dewey and Gerry, do you want to produce it? Let me know. ... And tomorrow, where will we be tomorrow? What will we see today?

Guest: 149 amardeep udeshi Signed In: Tue Jul 28 09:49:42 1998
From: india

When are you guys going to perform in India? You have a great following here & you would be amazed how your LP records sell here.

Guest: 148 alex f. cruz Signed In: Mon Jul 27 05:20:37 1998
From: naga city, philippines

i'm a fanatic america fan and i hope this site stays on forever! long live america!

Guest: 147 tony grier Signed In: Sun Jul 26 19:52:51 1998
From: eugene oregon

we met backstage in eugene. back in my days as a drummer. that day I will always remember.

Guest: 146 Greg Thomas Signed In: Wed Jul 22 05:55:23 1998
From: Australia

They have been my favourite band since I first heard their 1st album. Since then I have been hooked on them. Saw them in Australia recently and what a great concert they put on. Can,t wait for them to return.

Guest: 145 Steve "Nellie" Signed In: Tue Jul 21 11:53:38 1998
From: Cheesehead land

Once you're hooked you're hooked for life. Gerry and Dewey have been keeping me going for the past 23 or so years. I cannot wait to see them on the 23rd of Aug in Minneapolis. Minnesota loves you guys! We will be on the top row like we were last time. See you boy's there.

Guest: 144 Jandrew Signed In: Mon Jul 06 14:26:47 1998
From: lynwood, CA

Hello, I just want to comment that your songs are the coolest and I wish I could have all of your albums right now and listen to it.

Guest: 143 Leo J. VanOrden Signed In: Mon Jul 06 09:29:05 1998
From: Sparta N.J.

Thanks to Dewey & Gerry for the almost 30 years of great music. The songs never grow old even though the vinyl does. See you guys at Club Bene in N.J. on 7/25. Looking forward to all the new songs on Human Nature and I hope you guys will also put all your great Christmas songs on one CD for us all to enjoy each holiday season. Have a great summer.

Guest: 142 Luciana Signed In: Sun Jul 05 19:53:20 1998
From: Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil

Very good!

Guest: 141 David Keith Signed In: Sat Jul 04 08:27:18 1998
From: Wichita,Kansas

America played Wichita just about a year ago and are going to return on August 15th--YES!! If you haven't seen these guys your really missing out.It was without a doubt one of the most fantastic concerts I've been to in years. Can't wait for August 15!!

Guest: 140 Ken Rosenfield Signed In: Fri Jul 03 20:15:50 1998
From: Satellite Beach, Florida

I purchased all the guitars they have played since 1971 and play all their songs. Wish I could have auditioned for the band when Dan left just to enjoy their music daily.

Guest: 139 Steve Orchard Signed In: Tue Jun 30 21:57:39 1998
From: Kingsford,Mi

Just want to say Hi to all of you America Fans! I was fortunate enough to catch the guys this past sunday at the summerfest in Norway,Michigan. Gerry & Dewey put on a heck of a show and were very gracious to all of us "media" types backstage. they patiently talked with us,signed autographs,and allowed us to take pictures! they performed 2 new songs from the upcoming "Human Nature" -- "Pages" sung by Dewey,and "from a moving train" with Gerry on the lead vocals! People, please do the group a favor and spread the word about "Human Nature"!!!!!!!

Guest: 138 Steve Jones Signed In: Sat Jun 27 13:03:32 1998
From: oak lawn, il.

A personal friend of the gang. Got to jam with them at Chicago RIDGEFEST a few years back. Looking forward to seeing them in towm again soon! Love you guys!!!SJ

Guest: 137 Gary Hemingway Signed In: Fri Jun 26 22:05:59 1998
From: Bakersfield, Ca.

America is still the greatest even after all these years. I just saw them in Fresno,Ca on June 12 th and they sounded better than ever. Just wait till you get to hear their new CD. They played two songs from it, From A Moving Train and Pages. Both songs sound terrific. Steve Lowery my email address has changed to please note.

Guest: 136 Joe Knight Signed In: Tue Jun 23 23:01:04 1998
From: Winston-Sallem,NC

How did the Richmond Va concert go? I was going but my company had a 2 day meeting in Charlotte NC and I couldn't go!!!! Please come to North or South Carolina soon guys Joe Knight

Guest: 135 Julie Clark Signed In: Thu Jun 18 15:09:53 1998
From: Shawnee, KS

Wow! I really like this site. Especially the horses!

Guest: 134 Erwin Wisborg Signed In: Wed Jun 17 00:07:02 1998
From: Hamilton Ontario Canada

I Really started getting into America about seven years ago and was so inspired by their acoustic based music that I started taking guitar lessons a few months ago. Thats saying a lot from a guy thats been a drummer for 20 plus years ! I have almost all their albums (some Japanese imports) and met them two years ago after their concert in Mississauga Ontario. They were very gracious and friendly and made me a lifelong fan with their great attitudes and wonderful music.

Guest: 133 chip crouse Signed In: Mon Jun 15 22:08:16 1998
From: knoxville, TN.

I have been a huge America fan for many years, I'm so thrilled at this new website, I never would have dreamed it would have been possbile even a few years ago. I'm glad for the guys to see this new interest the group. But for long time fans like me I never quit loving their music, it was frustrating at times, because there wasn't much on CD & the record companies in their infinite wisdom (HA HA) would stop producing wonderful albums like "Hearts" & "Alibi" which I just purchased on CD were stupidly cut out. I am looking forward to "Human Nature" like everyone else & was disappointed to see the release date was pushed back, Oh well, I just enjoy all the other CD's until it comes out. Can't wait to see them in concert in Louisville, Ky. This will be my 11th time seeing them, they just get better each time. I am listening to "Hearts" as I type, what an incredible album, I absolutely love "People in the Valley", "The Story of a Teenager", "Midnight" & "Tomarrow" not to mention the singles, in other words the whole thing !!! Looking forward to purchasing "Perspective", "Holiday", "Your Move","Harbor", & "Silent Letter" as soon as I can. I just want to say in closing I really miss Dan Peek alot but I don't love America any less because he's gone. I wish they'd do a reunion concert for old time sake. A fan always Chip Crouse.

Guest: 132 Kevin Gilfoyle Signed In: Sun Jun 14 09:28:13 1998
From: Greenville, Pa.

Last summer in Dayton, Oh.I saw america for the first time. It won't be the last! Pittsburgh on july 19th. I'M THERE!!!

Guest: 131 Gary Hemingway Signed In: Sun Jun 07 19:15:15 1998
From: Bakersfield, Calif.

I just received my tickets to the up coming "America" in Fresno, Ca on June 12th. Just so happens that a good friend of mine is the box office manager of the Tower Theatre, so maybe I can get some pictures or autographs of Gerry and Dewey and the rest of the guys. I'll let you know just how great the concert was. Talk with you then.

Guest: 130 Don Edson Signed In: Thu May 21 10:50:29 1998
From: Vermont

Why are so many albums not available on non-import CD? Is it Warner Brothers and Capitol? Many years ago I wrote to both (WB and Capitol) asking when they were going to release ALL America albums onto CD. I received no response from one, and the other wrote on my (Original) letter stating, "no plans at this time".

Patience running out in Vermont!

Thanks - Don Edson

Guest: 129 Erin Signed In: Wed May 13 23:00:31 1998
From: Sparks, NV Website:

Thanks for posting the lyrics and CD cover! After reading the lyrics, it's going to be really interesting to hear the songs.They all sound so great...I don't know how I'm going to wait 47 more days!! Thanks again...keep up the great work!
Erin :o)

Guest: 128 Bill Krohn Signed In: Mon May 04 16:31:38 1998
From: Kalamazoo Michigan Website:

Lots of America's & other Classic rock albums for sale at Krohn's Boulevard Records at ( Rock, Pop, Folk, & Country from the '60s to the '90s; Blues & Jazz from the '50s and before; music magazines like Goldmine, RStone, Creem, Musician, Hot Wacks, Spin, & others; Used but not abused CDs & singles; music movies. ( I wish to thank the owners of this guetbook for the service to fans and music they have done.

Guest: 127 Steve Schowiak Signed In: Sat May 02 09:12:00 1998
From: Dallas

America rocks!

Guest: 126 Katrina Jenkins Signed In: Sat Apr 25 15:18:04 1998
From: Elmira,ny

Guest: 125 sonja Signed In: Wed Apr 22 23:03:49 1998
From: sydney,austrlia


Guest: 124 Donna & Dan Signed In: Wed Apr 22 20:48:41 1998
From: Puyallup, Washington

Great Website--nicely detailed, Dan

I'm a dedicated fan and thought I had all the CD/albums until we saw American in concert last night (my third concert) and Dewey mentioned Human Nature is their 20th album--I'm about five short of having them all. Great concert, by the way (APRIL 21)--best version of Sand Man we had ever heard. donna

Guest: 123 Mike Wright Signed In: Tue Apr 14 08:16:35 1998
From: southern illinois

just passing thorough trying to find the chords to all those great songs that i can't quite pick out by ear.

Guest: 122 Eugenio Luis Olvina Manlunas III Signed In: Mon Apr 13 21:26:18 1998
From: butuan city,Philippines Website:



Guest: 121 Alice Goepfert Signed In: Mon Apr 13 15:24:16 1998
From: Middle Island, New York

I've been a big fan since "View From the Ground" when I was in high school. I've seen them at Jones Beach Theater and almost every year when they come to Westbury. My favorite album is "Your Move" . I'm really excited that they'll be releasing a new album soon. They're so awesome!

Guest: 120 giuseppe Signed In: Sun Apr 12 01:07:49 1998
From: italy

I love AMERICA ! Bye bye to all the fans of this great group, expecially to Paolo

Guest: 119 James Gagne Signed In: Thu Apr 09 18:09:56 1998
From: Fairhaven, Massachusetts Website:

I love America! Daisy Jane is one of my most favorite songs by them and I think that they sound like what a band really should sound like! I'm only 15, but I love the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and a few thing in the 90s, but not much. Nice site. Love the clips..... bye!

Guest: 118 Prahlad Laxman Signed In: Wed Apr 08 18:30:03 1998
From: Hyderabad, India

I got hooked to America around 16 years back and still think they are one of the greatest bands. My first album was "America with Tan and Jeff" I wonder why Dan Peek does'nt figure in the later albums though. I have'nt as yet been able to get hold of "Hat Trick". I love them. You guys are really good. Your 12 strings sound fab. I'm proud of you.

Guest: 117 Shari Larson Signed In: Tue Apr 07 21:36:30 1998
From: San Diego, California

Hoping to get the guys to add "Old Man Took" back into the lineup before they get to San Diego in June. One of the best concert tunes ever! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest: 116 Mindy Husk Signed In: Tue Apr 07 10:09:10 1998
From: Utah

Hello gentlemen. You're still my favorites.

Guest: 115 Bob Burrill Signed In: Mon Apr 06 13:19:31 1998
From: Gibbons, Alberta Canada

Been looking forever on how to get cd soundtrack to "The Last Unicorn" in my area...Edmonton Canada...Listen to Greatest hits album on a regular basis....

Guest: 114 Paul Severo Martin Signed In: Sun Apr 05 11:17:58 1998
From: Southern California

WOW! Thanks for a great page. I have been searching the web for all of the bands that I like. I have been fortunate to find most of them. I look forward to seeing more guitar chords published and the gret photos that are presented.

Guest: 113 Stephanie Signed In: Sat Apr 04 22:44:41 1998
From: Quebec Website:

Great site! I'll put a link from my home page to yours!
Everybody have to see it! :-)

Guest: 112 Craig Simmons Signed In: Thu Apr 02 10:46:51 1998
From: Las Vegas, NV

Great website. Worth the price of aol

Guest: 111 Elizabeth O. Manlunas Signed In: Thu Apr 02 01:40:55 1998
From: Butuan City, Philippines

I Love America so much. I love their songs. I have been your fan for such a long time. Both of you have a golden voice.One of your song which is my favorite is All my Life.

Guest: 110 Paul Crawford Signed In: Wed Apr 01 15:54:30 1998
From: Marshalltown , Iowa USA

I did not get to see America live until 1996. Have seen them three times total now. I have several (20-30) audio tapes of America over the years. Looking for anyone else who wants to trade their tapes with me. Video wanted too.

Guest: 109 Abdul Latiff Signed In: Tue Mar 31 07:04:24 1998
From: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I love this website and I love the band. Hope to hear their new album soon.

Guest: 108 John Keenan Jr. Signed In: Tue Mar 24 21:09:22 1998
From: Sayville, New York

I saw America for the first time at the Jones Beach Theatre in New York in the summer of 1983. This concert was awesome. I have been a big fan ever since and try to see them whenever they come to Long Island.

Guest: 107 Itamar Thami Signed In: Mon Mar 23 10:30:01 1998
From: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I can't remember when I first time listened to the very first America's song in my life. But I was 15 or 16 when a girlfriend gaves me "View From The Ground" album witha a special sign on the third track "You Girl". Suddenly, that beautiful intro chords Bm/F#m/Em/F#m/F#m7 and that beautiful melody brought me peace and happiness. After that, America became an important part of my life's soundtrack. The girl is not the same, I'm 10 years older, but that chords keep flowing in the air...Thanks Gerry and Dewey for over 25 years of great music! I hope you come back to play here in Rio, Brazil, again! We love you...God bless you!

Guest: 106 Juliana Barros Signed In: Sat Mar 21 15:44:54 1998
From: Brazil

The group played only 2 days in São Paulo, I'd like to have them back as soon as possible and listen to new songs.

Guest: 105 Chrissie W. Signed In: Sat Mar 21 15:22:22 1998
From: Huntsville, Al

I saw America in concert at the Big Spring Jam in Huntsville, AL last fall. They put on a great concert! Any chance they will be back in 1998? I would love to see them again!

Guest: 104 Sharon Hogberg Signed In: Fri Mar 20 21:43:33 1998
From: Elk Horn Ia

Hi Willie from Sharon , your sister's friend

Guest: 103 Itamar Signed In: Thu Mar 19 11:10:03 1998
From: Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Great site!!!

Guest: 102 Warren C. Walter Signed In: Mon Mar 16 21:17:38 1998
From: Valley City, Ohio

I have followed America since their first releases and make every attempt to see them in concert when they come to the Cleveland, Ohio area since then. When and where will they be back in "98"? And when do they plan a new album. To good to quit now. This is the only band that keeps me linked to the past and I enjoy the new sounds they have done as well.

Guest: 101 Chris Teagarden Signed In: Sun Mar 15 18:13:31 1998
From: Crucible, Pennsylvania Website:

Great job with the page! I "WAS" the 14,000th person to access the sight, but Netscape found an error and shut me down a minute ago! Anyway, I'm 20 years old (going to be 21 on Tues, Mar. 17) and a big fan of America. I have a decent America record collection now and even had the pleasure of seeing America in Norfolk, VA on August 8, 1996. I even got to meet Gerry and Dewey at their hotel after the show. Got some great pics plus autographs!

Guest: 100 Annabelle Signed In: Sat Mar 14 14:48:52 1998
From: Connecticut

I saw America at the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville CT, last night for the second time. They sound just as good now as they did when I first started listening to them in the early 70's. They are truly a "class act" and I look forward to seeing them again...and again!!!!

Guest: 99 Cari Patterson Signed In: Thu Mar 12 00:10:39 1998
From: Orlando via Los Angeles

I have been fortunate to have seen the guys in concert every year for the past 18 years. I met Gerry in Vegas in '86 when we came from around a corner and literately ran into each other. I was more than speechless. He invited me to meet the band and he's been gracious ever since. I discovered these wonderful web pages tonite, searching for concert information. It's been great to see and read about other fans.

Guest: 98 Rebecca Groose Jones Signed In: Wed Mar 11 21:34:58 1998
From: Kalispell,Montana/Santa Barbara, CA

I booked AMERICA for our Montana Music Festival 5 years ago and they gave me my 15 min. of "Andy Warhol fame" when they had me join them on stage to sing encore of "Horse with No Name". Can't wait to see them again in Santa Barbara on 3/26. Do so love their wonderful music. Gives me happiness. Please forgive if this msg. appears twice, AOL seemed to stop me midstream on first attempt.

Guest: 97 Steve Gray Signed In: Wed Mar 11 10:32:52 1998
From: Toronto. Canada


Guest: 96 Wanda Shook Signed In: Tue Mar 10 21:44:32 1998
From: Maryland

Hi! I've seen this web site several times & it just keeps getting better all the time so I figured I'd better take a minute to sign the guest book! I especially like the tour information, sound clips & the newsletter! Also, the guest book signing by Derek Lowery is real cute! I've been a fan of America since the days of "Horse With No Name" & "I Need You" & they are truly a fantastic group of people. To Gerry & Dewey, thanks for the beautiful music & I look forward to your upcoming cd. I have a feeling 1998 is going to be one of your best years (professionally) ever! Hope you do a show in Maryland this year (but you have to be the main attraction)! No more shows where you are the opening act--you're much too talented for that!!!

Guest: 95 Gary Hemingway Signed In: Tue Mar 10 21:35:09 1998
From: Bakersfield, Calif.

America performed in concert in Bakersfield last year and they were great. I have been able to attend four of their concerts now and I will never get tired of listening to their songs or seeing them live. Its no wonder that they are still around after all these years because their sound is the best. Tell me when you are coming back to Bakersfield and make it soon. I finally was able to get ahold of Van Go Gan and its as great as the rest of their tunes. America is always welcome in Bakersfield and its only a little over a hundred miles from all the members homes, so come on back!

Guest: 94 Joe Knight Signed In: Mon Mar 02 00:49:06 1998
From: Noth Carolina

After I saw this great sight I downloaded "The Last Unicorn" I went to see this movie when it came out because America did the songs. I had forgotten how wonderful they were. My wife purchased the video for me so now I have all of Americas published music. I love this band I have since 1972 when I first heard " A Horse with No Name" Thanks guys and please come close to North Carolina and I will be there.

Joe Knight

P.S. Does anyone know if America will be on Leno or Letterman this year?

Guest: 92 Richard Marcone Signed In: Sun Mar 01 17:14:56 1998

I have been listening to America since 1971. Recently re-fell in live with Three Roses. Any appearances in or near Atlanta in 1998?

Guest: 91 Grant McLaughlan Signed In: Sat Feb 28 18:32:06 1998
From: Bradford:ENGLAND

I have been a fan since 1972, I just love all the music that they make,however would be nice to see them over here in England

Guest: 90 Guillermo Albelo Signed In: Sat Feb 28 09:24:42 1998
From: Canary Islands (Spain)

Hello ! from Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain), my greetings for all the fans of America. Last year I saw America in Madrid and I could talk with them in the backstage and they´re great ! I´m 41 and I´ve listening to America records since 1972. Excuse my english, but I speak spanish usually.

Guest: 89 Tom Nehl Signed In: Fri Feb 27 15:48:15 1998
From: Shelby Twp, Michigan, "America"

Long time no see! My oldest daughter Madelynne is a horse nut and she loves the song "Horse with no name"!

Guest: 88 Cindy Breuss Signed In: Mon Feb 23 20:14:35 1998
From: Salinas, CA

I have been a great fan of America since their 1st album. The highlight of my life (so far) was the opportunity of meeting them in Las Vegas in March of 1996. It was absolutely THE BEST!

Thanks to Barb for setting it up - and Pete for taking good care of me!

Guest: 87 Richard E. Sales Signed In: Sun Feb 22 10:37:16 1998
From: Metro Manila, Philippines

Great Site!!!

Guest: 86 Peter Milano Signed In: Wed Feb 18 17:31:44 1998
From: Brewster, NY

I've been an AMERICA fan since 1971. Awesome music.

Guest: 85 Per Andersen Signed In: Wed Feb 11 12:29:40 1998
From: Denmark

Great band ! Three first albums are masterpieces. My favorite songs: ` I need you ` and ` Submarine Ladies `.

Guest: 84 Mayer Z. Signed In: Sun Feb 08 17:39:28 1998
From: Chicago

I am 4 years old and my daddy sings me and my older sister to sleep with "All My Life", "Seargent Darkness" and "The Last Unicorn". I love to listen to America and The Monkees. My daddy says that the next time they come to Chicago, he will take us to see them. He says he wants to get a picture of me wih them.

Guest: 83 Mike Edmunds Signed In: Wed Feb 04 17:09:58 1998

After an extensive search I've found an America website. I think the first three albums America recorded were superb. Are there any plans for the band to come to the U.K? I'm also a Poco fan and should have my website set up soon.

Guest: 82 Barry Silber Signed In: Wed Feb 04 11:06:11 1998
From: Tampa,Fl

I've seen America perform at least 7 times going back to1975. I met Dewey, Gerry, Woodsy, in 1987. Truly nice guys.

Guest: 81 GEOFF SEARS Signed In: Sun Feb 01 01:49:38 1998
From: Christchurch, New Zealand

GREAT website, Disappointing America didn't play Christchurch when the band visited New Zealand in December 1997.
Kind regards from New Zealand
Geoff Sears

Guest: 80 Tom Signed In: Wed Jan 28 18:43:19 1998
From: Buffalo, NY

I've enjoyed America's music since their first album in 1972. Through the years, I've seen them perform 6 times. My favorite concert was their 1978 show with Michael Murphey in Shea's Theater in Buffalo, NY. I've enjoyed this website very much. I play some America songs on acoustic guitar (intermediate player) for my own enjoyment. I would really like to find out the acoustic guitar leads for both "Riverside" and "Three Roses". If anybody knows, drop a line in this guest book. Thanks.

Guest: 79 Joe Polito Signed In: Wed Jan 28 10:09:49 1998
From: Metairie, LA

I am a big America fan. I attended their concert in New Orleans in 1997 and was thoroughly entertained. They played all their hits and all sounded like the original recordings. It was a most enjoyable time. Hope America returns to the Gulf Coast soon.
Great Web Site.

Guest: 78 Roger Gilmartin Signed In: Wed Jan 21 20:21:29 1998
From: Charlotte, North Carolina

I've been a huge America fan since I first heard "I Need You" in college in 1974. I've seen them live several times and they always put on a great show. The first two albums are still my favorites, with some of the best acoustic guitar work I've ever heard. Keep rocking, Gerry and Dewey !!

This is a TERRIFIC Web site.

Guest: 77 Brett Lucas Signed In: Tue Jan 13 22:54:47 1998
From: Portland, Oregon

America is one of the greatest bands to come out of the 70's, and still be together today. I'm only 26, and have all of their LP's. Hope to see many of their early albums like "Hideaway" and "Hearts" released on CD, so I don't wear out my LP's. Hope America comes on tour to the Portland area this summer. Saw them in concert 2 years ago, and it was great!!!!!!!

Guest: 76 RSCHAN Signed In: Sat Jan 10 08:16:17 1998
From: Philippines

I'm been an avid fan of this great group since school days and so happen to watch their rare concerts here, anyway thanks for a wonderful, and great page dedicated to this fantastic group, THANKS

Guest: 75 Jim Nakao Signed In: Sun Jan 04 22:08:32 1998
From: Southern Calif. via Chicago

I am glad you can all enjoy this great Web site by Steve Lowry on the greatest band on earth. We are all eagerly awaiting a new CD from AMERICA, please stay tuned in 1998. The latest & greatest CD from AMERICA is HOURGLASS & VAN GO GAN (Gerry Beckley's solo masterpiece debut). Take care & enjoy the music, it has spanned 3 decades so far !

Guest: 74 Maureen Signed In: Sat Jan 03 14:48:56 1998
From: Hicksville, Long Island NY

To All AMERICA band members and fans:
Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year. Lets hope for a new album in the new year. Take Care.

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