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Guest: 350 John Briggs Signed In: Thu Dec 30 22:26:50 1999
From: Ada, OK

You're the best.

Guest: 349 GREG GORTER Signed In: Wed Dec 29 20:42:27 1999
From: Coffs Hbr & Melbourne - Australia Website:

Just had write to say that the guys played here last night at the Regent Theatre, Melbourne last night. If you missed them then all I can say is that youve missed another great show by the masters ! great performance ! you guys are the best... Happy New Year.

Guest: 348 Costanza Parronchi Signed In: Fri Dec 24 12:00:03 1999
From: Florence - ITALY

Hi to everybody! I am an old America's fan. I'm 33 and I grew up listeninig to their music. I have all the records of this wonderful band, except Human Nature. The cd has not been dealt in Italy. But I'll find it somewhere. Ciao Costanza

Guest: 347 Benjamin A. Pedregosa Signed In: Sun Dec 19 18:50:39 1999
From: Philippines, i'm living here in Canada

hi! guys u have a good site, i'm one of you fans in the Philippines, but i'm living here in Sarnia,Ontario,Canada for six years now. I'm 35 yrs. old married and had one four yrs.old boy. I like all your songs my favorites are All my life and Special girl. more power and have a nice day.


Guest: 346 chip crouse Signed In: Fri Dec 10 21:24:09 1999
From: las vegas

As a 25 year fan of America, I am really looking forward to see the
guys in concert at the Monte Carlo here in Las Vegas on Dec. 17th, I
have seen them in concert as least 10 times over the years & they
always put an excellent show. I have really enjoyed "Human Nature"
since it was released, I use it as a demo CD at the Stereo Store
where I work all the time. Gerry & Dewey are like old friends, I like
alot of other fans my age grew up loving America. Can't wait to see
ya guys, hurry up & get here.

Sincerely, Chip Crouse

Guest: 345 Azmi Othman Signed In: Wed Dec 08 08:43:10 1999
From: Malaysia

I've been a great fan of America since the mid seventies especially the acoustic period. No matter what the critics says about them comparing with CSNY, to these ears America is mile spart and much more melodic and pleasant.
I am trying to convert my collection into CDs. Currently I've got on CD, America (1st), Homecoming, Holiday and Silent Letter. On cassetes are History .... and Hearts.

Guest: 344 ANGELICA QUINTERO Signed In: Sat Dec 04 14:22:36 1999


Guest: 343 Nathan Signed In: Fri Dec 03 04:55:17 1999

Guest: 342 Ignacio Carriquiri Signed In: Fri Nov 26 22:50:53 1999

I think that America is excelent, I am from South America, and this is for Dewey and Gerry: We're waiting for you at Argentina, Uruguay, etc. Michael has already meet me in Uruguay: Conrad, Punta del Este. Michael: I have seat on the scenary, and you gave me the thing to play the guitar, thank you a lot...

Guest: 341 ALEJANDRO ROSSI Signed In: Wed Nov 24 08:09:43 1999

Guest: 340 JOHN LUSTY Signed In: Tue Nov 23 16:35:39 1999
From: AUSTRALIA,sydney

i`ve been a fan of 'AMERICA' since 1972 and have bought every album available so far! My wife and I look forward to seeing America live in concert when they tour Australia next year.(2000)"Horse with no name" is still my favourite although I enjoy many other songs that they have released.Keep up the good work!!

Guest: 339 Gilbert Acosta Signed In: Sun Nov 21 20:12:42 1999
From: El Paso, Texas

This is a COOL site!!! I've just received my TimeLife CDs and I can't stop playing "Tin Man," "A Horse With No Name." This prompted me to go on-line and find an America site; bingo, I found you-all!!
Keep up the good work!!

Best wishes...

A fan since the seventies...

Guest: 338 DAVID & MAGGIE DICKEY Signed In: Sat Nov 20 20:17:59 1999

Thanks again for calling recently. We checked the 2000 tour dates and didn't see Sweetwater on the list! Sure would love to see you guys again. Call when you can... Dickey

Guest: 337 Mark Burns Signed In: Tue Nov 16 03:35:00 1999
From: Sydney Australia

It will be great to see the band on New Years Eve in the land of OZ
playing up a storm in Wonderful Wollongong.And what a venue!
right on the beach front of one of the south coast's fantastic
surfing spots.I saw the boy's play the Gong last year with the
Beach Boys .looking for another top performance...............
with America, you can count on it!

Guest: 336 Domingo Sotelo Signed In: Mon Nov 15 10:01:34 1999
From: Mexico,City


Guest: 335 Greg Gorter Signed In: Sun Nov 14 20:39:30 1999
From: Coffs Hbr & Melbourne, Australia

Hi, It's great to hear that the guys are coming back to Australia in December for another tour, They are much admired here. I'll be booking a front row seat !... P.S. Where in Australia can I pick up a copy of Van Go Gan ???

Guest: 334 Marcela Alcantara Signed In: Sun Nov 14 14:41:54 1999
From: Mexico City

Guest: 333 Anthony Burke Signed In: Fri Nov 12 05:24:58 1999
From: Australia

In relation to the "alibi" comments, it was my opinion that the album cover was directly related to the Lindy Chamberlain baby (dingo stole my baby fame) in the months preceeding the albums release. What do others think?

Guest: 332 Chris Page Signed In: Tue Nov 09 20:51:03 1999
From: Cleveland, Ohio

Just missin' you all - Can't wait to see ya again!!!

Guest: 331 Jim Grasse Signed In: Tue Nov 09 08:11:55 1999
From: Murrieta, California

Guest: 330 Rodrigo Principe Signed In: Sun Nov 07 00:30:00 1999
From: Argentina Website:

G'day!! I've been looking at your page, and i think it is a great page. I play guitar, and i got some chords from your page, which helped me a lot. Congratulations for the page!!

Guest: 329 ANGELICA QUINTERO. Signed In: Mon Nov 01 15:29:50 1999


Guest: 328 jack morin Signed In: Sat Oct 30 21:36:43 1999
From: north cobalt ontario canada

just bought a pc..went on line and found this web site...this is great
i have been a big america fan for the past 28 i can keep up
with the band..i didn't realize they as busy as they are and still
fairley popular........keep up the good work......

Guest: 327 MICHAEL BALLE Signed In: Sat Oct 30 18:09:06 1999


Guest: 326 eduaqrdo segall Signed In: Sat Oct 30 11:15:47 1999
From: mexico

great page!!

Guest: 325 Charles Moore Signed In: Thu Oct 28 20:14:46 1999
From: houston

Received my copy of "Van Go Gan" yesterday. I am on my 3rd listen right now. GREAT STUFF!!!. If you do not have it ... GET IT. Thanks Gerry and Scott for the re-release. I missed it the first time out.

Guest: 324 John Briggs Signed In: Thu Oct 28 16:09:11 1999
From: Ada, OK

I just want to thank Dewey & Gerry for all their music and all the great memories from their concerts over the years. I have every CD in their catalog and have been to 10 cncerts.

Guest: 323 Greg Asmussen Signed In: Wed Oct 27 23:00:39 1999
From: Deniliquin, New South Wales, Australia.

Absolutely sensational to find this site, the song Sister Goldenhair keeps runnin' through my head over and over.... depression led me to an attempted suicide a few years back, and it was God's love and the love of a good woman - my wife Debbye - that kept me alive and continues to do so today....... Hallelujah !!!

Guest: 322 Ivona Cervenakova Signed In: Tue Oct 26 02:27:08 1999
From: Slovakia

I love you, America...take care

Guest: 321 Erich Bohme Signed In: Fri Oct 22 16:03:48 1999
From: Santiago, C H I L E !!!

This id THE site for the great band AMERICA. I was very lucky to see them last year here in Chile. Hope they'll be back here someday- they were great! I need help on bass-guitar tabs for their music, if someone has any then please just e-mail me! Thanks!!!

Guest: 320 Dennis Gilfoyle Signed In: Tue Oct 19 21:26:35 1999
From: Pittsburgh, PA

Just saw my 101st America show at the Palumbo Center in Pittsburgh. Took my 14 year old daughter to see her first. My first America show was 1975 in Erie, PA.

Guest: 319 Monica Signed In: Tue Oct 19 18:38:08 1999
From: Pittsburgh, PA USA

Message to Brian Jones:
Hello...Came across your page purely by accident while looking at
vintage guitars, including the Brian Jones teardrop model and then
was just lolling about following that up with Brian Jones sites.
So Brian Jones lives on in England then? Congratulations...
Just thought I'd say hi...I am trying to get together a garage or garage/psych type band here - we'd always welcome you - Brian Jones-
to join...

Guest: 318 Mark Atwood Signed In: Sun Oct 17 08:57:23 1999
From: London Central HS now Nazareth, PA

A voice from the past. Keep up the great music guys. Ours paths will cross again when you are in this area. Excellent website and trivia info. My how the 30 years has flown by. All the best to you both. take care.

Guest: 317 EDDY Signed In: Fri Oct 15 22:21:05 1999
From: Minnesota

A GREAT webpage for A GREAT band!
Hope both continue for many years to come!!

Guest: 316 Deb Signed In: Fri Oct 15 07:46:50 1999
From: Illinois

Am a new fan to this band, saw them four times in Iowa this summer and I am now a loyal supporter! I love this website!! Keep up the good work keeping us fans connected!

Guest: 315 Andy Signed In: Fri Oct 15 00:01:02 1999
From: Long Island, New York (Nassau County)

I'll be driving up to Connecticut tomorrow, 10/15/99, to catch the live act of the absolute, all-time greatest music group that ever existed! I just wish there would have been a site like this when I was in school in the 80s, and all there to listen to was techno-synth new-wave poop. As an America fan, I felt all alone in a sea of Boy George wanna-be freaks. It's nice to have a home here!

Guest: 314 Steve Lowry Signed In: Thu Oct 14 23:12:40 1999
From: Orem, Utah Website:

My most sincere apologies to everyone who has tried to sign my guestbook since July 27 and hasn't been able to. I just found out today that the directory that the guestbook is in has been write protected since that time and no one has been able to post anything here. I express my gratitude to Chris Page for bringing it to my attention so I could fix it. Once again, I'm truly sorry and look forward to reading your guest book entries.

Steve Lowry
America Fans Webmaster

Guest: 313 Beth Signed In: Tue Jul 27 12:19:21 1999
From: Atlanta

I would like to thank Terry Trost for the pictures of the HatTrick poster. I did buy two albums to those posters so I could have each side plastered on my college dorm walls. I also enjoyed the 1977 tour photos as that is the year I saw America (the one and only time) in Omaha. Thanks for the memories!!

Guest: 312 Greg Thomas Signed In: Mon Jul 26 07:20:21 1999
From: Sydney Australia

Are there any Australians besides me who constantly visit this website?
I have been listening to America since their first album, I have over 20 on cd now. Would love to hear from other Aussies out there or anyone from ANYWHERE that enjoys America.

Guest: 311 Dave Mackie Signed In: Sun Jul 25 13:21:59 1999

Why won't America play in cleveland? I do believe cleveland is the rock and roll capitol of the world!You've been here before many of times why not this year? We miss you guys! Dave

Guest: 310 Suzanne Signed In: Thu Jul 22 08:29:37 1999
From: London

I bought an album titled 'America Live' for £2.99 at the HMV sale, as
I already had 'History' and know they made beautiful tunes, but I had never heard them live. I listened to the album twice, and I now realise that this album is a 'Shining Symbol' of the group 'America'
I love their voices. My favorite song is 'Horse with no name', it means a lot to me.

Regards Suzanne

Guest: 309 Thad. Nicholson Signed In: Wed Jul 21 20:55:17 1999
From: Grand Canyon, AZ

Why don't you guys play the Grand Canyon?

Guest: 308 Lynne Marie Sweeney Signed In: Fri Jul 16 02:28:28 1999
From: Pgh, Pa. (a lovely state,)

Hello Gerry Beckley!!

I hope you're well; think about ya every now and then. Looking forward to your Oct. 18th concert. Hey, how did your sound man's guitar class go last Sept.? (I remember meeting him in the bar after the Hartwood Acres PA. concert. very nice man; just curious. Does your dude Scott still look like a bad-ass? --kiddin. he seemed very nice as well.) I'm up late, and you came to mind. If you're tired, bored, feeling down in any way, know that people love you, and some nice girl in PA. thinks you're very, very cool. I respect what you've done and are doing, and think you're one talented and 'hot' man. Hope you can make some time after that show this fall; you're very fun. Please take care of yourself; there are those of us who have absolutely no 'claim' on you that care anyway if you're well and happy. So I hope things are exciting and fun--even more, calm and content, and enjoy it all. You've done so much that's made so many, many of us feel very good, and for that we thank you.

keep that sexy face and bod healthy and happy, and I really, REALLY hope to see you this fall, buddy.

Ms. Lynne Marie from South Park, PA
(X and O)

ps--if you're ever around a friend's computer, just for the heck of it, respond to me--Autumn6178--; I'm smart enough not to respond back--I know ya can't go throwing that e-mail address out when the 'babes' chase you as they do! (as well they should,) But I'd LOVE to hear from you! (highly doubt that'll happen, but have a wonderful day today, buddy)

Guest: 307 Cheryl Signed In: Thu Jul 15 14:56:17 1999
From: Shallotte, North Carolina

Saw them last night at the Palace in Myrtle Beach. My husand and I
have been together since 1969 and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Brought back lots of great memories. I still think Gerry's awesome! I'll start listening to the new stuff.

Guest: 306 Victor Ferreira Zwetkoff Signed In: Wed Jul 14 18:26:57 1999
From: Brazil

Well I see that I'm the first brazilian to sign yours guest!!!
Just want to say that I'm a huge fan of America. I just love The musics and everything.I'm a new fan but it doesn't matter , I like America like an old fan like.

Guest: 305 Kim Peterson Signed In: Wed Jul 14 15:48:40 1999
From: Spencer, Iowa

Can anyone tell me where to find a copy of the Gerry's CD "Van Go Gan"?

Guest: 304 ROBERT BURGESS Signed In: Tue Jul 13 16:00:51 1999
From: Gaithersburg, Maryland

I have been an America fan since I was eight years old. Now my thirteen year old daughter is a fan too. Why isn't America in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? I love the new album!!

Guest: 303 Melissa Lurie Signed In: Tue Jul 13 13:50:16 1999
From: Troy, Michigan

Saw the band twice this year, can't wait for them to return to the metro Detroit area.

Guest: 302 Ray Avery Signed In: Sun Jul 11 00:35:51 1999
From: New York

Just caught the show at Westbury Music Fair. First time hearing Dewey
sing lead on "Lonely People". Really enjoyed featured new album cuts,
especially "Wednesday Morning".
Waiting to see a show longer in duration..can"t get enough!

Guest: 301 Thierry SIBOT Signed In: Fri Jul 09 15:36:49 1999
From: France (Paris)

Thank you soooo much. This site is wonderful. What a pleasure to retreive the chords and the lyrics of one of my favorite bands.
I have look so long for a book with this. Thank you.

Guest: 300 Gary Signed In: Mon Jul 05 21:00:29 1999
From: Minnesota

I consider America one of the finest bands ever. I play their music all the time on my guitar. :)

Guest: 299 Tim Laffin Signed In: Sat Jul 03 11:56:06 1999
From: Holbrook, NY

Been a long time fan of America. Very disappointed that their newer
stuff has gotten almost no airplay time at all. I've been to a number
of their concerts, and it seems like they don't want to play any recent songs. The newest song they played was "You can do magic".

Was also very disappointed that when they were on the TODAY show a
while back, that instead of doing their new songs, they chose to do
their old songs (Horse with no name and Sister goldenhair).

If I may give them some of my totally "unknowledgeable" advice,

Guest: 298 JEFF PETERS Signed In: Fri Jul 02 16:25:00 1999


Guest: 297 Charles Moore Signed In: Thu Jul 01 12:22:26 1999
From: Houston

Where can I buy a copy of "Van Go Gan"? I checked with a couple of the sources listed on the website but not abailable

Guest: 296 Erich Bohme Signed In: Mon Jun 28 16:23:42 1999
From: Santiago, C H I L E

What a great site is this!!! I hope Gerry and Dewey will perform here someday again. yeah, that was my DREAM come true. Thanks Dewey and Gerry, here's your biggest Chile fan !!!!!!!

Guest: 295 Phil Hobbs Signed In: Mon Jun 28 11:42:08 1999
From: Gloucester Massachusetts

Song "Inspector Mills", great song, any idea where to get the cords?
Thanks,Phil Hobbs

Guest: 294 Tina Signed In: Sun Jun 27 13:21:05 1999
From: Atlanta

I still think St.pete has beautiful sunsets too. I was there for your concert on the beach. It was great. I grew up with you guys. You are part of my lifes memories. I listen to a song and remember what I was doing when I first heard that particular one. Thanks and keep em coming from the moving train. Tina

Guest: 293 Rich Muchoney Signed In: Sat Jun 26 20:47:26 1999
From: Greensburg PA

Really enjoy your web site for America. They've been my favorite band since 1976!!! Actually met Gerry & spoke with Dewey on the phone at the now razed Holiday House in Monroeville PA. Saw all their shows there! Thanks again for a great tribute to them.

Yours truly,


Guest: 292 angelica rodriguez dorantes Signed In: Fri Jun 25 17:54:10 1999
From: mexico city

Gerry and Dewey:
America's is my favorite group, and my favorite song is "garden of peace". I think this is the most beautiful song of peace and love I ever hear. I love you and I hope to see you next november here in México.

Guest: 291 Maureen Signed In: Wed Jun 23 07:59:21 1999
From: Long Island, NY

Hi Gerry & Dewey & Gang,
Hope you had a great time in Spain & Germany. Can't wait to see you all on Sunday at Westbury Music Fair. Take Care and get some rest, please.

Guest: 290 David Dull Signed In: Tue Jun 22 19:47:19 1999
From: Fulda, Germany

I was at your concert on Friday 18 June. Thanks for playing so good
for such a small crowd. Got goosebumbs from The last Unicorn.
I hope you all come back again. Thanks for the MUSIC.

Guest: 289 Charo Rodriguez Signed In: Wed Jun 16 08:07:05 1999
From: Barcelona-Spain

I Saw you yesterday at Luz de Gas in Barcelona. It was terrific!
Thank you for your music.

Guest: 288 david Signed In: Sat Jun 12 15:42:37 1999
From: Florida Website:

Played lots of America over my radio career! Come check out my new site entitled Musician's Wall of Fame featuring autographed photos of bands and singers with links to their official sites. Hope you find something useful and please let other netizens know of our little corner of the web! Thanx

Guest: 287 BILL SENGSTOCK Signed In: Sat Jun 12 09:19:30 1999


Guest: 286 Vern A. Scheck Signed In: Fri Jun 11 22:14:01 1999
From: Eaton Rapids, Michigan

What a great place to visit.

Guest: 285 john briggs Signed In: Sun Jun 06 17:08:50 1999
From: Ada,OK

Just stopped in to say hello. I'll see you in Rowlett,TX. Can't wait.

Guest: 284 Dan Cranford Signed In: Fri Jun 04 20:33:19 1999
From: Peoria Heights, Illinois

Great site. You guys are the best in my ears. saw you three times,(1977,1982,1991). Its about time you all came back to Peoria. the last time my wife was fortunate enough to get a guitar pick from Gerry. Next time I'm goin for a handshake. Anyway thanks for all the enjoyment you've given my ears over the years. One suggestion though is to at least play one song from each album, besides the hits, in concert. I love some of the more obscure stuff and I'm sure the true America fan will as well. Thanks for listening and keep on rocking. Dan Cranford

Guest: 283 nicolay nowak Signed In: Fri Jun 04 05:10:11 1999
From: heidelberg/germany

thanx for the chords! really great songs!

Guest: 282 Wendy Signed In: Fri May 28 22:52:10 1999
From: tennessee

Nothing better than listening to America while camping in the woods or driving down some forest road. I grew up listening to America and just saw them live this week in chattanooga! I never dreamed I would finally get to see them play live. Such a priveledge to be there! Only one prob.... they need to add moonsong and cornwall blank to the set!! thanks! :)

Guest: 281 Matt Signed In: Fri May 28 15:23:27 1999
From: WI

Great website on "America". I am a listener of many 70's rock/pop groups, and this was, and still is, one of my favorites. I definetly will be revisiting this site again soon.

Guest: 280 maria "madbean" t. Signed In: Fri May 21 18:04:44 1999
From: Greece Website:

G*R*E*A*T P*A*G*E --- G*R*E*A*T G*R*O*U*P

Guest: 279 Steve Jone(NOT of Sex Pistold fame!) Signed In: Fri May 21 11:53:42 1999
From: Chicago area

I have had the pleasure of personally knowing the guys for quite sometime now. Thanks for all the memories. Thanks for letting me jam on "Horse" with ya's at that wacky festival all those years ago!. Thanks for being-PERIOD! AMERICA the beautiful!!! Hooh hah!

Guest: 278 Keith Pirlot Signed In: Wed May 19 08:51:39 1999
From: West Allis, WI

You Guys really kick $%@

Guest: 277 Joe Polito Signed In: Sun May 16 15:55:19 1999
From: Metairie, LA

I am a huge america fan. I think that World Alone could be a big single if given the opportunity.

Guest: 276 Terry prenner Signed In: Sat May 15 18:47:26 1999
From: Pompano, FL

I'm looking thru this site and noticed how many folks had the life time opportunity to meet "the boys" in a hotel bar after the show. In 1995 at the Deerfield Thing, I was blessed with the chance to party with Dewey and Willie Lee until oh about3:00 in the morning. It was like sitting around with old friends, Dewey is open, Down to earth and i felt i made friend that night. This was after an out door concert in Pompano. Dewey, you signed my album I've had since the eary 70's, the album kept falling out of the jacket and rolling on the floor. I remember they had a 5:00 am wake up call to play in Orlando it was great night willy played on the piano as did some young lady he was working on. Well the whole night was surreal, as I said, it never really occured to me I was parting with america. Saw the boys again last month at the Pompano Seafood Feast they sound as good as the first time at the Miami arena in the early 70's. I thought I'd died and gone to acoustic heaven then as I do at every concert. Willy, easy on the gin and thanks for the smokes. Dewey thanks for the beers, keep on keeping on untill we all are so old our hearing aides don't work. Thanks for the memories and the best music of the decades, past, present and future.

Guest: 275 mr paschal bugler Signed In: Tue May 11 03:52:56 1999
From: rathfarnham dublin 16 ireland

america have never performed in Ireland is there a reason for this.
very many fans here

yours Paschal Bugler.

Guest: 274 Joseph Albert V. Inton Signed In: Sun May 09 21:11:20 1999
From: Pampanga,Philippines

Guest: 273 M&M Cruz Signed In: Sun May 09 20:36:26 1999
From: west palm beach, florida

i'm originally from the Philippines and i've been a big fan of your band since gradeschool.I learned to love singing(esp.harmonizing)and how to play acoustic guitar(my brother too)because of you guys. you are our're very popular in my country.i saw you guys at the so.florida fairgrounds(dewey gave me his autograph)and also at the Kravis Center where u guys were back2back with airsupply. i'm also glad that you have the lyrics and guitar chord to your songs.this is the only way we(your fans)can feel u closer to us is to be able to sing your songs and play it as well. thank you for sharing it with us. more power to you! and will be looking forward to your latest album. thank you for you music. God Bless!

Guest: 272 Larry Williams Signed In: Sun May 09 00:20:03 1999
From: Nacogdoches, TX

I just wanted to ask you guys if it's true that the late Phil Hartmann
illistrated your album covers?

Guest: 271 Larry Williams Signed In: Sun May 09 00:13:15 1999
From: Nacogdoches, TX

I'd just like to tell you that you have a great site! I think that
the fact that you have the chords to all of America's songs is awesome, I have found them very useful! Thanks, and keep up the good

Guest: 270 Jason Ross Signed In: Thu May 06 15:29:07 1999
From: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada!

I am a big seventies music fan of America. I have one of your albums on compact disc called America's Greatest Hits History chronicles your best song performances ever. It includes twelve song tracks in it my favorites of yours are "A Horse With No Name", "Tin Man" and "Lonely People". Keep it up and going so strong with your music career and enjoy the future's next brightest decades ahead thanks a lot!

Guest: 269 Vernon Porter Jr Signed In: Tue May 04 17:15:31 1999
From: Destin,Fl

Saw America at the Destin Mayfest on April 30th with my brother &
sister inlaw. After all these years you guys are still the best!!

Guest: 268 John London Signed In: Tue May 04 15:13:47 1999
From: Crowthorne,Berkshire, UK

A fan since the start - I have all albums in vinyl and CD - some in both thanks to www. Saw you when you were 3 at the Hammersmith Odeon in the 1970's - brilliant. Would dearly love to see you again but rarely in the US and can't get to Spain or Germany in June. I wished you were given more air-time in the UK. Your albums are so good they should chart and then maybe worthwhile touring. BBC Radio Two plays stuff sometimes but have heard nothing on radio from Human Nature. I got my copy 4 days after release via the Internet. Keep up the brilliant work - oh and my 6 year old son, Sam is a big fan!


Guest: 267 melanie Signed In: Mon May 03 19:55:26 1999
From: lakeland,florida

I have been a fan for 25 years and you keep sounding better and better. I see all your shows in florida keep the magic up! love ya!

Guest: 266 champin chric Signed In: Mon May 03 09:27:20 1999
From: thailand

i love your songs .my favourite is cinderella.keep on making songs.
i will follow you m.r.gerry and m.r.dewey.

Guest: 265 Nathan Signed In: Sun Apr 25 10:25:25 1999
From: Naples,Florida


Guest: 264 P.J. AMINPOUR Signed In: Tue Apr 20 18:55:36 1999


Guest: 263 Michelle Miller Signed In: Sun Apr 18 14:59:30 1999
From: Pennsylvania

Dear VetRock Musicians,

Hi, my name is Michelle Miller and I represent the band CRAZY TRAIN. The band would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to all musicians, family and friends participating in VETROCK 99 at Horsham, PA. CRAZY TRAIN, a local band from Horsham, invites you to drop by the Horsham Inn, and enjoy more "Classic Rock", after the show on Saturday, May 15th. The Horsham Inn is located across the street from the Willow Grove Naval Air Station on Route 611.

Also, be informed that on the night of Friday, May 14th, the Horsham Inn welcomes any of the bands who are coming into town early to drop by and warm up. Drums, PA, a bass amp and 2 guitar amps can be made available on the premises.

Please contact Mike Rauchut at 215-661-0226 or E-Mail if interested.


Michelle Miller
Crazy Train
Horsham Inn

Guest: 262 Sherry Wolfe Signed In: Sat Apr 17 00:41:16 1999
From: Lancaster, Pa.

I've been a fan since 1972; On march 6 I saw them perform in Lancaster again, and was thrilled to talk to them after the show. Gerry and Dewey were both SO down to earth, taking the time for pictures,(WITH GERRY'S ARM AROUND ME!!!!), and autographs. I took my 9 year old daughter, and Dewey spoke to her at length. AND THE MUSIC!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!! They still sound as great as ever! Between the music and seeing how unaffected these guys are by their celebrity, I always leave their concerts feeling UPLIFTED!!!

Guest: 261 Seebe Janssens Signed In: Thu Apr 15 11:30:31 1999
From: the Netherlands Website:

Guest: 260 Joyce Hall Signed In: Thu Apr 08 22:14:57 1999
From: Milwaukee

Just wanted to send Brad a very Happy Birthday wish! Hope you enjoyed your day?--JOYCE & ERIN-----:)

Guest: 259 Dave Falcione Signed In: Wed Apr 07 09:56:40 1999
From: Pittsburgh,PA

I'm 40 years old and have been an America fan since the inception. I'm
also a musician (guitar).I may have played your songs more than you guys have..Pittsburgh has always loved you guys.So have I.

Guest: 258 jim biggins Signed In: Wed Apr 07 09:51:48 1999
From: alexandria va.

human nature cd is sweet.i saw america at the birchmere in arlington va last year. still hoping to hear submarine ladies or rainbow song someday. of coarse that would be a bit much maybe.hope to see the guys again soon maybe in dewey beach at the bottle & cork.(sailin close to the wind without you)jb

Guest: 257 Debbie Salisbury Signed In: Fri Apr 02 18:10:53 1999
From: Hamilton, Ontario Canada

This is year 25 of being an America fan!!! Proud to say I have all their ablums/cds. Was disappointed when they stopped naming albums with "H"'s.....I loved the "AHHHHHHH". Could someone PLEASE let me know why they havent toured in Canada lately?!?!?!?!?!?!

Guest: 256 Mike K. Signed In: Fri Apr 02 14:37:25 1999
From: Washington, D.C.

Hey everybody! The July 3rd date with America coming to Baltimore/Washington has been confimed!! Email me for details at

Guest: 255 Dave mackie Signed In: Fri Apr 02 10:09:28 1999
From: Cleveland, Oh

America just keeps rocking! My wife and myself really enjoy the music that thay write and produce. We personally met the band after a show in Cleveland in the hotel bar. We were really surprised that they were done to earth people. Gerry and Brad were really cool.We didn't really get a chance to talk to Dewey. We hope you consider coming to Cleveland in 1999!

Guest: 254 JOYCE HALL Signed In: Wed Mar 31 13:21:07 1999
From: Milwaukee

just sending Willie "Free willy" Leacox, A very special Happy Birthday Message!!...........JOYCE & ERIN........:)

Guest: 253 Merja Leino Signed In: Sun Mar 28 10:27:13 1999
From: Alastaro, Finland

Guest: 252 Kristian Hakanen Signed In: Sun Mar 28 10:25:48 1999
From: Huittinen, Finland

Guest: 251 Harry S. Anchan Signed In: Sat Mar 27 12:30:44 1999
From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Website:

Hello, GRRREAT web site devoted to a fabulous group! Precisely why I have placed a link at my site. If any of you are into RARE music trading, drop by and check out my 16,000+ song database at and choose what you want, if you have songs from my want-list. Regards, Harry

Guest: 250 19 year old Fan Signed In: Mon Mar 22 16:53:35 1999
From: Wilmington, MA

Wow, I caught the March 20th show at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium and was blown away. Most kids my age just don't understand why I love America, and I say "That's because you don't appreciate good talent!" I only wish I had the vocal ability to harmonize as good as America, as it is that harmonization which turned me on to the band in the first place. My favorite song? Probably submarine ladies or Hat trick, or Till the sun comes up again, or ... Thank you for being my biggest musical inspiration in my songwriting. P.S., What's the deal with closing the homepage? I'm sure we could get fans to run it and keep it up if that's the problem.

Guest: 249 Bobbi Patterson Signed In: Sat Mar 20 20:24:30 1999
From: Shenandoah, Iowa

Benson...Where are you???

Guest: 248 Charles Moore Signed In: Sat Mar 20 00:40:12 1999
From: Houston, TX

Couple of questions first
1. Where in Yorkshire was Dewey born. I did a year of boarding School in Clithero, which is at the Lancashire/Yorshire boarder, in 1968-1969.
2. Always wondered why so many recording titles begin with "H"
3. Any chance than Dan will record with Dewey and Gerry again
4. Are there recordings around "America" time period that have not been released
I have been listening to the CD of "America" today. Heard a lot of acoustic strings that came through stronger than the vinal version.

It is the acoustic and harmony of the America sound that I have always enjoyed

I was disapponted not to see Houston on the 1999 tour. Will have to make a special trip to Rowlett (ne of Dallas) or hopefully Austin

Guest: 247 Howard Lieboff Signed In: Fri Mar 19 12:14:10 1999
From: New Jersey

Hi all, just checking in. I'm a big fan since 1972.
Does anybody collect and trade audios/videos of America?
I do. Please email me. Love to hear from you. HL

Guest: 246 Wes Nelson Signed In: Wed Mar 17 16:40:43 1999
From: Yakima, Wash.

The America homepage and sites have been closed. Does anyone know why? Has the band broken up for good?

Guest: 245 Diane Preble Signed In: Tue Mar 16 20:51:07 1999
From: Beverly, MA

It's so nice to know there are other people who have been following America! I first saw them in Feb., 1973 and continue to enjoy their music - Human Nature is great.

Guest: 244 wes nelson Signed In: Tue Mar 16 10:56:50 1999
From: yakima, wash.

I've listened to Human Nature quite a few times. It's a fine production and one that deserves a listen. More recently, though, I played CDs of America's first LP and Homecoming and I was struck by the songs' relevance more than 27 years after their release. The mix of electric and acoustic instruments was excellent, the vocal harmonies exquisite and the lyrics thought provoking. One song I find even more appealing today is Saturn Nights. I listened to that the other day and just shook my head. I really wish Dan Peek would rejoin the group. I realize Gerry Beckley thinks it would be a step backward, but what's wrong with that? "Free as a bird" was a "step back" for the Beatles. Thank goodness for that "backbeat."
To borrow from one of Beckley's own songs, "Another Try," just give it a shot. If it doesn't work, what's the loss?

Guest: 243 Christine Dyer Signed In: Tue Mar 16 10:09:25 1999
From: England

Guest: 242 Jensen Mogens Signed In: Mon Mar 15 19:27:40 1999
From: Skagen Danmark

I just want to say thank you for some great music.

Guest: 241 mars Signed In: Sat Mar 13 01:52:42 1999
From: Vancouver

I saw America in concert twice in the 80's,and once in the 90's.., they're one the most underrated bands till today..In my opinion, I haven't seen their equal in terms of songwriting and melodic music composition/arrangement in that genre, sure you can blast your stereos w/ hard rock stuff, but by the time your get really deaf, America brings back the music w/o getting back to sleep--- it just jives w/ your stream of consciousness!! their acoustic style and voice harmony is what I like best!!! more power to the band! cheers guys, and great web site too!!!
Mars of Vancouver

Guest: 240 Cheryl A. Sulicz Signed In: Mon Mar 08 18:24:26 1999
From: Collinsville, IL

Just checkin' in to say howdy! Can't wait for your concert in St Louis!

Guest: 239 Maurene Signed In: Thu Mar 04 15:19:59 1999
From: Orange Co., California

Saw America at Pechanga, 2/26/99...GREAT!!!!! Renewed fan
from the 70's.

Guest: 238 Andy Poehlman Signed In: Tue Mar 02 12:52:16 1999
From: Seattle, WA

America is awesome

Guest: 237 Doug Morton Signed In: Mon Mar 01 19:37:41 1999
From: Vermont

Hey guys, when are you coming to Vt.? Is Dan Peek still active in music? Thanks for the music and the memories. Doug MorTone

Guest: 236 Bill Krohn Signed In: Mon Mar 01 19:25:11 1999
From: Kalamazoo Michigan Website:

Krohn's Boulevard Records has vinyl albums by America & lots more for sale, Used But Not Abused CDs & Singles, back issues of music magazines like Goldmine, Discoveries, Musician, Guitar Player, Rolling Stone, Hot Wacks, Spin, Creem, & others;

Guest: 235 NANCY FOUTS Signed In: Sun Feb 28 22:55:54 1999


Guest: 234 gilbert Signed In: Sat Feb 27 10:42:33 1999
From: malaysia

i was wondering if u can help me get the tabs for a song by the group Bad Company, song name - "If u needed somebody". I would be greaful if u could. Thank you.

Guest: 233 Jim McAuldi Signed In: Fri Feb 26 08:25:30 1999
From: Boston, MA

Thank you so much for getting me into the acoustic guitar. Because of
you I created a successful demo utilizing harmonies and acoustic rythyms. I am hooked and can't wait to see you perform.

Guest: 232 Maurizio Merli Signed In: Mon Feb 22 11:35:43 1999
From: Italy

Wonderful site
Wonderful gruop
Wonderful music
Wonderful song
... what else?
Thank you for the site!

Guest: 231 Michelle Adensam Signed In: Tue Feb 16 22:18:50 1999
From: Racine, WI

I have been an America fan since 1982. Ever since "You Can Do Magic." I have seen them over the years probably between 15-20 times and have all their albums on CD (which, by the way, is no easy task).

Last weekend I had the opportunity to see them at Lake of the Torches Casino in Lac Du Flambeau, WI. (By the way, I also saw them in Florida the previous weekend at Church Street Market in Orlando). The concert was great! We had front row seats and had an opportunity to meet them after the show.

Gerry and Dewey if you read this, I want to especially thank you for being so terrific. I had an article with a picture of Gerry from a concert back in August ’98 in Sheboygan, WI that I wanted him to autograph. I thought he would just autograph it and that would be that. He had enough class to stand there and read the whole thing. Thank you, Gerry, very much!!!! (I would be more than happy to send you a copy of the article since you said you hadn’t seen it, but I don’t know where to send it.) Before they left for the night I also had an opportunity to have my picture taken with them. I just wanted to say that you guys are the greatest, and I’ll never forget that night for as long as I live. You have definitely made my whole year!

By the way, the new album, "Human Nature" is fantastic. I can’t seem to stop listening to it.

Guest: 230 Wayne Cowie Signed In: Sat Feb 13 10:43:47 1999
From: Holland Landing, Canada

Great web-site! I listened to the greatest hits this a.m. and thought I'd like to get some of the music to sit and strum. Thanks!

Guest: 229 MIKE FELDEN Signed In: Wed Feb 10 20:58:47 1999


Guest: 228 Cheryl Sulicz Signed In: Sat Feb 06 19:35:17 1999
From: Collinsville,IL

Guest: 227 Keith Castle Signed In: Sat Feb 06 19:27:59 1999
From: Las Vegas,NV

I have been an America fan since their first album. Since finding this web site I've been able to purchase all the rest of the albums on cd's. But Im still looking to find Gerry's solo album. Any help in this matter would greatly be appreciated. Love to chat with any other fans!

Guest: 226 Donna Gosselin Signed In: Fri Feb 05 23:34:55 1999
From: San Antonio, TX

I have been a fan since the early 70's and have most of their albums. I've only had the pleasure of seeing them perform twice and would love to see them again. I'm a guitar player and singer (just a hobby) and have always admired their style. I would LOVE to meet Gerry Beckley just once. Love the brings back lots of memories.

Guest: 225 Michelle Signed In: Fri Feb 05 21:56:43 1999
From: Maryland

I've been an America fan for years...keep up the great work, guys.

Guest: 224 Chris Signed In: Fri Feb 05 19:38:51 1999
From: Cleveland

Happy to see a site!!! Been looking for a follow-up to the road trip to Cincinnati (front row, center!!!!) Definately adding this one to my Favorites!!

Chris - Cleveland

Guest: 223 Cari Patterson Signed In: Thu Feb 04 22:05:39 1999
From: Orlando, Florida

I can't wait to see you guys at Church Street Station for tomorrow night's concert. I'm glad you were finally able to work in Central Florida this year and that WMMO is putting on the show. I tried getting WMMO to play anything from Human Nature back in September and October and they didn't even know you had a new release. I was told they had to listen to it to see if it fit their music format. I couldn't believe my ears since they play alot of your music. But, they've made it up to me by having you back for the Downtown Concert Series.

1998 was the first in 19 years where I wasn't able to see you. Can't wait 'til tomorrow. Cari

Guest: 222 Cyndy Provencher Signed In: Thu Feb 04 17:16:20 1999
From: Wheelwright, MA

I've been keeping close tabs on the upcoming concerts. I'll be going to Providence,RI perhaps, definately Lowell,MA. The best place I've seen America so far is without a doubt the Wolf's Den at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Ct. Comfy chairs, great view, big screen, it's the best. I just love the song "Pages" from Human Nature. It's definately true, America isn't getting older, they're getting better. Keep it up guys!
Luv, Cyndy

Guest: 221 J.P. Signed In: Mon Feb 01 22:12:57 1999
From: Philippines

you guys are the best! i found this site (actually crammed for it) just last week coz i really became desperate for the lyrics of inspector mills (i was singing along with the wrong words)....finally got it, though, and it took me some moments to wonder at those words....nice job to be back guys...just hope that your new albums would reach my place here...i really haven't got some of your albums coz this place doesn't have a nice connection to your place....i just hope that they'd give me a chance though, to get that HUMAN NATURE and that new live album you released....thanks for the music really can do magic!

Guest: 220 Lori York Signed In: Mon Feb 01 21:55:04 1999
From: Indiana

This is for Dewey Bunnell. Dewey, I fell in love with "America" at 11 years old. You are coming to where I am (pinellas park, FL) finally. I will get to see you...

I have been a bitch to you and your friends thus far, but I finally got what I wanted and that is to see you. I am going, even if it means going by myself.

Call on me anytime Dewey!! I mean it!! Thanks.

Lori York

Guest: 219 Chuck Radda Signed In: Mon Feb 01 21:01:03 1999
From: New Britain, CT

Just received Human Nature (and love it) in the same order with Alibi, Silent Letter, and Your Move--all finally on CD. My America experiences go back to a concert at Fairfield University in the early seventies when you had the guts to play your only three hits first and let everything else rest on its merits. It was the first time I heard "Wind Wave." Now I have "Love's Worn Out" and "I Don't Believe in Miracles" on CD. I can die happy, though I plan to listen to them a few more times first. I was saying to a friend today how good it makes me feel that you two are still at it. Maybe it's because we must be about the same age and it's nice to see people still following the dream. Keep at it. Next time you're in the southern New England area, I'll be there.

Guest: 218 Cheryl A. Sulicz Signed In: Mon Feb 01 20:10:34 1999
From: Collinsville,IL

I love your music but my twin sister is your biggest fan! She lives in Massachusetts and catches you when you are at the Mohegan Sun in CT. She came out to Illinois last summer and planned her whole trip around your concert in Missouri! Keep those new releases comin, you sound better than ever!


Guest: 217 Tim Devine Signed In: Mon Feb 01 19:36:38 1999
From: Huntersville, NC

Hey just purchased the Musicladen video, and it is realy great, Brought back many memories of the band when there was three. Human Nature is great, and look forward to seeing a show this year.

Keep it up Guys!!!

Guest: 216 donna englebrook Signed In: Mon Feb 01 17:55:21 1999
From: cincinnati

this message is to dewey and gerry. hope you get to read this!!?? what happened with you guys after the concert jan 30th here????? went back to the hotel & gerry was the only one their at the bar and would'nt even acknowledge me... i understand you had people you had to visit with gerry but i thought it was very not like you to not even say hi to me. a fan of yours for over 25 yrs... that night at the concert i gave you and dewey roses... i feel very hurt that gerry gave me the feeling that he was avoiding me... why??? you guys always have made me feel very happy as a fan... this night i was very unhappy with how i was treated.. dewey i understand why you were not their... it's just sad to know when you think the ones that care about you the most don't realy care... next time i'll be more aware of how gerry realy feels about me... and again dewey no hard feelings with you... your the best and always will be!!! america is still number one with me and as for gerry i forgive you... maybe you wure having a bad night... i hope...????

Guest: 215 Gustavo Martin Signed In: Mon Feb 01 15:52:00 1999
From: Argentina

Why America stop using ovation guitars and now play Taylor ones?

Guest: 214 Gustavo Martin Signed In: Mon Feb 01 15:50:02 1999
From: Argentina

This page is amazing.I'm a big fan of America and my hobby is a radio program, obviously i program to much america music. Please continue this way.

Guest: 213 Giovanna Riva Signed In: Sat Jan 30 16:42:05 1999
From: Italy

wonderful! now i can understanding many thing about my great Gerry
and Dewey! I will come back as soon as possible to chat .

Guest: 212 Patti Wilson Signed In: Sat Jan 23 18:09:08 1999
From: California

Gerry - if you read this, just wanted to say "Hi" and thank you for many years of great music. We were neighbors on Kings Road (1973). Hope you remember.

Guest: 211 LUIS ERNESTO ESPEJO MONSALVE Signed In: Sat Jan 23 13:42:13 1999


Guest: 210 Tom Greber Signed In: Thu Jan 14 06:22:45 1999
From: Northeast Pennsylvania (Tamaqua)18252

Nice Website! But I am still looking for a site where I can see what CD's I can order of America's first 7 albums. Of particular interest, Holiday, Hat Trick, Hearts, Harbor & Hideaway.

Guest: 209 Durand gilles Signed In: Wed Jan 13 02:56:36 1999
From: Blois, France

I begin to play guitar and it's really a great pleasure to play America's song. Thanks to Gerry and Dewey for this fantastic collection of song.
I've seen America in Paris in the summer of 1995 and I'm waiting to see them another time.
Please come in France !
ps : si vous etes francophone et que vous voulez discuter d'America envoyez moi un e-mail à

Guest: 208 matthias Stohler Signed In: Fri Jan 08 10:31:58 1999
From: switzerland

Dear Gerry and Dewey,
I know you all since your song, a horse with... 1970 i guess. I was born in 1955. Since i know your music, my whole life has turn into an "America" person. My music, my lifestyle is America. I am so happy, to be able to write to you, it's so wonderfull to know, to be so near you, and when I found your e-mail adress, I got tears in my eyes. I allways wanted to complement your music. I haven't heard better music since i know you. I must say, I only have Your first 6 records with Dan, 70 - 76. And after, I lost the contact to the Band (Reccords) because Tina, my wife and myself went up to the alps to live. I heard also, that You played in Switzerland 97 or 98. It was that time impossible to visit that concert. America lives in my heart and every gig i'm playing, i'ts your songs. They are just perfect. I could tell you for hours an hours, but i supose you hear that every day. If you are one time in switzerland, we (my family) invites you in our house for a nice meal. You are warmly wellcome. I o you so much. I play tomorrow on a Birthday-Party. With my 12 String, I gona play america. So wish me luck to present your songs perfect. I'm glad to know you have a home-page, so I can inform about you what happend the last 20 Years.
Human nature seems to me as if you going back to the roots?! I just love it.
I hope, if i can not find all your music here in Switzerland, i hope you help me to turn in fan who can say, I have america complete.
So, thats for the moment. I'll be back. You are the greatest on earth. I love your voices, music, just everithing. (sorry for maybe wrong spelling) See you (wishfull thinking) This (short for Matthias)

Guest: 207 Hunter Manning Signed In: Wed Jan 06 07:15:18 1999
From: Savannah Ga.

As a club musician for over 20 years now i've played many America songs and get reguest for their songs all the time. In the fall of 96 i was lucky enough to see them live on the river front here in Savannah- what a great show! Since I'm new to this computer thing it's hard for me to get around yet but I've really enjoyed exploring this site. I'm sure I will be back many times. Thank You

Guest: 206 john & deann briggs Signed In: Tue Jan 05 14:27:15 1999
From: Ada, OK

We love you guys.

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