Hat Trick Poster

Included with the vinyl Hat Trick album was a large poster. Many America fans bought multiple copies of the album just to get additional copies of the poster. On one side of the poster was a photo of Dewey, Gerry, and Dan sitting on the ground in front of a cactus plant. On the other side were 13 other photos taken around the time that Hat Trick was recorded.

Full view of the poster's front side (Dewey, Gerry, and Dan).

Full view of the poster's back side (see closeups below).


Gerry, Dan, Dewey, and David Dickey.

Dewey, Dan, and Gerry with glowing faces.



America and the gang in a classic old car.

Dan, Dewey, and Gerry.

America and the gang.

Dewey, Gerry, and Dan.

Dan, Gerry, and Dewey.

The lizard (of the alligator variety, perhaps?).

Dewey, Gerry, and Dan.

Gerry, Dan, and Dewey.

Note: Thanks to Terry Trost for making the poster available.

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Last Revised: 14 June 1999