America: Comprehensive History - Introduction
Introduction Part 1: 1971-1977 Part 2: 1978-1990 Part 3: 1991-1997

by John Corbett

Between early 1996 and mid 1998, in his spare time, John Corbett put together a comprehensive history of America. I realize that Jim Nakao's "In The Beginning" already covers some of the material over the Warner years but I felt there was enough additional information in this history that it was worth including here. John has agreed to let me post the history and welcomes any feedback. This article contains multitudes of quotes from Rolling Stone, Billboard, CD liner notes, and various other tidbits that John has come across over the past few years.

I wish to especially thank Alan Rowan, Mark Cole, Tom Weiss, and Steve Orchard for all of their insight and contributions in putting this material together. And a thanks goes out, as always, to Steve Lowry for making all of this possible. -- John Corbett

Copyright ©1998 John Corbett. All rights reserved.
Written: 24 July 1997
Last Revised: 23 October 2000