This unique video CD is something that every America fan will want to have. I obtained my copy in 1996 and I've had a lot of fun with it ever since. You might be wondering, what is a video CD and what do I need to run it? Here are some answers.

The video CD runs on an IBM compatible PC with Windows 95. According to the documentation, it also runs on the Sega Saturn, Amiga CD32, and Macintosh with MPEG cartridges. Personally, I have only run it on a PC. A pentium computer is recommended and it must have a sound card and a CD-ROM drive (4X spin recommended). It was extremely easy to install and fun to watch. I installed it on my Pentium 166 with a 6X CD-ROM drive and it ran as smooth as silk. I also installed it on my Pentium 90 with a 2X CD-ROM drive and it ran almost as good. There were a few pauses on the P90 while it played, but not many.

The CD contains 11 tracks which were recorded in 1975 in a small studio. Playing along with Gerry, Dewey, and Dan were Willie Leacox (percussion) and Calvin Samuels (bass). Even though the quality of the video is only somewhere in the good category, it was very entertaining to watch and listen to some old favorites and a few songs that you don't hear live very often.

Along with the video CD there comes an audio CD. It contains the sound track of the video CD which can be played in any standard CD player. The quality of the sound isn't excellent, but it's pretty good. It's certainly worth having. Those of you who are interested in picking up this CD, check out the CD Sources page.

Note: In late 1998 MusikLaden released this same concert on DVD.

Last Revised: 16 February 2020