The Horse With No Name

August 1999

On August 18 I went with a group of Explorer Scouts to Lehman Caves and Wheeler Peak located in the Great Basin National Park in Nevada. On our way to the campground there were all kinds of strange decorations on the fence posts (I guess the people in nearby Baker don't have much to do on the weekends). As we were enjoying the fence posts we came upon a sign that said "HORSE WITH NO NAME" and I had to stop. Off in the distance, we could see a very old car with something inside of it. As we got closer we found that it was a horse skeleton that had been placed in the car with its hoof on the steering wheel. After all these years I finally found out where that horse with no name had ended up. Any of you who have been to Lehman Caves knows that it is surrounded by lots and lots of desert so it's fitting that the horse who trekked through the desert should end up there. This page is dedicated to my nameless friend! --Steve Lowry

Me standing by the sign with the car off to the left in the distance.

The Scouts and their leader in front of the car. My son, Scott, is 4th from the left in a navy blue t-shirt.

Two weeks later my 8 year old son, Brett, and I decided to go back to Wheeler Peak and do a little exploring of our own. We made sure that we stopped by the now famous horse with no name on the way and took a few more photos.

Brett standing by the sign with the car on the left in the distance.

A front view of the horse with his elbow hanging out the window.

A closeup of the horse. He seems to be smiling, winking at you, and singing "la, la, la la la la, ...".

Brett standing in front of the car.

Steve standing in front of the car.

February 2004

On February 25 my wife and I were driving through Salt Lake City when we saw a billboard for the radio station that we listen to the most. They play lots of music from the 60's, 70's, and 80's including America's early hits. I had my camera with me so we pulled over and took a picture so I could add it to this Horse With No Name tribute page.

Downtown Salt Lake City billboard for Arrow 103.5 FM radio.

Last Revised: 26 February 2004