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Dan Peek Archives: June-July-August 1980

June-July-August 1980

Dear Friends:

Sure hope you are all having a cool summer. The last three weeks here in Missouri have been incredibly hot.

I have been very busy with a number of projects. In fact, I am going to keep this letter brief and say "hi" to you all and let you know that I am remembering you collectively, and in some cases, individually in prayer. I am touched by the sweetness of your letters and am very moved by some of the things that are happening in your lives. I pray that God will bless you all beyond measure and satisfy your every spiritual, physical, emotional, and material needs.

Please remember me in your prayers and also Pat Robertson and all the people at the 700 Club, as they are very dear to me.

Hope you have the greatest of summers and, again, may God bless.

In His Love,


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