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October 1995


25th Anniversary Tour Wows the World!

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American History...A Look at Octobers Past

America "Hits the Road" on the Information Superhighway

Hourglass Release

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King Biscuit releases 1982 Live Album


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America, the fabulous rock duo of Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell, spent months on the road this spring and summer on a concert tour that saw them playing venues in Europe as well as the U.S.

The band spent much of July in Europe, wowing audiences in Germany, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. Summer'95 also found them touring in Canada and throughout the U.S., hitting Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Illinois, California, Washington, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Iowa, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Minnesota, Ohio, and Florida.

At every stop on this strenuous tour they were surrounded by adoring fans, who were marveling at the seemingly endless array of favorites from the past as well as the "soon-to-be-favorites" from the new Hourglass release (see related story in this issue).

Gerry and Dewey were joined on the tour by the usual "cast of characters": Willie Leacox on drums, Brad Palmer on bass, and the ever-electrifying Mike Woods on lead guitar.

As always, most of the crowd was amazed that the band sounds "even better than they do on the albums!" America will be performing on both the east and west coasts in the coming months (see Fall/Winter Concert Schedule in this issue), so start planning now!

***** AMERICA TRIVIA: How many questions can YOU answer correctly?

Here are some tough questions for true "America experts!" Good Luck!

1. Who is given credit for "discovering" America?

2. Which one of the Beach Boys sang on the "Hat Trick" album? On what song?

3. What America release was also recorded by the Captain and Tennille?

4. On what album does the song "Cornwall Blank" appear? What year was the album released?

5. What was the "name" of the house in which Gerry, Dewey, and Dan lived in the "early days" before their first hits?

6. According to an early interview, what did the guys say was their "first big gig?"

7. What was "Horse with No Name" originally titled?

8. What former child actor collaborated with Gerry on two songs from the "Your Move" album? Name the two songs.

9. Who are the two guys pictured on the BACK of the "History" album, standing in front of the "Crossroads of the World?"

10. What image on the FRONT of the "History" album also appears on another album? Name the album.

Trivia answers appear at the end of the newsletter!! (No Peeking!)


October has been a busy month for America, not only now but also in the past. Here's a peek at some events for October from years gone by:

20 years ago...Oct. 4, 1975

According to "Melody Maker," America performed with Poco at the Manchester, England, Free Trade Hall. Chris Charlesworth, who reviewed the show, stated,"...the night really belonged to America, who visit this country far too infrequently since the U.S. beckoned. Their set ran the gauntlet from their earlier hits in this country right through to the new "Woman Tonight" single...For an encore, they joined forces with Poco for a rousing...version of "Don't Cross the River" and for a second encore they played the old warhorse "Horse With No Name" which had been requested all night...A perfect ending!"

16 years ago...October 3, 1979

John McEuen, member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, opened the America concert which was covered in "Variety" on Oct. 3, 1979. The reviewer exclaimed, "it's hard to believe America has been around for 10 years, but after sitting through what seemed like an unending array of hit songs opening night at the amphitheater, the band's achievements were brought into perspective. It's one of a small number of groups that has made it through the decade almost consistently providing the music world with chartbusters from both itself and other artists. For that the group should be recognized..."

16 years ago...October 31, 1979

America's appearance at the Valley Forge Music Fair in PA was reviewed by Tom DiNardo of the Philadelphia "Evening Bulletin" who stated, "America's ...range...results in many pleasurable moments, particularly those with vocals as the prime element, and material that has stood the test of time..." 16 years ago...October 1979

America's album "Silent Letter" was reviewed by Crispin Cloe in the publication "Hi-Fi". The reviewer was particularly taken with the song "No Fortune," about which he commented, "No Fortune"...mates the horn-band sound with its lyrics admirably, without resorting to sledgehammer tactics; the line "No Fortune pays for wounds like these" rings through with just the right amount of plangency. Reserve is what this band has always been about, and when that quality comes through on "Silent Letter," no matter how it's been updated and repackaged, Beckley and Bunnell are America's premier pop chroniclers of the wistful. And I mean the nation."


Thanks to the efforts of Rick Wahlgren, a new internet newsgroup, was created this summer. Intended to provide a common forum for the discussion of the band, this newsgroup is accessible to those who use internet, CompuServe, Prodigy, and America OnLine. If it is not available in your area, you may want to talk with your internet server about carrying this newsgroup! We need all the participation we can a note today!

America on America OnLine

Those of you who are America OnLine subscribers can access a fantastic collection of America information! There is currently a very popular permanent message board folder, which can be found in the Music Message Center (Keyword: MMC...Rock/Pop...Rock Artists A-L). This is a permanent folder which was created through the efforts of many America fans this past summer. Gerry and Dewey have even been known to contribute!!! Everyone is welcome to join the gang!

America on the World Wide Web

Thanks to the hard work of Rick Wahlgren, America now has a homepage on the www! The page features an electronic newsletter, updated concert schedules and other great information! check it out by surfing to:

Ike Gauley has been busy, too, creating a www page which is a photo tribute (what else?) to America. Although the page is still "under construction," you're welcome to check it out! The address is:

Note: The fourth character is a ONE, not an makes a big difference!! When completed, Ike's page will also contain a section on Gerry Beckley's "Van Go Gan" release, including SOUND!!


America's latest release, "Hourglass," premiered in Spring 1994. Given rave reviews by fans, it is said to be one of America's best efforts. Available now, it features titles such as "Young Moon," "Hope," "Mirror to Mirror," "Garden of Peace," and "Call of the Wild." Get your copy today!


Be sure to check out the concert reviews posted on America OnLine and on the America Homepage on the world wide web. Recent postings include Whiskey Pete's (Las Vegas), Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts (Cerritos, CA), Contra Costa County Fair (Antioch, CA), Konocti Harbor (Kellseyville, CA), Santa Cruz Boardwalk (Santa Cruz, CA), Allegheny Rib Festival (York, PA), Morton Grove (IL), and Bland's Park (Tipton, PA). Find out what your fellow America fans had to say about the concerts. If you attend an America concert, we'd love to hear about it! Send us your comments for possible inclusion in future editions of the newsletter!


Mark those calendars now! America will be appearing at the following places in the coming months: (as of 10-01-95)

Nov. 3 Stony Brook, NY

Nov. 4 South Amboy, NJ (Club Bene')

Dec. 29 Reno, NV (Flamingo Hilton)

Dec. 30 " "

Dec. 31 " "


Polystar (Japan) recently released Gerry Beckley's solo masterpiece entitled "Van Go Gan." The cd, which should be available in the U.S. as an import, features the title cut, "Van Go Gan" plus several potential megahits such as "Sunrise, Sunset," "House of Cards," "Now, Sue," and "Kiss of Life." Those who have heard "Van Go Gan" believe it reflects the musical genius of Gerry Beckley, including his writing, vocals, guitar and piano playing and arranging. Visit your favorite music store and demand a copy today!


King Biscuit Flower Hour Records has released a Sept. 4, 1982 live recording from America's performance at the Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Tracks on this cd include: "Tin Man," "Old Man Took," "Daisy Jane," "Love on the Vine," "Ventura Highway," "I Need You," "Inspector Mills," "California Dreamin'," "Never Be Lonely," "You Can Do Magic," "Sandman," "Here," "Sister Golden Hair," and "Horse with No Name." Those of us who have been enjoying the album for a few months noticed that the discography listed for the band contains some errors. Check the America homepage for an accurate listing of all of America's albums.


Correspondence to be directed to the members of America should be sent by e-mail to Ike Gauley, who will forward it on to the appro- priate band member. Send your e-mail correspondence to: or Regular mail to be directed to the members of America should be sent to:


c/o Gallin-Morey Associates

Attn: John Himelstein

345 Maple Drive Suite 300

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

NOTE: Messages ent via e-mail are much faster and more likely to be received in a timely fashion.


Much of the information in this newsletter has been contributed by Rick Wahlgren, and also appears on the America homepage. We would like future versions of this e-mail newsletter to contain more input from YOU! Please feel free to send concert comments, questions, trivia, etc. related to "America" to one of the following for possible inclusion in the next newsletter:

ikiedoodle or

We would like to distribute the newsletter on a monthly basis, so e-mail your submissions as soon as possible. If you know someone who would like to receive an e-mail version of this newsletter, please have them contact one of the above to be put on the list.


For the next newsletter, we'd like to have an article about America songs which "Should have been Singles!" E-mail us your suggestions for songs (from any America album) which SHOULD have been singles, and WHY you think so! We'll publish the results in the next issue.


1. Jeff Dexter

2. Carl Wilson, "Hat Trick"

3. "Muskrat Love"

4. "Homecoming" 1972

5. Dirt Pit Manor

6. Roundhouse Christmas Party, 1971 with Elton John and The Who

7. "Desert Song"

8. Bill Mumy, "Love's Worn Out Again," and "Someday Woman"

9. David Dickey and Willie Leacox

10. The band and the car at the front center of the picture, "Holiday"


Attached to this newsletter is a file which contains our America "Photo of the Month." If you have the capability to view photos, we're sure you'll enjoy this "Ike Gauley original!" The photo shows Haley Gauley, Ike's daughter, who joined the band on stage for "A Horse With No Name" in August at Whiskey Pete's in Las Vegas. The audience loved her!

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