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December 1995


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I've been receiving numerous requests for information regarding the availability of America albums on cd. I've compiled a list of MY collection, which contains most of what is currently available. If you have additional informtion, please send it to me for inclusion in the next issue. Where available, I've included addresses; those interested in obtaining these cds should contact a store which has an import section.

"History" Warner Bros. #3110-2

"Encore" Rhino Records #R2 70529 2225 Colorado Ave. Santa Monica, CA 0404-3555

"King Biscuit Flower King Biscuit Flower Hr. Records #8001.2 Hour Presents America PO Box 6700 in Concert" FDR Station NY, NY 10150

"Hat Trick" EMI Music Group #8140362 Australasia

"Das Letzte Einhorn" Virgin Stereo #7-86735-2 (The Last Unicorn)

"America Live" (1977) EMI Music Group #8140312 Australasia

"Homecoming" Warner Bros. #2-2655 3300 Warner Blvd. Burbank, CA 91505-4694

"Harbor" Warner Bros. #WPCP-4792

"Hideaway" EMI Music Grp. #8140402 Australasia

"View from the Ground" Connoisseur Collection Ltd. #NSP CD 509 2/3 Fitzroy Mews London W1P 5 DQ

"Hourglass" American Gramaphone #agcd494

Not included on this list, but available on cd are "Ventura Highway and other Favorites" and "Hearts". I'm anxiously awaiting my copies of these, which should arrive in the near future....if any of you have additions to this list, please send them to me so we can share!

Also, Gerry's solo cd, "Van Go Gan" is still available from Gallin-Morey (see address under "Correspondence") Send $23.50 ($20 plus $3.50 p/h) to John Himelstein at the Gallin-Morey address. These are autographed, numbered cds, so get yours today (It would make a great Christmas present for an America fan!!)


The following trivia questions were submitted by Steve (

1. To what Steve Martin movie soundtrack did America contribute a song?

2. For what beverage did Gerry and Dewey record a commercial?

The following trivia question was submitted by GERRY!:

3. Who was the lady who sang a duet with Gerry for the movie "Middle Age Crazies?"


December 2, 1972 (23 years ago)

"Melody Maker," a British magazine, published a review of the "Homecoming" album. The reviewer particularly liked side two of the album, stating that, "From 'Cornwall Blank' to 'Saturn Nights', they reach heights that were never evident in the past...Especially listen to the magnificent 'California Revisited', a song obviously culled from the experience of moving back to their home country. The vocal harmonies soar on this track, and the electric guitars and keyboards in the background are so beautifully producted it is impossible to find anything wrong..."

December 1982 (13 years ago)

"Stereo Review" published a review of the "View from the Ground" album, which had just been released. Indicating that the recording was "very good", the reviewer said that "...a couple of things here should grab some air play..." and explained that he was really interested in Gerry Beckley's "Inspector Mills."


These reviews have already been posted to the aol board, but since a large number of our subscribers are not AOL subscribers, we'll reproduce them here so we all can read them! Apologies to those of you who have already read these!

Stoneybrook, NY November 4, 1995 by Joe (

The day started out as any other day an America concert is on tap, you wake up with a sense of excitement and are constantly looking at your watch just waiting for the time to come that you leave for the show. FINALLY it came, and off we went, got to Stoneybrook about 6pm and met up with Rooster and John on the back loading dock....I gave each one a copy of the newsletter, after all, I had 600 printed for the show, and the trivia questions were tough on them also! I gave Rooster a picture I had taken of him at the Rye show in August, and he was appreciative; both guys were gracious and more than happy to spend time with me. Gerry arrived first and I was surprised that he had recognized me from our previous meetings and invited me and my wife backstage to the catering room where we talked for a long time. Gerry talked about the VGG cd and how he was able to arrange for them to be available for us. We got to follow Gerry onstage as he checked out his guitars and boy, was I thrilled! A little while later, the rest of the guys came in and Gerry made sure that I was introduced to everyone and they knew I was from the AOL board. Dewey, Willie, Brad, and Woodz were all great. About this time I had to find John, who was selling t-shirts out front, and gave him a bunch of newsletters which he was more than happy to help pass out. He had a stack right in the middle of the table for us... The show was about to start and I looked over the crowd, an older crowd than I usually have seen at shows, but there was a sense of excitement in the air. The theatre holds 1100 and looked like every seat was filled!! The guys walked out onstage and strummed into "Riverside," everything was just as it was supposed to be, America onstage sounding just as good as ever, and me there to hear and see it. "Tin Man" was next and then Gerry followed with "Daisy Jane." No matter how many times you hear the first chords of that song, your heart still swells when you hear them. They played the songs they have been featuring on this year's tour, "Another Try," "Last Unicorn," a red-hot "Green Monkey" and the song that most impressed me, "Three Roses." This year it's special!! The night went on and Dewey said that he couldn't see the audience, that it was squid black out there!! The crowd was surprisingly subdued, but to me it didn't matter because I felt like they were playing just for me. All the "Hourglass" songs sounded great, and of course Brad and Woodz came through again when they took the mike. The guys ripped through "Sandman" and "Sister Goldenhair" before heading off-stage, only to come back for "California Dreamin" and "Horse." Now, finally, the crowd had gotten alive and the guys finished up strong! After the show, we were able to go backstage and thank the guys for the show and wish them all the best! Then it was off to the hotel to meet up with Brad, Dewey, and Willie for some long conversations and memories that will last a lifetime! Club Bene', South Amboy, NJ Nov. 4, 1995

by Walt (

The day began in beautiful fall fashion on this Saturday in the Garden State. The morning sun cast its light on the golden orange leaves in the cool, crisp air. By midday our anticipation for the night's show had grown to a fever pitch. Our almost hour long ride to Club Bene' was consumed with reminiscing about our long-term fascination and love-affair with the band and their music and all of the great shows we've attended over the years. We discussed how Dewey's and Gerry's musicianship has grown and continues to grow to new heights. Also, how their fans have grown over the years, owing to the reason why you are able to read this review on-line or over the internet. It was bound to be a good night!! When we arrived at Club Bene' a decent-sized crowd had already assembled. We immediately went into the club and sought out Pete. Much to our dismay, we were told by Ken that Pete wasn't on this show, bummer! However, we talked with him a while about how great a year it was for the guys, and how great 1996 promises to be. In addition, Tom and I met and spoke with Joe who was handing out the newsletter at the door. Joe described how he saw them the night before in Stoneybrook, NY, and how fabulous they were and that we were in for a tremendous show. By this time we were ready and primed for the MAGIC and the beautiful sounds of one of the finest bands ever! At this time we made our way to our seats. The warmup band had come on-stage to do their set. It wa sa band called the "Have Nots." Although they started out somewhat uninspiring, admittedly, by the set's end they didn't sound half-bad. I would definitely give them an A for their effort. Nonetheless, the crowd knew who they had come to hear and that was America. You could sense the anxiety in the crowd by the time the Have-Nots wrapped up their set. Predictably, the guys opened the show with that old standby "Riverside." It sounded great and the harmonies were tight as ever, setting the tone for the rest of the show. Gerry promised a long show, and that's exactly what we got. Next came "Tin Man" with Woodz just smiling away in his corner of the stage for the duration of the song. At this point, Gerry made his way over to the keyboards for the standards, "Daisy Jane" and "I Need You." These were followed by the first cut from the "Hourglass" cd, "Mirror to Mirror" which contained some real crisp guitar riffs by Woodz. Next the guys played "Lonely People," which was sung by Brad. The more I hear Brad sing this song, the more he sounds like Dan Peek. The next song was "Another Try" with Gerry remaining on piano. The crowd really enjoyed that one! Also, great tambourine playing by Dewey! For the next two songs, Gerry made his way back to the guitar. Dewey said how the next song "Three Roses" was made long before "unplugged" was cool. GREAT acoustic guitar work and harmonies on that one, definitely a crowd favorite. Next came "Ventura Highway" and with it a very humorous moment. Dewey sang, "Chewing on a piece of grass, walking down the road, some people say this town don't look good in snow," Whoops! Forgot something Dew!! The guys looked at each other and realized the mistake and laughed. At the end of the song, Gerry asked Dewey, "Do you know what the three signs of aging are?" Nonetheless, Gerry found his way back to the piano for "The Last Unicorn." His singing sounded outstanding on that one. Next, was a personal favorite of mine, "Young Moon." As usual, Dewey's vocals were flawless as that song just kind of flows beautifully. "Hope" was next, but not least. It had a very determined feel with great background vocals by Dewey in the last part of the song. The band took a trip back to the "hits" and played "Woman Tonight" featuring a lead vocal part by Woodz. Following that song came "Only in Your Heart" which had a real powerful guitar lead by Woodz in the last part. "Everyone I Meet is from California" was next, and right after it, "Don't Cross the River," which was sung eloquently by Brad. One of my all-time favorites was next; the guys did "Green Monkey." This is the second time ever that I have seen them do that song and it amazes me how much it sounds like the record!! Next, "You Can Do Magic" had the whole crowd singing and sounded great. "Sandman" followed and the guys did their thing with all the guitar work and jamming that usually accompanies that song; the crowd was real pumped after that. The set ended with "Sister Golden Hair" and the crowd erupted when they started playing it. It remains one of the guys' signature tunes. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and Dewey and Gerry took the stage for their encore. The first song was "California Dreamin" which was followd by "A Horse with No Name." Both songs were done with the perfection and beautiful harmonies that America fans have become accustomed to hear at their shows. Again, on this night, the guys were "golden" and left their fans very satisfied and wanting more. We can only HOPE that they will return real soon!! 4th & B, San Diego, CA December 2, 1995

by Kelly (

Sounds like a strange name "4th and B", but it really makes sense since it's located on the corner of 4th and B streets in beautiful downtown San Diego. It was a new venue for the guys and one that holds at least 1100 people. America was the third band to break in the new place, and that they did!! Before the show started, we walked around town and whichever way our eyes turned, the Christmas motif was in the air. Lights, Christmas trees, wreaths, and buildings all were decorated for the holiday season. The "spirit" came alive inside us as we were surrounded by the lights. The show started about 8pm, with the opening act being "Al Stewart and Lawrence Juber." Al's vocals and the acoustic guitar work of both were outrageous!! Great entertainers, pleasing the crowd in many ways. They all seemed mesmerized when the two of them jammed together to such hits as "Time Passages," and "Year of the Cat." Song after song were done with intenese perfection!! Wow, what a performance!! Now to get to the real review at hand, our group, America! America's performance was once again its characteristic, outstanding, classic, unique, distinct, illustrious, evening!! (I couldn't decide which word to choose so I chose them all, and I could go on...) Here goes...they started with favorites such as "Riverside," "Sandman," "Three Roses," "Daisy Jane," "Ventura Highway," "Don't Cross the River," "Only in Your Heart" (someday I hope Gerry slips on this song and says Kelly instead of....), "I Need You," "You Can Do Magic," "Sister Golden Hair," "Woman Tonight," "Last Unicorn," "Green Monkey," into newer songs such as "Mirror to Mirror," "Young Moon," and "Hope." The crowd was one that truly enjoyed being part of the evening. They were alive from start to finish. A two-song encore, "California Dreamin", and "Horse with No Name," joined by none other than the "Professor" was the ending to a flawless performance once again!! We were all in awe when Gerry announced that it WASN"T Brad's birthday?? "Thank God" though he's only about 150 years old by now, isn't he?? We celebrated it anyway! As Gerry pointed out..."that's something to celebrate." I think that was a first?? (I believe the crowd actually moaned when they heard it wasn't his birthday, as we always look forward to singing "H.B." to our Brad!!) Many thanks to all the guys, Gerry, Dewey, Brad, Willie, and Woodz, for making each and every show feel like the first, and always greeting us with your warm and friendly smiles. You all truly touch our hearts!! Thank-you for the pleasure you all bring to us throughout the year. And may I add at this time, "Happy 25th Anniversary, 1995" and we look forward to at least another 25........Yipeeeeeeeee!! Happy holidays to you all, and we look forward to celebrating the New Year together with our "America" friends!!


12/29, 12/30, 12/31 Flamingo Hilton, Reno, Nevada

1/25 El Cajon, California (**NOT CONFIRMED!!**)

1/26 Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, California

Late January Japan!! (**NOT CONFIRMED!!**)

Rick ( sent in this clipping from "Best Bets", the Reno official visitor's guide:

"Get ready to rock in the New Year with musical twosome America. They will appear in the Flamingo Hilton's showroom Dec. 29-31. Two of America's founding members, Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell, have returned to the stage, celebrating an illustrious career and a long string of hits. America's most recent release, Hourglass, is a musical journey from past to present, with Beckley and Bunnell's artistic output charting the course. Beckley and Bunnell began performing together as teenagers in 1968 with a third member, Dan Peek. In 1970, Bunnell's song, "A Horse With No Name," catapulted them--all sons of military officers stationed in England--onto the international record charts. Three years later, the group was named Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards. Within a few years, the three had written and recorded such hits as Ventura Highway, Sister Golden Hair, I Need You, and Tin Man. Joining America for this holiday engagement is Juice Newton. Look for passion, movement, and energy in Newton's performance. For information on special holiday reservations, call 702-785-7080 or 702-332-1111."


Correspondence directed to the members of "America" should be sent by e-mail to Ike at the following address, so that he can forward it on to the appropriate band member: or

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c/o Gallin-Morey Associates

Attn: John Himelstein

345 Maple Drive

Suite 300 Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Please feel free to send concert reviews, comments, questions, trivia, memories, etc. related to America to one of the following for possible inclusion in the next newsletter: or

If you know someone who would like to receive the newsletter, please have them contact us at the above addresses as well!!


1. "Lonely Guy"

2. Budweiser Beer (Gerry said, "The Bud ad we knocked off in a matter of minutes, but got stuck doing take after take of the closing tag "Anheiser Busch, St. Louis Missouri"'d be amazed how many ways that can be worded.")

3. Well, I've got to admit, Gerry's got me stumped on this one!! If you think you know the answer, e-mail it to me, and I'll check to see if Gerry will take pity on us and let us know the answer!!

WANTED! If you know of anyone who has the America "Harbor" songbook, the interview with Howard Stern or the Amy Grant TV show on which America was a guest, please send me the informatin and I will forward it on to one of our subscribers who is interested in locating these items. Thanks!


This month's photo is one of Ike's (who else?). It shows Gerry and Dewey of my favorites!! I hope you like it!

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