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July 1996

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Kansas City, MO Concert Review

Raleigh, NC Concert Review

Myrtle Beach, SC Concert Review

The Horse Gets A Name!

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America History

Editor's Note


Here is the latest America Concert Schedule information. Remember, this information is tentative, and is subject to change at any moment. Concerts are continuously being added and deleted, so be sure to check the home page for the most recent schedule available.

New information is included for each concert, as we recently obtained the venue information. If you have additional information you could add (phone numbers or ticket information, for example) please send it to me I may distribute it to the group. * denotes a show not previously listed.

July 2 World Invitational Balloon Championship, Battle Creek, MI

July 3 Grizzly Rose, Denver, CO

July 4 Konocti Harbor Resort, Konocti, CA

July 5-6 Horizon Casino Resort, Lake Tahoe, NV

July 7 *Freemont, CA

July 10 Red River Opry, Phoenix, AZ

July 11 *Tucson, AZ (?)

July 12 Star of the Desert Arena, Stateline, NV

July 13 *Los Angeles, CA (casino)

July 14 Thornton Winery, Temecula, CA

July 19 Music in the Zoo, Apple Valley, MN

July 20 Dane County Fair, Madison, WI

July 23 World Mardi Gras, Indianapolis, IN

July 25 Riverfest, Frame Park, Main Stage, Waukesha, WI

July 26 Dupage County Fair, Wheaton, IL

July 27 Cooper Stadium (after the baseball game), Columbus, OH

July 28 North Star Arena, Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ

July 29-31 Kewadin Casino, Sault St. Marie, MI

August 1 Freeborn County Fair, Albert Lea, MN

August 2 Clark County Fair, Vancouver, WA

August 3 Trans Financial Balloon Classic, Bowling Green, KY

August 4 *Atlantic City, NJ

August 6 *Dallas, TX

August 7 Mid-state Fair, Main Stage, Paso Robles, CA

August 8 *Newark, DE

August 9 WFAX River Rocks Series at Town Point Park, Norfolk, VA

August 10 Franklin County Fair, Malone, NY

August 11 The Court Yard at the Mass. Museum of Contemporary Arts, North Adams, MA

August 16 Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater, Peachtree City,GA

August 17 Blockbuster Pavilion, Charlotte, NC

August 18 Walt Disney World, Pleasure Island, Lake Buena Vista, FL

August 22 Woodlands Pavilion, Houston, TX

August 24 Government Center, Boston, MA

August 25 Hershey Park, Hershey, PA

August 27 Shooters, Cleveland, OH

August 28 Grange Fair, Centre Hall, PA

August 29 Champlain Valley Exposition, Essex Junction, VT

August 30 *Agwam, MA

August 31 Michigan State Fair, Detroit MI

September 1-4 The Ramada Express, The Pavilion, Laughlin, NV

September 6 *Steamboat Springs, Co (?)

September 7 Grand Junction Hilton Hotel Beergarden, Grand Junction, CO

September 8 *Beaver Creek Resort, Avon, CO (or Vail, CO)

September 9 Tulare County Fair, Tulare, CA

September 21-28 Spain

September 29 Miller Lite Mainstage, State Fair of Texas, Dallas, TX

October 3 House of Blues, Los Angeles, CA

October 4 Humphrey's, San Diego, CA

October 5 Ventura, CA

October 6 *Riverside, CA

October 27 *Melbourne, FL

October 28 *Clearwater, FL

October 30 *West Palm, FL

November 2 *Denver, CO

November 22 *Torrance, CA

November 23 *San Juan Capistrano, CA



Here's one for all you die-hard trivia fans! This one was submitted by

The guys also appeared on two David Cassidy albums other than "Home is Where the Heart Is," one of which Gerry produced. What were the titles?


KANSAS CITY, MO CONCERT REVIEW submitted by May 31, 1996

It had been over a decade since I last saw America in concert. The anticipation was overwhelming, especially since I had recently discovered the America Home Page and America AOL bulletin board, and might get to meet one of the key players mentioned in the Home Page, Ike Gauley, some of whose photos are shown on the cd jacket of Hourglass. The show was also to feature Poco and the Little River Band. It was a bit ironic, as the first concert I ever went to was America with Poco in the mid seventies (and both groups many times that night reflected on the fact that they toured together many years ago.)

After a three hour drive from Wichita, we arrived at the venue (an outdoor facility) under gray skies and the threat of thunderstorms. As my wife, the couple we traveled with, and I settled into our seats, there was a slight drizzle, but it never really rained after we got there. I was able to hook up with Ike, who in turn pointed out two other people who post frequently on aol. I got to visit with them briefly before the first show (Poco) began.

After Poco's set, it was time for what I came to see! I have to admit I was caught by surprise as all the local advertising and our tickets gave me the impression that America was the headliner and would play the last set. I realized that was not to be as I saw Willie setting up the drums. What happened the next 40 minutes was pure musical heaven. The playlist included Riverside, Ventura Highway, Daisy Jane, I Need You, Lonely People, Tin Man, You Can Do Magic, Sandman, Sister Golden Hair, and of course, Horse With No Name. It was the first time I remember hearing a Dan Peek song (Lonely People) performed live and Brad did a marvelous job singing, while Gerry played the harmonica.

During Tin Man I could hear the crowd singing along with Dewey. My friend also noticed this and mentioned it to me after the show. The crowd was really into Sister Golden Hair, as they were all standing and dancing. For Horse With No Name, Ike's daughter Haley joined the group with her guitar and vocals and took the final bows with the band. Of course, I would have liked to had a longer set, but I'm so glad I finally got to see the boys after all these years. I will always have fond memories of that night and I look forward to the next time I'm able to see America in concert (hopefully Battle Creek, Michigan!)



May 26, 1996

Umbrellas were the order of the day at the Walnut Creek Amphitheater for this America concert; but, like Dan Peek once said, "Whenever it's a Rainy Day, I pack my troubles up..." Even with the inclement weather, which eventually cleared up, the crowd was huge and everyone had a great time.

Two bands played before the guys hit the stage: A Latin group named Carnival, and some young rockers named the Yahoo's. The first didn't ring well with the crowd who were on hand to hear the seventies revisited, but the second was a hoot and really got everyone going with some hard rock licks.

America then came out and TOOK OVER. The now-customary "Riverside" got things started (and though I was strenuously listening to answer the trivia question, I didn't hear the special lyrics.) Because the group itself was opening for Three Dog Night, they weren't able to play an expanded list of their songs. The play list included Ventura Highway, Daisy Jane, I Need You, Mirror to Mirror (my favorite new song, which I can't believe can't get more radio play), Lonely People, Tin man, Woman Tonight, Only In Your Heart, California Revisited, Don't Cross the River, You Can Do Magic, Sandman, Sister Golden Hair, and then the encore, Horse.

This was my thirteenth America concert, and was the first time I'd seen them open up for another band. They did a great job, though, getting a good section of stage right dancing and singing along, including myself, I must admit! Those sitting around me ranged from fans who have been hooked since 1972, and knew every word by heart, to those who had just seen America for the first time and were really impresssed with how good they sounded live. Now I can't wait for number fourteen, later this summer!



May 30, 1996

I took my mom up to Myrtle Beach to see the guys. This was her first show and she loved it!! It's a 3 1/2 hour drive from hilton Head to Myrtle Beach, and we plugged along. Mom had to stop and buy a basket from one of the hundred or so basket weavers along Hwy. 17. We got there and settled in the hotel. Afterwards this incredible lightning storm came into town. We were standing on the balcony watching this thing, and I was videotaping it....that is, until the lightning struck the hotel! Then we ran inside. The lightning knocked out the hotel computers and screwed up the televisions.

The next day was show day and they were playing at the Palace Theatre. It's a great space and seats about 2800 people. There were about 1000 people there, and they were ready to party! Great state of the art sound and light system. Blood Sweat and Tears opened. David Clayton Thomas said some very nice things about America and sang his heart out. My mom was sitting in the fifth row and was having the time of her life. She was smiling from ear to ear and kept telling me how good they sounded. She especially enjoyed "Horse."

America hit the stage at 9:05 and played a solid 75 minute set of all the favorites. They had the crowd eating out of their hands. Opening with Riverside, and closing with Horse....they played a great show! Look for some changes in the show before summer's over....



One of the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales recently gave birth and a contest was held to name it. The St. Louis Post Dispatch announced the contest under the headline, "A Horse With No Name." A family named Grisham from Washington, Mo, about 45 miles from St. Louis, entered the winning name "America." According to the June 5, 1996 edition of the newspaper, their entry came about from hearing their four year old son, Eric, singing the lyrics to "Horse With No Name" which led them to submit the name. Both mother and off-spring are doing well and reside at "Grant's Farm," just outside of St. Louis where they are stabled along with about 40 other of Anhueser-Busch's Clydesdales. (Thanks to Milt Peek for this information!)


THIS AND THAT (Letters from Subscribers)

>From DaveJ.: I'm a new member of aol; I just signed on to the internet for the first time about two days ago. I immediately went to the America homepage with the address I received at an America concert I attended in Asheville, NC last year.

Talk about blown away...I was amazed at all the America interest and activity out there. I was very interested to learn through the newsletters that you are starting a new one and are trying to organize a fan club. Count me in!

I may not be the 'best' America fan in the world today, but I don't think there are any more interested. I, of course, have all the lp's and cd's, and have most of the songs memorized (this does not include the new Van Go Gan release which I just found out about, you guessed it, two days ago...soon to be rectified!) but does include all of Dan Peek's solo albums....Seriously though, I have been listening to the group since 1974 when I was twelve, and just started listening to music and buying albums. I've been to twelve concerts and plan to soon make it thirteen!

>From Arlen: Thank you for the info. on Harbor...though it's not my favourite, it was the last lp that Dan was totally involved with. I just loved the George Martin production era. Some of my other personal favorites include "Saturn Nights" (synthesizer is incredible for '72) "To Each His Own" (harmonies are so tight on the verses and refrain) "Don't Cross the River" (the remix by Martin on History, adding the fiddle, was a pure stroke of genius along with that extra high track of Peek's vocal) "Seasons" "Amber Cascades" "Sometimes Lovers" "Special Girl"...(I can't BELIEVE that track wasn't a hit!) And on Hourglass..."Young Moon" and especially "Sleeper Train" do it for me. Those tracks reflect the ultimate in years of experience, sophistication and craftsmanship in songwriting and recording. What made America (and still does) make them unique is that when there were 3, they all wrote and produced quality songs. And the only other groups who did that type of quality from various members were the Beatles, Eagles, CSN&Y and other heavyweights.

>From Lonnie: I have always been a big America fan. I remember breaking up with a girl and listening to "Daisy Jane" about a thousand times, over and over. I saw them in concert in 1977, the J. Geils Band opened for them. The entire concert was awesome! To this day I can still recall how they really lit up the place when they did "Sandman." Fine memories, one and all!


AMERICA HISTORY (Review of the show at the San Diego Sports Arena 5/6/75)

"Harder Rock From a Growing America" from Rolling Stone, July 3, 1975

"...America, three years and numberous hit singles after..."Horse with No Name" is a band in transition...the main set began with a taped version of "Miniature," the brief orchestral piece that begins Holiday. This was followed by a live segue into "Tin Man," which, aside from reverberation problems and the absence of a piano was faithful to the album's original. And America's three front men (their guitars are now supplemented by bass and drums) were equally faithful to the images they've cultivated: Dewey Bunnell looked woodsy in his cowboy hat, Gerry Beckley was casually chic in rimless tinted glasses and white broad-brimmed hat, and Dan Peek, devoid of accessories, appeared unassumingly collegiate. But to call the sound accoustic would be inaccurate. The guitars sported pickups and the quintet's volume and dynamic values were those of an electric band. By the third number, Beckley's charming "Baby It's Up to You," Bunnell and Peek had switched to electrics: two songs later, Beckley was at the piano where he stayed for roughly half the set. America...displayed surprising versatility without losing precision or wavering from its seemingly simple, readily identifiable style.

Apparently thriving under producer George Martin's influence, Beckley has developed in an exceptional melody writer and a fine, dusky-voiced singer, at times recalling Paul Simon in both areas. During the show, he seemed more at home and sang more confidently at piano than when he played guitar. Peek has also grown a great deal as a singer and writer ("Lonely People"), and onstage he was the groups lead guitarist, abandoning his usual reserve whenever he picked up his electric....America has avoided being entrapped creatively by its commercial success. If it can remain marketable as it grows, then the pop mainstream will be better for the groups's presence in it.



I am in the midst of moving and will soon be changing my e-mail address. Currently you can still send mail to me at: If you write and I don't get back to you promptly, please be patient. I'm only here a few days every other week or so, and I'll get back to everyone as soon as I can. I'll let you all know when my new address is up and running. Also, thanks to everyone for the fan club ideas. It's in the works, but will take a bit longer to get started than originally anticipated due to some logistically difficulties. Thanks!


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