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Answers to America Trivia


Alan Rowland sent in 10 great trivia questions.......and here's the first five. Next time, I'll include the last five......... ***answers at end of newsletter***

Q.1 On whose album from 1980 did Dewey sing lead vocals on one track,and what was the track?

Q.2 What was the original working title for the VIEW FROM THE GROUND album?

Q.3 What book is Dewey reading on the cover of VIEW FORM THE GROUND?

Q.4 The cover artwork for the VIEW FROM THE GROUND album was different in japan,what did it depict?

Q.5 Name the friend of Dewey & Gerry who co-wrote some songs which appeared on a 60's tv series?


Here's the latest schedule update. The newest concerts are listed with a *** This is as much information as the guys have!!!


1/31/97 Robinsville, MS Sam's Town Hotel 9pm

2/22/97 Indio, CA Riverside Co. Fair 3 & 8:30 pm

2/23/97 Bakersfield, CA Rockin' Rodeo 9:30

2/27 to 3/5/97 Sparks, NV The Nugget Celebrity Showroom, 8pm shows each night;two shows on 3/1/97

3/07/97 Palm Springs, CA ***

3/08/97 Chandler, AZ ***

3/14/97 to 3/22/97 Brazil *** (confirmed)

5/05/97 Vancouver, BC (with Vancouver Symphony) ***

5/10/97 St. George, UT Dixie Center 7:30 pm

5/16/97 Porterville, CA. Porterville Fair 8pm Tentative

6/3/97 Victorville, CA. San Bernadino Co. Fair 7 & 9

6/13/97 Newport Beach, ?? ***

6/14/97 Las Vegas, NV Texas Boulder Station 8 & 11 pm TENTATIVE

6/15/97 Stockton, CA San Joaquin Co. Fair 7 &9 pm

6/19/97 Pine Knob, MI ?? ***

6/21/97 Ocean City, NJ "Festival of the Family" 8pm

6/26/97 Milwaukee, WI Summerfest Noon & 6 pm

6/28/97 Flora, IL ***

6/29/97 Muskegon, MI Summer Celebration 8:30 pm

7/2/97 Hayes, KS.

7/03/97 Arlington Hts. ?? ***

7/04/97 Denver, CO or Oakland ***

7/5/97 Naperville, IL Rib Fest 8 pm

7/6/97 Clinton, IA Riverview Park fair 8 pm

7/18/97 Oahu, HI Bayfest '97

7/19/97 Oahu, HI Bayfest '97

7/31/97 St. Louis, MO ?? ***

8/10/97 San Mateo, CA San Mateo Co. Fair 5 & 7 pm

8/19/97 Westbury, NY Westbury Music Fair 8 pm with Air Supply

8/22/97 Kettering, OH Delco Park 8:30 pm

8/31/97 Virginia Beach, Virginia Oceanfront 9pm

10/3/97 San Diego, CA Humphrey's TBA




Indio - a quickie!!!

Date: 2/23/97


Just returned from the desert and I'll give you all a quick rundown from last nite.

It was about 90 degrees when the 3:30 p.m. show started but it felt like 130 degrees. The sun was at the guys back so it didn't bother them too much. The "stage" was an area used for the Date Festivals yearly Arabian Nights play. Don't bother seeing the play, it was awful.

The guys came on right at 3:30 and launched into Riverside, Ventura Highway and Tin Man and all the other "greatest hits", to Sandman and finishing with Horse, of course. No material from Hourglass (bummer) but a very enjoyable show.

Directly after the show, the crew had to tear down all the equipment so the "play" could be performed. The play didn't finish until 7:45 and the extremely hard working crew of Bill and The Prof and a few roadies reconstructed the equipment in just 41 minutes. In plenty of time for the 8:30 show. AMAZING ! ! !

Exactly at 8:30 the band appeared. The sun had gone down and the lights came up. Several people in the audience said that they had heard how good the first show was so they had to be there for the late show. The play list was the same as the early show and just as great to listen to.

As always, we saw fans there from all around So.CA who made the long trip out into the desert. And yes Rick, there were camels.

The guys left quickly as they have a show tonite in Bakersfield. I know of two ladies who'll be attending that show and maybe they will review that for everyone when they return.

The season has begun.........keep your eyes open for shows in your area.

Everyone take care,



Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997

From: firefall


Subject: Thanks for a GREAT concert


Just want to say many thanks for a great afternoon concert at the Indio Date Festival. In the last few years my husband and I have made an effort to see many of the bands we so enjoyed in the 60's and 70's. So many have been major letdowns. But your sound is just as terrific as always!!

I am pleased to know about your web site and I will be sharing this information with friends and family. I notice you have upcoming engagements in Porterville and Bakersfield. As I have family in both communities I will be spreading the word that yours is a "not-to-be-missed" concert!! Again many thaks for providing such quality entertainment. Most Sincerely, Carole Stringer


Rick Wahlgren


America may have received most the thunderous standing ovations this past weekend at the Nugget Celebrity Showroom in Sparks (Reno), but it was two gorgeous elephant ladies, Angel and Bertha* that also found their way into the hearts of America showgoers.

For the second week in a row, elephants played a role in the shows.......first at Indio, CA, and now in Sparks at the Nugget. The only thing missing were the camels that found their way to Indio.

In fact, Dewey pointed out that America thought they saw it all in 25 plus years, but never have had elephants back to back in this was in fact a history making event!

And....these were talented to play a drum and harmonica.......and eat unpeeled bananas. (go ahead and try it)

Taking the stage after Angel and Bertha was former New Yorker turned L.A. comedian Glenn Hirsch, who kept the crowd in stitches with jokes like...........

"I took my dog Ralph on an airplane flight, and the airlines lost him......

But two weeks later, the airlines called up......said they located my dog..............but now he answers to "Raul." was time for America........and the sweet chords of Riverside got the shows rolling.

The shows in Sparks were basic hit & highlight shows, in that America was only given an hour to keep show goers away from the tables and slot machines.

Some highlights.........

One show Friday, and *two* shows Saturday.

Dewey mentioned that America just celebrated the 25th anniversary of their Grammy Award for being the Best New Artist.......and that was very meaningful.

The crowds especially appreciated "Sandman," and it was neat to see a young boy sitting near the front singing along........not missing one lyric. (Sandman is one of the most popular America songs among the teens that I've talked with)

Gerry kidded Dewey mercilessly about coming up with the idea for elephants as show openers................

Dewey announced his favorite elephant was Angel.....leaving Bertha for the rest of the guys.

The crowds Friday and Saturday were very large and lively........and enthused about America. The guys were very sharp and smooth for all shows.

The (incredibly wonderful and special) crew had to work extra hard, especially Saturday night.....because they had to set up, take down, and then do it all over again, to accomodate Miss Bertha and Miss Angel......who looked like they would've enjoyed crunching, munching, and attempting to play America's guitars and sound system! (but.....would it be a potential top 10 hit?)

The greatest part, as always, was a chance to see everyone again and have a *real* live America chat!


***Angel and Bertha traditionally have opened all shows at the Celebrity Showroom at the Nugget for years


Subj: America in Sparks!

Date: 3/12/97 11:55:34 PM From: MegGiry119 I saw America for the first time at the Nugget last week! That was the first time I had heard most of their songs, but now I have most of them memorized! They are so GREAT!!! My favorites are Sister Golden Hair and Tin Man, and I just bought the Hourglass CD today. If you guys (America) read this-you are two of the most terrific singers and musicians I have ever heard, and definitely the best performers to come to the Nugget in a long time! I'm a 20 year old music minor, and I just recorded a CD with the University of Nevada-Reno's Wind Ensemble, so I can appreciate the work it takes to record. I just want you to know that I will forever be a fan!! Please come back to Sparks really soon!!!!! And keep up the absolutely incredible work!!!!

You guys are the best!

:) Meggie


Date: Tue, 04 Mar 1997

From: John Bogle To:

Subject: Thanks for the great week

Hi everyone

I'm J.R. the front of house engineer for the Sparks Nugget. I just wanted to thank you guys for an absolutly great week run at our showroom. Everyone on our crew really enjoyed working with you (Great Music and Great Fun) and would really like to see you return. A special thanks from me to Bill and Steve (your tech guys) who are the best. Again from all of us at the Nugget THANKS FOR A GREAT WEEK. John "J. R." Bogle


This note was posted on AOL......and has some good advice about several issues........

Here's another set of "rules" to be, maybe "rules" is the wrong word. Perhaps it's just plain old manners and common sense:

1. Please don't consider anything printed here (AOL board) to be the absolute truth. We all try to post/print nothing that is in error, but face it, humans are humans and we all make mistakes. Don't buy airplane tickets or ask for time off from work until you've gotten a confirmed concert date and talked to the venue to obtain tickets! I know how frustrating it can be....I once drove 14 hours round-trip to see the band at a show that was still on the schedule, listed as confirmed, the night before the show.....and it didn't happen. Sure, I was upset, but I didn't blame the person who posted the schedule! All of us who've been around a long time realize just how much of an improvement it is to even HAVE any kind of a schedule to work from! Let's not blow it by whining!

2. As everyone has pointed out, Gerry and Dewey and the rest of the guys are very gracious to their fans. But, please, don't EXPECT favors just because you are familiar with some of the on-line people. I get very upset when I'm told by the guys that there are people using my name trying to get back to see the guys.....people who may be really nice, who I may chat with, but who I really don't "know." And besides, even if we do know you, it's not our place to get you backstage. Take the attitude that you're going to go to the show and enjoy it.....and maybe, if the timing is right, you might get to meet the guys. But don't count on it, and don't let it ruin your evening! And don't drop names, because I can tell you, it doesn't work, especially when you use mine! :)

3. If you happen to see the guys in the hotel or before the show, please be friendly and all......but have some manners! Don't interrupt meals or phone calls, or follow the guys to see what floor they're on so you can leave notes later.......that borders on "stalking" and can be unnerving! Also, anyone who's ever been on the road knows that sometimes the guys, particularly the crew, may not eat a regular meal for days on interupting their first "real" meal in days can be highly annoying (and potentially dangerous! :)


Subj: Why Do You Like America?

Date: 2/9/97


During Wednesday's 'chat room' discussion, someone's daughter, looking over her mother's shoulder at the discussion, asked a simple question. It was "why do you all like America so much?". I answered it immediately, the best I could in the two lines the 'chat room' feature lets you send, but no one else seemed to pick up on it.

Now why would ten or so grown adults spend two to three hours chatting about a rock band. Why are we such fans of America? What makes them so special? I have been burdened to expand on my extemporaneous response since the chat. Why I am and an America fan. I would love to hear other peoples reasons also. I think it might be good practice to crystallize our thoughts in preparation for the possible '97 blitzkrieg mentioned earlier by Jim. Plus, its also great fun. Here goes.

Reasons for being an America Fan:

1. The unbelievably high, consistent, enduring quality of the songs. Its the music, stupid! (to variate Clinton's '92 campaign slogan). Once Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett were talking about their careers, privately, and Sinatra asked Bennett why he thought they had been so successful for so long. Bennett's response: the quality of the music. "Our songs", he said, "individually, have a presence, a personality, that makes them timeless". When I first heard this, I thought "THAT'S AMERICA". Their songs share these same characteristics. They are as fresh and meaningful today as when they were first released. Everyone's music is not this way; its dated. America is in a select group for having this trait.

2. The fact that Dewey, Gerry and Dan are singer/SONGWRITERS. They have written 97 percent of the songs that they have recorded. This underscores their raw talent tremendously, especially given that they write songs of the quality mentioned in reason 1. This puts them in a group with the likes of Simon and Garfunkel, Jackson Browne, The Beatles, etc... Pretty good company. No one usually asks why people like them so much.

3. Gerry Beckley's unique voice. Dewey and Dan have great voices. Their success is proof of that. But Gerry, to me, has one of those special, unique voices that doesn't come around very often. Other artists could record his ballads/love songs, such as 'Sarah', 'To Each His Own', 'All My Life', 'Daisy Jane', 'I Need You', 'She's Gonna Let You Down', 'Who Loves You', 'Watership Down' and 'Sister Golden Hair' (to just name the few that came straight to me), and they simply would not have a sound that would make them noteworthy. This puts Gerry in a select group of unique voice artists, like, in my opinion, Elton John, Bob Dylan, David Gates, on the male side, and Karen Carpenter, Streisand, and Cass Elliott (Mama) on the female side. Not bad company. No one usually asks why people like them.

4. The folksy, natural themes of a lot of the music. I think we can attribute most of this to Dewey. Think of songs like 'A Horse with No Name', 'Seasons', 'Wind Wave', 'Ventura Highway', 'Cornwall Blank', 'Rainbow Song', 'Green Monkey', etc... All of these songs in one way or another represent some aspect of Nature: the beauty of the desert, seasonal change, outdoorsy recreation, redwood trees, and on and on. These simple themes are very appealing. I noticed them way back when I was in high school, and I've always cherished them.

5. The honest sound of the music. Most every song America song can be re-produced on stage without sounding totally different that the recorded version. This, I believe, is a key reason why the band's tours remain popular year in and year out. They sound as good live as their albums. This is because there are not a lot of studio tricks in their recordings. It's and honest sound.

6. The clean, wholesome sound of the music. I've always appreciated, very much, that lack of any distasteful, lewd, compromising, suggestive lyrics. I could play the music at home when I was growing up with total parent approval, and I can play it today around my kids. Yet, the music isn't boring 'G' stuff. It is meaningful (Sandman: Vietnam-era allusions, Story of A Teenager: Teen suicide, It's Life: Life in general, Lonely People). It's deeply romantic (Molten Love, Who Loves You, Head and Heart). Etc...

That's enough. That's my 'Perspective'. These are some of the key reasons why I have always loved this band, and remain somewhat in awe of it. Some groups are so good, they implicitly deserve recognition and a following. This is what we have to be able to convince the Jay Leno's, the Rosie O'Donnell's and the radio stations of. In my book, America is that good. That's why I like America so much. Next anyone?


Subj: Re:Why Do You Like America?

Date: 2/10/97


1. As "Sandman" said, Gerry's unique voice. It's an aged and finely tuned cello.

2. The chords. NO ONE arranges their melodies and accompaniments like America.

3. Simple, no frou-frou. You can walk away humming from their songs after hearing them once.

4. Being NICE counts for alot these days!

Anyway, my $.02 worth



Very pleased to report that Dan Peek has officially joined Brian Gentry and Ken Marvin of the fabulous and multi-talented pop/rock group Peace. This is also a return and strong re-emergence by Dan to the pop-rock music scene, following Dan's Christian rock music career since leaving America.

Peace just released a *great new CD* (March 97) called "Peace." It follows "Stronger Than You Know" (1994), which Dan produced. Both CDs can be ordered by mailing your check or money order to:


Purchase Sound

PO Box 905

Paducah, KY 42002-0905

Each CD is $12.98 , and this includes shipping and handling. These CDs are a must!!!!!!

Check out the new Peace home page at:



Subj: Bio/Warner/1-73


Inspired by the recent postings on America's History, I humbly tender this offering. Here's the background: Sometime in mid-1973, after experiencing my first America concert, I was desperate for more information, and frustrated by the limited availability of pictures and articles about my favorite group. So, "borrowing" letterhead from my local hometown newspaper, with a little help from my then-boyfriend-part-time-newspaper-photographer, (if you're reading this J. McD.-forgive me!) I wrote to Warner Brothers, requesting a press kit. To my surprise, they sent it! I received a black & white glossy and two-page press release, dated January, 1973. I was in heaven!!!

Here is is - fact, fiction, or fantasy, but verbatim:


"Easy and sure vocals tightly surrounded by a blend of guitars tempered by a youthful energy has become identifiable in the last year as the sound of one group -- AMERICA. And just as the nation that also bears that name is the collective energies of individual states, AMERICA is the collaboration of the musical talents of Dan Peek, Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley, whose musical cohesiveness is obvious the first time you hear them. THey all write lyrics stimulated by the same kinds of feelings about themselves and their natural surroundings, mostly encased in metaphors of American landscapes and its animal inhabitants. They all play their instruments and use their voices with a remarkably compatible "feel." And they all admire the musical talents of the same kind of fellow artists such as The Beach Boys, Cat Stevens and Jackson Browne.

The compatibilitites of AMERICA must stem in part from the similar backgrounds of the three. Dan, Dewey, and Gerry all grew up in the constantly moving environs of the United States Air Force. Their officer fathers were stationed in various parts of the world throughout their lives until their histories converged on one locale - England. It was there in the American school just outside London that they met and began sharing their music with each other. It was there that they decided to become AMERICA and begin playing gigs in London and ere signed by Warner Bros. Records.

The success of that first album "America" and the hit single "A Horse with No Name," which brought them to the attention of American and English fans in an unbelieveably short time, is now record business history. Since them, AMERICA has begun to find a home in the country whose name they borrowed, and the migration to the States has bought about a second album, "Homecomming", released in November, 1972.

Now that Dan, Dewey, and Gerry have found a home in California, they have decided to further the plans begun with the recording of their last album. AMERICA produced "Homecomming" themselves and all three look forward to production colaboration on future albums.

They want to increase their musical vocabulary with the addition of more instruments (all three play bass and piano as well as guitar and Dan has even learned to play the violin), and they are considering the use of more electronic amplification having experimented with an Arp synthesizer on the "Homecomming" album.

They embarked on their first tour in January playing major concert halls across the country for three months, somethingthey had looked forward to for a long time but was hindered by illness and accidents. And now that they live in Southern California they can be closer to their musician and songwriter friends that they have felt so far apart from.

January, 1973


On the's some favorite places..............




Also, on the America home page, newsletters, etc.......we've published many ideas for ordering America CDs. Here's some great info from Steve Lowry........and he has even more on his America Fans page................

Subj: America CDs in Stock

From: (Steve Lowry)

I spoke with Scott Sosebee of Thoughtscape Sounds ( or call 1-800-435-6185) today and he said that he had all of the following America CDs in stock (the two with asterisks will be in stock by the end of the month). I've already ordered a second set of CDs for myself and thought that many of you may also be interested.

America - $11.99

Homecoming - $11.99

Hat Trick - $18.99

*Holiday - $18.99

Hearts - $18.99

Hideaway - $18.99

Harbor - $18.99

*America Live - $18.99

View From The Ground - $10.99

The Last Unicorn Soundtrack - $24.99

America In Concert (1985 Capitol) - $15.99 Encore - $14.99

America In Concert (1995 King Biscuit) - $14.99 Van Go Gan (Gerry's Solo Album) - $32.99

Centenary Collection (replaces the Premium Gold Collection) - $18.99

If you want to see other places that have America CDs in stock go to /america/cdsource.htm and you'll see the current information as of Tuesday, February 25.

Steve (

*******************ONE WAY RELEASE**************************

Don't forget that Silent Letter, Alibi, Perspective, and Your Move will be released this summer on CD (June or July) by One Way Records. Do yourself a huge favor, and add all to your collection.


Yes......for real......and I loved it! I checked it out after receiving this message........ (I can't think of a more stunning song in concert than Last Unicorn.)

I am planning to link this to the America home page in the near future.


Date: Thu, 20 Feb 1997

To: Rick Wahlgren HI Rick, I kinda fell across this homepage for The Last Unicorn, it has lyrics to many of the songs, & a .wav file of the theme... I thought other America fans might be interested in it. & the author may be interested n linking to your page!


There's always a flood of great email coming into the America home's just a few........


Date: Mon, 17 Feb 1997

To: Subject: Request

I have the following request.....

I attend the America concerts whenever they are close to my home. Most of the time I see them at Konocti Harbor Resort & Spa in Clearlake, Reno or Tahoe. I got the courage up one time (when I ran into Dewey Bunnell at the Konocti Resort) to request that they play "All My Life". It was my 17th wedding anniversary and this has always been a special song to us. When our son was born (17 years ago) we used to sing it to him. It still makes me feel emotional when I hear it because of all the feelings I have wrapped up with it. Anyway, we're getting ready to see America again in Reno this March on the 2nd I think. And once again I'd like to just ask for that song. I know it's unlikely. I've was told by Dewey that it slows the show down too much. It's a beautiful song and I'll bet there are alot of America fans that have special feelings attached to it. I'm not a fanatical fan, but I am a loyal one ( a little guilt couldn't hurt) please, I'm asking nice!

Also, why don't they play "Hope"? I was surprised last time I saw them that they didn't. In my opinion, it's one of their best. Now that it's been nominated for a grammy, maybe?

As my son would say "America Rules"! They've been a constant in my life since I was about 17 and I'm almost 40 now (yikes!). I love em.

Date: 20-Feb-1997

From: "Warner, Chris"

Subject: Name the New CD


My suggestion for and "H" CD title :


with a holographic image of the band (or selected scene) on the insert cover or on the disk.

Chris Warner


Date: Mon, 10 Mar 97


Subject: America


Hello from Panama! I am currently stationed here with the US Air Force and have been a fan of America since the early 70's. I attended London Central High School in England (Their Alma Mater). I have seen them numerous times in concert.....the latest in Kansas City last year. I was somewhat disappointed because I thought it was an America Concert (advertised as such) but they played for 45 minutes in front of Little River Band. I was still excited because I missed them in Oklahoma City a couple of years before (my brother made it). I saw them in the early 80's in Daytona Beach, Florida during spring break....great show. Anyway, just wanted to relay that you have a superb web page and this was the first I heard that Gerry had a solo album out. If you are in touch with the band, Please pass on that London Central has a high school reunion in Atlanta in 98 I believe. They can receive more details on the LCHS Web Page. Again great web page.....Ill visit often.

Darryl Burke


There's always some great posts on America's some............ Subj: Re:Last Unicorn/Jimmy Webb

Date: 3/15/97


AMERICA has had a long-term association with Jimmy Webb. Gerry and he have been close friends for years, and I believe Jimmy is godfather to Gerry's son, Matt. AMERICA performing Jimmy's songs on "The Last Unicorn" was probably a natural progression of this relationship.

As Steve said, the soundtrack is available as a German import entitled "Das Letzte Einhorn". Excellent vocals by Gerry and Dewey on "The Last Unicorn" and "Man's Road"!! The song "The Last Unicorn" can also be found on the Premium Gold Collection CD.

Barb & Gary

Subj: America

Date: 2/23/97


I just had to say that I loved the art comparison to America's music ! I'm a 35 year old guy who has grownup with great 60's and 70's music and I can relate totally to your thoughts... Being a huge Beatle's fan and stuff like America,Simon & Garfunkel, Dan Fogelberg,Eagles and love Loggins and Messina, I know that there was so much of that artistic type stuff coming out back then...No I am not an artist but a musician.

I still love alot of 90's music, but that older stuff will never be duplicated ! I'm sort of "new on the block" to this America message board, but I feel like all you guys are so easy to talk to here...Mark,Rick,Barb just to name a few.....Thanks for listening and have a great day...!!! Joe from Jersey


No doubt that a whole new generation will be listening to, singing, and performing America music far into the future. One of my favorites at concerts is to see young people singing along, smiling, and thoroughly enjoying America's music. Here's a couple messages from some young America fans.......

Subj: Baby Coni's

Date: 97-02-22


Hi everybody,

My name is Joseph and me and my sister Gia want to say hello. (My Dad Joconi is helping us write this). We want to say that we like America also, they are a good band. We listen to thier cd's all the time. My favorite song is Sandman and my sister loves The Last Unicorn. We went to America concerts with my Mom and Dad and we got to meet Gerry and Dewey and Rooster and Pete and we liked the concerts. We were at Hershey Park last year, we saw them two times in the same day. We met Barb and Kelly there. We are going to go to some more concerts too.

bye, Joseph and Gia.

( wow, my kids first on line post and it was on the America board!!) Joe

Date: Sun, 09 Feb 1997

From: The James Family


Subject: America

I am 15, and started listening to America when I was 13. I am a huge Beatles fan and when my Dad showed me he produced History I had to hear it. I originaly became obsessed with the song Sandman but began to love every song on the cd. Spending most of its time in my room my Dad gave me the cd. I had to find more America music! I searched record stores until I finally found the cd Ventura Highway and other favorites. I was exited to find live versions of many of my favorite songs and a handful of excellent song that were not on History. I hope America goes on Tour again because it sounds like they can do magic live!

Editors Note: Younger generation loves Sandman!!!!!


Here's a discussion about Album cuts from AOL message boards...........

Subj: Discussion: Album Cuts

Date: 2/27/97v From:

I would like to hear about some of the AMERICA album cuts that you remember hearing played on the radio. I remember back in the 70's when AMERICA was in its heyday, as a general rule AM stations played top 40 singles and "cool" FM stations played album cuts. AMERICA album cuts were a staple of many FM stations in the 70's. Here's my recollections of album cuts that were played. From their first album Sandman was very popular but I also remember hearing Riverside, Clarice, and Three Roses a few times. To Each His Own was probably the most popular cut from Homecoming. California Revisited, Head and Heart, and Saturn Nights were also played.

I was surprised that songs from Hat Trick didn't get air play, because I think that was one of their best efforts. However, they rebounded nicely with Holiday. Just about every song from that album received air play. I remember hearing Baby It's Up To You and Another Try played so often that I thought they must have been released as singles. Also on play lists were Hollywood, Mad Dog, Old Man Took, What Does It Matter, and In The Country. They continued their album cut success with Hearts. Again it seemed like every song on the album was on the play list. I remember hearing Old Virginia and Bell Tree a lot! Midnight, Half A Man, People In The Valley, Company, and Story of A Teenager were heard regularly. Hideaway was another album hit. While the songs weren't played as regularly as cuts from Holiday and Hearts, I remember Jet Boy Blue, Letter, Watership Down, and Lovely Night all got air play.

Harbor kind of signaled an end to AMERICA's album cut heyday. Not only did it not produce a hit single but I only remember hearing Don't You Cry and God Of The Sun once or twice and that was it. Other than occasionally playing one of the previously mentioned songs, this seemed to usher in an age of silence for AMERICA album cuts.

Things were changing in radio as the 80's dawned. FM became king and began playing top 40 along with album cuts. AM was relegated to news, talk, country, and oldies. While AMERICA made a comeback on the pop stations, the only album cuts that I can recall getting even limited air play during the 80's were Inspector Mills, Tonight Is For Dreamers, and She's A Runaway. I had hoped that Hourglass would break this age of silence, but to their discredit and loss, radio ignored the many songs worthy of air play. Hear's wishing that the next album will break the age of silence!!!!!

Subj: Re:Discussion: Album Cuts

Date: 2/28/97


The only thing i could remember is a wonderful experience on FM, is WCCC (Howard Stern's old gig) played every album of America's from first to last(at that time it was History). Five glorious hours and trivia!! I wish for that again!!


Subj: Re:Discussion: Album Cuts

Date: 2/28/97

From: Beechlady

I destinctly remember rushing home after school late in '77 to see who was going to be on WLAV (Lansing Rock) on their spotlight show that night--and finding out it was America "Harbour"! When I heard that, I ran to my car--booked to Lansing to the biggest record store they had and bought Harbour! I came home played it a couple of million times, slapped the poster up on the wall, then listened to the radio spotlight. My only regret is that I didn't tape the damn thing.....20/20 hindsight..... WLAV played the Heck out of "Sandman" and "Head and Heart".



Around Valentines Day, several America favorite love songs were posted on AOL....including All My Life, Who Loves You, Molten Love, Glad to See You, Sister Golden Hair, Three Rose, Unconditional Love.!

Several Internet users have asked about having an AOL type message board to post info about America. There is already a newsgroup called not enough Internet servers picked it up so messages can propogate from one site to another. It would help if everyone could contact their server with a brief note.....asking them to carry this doesn't cost them anything. If everyone did should make a difference.

We can also post messages on and create America threads. Let's give it a try.


I gave the guys 2000 concert flyers when I was in Reno-Sparks concerts last concert goers could get in touch with America through the Internet, AOL, email or by regular mail. These will be available at concerts this spring and summer. We've already met some great people who attended these shows that said they got the flyer!


Send in your trivia, concert reviews, America memories, opinions, commentaries, or pictures for the America Home page, etc about America for the Summer edition of the America Express Newsletter!!!!!!


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Dan Peek....Peace Home Page: by Rick Wahlgren

AOL America Message Board (this is a *permanent* message board) Also......Gerry and Dewey are AOL members, and read the America message board often.............

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Q.1 On whose album from 1980 did Dewey sing lead vocals on one track,and what was the track. Ans. MARCUS DAVID's greatest hits......The song was (I had) TOO MUCH TO DREAM (last night)

Q.2 What was the original working title for the VIEW FROM THE GROUND album. Ans. TWO CAR GARAGE.

Q.3 What book is Dewey reading on the cover of VIEW FORM THE GROUND. Ans. IF YOU COULD SEE ME KNOW.

Q.4 The cover artwork for the VIEW FROM THE GROUND album was different in japan,what did it depict. Ans. AN AERIAL VIEW OF TWO CARS.

Q.5 Name the friend of Dewey & Gerry who co-wrote some songs which appeared on a 60's tv series. Ans. BILL MUMY............LOST IN SPACE.

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