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Summer 1998

Dog Days and Human Nature Special Edition

The Horse's Mouth America newsletter is co-edited by Barbara Bickmore and Rick Wahlgren, and a feature of and the America Home Page. If you have any comments or submissions, send them to Barb or Rick.

We've really done our best and are really ready to send it out there and let everybody have a listen. -----Gerry Beckley (on Human Nature CD)

What better way to cool off during these dog days of summer than with the most recent edition of The Horse's Mouth. So pull out the chaise or hammock, grab yourself a lemonade, settle back......AND ENJOY ! ! ! !

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This is the big news that everyone has been waiting for! America will perform live on NBC's Today Show before a national audience promoting the Sept. 15th release of Human Nature! Here's a press release from Karen ( at Oxygen Records with the two update reports.....................

BIG NEWS! America is going to be appearing LIVE this Friday on NBC's THE TODAY SHOW!!

A live performance of three America songs (Sister Golden Hair, You Can Do Magic and From a Moving Train) will happen in NYC's Rockefeller Center between 7 and 7:30AM this Friday, September 4th.

I am looking for all NY area fans to show up and hold up signs and scream and yell for America!! Even more importantly, I am making some large Human Nature poster signs and I need volunteers to hold them up. All kinds of signs are welcome and appreciated. This appearance goes worldwide on NBC's international affiliates and is seen domestically by over 9 million viewers.



....wanna meet up before the taping of the Today Show? I think we should. I am having HUGE posters of the album cover laminated for you guys to hold up and show the world.

Call me at Oxygen (212 758-4636 ext 239) and we'll set up a good meeting place and time. Actually, when I figure out that place and time I will post it here and whoever wants to show up right then can do so and get a laminated poster for the taping from me.

This is going to be GREAT!


Just spoke with the segment producer for the Today spot. The band is expected to begin playing at 8:30-ish, BUT, she said that for the prime spots she encourages fans to get there a LOT earlier than that...she said some even get there by 6:30-7am.

The song listing, though I didn't realize it, is still under discussion so let's just do a wait and see on that one.

See you there!!

Karen D.


America will be appearing on the nationally syndicated Howard Stern Show on Tuesday, September 22nd at 7am. I hope you get Howard in your town because a brand new song parody is NOT out of the question! ; ) Karen D. Oxygen Rec


Karen also posted this press release about an exciting performance by America to celebrate and promote the release of Human Nature. This is a copy of a flyer that is being produced as a bag stuffer at Tower Records...........

Oxygen Records Presents a LIVE performance by


Appearing Live to Celebrate the Release of their New Album HUMAN NATURE

LIVE on September 22nd at 6PM

See AMERICA perform classic hits and hear songs from their new album HUMAN NATURE only at:


See America perform LIVE and have them sign your copy of their new album HUMAN NATURE!

"HUMAN NATURE is vintage America...beautiful harmonies and gentle melodies." Billboard Magazine


All around, there are unmistakable signs that the momentum for America is building. Capacity crowds at the concerts, the recent release of the Capitol material on CD, and the impending release of Human Nature all signal that something BIG is lingering on the horizon.

America references have been surfacing with increased frequency. A Horse With No Name and Tin Man were both quoted on an episode of Suddenly Susan, VH-1's new Rock & Roll Jeopardy featured a "Lyrics of America" category, and a Gerry Beckley signature guitar was featured on Boy Meets World. It seems that the world is "rediscovering" America!!!!

This is an exhilarating time for America and a very exciting time to be an America fan. So get on board the pony express and experience America "From a Moving Train".


The 1998 Human Nature Tour is in full swing. So far this year, America has thrilled audiences in such locales as Sparks, NV; Arlington Heights, IL; Robinsonville, MS; South Amboy, NJ; Corvallis, OR, and at all points in-between. America even entertained the folks at Rexall Drug at a private show held aboard the Queen Mary on August 5,1998 (lucky employees!).

There are still many more shows on the schedule, including a possible European tour slated for December. There are even some 1999 concerts on the agenda already!!

So saddle up, ride on out, and catch a live appearance by America!!!!

THIS SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE!!! Newest dates are *****

Thursday September 3: Oroville, California: Feather Falls Casino


Friday September 4: Kelseyville, California: Konocti Harbor Resort

Saturday September 5: Las Vegas, Nevada: Las Vegas Silver Bowl

Sunday September 6: Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Taste of Iowa


TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 22: Appearance on Howard Stern Show*****

Tuesday September 22: New York City, NY: Tower Records at Lincoln Center 66th and Broadway: 6pm*****

Wednesday September 23 Bellingham, Washington: Mt. Baker Theater 7:30

Thursday September 24 Pasadena, California: Twin Palms 7pm and 9:45pm

Friday September 25 Newport Beach, California: Twin Palms 7pm and 9:45pm

Saturday October 3 Clear Lake, Iowa: The Surf Ballroom 9pm*****

Sunday October 4 Deadwood, South Dakota: Oktoberfest

Monday October 5: Omaha,Nebraska: Ranch Bowl*****

Wednesday October 7: Harvey, Louisiana: Boomtown Casino: 6:30pm and 9:30pm

Friday, October 9: Biloxi, Mississippi: President Casino (2 shows)

Saturday October 10 Houston, Texas: Compaq Arena

Sunday October 11 San Antonio, Texas: Empire Theatre (2 shows)

Monday October 12 McAllen, Texas: McAllen Civic Center Auditorium*****

Friday October 16 Reno Nevada: KOZZ Radio Listener Appreciation Show: University of Nevada*****

Wednesday November 11 Santiago, Chile (more Chile, Argentina dates TBA)

Sunday November 15 Montevideo, Uruguay: TBA*****

Saturday December 5: Ventura, California: Ventura Theater*****

Sunday December 6: San Ramon, California: Maestro's*****

Wednesday December 9-Tuesday December 15: Possible European Tour*****

January 30, 1999: Cincinnati, Ohio: Aronoff Center of the Arts

February 14, 1999: Clinton Township, Michigan: Macomb Center for the Performing Arts

March 7, 1999: Fort Myers, Florida: Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Center

March 19, 1999: Providence, Rhode Island: Providence Performing Arts Center



Human Nature, the new CD by America, will be released on September 15, 1998!!!! Mark your calendars now!!!!

Industry indicators point to huge success for the CD's first single, From a Moving Train. Karen DiGesu of Oxygen Records ( had this to say:


So I JUST got back from my summer vacation in Hilton Head to hear the following news:

The first single from Human Nature, From a Moving Train, got a tremendous amount of radio adds in the first week following its mailing! The song is going to be the 3RD MOST ADDED song for the week on the Radio & Records AC Chart, after Leeann Rhimes and John Tesh's new singles and BEFORE the new Hootie and the Blowfish single. It wins the 2ND MOST ADDED spot on the Gavin AC Chart, after Leeann Rhimes and BEFORE Hootie and everyone else.

This is huge news. Radio programmers are jumping all over this song. There is no doubt that From a Moving Train is about to become a huge hit!

I haven't even been back to my desk yet. But as soon as I have my hands on the list of cities that have committed to adding the song and the station names, I will list them here.

Karen D. Oxygen Records

And Matt Beckley ( had this to offer:

Got a copy of Human Nature. I wasn't there for much of the production (for once) so a lot of it is still pretty new to me, so I think I can give some fairly unbiased opinions, although I tend to be a little harsh sometimes.

All in all, I actually really enjoyed the album. Not in a "Good Job" kind of way but in a "Would buy it if I hadn't got sent a copy" kind of way. And this is rare. I don't buy CD's unless they're good. Wednseday Morning is great. Pages, Whispering, OLOOLOLO (seriously) too. I tend to like the back ends of albums, and HN is no exception. I REALLY wanted to not like Overwhelming World (anything that wants to be a suite or Double Album or 7 minute rock instrumental I usually want to huck write into the pacific) but this one is really, REALLY good. There are one or two songs that could join that Double Album at the bottom of the ocean, but they're hard to find. And easy to skip over. (The miracle of CD). I'd actually go out and buy this America CD.

And this is rare.

Oxygen Records is keenly aware of America's loyal fan base, prompting them to issue a "call to arms" to solicit assistance from America devotees in promoting Human Nature. The response was overwhelming!! Karen received E-mail from 37 volunteers from various states and even as far away as The Philippines!

It's not too late to participate in this grass roots marketing strategy. If you would like to assist, please contact Karen DiGesu at Oxygen Records ( She will provide you with a list of radio stations and music stores to contact in your area.


Karen at Oxygen Records reports that...........

From a Moving Train has made its big debut at Number 33 on the Gavin Hot AC Chart! This is an AMAZING debut number and we are all absolutely thrilled. The Gavin chart is based soley on radio airplay. The single got 937 spins to achieve that number and we fully expect it to not only top a thousand by next week but to come in on their Top 20 list. Already! Keep calling those radio stations. Every single call counts!


America has also been busy creating a "Human Nature" commercial. Here's the press release from Oxygen................

Hi all.

Today was a great day (July 16th). America filmed their 30-second, b&w television commercial for Human Nature in South Jersey, at an old railroad station.

The commercial features a large cast of characters, all representative of the fabric of American life today. It also features, obviously, Gerry and Dewey! The song chosen for the spot was the single, From a Moving Train, which, I am psyched to find, is getting amazing response whenever I see the band live - I'm also learning that from a lot of the emails I am getting about it.

I will let you know, after we have bought television space, exactly when and where the commercial will be airing. We anticipate a large scale television buy and the ad will run sometime before the album goes on sale.

Oh yeah, and you know what? This band is the easiest I have ever worked with in my life. It was HOT out there today and I only saw smiles for 8 hours.


We were able to review an advanced copy of Human Nature, and here's our top 5 picks. These are our far, that is. Two things we can easily agree on: Human Nature has several potential hits and deserves much consideration by the Grammy committees! Two thumbs up!!

Barb's Top 5 Picks from Human Nature (in order)

1. Wednesday Morning

2. Pages

3. From a Moving Train

4. Whispering

5. Wheels Are Turning

Rick's Top 5 picks from Human Nature (random order)

1. Wednesday Morning

2. From A Moving Train

3. Pages

4. Wheels Are Turning

5. Whispering we detect a pattern here? Seems that great minds run on the same (Moving Train) track!


We've really done our best and are really ready to send it out there and let everybody have a listen. -----Gerry Beckley

I like to think of the four corners of this thing; if you thought of it as a square. You've got this real nice ballad; there's a little mini suite on this project called "Overwhelming World"; and we've got a song called "Hot Town" that's kind of a sweaty, bar rock and roll song; and maybe something a little more poppy like "Moving Train", or something. Then you fill in the rest of it and I think you've got a nice, big picture. And the album has a feel. -----Dewey Bunnell

"From A Moving Train" is the one that seems to be surfacing as everybody's favorite. It's an analogy about our lifestyle basically. The lyric is like our life has been. Really like a speeding train, not just a moving train. I approached the song lyrically like if we truly were on a train; what it's like. You get a destination in your sights but don't hold on too it for too long because you fly right by. ----- Gerry Beckley

Within the lyrics of these songs are the stories of our lives to a certain extent and I think that's how it should be. -----Gerry Beckley

I like to look at words and the way they stack up and Human Nature has a lot of different reads to it, different ways to look at it. Just the word "Nature" is wonderful and "Human". You've got your "Human" and you've got your "Nature". -----Dewey Bunnell

We've made a great effort to try and keep the stuff fresh. The challenge is how do you do that. So I just personally go out and try and sing it as good or better than I've ever sang it before and that seems to work for me. -----Gerry Beckley When it comes time to do a project it really is a case of I'll show Dew what I've got and he'll show me what he's been working on and we set up a few week days, you know - four day things. Dew will fly down, and we'll put it all together and see where we stand. This is one of the first times we've had an abundance of material to pick from and I think that's never a bad thing. -----Gerry Beckley

I've always thought our projects really had a nice span of different songs...ballads, rock and roll type songs, more poppy things, some more introspective, big longer pieces, and I think all of those elements are going to be in on this project. -----Dewey Bunnell

With a career like ours that's spanned 25 years it's pretty amazing when you look back and your agent reminds you in '74 you had Bruce Springsteen as your opening act for three nights. That aspect of this, being with your peers and artists that you really admire and enjoy working with; such as the Beach Boys and Jackson Brown who opened for us, and Pink Floyd. -----Dewey Bunnell I like to start with a title sometimes. Other times I have a melody and songs will exist for maybe a year or so as an instrumental. The famous Beatle story is that "Yesterday" was "Scrambled Eggs" for quite a long time. Well, I know how that occurs because I'll have a melody and a year later a line or a phrase will come and I'll apply it to that and all of a sudden the song will start again. ------Gerry Beckley

I think you want people to reconnect with you. I mean we certainly had felt that magic throughout our career and have had more than our fair share. You know. We're so grateful for the success we've had. -----Gerry Beckley


Jim Nakao ( wrote this excellent review of Pages and Train...........

As many of you know AMERICA has begun playing these songs in concert. They start w/PAGES & then play a few previous hits & then play FROM A MOVING TRAIN. So in that order, here is some insight. The yet to be released disc is titled HUMANNATURE.

PAGES: An outstandingly refreshing musical & literary journey thru time. PAGES is ingeniously interwoven with all the thoughts & feelings derived from one's own travels through the written word. You might say the 6 paragraphs of lyrics portend quite a scholarly approach to a very interesting subject, namely books & written words. The subject matter is not any easy one to write a song about, a pretty complicated theme to tackle & the results are overwhelmingly successful. The song is acoustic based & moves along rather swiftly to the coloring of some lead notes on the 6 string guitar & the precise pattering of notes from the keyboard. It does have a fabulous bridge interlude where DEWEY changes his tonal pitch & really solo's it. Overall the song is outstanding & does supreme justice to both DEWEY's singing prowess & his ability to pen some very scholarly lyrics. Along w/GERRY, we expect DEWEY to continue stepping out of the "box" to anchor some real innovative & very difficult subject matter. A Renaissance man he his.

FROM A MOVING TRAIN: Here is a terrific song born of the travels & views of someone who has seen the world many times over at warp speed. This song is acoustic based & is anchored by GERRY's 12 string custom made Taylor guitar & his outstanding lead vocals. The musical chorus is very catchy & easily lingers on, long after the song has ended. Of course there are some lyrics that have a link to human relationships as many of GERRY's songs do. And in this song are some great build-ups & rhythm changes that add a very exciting touch to a terrific song. This is the song tentatively selected as the single & the song that will lead HUMANNATURE onto victory. GERRY is a musical master & with this song & the new CD, his reputation for perfection remains intact.


Rock bands draw record-setting Harborfest crowds

by Carol Thompson

Note: this article about the Three Dog Night/America shows was featured in Lake Oswego's (NY) newspaper and has received many great compliments! The entire article (including the Three Dog segment) is featured on

Once again Sunday evening, an estimated 30,000 people turned out to enjoy the sights and sounds of America. This band has enjoyed continued success since its first hit in January 1972, taking only a brief hiatus in 1973. Originally formed as a trio, the group consisted of Dan Peek, Dewey Bunnell, and Gerry Beckley. All three had met in an American school in England when their fathers served as Air Force officers. Bunnell said Peek chose to leave the group in 1977. "Gerry and I decided to continue as America." Bunnell said one of his first performances was at his own high school prom. Later the group became an opening act for such big names as Pink Floyd, Elton John, Cat Stevens, and the Everley Brothers. The group chose the name while listening to an "Americana" jukebox. They recorded Bunnell's song "A Horse With No Name" in 1972, which quickly became a number-one hit selling more than a million records and winning the group a Grammy that same year. Bunnell said "A Horse With No Name" is the song most associated with the band. "I think with every band you're stuck with that first hit." The song, which has been misinterpreted over the years, is an environmentally focused song. "Listen to the lyrics. It is simply a song of the sights and sounds of the desert," Bunnellsaid. Bunnell credits much of the group's longevity to classic radio. "That really has kept us alive. We really seem to have found a place in radio." The crowd clapped along to familiar songs such as "Sister Golden Hair," "Ventura Highway," "Tinman," and"Sandman." New songs from a soon to-be- released (Sept. 15) album titled HumanNature were introduced to the audience. Bunnell said the band will be touring South America later this year. His upbringing in an Air Force family was good training for his career as a touring musician. "I'm very nomadic, gypsy-like," he said. Bunnell said he, Beckley, and the other band members were staying in a hotel in Fulton and planned to stay until Monday evening. Bunnell noted that being recognized in public was not a big problem for the group. "We come from an era where you didn't promote an image." As many popular bands of the 1960's and 1970's resurged in the 1990's hoping to once again find a place in the world of music, America's popularity has never dwindled, evident by the scores of people, reportedly larger than Thursday evenings crowd, who packed Breitbeck Park. According to security personnel, the inside gate was sold-out and the crowd spanned beyond the bell tower. Many fans said they were thrilled to hear songs from Human Nature and looked forward to its release. The crowd was also pleased when Bunnell and Beckley stayed after the concert for autograph signing, as did Wells and members of Three Dog Night. "Phenomenal" is how Nekritz referred to the success of the two concerts. Thinking ahead, he quipped, "Now we have to somehow outdo ourselves next year."

A special thanks to Carol Thompson for making this highly complimented newspaper article available to She has received much positive feedback from readers!


Haley Gauley, daughter of Ike Gauley (co-founder joined America onstage for the "Horse" encore in Oklahoma City and Wichita and delighted the crowds. Haley is a sophomore in high school in a school north of OKC, and is also an excellent basketball player! Photos of Haley onstage are on


Steve Orchard submitted this great summary of Gerry and Dewey's other projects.........

To those of you who were asking what Gerry & Dewey have done apart from "America"....Gerry has certainly been more visible. Here's what I can add: He co-wrote and sang a number of songs with David Cassidy during the 70's. the Most noteable is a song called "take this Heart" which can be found on Cassidy's CD "When I'm a rock & roll star: the David Cassidy collection". That CD lists 5 songs that Gerry sings on and Dewey does background vocals on one. You'll have to pick up that Cd and check out the liner notes. It is NOT a Cassidy "Greatest hits" disk despite the albums title.

Beckley did a duet with Chris christian on 1987's "Higher ways",a song called "Day like today". That can be picked up on Christians CD called "the Producer". In 89 Beckley sang again with Christian on his "focus" project on a tune called "the man behind the man"(about former Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry). that is not available on anythingto my knowledge,though I do have the cassette of it. I know Gerry has also sung background on one of the "Nelson" CD's,and did work on 2 of Dan Peeks solo LP's. Dewey appeared in the video for Steve Perry's "Oh Sherrie" but didn't sing on the LP. He did do some background work on Gerry's CD "Van Go Gan". Hope that helps you people out a bit!


Dave, ( submitted a text version of this in flight interview available to passengers on Delta Airlines...........

Traveling to a recent concert, the Vegas show actually, I had the opportunity to listen to Delta's America Showcase Interview on the plane. Since the flight was long, I got to listen to it several times. The program was very good, and I tried to take notes of the show. I thought you all might want to see it. Now, its not word for word, but I did the best I could. I have contacted Delta; but unfortuneately, the program's transcript or audio cannot be purchased. Here it is. I hope you enjoy it. I sure did.

*** Delta America Showcase Interviews and Show by Kris Erik Stevens ***

Dewey: Well, we lived in the states early, got into the surf music scene, and my parents said I sang Elvis all the time. I self taught myself the guitar. Influences: the Beach Boys, Beatles big time. The Beatles changed everything. Started playing Gloria and stuff like that.

Horse with no Name

Dewey: It was a simple song. I lived in England from 66 to 71. Dreary England with pubs and everything, but I wanted to write about the desert. The inspiration for Horse and others like Ventura Highway came from my childhood days at Vrandenburg Air Force Base growing up with my brother.

Ventura Highway Sandman

Dewey: On first album. All happened very fast. Dan went to school in Virginia (Old Dominion). Was dissatisfied. But we were all writing songs. We got back together having temporarily gone separate ways. We had four songs, which ƒ (DonÍt Cross the River, which ended up on the second album, Submarine Ladies, and I Need You). (Sorry people, I did not get the fourth). These were the four main songs we played at pubs with. We also covered songs like "IÍm coming to Los Angeles" (Arlo Guthrie) and Pennsylvania Mining Disaster (Bee Gees).

I Need You DonÍt Cross the River Only In Your Heart

Dewey: About Tin Man. The biggest song he took into the first George Martin project. Inspired of course by the Wizard of Oz, DeweyÍs favorite all time film. The only direct reference was ïOz never gave nothing to the Tin Man̓ the rest is surreal, word pictures. ïGift of gabÍ who knows. Dewey doesnÍt know where it came from. He had a melody first, and came up with those words to fit it. ïTropic of Sir GalahadÍ, because it sounded gentlemanly, and women like that.

Tin Man Muskrat Love Lonely People

Gerry: On hard times: Holland show in ï74 was a low. We still hadnÍt made contact with the audience after 2 or 3 songs. The ïFlying Burrito BrothersÍ were playing down the street, and they had a much bigger name at the time. I donÍt think the people knew our style or what to expect. It was pretty tough.

Sister Golden Hair Riverside

Gerry: Daisy Jane: A song which is true to itself, but is not real. I had never been to Memphis before writing the song, and never knew anyone named Daisy Jane. It was just a mix of conglomerate events in my life and my familyÍs life which came together in one song. ItÍs a perfect example of how songs just get made up. There was an artist named Nick Drake several years before who had done a song I always liked, called ïHazy JaneÍ. Maybe that had some influence ƒ

Daisy Jane

Gerry: On the America sound: Right from the start, we relied on three writers and three singers. Every member contributed uniquely. The challenge was to make it sound united, like one band. I think we succeeded with a similar style. The last thing you would want would be three solo artists making an album.

Right Before Your Eyes Three Roses Here

Narrator: They met in England, gave their first concert in Canada, and called themselves America.

End. --- Delta ran the interview that sandman referred to for one cycle (two months) on our domestic flights. (fyi, I work for Delta as a Senior Coordinator-Consumer Affairs)..I contacted our On-Board Services Dept. and told them that the tape was mentioned on this fan page..I wanted more info as it gave me an idea for perhaps another interview to help plug the Human Nature CD. They gave me the number of our distributor/producer in California..and I had a nice chat with Tim who was instrumental in putting it together. He said the response was great, in fact the interview was part of the package that they submitted for Delta who is vying for the Avion Award (in-flight entertainment). He appreciated the info about the new CD and wants to follow up! He agrees that America has quite a following and has definitely endured. Although Delta may not run another showcase on them this soon, I suggested "other airlines"..and he agreed...I have forwarded him the home page address and gave Rick as the contact. We'll see!! JANICE


America is proud to announce its Official Website!! Gallop on over to:

This website features a visit to Gerry's Human Nature Studio, Billboard's recent article about America, an interview with Steve Orchard and Gerry/Dewey, and much more!

Most importantly, this website, created, and maintained by Rick Wahlgren, Ike Gauley, and Steve Lowry is the GATEWAY to America's other web pages.

Also, visit Rick Wahlgren's America Home Page at:

Catch Ike Gauley's America: Classic Rock Band in Pictures at:

Trot over to Steve Lowry's America Fans Home Page at its *new address*: /america/


Renowned shutterbug Henry Diltz has photographed some of the biggest names in rock-n-roll. Take a leisurely stroll through Henry's Gallery and glimpse artists such as Jackson Browne; Neil Young; Crosby, Stillls & Nash; and America through Henry's magical camera lens. View Gerry, Dewey and Dan in a vintage 1975 photo taken with Bob Hope and the late John Wayne. See Gerry and Dewey in a casual pose from the early 80's. All photos in the gallery are available for purchase.

Also available, in limited quantities, is the Under the Covers CD-ROM. Step into the incredible rock-n-roll archives of artist Gary Burden and photographer Henry Diltz as they share their stories, photography, and film footage of the artists behind some of the greatest albums and album covers in rock history.

Go to:'sgalleryframes.html


Ardent fan Kim dedicates her website to her adoration of David Cassidy and Gerry Beckley. Check out some cool photos of Gerry at: _______

Check out Music Boulevard's comprehensive biography of America at:


At long last......the Capitol material has been released by One Way Records!!!!

Enjoy such tall treasures as Silent Letter, Alibi, Your Move and Perspective on CD!!!!

You can visit One Way's website at:

The One Way releases are available through Thoughtscape Sound. Order through:


Or order by phone: 1-800-435-6185

Another recommended source for the One Way CD's is Music Shack: 1-518-436-4581.

One subscriber had good luck locating the CD's at his local Circuit City.

At the bargain price of $10.99 each (Thoughtscape's price), you can complete your America CD collection as well as pick up stocking stuffers for Christmas.


Jeff Larson's magnificent new CD, "Watercolor Sky" is now available through New Surf <> for $14 (includes S & H) and through Thoughtscape Sounds <> for $15.99. It features Gerry Beckley's song "Annabelle," on which Gerry plays keyboards and acoustic guitars, and was produced by Gary Thomas Griffin and Jeffrey Foskett.

I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of "Watercolor Sky" from Jeff, and it soon became one of the finest CDs in my entire collection!

Jeff is an up and coming artist with a bright future ahead. His style is a cross between America and the Beach Boys, with rich harmonies and acoustic sounds. Jeff's inspiration came from both groups especially, and he has also previously opened for America.

It won't take long until Jeff Larson will be one of the most popular and respected artists in the music industry. It's going to be fun watching Jeff's ride to the top!

All I can say is do yourself a HUGE favor and get a copy of WCSky ASAP!!!!

You can download sound samples of "Watercolor Sky" from the New Surf <> home page section about Jeff, and find ordering info. And, you can also see the jacket cover for Watercolor Sky at

There is an excellent upcoming article featuring Jeff in Amplifier magazine that will be posted on the New Surf home page. Jeff reveals background info about the tracks in Watercolor Sky, including who the "King of Summer" is written about.


Steve Lowry's America Fans page is having another song tournament. Here's all the info...........

We have 39 days until Human Nature is released and I thought it might be interesting to do something fun while we're waiting. Many of you may remember the "Just For Fun" song tournament that we held in April. Well, I have modified the program so that it will run on my new server and I have introduced a whole new set of songs so that we can vote again for our lesser known favorites.

Here's the criteria I used to pick the songs: 1) I eliminated any songs that were in the 64 song tournament held in April (typically, the most popular songs); 2) I eliminated any songs that were NOT written by Gerry, Dewey, or Dan; 3) I didn't include any songs from Van Go Gan; and 4) I eliminated any songs that were released as singles and charted in the top 50. That left me with exactly 64 songs. Even though the song tournament shows the songs as being seeded (much like the NCAA basketball tournament), I just paired them off at random. The only place the seeding comes into affect is if two songs tie (in which case the higher seed will move on).

To enter the tournament go to the America Song Tournament Login Page and enter your ID and password. You can change your votes as many times as you'd like during each round. Each round will last approximately 6 days, with the championship round ending on September 14.

Happy voting!


From Karen D. (

America's King Biscuit concert is airing next on August 30th, I believe. I'll check that date just to be sure.

Incidentally, the King Biscuit Radio Network is in production on a brand new one hour radio special about the career of America. We are including a never before heard, recent interview with the band and lots of other treats. I will fill everyone in when there is an air date.


Denver, CO July 23, 1998

Submitted by John Corbett

If you like ten gallon hats and country line dancing, you might feel at home at the Grizzly Rose. If you like to hear music by America (if you didn't you wouldn't be reading this, would you?), you might feel at home at the Grizzly Rose as well. The Grizzly Rose is a bar/music hall which seems like a Texas twister done pick it up and dropped it -- complete with the mechanical horse and pool tables -- in the heart of metro Denver, interestingly just a couple blocks away from a small reservoir called Dewey Lake.

The throngs which came to see Dewey, Gerry and the guys perform tonight were more than just barroom brawlers, though. Happily, the young, the old, as well as the graying hippies were there to cheer on their favorite (or soon to be favorite) bunch of musicians. And America was able to repay their gratitude. Some eighteen songs were in the playlist this evening, and as always the guys gave it their all. The songs were (in chronological order): "Riverside," "Sandman," "Three Roses," "A Horse With No Name," "I Need You," "Ventura Highway," "Don't Cross The River" (Gerry singing), "Only In Your Heart," "Tin Man," "Another Try," "Lonely People" (Dewey singing), "Daisy Jane," "Sister Golden Hair," "Woman Tonight," "California Dreamin'," "You Can Do Magic," "Never Be Lonely," "Mirror To Mirror," and then the two new songs, "From A Moving Train" and "Pages." All in all, the songs were well done. "Three Roses" sounded great in its pure acoustic form. "From A Moving Train" clearly went across well with the audience, as did "Pages". Dewey and Gerry made it a point to remind the folks of their new album coming out, so let's hope that the lines go around the corner at record stores across the country on September 15th!

Needless to say, yet another great America concert. Now if only we could get our hands on Human Nature...

South Amboy, NJ July 25, 1998

Submitted by Howard Lieboff (

Before I start, I was trying to locate Karen from Oxygen records. It seemed like nobody knew where they were sitting. I tried Karen!

America came on about 10P and ended about 1130P. When I received my tickets in April, I had no idea where I was sitting. It just said table 9? Had no idea. I called and lady said somewhere up front I think?? I've never been to Club Bene and a little wary of this. When I got there, I couldn't believe where I was sitting. My sister in front of me (wife home watching kids) and 3 more people and stage was about 4 feet high. If the guys were any closer, I could shave them. Amazing seats. The crowd was READY after the mediocre opening band played from 9-10P. In all my life, I have never seen such a high energy filled, enthusiastic, happy and exciting concert. My sister who new some of America songs because of me growing up, didn't know America did all these songs. She told me she had a fantastic time. They rocked Club Bene. The Taylor acoustic guitars sounded fantastic, especially Gerry's 12 string on every song (I'm partial to 12 strings I have to say). Everything sounded so fantastic, drums, bass and especially Dewey's, Gerry's and Woodz's electric guitar solos. They played every song with such enthusiasm and such energy, you wanted more and never for it to stop. Things that were mentioned: 25th anniversary of their Grammy Award, Human Nature Sept. 15 release and Lonely Pete's new technician job. At one point of the song "Another Try," I looked back and saw everybody singing the words, that gave me goosebumps. There were old and young there and this crowd was very into it and applauded like you wouldn't believe after every song, especially the new ones. After the concert I looked at my camera and noticed I had taken 23 pictures!!! I should have those developed and send in some to Steve.

Here is the song list of the whole show: Riverside,Ventura Highway,You Can Do Magic,Don't Cross, The River,Daisy Jane,Mirror To Mirror,Another Try, Three Roses,I Need You, Pages, Tin Man,Woman Tonight, Only In Your Heart, California Dreamin', Lonely People, From A Movin' Train, Never Be Lonely, Sandman, Sister Golden Hair (12 string sounded excellent). Encore: California Revisited and Horse With No Name.

Afterward, Gerry & Dewey signed autographs and take pictures for about 35-40 fans. My daughter earlier said, tell Gerry & Dewey I said hello. So I brought my little cassette recorder, her picture and both said hello to her and commented of how pretty she was. I played it for her and she blushed. Me, I had my History album signed and gave Dewey...ready for this...a copy of the 1973 Smothers Brothers Show. At first he thought it was something that I composed. But I said no, this should bring back memories. He was speechless. Someone made a comment about Dan Peek and I asked has he heard the Peace CD and thought was very good. Dewey commented on how old and new fans are really going to like the new CD. Thank you Gerry and Dewey for being courteous and nice to me. It was an absolute please meetin you. They're playing at Hershey Park on Aug. 30...trying to pursuade my wife to go there. We'll see. Anyways, I try to have the pictures really soon. Sorry it's so long. But I felt like I was a teenager again. It took all of Sunday for this rush to calm down, but I know I'll never get over it!!!

South Amboy, NJ July 25, 1998

Submitted by Bruce David Martin

Saw the guys last nite at Club Bene in New Jersey- WOW!!! an incredible, energy packed one and a half hour show! There were several new songs including "Moving Train" and hearing it reminded me of when I first heard "Mirror to Mirror" and "Young Moon" for the first time sitting in that very seat at Club Bene- how I immediately thought those songs were great! Highlights for me were "Never Be Lonely" "Another Try" and "Daisy Jane". I had a friend with me who had never seen AMERICA before, but knew the songs- he was blown away by the show! Afterwards the guys generously stayed around for autographs and questions- I saw a lot of delighted faces- fans who were thrilled that their CDs and Albums were getting signed - as I watched I thought of how generous these guys are! Even though they had another show to get to in upstate New York, they still took the time to stay! THANKS AMERICA!!!!!

Alexandria, VA August 7, 1998

Submitted by Kevin Alton (

Hey Gang, I am SO SORRY that my post is late work was killer this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, about the show....... It was a night of GREAT MUSIC and meeting new friends.

I got to the Birchmere at like 4pm that afternoon & hung out and talked to people online. The doors opened at 5pm, everyone was so keyed up for the show. The Birchmere has this really cool system, they give you a number when you go thru the door and when they open the concert hall you are seated in order of your number which was great since I had number 4! I was really eager to meet some of the AOL folks. I knew Ginny was planning to be there. I did not see anyone with a caravan of kids with the green twirling lites like they had at the Loyola show last year so I went on the look out. I met a lot of people with kids LOL and also told a few folks about the America message board on AOL. At last I finally found them in the parking lot munching away on food before the show (sorry for the scare guys). We talked briefly before the show, it was so nice to finally get to meet you after all this time.

I took my girlfriend who is slowly but surly becoming an America fan, this was her third show I think? After my search for Ginny ended :) I went back to my table that was right in front of the stage in front of Dewey and got ready for the show. We sat with two great couples that evening Amanda & Tim(soon to be married..... Hey do the guys play weddings? LOL ) and Tim & Mieta. We laughed and shared stories of America and became fast friends. I was amazed how much our taste in music overlapped. I hope that time allows our paths to cross again.

I chatted with Pete who is no longer the lonely T-shirt guy but now the guitar tech to the band. He seems to enjoy the work he said that he likes being able to work closer with the guys. Pete was very excited about the release of the new CD as we all are, September 15 will not come soon enough!!!!!!!

Time for the show ....................... The guys opened with Riverside of course and if I remember correctly this was the rest of the set Ventura Highway-Magic-Don't Cross The River-Daisy Jane-Mirror To Mirror-Another Try-Three Roses-I Need You-Pages-Tin Man-Hold Me Tight-Only In Your Heart-California Dreamin-Lonely People-From a Moving Train-Never Be Lonely-Sandman-Sister Golden Hair..... And for the encore they did Everyone I Meet Is From California & Horse With No Name.

During several opening numbers there was some feedback thru the monitors, which was later determined to be sounds in Woodsy head that he was sharing with all of us. A funny part of the night was when Gerry introduced his Mother-in-law the band played and sang a few lines from the song Mother-in-law which sounded cool and got a rise out of the crowd. At the end of the show Gerry thru his guitar pic to me I was so excited!!!!

As always the time goes so fast whenever I see them and the show was over. I was told before the show that the guys would probably not be around to sign autographs or chat with the fans. After the show, I (as well as 50 other folks) went back and hung out by the bus and waited. The guys did come out and sign autographs pose for some photos and talk to the fans, further demonstrating that they are as devoted to us as we are to them.

I got to say good-bye to Ginny and Family and to my new found friends. It was as always a wonderful night!!!!!! That's my America memory..........................

Wichita, KS August 15, 1998

Submitted by John S. (

Sorry this took so long!!!

This review begins before the actual concert as my wife and I met up with Mark McVey and his wife and we went to dinner. I had met Mark at last years show, but didn't get to talk too much. This year we shared old "America stories" and other stuff. It was a lot of fun getting to know a fellow America fan. We got to the venue about an hour and 45 minutes before the doors were to open. We could have been the first in line, but we decided to wait in the car until someone else got in line.

When someone else did head for the door, so did we. In line we met another couple from the Kansas City area (like Mark). They were quite a bit younger than Mark or myself, so it was great to see that they were avid fans like us. They were also planning to go to the show in St. Joseph, MO the next night.

Needless to say, we were able to get a table just in front of Gerry's keyboard and Brad's mike. We were able to meet Ike before the show and chatted with him briefly, plus we saw Pete preparing the what seemed to be a hundred guitars. The warm-up band was a local 4 person band with a lady lead singer who couldn't keep her eyes off of Mark during most of their set. They did a couple of Heart songs (including Magic Man), and a Fleetwood Mac number in about an eight song set. When they got done, the anticipation was overwhelming. The boys were about to hit the stage!

Since we were in the front row, I was able to see the playlist. I copied the songs on some index cards I had brought along. This was the only show where I knew the entire playlist before the show (and the ones crossed off - come on...I wanted Green Monkey!) and I was anxious to get the show going!

At last, the boys came on the stage to a near full house and began playing the familiar guitar chords to the familiar song we all know opens most of America's show. The play list was:

Riverside Ventura Highway You Can Do Magic Don't Cross the River Daisy Jane Mirror to Mirror Another Try Three Roses I Need You Pages Tin Man Woman Tonight Only in Your Heart California Dreaming Lonely People From a Moving Train Never be Lonely Sandman Sister Golden Hair Calinornia Revisited (encore) Horse With No Name (encore)

As you can see, we got the long show as they were on the stage for almost 1 1/2 hours. One thing we noticed was that Brad did NOT sing the "Dan Peek" songs. Since I had not read any posts here stating that this had happened before, I saw that as unusual. Gerry sung Don't Cross the River and Dewey sang Lonely People (with Gerry on the Harmonica). Later, Ike mentioned to us (he was taking pictures next to our table) that Brad was not felling very well that night. We could tell later as one time he sat on Gerry's piano bench between numbers. But the trooper that he was, the show went on. The two new songs from Human Nature were fantastic. I would hope that From a Moving Train might become a single. Both the songs featured Willie shaking a form of Maracas (sp?), and a catchy beat. I think this might even attract young listeners. Besides the new songs, I think that I heard Only in Your Heart for the first time live. During Horse, Haley (Ike's Daughter) joined the band. This time however, she did a guitar solo bit during the instrumental part of the song, which got started quietly as her guitar was not on (Dewey came to her rescue). She was a hit!!!!

After the show, we stuck around as the house emptied. Mark was able to get a playlist taped on one of the instruments, and he had Dewey sign it. I snapped a picture as this was happening (sorry for the flash Dewey!). I have to say that the guys were very accommodating to the fans (especially Dewey, who thanked every person who complemented him on the show).

On the way home we had to go through a Kansas Highway Patrol DUI checkpoint about a half mile from the venue. I played the Designated Driver pretty well, and we were waved through anyway. It was a great night had by all, and I look forward to the next time I get the chance to see them again!

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