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Welcome to the Winter edition of the AMERICA Newsletter, THE HORSE'S MOUTH ! ! This new, appropriate and clever title for the newsletter was selected by Gerry and Dewey, and we are extremely pleased by their active interest in this newsletter. THE HORSE'S MOUTH is published by Barbara Bickmore and Rick Wahlgren to keep readers updated about America. If you have any comments or submissions, send them to Barb or Rick.


Remembering Carl
America Trivia
1998 Concert Schedule (so far)
America Article in Upcoming TV Guide
Pferd with No Namen
New CD Set for Spring Release
America Anthology Songbook Info
Dewey's Inside Scoop: Australia and China
Who Is This Former Member of America???
Alibi, Your Move, and Perspective Now On CD
Bill Mumy
Mag's Thoughts on Homecoming and Hourglass
Lonely Guy, Middle Age Crazy, and the Simpsons
Music To Fly By
America Song Tournament
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America fans everywhere were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Carl Wilson, one of the founding and most talented members of the Beach Boys. America fans grew to love Carl through BB hits such as "God Only Knows," "Darlin," and "I Can Hear Music," along with his backing vocals to America songs such as "All Around," and "Garden of Peace" which added Carl's perfect touch.

Also, many of us were fortunate to see America and the Beach Boys in concert together, and will always remember seeing Carl, Gerry, and Dewey on stage together performing "Fun Fun Fun" and "Surfin' USA" as encores......and loving every minute of it!!

Through these experiences, Gerry, Dewey, and Carl developed a close friendship and mutual respect, and enriched each others lives. Gerry and Dewey were fans of Carl Wilson and the Beach Boys.......and Carl Wilson was a fan of Gerry and Dewey and America.

A.P. Wire Services carried this tribute by Gerry to Carl at his recent service:

"Gerry Beckley, a long time friend, recalled that the first album he bought was Surfin' Safari, which he used to play over and over as he tried to accompany the music on a guitar."
"Long before I met Carl Wilson, he taught me how to play guitar."

We would like to offer our prayers to one of America's best friends, Carl Wilson......and to his family........and dedicate this edition of the newsletter in his memory. We will truly miss him.


Ahhhhh......winter......and 6 more weeks of it thanks to Punxsutawney Phil ! ! Try warming up your brain with these winter-themed trivia questions ! ! (The answers are at the end of the newsletter.)

  1. "The purple ghost of England in winter time, and who I used to know...."
  2. "I went for a walk....On a winter's day...."
  3. "Harvest the corn, watch for the storm....Soon we will hear winter call...."
  4. " the winter needs the spring...."
  5. "Winter's here, bring the blankets out....To cover up the cold...."
  6. "The winter's come and gone....And I've been left all alone...."
  7. "When the first breath of winter through the flowers is icing...."
  8. "Early spring when winter's forgiven...."
  9. "All around the city....Before the winter snow...."
  10. "El betcha.......we're not glad we met ya"


It's happy trails again as AMERICA hits the road in 1998! Here is what has been confirmed so far regarding the 1998 concert schedule. More dates will be added as the information becomes available.
******Remember, this schedule is subject to change******

Saturday, February 14 Las Vegas, Nevada: Harrah's (Spellbound Showroom)
Sunday, February 15 Las Vegas, Nevada: Harrah's (Spellbound Showroom)
Thursday, February 26 San Juan, Puerto Rico: 8pm and 10pm
Saturday, February 28 Hallandale, Florida: Gulfstream Park 12:30 and 3:30 pm
Friday, March 13 Uncasville, Connecticut: two shows
Saturday, March 14 Sandusky, Ohio: Sandusky State Theatre 7pm
Thursday, March 26 Santa Barbara, California: Coach House 7pm and 9pm
Friday, March 27 Cerritos, California: Cerritos Center
Saturday, March 28 Cerritos, California: Cerritos Center
Monday, April 20 Portland, Oregon: Memorial Coliseum 8:30pm
Tuesday, April 21 Tacoma, Washington: Tacoma Dome 8:30pm
Wednesday, April 22 Spokane, Washington: Spokane Arena 8:30pm
Thursday, April 23 Boise, Idaho: BSU Pavilion 8:30 pm
Friday, April 24 Salt Lake City, Utah: Jon Huntsman Center 9pm
Saturday, May 2 Boulder, Colorado: Coors Events Center 9pm
Sunday, May 3 Colorado Springs, Colorado: New World Arena 8:30 pm
Tuesday, May 5 Albuquerque, New Mexico: Tingley Coliseum 9pm
Wednesday, May 6 Tucson, Arizona: Convention Center Theatre 9pm
Thursday, May 7 Pasadena, California: Twin Palms 7pm and 9:45pm
Friday, May 8 Newport Beach, California: Twin Palms 7pm and 9:45
Thursday, May 28-Wednesday June 10 Sparks, Nevada: Nugget Casino (16 shows total)
Saturday, June 13 San Juan Capistrano, California: The Coach House 7pm and 9:30pm
Sunday, June 14 San Diego, California: Humphrey's
Friday, June 26 Bossier City, Louisiana (Shreveport): Casino Magic (two shows)
Saturday, June 27 Bloomingdale, Illinois: (Chicago) FamilyFest 8:30
Thursday, July 2 Arlington Heights, Illinois: Frontier Days 8pm
Friday, July 3 O'Fallon, Missouri: O'Fallon City Park 9pm
Saturday, July 4 Moreno Valley, California: (Riverside area) Family Fun Festival at Morrison park 7pm
Thursday, July 16 Cadott, Wisconsin: Rock Fest
Thursday, July 30 Rock Springs, Wyoming: Sweetwater County Fair 8pm
Saturday, August 8 Uncasville, Conneticut: WolfDen, Mohegan Sun Casino (two shows)
Sunday, August 16 St. Joseph, Missouri: Trails West Fest 7pm


Kelly reports there will be an interview with America in the February 21st edition of TV Guide. Kelly advises, "Make sure you get a copy or two........ to share with family, friends, co-workers...ect, ect, ect....." (thanks Kelly!!)


OK.......this is supposed to be sorta/kinda "Horse With No Name" in German......... (hope it doesn't say something else!!) Keep reading and it will all make sense.......

Kelly also reports: "There's a radio station out here in South Orange County and most likely in some of the other surrounding areas.....L.A., San Diego ect...called 103.1. It has been playing a more up to date version of "Horse With No Name", by a band from Germany. ( Of course the okay from "America" was granted).

Not sure if you mid-westerners or you east coasters had picked up on this yet ?

I myself have not heard it, but I have been told it sounds good. How about any of you, have you heard this 90's version of "Horse" yet? (thanks again Kelly!!)

Soooooo......get used to your teens singing "I've been through the desert on a pferd with no namen!!"


Yes!!!!!! Gerry and Dewey are currently working very hard in the recording studio on the upcoming new CD, which is set for a Spring 98 release. You can be assured that any info regarding this release will be featured on the America Home Page as soon as it becomes keep watching for details.


Many people have written in asking about ordering America songbooks. Here's a good answer thanks to Kevin:

Subject: Strumming along singing a song

Hey Folks,

I have a great find for you I was web surfing the other day and came upon this sight: Guitar Gallery of Houston - Order Form Just for kixs I checked it out. Much to my suprise they carry the songbook America Deluxe Anthology which contains thefollowing:

AMERICA DELUXE ANTHOLOGY: Amber Cascades, Bell Tree, Clarice, Daisy Jane, Don't Cross the River, Don't Cry Baby, Glad To See You, Green Monkey, Hat Trick, Head and Heart, Hollywood, A Horse With No Name, Hurricane, I Need You, Lonely People, Mad Dog, Monster, Muskrat Love, Old Virginia, Only In Your Heart, Political Poachers, Rainbow Song, Riverside, Sandman, Sister Golden Hair, The Story of a Teenager, These Brown Eyes, Till the Sun Comes Up Again, Tin Man, Today's the Day, Ventura Highway, Who Loves You, Willow Tree Lullaby, Wind Wave, Woman Tonight

I called them today to confirm that they had it in stock and was told they do!!! Also it is a normally stocked item.

Good News :) IT'S NOT OUT OF PRINT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad News :( I BOUGHT THE ONLY COPY THEY HAD IN STOCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I spoke with the owner of the shop (name eludes me now). He said that it only takes him about a week to get to him from the distributor. So I would think turn around time would be relatively fast.

Cost is $17.95 + 3.00 Shipping and Handling

Fret No More Order Today!



Esteemed Horse's Mouth roving reporter Dewey Bunnell sent this inside scoop about America's recent tours to Australia and China.

I spent a lot of free time cycling around parts of Australia bird-watching!... Cockatoos, Lorikeets, Parrots etc...always amazed by the wildlife of Australia. The death of Michael Hutchence, while we were in Sydney, was sad. Gerry and I saw an interesting Art Show, "The Body", at the Sydney Museum worth noting. An odd assortment of paintings, sculpture and installation from turn of the century to present. Shanghai was an eye-opener... massive advertising and consumerism! Seeing the early morning Tai Chi and yoga exercising on the streets in China was new! Watch out for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the coming years...massive development in progress...monorails and some of the tallest buildings in the world contributing to it's probably becoming one of the most important cities in the region. All in all, the boys in the band had another memorable year...and a lot of fun, too!!!


Many people have written to the America Home Page and to the America Fans Page asking whatever happened to this former member of America.........but can you guess who he is??????

  1. Originally from Oklahoma
  2. Lived in Houston 3 or 4 years ago after his breakup with Libby Hurly (her brother was world champion steer roper a couple of years in a row)
  3. Got married and is now living in Sweetwater, Texas
  4. Taught a year of school in Sweetwater
  5. Has a dance studio (actually, it's his wife's studio)
  6. Is now teaching guitar/music
ANSWER: David Dickey (bass guitarist)


These CDs are now available as French imports from Thoughtscape Sounds at 800-435-6185 for $18.95. Check the America Home Page or the America Fans Home Page for more information.


Thanks to Joe for sending in this report about Bill Mumy, and to Steve Lowry for the list of America songs co-written with Bill.

I had a chance to interview Billy Mumy for the Joe Show the other day. Great guy!!! He had nothing but great things to say about working with and being pals with Gerry & Dewey. They met back in 1972 at America's first Whiskey A Go-Go appearance. Billy was there checking it out with Brian Wilson!! Cool!! And, as they say, the rest is history. He mentioned that it looked pretty good for the guys to be going into the studio in January, with a good shot for a new record deal in 1998. I know we've been through this before, so keep thinkin' those positive thoughts. He said there are a few tunes that they were workin' on. New material! Yippee!! Off the air, he was very complimentary and had some great insight on the guys. Gerry - very prolific, has a couple of hundred great songs already written....Dewey - pure, great voice. Here's the number for Bill's new album "Dying To Be Heard". 800/851-2503.

Also, here's a list of songs that Bill Mumy has collaborated on with America......along with Robert Haimer.

  • You Girl (Bunnell, Mumy, Haimer)
  • Love On The Vine (Bunnell, Mumy, Haimer)
  • Someday Woman (Beckley, Mumy, Haimer)
  • Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby (Bunnell, Perry, Mumy, Haimer)
  • Lady With A Bluebird (Bunnell, Mumy, Haimer)
  • Nothing's So Far Away As Yesterday (Bunnell, Mumy, Haimer)
  • Hell's On Fire (Bunnell, Mumy, Haimer)
  • Sleeper Train (Bunnell, Mumy, Haimer)
  • Greenhouse (Bunnell, Mumy, Haimer)

    If you want to read more about Bill Mumy, he has a web page at which is very interesting.


    Mags did an excellent job sharing her thoughts on two great America albums.........Homecoming and Hourglass. Enjoy..................

    HOMECOMING - continues in the tradition of their first album; incredibly well-written and composed songs that are lyrically strong, and of course, incorporate those fabulous clean harmonies. Even without the re-emergence of acoustical sound, any one of these songs could have easily been written and released for today's times. Who knew then how way ahead of the game they were?

    To Each His Own: gotta be my favorite early Ger tune. A simple, honest ballad that says so much lyrically. The sweet chorus of Ger/Dan harmonies. Just an incredibly beautiful and moving song. Makes you want to stop whatever you're doing and just THINK.

    Head And Heart: if for no other reason ya gotta love this song for its arrangement. Dan's voice opening the song, then melding into Dewey's, then Gerry taking over and finishing the lead vocals. Composed in a great key, with strong lyrics, silky vocals, bare use of instrumental accompaniment as to not muddy the sound. Would sound just as fine a cappella. This song has been WAY overlooked in the business.

    Ventura Highway: another feel-good song (like Three Roses) that takes the listener on a journey. Its sweet guitar chords, and of course, those joyous 3-part harmonies (were these three lads destined to sing together, or what!). Pure joy.

    Moon Song: hauntingly beautiful sound, fantastic composition. Starts off gentle and builds and grows within the chorus on out. An explosion of guitar sound, with a great mid riff that just takes off. I love the way this song "fleshes out," taking you from beginning to middle to end. It feels so perfectly complete. WOW!!! Someone please tell me, though, what those last few lyrics at fade out are.

    Cornwall Blank: strong "message" song. Crescendos in energy. Like so many other America songs, would have made an excellent movie score. Suggests feeling like you're walking down a lonely road into life's unknowns, without much help or guidance. Whenever I listen to it, I always feel that there is something much more important I should be doing in life. Makes you gain yet another layer of appreciation for Dewey's work as an artist. Anyone know the last time it was performed in concert?

    Till The Sun Comes Up Again: wonderful arrangement. Love the change of direction in the chorus. A short, sweet, Beckley masterpiece. Hey industry people...we 'd much rather listen to barely 2 minutes of pure bliss, than say, 5 minutes of forced-down-our throats, music-to clean-your refrigerator by, slop. They just don't get it, do they?

    Only In Your Heart: a great sing-along song. Amazing how many great songs begin with just a few piano bars and guitar strums, huh?. Especially love the fade/return at the end...bonus sounds.

    Don't Cross The River: great country/folk flavor (gotta love that banjo!). Liked it way before I ever imagined I could listen to any realm of country music. Seems like I am forever silently thanking the guys for helping expand my musical awareness. I like the way it follows its beat, but expands during each verse.

    Saturn Nights: another thoughtful, haunting song. Strong harmonies. Slow, quiet, reflective, just like that other song that begins with, "one more song about moving along the highway," rich in its "tapestry" of sound (tee hee...sorry).

    California Revisited (Everyone I Meet Is From California): country/rock n' roll feel. A toe-tapper. This is my favorite version.


    I remember wondering how the 90s stuff would fare (hey...the 80s stuff blended in nicely) before I first gave the new release a listen, but was delighted with how well the "classic sounds of America," melded with the boys' ability to evolve and expand musically. The return of some " familiar old faces" (like Carl and Hal) and the addition of more recent ones (Mumy) made this a beautifully mixed, fresh-sounding release.

    Young Moon: this is just a great listen (I can understand why Kelly chose it as her screen name!). Great collaboration of Dew and Ger. Dewey's vocals sound so smooth, rich and sure. Love Gerry's high-range backing vocals. After Dan's departure Ger had the opportunity to sing more mid and high-end vocals, which have been a delight to hear.

    Hope: has a nice funky kinda feel. Forceful lyrics and vocals. A very "together" feeling...enhanced by the handclaps. Much deserved of that nomination, Ger.

    Sleeper Train: Dew's work with Bill Mumy has not failed to please. Their styles compliment one another so well, and it seems the relationship has allowed Dewey to return to his solid song-writing and arrangement roots.

    Mirror To Mirror: a rock n' roll/almost hip-hop feel, with a bit of an edge. A bunch of us danced to this the other night at a party, and many were surprised to realize it was America. Especially like the drum and keyboard programs.

    Garden Of Peace: another "great minds at work" track. Rich guitar sounds and harmonies (you go, Carl!).

    Call Of The Wild: an updated country/folk feel. Acoustical guitar work and harmonies that remind us of why they have endured 27 years of musical evolution. When I first heard the lap steel (or is it just programs?), I thought it was a sax.

    Whole Wide World: another great listen. Nice, gentle feel. The mandolin and keyboard really opens it up.

    Close To The Wind: this feels like a bit of foreshadowing to Ger's solo work on VGG. Beautifully arranged/mixed. Bare use of instruments give it a clean sound. I know it's Ger's and Steve's work, but it reminds me of early Beach Boys (did Carl sneak in on this when no one was looking? Maybe just via osmosis in the studio).

    Greenhouse: a big ole' boogie-down feel. You can really hear Mumy's influence. Killer bass line. Gotta watch out for those, "blood-red roses hypnotizing..."

    Ports-Of-Call: when no one was looking, we go ya mon to Jamaica! Excellent Caribbean feel. This is such a totally new sound from the guys that it was a pleasant surprise.

    Everyone I Meet is From California: like a completely different song with Dew singing lead instead of Dan. Although I'm a bit partial to the original release, I like this slower, more electrified feel that lets it mix in so well with the other tracks.

    You Can Do Magic: ditto to the above...still partial to original mix, but new arrangement instrumentally and vocally add new flavor.


    Jim, who is always most knowledgeable regarding America music, offered the following info about America's involvement in two movies, Lonely Guy and Middle Age Crazy. There's also a short note about Gerry's involvement with the Simpsons!

    Around 1984 Steve Martin starred in a movie "Lonely Guy", AMERICA sang one of the feature songs. GERRY's handles lead vocals & DEWEY does a great job on the chorus'. The song really sounds like a GERRY song & the lyrics are in line with his thinking - I was thinking. It has fast parts & slow interludes, all very well done by AMERICA.

    by John Bettis & Jerry Goldsmith
    On Backstreet Music ASCAP/Music Corp. of America (MCA) BMI
    produced by Matthew McCauley
    Performed by AMERICA

    When life was just empty rooms
    For company I'd talk to the moon
    I danced along to my own song
    That no one could hear

    When nights were silent and dark
    I'd lay in shadows, stare at the stars
    The quiet voice that lifted my heart
    Was always so clear
    It told me...

    The chance for love comes without warning
    So don't stop looking for it
    Yeah love comes without warning
    So be ready for love

    I dreamed it thousands of times
    I even felt your skin touchin' mine
    Sometimes you were so clear in my mind
    I knew you were here
    It kept me...

    Believin' love comes without warning
    So don't stop looking for it
    Yeah love comes without warning
    So be ready for love

    Yours are the eyes
    I have spent my life lookin' for
    If they're not telling lies
    You were lookin' for me

    I wanna tell everyone
    Who's waitin' in the dark for the sun
    Before your chance in life is gone
    You'll be in the light

    The chance of love comes without warning
    So don't stop looking for it
    Yeah love (always comes) comes without warning
    So be ready for love

    Your chance for love comes without warning
    So don't stop looking for it
    Yeah love (always comes) comes without warning
    So be ready for love

    Your chance for love comes without warning
    So don't stop looking for it
    Yeah love (always comes) comes without warning
    So be ready for love

    Middle Age Crazy was a movie from around 1980 that featured Ann-Margaret & Bruce Dern. The highlight of the picture was a song by GERRY BECKLEY & Lisa Del Bello titled "Now that I Know", written by none other than Matthew McCauley, AMERICA's sometimes producer. GERRY's voice is very much alive in this song & he does a splendid job. You can bet that Matthew M. upon writing the song for Capitol could only only think of one guy to do the song - our own GERRY BECKLEY. GERRY pulls it off in exceptional style & he is on to the next project. ------------ And now.........a tidbit about Gerry and the Simpson's..........

    Gerry (along with Bart and Homer??) worked on a modern classic......Simpsons Sings the Blues. I'll have to ask my kids if they've heard it. Maybe our readers have and can send in a report.


    From: Gary B.

    So .......... we were winging our way home on New Years Day in the friendly skies of Delta Airlines when we noticed something in the on-board magazine. On page 125 of "Sky" they listed their music programs. And there on channel nine was "Showcase: America". The entire channel was just America. It was basically the Greatest Hits CD plus "Riverside", "Right Before Your Eyes", "Three Roses", and "Here".

    The only drawback was that our plane ride was so short that they were not offering that channel on our flight. Bummer man!!!! But then we had just heard most of those selections "LIVE" so it was ok.

    It might be worth flying somewhere just for the music......


    This great idea was submitted by Mark McVey

    They have done this on the Eagles (AOL) board and one is currently going on in the Fogelberg board. I want to see if there is an interest to do this here. If so I will be happy to run it and keep track of the votes and the rounds, etc...

    We can have a song tournament where we start out with 128 or however America songs there are & pit them against one another like in the NCAA basketball tournament. It's a lot of fun, so I'd like to try doing it here. For Round 1, I would randomly set up ?? pairs of songs & post them. We'd all choose our favorite from each pair & I'll tally up the votes. The ?? winners would advance to Round 2. Again, we'd vote, & the winners would advance to the next round, & so on... Until we're down to the 1 winning song.

    Each screen name can choose your favorites once per round. You can always make new screen names to vote more per round.

    One of the things that makes this kind of tourney fun is the element of randomness. It's possible for a popular song to get knocked out early by another popular song, while a lesser-known song continues to advance because it happens to be paired with songs that not many people are wild about.

    Editor's Note: There has been an enthusiastic reponse to Mark's idea. Participation in the tournament will be open to both AOL and non-AOL users. Mark and Steve Lowry have put this together and it's now up and running on the America Fans Page.


    The America Home Page has several new additions, including a full review of the Jackpot, Nevada New Year's Concert with pictures, info regarding the new CD, and a page called Where to Purchase America CDs.......and more. Check it out!!

    Rick and Steve have worked together to create an archive area that contains a search engine for all of the past issues of the AMERICA newsletters, which have been exclusively on the America Home Page. Additionally, it contains the past entries from the America Fans Chat Folder.

    The archives are now searchable by the America Search Engine so that you can quickly and easily find information from any of the back issues. The newsletters began in the summer of 1995 and the chat folder archives begin with the May 1997 entries. There is a lot of valuable information in both of them which is now easily accessible for all AMERICA fans.


    Jackpot, NV December 31, 1997
    Submitted by Rick Wahlgren (this review complete with pictures is featured on the America Home Page).


    Even though we're now a couple days into 1998, the coyotes, jackalopes, and three legged deer in the desert around Jackpot, Nevada must still be shaking their collective heads about all the commotion on New Years eve at Cactus Pete's Casino, where America performed a spectacular New Year's Eve concert.

    And they must also wonder how any of these noisy human celebrators even found Jackpot, for it took an all out geography lesson to discover that Jackpot is: #1. In the USA #2. in northern Nevada and #3. right on the Nevada/Idaho border......just a mile or two from Nowheresville and next to the Matterhorn.

    One could easily identify with a Lewis and Clark pioneer type adventurist in trying to reach Jackpot. First it was an easy one hour flight from Seattle to Boise, but then it was on the actual Oregon Trail to Twin Falls dodging Idaho spuds falling from flatbeds, and then an Evil Keneivel jump across the Snake River Canyon, with a final grueling haul to legendary gunslinger Diamond Jack's hole in the wall hangout now called Cactus Petes. Jackpot also was alleged to be the place that inspired that now famous song about a nameless horse in a desert (who ran with the local three legged deer???).........well maybe at least.

    Cactus Pete's was a happening place at New Years with 300 HIGH ROLLERS invited to lose big money with generous donations to the Cactus Pete's general golden fund. Plus, the population of Jackpot soared from about one hundred (including all Jackalopes) to several thousand with a flood of PARTY HARDY Idahoans and Nevadians that came to town to "kick it."

    America actually performed four concerts, two on Dec. 30th, and two on New Year's Eve. The last two concerts included the final performance of nearly a couple hundred in 1997, and the very first one of 1998.

    Here are the highlights..............

    The Gala Showroom is a cozy miniature version of a Vegas or Reno showroom, and every seat in the house is fairly close to a front row seat.

    The management of the showroom was extremely excited to "finally get America here," and had their "History" CDs ready for autographs. A former manager of the showroom, who we had the pleasure to sit by in the last performance, said she used to try to stuff the ballot box for America when they voted on which groups to invite! YOU GO GIRL!!

    Gerry noted watching all the high rollers landing behind Cactus Petes in their Leer jets........and later informed the crowd that the movie "California Dreamin" (which America did the title soundtrack) immediately became a major blockbuster hit..................that is...............went *directly* to Blockbuster video!

    Gerry also mentioned that just before the concert, the guys had finally agreed to another "H" name for the new CD, called (with tongue in cheek) "Hanson." :)

    Dewey mentioned to the crowd that "Another Try" was one of the first songs that America worked on with the famous "5th Beatle" producer George Martin, and then said that now it's officially Sir George Martin. Gerry responded, "I always called him Sir!"

    Dewey and Gerry had difficulty choosing the "Lonely People" award, finally concluding that nobody in cozy Jackpot could possibly be lonely due to its size!

    America gracefully overcame a disaster of near Titanic proportions as one of Brad's bass guitar strings broke, and Brad had to play with only three strings. According to Gerry, "thank heavens Jackpot isn't in the boondocks and our sound people were able to go to the local Guitars R Us" another bass guitar was brought to the stage several songs later.

    Actually, it was a borrowed guitar from Paul Revere and the Raiders, or as Gerry put it, "Paul McCartney Revere and the Raiders." Even the most fanatic Beatle fans haven't heard yet that Paul M. joined the Raiders! :) :) :)

    After the first night, Kelly and her husband Steve, Barb and her husband Gary, and I were eating "breakfast" at 3am, and heard the first few chords of "Sister Golden Hair." wasn't America performing for the 3rd time that was a group called the Redstones playing the graveyard shift at the casino. They ably followed "Sister" with "Ventura Highway" to our delight.

    On the afternoon of New Years Eve, we went for a walk through Jackpot and the Jackpot National Forest with Dewey. The forest consists of about thirty scrubby pines and a few birch trees, one tumbleweed..................and a deer leg. (proves the three legged deer rumors/theories we heard from the locals). And we also admired a nearby mountain called the Matterhorn. (no kidding). Maybe Jackpot is in Europe after all as we first suspected????? We also visited Jackpot's local mall, called the General Store, which featured all the beef jerky and pepporoni sticks a person could eat.

    On the town limits of Jackpot is a Mountain Time Zone sign as one enters, and a Pacific Time Zone sign as one leaves. This prompted Dewey to comment that we could celebrate New Years TWICE in Jackpot by just moving up the road!!! That's why Jackpot is sooooo special.........twice the fun.

    In fact, that's why the movie "Groundhog Day" was likely filmed right in Jackpot if my sources are correct. :)

    Later, Kelly discovered a lucky slot machine called "Three Roses" and Gary found one called "Hat Trick," but both machines were reluctant to share the wealth! We also looked in vain for a "Horse W/No Name" slot..........with but without any luck!

    But............the biggest highlight was the New Year's Eve performance , and the crowd was ready to have fun with party hats, horns, kazoos, noisemakers, leis, and several hundred balloons.

    Dewey and Gerry looked frequently at their watches, and at midnight, Gerry began playing a piano intro to Auld Lang Syne and Dewey led the crowd in singing........while Woodz added a real America flair to this traditional song on lead guitar.

    Did anyone know the lyrics????? I think not!!! (especially since Dewey and Gerry left the lyrics on our table) And of course, nobody noticed!!

    Meanwhile, hundreds of balloons were brought into the Gala Palace, and were bounced around repeatedly, popped, and even sat on. Gerry used his guitar to whack several balloons floating in the air WHILE playing "Sister," and Dewey accompanied with a horn covered with stars and confetti. It was a wild scene.......that surely made the coyotes outside Jackpot howl a much longer than usual!!

    Simultaneously, outside of Cactus Petes at the Jackpot Times Square, a lighted tumbleweed rolled down an extra tall cactus in the local version of the New York's Times Square celebration.

    It was over all too soon and time to hit the dusty trail home, but New Years in Jackpot, Nevada with America will never be forgotten..............and the all the fond memories of that special western town.


    As always, thanks to everyone in America............and to Gary, Barb, Steve and Kelly for being so gracious and fun.

    January 10, 1998 Walnut Creek, CA
    Submitted by Jim N.

    The show at Walnut Creek for the ARF (Animal Rescue Fund) was truly an experience. The benefit is headed up by St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa who gained the support of Mark McGuire (52 homers in '97) & many well-heeled, be-jeweled, tuxedo'd folks. With the best seats running at $250, the parking lot looked like a luxury car dealership. I think someone anonymously donated $500,000, that's how serious this annual event is. Some of the artists who donated their services were AMERCA, Huey Lewis & Paul Williams. We have a few fotos from the show & perhaps a few more later. GERRY & DEWEY worked very closely w/Tony to coordinate their parts. AMERICA opened the show w/a few songs & came back for a few more & finally closed the show w/Huey Lewis & the news. The entertainment was very carefully interwoven w/various ARF related events. DEWEY opened the show w/a thundering version of VENTURA HIGHWAY. These performing arts centres usually have impressive sound/acoustic systems & DEWEY'S voice thunders thru like blue lightening. Even Jerry Reinsdorf (white sox & bulls owner) was said to say wooh !, AMERICA is damn good ! As one of the organizers said, these benefits are always tough on the performers since the entertainment needs to weave around all the perfunctory aspects of the cause. He said that one reason that AMERICA was asked is because they have a reputation for being cooperative & easy to do business with & therein remains one of the hallmarks of GERRY & DEWEY & the crew & one of the reasons for their longevity. The program contained an extensive bio on GERRY & DEWEY & mentioned the great work on their latest CD, HOURGLASS. So we salute GERRY & DEWEY for their great work for a great cause. Also, just to mention that Paul Williams is quite a gentleman too & we will include a foto of him & his piano player. It was heart warming to see AMERICA in this classy setting. All amid the work that is going on to create a new CD, perhaps we may see a single, first. You know they work so hard to produce new material & the work is stressful, but you all know the final product. Please continue to give them big applause & support at the next show. And now onward & upward for AMERICA in 1998, all the best is yet to come.

    The Walnut Creek Photos are now online at /america/walnut98.htm.

    January 23, 1998 Prescott, AZ
    Submitted by Cynthia P.

    America Tour in Prescott Truly Rocked!!!!!!!!

    We experienced the splender of American last night in Prescott. It was an unbelievable treat. They were so fine. Their voices were in magic harmony. It shook the pleasant memories of growing up in the San Fernando Valley in the seventy's up. The quality of their song writing, I appreciated more today than as a teen. I'd love to see them on a VH1 musical history moment. They are the fathers of the foundation of rock music today. I know that the crowd was fully impressed with their ability. The evening was more enjoyable than was anticipated. Thanks for musical night of good feelings. Come back to Yavapai College again.

    The town is talking about the concerteverywhere I go. At the beauty salon everyone was so excited by theexperience. At the market the news is seriously buzzing. We are a small town and America made a big hit here.

    January 24, 1998 Sun City, AZ
    Submitted by Gary and Barbara B.

    America: Sun Sational!!

    The beautiful Sundome Center for the Performing Arts seemed an unlikely setting for AMERICA's Saturday night (1/24/98) performance. Operated by the Arizona State University but nowhere near the campus, the facility was donated to the university by Del Webb, the renown developer. The Sundome is located in the heart of Sun City, AZ, an immaculate retirement community. Naturally, we were curious and somewhat apprehensive about the type of audience AMERICA would draw. When upcoming shows included Steve and Eydie, Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain, and Branson on the Road with Mickey Gilley, we wondered where AMERICA fit in. Would we be the only "youngsters" in a silver-haired dentures and wheelchair crowd?

    Well......not to worry. The roughly 2,500 person crowd proved to be a healthy blend of all ages. Yes, the elderly were amply represented, but there were many baby boomer attendees as well.

    AMERICA was "sun"sational in Sun City!! The set began with the lesser known but popular "Riverside" and proceeded to "Ventura Highway" (we must admit that this one tugs at our "VTA HWY" hearts just a little). "You Can Do Magic" and "Don't Cross the River" followed in all too quick succession.

    Gerry commented that AMERICA was going to perform the long show so they would be having an intermission but would come back and play some more. This announcement brought cheers from the audience (as well as sighs of relief from the oldsters who no doubt welcomed a "facilities" break).

    Gerry ventured over to the piano for an emotion-packed series of songs which included "Daisy Jane", "Mirror to Mirror", "Another Try", and "The Last Unicorn". A real gem of this grouping was "To Each His Own" which sounded so wonderful. We were delighted with this addition to the playlist. "Three Roses", "I Need You" and a couple of other favs concluded the first half of the show.

    After the intermission, Gerry and Dewey welcomed everyone back for the "loud" part of the show (at this point, several hearing aids were probably either turned off or removed). True to their word, the second half featured blistering versions of "Green Monkey", "Never Be Lonely" and "Sandman". Gerry's acoustic solo lead-in to "Sandman" was magnificent.

    Dewey offered some humorous political commentary about the recent events in Washington, D.C. when he posed the big question, "If Bill and Hilary divorce, who will get custody of Buddy (the Clintons' new chocolate lab)?"

    The two-song encore brought the appreciative baby boomers to the front of the stage where they sang and danced to "California Revisited" and "A Horse With No Name". Gerry's friend, Tom, joined the guys onstage for the encore. Tom was a former bandmate of Gerry's back in high school (HOW many years ago?), and he certainly must be proud of his high school buddy's astounding success.

    Gerry, Dewey, Brad, Will and Woodz were all in fine form. They looked and sounded terrific! They have obviously been putting their down time to good use pursuing their other interests and getting plenty of R & R. However, they played with great enthusiasm and energy and seemed ready to return to the stage.

    If this performance (only the 2nd show of the season) was any indication, 1998 is going to be a "sun"sational year!!


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