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Here's a sampling of information, questions, comments, and inquiries from the AMERICA ONLINE message boards:

*** America "has more TIMELESS hits than most others could dream of"

*** "Did anyone tape their on air interview with Howard Stern last summer, or their appearance on Regis and Kathy Lee?"

***"Does anyone have America's soundtrack to "The Last Unicorn" movie?"

*** "Dewey's favorite song on Hourglass is "Young Moon" which almost became the name of their Hourglass CD."

***"All their most successful albums started with the letter "H", so they chose "Hourglass" as the name"

***"Dan Peek is semi-retired, and now lives in the Grand Cayman Islands"

***"Dan's "All Things are Possible" and "Doer of the Word" Christian albums are outstanding. Gerry and Dewey even sing background on "Love is Just Another Word"

***"David Dickey (former bass player) raises horses in Arkansas and is married to Libby Hurley, who has sung on TNN."

***"Did America once have a private jet with America logo?" (yes...)

***Sandman, about pilots in Vietnam, "was loosely based on my knowledge of returning airmen and such, coming through the base in London for medical work before returning to the U.S. No one specific, just the mood of the day." Dewey

***"Hourglass is fantastic"

***"Gerry Beckley is an extremely talented musician..he and I and Timothy B. Schmitt (of the Eagles) are the "Wiffles"....... in the movie "Cry Baby" Andrew Gold

***"A friend of mine found herself sitting next to Dewey on a flight from SF to KC last year. Said he was very personable."

***"The first (Horse W/No Name) was recorded in London...and then we moved to L.A. for the second record (Homecoming) and produced it ourselves.... the Record Plant (in LA) at that time was a very dry room, and it would not have been my choice knowing what I know now" Gerry

***"I'm looking for a 1980ish TV special featuring Amy Grant that had America as guests."

***"I had the pleasure of mixing their new album "Hourglass" ....I also worked on "Alibi," "View from the Ground," and live LP....We're hoping to do some sort of box set on Warmer Bros for 25th anniversary" MHLINE (Mark Linett)

***Biggest sellers....."The "Greatest Hits"....(History) is at 5 million and sells about 120,000 a year. 1st and 2nd albums sold over 2 million. "Horse With No Name" is still biggest single." Dewey

***"Gerry said on tv that Sister Golden Hair was America's last #1 single (from the Hearts album....which also featured Daisy Jane)"

***"The shows they did last year with the Beach Boys were great! I've also seen them with Joe Cocker, Stephen Stills, Poco, Starship."

***"Gerry Beckley is working on a project with Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys and Robert Lamm of Chicago. (Beckley, Lamm, Wilson). They performed recently together in Salt Lake City." "BLM" project could lead to concerts featuring America, Beach Boys, and Chicago!!)

***"America is really popular in Germany, S. America, and other countries, including Italy."

***"Saw America in Seattle ......this group does not disappoint in concert!!! It was electrifying."

***"The "Harbor" record looked great on paper but we were soon to find that recording on Kauai (Hawaii) would be as distracting as it was beautiful. The songs were not ready...and the focus...to bring them into line was hard to muster with scuba lessons, helicopter rides, and Mai Tais..... I don't blame the island and I still hold many great memories near." Gerry

***"The Hearts project was great from the start. I felt that Daisy Jane and Sister Golden Hair were two of my strongest songs..." Gerry

***"Survival" was a big hit in Italy and provided us with one of our best touring experiences." Gerry

***"I'll never forget when Gerry's "All My Life" was played at my sister's wedding"

***"I have treasured America's music for over 20 years...and have the entire collection"

***"Gerry is a musical genius"

***"Dewey and Gerry's "Young Moon" is my favorite from Hourglass."

***"Anyone have a copy of radio show, "America, On the Move Again" from the early 80s?"

***"Carl Wilson often sings background for America, and so does Timothy B. Schmit of Eagles fame. Christopher Cross has also appeared on their songs"

***"Any new Am.videos available?" (not at this time...but everyone is hoping...."Live At Central Park" laser disc is available)

Last Revised: 9 January 1998