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Compiled by Steve Orchard

The Purpose of this compilation is to provide a quick and easy reference to the "outside" projects that America has been involved in through the years. I don't "purpose" to know it all, and I gladly welcome additions to this list. I actually call this: America - Outside vocal projects and rarities. I'm putting this together for the fans who I feel are "completists" and want to try and add this material to their collection, if they can find it.

Outside Vocal Projects and Rarities

Year Song Artist Album Notes
1974 There's A Place In The World For A Gambler Dan Fogelberg Souveniers Gerry plays guitar and provides background vocals
1975 Simple Life Dan Peek Hearts (Japanese import only) A Dan Peek song NOT produced by George Martin - never available before
1975 Get It Up For Love David Cassidy The Higher They Climb, The Harder They Fall (out-of-print LP) Gerry provides background vocals
1976 Damned If This Ain't Love David Cassidy Home Is Where The Heart Is (out-of-print LP) Gerry and Dewey provide background vocals
1976 On Fire David Cassidy Home Is Where The Heart Is (out-of-print LP) Gerry and Dewey provide background vocals
1976 Take This Heart David Cassidy Home Is Where The Heart Is (out-of-print LP) Written by Cassidy and Gerry - the liner notes of Cassidy's compilation note this as a "duet with America's Gerry Beckley"
1976 Gettin' It In The Street David Cassidy Gettin' It (out-of-print LP) Gerry co-wrote this and plays piano
1976 Cruise To Harlem David Cassidy Gettin' It (out-of-print LP) Gerry co-wrote this with Cassidy and Beach Boy Brian wilson - Gerry plays piano and does backing vocals
1976 I'll Have To Go Away David Cassidy Gettin' It (out-of-print LP) Gerry provides background vocals (The LP "Gettin It" was released in Germany and Japan in 1976 but delayed in the U.S. until July of 1979. It was produced by both Cassidy and Beckley. In the 3/8/91 issue of "Goldmine" it reads: "This LP was basically a collection of outtakes and unfinished works that was first conceived during the sessions for the 2 preceeding albums. The LP was never properly distributed. According to Cassidy, only 10,000 copies were pressed.")
1979 The Star Dan Peek On This Christmas Night Christmas song from the 1979 compilation - recently re-issued on CD
1980 Now That I Know Matthew McCauley Middle Age Crazy Soundtrack Sung by Gerry Beckley and Lisa Del Bello
1982 The Last Unicorn, Man's Road, and In The Sea Jimmy Webb The Last Unicorn Soundtrack Dewey and Gerry contributed 3 vocals to this animated childrens movie - has been available on CD as a pricey import
1984 Love Comes Without Warning America The Lonely Guy Soundtrack From the movie featuring Steve Martin
1987 A Day Like Today Chris Christian Higher Ways (out-of-print LP) Christian's duet with Gerry Beckley clocked in at about 5 1/2 minutes. A shorter version would later be released on Christian's LP "15 Best From 15 Years". The "shorter" version would also be slightly different as Gerry would sing an additional set of lyrics not heard on the original. While Christians "15 Best From 15 Years" is currently out-of-print, the "shorter" version can be found on another Chris Christian compilation called "The Producer". That was released in 1995 and also includes 2 Dan Peek tunes: "All Things Are Possible" and "Doer of the Word".
1989 The Man Behind The Man Chris Christian Focus (out-of-print LP) Gerry figures prominently on the background vocals. The song is about former Dallas Cowboys coach, Tom Landry, who also says a few words at the end of this song
1989 Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullabye America Encore: More Greatest Hits The version that was included on the "Encore" collection is longer than the version that came out in 1984 on "Perspective". Dewey sings an additional line of lyrics here.
1990 Sh-Boom Baldwin and the Whiffles Cry Baby Soundtrack Baldwin and the Whiffles are really Gerry, Timothy B. Schmit, and Andrew Gold
1990 Mister Sandman Baldwin and the Whiffles Cry Baby Soundtrack This time it's Gerry, Timothy, and Rachel Sweet
1990 Last Two To Dance S. Giacobbe, S. Cutugno, and America Single - not included on any album This song was written by Italian artists and performed at the San Remo Song Festival on the Italian Riviera. America then wrote English lyrics of their own to the exsisting melody, called it "Last Two To Dance", and performed it at the festival.
1995 Without Her Harry Nilsson For The Love Of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson Gerry Beckly, Robert Lamm, and Carl Wilson perform the Nilsson classic on this tribute CD
1995 Crying In My Sleep Modern Folk Quartet Highway 70 Gerry handles the lead vocals on this song from Henry Diltz's band
1997 Weather With You Tim and Neil Finn Spirit Voices This new interpretation of the Crowded House classic by the King's Singers features Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell as guest lead vocals. Gerry also plays the bass and accoustic guitars and the mandolin. Their good friend, Hank Linderman, plays the accoustic and electric guitars.
1997 Because They Can Nelson   Gerry provides background vocals on 3 songs with Timothy B. Schmit
1998 Every Summer With You The Simpsons (co-written by Gerry)   Gerry provides harmony vocals, keyboards, and programming
? Too Much To Dream Marcus David ? Dewey Bunnell on lead vocal
? I Need You Jeremy Jackson ? Jeremy Jackson sings a mild rap version of this classic with America
2005 Grief Never Grows Old Russell Watson, Boy George, Steve Winwood, Barry Gibb, Brian Wilson, Cliff Richard, Dewey Bunnell, Gerry Beckley and Robin Gibb (Jeffrey Foskett and Randell Kirsch harmony) One World Project This song was recorded in January of 2005 as part of the 2004 Asian Tsunami relief effort. The song was released in February of 2005 and reached #4 on the UK Singles chart.
Click here for the lyrics and to see who sang each part.
Click here to see a YouTube video of the song.
2006 Tell Her Goodbye David Pack (from Ambrosia) The Secret of Movin' On With Dewey Bunnell.

Solo Albums

Dan Peek:

Year Album Notes
1979 All Things Are Possible Gerry and Dewey sing on "Love Was Just Another Word"
1984 Doer of the Word Gerry provides background vocals on the title cut
1986 Electro Voice  
1987 Crossover  
1988 Best Of Compilation of above 4 LP's
1989 Light of the World Marvin and Gentry with Dan Peek
1999 Bodden Town  
2000 Caribbean Christmas  
2001 Driftin' and Tales From The Lost Islands  
2002 Guitar Man  
2006 Guitar Man 2  
2007 All American Boy  


Year Album Notes
1994 Stronger Than You Know Peek helped produce the CD and co-wrote 3 songs; he provides background vocals on 2 of them
1997 Peace  
2000 Under The Mercy  
2008 The Great Divide  

Gerry Beckley:

Year Album Notes
1995 Van Go Gan Dewey provides background vocals on "Sunrise Sunset"
2006 Horizontal Fall  
2008 Happy Hour  
2011 Unfortunate Casino  

Noteable bootlegs

Year Album Notes
1997 Heard Several of these are live tracks from the early 70's and middle 80's. Most of the live tracks are from a 1972 New Years concert in Holland. "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" is an early 80's song.

I'd like to thank Howard Lieboff and Steve Lowry for their input towards this project. Other fans may have additional titles to add to this.

Feel free to send your comments or questions to Steve O.

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