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Archives: Ogden, Utah Playlist

Golden Spike Arena

August 10, 2006

  1. Riverside
  2. Ventura Highway
  3. You Can Do Magic
  4. Don't Cross The River
  5. Daisy Jane
  6. Another Try
  7. Company
  8. Three Roses
  9. I Need You
  10. Head and Heart
  11. Cornwall Blank
  12. Hollywood
  13. Till The Sun Comes Up Again
  14. World of Light
  15. You're Gonna Lose That Girl (Beatles)
  16. Tin Man
  17. The Border
  18. Woman Tonight
  19. Only In Your Heart
  20. California Dreamin'
  21. Lonely People
  22. Hangover
  23. Never Be Lonely
  24. Here
  25. Sandman
  26. Sister Golden Hair
  27. Green Monkey (Encore)
  28. A Horse With No Name (Encore)

The purpose of this list is to show ALL of the songs that were on the set list as of this date. However, only 20 of them were actually played that night. The songs that have been crossed out were on the set list but weren't played that night. Each night during the tour different songs were played from the complete list.

Last Revised: 13 August 2006