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Hebron Fair

Hebron, Connectictut

September 7, 2008

This was a unique concert because Hank Linderman replaced Dewey Bunnell on guitar and backing vocals. The information in parentheses indicates who performed the lead vocals, if it differed from the norm. Thanks to Rob McGuinness who attended the concert and made this information available.

  1. Riverside (Gerry)
  2. Ventura Highway (Gerry)
  3. You Can Do Magic
  4. Don't Cross The River (Rich)
  5. Daisy Jane
  6. The Last Unicorn
  7. Another Try
  8. Chasing The Rainbow
  9. I Need You
  10. Here
  11. Muskrat Love
  12. Eleanor Rigby
  13. Tin Man (Gerry)
  14. Woman Tonight
  15. Only In Your Heart
  16. California Dreamin' (Hank)
  17. Inspector Mills
  18. Lonely People (Rich)
  19. From A Moving Train
  20. Never Be Lonely
  21. Sandman (Gerry)
  22. Sister Golden Hair
  23. A Horse With No Name (Gerry)

Last Revised: 24 September 2008