Planet Hollywood Fan Gathering

Reno, Nevada

April 1, 2000

2nd Annual Fans Gathering

Poster with signatures of everyone who attended (including Dewey and Gerry).

Nanse, Shari, Louise, Erin, Sally, Laura, and Gary at Planet Hollywood.

Dewey and Gerry getting ready to sign autographs at Planet Hollywood.

Closeup of Dewey and Gerry.

Dewey and Gerry relaxing after signing autographs.

Dewey, Erin DiPietro, and Gerry.

Special thanks to Erin DiPietro for the above photos.

America memorabilia provided by Sally Duprey.

Pete chillin' at the Planet.

Dewey, Laura Harrison, and Gerry.

Special thanks to Erin DiPietro and Gary Harrison for the photos.

Last Revised: 5 April 2000