Written by Jim James, ©2006
Found on Here & Now.

Watchin' a stretch of road, miles of light explode
Driftin' off a thing I'd never done before
Watchin' the crowd roll in, out go the lights it begins
A feelin' in my bones I never felt before

People always told me that bars are dark and lonely
And talk is often cheap and filled with air
Sure sometimes they thrill me
But nothin' could ever chill me
Like the way they make the time just disappear

Feelin' you here again, hot on my skin again
Feelin' good a thing I'd never known before
What does it mean to feel, millions of dreams come real
A feelin' in my soul I'd never felt before

And you, you always told me
No matter how long it holds me
If it falls apart or makes us millionaires
You'll be right here forever
We'll go thru this thing together
And on heaven's golden shore we'll lay our heads

Many thanks go to Anita Bloom for transcribing these lyrics. We realize that there may be errors and would appreciate hearing from you if you have any corrections. Just send a message with the corrections to the webmaster or Anita.

Gerry Beckley: I’ve been a fan of My Morning Jacket for quite a while. “Golden” comes from the group’s It Still Moves album. It’s a beautiful song that we felt we could really do justice to and I hope that’s the case. We were very fortunate to be able to find in them people that were fans of ours. Jim James, who wrote it and the group’s drummer, Patrick Hallahan, came in and played on it.

Dewey Bunnell: “Golden” is an interesting song. It grew on me. This album in general needs a couple of listens because there’s a lot going on. “Golden” feels like an old dust bowl depression-era song. As a writer you write for your own voice. When I sing that song it feels like a different voice of mine that I’m getting to use.

Last Revised: 17 January 2007