Written by Gerry Beckley, ©2015
Found on Lost & Found.

Fame, it doesn't matter
After all we've seen
How is it, we could be so green?

The truth is where you find it
There's so much that's in-between
How is it, we could be so green?
So green

Try to think of nothing (to think of nothing)
Hardest thing I know (it's all so hard)
Try to think of Christmas without snow

Blame is in the garden (it's in the garden)
Will you let me rake your sand (I don't know if)
Do you think the others understand?

Time will tell whether it's heaven or living hell
There's a world outside that you can't deny
It's waiting there for you
Nothing left for you to do
You gotta try


Come on and try

You gotta try

So green
So green

Thanks to all the America fans for their help transcribing these lyrics.

Last Revised: 23 June 2016