Home Again
Written by Gerry Beckley, ©2019
Found on Five Mile Road and Keeping The Light On

Good, good to be home again
Yes, so good to be home
Back, back on my life again
Hmmm, so good to be home

Finding fun with smiling faces standing at my door
Hide myself away now I can't take them any more
What I've seen just makes me want to get up off the floor
Try and find my way back to how I was before

La da da da dy dy dy (repeats)

Hey, do you remember me?
I'm the one with the dreams
Far, as far as the eye can see
Life is not what it seems

'Cause time takes a man and makes a child of him once more
Somewhere on his journey from the mountain to the shore
And when his time is up he takes him to the door
And brings a brand new baby to even up the score

La da da da dy dy dy (repeats)

Time and again I stumble and I fall
I saw the man in black
He looked my way
Sure as I'm here I sware I heard him call
But then he turned his back
And walked away

La da da da dy dy dy (repeats)

Home again (repeats and fades)

Here's a music video of the song.

Last Revised: 31 January 2021